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Famous Quotes About Unheeding

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Unheeding quotes by Lord Dunsany
#1. And then he went in the evening up to the nursery and told the boy how his mother was gone for a while to Elfland, to her father's palace (which may only be told of in song). And, unheeding any words of Orion then, he held on with the brief tale that he had come to tell, and told how Elfland was gone.
"But that cannot be," said Orion, "for I hear the horns of Elfland every day."
"You can hear them?" Alveric said.
And the boy replied, "I hear them blowing at evening. #Quote by Lord Dunsany
Unheeding quotes by Marcel Proust
#2. The flowers which played then among the grass, the water which rippled past in the sunshine, the whole landscape which served as environment to their apparition lingers around the memory of them still with its unconscious or unheeding air; ... #Quote by Marcel Proust
Unheeding quotes by Elizabeth Margaret Chandler
#3. Can we behold, unheeding,
Life's holiest feelings crush'd; -
While Woman's heart is bleeding,
Shall Woman's voice be hush'd? #Quote by Elizabeth Margaret Chandler
Unheeding quotes by Jeff Wheeler
#4. In every era there comes a moment when the collective thoughts, whims, and motivations of a people become so self-absorbed, so malignant, so unheeding that nature itself revolts. Man scars the land such that it finally rebels against him. As thoughts can spread despair and death like seedlings of weeds strewn by the wind, so they eventually draw the Gardener to pluck them out. The vetches must be pulled, roots and all. When this happens, the Medium ceases to bless, and instead, it curses. Instead of healing, it spews poison. It happens swiftly and terribly. The ancients gave it a name, this culling process that blackens the world. They named it after a wasting disease that occurs in once-healthy groves of trees. They called it the Blight. #Quote by Jeff Wheeler
Unheeding quotes by Robert Hugh Benson
#5. O Deus Ego Amo Te

Oh God, I love Thee mightily,
Not only for Thy saving me,
Nor yet because who love not Thee
Must burn throughout eternity.
Thou, Thou, my Jesu, once didst me
Embrace upon the bitter Tree.
For me the nails, the soldier's spear,
With injury and insult, bear-
In pain all pain exceeding,
In sweating and in bleeding,
Yea, very death, and that for me
A sinner all unheeding!
O Jesu, should I not love Thee
Who thus hast dealt so lovingly-
Not hoping some reward to see,
Nor lest I my damnation be;
But as Thyself hast loved me,
So love I now and always Thee,
Because my King alone Thou art,
Because, O God, mine own Thou art! #Quote by Robert Hugh Benson
Unheeding quotes by Thomas Hardy
#6. He had a quick comprehension and considerable force of character; but, being without the power to combine them, the comprehension became engaged with trivialities whilst waiting for the will to direct it, and the force wasted itself in useless grooves through unheeding the comprehension. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Unheeding quotes by ErraticErrata
#7. Never back the Praesi in a corner, son. That's when the devil-summoning starts, and it's all downhill from there."
-King Jehan of Callow, addressing the future King Pater the Unheeding #Quote by ErraticErrata
Unheeding quotes by Conrad Aiken
#8. Come back, true love! Sweet youth, return!
But time goes on, and will, unheeding,
Though hands will reach, and eyes will yearn,
And the wild days set true hearts bleeding. #Quote by Conrad Aiken
Unheeding quotes by Justin Cartwright
#9. Ideas and creeds are represented as unheeding stones as the ends of human longing. #Quote by Justin Cartwright

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