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Unshattered Organization quotes by Ilya Kovalchuk
#1. The most difficult thing for me is to leave the New Jersey Devils, a great organization that I have a lot of respect for, and our fans that have been great to me. #Quote by Ilya Kovalchuk
Unshattered Organization quotes by Paul Twitchell
#2. The minister and the priest teach that the organization is greater. No great philosophy has ever come from an organization, but from an individual whose research has been a personal study of God and ITS ways. #Quote by Paul Twitchell
Unshattered Organization quotes by Kristian Williams
#3. The victims of right-wing violence are typically immigrants, Muslims, and people of color, while the targets of environmental and animal rights activism are among "the most powerful corporations on the planet" - hence the state's relative indifference to the one and obsession with the other.

The broader pattern helps to explain one partial exception to the left/right gap in official scrutiny - namely, the domestic aspects of the "War on Terror." Al Qaeda is clearly a reactionary organization. Like much of the American far right, it is theocratic, anti-Semitic, and patriarchal. Like Timothy McVeigh, the 9/11 hijackers attacked symbols of institutional power, killing a great many innocent people to further their cause. But while the state's bias favors the right over the left, the Islamists were the wrong kind of right-wing fanatic. These right-wing terrorists were foreigners, they were Muslim, and above all they were not white. And so, in retrospect and by comparison, the state's response to the Oklahoma City bombing seems relatively restrained - short-lived, focused, selectively targeting unlawful behavior for prosecution. The government's reaction to the September 11th attacks has been something else entirely - an open-ended war fought at home and abroad, using all variety of legal, illegal, and extra-legal military, police, and intelligence tactics, arbitrarily jailing large numbers of people and spying on entire communities of immigrants, Muslims, and Middle #Quote by Kristian Williams
Unshattered Organization quotes by John C. Maxwell
#4. For a team to succeed, responsibility must go down deep into the organization, down to the roots. Getting that to happen requires a leader who will delegate responsibility and authority to the team. Stephen Covey remarked, "People and organizations don't grow much without delegation and completed staff work, because they are confined to the capacities of the boss and reflect both personal strengths and weaknesses." Good leaders seldom restrict their teams; they release them. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Unshattered Organization quotes by Seth Godin
#5. The secret of being wrong isn't to avoid being wrong! The secret is being willing to be wrong. The secret is realizing that wrong isn't fatal. The only thing that makes people and organizations great is their willingness to be not great along the way. The desire to fail on the way to reaching a bigger goal is the untold secret of success. #Quote by Seth Godin
Unshattered Organization quotes by Sameh Elsayed
#6. If you keep looking at your business wishes as delusional dreams you will end up running just another one of them. If you get inspired by your business wishes then plan to find a way and people to make it happen, you will end up mastering a second to none organization. #Quote by Sameh Elsayed
Unshattered Organization quotes by Peter Drucker
#7. The moment people talk of "implementing" instead of "doing," and of "finalizing" instead of "finishing," the organization is already running a fever. #Quote by Peter Drucker
Unshattered Organization quotes by Saul Alinsky
#8. It should be borne in mind that the target is always trying to shift responsibility to get out of being the target. There is a constant squirming and moving and strategy ... on the part of the designated target. The forces for change must keep this in mind and pin that target down securely. If an organization permits responsibility to be diffused and distributed in a number of areas, attack becomes impossible. #Quote by Saul Alinsky
Unshattered Organization quotes by Ryne Sandberg
#9. I was taught you never, ever disrespect your opponent or your teammates or your organization or your manager and never, ever your uniform. #Quote by Ryne Sandberg
Unshattered Organization quotes by B.C. Forbes
#10. Talking things over has its place in an organization [but] so-called conferences are being grossly overdone. One executive stops at the desk of another to tell him, perhaps, about the wonderful score he made at golf on Saturday afternoon. This chin-chin immediately becomes a conference, and neither the office boy nor the telephone operator must disturb either gentleman. More idle gossip is indulged in at many business conferences these days than an old wives' sewing circle would be guilty of. #Quote by B.C. Forbes
Unshattered Organization quotes by Gary Hamel
#11. The only thing that can be safely predicted is that sometime soon your organization will be challenged to change in ways for which it has no precedent. #Quote by Gary Hamel
Unshattered Organization quotes by Mandy Moore
#12. I travel the world visiting global health programs as an ambassador for the global health organization, PSI, and sometimes the disconnect I see is truly striking: people can get cold Coca Cola, but far too infrequently malaria drugs; most own mobile phones, but don't have equal access to pre-natal care. #Quote by Mandy Moore
Unshattered Organization quotes by Ginny Brown-Waite
#13. The United Nations' greatest fear is that average Americans will no longer tolerate these international scandals and demand that America withdraw from the international organization. #Quote by Ginny Brown-Waite
Unshattered Organization quotes by Henrietta Newton Martin
#14. Success in an enterprise can be brought about, through effective leadership, which educes open communication, which in turn would contribute towards bringing down conflict levels, thus leading to higher productivity and distinguished gains, which in turn testifies about the healthy corporate culture of an organization. #Quote by Henrietta Newton Martin
Unshattered Organization quotes by Steven Briggs
#15. Fresno Bulldogs: This gang is one of the few California Hispanic gangs not to claim allegiance to the Surenos or Nortenos. Latin Kings: This Chicago-based group consists of more than 160 cliques in 30 states and has as many as 35,000 members. Mara Salvatrucha (or M.S. 13): This violent Hispanic organization has origins in El Salvador. It has roughly 8,000 members in the United States and another 20,000 outside the United States. Bloods: With its roots in Los Angeles, this African American street gang exists in 123 cities and 33 states. Crips: Also founded in Los Angeles, this African American gang exists in 40 states and has 30,000 to 35,000 members. Gangster Disciples: This Chicago-based African American gang is active in at least 31 states and has more than 25,000 members. Vice Lord Nation: This Chicago-based African American gang has around 30,000 members in 28 states. #Quote by Steven Briggs
Unshattered Organization quotes by Don DeLillo
#16. Once out of the mailroom, I began to learn more about fear. As soon
as fear begins to ascend, anatomically, from the pit of the stomach to the
throat and brain, from fear of violence to the more nameless kind, you
come to believe you are part of a horrible experiment. I learned to
distrust those superiors who encouraged independent thinking. When you
gave it to them, they returned it in the form of terror, for they knew
that ideas, only that, could hasten their obsolescence. Management asked
for new ideas all the time; memos circulated down the echelons, requesting
bold and challenging concepts. But I learned that new ideas could finish
you unless you wrapped them in a plastic bag. I learned that most of the
secretaries were more intelligent than most of the executives and that the
executive secretaries were to be feared more than anyone. I learned what
closed doors meant and that friendship was not negotiable currency and how
important it was to lie even when there was no need to lie. Words and
meanings were at odds. Words did not say what was being said nor even its
reverse. I learned to speak a new language and soon mastered the special
elements of that tongue. #Quote by Don DeLillo
Unshattered Organization quotes by Joseph Sobran
#17. Politics is the conspiracy of the unproductive but organized against the productive but unorganized. #Quote by Joseph Sobran
Unshattered Organization quotes by Gloria Burgess
#18. To change the world, a country, an organization, a community, a relationship, begin with the smallest seed of change: begin with yourself. That is what this book is all about. #Quote by Gloria Burgess
Unshattered Organization quotes by Hailee Steinfeld
#19. I love to hang out with my friends and go to the movies. My mom and I are involved in the Mother/Daughter Organization - national charity work. Whenever I get free time, we volunteer. It's an organization so mothers and daughters can spend time together while volunteering. #Quote by Hailee Steinfeld
Unshattered Organization quotes by Ed Catmull
#20. As director Brad Bird sees it, every creative organization-be it an animation studio or a record label-is an ecosystem. 'You need all the seasons,' he says. 'You need storms. It's like an ecology. To view lack of conflict as optimum is like saying a sunny day is optimum. A sunny day is when the sun wins out over the rain. There's no conflict. You have a clear winner. But if every day is sunny and it doesn't rain, things don't grow. And if it's sunny all the time-if, in fact, we don't even have night-all kinds of things don't happen and the planet dries up. The key is to view conflict as essential, because that's how we know the best ideas will be tested and survive. You know, it can't only be sunlight.'
It is management's job to figure out how to help other see conflict as healthy-as a route to balance, which benefits us all in the long run. #Quote by Ed Catmull
Unshattered Organization quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#21. Every great institution is the lengthened shadow of a single man. His character determines the character of the organization. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Unshattered Organization quotes by Linda Smith
#22. According to the London-based Anti-Slavery International (ASI), the world's oldest human rights organization, there are at least 27 million people in some form of slavery around the world today. And remarkably, the U.S. contributes enormously to this sad state of the global society. #Quote by Linda Smith
Unshattered Organization quotes by Nancy Pelosi
#23. Organize, don't agonize. #Quote by Nancy Pelosi
Unshattered Organization quotes by Erin Kellison
#24. The Segue Institute was the preeminent research organization for all things paranormal and it was housed in a haunted, renovated turn of-the-century hotel. The place was supposedly loaded with what the scientists there called Shadow, capital S, a scary word for magic. Dark magic. #Quote by Erin Kellison
Unshattered Organization quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#25. No organization can stay uncorrupt for long, be it a political party, a religious institution or a charity foundation - sooner or later the instinctual evils of greed and cruelty overwhelm the organization, fueled by its authoritative control over people. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Unshattered Organization quotes by Andy Stanley
#26. Don't strive to be a well-rounded leader. Instead, discover your zone and stay there. Then delegate everything else.

Admitting a weakness is a sign of strength. Acknowledging weakness doesn't make a leader less effective.

Everybody in your organization benefits when you delegate responsibilities that fall outside your core competency. Thoughtful delegation will allow someone else in your organization to shine. Your weakness is someone's opportunity.

Leadership is not always about getting things done "right." Leadership is about getting things done through other people.

The people who follow us are exactly where we have led them. If there is no one to whom we can delegate, it is our own fault.

As a leader, gifted by God to do a few things well, it is not right for you to attempt to do everything. Upgrade your performance by playing to your strengths and delegating your weaknesses.

There are many things I can do, but I have to narrow it down to the one thing I must do. The secret of concentration is elimination.

Devoting a little of yourself to everything means committing a great deal of yourself to nothing.

My competence in these areas defines my success as a pastor.

A sixty-hour workweek will not compensate for a poorly delivered sermon. People don't show up on Sunday morning because I am a good pastor (leader, shepherd, counselor).

In my world, it is my communication #Quote by Andy Stanley
Unshattered Organization quotes by Brit Hume
#27. Geraldo has been in Lebanon. He has done some excellent reporting out of there, and of course, we now know by virtue of the president's speech on Tuesday night that the terrorist organizations that operate in that area are now on the list. #Quote by Brit Hume
Unshattered Organization quotes by Saul Alinsky
#28. From the moment the organizer enters a community he lives, dreams ... only one thing and that is to build the mass power base of what he calls the army. Until he has developed that mass power base, he confronts no major issues ... Until he has those means and power instruments, his tactics are very different from power tactics. Therefore, every move revolves around one central point: how many recruits will this bring into the organization, whether by means of local organizations, churches, service groups, labor Unions, corner gangs, or as individuals. #Quote by Saul Alinsky
Unshattered Organization quotes by Leland Ryken
#29. Passion is a far better prioritizer than any organization system. Soul refreshment comes from SEEING glory – not getting stuff done. #Quote by Leland Ryken
Unshattered Organization quotes by Linus Pauling
#30. Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them. #Quote by Linus Pauling
Unshattered Organization quotes by David Meerman Scott
#31. Marketing is not about your agency winning awards. It's about your organization winning business. #Quote by David Meerman Scott
Unshattered Organization quotes by G. Campbell Morgan
#32. When amusement is necessary to get people to listen to the gospel there will be failure. This is not the method of Christ. To form an organization and provide all kinds of entertainment for young people, in order that they may come to the Bible classes, is to be foredoomed to failure. #Quote by G. Campbell Morgan
Unshattered Organization quotes by Dan B. Allender
#33. The more you openly name your struggles, the less people can use your silence as a back door to blackmail you, to sabotage your leadership, or to subvert relationships within the organization. #Quote by Dan B. Allender
Unshattered Organization quotes by Alan Moore
#34. The Conservative Party is a religion in that they are bound together by belief. Almost any organization has its religious aspects. #Quote by Alan Moore
Unshattered Organization quotes by Seth Godin
#35. In general, organizations are afraid to fire customers, no matter how unreasonable. This is a mistake. It's good for you. #Quote by Seth Godin
Unshattered Organization quotes by Biz Stone
#36. Hell yeah! Twitter was proof that leaderless self-organizing systems could be true agents of change. #Quote by Biz Stone
Unshattered Organization quotes by Joe Torre
#37. Scott Boras, I've known for a long time. We were both in the Cardinals organization. I'm a lot older than Scott. He's a very tough man, very tough agent. #Quote by Joe Torre
Unshattered Organization quotes by Grover Norquist
#38. Americans for Tax Reform is a national taxpayer organization dedicated to opposing any and all tax increases. We work at the national, state and local level for lower taxes, less government spending and limited government. #Quote by Grover Norquist
Unshattered Organization quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
#39. Men are, in fact, either sustained by organization or they sustain organization. #Quote by John Kenneth Galbraith
Unshattered Organization quotes by Karl Albrecht
#40. If the frontline people do count, you couldn't prove it by examining the reward systems in most organizations. #Quote by Karl Albrecht
Unshattered Organization quotes by James C. Collins
#41. Those who turn good organizations into great organizations are motivated by a deep creative urge and an inner compulsion for sheer unadulterated excellence for its own sake. #Quote by James C. Collins
Unshattered Organization quotes by Frances Hesselbein
#42. Key to the societal significance of tomorrow's leaders is the way they embrace the totality of leadership, not just including 'my organization' but reaching beyond the walls as well. #Quote by Frances Hesselbein

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