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Vagabond Takuan quotes by J.D. Brewer
#1. After all, I wasn't even sure if the ancient causes belonged to me in the first place because being born into a belief tended to make me feel more like I belonged to it instead. #Quote by J.D. Brewer
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Anton Chekhov
#2. My life is dull, heavy, monotonous, because I'm an artist, a strange man, from my youth I've been chafed by jealousy, dissatisfaction with myself, lack of faith in what I'm doing, I'm always poor, I'm a vagabond, but you, you're a healthy, normal person, a landowner, a squire––they do you live so uninterestingly, why do you take so little from life? Why, for instance, haven't you fallen in love with Lida or Zhenya yet?

- The House with the Mezzanine #Quote by Anton Chekhov
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Oliver Goldsmith
#3. A man who leaves home to mend himself and others is a philosopher; but he who goes from country to country, guided by the blind impulse of curiosity, is a vagabond. #Quote by Oliver Goldsmith
Vagabond Takuan quotes by J.D. Brewer
#4. As is the curse of Humanity. We constantly rediscover the old and sing platitudes of its newness. #Quote by J.D. Brewer
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Mary Shelley
#5. The possessions most esteemed by your fellow-creatures were high and unsullied descent united with riches. A man might be respected with only one of these advantages; but, without either, he was considered, except in very rare instances, as a vagabond and a slave, doomed to waste his powers for the profits of the chosen few! #Quote by Mary Shelley
Vagabond Takuan quotes by David Eddings
#6. Zakath stared at the floor. 'I suddenly feel very helpless,' he admitted, 'and I don't like the feeling. I've been rather effectively dethroned, you know. This morning I was the Emperor of the largest nation on earth; this afternoon, I'm going to be a vagabond.'
You might find it refreshing,' Silk told him lightly.
Shut up, Kheldar,' Zakath said almost absently. He looked back at Polgara. 'You know something rather peculiar?'
What's that?'
Even if I hadn't given my word, I'd still have to go to Kell. It's almost like a compulsion. I feel as if I'm being driven, and my driver is a blindfolded girl who's hardly more than a child.'
There are rewards,' she told him.
Such as what?'
Who knows? Happiness, perhaps.'
He laughed ironically. 'Happiness has never been a driving ambition of mine, Lady Polgara, not for a long time now.'
You may have to accept it anyway,' She smiled. 'We aren't allowed to choose our rewards any more than we are our tasks. Those decisions are made for us. #Quote by David Eddings
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Amy Leach
#7. Yearning begets yearning: the pea plant yearns for a lattice, so it grows tendrils - then every tendril too years for a lattice. Yearning draws tendrils out of the spindly green pea-shoot only to find itself compounded, elephantine.
Tendril wending is swervy and conjectural; like a dancer who cannot quite hear the music, pea tendrils are antic with inapprehension. Since there is no way for them to apprehend a lattice, the only direction to grow is yonder. Haywire personalities like peas, wobbly personalities with loose ends, iffy ends, result not from having no aim, no object in life, but from having an extrasensory object. What they want is beyond their powers of apprehension - until they hold it in their acute green wisps - so their manner is vagabond. The personality that longs only for perceptible things is down-to-earth, like a dung eater. But the teetery-pea kind send out aerial filaments to hound the yonder, tending every which way, guessing themselves into arabesques, for they are fixed on the imperceptible. #Quote by Amy Leach
Vagabond Takuan quotes by James Holman
#8. The passion for travelling is, I believe, instinctive in some natures. We have seen men persevere in their enterprises against the most formidable obstacles; and, without means or friends, and even ignorant of the languages of the various countries through which they passed, pursue their perilous journeys into remote places, until, like the knight in the Arabian tale, they succeeded in snatching a memorial from every shrine they visited. #Quote by James Holman
Vagabond Takuan quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#9. You are my inspiration and my folly. You are my light across the sea, my million nameless joys, and my day's wage. You are my divinity, my madness, my selfishness, my transfiguration and purification. You are my rapscallionly fellow vagabond, my tempter and star. I want you. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#10. His love for me seemed to overflow my limits by its flood of wealth and service. But my necessity was more for giving than foe receiving; for love is a vagabond, who can make his flowers bloom in the wayside dust, better than in the crystal jars kept in the drawing-room. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Vagabond Takuan quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#11. A man without an address is a vagabond; a man with two addresses is a libertine. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Takuan Soho
#12. Shonin: I have composed a poem. Kokushi: Let's hear it. Shonin: When I chant, Both Buddha and self Cease to exist. There is only the voice that says, Namu Amida Butsu. Kokushi: Something's wrong with the last couple of lines, don't you think? (after a lapse of time) Shonin: This is how I've written it: When I chant, Both Buddha and self Cease to exist. Namu Amida Butsu. Kokushi: There! You got it! #Quote by Takuan Soho
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#13. [T]he whole talk about the absolute, is nothing but the cosmological proof incognito. This proof, in consequence of the case brought against it by Kant, deprived of all right and declared outlawed, dare no longer show itself in its true form, and therefore appears in all kinds of disguises - now in distinguished form, concealed under intellectual intuition or pure thought now as a suspicious vagabond, half begging, half demanding what it wants in more unpretending philosophemes. If an absolute must absolutely be had, then I will give one which is far better fitted to meet all the demands which are made on such a thing than these visionary phantoms: it is matter. It has no beginning, and it is imperishable; thus it is really independent, and quod per se est et per se concipitur; from its womb all proceeds, and to it all returns; what more can be desired of an absolute? #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Kay Brellend
#14. Campbell Road, so he had been told by long-serving colleagues, and some of The Bunk's inhabitants, was home to the most notorious criminals: thieves, prostitutes, fraudsters – every sort of rogue and vagabond drifted through this slum. Unbelievable as it seemed to Franks, some had settled and been resident a very long while. If a couple of women – one who looked like she'd had seven bells beaten out of her – wanted to set about a well-known brass, it didn't take a genius to work out that one of their old men was playing away. Bickerstaff might be a stickler for doing things by the book but, in the great scheme of things, this was a petty domestic incident. The Bunk community had its own system of justice. Franks agreed with it: leave them be to shovel up their own shit. #Quote by Kay Brellend
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Walker Percy
#15. We did very badly and almost did not do at all. Flesh poor flesh failed us ... Christians talk about the horror of sin, but they have overlooked something. They keep talking as if everyone were a great sinner, when the truth is that nowadays one is hardly up to it. There is very little sin in the depths of the malaise. The highest moment of a malaisian's life can be that moment when he manages to sin like a proper human (Look at us, Binx
my vagabond friends as good as cried out to me
we're sinning! We're succeeding! We're human after all!). #Quote by Walker Percy
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Takuan Soho
#16. Presumably, as a Martial artist, I do not fight for gain or loss, am not concerned with strength or weakness, and neither advance a step nor retreat a step. The enemy does not see me. I do not see the enemy. Penetrating to a place where heaven and earth have not yet divided, where yin and yang have not yet arrived, I quickly and necessarily gain effect. #Quote by Takuan Soho
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Banksy
#17. Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled a great and glorious nation. Favourite amongst his subjects was the court painter of whom he was very proud. Everybody agreed this wizzened old man pianted the greatest pictures in the whole kingdom and the king would spend hours each day gazing at them in wonder. However, one day a dirty and dishevelled stranger presented himself at the court claiming that in fact he was the greatest painter in the land. The indignant king decreed a competition would be held between the two artists, confident it would teach the vagabond an embarrassing lesson. Within a month they were both to produce a masterpiece that would out do the other. After thirty days of working feverishly day and night, both artists were ready. They placed their paintings, each hidden by a cloth, on easels in the great hall of the castle. As a large crowd gathered, the king ordered the cloth be pulled first from the court artist's easel. Everyone gasped as before them was revealed a wonderful oil painting of a table set with a feast. At its centre was an ornate bowl full of exotic fruits glistening moistly in the dawn light. As the crowd gazed admiringly, a sparrow perched high up on the rafters of the hall swooped down and hungrily tried to snatch one of the grapes from the painted bowl only to hit the canvas and fall down dead with shock at the feet of the king. 'Aha!' exclaimed the king. 'My artist has produced a painting so wonderful it has fooled nature herself, sur #Quote by Banksy
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Thomas Browne
#18. Let any stranger find mee so pleasant a county, such good way, large heath, three such places as Norwich, Yar. and Lin. in any county of England, and I'll bee once again a vagabond to visit them. #Quote by Thomas Browne
Vagabond Takuan quotes by J.D. Brewer
#19. Never take offense. Even if someone is robbing you blind, it's usually nothing personal. Survival is a funny thing, and we all react differently to it. Some react to fear and forget to be human and humane, but that doesn't mean they have malicious intentions. People have different boundaries, and I promise to respect yours, hon. #Quote by J.D. Brewer
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Takuan Soho
#20. One is not likely to achieve understanding from the explanation of another. #Quote by Takuan Soho
Vagabond Takuan quotes by S.M. Boyce
#21. It's like you said all those months ago - people expect the Vagabond to be a hero. I have to act like one. -Kara #Quote by S.M. Boyce
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Jenim Dibie
#22. I know where nowhere is, I know where nowhere leads, it's the place you go when you have nothing left to lose but you. #Quote by Jenim Dibie
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Takuan Soho
#23. Completely forget about the mind and you will do all things well #Quote by Takuan Soho
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Hermann Hesse
#24. All being, it seemed, was built on opposites, on division. Man or woman, vagabond or citizen, lover or thinker - no breath could both be in and out, none could be man and wife, free and yet orderly, knowing the urge of life and the joy of intellect. Always the one paid for the other, though each was equally precious and essential. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Cathy Day
#25. At the college where I teach, I'm surrounded by circus people. We aren't tightrope walkers or acrobats. We don't breathe fire or swallow swords. We're gypsies, moving wherever there's work to be found. Our scrapbooks and photo albums bear witness to our vagabond lives: college years, grad-school years, instructor-mill years, first-job years. In between each stage is a picture of old friends helping to fill a truck with boxes and furniture. We pitch our tents, and that place becomes home for a while. We make families from colleagues and students, lovers and neighbors. And when that place is no longer working, we don't just make do. We move on to the place that's next. No place is home. Every place is home. Home is our stuff. As much as I love the Cumberland Valley at twilight, I probably won't live there forever, and this doesn't really scare me. That's how I know I'm circus people. #Quote by Cathy Day
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#26. The intellect is vagabond, and our system of education fosters restlessness. Our minds travel when our bodies are forced to stay at home. We imitate; and what is imitation but the travelling of the mind? #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Terry Kay
#27. Friendship among men is always part war, something learned from childhood. #Quote by Terry Kay
Vagabond Takuan quotes by S.M. Boyce
#28. The Vagabond one told me what that clover symbol means. He said it represents the four primary roads you can take in life: happiness, hatred, success, and failure. They are balanced shoices, always intertwined with each other, and whichever of the four paths you take will lead you down another. #Quote by S.M. Boyce
Vagabond Takuan quotes by M.L. Rio
#29. But I stayed where I was, afraid to move toward him, afraid I might lose my footing on solid ground, detach from what had anchored me before and drift out into the void of space - a vagabond, wandering moon. #Quote by M.L. Rio
Vagabond Takuan quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#30. This man, a vagabond, hunter, and trapper, had always been strange in the eyes of his primitive associates. #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Annie Dillard
#31. I am a fugitive and a vagabond, a sojourner seeking signs. #Quote by Annie Dillard
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
#32. Vagabond knight Don Quixote of La Mancha, otherwise called 'The Knight of the Rueful Countenance. #Quote by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Marina Tsvetaeva
#33. Where does such tenderness come from
And what do I do with it, you, sly,
Adolescent, vagabond singer,
Whose lashes couldn't be longer? #Quote by Marina Tsvetaeva
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Eddi Reader
#34. 'Vagabond' is about owning where I come from, understanding the real power music had to transport myself with, whether that's busking in Europe or getting number ones. #Quote by Eddi Reader
Vagabond Takuan quotes by Takuan Soho
#35. Sever the edge between before and after. #Quote by Takuan Soho

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