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Famous Quotes About Unresponsiveness

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Unresponsiveness quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#1. Love may be an inexhaustible well of inspiration for writing loads of letters until the wind of unresponsiveness blows frostiness into the fold of expectations.( "Poste restante" ) #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Unresponsiveness quotes by Neil A. Maxwell
#2. Though we can endure being abused, can we endure being underwhelmed, unused, and unsung? Can we endure almost uninterrupted unresponsiveness?
Whether the test is illness, pain, deprivation, or being passed over, being ignored, being underwhelmed, or working one's way through doubts, what are to be sustained are trust and faith in God and in His plan--including in His timing.
Thus with increasing understanding we see that, while enduring is more than simply waiting, it includes waiting. But even waiting can be used to facilitate our becoming more like Jesus. Therefore, we should be "anxiously engaged," even when it seems to us we are doing no more than waiting. Thus we can be about our Father's business even when it seems for the moment that we are overcome by ordinariness and routine. Our enduring is easier if we see it as a part of God's unfolding. #Quote by Neil A. Maxwell
Unresponsiveness quotes by Eugene Thacker
#3. The question is, what happens when we as human beings confront a world that is radically unhuman, impersonal, and even indifferent to the human? What happens to the concept of politics once one confronts the possibility that the world only reveals its hiddenness, in spite of the attempts to render it as a world-for-us, either via theology (sovereign God, sovereign king) or via science (the organismic analogy of the state)? In the face of politics, this unresponsiveness of the world is a condition for which, arguably, we do not yet have a language. #Quote by Eugene Thacker
Unresponsiveness quotes by Natsume Sōseki
#4. I pity him now, for I realize that he was in fact sending a warning, to someone who was attempting to grow close to him, signaling that he was unworthy of such intimacy. For all his unresponsiveness to others' affection, I now see, it was not them he despised but himself. #Quote by Natsume Sōseki

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