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Underused Boy quotes by John Banville
#1. When I look back, no matter how hard I try I can see clear break between one phase and another. It is a seamless flow - although flow is too strong a word. More a sort of busy stasis, a sort of running on the spot. Even that was too fast for me, however, I was always a little way behind, trotting in the rear of my own life. In Dublin I was still the boy growing up at Coolgrange, in America I was the callow young man of Dublin days, on the islands I became a kind of American. And nothing was enough. Everything was coming, was on the way, was about to be. Stuck in the past, I was always peering beyond the present towards a limitless future. Now, I suppose, the future may be said to have arrived. #Quote by John Banville
Underused Boy quotes by Rick Riordan
#2. Leto had two beautiful babies - a boy named Apollo and a girl named Artemis. They were born on the seventh day of the seventh month, #Quote by Rick Riordan
Underused Boy quotes by M.C. Humphreys
#3. If you ask me what remains to be known in the future, I'll say, 'Memorize all the world's encyclopedias.' Once you do that, forget all that fancy junk and rake the leaves – else I'm gonna take a stick to you, boy. #Quote by M.C. Humphreys
Underused Boy quotes by Nicki Minaj
#4. I don't date boys. I don't like boys. It's true. I don't change. #Quote by Nicki Minaj
Underused Boy quotes by Kristen Ashley
#5. I bet you didn't have to say a word. I bet those rings were all Ty. Which makes you the only female on the planet who didn't have to give her man some instruction when it came to an engagement ring," Krystal noted correctly and I looked down at her. "He may drink beer but that boy is pure champagne. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Underused Boy quotes by Catherine Lacey
#6. That boy never seemed to smile and he wore long sleeves year-round, and I was not so different from him - we were both unable to get near the real life in life. #Quote by Catherine Lacey
Underused Boy quotes by Melissa Jensen
#7. Maybe a young Jacques Cousteau...?" Sadie was still working on the boy in the suit. "But that would just be silly. I mean, a suit...? On.No."
Apparently our scrutiny hadn't gone unnoticed. Teddy-Jacques-Whoever was bearing down on us,smiling broadly under the mustache that,I noticed, was coming loose at one corner.
"Good evening,ladies!"
He was a senior, I thought. We didn't have any classes together; he was AP everything,but I thought I remembered seeing him during Performance Night in the spring, part of a co-ed a capella group. They'd done a Black Eyed Peas song-pretty well,too. He was cute, too, in a pale,lanky way.
"Walter Elias Disney," he said with a bow. "At your disposal."
"Walt Disney?" Sadie was obviously too intrigued to be shy. "Um...?"
He grinned and waved his arm at the spectacle behind him with a flourish. "The myriad talents of Johnny Depp aside,it is debatable whether any of this would have come about without me. It seemed only appropriate that I should make an appearance."
I nodded. "I'll buy that."
He bowed again,but his eyes stayed on Sadie. "Would you care to dance?"
"Oh.I....Oh." Several emotions flooded her face in an instant: terror, pleasure, uncertainty, and why-the-hell-not. She darted a glance at me. I gave a quick, emphatic nod. I would be fine. She absolutely should dance. "Sure," she said.
And off they went. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Underused Boy quotes by Susane Colasanti
#8. For one day there will be nothing left, yet we will have something. -me-
I tried to wait for my life to begin. Something has to happen. Like an amazing boy. I know he's out there. I just have to find him. #Quote by Susane Colasanti
Underused Boy quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#9. You are the Daughter of Death," hissed Aru. "You don't walk into a telephone pole because of a boy. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Underused Boy quotes by Emma James, A Little Faith
#10. Cat got your tongue? Sounds like I'm going to have to do the talking because you are sitting there like you have a thousand questions but don't know how to ask one. Now, pay attention, I'm only taking this guided tour once. You snooze, you lose. I'm going to move my hand so you can see that this bad boy moves. #Quote by Emma James, A Little Faith
Underused Boy quotes by John Green
Think about it: boys basically, want to kiss girls. Guys want to make out. Always. Hassan aside, there's a rarely a time when a boy is thinking, Eh, I think I'd rather not kiss a girl today. #Quote by John Green
Underused Boy quotes by David Levithan
#12. You see, Dash
I was never the girl in your head. And you were never the boy in my head. I think we both knew that. It's only when we try to make the girl or boy in our head real that the true trouble comes. I did that with Carlos, and it was a bad failure. Be careful what you're doing, because no one is ever who you want them to be. And the less you really know them, the more likely you are to confuse them with the girl or boy in your head. #Quote by David Levithan
Underused Boy quotes by Christian Scott
#13. At Mardi Gras, the different tribes will basically play war games, and so my brother is what you call a Flag Boy, which is more of less like a tribe's diplomat. He carries the game's standard and is really the line of where the game starts. #Quote by Christian Scott
Underused Boy quotes by Mary Roberts Rinehart
#14. As all women know, there are really no men at all. There are grown-up boys, and middle-aged boys, and elderly boys, and even sometimes very old boys. But the essential difference is simply exterior. Your man is always a boy. #Quote by Mary Roberts Rinehart
Underused Boy quotes by John  Stephens
#15. Boy," Emma muttered, "are they in for it. #Quote by John Stephens
Underused Boy quotes by Anthony Rapp
#16. On the flight over to Chicago, I thought of a story Mom had once told me from her days as a pediatric nurse.
"There was this little boy I was taking care of," she said "and he was terminally ill,and we all knew it,but he kept hanging on and hanging on. He wouldn't die, it was so sad.
And his parents were always there with him,giving him so much love and support,but he was in so much pain,and it really was,time for him to go.
So finally some of us nurses took his father aside and we told him, 'You have to tell your son it's okay for him to go. You have to give him permission.' And so the father took his son in his arms and he sat with him in a chair and held on to him and told him over and over, that it was okay for him to go,and,well,after a few moments,his son died. #Quote by Anthony Rapp
Underused Boy quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#17. Damn it, Jacob, I'm freezing my butt off."
"I came as fast as I could, considering I thought it would be wise to walk the last few yards."
Isabella whirled around, her smiling face lighting up the silvery night with more ease than the fullest of moons. She leapt up into his embrace, eagerly drinking in his body heat and affection.
"I can see it now. 'Daddy, tell me about your wedding day.' 'Well, son,'" she mocked, deepening her voice to his timbre and reflecting his accent uncannily, "'The first words out of your mother's mouth were I'm freezing my butt off!'"
"Very romantic, don't you think?" he teased. "So, you think it will be a boy, then? Our first child?"
"Well, I'm fifty percent sure."
"Wise odds. Come, little flower, I intend to marry you before the hour is up." With that, he scooped her off her feet and carried her high against his chest. "Unfortunately, we are going to have to do this hike the hard way."
"As Legna tells it, that's what you're supposed to do."
"Yeah, well, I assure you a great many grooms have fudged that a little." He reached to tuck her chilled face into the warm crook of his neck.
"Surely the guests would know. It takes longer to walk than it does to fly . . . or whatever . . . out of the woods."
"This is true, little flower. But passing time in the solitude of the woods is not necessarily a difficult task for a man and woman about to be married."
"Jacob!" she gasped, laughing.
"Some trad #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
Underused Boy quotes by Luke Bracey
#18. I moved to Los Angeles when I was about 20, all by myself. It was exciting. I had this moment when I felt like I needed to put on my big-boy pants and just make that leap to see what would happen. #Quote by Luke Bracey
Underused Boy quotes by Philip K. Dick
#19. The past is latent, is submerged, but still there, capable of rising to the surface once the later imprinting unfortunately
and against ordinary experience
vanished. The man contains
not the boy
but earlier men, he thought. History began a long time ago. #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Underused Boy quotes by Roger Waters
#20. Mother do you think they'll drop the bomb?
Mother do you think they'll like this song?
Mother do you think they'll try to break my balls?
Mother should I build the wall?
Mother should I run for president?
Mother should I trust the government?
Mother will they put me in the firing line?
Mother am I really dying?

Hush now baby, baby, dont you cry.
Mother's gonna make all your nightmares come true.
Mother's gonna put all her fears into you.
Mother's gonna keep you right here under her wing.
She wont let you fly, but she might let you sing.
Mama will keep baby cozy and warm.
Ooooh baby ooooh baby oooooh baby,
Of course mama'll help to build the wall.

Mother do you think she's good enough -- to me?
Mother do you think she's dangerous -- to me?
Mother will she tear your little boy apart?
Mother will she break my heart?

Hush now baby, baby dont you cry.
Mama's gonna check out all your girlfriends for you.
Mama wont let anyone dirty get through.
Mama's gonna wait up until you get in.
Mama will always find out where you've been.
Mama's gonna keep baby healthy and clean.
Ooooh baby oooh baby oooh baby,
You'll always be baby to me.

Mother, did it need to be so high? #Quote by Roger Waters
Underused Boy quotes by Andre Agassi
#21. If Pete's (Sampras) child is a girl, my son will like her; if he's a boy, my son will defeat him. #Quote by Andre Agassi
Underused Boy quotes by Damian Marley
#22. Some boy nuh know dis, dem only come around like tourist. On the beach with a few club sodas. Bedtime stories, and pose like dem name Chuck Norris and don't know the real hardcore. #Quote by Damian Marley
Underused Boy quotes by Mark M. Bello
#23. Jenny, if this case develops anti-Semitic overtones, I can deal with them. I'm a big boy. Sticks and stones can break my bones, and all that shit . . . #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Underused Boy quotes by A.E. Via
#24. Go where?" Furi looked between them. "I can answer your questions right here."

"You could if we were the ones with the questions," Metallica spoke up. "Our Sergeant and First Officer will be questioning you down at the precinct."

"So you're the errand boys."

"And you're the porn boy," Metallica quipped back smoothly. "Now that we got job titles out of the way, move it, unless there's some reason you don't want to come. #Quote by A.E. Via
Underused Boy quotes by Sarah MacLean
#25. In real life, I'd say that your commitment-phobe/narcissist/bad boy boyfriend is a lost cause, but romance is shelved in fiction for a reason. #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Underused Boy quotes by Max Lucado
#26. Create a trophy room in your heart. Each time you experience a victory, place a memory on the shelf. Before you face a challenge, take a quick tour of God's accomplishments. Look at all the paychecks he has provided, all the blessings he has given, all the prayers he had answered. Imitate the shepherd boy David. Before he fought Goliath, the giant, he remembered how God had helped him kill a lion and a bear (1 Samuel 17:34-36). He faced his future by revisiting the past. #Quote by Max Lucado
Underused Boy quotes by Megan Curd
#27. I liked this. I liked this a lot. Memaw said a boy would woo me. I had just been wooed in one evening's conversation. If my hunch was right, he seemed to be wooed by me as well. He wasn't even blind. This could be good. #Quote by Megan Curd
Underused Boy quotes by Jacki Weaver
#28. I was sent the script for 'Silver Linings' when I was doing a play in D.C. at The Kennedy Center with Cate Blanchett and I was sent the script and asked if I was interested, and I said 'Oh, boy am I!' #Quote by Jacki Weaver
Underused Boy quotes by Christopher Lloyd
#29. I sense from people that they get frustrated with me for not being out and about. But I guess I'm a shy boy. #Quote by Christopher Lloyd
Underused Boy quotes by Daniel Beaty
#30. Yes, we are our fathers' sons and daughters, but we are not their choices. For despite their absences we are still here. Still alive, still breathing,
with the power to change this world, one little boy and girl at a time. #Quote by Daniel Beaty
Underused Boy quotes by Mary Jane Hathaway
#31. Her face crumpled and he felt her pain as if it was his own. He wanted to take it back, but just like that memory, it was always going to be there.
She worked to get control over her features, then said, "I'm sorry I didn't defend you. I'm sorry I didn't tell them you were my guest."
Jem hadn't thought he cared anymore, not really, but her words were tugging loose the hard, painful knot in his chest. "It's okay."
She shook her head. "It's not. It wasn't."
He reached out and cupped her cheek in his hand. He didn't know what else to say and all he wanted was to touch her skin, let her know that he wasn't that boy anymore and that she wasn't that girl. #Quote by Mary Jane Hathaway
Underused Boy quotes by R.L. Mathewson
#32. You think you can uncuff me now?"
"Sorry, man, I have orders not to do that. Madison said she would bring me a huge slice of cake if I left you cuffed."
"You're leaving me like this for cake?" he asked dumbfounded that cake held that kind of power over a boy. He wondered if it was like bloodlust. #Quote by R.L. Mathewson
Underused Boy quotes by Patrick Stump
#33. Gym Class is a band I am more directly involved with than any other band except for Fall Out Boy. #Quote by Patrick Stump
Underused Boy quotes by Amy Schumer
#34. In fourth grade, I had a talk with the school psychologist about all the things that actively terrified me . . . After our session, he handed my mom a list of all my fears . . . Highest (and most memorable) on the list was the specific fear that I'd accidentally churn myself into butter. This was inspired by a creepy antique children's book called Little Black Sambo, which is one of those stories from the simpler, more racist times of yore when people wrote frightening, insulting tales to help children fall asleep at night. It was highly popular back in the day and has since been rightly banned or taken out of circulation. But my mom had a copy lying around. It's about a boy who goes on an adventure and ends up getting chased by tigers, who circle and circle around a tree so fast that they churn themselves into a pool of butter, which the boy then takes home for his mother to use to make pancakes. Like ya do. Anyway, I was always riddled with fear that I'd somehow be transformed into melted butter, which now doesn't really sound like that much of a bummer. It sounds more like how I'd like to spend my last twenty-four hours on this earth. #Quote by Amy Schumer
Underused Boy quotes by Lionel Shriver
#35. A boy is a dangerous animal. #Quote by Lionel Shriver
Underused Boy quotes by Carrie Jones
#36. We teleported," Issie finishes. "Like in Star Trek or Harry Potter, sort of. No! Like in Dr. Who in that episode with the Sontarans and the brilliant human boy, or really any Dr. Who ever if you think of the Tardis! Holy canola! That is just the coolest thing ever! Wowie, wow, wow! #Quote by Carrie Jones
Underused Boy quotes by Pierre Omidyar
#37. When you look at the accomplishments of accomplished people and you say, 'Boy, that must have been really hard,' ... that was probably hard. And conversely, when you look at something that looks easy, that was probably hard. And so you're never going to know which is which until you actually go out and do it. #Quote by Pierre Omidyar
Underused Boy quotes by Robert Galbraith
#38. More pre-Christmas revelers on the Friday-night Tube: girls in ludicrously tiny glittering dresses risking hypothermia for a fumble with the boy from Packaging. #Quote by Robert Galbraith
Underused Boy quotes by James Luceno
#39. Never try to live decently, boy - not unless you're willing to open your life to tragedy and sadness. Live like a beast, and no event, no matter how harrowing, will ever be able to move you. #Quote by James Luceno
Underused Boy quotes by James Franco
#40. The man is angry, the man
Is destructive, the man wants more.
The woman is more, the woman is all. #Quote by James Franco
Underused Boy quotes by Julie Kagawa
#41. Care to join me, Goodfellow?"
"Oh, ice-boy. A moonlight stroll with you? Do you even have to ask? #Quote by Julie Kagawa

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