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Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Kat Rosenfield
#1. There is no narrative now, no "And then," only a disjointed series of images. A pile of photographs I've flipped through so many times that I don't even need to look at them anymore to know what's there, to see it, to cover my face with my hands and cry. #Quote by Kat Rosenfield
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Mary Ellen Mark
#2. I realized all of the possibilities that could exist for me with my camera: all of the images that I could capture, all of the lives I could enter, all of the people I could meet and how much I could learn from them. #Quote by Mary Ellen Mark
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by C. G. Jung
#3. But the very fact that this process is unconscious gives us the reason why man has thought of everything except the psyche in his attempts to explain myths. He simply didn't know that the psyche contains all the images that have ever given rise to myths, and that our unconscious is an acting and suffering subject with an inner drama which primitive man rediscovers, by means of analogy, in the processes of nature both great and small.11 [9] #Quote by C. G. Jung
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by A.A. Patawaran
#4. Write in pictures. With your words, let the reader see not letters, but images. Be specific about every detail, but don't describe it
make it happen on the page, if you were writing fiction, or make it happen over again, if you were writing about history or some recent event. #Quote by A.A. Patawaran
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Katie Reus
#5. Her lips curved up then, as if she liked his answer. "Are you working tomorrow?"
Dax nodded. "Yeah. Training stuff." He was running weapons-training exercises with three of his guys and a small team of DEA agents. They liked to do joint operations, especially in Miami, where there was a smorgasbord of government agencies. But he couldn't tell her that.
"When do you get off?"
The way she said "get off" brought up all sorts of images. Hannah must have read his expression, because she shook her head. "Pervert," she muttered.
He grinned, liking the camaraderie between them, as if part of that wall she'd erected had been knocked down. #Quote by Katie Reus
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Alyson Noel
#6. I thought it was real. But by morning, all I had left were fragmented pieces, shifting images with no beginning or end. #Quote by Alyson Noel
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Spencer Johnson
#7. Dr. Johnson's enticing images and language give us a fundamentally sound and memorable way of managing change." - Albert J. Simone, President ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY "Spencer Johnson's unique insights and storytelling make this a rare book that can be read and understood quickly by everyone who wants to do well in these changing times." - Randy Harris, Former Vice-Chairman MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL "This book is a simple, understandable road map for us to use as we deal with our own individual circumstances around change." - Michael Morley, Senior Vice President EASTMAN KODAK "This wonderful book is an asset to any person or group that applies its lessons." - John A. Lopiano, Senior V.P. XEROX CORPORATION #Quote by Spencer Johnson
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Renee Fredrickson
#8. Sometimes buried memories of abuse emerge spontaneously. A triggering event or catalyst starts the memories flowing. The survivor then experiences the memories as a barrage of images about the abuse and related details. Memories that are retrieved in this manner are relatively easy to understand and believe because the person remembering is so flooded with coherent, consistent information. #Quote by Renee Fredrickson
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Mindy Fordham
#9. Art lovers collect paintings that demonstrate some form of imperceptible complexity. Abstract images with vague messages and symbols that keep you guessing and wondering what it all means, if anything. What these art buffs don't seem to realize is that true complexity - the real abstract image - lies in something as simple and as random as a family photo. If they bothered to look deeply and closely enough into these unremarkable images, they would see the lies, the sorrow and the dark secrets that hide behind the superficial smiles and forced joviality. A picture is worth a thousand words, but most of those words get lost in translation. #Quote by Mindy Fordham
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Michael Cunningham
#10. I've learned, from working with translators over the years, that the original novel is, in a way, a translation itself. It is not, of course, translated into another language but it is a translation from the images in the author's mind to that which he is able to put down on paper. Here's a secret. Many novelists, if they are pressed and if they are being honest, will admit that the finished book is a rather rough translation of the book they'd intended to write. It's one of the heartbreaks of writing fiction. You have, for months or years, been walking around with the idea of a novel in your mind, and in your mind it's transcendent, it's brilliantly comic and howlingly tragic, it contains everything you know, and everything you can imagine, about human life on the planet earth. It is vast and mysterious and awe-inspiring. It is a cathedral made of fire. But even if the book in question turns out fairly well, it's never the book that you'd hoped to write. It's smaller than the book you'd hoped to write. It is an object, a collection of sentences, and it does not remotely resemble a cathedral made of fire. It feels, in short, like a rather inept translation of a mythical great work. The translator, then, is simply moving the book another step along the translation continuum. The translator is translating a translation. #Quote by Michael Cunningham
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#11. Identification with your mind creates an opaque screen of concepts, labels, images, words, judgments, and definitions that blocks all true relationship. It comes between you and yourself, between you and your fellow man and woman, between you and nature, between you and God. It is this screen of thought that creates the illusion of separateness, the illusion that there is you and a totally separate 'other.' You then forget the essential fact that, underneath the level of physical appearances and separate forms, you are one with all that is. By 'forget,' I mean that you can no longer feel this oneness as self-evident reality. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Alain De Botton
#12. The new pornography would combine sexual excitement with an interest in other human ideals. The usual animalistic categories and hackneyed plots, replete with stock characters seemingly incapable of coherent speech, would give way to pornographic images and scenarios based aorund such qualities as intelligence (showing people reading or wandering the stacks in libraries), kindness (people performing oral sex on one another with an air of sweetness and regard) or humility (people caught looking embarrassed, shy or self-conscious). #Quote by Alain De Botton
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Christine Zolendz
#13. With my guitar, I could write my own stories, my own poems, and my own destiny. No one could take away the feelings, the emotions or the truth of my notes. They could hide secrets and provoke images of words that never should be whispered. I could compose the melody of my aching heart and write into it my own happily ever after since no one seemed to think after all my suffering I deserved one. That's okay, I would make my own. #Quote by Christine Zolendz
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#14. Even though the suitcase was heavy I carried it by the handle as I walked into the departure hall. I detested the tiny wheels, first of all because they were feminine, thus not worthy of a man, a man should carry, not roll, secondly because they suggested easy options, shortcuts, savings, rationality, which I despised and opposed wherever I could, even where it was of the most trivial significance. Why should you live in a world without feeling its weight? Were we just images? And what were we actually saving energy for with these energy-saving devices? #Quote by Karl Ove Knausgaard
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Steven Bochco
#15. Film provides an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images. #Quote by Steven Bochco
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Ann M. Martin
#16. The long-ago days - the days of Mother and Bone and the shed - have become fuzzy and have blended with images of Moon, of my travels, of other people and houses, of hiding places; a tangle of memories leading to Susan. I burrow into her side and listen to her heartbeat. With my eyes closed, I might be in the straw-filled wheelbarrow again, nestled against Mother, listening to the first heartbeat I knew. I open my eyes and tilt my head back to look at Susan's lined face. She smiles at me, and we sit pressed into each other, two old ladies. #Quote by Ann M. Martin
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Daphne Du Maurier
#17. Every word he wrote would be strong with that sweet purity and simplicity that was his gift alone, placing him higher than any living poet, secure on his pedestal apart from the world, like a great silent god above the little dwarfs of men tossed hither and thither in the stream of life. From the crystal clearness of his brain the images became words, and the words became magic, and the whole was transcendent of beauty, one thread touching another, alike in their perfection and their certitude of immortality. Thus it seemed to me he was not a living figure of flesh and blood, but a monument to the national pride of his country, his England, and now and then he would bow gravely from his pedestal and scatter to the people a small quantity of his thought, which they would grub for on their poor rough ground, then clasp to their hungry hearts as treasure. #Quote by Daphne Du Maurier
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Sherry Turkle
#18. Ours has been called a culture of narcissism. The label is apt but can be misleading. It reads colloquially as selfishness and self-absorption. But these images do not capture the anxiety behind our search for mirrors. We are insecure in our understanding of ourselves, and this insecurity breeds a new preoccupation with the question of who we are. We search for ways to see ourselves. The computer is a new mirror, the first psychological machine. Beyond its nature as an analytical engine lies its second nature as an evocative object. #Quote by Sherry Turkle
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Gail Carriger
#19. The more Lord Maccon considered it, the more he grew to like the idea. Certainly his imagination was full of pictures of what he and Alexia might do together once he got her home in a properly wedded state, but now those lusty images were mixing with others: waking up next to her, seeing her across the dining table, discussing science and politics, having her advice on points of pack controversy and BUR difficulties. No doubt she would be useful in verbal frays and social machinations, as long as she was on his side. #Quote by Gail Carriger
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#20. I spent my life folded between the pages of books.
In the absence of human relationships I formed bonds with paper characters. I lived love and loss through stories threaded in history; I experienced adolescence by association. My world is one interwoven web of words, stringing limb to limb, bone to sinew, thoughts and images all together. I am a being comprised of letters, a character created by sentences, a figment of imagination formed through fiction. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by George H. Harrison
#21. Just as a fisherman cannot catch fish unless his line is in the water, a wildlife photographer cannot shoot great wildlife images unless he or she is out there with camera in hand and the knowledge of what to do then the 'magnificent moment' occurs. #Quote by George H. Harrison
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Thomas Berry
#22. Tell me a story, a story that will be my story as well as the story of everyone and everything about me, the story that brings us together in a valley community, a story that brings together the human community with every living being in the valley, a story that brings us together under the arc of the great blue sky in the day and the starry heavens at night, a story that will drench us with rain and dry us in the wind, a story told by humans to one another that will also be the story that the wood thrush sings in the thicket, the story that the river recites in its downward journey, the story that Storm King Mountain images forth in the fullness of its grandeur. #Quote by Thomas Berry
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by George Sand
#23. A cigar numbs sorrow and fills the solitary hours with a million gracious images. #Quote by George Sand
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#24. What is a self-image? Who started talking about one? I rather fancy it was Madison Avenue. Picture Satan in a business suit, with well-groomed horns and a superbly switching tail, sitting at his huge executive's desk, thinking, 'Aha! If I can substitute images for reality I can get a lot more people under my domination. #Quote by Madeleine L'Engle
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Elle Fanning
#25. There is also an awakening to beauty, because when you're really young you don't have that concept or opinion in place, so you make your own discoveries. It's different now with technology, and the constant bombardment of images. #Quote by Elle Fanning
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Melissa St. Hilaire
#26. The images start to darken and she feels another hunger well up in her, this one having to do with another kind of desire. The desire to feed, to possess, and the aggressive thrill of a predator capturing and killing its prey as it tears into unspoiled flesh. Its teeth ripping and rending and the satisfying coppery taste of blood. There is the ultimate moment of surrender of drinking away the life essence. The pinnacle of lust which mounts in the very last breath, when the light drains from the victim's eyes and when the soul fades ... Then there is only a triumphant cry to the moonlight and the beckoning depths of the ever waiting water. #Quote by Melissa St. Hilaire
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Daniel Hannan
#27. The 'Robben Island Bible' has arrived at the British Museum. It's a garish thing, its cover plastered with pink and gold Hindu images, designed to hide its contents. Within is the finest collection of words generated by human intelligence: the complete works of William Shakespeare. #Quote by Daniel Hannan
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Anton Corbijn
#28. You always want to come back with an image that's interesting visually, and you hope to get something from the person you photograph that's different than other images you know of these people. #Quote by Anton Corbijn
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Robert Bresson
#29. Cinematography is a writing with images in mouvement and with sounds. #Quote by Robert Bresson
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Alan Lightman
#30. But what is the past? Could it be, the firmness of the past is just illusion? Could the past be a kaleidoscope, a pattern of images that shift with each disturbance of a sudden breeze, a laugh, a thought? And if the shift is everywhere, how would we know? #Quote by Alan Lightman
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Toni Packer
#31. Sitting quietly, doing nothing, not knowing what is next and not concerned with what was or what may be next, a new mind is operating that is not connected with the conditioned past and yet perceives and understands the whole mechanism of conditioning. It is the unmasking of the self that is nothing but masks - images, memories of past experiences, fears, hopes, and the ceaseless demand to be something or become somebody. #Quote by Toni Packer
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Salman Rushdie
#32. Faced with the blazing magnificence of the everyday, the artist is both humbled and provoked. There are photographs now of events on an unimaginable scale [ ... ] When we look at these images, there is, yes, legitimate wonderment at our own lengthening reach and grasp. But it would be vain indeed to praise our puny handiwork
the mastery of the Hubble wielders, the computer enhancers, the colorizers, all the true-life-fantasist counterparts of Hollywood's techno-wizards and imagineers
when the universe is putting on so utterly unanswerable a show. Before the majesty of being, what is there to do but hang our heads? #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Christophe Wall-Romana
#33. ...Paul Dermée. In the inaugural issue of L'Esprit Nouveau in October 1920, Dermée published "Découverte du lyrisme" (Discovery of lyricism), a piece connecting lyricism, automatism, dream, Freud, cinema, and surrealism:

"This background activity that became autonomous and functions blindly without the use of conscious will, this is what we call "automatism" [automatisme].

"We dream, kaleidoscope of images, sensations and emotions function. The film unfolds, varied and captivating [captivant] and the whole richness of inner life traverses consciousness as a broad current: our soul fills up with a spontaneous melody, it is the lyrical flux that sings!

"As for images, they must be handled with great care, by preventing them from giving objects an existence in the exterior world. For nothing must make the reader come out of his deep self. Thus no images realizable through plastic means: only their surrealism [surréalisme]. #Quote by Christophe Wall-Romana
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Margaret Atwood
#34. took the magazine from him and turned it the right way round. There they were again, the images of my childhood: bold, striding, confident, their arms flung out as if to claim space, their legs apart, feet planted squarely on the earth. There was something Renaissance about the pose, but it was princes I thought of, not coiffed and ringleted maidens. Those candid eyes, shadowed with makeup, yes, but like the eyes of cats, fixed for the pounce. No quailing, no clinging there, not in those capes and rough tweeds, those boots that came to the knee. Pirates, these women, with their ladylike briefcases for the loot and their horsy acquisitive teeth. I #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Varanam Ayiram Images With quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#35. He shifts and my eyes shatter into thousands of pieces that ricochet around the room, capturing a million snapshots, a million moments in time. Flickering images faded with age, frozen thoughts hovering precariously in dead space, a whirlwind of memories that slice through my soul. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi

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