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Unshaped quotes by Andromeda Romano-Lax
#1. What I remember best from those times is the music itself. When it succeded, we took hold of the audience's attention, working it from a distracted, unshaped mass into spun beauty, passing the fine strands back and forth until we wove together something grander, not only music but memory, too-the particulars of past and present, stretched taut across a loom of timeless ideals. Harmony. Symmetry. Order. #Quote by Andromeda Romano-Lax
Unshaped quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#2. He saw an idiot in a yard in a leather harness chained to a clothesline and it leaned and swayed drooling and looked out upon the alley with eyes that fed the most rudimentary brain and yet seemed possessed of news in the universe denied right forms, like perhaps the eyes of squid whose simian depths seem to harbor some horrible intelligence. All down past the hedges a gibbering and howling in a hoarse frog's voice, word perhaps of things known raw, unshaped by the constructions of a mind obsessed with form. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Unshaped quotes by Peter Styles
#3. I would have thought that the bed was too small for two men, but the way it forced our hot, sweat-damp bodies into communion was perfect.
His eyes were closed, but I could tell by the rhythm of his breath that he was recuperating, not sleeping.
"I think I'm in love with you," I whispered. It was just air, hot air pushed through the ruins of my throat. Even if Luke could have heard me, the sense of the unshaped words would have been lost. It was just as well that he couldn't hear and I couldn't speak. The need to tell him pressed down on me, but it wasn't fair to let him hear it until I was sure.
He couldn't have known I'd spoken, but he opened his eyes, granting me a gentle smile, then nuzzled into my neck #Quote by Peter Styles
Unshaped quotes by Margo Lanagan
#4. How could a person be clumsy, just standing? And yet she felt she was, as clumsy as one of those blocks of boxwood being seasoned there, unshaped, indelicate. #Quote by Margo Lanagan
Unshaped quotes by Kij Johnson
#5. I feel strangely free at such times. To behave properly is to be always courteous, always clever, and subtle and elegant. But now, when I am so alone, I do not have to be any of these things.
For this moment, I am wholly myself, unshaped by the needs of others, by their dreams or expectations or sensibilities.
But I am also lonely. With no one to shape me, who stands here, watching the moon, or the stars, or the clouds? #Quote by Kij Johnson
Unshaped quotes by Pascal Mercier
#6. We live here and now. Everything before and in other places is past. Mostly forgotten. What could, what should be done with all the time that lies ahead of us, open and unshaped, feather-light in its freedom and lead-heavy in its uncertainty? Is it a wish? Dream-like and nostalgic, to stand once again at that point in life and be able to take a completely different direction than the one that has made us who we are? #Quote by Pascal Mercier
Unshaped quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#7. Beneath the rubbernecking Chums of Chance wheeled streets and alleyways in a Cartesian grid, sketched in sepia, mile on mile. "The Great Bovine City of the World," breathed Lindsey in wonder. Indeed, the backs of cattle far outnumbered the tops of human hats. From this height it was as if the Chums, who, out on adventures past, had often witnessed the vast herds of cattle adrift in everchanging cloudlike patterns across the Western plains, here saw that unshaped freedom being rationalized into movement only in straight lines and at right angles and a progressive reduction of choices, until the final turn through the final gate that led to the killingfloor. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon

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