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Uscite Netflix quotes by Kristin Billerbeck
#1. If he only knew how often she and Eileen had discussed the benefits of Netflix on dateless weekend nights. #Quote by Kristin Billerbeck
Uscite Netflix quotes by Becky Albertalli
#2. Netflix means not having to suck in your stomach or think of anything smart or adorable to say. It means a whole night of not wondering what people think about you. No alcohol, and no flirtation, and no confusion, and every organ calm and settled. #Quote by Becky Albertalli
Uscite Netflix quotes by Ted Sarandos
#3. The real great news is, in the piracy capitals of the world, Netflix is winning. We are pushing down piracy in those markets by getting the access. #Quote by Ted Sarandos
Uscite Netflix quotes by Scott Aukerman
#4. Comedy is really best when watched with other people, and I don't really understand people who sit at home watching comedy movies on Netflix. #Quote by Scott Aukerman
Uscite Netflix quotes by Kristopher Jansma
#5. We came to the city because we wished to live haphazardly, to reach for only the least realistic of our desires, and to see if we could not learn what our failures had to teach, and not, when we came to live, discover that we had never died. We wanted to dig deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to be overworked and reduced to our last wit. And if our bosses proved mean, why then we'd evoke their whole and genuine meanness afterward over vodka cranberries and small batch bourbons. And if our drinking companions proved to be sublime then we would stagger home at dawn over the Old City cobblestones, into hot showers and clean shirts, and press onward until dusk fell again. For the rest of the world, it seemed to us, had somewhat hastily concluded that it was the chief end of man to thank God it was Friday and pray that Netflix would never forsake them.

Still we lived frantically, like hummingbirds; though our HR departments told us that our commitments were valuable and our feedback was appreciated, our raises would be held back another year. Like gnats we pestered Management - who didn't know how to use the Internet, whose only use for us was to set up Facebook accounts so they could spy on their children, or to sync their iPhones to their Outlooks, or to explain what tweets were and more importantly, why - which even we didn't know. Retire! we wanted to shout. We ha Get out of the way with your big thumbs and your senior moments and your nostalgia for 1976! W #Quote by Kristopher Jansma
Uscite Netflix quotes by Christopher Noxon
#6. For me, reading has to be pleasurable. Otherwise, I'm ditching the book and turning on Netflix. There's way too much good TV right now to write dull. #Quote by Christopher Noxon
Uscite Netflix quotes by Nina Post
#7. This time, the pathologist had a morgue assistant, a tall, skinny guy with glasses like airplane windows and a nimbus of brown hair, triple the height of Lyle Lovett's, and with a wave that rivaled the Banzai Pipeline. The hair probably had its own intelligence. It probably had its own Netflix account. It probably received regular invitations to speak at Ivy League commencement ceremonies. It probably contained a netherworld where monsters had houses. #Quote by Nina Post
Uscite Netflix quotes by Reed Hastings
#8. Comparing Apple to Netflix is like comparing apples to oranges, especially if the oranges made so many mistakes that people stopped eating oranges and just went back to Blockbuster. #Quote by Reed Hastings
Uscite Netflix quotes by Wayne Gladstone
#9. My life had devolved into a fluorescent haze of desktop Outlook/Internet Explorer/Excel screens by day followed by laptop Chrome/Facebook/Netflix nights. #Quote by Wayne Gladstone
Uscite Netflix quotes by Helen Hoang
#10. I wasn't loneliness if it could be eradicated with work or a Netflix marathon or a good book. Real loneliness would stick with you all the time. Real loneliness would hurt you nonstop. #Quote by Helen Hoang
Uscite Netflix quotes by Chris Anderson
#11. In fact, as these companies offered more and more (simply because they could), they found that demand actually followed supply. The act of vastly increasing choice seemed to unlock demand for that choice. Whether it was latent demand for niche goods that was already there or a creation of new demand, we don't yet know. But what we do know is that the companies for which we have the most complete data - netflix, Amazon, Rhapsody - sales of products not offered by their bricks-and-mortar competitors amounted to between a quarter and nearly half of total revenues - and that percentage is rising each year. in other words, the fastest-growing part of their businesses is sales of products that aren't available in traditional, physical retail stores at all.

These infinite-shelf-space businesses have effectively learned a lesson in new math: A very, very big number (the products in the Tail) multiplied by a relatives small number (the sales of each) is still equal to a very, very big number. And, again, that very, very big number is only getting bigger.

What's more, these millions of fringe sales are an efficient, cost-effective business. With no shelf space to pay for - and in the case of purely digital services like iTunes, no manufacturing costs and hardly any distribution fees - a niche product sold is just another sale, with the same (or better) margins as a hit. For the first time in history, hits and niches are on equal economic footing, both just entri #Quote by Chris Anderson
Uscite Netflix quotes by Sara Paxton
#12. I guess I can't live without Netflix because I would have nothing to do. All I do is sit home and watch movies. #Quote by Sara Paxton
Uscite Netflix quotes by Jon Feltheimer
#13. 'Mad Men' was one of the first shows where Netflix was the first syndication window. #Quote by Jon Feltheimer
Uscite Netflix quotes by Dakota Johnson
#14. I missed the television train at some point. I don't know what happened, but now I've created a complex about it. I'm missing out on what everybody's watching, and now I can't even begin to think about starting to watch a television show because it's been so long. I don't even have a Netflix account. #Quote by Dakota Johnson
Uscite Netflix quotes by Henry Selick
#15. No one's ever going to make a PG-13 animated film unless David Fincher executive produces it and puts it out on Netflix, and then if it's a success everyone will change. #Quote by Henry Selick
Uscite Netflix quotes by Jason Katims
#16. What's great is that I keep hearing from people who are discovering 'Friday Night Lights' because of streaming and Netflix and Hulu and all of these things. Somehow ... things don't get old as fast as they used to. They stay vibrant. #Quote by Jason Katims
Uscite Netflix quotes by Lissie
#17. I'm very much a homebody so once I have my home set up how I want it, that's my zen, my comfy little nest where I drink my wine and watch my Netflix. #Quote by Lissie
Uscite Netflix quotes by Ted Sarandos
#18. I think we can launch - successfully, high quality - around 20 original scripted shows a year, which means every 2 1/2 to three weeks you're launching a new season or a new show on Netflix meant to be for really diverse tastes all around the world. #Quote by Ted Sarandos
Uscite Netflix quotes by Eliot Paulina Sumner
#19. I try to read, but my attention span is so bad, and ever since Netflix was invented, that's all I do in my spare time, which is really bad, but it's like a chore to read for me. #Quote by Eliot Paulina Sumner
Uscite Netflix quotes by Mitchell Hurwitz
#20. The revolution is here. It's established that Netflix is a place where you can get premium content. It's a whole new world. It's very interesting. We'll be discovering it together. It's going to be interesting because they don't have a lot to compare it to. #Quote by Mitchell Hurwitz
Uscite Netflix quotes by Tony Oller
#21. Let's be honest, Netflix has stepped up its game up. It seems to have a lot more of an assortment of stuff. #Quote by Tony Oller
Uscite Netflix quotes by Ted Sarandos
#22. In the first week of release, 'Beasts Of No Nation' was the most watched movie on Netflix, in every country we operate in. #Quote by Ted Sarandos
Uscite Netflix quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#23. If I need romance, that's what Netflix is for. #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
Uscite Netflix quotes by Reed Hastings
#24. Our brand at Netflix is really focused on movies and TV shows. #Quote by Reed Hastings
Uscite Netflix quotes by Scott Michael Foster
#25. I'm a huge 'Game of Thrones' fan. I'm really into the 'Colbert Report' and 'Last Week Tonight.' And I really like to get on Netflix and watch, like, TV documentaries about: What happened to the mastodon? Or who was Jack the Ripper? #Quote by Scott Michael Foster
Uscite Netflix quotes by Helen Hoang
#26. It wasn't loneliness if it could be eradicated with work or a Netflix marathon or a good book. #Quote by Helen Hoang
Uscite Netflix quotes by Keiynan Lonsdale
#27. I always find time to hang with friends at least once a week or just watch TV and play video games. The combination of Netflix and food is just the best. #Quote by Keiynan Lonsdale
Uscite Netflix quotes by Dominic Frisby
#28. Why would you want YouTube, Facebook or Netflix running in a decentralized way with no central body in charge? It eliminates the problem of excessive personal information on Facebook, or your YouTube viewing habits being monitored and marketed to. #Quote by Dominic Frisby
Uscite Netflix quotes by Whitney Cummings
#29. I had to find the courage to start saying no to things I didn't want to do because once you turn thirty, pretending starts taking a toll on your immune system. I had to learn how to say no to others and yes to myself, and today I no longer feel ashamed for not being "fun" and being down for every draining activity I'm asked to do. I'm no longer terrified I'll be judged, abandoned, rejected, or left out. And if I am, good. Turns out it's kind of my dream to be left out of doing things I don't want to do. What this means is that unless your invite involves cheese, Netflix, Mexican wrestling, Moscow mules, or actual mules, chances are, in the words of Randy Jackson, "That's gonna be a no for me, dog. #Quote by Whitney Cummings
Uscite Netflix quotes by Ted Sarandos
#30. The longer people watch Netflix and the longer they stay members - they're the criteria of success for us. #Quote by Ted Sarandos
Uscite Netflix quotes by Kevin Spacey
#31. Netflix did it right and focused on all the things that have replaced the dumb, raw numbers of the Nielsen world - they embraced targeted marketing and 'brand' as a virtue higher than ratings. #Quote by Kevin Spacey
Uscite Netflix quotes by Susanna Kearsley
#32. There was no DVR, no Netflix, and no binge-watching. We didn't even have a VCR till I was nearly out of high school. #Quote by Susanna Kearsley
Uscite Netflix quotes by Steven C. Harper
#33. I've always loved theatre because it's so immediate. The challenge of it is that, career wise, it's easier to get traction in the industry if you do film and TV because the audience is larger, and because the work can be seen for a longer period of time. I did solid work in a series of regional and Off-Broadway shows, but the work I did on TV or film will have a longer life with a larger audience (and with services like Netflix). Ultimately, there's something intimate about TV, because the storytelling and the actors come home with the viewer. It can be powerful because of that. #Quote by Steven C. Harper
Uscite Netflix quotes by Katie  King
#34. There are also generational knowledges in play, accessed and skilled within a history of televisual experiments in educational entertainment. For US academics schooled in the fifties, sixties, and seventies some old TV shows haunt this vignette as well. Two are Walter Cronkite's You Are There (CBS, 1953–57) and Steve Allen's Meeting of Minds (PBS, 1977–81). During the mid-century decades either or both could be found on the TV screen and in US secondary school classrooms. Even now the thoughtfully presentist You are There reenactments can be viewed on DVDs from Netflix; you can be personally addressed and included as Cronkite interviews Socrates about his choice to poison himself with hemlock rather than submit to exile after ostracism in ancient Athens. Cronkite's interviews, scripted by blacklisted Hollywood writers, were specifically charged with messages against McCarthy-style witch hunts that were "felt" rather than spoken out. #Quote by Katie King
Uscite Netflix quotes by Carrie-Anne Moss
#35. I didn't quite understand the DVD thing and why my husband was mailing it back. I couldn't quite wrap my head around it. But now that I'm deeply in, as a watcher of content, what a brilliant business model. As a consumer, it's empowering to choose what I want to watch and when I want to watch it. I have three small children, so I need that flexibility, in order to really get into a show. And being on a Netflix show, it's perfect timing. I feel so grateful. #Quote by Carrie-Anne Moss
Uscite Netflix quotes by Marc Goodman
#36. The challenge, however, is that Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon do not publish their algorithms. In fact, the methods they use to filter the information you see are deeply proprietary and the "secret sauce" that drives each company's profitability. The problem with this invisible "black box" algorithmic approach to information is that we do not know what has been edited out for us and what we are not seeing. As a result, our digital lives, mediated through a sea of screens, are being actively manipulated and filtered on a daily basis in ways that are both opaque and indecipherable. #Quote by Marc Goodman
Uscite Netflix quotes by Reed Hastings
#37. Well, we're about 24 million subscribers today, and that's up from about 15 million a year ago, so it's a very high rate of growth, and that's what's exciting about the business - more and more people are getting smart TVs, they're watching Netflix on their iPads. #Quote by Reed Hastings
Uscite Netflix quotes by Ted Sarandos
#38. Typically on a TV series, the writers on a show are writing for their life almost every episode. When someone sits down to write a Netflix show, they know there's going to be a 13th hour. #Quote by Ted Sarandos
Uscite Netflix quotes by Chelsea Handler
#39. Great guys exist. They may not be in the package you think you like, and they may not come when you feel you deserve them the most, but they're there. I believe it. You should too. Because now I'm with someone who makes me grow every day. His name is Netflix. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Uscite Netflix quotes by Matthew Norman
#40. So much of marriage is spent only half paying attention to each other. Talking while driving. Talking while watching Netflix. Talking while staring at a toddler, or scanning utility bills or catalogs from the mail or Evites for some distant weekend. #Quote by Matthew Norman
Uscite Netflix quotes by Stephanie Fournet
#41. Why are you so surprised? Joss Whedon is a god. I never would have made it through med school without Netflix and Buffy the Vampire Slayer."
"Buffy?" Wren said the name like she was talking about one of her best friends. "All six seasons? #Quote by Stephanie Fournet
Uscite Netflix quotes by Kevin Spacey
#42. Clearly the success of the Netflix model, releasing the entire season of 'House of Cards' at once, proved one thing: The audience wants the control. They want the freedom. If they want to binge as they've been doing on 'House of Cards' and lots of other shows, we should let them binge. #Quote by Kevin Spacey
Uscite Netflix quotes by Thereza (from Coisa Mais Linda)
#43. You don't realize how strong you are until you have to be. #Quote by Thereza (from Coisa Mais Linda)
Uscite Netflix quotes by Avina Celeste
#44. You are what you do not what you want to do. My life is based on my actions, not my thoughts or plans. In the past, I would tell myself that I wanted to write and, truthfully, I never made time for it. Now, I do write, every day, and I can proudly say that I have made time to do what I want. If you truly want to be doing something, you will find the time to do so.
Think about it: What do you really want to be doing? Why aren't you doing that thing?
I used to never make time to write because I thought I would enjoy browsing Reddit and watching Netflix more than I would enjoy writing. Those activities that give instant gratification won't make you happier in the long run. Every time I see a piece of my writing I feel so satisfied and proud of myself, every single time. If I see the same meme multiple times, I don't feel anything. I don't feel guilty or like this is the wrong thing for me to be doing when I write. I am no longer a watcher, I am a creator. I am a writer. #Quote by Avina Celeste
Uscite Netflix quotes by Sharon Lawrence
#45. I was the Chair of the WIFF Foundation, which is the philanthropic arm of Women In Film. The foundation runs the several programs including one that provide our film finishing fund. So we help women complete their films with a grant from Netflix. It's great to be associated with award winning films like 'Freeheld' and 'Circumstance'. #Quote by Sharon Lawrence

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