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Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by David Mamet
#1. [A Chinese Restaurant.] Roma is seated alone at the booth. Lingk is at the booth next to him. Roma ,i>is talking to him.
* * *

Roma: . . . Eh? What I'm saying, what is our life? (Pause.) It's looking forward or it's looking back. And that's our life. That's it. Where is the moment? (Pause.) And what is it that we're afraid of? Loss. What else? (Pause.) The bank,/i> closes. We get sick, my wife died on a plane, the stock market collapsed . . . the house burnt down . . . what of these happen . . . ? None of 'em. We worry anyway. What does this mean? I'm not secure. How can I be secure? (Pause.) Through amassing wealth beyond all measure? No. And what's beyond all measure? That's a sickness. That's a trap. There is no measure. Only greed. How can we act? The right way, we would say, to deal with this: "There is a one-in-a million chance that so and so will happen. . . . Fuck it, it won't happen to me. . . ." No. We know that's not the right way I think. (Pause.) We say the correct way to deal with this is "There is a one-in-so-and-so chance that this will happen . . . God protect me. I am powerless, let it not happen to me. . . ." But no to that. I say. There's something else. What is it? "If it happens, AS IT MAY for that is not within our powers, I will deal with it, just as I do today with what draws my concern today." I say this is how we must act. I do those things which seem correct to me today. I trust myself. And if security concerns me, I do that #Quote by David Mamet
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Robert Downey, Jr.
#2. McDonald's being the official restaurant of the Olympics is like smoking being the official medicine of cancer. #Quote by Robert Downey, Jr.
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Mickey Gilley
#3. My only failure was the restaurant in Myrtle Beach. I kept it open for four years. It was in a tourist town, it was only busy four and half, five months of the year. But the bills kept coming all year. #Quote by Mickey Gilley
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Robert Sietsema
#4. If I go into a restaurant and the food sucks I feel so depressed I just want to carve it in my wrist with the butter knife. #Quote by Robert Sietsema
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Jennifer Aniston
#5. I admit I love clothes and I buy clothes. But they sit in my closet. I like a pair of comfy pants, flip flops and a t- shirt. And when we pick a restaurant, my criteria is: Where can I wear this?. #Quote by Jennifer Aniston
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Bill Geist
#6. New York is a city of conversations overheard, of people at the next restaurant table (micrometers away) checking your watch, of people reading the stories in your newspaper on the subway train. #Quote by Bill Geist
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Joe Bastianich
#7. Every time I open a new restaurant, I wake up in the middle of the night moaning about bread and water. I dream I am in the middle of the dining room, and I am panicked. #Quote by Joe Bastianich
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by David Sax
#8. Restaurant industry sales in 2011 are estimated to have reached a record high of $604 billion, up 3.6 percent from 2010. Restaurant employment grew 1.9 percent in 2011, with some 230,000 jobs added, the strongest gain in five years. #Quote by David Sax
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Carmen Ejogo
#9. I make a really delicious eggplant and squash curry that's inspired by Vij of Vij's Restaurant, a great chef and restaurateur in Vancouver. I like to cook that dish because it's really simple, but the flavor is so pungent and intense that I feel like I'm a real chef whenever I create it. #Quote by Carmen Ejogo
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Anthony Warlow
#10. When I'm not doing the show, and the work has stopped, I walk into a restaurant and I'm shy; yet, when I'm in the show, when people come up with their phones and want to take my picture, I can handle it because it's almost like I'm wearing an armour. #Quote by Anthony Warlow
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Rinrin Marinka
#11. I absolutely love Indonesian restaurants! We have many Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta and I'd like to be able to visit all of them to taste their food. When I visit a restaurant, I get so many references for food and am inspired to create Indonesian cuisine in my own way. #Quote by Rinrin Marinka
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Grant Achatz
#12. Growing up as a young kid, I was in a restaurant. So, you know, I always had a very good understanding of the nuances. And in a way, that was a bad thing. Because it kind of programmed me to believe that if you're going have a restaurant, this is what you need to do, and this is the way it's going to be run. #Quote by Grant Achatz
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Said Sayrafiezadeh
#13. There's always been something a little pathetic for me at the work parties I've attended, especially thinking back to the restaurants I worked in. I remember a Christmas party in which we all got free T-shirts with the restaurant on the front and our names on the back. #Quote by Said Sayrafiezadeh
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Stephan Pastis
#14. If a restaurant offers crayons, I always take them and color throughout the meal. It beats talking to the people I came to dinner with. #Quote by Stephan Pastis
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Marya Hornbacher
#15. I don't remember when I stopped noticing - stopped noticing every mirror, every window, every scale, every fast-food restaurant, every diet ad, every horrifying model. And I don't remember when I stopped counting, or when I stopped caring what size my pants were, or when I started ordering what I wanted to eat and not what seemed "safe," or when I could sit comfortably reading a book in my kitchen without noticing I was in my kitchen until I got hungry - or when I started just eating when I got hungry, instead of questioning it, obsessing about it, dithering and freaking out, as I'd done for nearly my whole life.

I don't remember exactly when recovery took hold, and went from being something I both fought and wanted, to being simply a way of life. A way of life that is, let me tell you, infinitely more peaceful, infinitely happier, and infinitely more free than life with an eating disorder. And I wouldn't give up this life of freedom for the world.

What I know is this: I chose recovery. It was a conscious decision, and not an easy one. That's the common denominator among people I know who have recovered: they chose recovery, and they worked like hell for it, and they didn't give up. Recovery isn't easy, at first. It takes time. It takes more work, sometimes, than you think you're willing to do. But it is worth every hard day, every tear, every terrified moment. It's worth it, because the trade-off is this: you let go of your eating disorder, and you get #Quote by Marya Hornbacher
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Robert Pattinson
#16. I went out a couple of times with Pierce. He's totally recognizable, and he makes no effort to tone it down. Some people were glancing over at us in the restaurant, and he just went over and introduced himself. And it does work. It dissipates all the attention. Me? I just crawl under the table. #Quote by Robert Pattinson
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Robert Sietsema
#17. You can't write about a horrible restaurant - if it's a Ma & Pa restaurant no one wants to see you kick Ma & Pa in the chops. #Quote by Robert Sietsema
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Ai Weiwei
#18. If I walk on the street, if I go to a restaurant, people come to me and say: "Can we take a photo together? Can you give me your autograph?" They would bring their expensive Armani or Prada wallet to sign. Other people who are desperate show me a photo of their dead daughter and ask: Can you support me? I tell them: How can I? Morally, of course, I sympathize with you. But I cannot support you and you cannot support me. This is the condition of this society. We are separated. #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Stephanie Georgopulus
#19. Miss someone until they come back, or until you come back, until their absence in your life becomes something to be avoided at all costs. Miss them until you don't have to anymore, until you're reunited in your favorite booth in your favorite restaurant ordering your favorite meal, miss them until it feels like you never left. Or miss them until you can't anymore, until the things you miss are identified and cataloged as things and not a person, until you figure out that easy company and long talks and unblinking, all-knowing eye contact will find you again the way they found you the first time. Miss someone until you don't. #Quote by Stephanie Georgopulus
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Richard Branson
#20. The funny thing is people won't let me pay for things. I'll be in a restaurant and the manager will say, 'Oh no, it's on the house.' #Quote by Richard Branson
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Joyce Maynard
#21. Not all at once, but gradually, over the months, another revelation came to me: None of that other stuff, much as I'd loved it, was what made a marriage. Not restaurant dinners or romantic vacations. Not walks on the beach or visits to wine country in the Boxster. Not oysters and martinis or moonlight over the Bay Bridge."
"This was a marriage. As uncomfortable and inconvenient and devastating as it might be to live as we did now, we inhabited this place together. #Quote by Joyce Maynard
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Richard Roberts
#22. got a different table on the other side of the restaurant with her back facing us. She couldn't fool me. She was videotaping us with her phone. What she thought we would try in a restaurant, I have no idea. When I began to flip through the small, padded menu, Ray said, "Order anything you like. I'm paying." "You don't have to," I said automatically. He looked at me through his fake glasses, and his smile was weird. Too emotional to be Ray, but that kind of was Ray, so much thinking behind a mask of laughter, breaking out in bursts of caring beyond anything I could manage. He reached #Quote by Richard Roberts
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Bill Rancic
#23. I love cooking. I'm in the restaurant business. #Quote by Bill Rancic
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#24. "It was hot at the restaurant," I said. "So I rolled up my sleeves."
I pushed my left one up, showing four bruises, dark as ink spots. Simon paled.
"My aunt wanted to know what happened. When I wouldn't tell her, she tricked me into admitting it was a boy. She met Derek this morning and he was rude, so she decided it had to be him. I never confirmed it. If he's in trouble, it is not my fault. I had every right to tell someone and I didn't."
"Okay, okay." He rubbed his mouth, still staring at my arm. "So he grabbed your arm. That's what it looks like. Right? He just grabbed harder than he thought."
"He threw me across the room."
Simon's eyes widened, then he lowered his lids to hide his surprise. "But he didn't mean to. If you saw how freaked out he was last night, you'd know that."
"So that makes it okay? If I lose my temper and smack you, it's all right, because I didn't mean to, didn't plan to."
"You don't understand. He just - "
"She's right." Derek's voice preceded him around the corner.
I shrank back. I couldn't help it. As I did, a look passed through Derek's eyes. Remorse? Guilt? He blinked it away. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Paige VanZant
#25. I want to go as far as it will take me. I would love to go pro, but if that doesn't happen, I am a gourmet chef and would like to open my own restaurant. #Quote by Paige VanZant
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Steve Martin
#26. The only thing that bothers me is if I'm in a restaurant and I'm eating and someone says, 'Hey, mind if I smoke?' I always say, 'No. Mind if I fart? #Quote by Steve Martin
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Tom Colicchio
#27. A couple of months ago, I was down in Florida for the Food and Wine Festival. And this journalist grabbed me and said, 'How does it feel to be a TV guy? You're no longer in the restaurant business.' And I laughed. I asked him, 'How long do you think it takes me to do a season?' He said, 'Well, 200 days.' And I was like, '200 days? Try 20!' #Quote by Tom Colicchio
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Diana Palmer
#28. You'll get all dusty."
He made a sound deep in his throat. "You can brush me off."
She grinned wickedly. "Now that's what I call incentive!"
He chuckled. "Cut it out. We've got a serious and sensitive situation here."
"So you intimated on the phone." She glanced around the airport. "Where's baggage claim? I brought some tools and electronic equipment, too."
"How about clothes?"
She stared at him blankly. "What do I need with a lot of clothes cluttering up my equipment case? These are wash-and-wear."
He made another sound. "You can't expect to go to a restaurant in that!"
"Why not? And who's taking me to any restaurant?" she demanded. "You never do."
He shrugged. "I'm going to do penance while we're out here."
Her eyes sparkled. "Great! Your bed or mine?"
He laughed in spite of himself. She was the only person in his life who'd ever been able to make him feel carefree, even briefly. She lit fires inside him, although he was careful not to let them show too much. "You never give up, do you?"
"Someday you'll weaken," she assured him. "And I'm prepared. I have a week's supply of Trojans in my fanny pack…"
He managed to look shocked. "Cecily!"
She shrugged. "Women have to think about these things. I'm twenty-three, you know." She added, "You came into my life at a formative time and rescued me from something terrible. Can I help it if you make other potential lovers look like fried sea bass by comparison?"
#Quote by Diana Palmer
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Paul Prudhomme
#29. I would work as a cook, get a little money, then open another restaurant. #Quote by Paul Prudhomme
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Gordon Korman
#30. Yeah!" shouted Jonah, twirling the much larger Hamilton around the restaurant in a victory dance.
The other diners watched in amazement. This wild display was hardly the public image of the too-cool-for-school Jonah Wizard.
"What's the matter?" Hamilton challenged. "Haven't you ever seen a happy rapper before? #Quote by Gordon Korman
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Mike Klepper
#31. What is important about immigration is how immigrants arrived and what the individual immigrants do with their lives after arriving. Do they open a restaurant or other business, do they provide for their family, do they integrate into the larger community - in essence, do they become proud Americans? Or do they try their hardest to stay "economic migrants" or "hyphenated-Americans"? Or, at worst, do they attempt to convert America into the countries from which they escaped? #Quote by Mike Klepper
Vanderberry Restaurant quotes by Krista Ritchie
#32. The waitress returns, cutting into possibly the most bizarre
way a pregnancy can be announced. At a Mexican restaurant. With a tequila shot
standoff. In French #Quote by Krista Ritchie

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