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Undercover quotes by Zendaya
#1. You may not have a special life, but you make life special #Quote by Zendaya
Undercover quotes by Deyth Banger
#2. Oh, oh, oh... No... just they got me. Undercover??? and what more??
This and this?? #Quote by Deyth Banger
Undercover quotes by Ana Claudia Antunes
#3. I may be wearing a mask,
But I'm smiling if you ask! #Quote by Ana Claudia Antunes
Undercover quotes by Tom Scholz
#4. I stay very much undercover and behind the scenes - most places I go, people don't know how important I am. But I will admit that my favorite piece of clothing to wear out is an old T-shirt from a Boston tour that does have a Boston logo. But that doesn't change anything. #Quote by Tom Scholz
Undercover quotes by Keith Jarrett
#5. The way I think about the practicing, it is my undercover work. #Quote by Keith Jarrett
Undercover quotes by Marshall Thornton
#6. Killing someone, even a bad someone, didn't feel good. It wasn't like in the movies where you kill someone and then in the next scene, you're back to looking for the nuclear codes or searching for the kidnappers or back undercover trying to take down the evil drug lord. No, in real life you feel shitty about it for a long time. Still, I was beginning to think that feeling shitty might be better than feeling dead. #Quote by Marshall Thornton
Undercover quotes by Tim DeKay
#7. Doing 'White Collar,' quite often my character goes undercover, so therein lies the compounding of the imagination. I get to play Peter Burke and then someone else when Peter Burke goes undercover. #Quote by Tim DeKay
Undercover quotes by Derek Landy
#8. Please don't arrest me."
"Listen to me, I'm not going to arrest you, ok? I'm not a cop."
"Are you sure?"
"Am I sure I'm not a cop? yes, I'm sure."
"You could be undercover. #Quote by Derek Landy
Undercover quotes by Ann McElhinney
#9. Gosnell turned almost no one away from the Women's Medical Society clinic. This is not meant as a compliment. Repentant Gosnell employee Adrienne Moton testified he would perform abortions on any girls or women with no concern about the age of their babies. The only times she could recall Gosnell refusing to perform an abortion was when somebody's Social Security number couldn't be verified. In those cases, Gosnell was worried that the "patient" was an undercover cop. #Quote by Ann McElhinney
Undercover quotes by Elizabeth Goddard
#10. Maybe we can pray and God answers in ways we can't see and it doesn't all happen spontaneously. Maybe it's about the journey, too."

(Undercover Protector) #Quote by Elizabeth Goddard
Undercover quotes by Ron Stallworth
#11. As undercover investigators we would never have challenged Ken, who was - I can't stress this enough - a total idiot #Quote by Ron Stallworth
Undercover quotes by Elizabeth Wilson
#12. I had no desire to be a star. I wanted to be a character actress and be able to do all kinds of parts and work on a lot of things. That was my unconscious choice. I wanted to be an undercover actress. #Quote by Elizabeth Wilson
Undercover quotes by Julie James
#13. I'd like to know more about this undercover agent who posed as my daughter's date. The ubiquitous Tall, Dark, and Smoldering.'
Nick put on his best meet-the-parent smile. 'I generally prefer to go by Nick. #Quote by Julie James
Undercover quotes by Pirate Lanford
#14. But no one knows anything about you, and Washington keeps telling everyone you are what you say you are. That's impossible. No one here is what they say they are. #Quote by Pirate Lanford
Undercover quotes by Paul Karl Feyerabend
#15. An anarchist is like an undercover agent who plays the game of Reason in order to undercut the authority of Reason (Truth, Honesty, Justice and so on). #Quote by Paul Karl Feyerabend
Undercover quotes by Becky Albertalli
#16. I listen, and it's Taylor explaining to Martin that she wasn't necessarily trying to get a gap between her thighs, but it's her metabolism, and she didn't even realize that some girls try to get the gap on purpose. Martin nods and scratches his head and looks bored. "She can't help her metabolism, Simon," Abby says. "Apparently not," Taylor may be an undercover, bully-fighting ninja, but she's still kind of awful. #Quote by Becky Albertalli
Undercover quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#17. Interested in some 'undercover' work?
And to think, I was actually having a tender thought about you. Do yourself a favor, Steele…Become mute. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Undercover quotes by Meg Cabot
#18. Wow," he said, his voice as sarcastic as before. "I had no idea I was related to such an accomplished detective. Is that where you were the past couple of days? Doing undercover work? Tell me, Detective Oliviera, what else did you and your CSI team learn during your amazing investigation?"
"She learned," Mr. Liu said, taking a menacing step forward, "that boys who smart off to ladies often get slapped. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Undercover quotes by Julie James
#19. So why do you need me?"

"To make sure Huxley isn't in over his head. It's his first undercover assignment. I don't like holding back an agent, and Huxley hasn't given me any reason to do that here. Everyone has to have his or her first undercover assignment sometime. But the U.S. attorney has her eye on this case, and that means there's no room for error."

"Is there ever room for error in any of your cases?"

Davis acknowledged that with a grin. "No. But this time, there's particularly no room for error. It's the way I classify things: basically no room for error, no room for error, and particularly no room for error. It's very technical. #Quote by Julie James
Undercover quotes by Katherine Woodfine
#20. Do you remember how I went undercover in the Marble Court Restaurant, when we were trying to find out about Sergeant Gregson and the Baron?' - Lil
'I wouldn't exactly call that undercover.' - Billy #Quote by Katherine Woodfine
Undercover quotes by Julie James
#21. For the record, you are knocking it out of the park with this speech. #Quote by Julie James
Undercover quotes by Jennifer Lane
#22. Grant glanced down at his khaki jacket. Since he'd slipped on the US Navy uniform in Agent Bounter's office, he'd felt a confident swagger possess him. His spine lengthened, and his shoulders retracted. He should've been wearing this every day, not the stupid dress shirt and slacks of a lounge singer. #Quote by Jennifer Lane
Undercover quotes by John Grisham
#23. You look at the crime and you look at the criminal. If it's a dope dealer who guns down an undercover narcotics officer, then he gets the gas. If it's a drifter who rapes a three-year-old girl, drowns her by holding her little head in a mudhole, then throws her body off a bridge, then you take his life and thank god he's gone. If it's an escaped convict who breaks into a farmhouse late at night and beats and tortures an elderly couple before burning them with their house, then you strap him in a chair, hook up a few wires, pray for his soul, and pull the switch. And if it's two dopeheads who gang-rape a ten-year-old girl and kick her with pointed-toe cowboy boots until her jaws break, then you happily, merrily, thankfully, gleefully lock them in a gas chamber and listen to them squeal. It's very simple. Their crimes were barbaric. Death is too good for them, much too good. #Quote by John Grisham
Undercover quotes by Samuel Dash
#24. While teaching, I also worked undercover in the lower courts by saying I was a young law teacher wanting experience in criminal law. The judges were happy to assist me but what I learned was how corrupt the lower courts were. Judges were accepting money right in the courtroom. #Quote by Samuel Dash
Undercover quotes by Barbara Brown Taylor
#25. How wonderful of [Jesus] to come back undercover, so that even the people who knew him best had to look, then look again, before they got the crawly feeling that they had seen him somewhere before. It was the perfect setup for people who wanted to know what made him different from anyone else they had met: his ability to reflect their humanity back to them, both familiar and strange, so that they never got tired of searching each other's faces for some sign of him. #Quote by Barbara Brown Taylor
Undercover quotes by Chloe Cole
#26. You know what would really help? If men started looking at it like a bank. The more you deposit the more you can withdraw later. Make a woman come as a rule, she's going to be more receptive to regular sex and much more open-minded about what's on the table as far as experimenting. Common sense. #Quote by Chloe Cole
Undercover quotes by Derek Blasberg
#27. Jess is not only a successful actress but also has a line of eco-friendly products called Honest that's become a million-dollar business. Jessica Alba an undercover businesswoman? That's my favorite kind of style - the kind with substance. #Quote by Derek Blasberg
Undercover quotes by Patrick D. Jephson
#28. The inspector stood up and reached for his leather jacket. There was a whiff of aftershave. He looked every inch TV's idea of an undercover cop. I had noticed the Princess register his star quality as we arrived at his office half an hour earlier. That was good. An attractive male lead always brought out the best in our unpredictable royal performer. "If you're ready . . ." he said, heading for the door with an athlete's easy grace. His amused expression promised further treats in store.
The Princess followed him meekly. Her eyes were demurely lowered, as if to retain the image she had just seen. I knew she was enjoying herself - she was fascinated by the forbidden. #Quote by Patrick D. Jephson
Undercover quotes by Jillian Dodd
#29. Speaking of tongues, they are the main reason I'm a nervous wreck. Ryan is a senior and well, sadly, I'm not all that experienced with boys. I mean, I'm a freshman and have been to dances with boys my age and even have gone out with boys, but I've never really kissed them. Not like I hope to kiss Ryan anyway. Bobby Robinson did shove his tongue into my mouth one time, when we were kissing under the bleachers at a football game, but it didn't feel so good. I'm pretty sure he didn't have it exactly right. So I talked to my friends, Katie and Lisa, about how to properly make out. But, well, here is just a bit of their unhelpful advice.
Just let him take the lead, do what ever he does.
Um, couldn't that get me into a lot of trouble?
Just sort of kiss his tongue, but try not to drool.
Don't open your mouth too wide.
And then, just open your mouth wide.
Stupid, conflicting information.
And this from girls who supposedly know how to do this!
I feel like I'm an undercover CIA agent trying to wrestle vital information out of a ruthless double agent, and the fate of the free world depends upon it. All the while, the President is yelling at me in a panic, saying, Somebody! Anybody! Just get me the truth! #Quote by Jillian Dodd
Undercover quotes by Gail Mazur
#30. Late February, and the air's so balmy snowdrops and crocuses might be fooled into early blooming. Then, the inevitable blizzard will come, blighting our harbingers of spring, and the numbed yards will go back undercover. In Florida, it's strawberry season- shortcake, waffles, berries and cream will be penciled on the coffeeshop menus. #Quote by Gail Mazur
Undercover quotes by Chloe Cole
#31. Not much makes me feel uncomfortable about sexuality. It's the most natural thing in the world. I don't really get why people make such a stink. It's like being embarrassed of hunger or thirst. #Quote by Chloe Cole
Undercover quotes by Bernie Mac
#32. I always wanted to scuba dive. I used to scuba dive undercover like black Aquaman. #Quote by Bernie Mac
Undercover quotes by Kenneth Eade
#33. He was a playboy type in his late 30's, and a sharp dresser, tonight being no exception. Dave wore a designer sports jacket and chic designer jeans; not at all what you would expect from an FBI agent's undercover expense budget. His wife (or whoever she was), Julia, was a conservative dresser, with more of what you would expect an FBI agent to be wearing. She had mousy brown hair, spoke in nasal tones, and was somewhat frumpy; not much to look at. They went together about as well as Brad Pitt and a den mother from Davenport Iowa. #Quote by Kenneth Eade
Undercover quotes by Henry Chancellor
#34. James Bond had very little to do with the navy at all: it was a convenient front. Bond was secret service from the start ... #Quote by Henry Chancellor
Undercover quotes by Prince Po
#35. In the vicinity the city's committee consider me
The trilogy of terror, whatever I do I bring light
You're blinded by the glare of the trendsetter
Beware when I strike, blueprints like no other
The soldier of fortune, the undercover
Rebel of rap attackin the ones who's attackin blacks
I'm on a mission of peace, I make tracks
Elevate with the almighty God in front of me
Teach seeds in the hood the truth, the wannabe
Competitor will have no other choice but to surrender
Can't stand the pressure, the extinction agenda. #Quote by Prince Po
Undercover quotes by Cari Quinn
#36. Do you take credit cards? I bet your pony would be worth a ride. #Quote by Cari Quinn
Undercover quotes by Joe Arpaio
#37. Maybe today you could have shot anybody and get away with it. So there's many times, I could have killed people. Legally, I could have killed many people, especially working undercover. #Quote by Joe Arpaio
Undercover quotes by Al Ewing
#38. Well, I could never lie to you, Thor. I'm actually the All-Mother's undercover operative in the cause of niceness and puppies, and I'm here on a top-secret spy-type thingie. Shh! Don't tell anyone. #Quote by Al Ewing
Undercover quotes by Michael Hastings
#39. Andrew Warren was a rarity in the CIA's Clandestine Service - African-American, fluent in Arabic, and relatively young for an agent who'd already spent nearly a decade chasing terrorists in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq and Algeria, so deep undercover that few of his friends or family knew the nature of his work. #Quote by Michael Hastings
Undercover quotes by Hanif Kureishi
#40. Desire is naughty and doesn't conform to our ideals, which is why we have such a need of them. Desire mocks all human endeavour and makes it worthwhile. Desire is the original anarchist and undercover agent – no wonder people want it arrested and kept in a safe place. And just when we think we've got desire under control it lets us down or fills us with hope. Desire makes me laugh because it makes fools of us all. #Quote by Hanif Kureishi
Undercover quotes by Julie James
#41. Do you know how long I've waited for you to look at me this way?"
She assumed he was teasing her. "What are you talking about? You didn't even like me for most of the time we've known each other."
He bent his head before turning to go, his voice low and confident in her ear. "Or maybe I'm just that good of an undercover agent. #Quote by Julie James
Undercover quotes by Jeremy Iversen
#42. I'm so much more scared of white guys than black guys. Like an angry black guys would pull out a gun and be like 'Yo, I'm coming back with my cousins and we're gonna funck you up' and a white guy would be like just 'BANG'! #Quote by Jeremy Iversen
Undercover quotes by Will Advise
#43. I'd like to make a twosome with two handsome trees. Make that a threesome as I'd also include a bush in the package, to keep it low profile. #Quote by Will Advise
Undercover quotes by Linda Bond
#44. Have you lost your damn mind? Running like that?" He spoke in Spanish.

"You're pushing me over the edge, Antonio." She pitched her voice so low he could barely hear.
"Bringing me to this place, hanging the possibility of my father out in front of me. You are driving me to do crazy things."

"Kiss me," he whispered into her ear.

"Now you've lost your mind. #Quote by Linda Bond
Undercover quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#45. A word of advice about Ricky ..." Gabriel said as he swung his car from the end of the drive.

"Is it going to cost me?" I waved off his answer. "Whatever you're going to say, save your breath."

"I overheard him offering you a ride on his motorcycle. I don't believe you understand what that entails."

"Grass, gas, or ass. No one rides for free." I looked over at him. "I've seen the T-shirt."

"I don't think you're taking this seriously, Olivia. Do you know what a one-percenter is?"

I sighed. "Yes, Gabriel. It refers to the portion of bikers who belong to a professional motorcycle club. A gang. Ricky is one. As such, I'm going to guess that the only women who get to ride his bike are also riding him. Am I right?"

His mouth tightened as if he didn't appreciate the crass phrasing. "I'm afraid you're under some illusions about Ricky because he does not fit the stereotype."

"Oh, I'm not fooled. He may appear to be the heir to a criminal empire, but he's really an undercover cop, working tirelessly to overthrow his father's evil empire and restore justice and goodness to the land." I glanced over. "Am I close?"

Not even a hint of a smile. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Undercover quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#46. It seems an obvious thing to say, but you should not imagine that we Pakistanis are all potential terrorists, just as we should not imagine that you Americans are all undercover assassins. #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
Undercover quotes by Dee Tenorio
#47. Sweetheart, I'll be a Marine 'til they bury my cold, dead, decrepit ass in the ground a good fifty or sixty years from now. #Quote by Dee Tenorio
Undercover quotes by Tayeb Salih
#48. I heard Mansour say to Richard, 'You transmitted to us the disease of your capitalist economy. What did you give us except for a handful of capitalist companies that drew off our blood - and still do?' Richard said to him, 'All this shows that you cannot manage to live without us. You used to complain about colonialism and when we left you created the legend of neo-colonialism. It seems that our presence, in an open or undercover form, is as indispensable to you as air and water.'

They were not angry: they said such things to each other as they laughed, a stone's throw from the Equator, with a bottomless historical chasm separating the two of them. #Quote by Tayeb Salih
Undercover quotes by Derek Landy
#49. This is a very important undercover operation which you are endangering just by talking to us." He opened his jacket. "Look, I have a gun. I am Detective Inspector Me. This is my partner, Detective Her." The traffic warden frowned. "Her?" "Me," said Stephanie. "Him?" "Not me," said Skulduggery. "Her." "Me," said Stephanie. "You?" said the traffic warden. "Yes," said Stephanie. "I'm sorry, who are you?" Stephanie looked at him. "I'm Her, he's Me. Got it? Good. #Quote by Derek Landy
Undercover quotes by Dylan McDermott
#50. I've always been fascinated by Baretta and Donny Brasco, and other undercover cops in movies. #Quote by Dylan McDermott
Undercover quotes by Edward Conlon
#51. During voir dire, the interviews for jury selection, each person is asked under oath about their experience with the criminal justice system, as defendant or victim, but usually not even the most elementary effort is made to corroborate those claims. One ADA [Associate District Attorney] told me about inheriting a murder case, after the first jury deadlocked. He checked the raps for the jurors and found that four had criminal records. None of those jurors were prosecuted. Nor was it policy to prosecute defense witnesses who were demonstrably lying--by providing false alibis, for example--because, as another ADA told me, if they win the case, they don't bother, and if they lose, "it looks like sour grapes." A cop told me about a brawl at court one day, when he saw court officers tackle a man who tried to escape from the Grand Jury. An undercover was testifying about a buy when the juror recognized him as someone he had sold to. Another cop told me about locking up a woman for buying crack, who begged for a Desk Appearance Ticket, because she had to get back to court, for jury duty--she was the forewoman on a Narcotics case, of course. The worst part about these stories is that when I told them to various ADAs, none were at all surprised; most of those I'd worked with I respected, but the institutionalized expectations were abysmal. They were too used to losing and it showed in how they played the game. #Quote by Edward Conlon
Undercover quotes by Jeremy Piven
#52. I'm in the middle of just trying to impress my nieces, who think I work for the bus company because they saw a picture of me on a bus. I did an independent movie with Mark Pellington (I Melt with You), and then tried to impress my nieces again, by starring opposite Miley Cyrus (in So Undercover). So, basically I'm just trying to get some respect from my family. #Quote by Jeremy Piven
Undercover quotes by Anonymous
#53. The genius behind what I did was understanding comfort: Very few undercover cops are attractive, young women. By default, guys were more willing to talk to them, and young women trusted them because they didn't think it was just some dude trying to feed them roofies and rape them. I never personally sold drugs #Quote by Anonymous
Undercover quotes by Kimberli A. Bindschatel
#54. he was enjoying this - the thrill of the chase, the undercover con, the adrenaline high. #Quote by Kimberli A. Bindschatel
Undercover quotes by Jennifer Lane
#55. Okay, I've got the hidden microphones with GPS here," Agent Bounter said. "Let's get one on you."

"Now, sir?"

"The Russians are on the radar. It's time."

As Bounter turned to pick up the tiny button-size microphone, Grant clenched his hands into fists, his anticipation building.

It's time. #Quote by Jennifer Lane
Undercover quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#56. I want to go to police academy, I want to actually go out and make a couple of arrests. I want to go undercover. #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Undercover quotes by Jennifer Lane
#57. Her recoil confirmed the disgust Grant felt inside. Who was he kidding, trying to put Vladimir and Andrei behind bars? He was no different from his father. Then he remembered Sophie's words.
"You're not like them. You're my McSailor."
A soft touch made him smile, thinking of Bonnie, before he realized it was Innochka's hand stroking his face. The touch of a mobster's girlfriend. He leaped back, still crouched on his feet. #Quote by Jennifer Lane
Undercover quotes by J.K. Rowling
#58. SCORPIUS: You loved his mother. I don't remember everything. I know you loved his mother. Harry's mother. Lily. I know you spent years undercover. I know without you the war could never have been won. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Undercover quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#59. They won't talk to you because I'm undercover. #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Undercover quotes by Vincent H. O'Neil
#60. If a tattoo is supposed to make a statement, that kid's body is just plain babbling. #Quote by Vincent H. O'Neil
Undercover quotes by Amy Goodman
#61. While law-abiding Muslims are forced to hide in their homes, and animal-rights activists are labeled as terrorists for undercover filming of abusive treatment at factory farms, right-wing hate groups are free to organize, parade, arm themselves to the hilt and murder with chilling regularity. It's time for our society to confront this very real threat. #Quote by Amy Goodman
Undercover quotes by Frances Hardinge
#62. Oh, Neverfell, you're just not made for undercover work. You can't lie, my dear, and I can. Leave Madame Appeline and the Doldrums to me. Stay here and keep your head down. #Quote by Frances Hardinge
Undercover quotes by Mark Waid
#63. New York City is a tinderbox. The Sons of the Serpent - a white supremacist group with a twisted history, deep pockets, and long reach - declared it a combat zone. As they have many times before, they're unashamedly ginning bigotry and hatred into violence and bloodshed. But this time, they've gotten smart about it. Instead of parading through the streets in hoods and robes ... they've gone undercover. Dozens upon dozens of them, hiding inside the New York justice system so they can control the law. Control the people. And as God is my witness, I will drive them out and strike them down ... no matter what the cost. #Quote by Mark Waid
Undercover quotes by Jarod Kintz
#64. I have a pet frog. He sleeps in a king-sized bed, just in case he happens to be an undercover prince. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Undercover quotes by Lori Foster
#65. The 'Love Undercover' series features two cops, a street rat, and a construction worker as the lead heroes. #Quote by Lori Foster
Undercover quotes by Derek Landy
#66. The traffic warden looked up. "This your car?"
"It is," said Skulduggery.
The traffic warden nodded. "Very nice, very nice. But you can't park here, day or night."
"I wasn't aware of that."
"There's a sign right over there."
"I didn't think it applied to me."
"Why wouldn't it have applied to you?"
Skulduggery tilted his head. "Because I'm special."
"Don't care how special you think you are, you're parked in a no parking area and as such you're---"
"We're here on official police business."
The traffic warden narrowed his eyes. "You're Garda? I'm going to need to see some identification."
"We're undercover," said Skulduggery. "This is a very important undercover operation which you are endangering just by talking to us." He opened his jacket. "Look, I have a gun. I am Detective Inspector Me. This is my partner, Detective Her."
The traffic warden frowned. "Her?"
"Me," said Stephanie.
"Not me," said Skulduggery. "Her."
"Me," said Stephanie.
"You?" said the traffic warden.
"Yes," said Stephanie.
"I"m sorry, who are you?"
Stephanie looked at him. "I'm Her, he's Me. Got it? Good. You better get out of here before you blow our cover. They've got snipers. #Quote by Derek Landy
Undercover quotes by Janet Evanovich
#67. As if they'd never seen a seven-foot transvestite and a two-hundred-pound black woman with blond baloney curls all dressed up like Cher on a bad day. Do I know how to conduct an undercover operation, #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Undercover quotes by Benjamin Rush
#68. Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come
when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict
the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to
others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special
privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom. #Quote by Benjamin Rush
Undercover quotes by Helen  Steele
#69. We know that over a thousand campaign groups have been spied upon by these political undercover policing units. This represents a significant interference with the right to political freedom of thought and the right to protest. Ultimately it is a means for those who hold power to preserve the status quo and prevent social change. #Quote by Helen Steele
Undercover quotes by Michelle Alexander
#70. From the outset, the drug war could have been waged primarily in overwhelmingly white suburbs or on college campuses. SWAT teams could have rappelled from helicopters in gated suburban communities and raided the homes of high school lacrosse players known for hosting coke and ecstasy parties after their games. The police could have seized televisions, furniture, and cash from fraternity houses based on an anonymous tip that a few joints or a stash of cocaine could be found hidden in someone's dresser drawer. Suburban homemakers could have been placed under surveillance and subjected to undercover operations designed to catch them violating laws regulating the use and sale of prescription "uppers." All of this could have happened as a matter of routine in white communities, but it did not. #Quote by Michelle Alexander
Undercover quotes by Lauren Kate
#71. Your past self's family was rich. Filthy rich.You'll see when you meet her.She goes by Lucinda and thinks your nickname is an absolute abomination, by the way." Bill pinched his nose and lifted it hight in the air,giving a pretty laughable imitation of a snob. "She's rich, yes,but you, my dear, are a time-traveling intruder who knows not the ways of this high society. So unless you want to stick out like a Manchester seamstress and get shown the door before you even get to have a chat with Lucinda, you need to go undercover. You're a scullery maid. Serving girl. Chamber-bot changer. It's really up to you.Don't worry,I'll stay out of your way.I can disappear in the blink of an eye. #Quote by Lauren Kate
Undercover quotes by Roberto Bolano
#72. In the current socio-political climate, he said to himself, committing suicide is absurd and redundant. Better to become an undercover poet. #Quote by Roberto Bolano
Undercover quotes by Meredith Brooks
#73. I'm a bitch, I'm a tease
I'm a goddess on my knees
When you hurt, when you suffer
I'm your angel undercover
I've been numb, I'm revived
Can't say I'm not alive
You know I wouldn't want it any other way #Quote by Meredith Brooks
Undercover quotes by Chloe Cole
#74. A woman's sexuality is not at all like a man's. A man can literally f**k a watermelon and come. If you put enough friction on his c**k, in some semblance of a rhythm, he will orgasm. It's a no brainer. #Quote by Chloe Cole
Undercover quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#75. Mothers of the fathers of the fatherless children, you are a mother, therefore, you should truly understand and be sincere regarding where the mother of your son's children is coming from. Not to mention, grandparents, you are not helping your son by making undercover moves. More so, you are hindering him from being a father, and you are helping him stray off track even further. As mothers, we have to work together for a far greater change than being biased and taking someone's side, especially knowing they are in the wrong. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Undercover quotes by Thomas Foran
#76. Some of the bravest and the best men of all the world, certainly in law enforcement, have made their contributions while they were undercover. #Quote by Thomas Foran
Undercover quotes by Mike Ness
#77. I have fantasy jobs like working in retail at a department store just selling rich housewives outfits and saying 'this looks fabulous on you! Let me find a matching handbag!' Then, the other is being like some sort of Vice or taskforce, law enforcement, undercover [person]. Or possibly someday becoming a guerilla activist - I'm kind of in-training for that now anyways. So, maybe my retirement will be jumping on ships, kidnapping, and [participating in] espionage. I still fantasize. #Quote by Mike Ness
Undercover quotes by Tana French
#78. Sam's shoulders shifted. He thought Frank was just being smart-arsed. but Sam's never done undercover, he had no way of knowing: undercovers are different: there's nothing they won't do, to themselves or anyone else, to take their guy down. There was no point arguing on this one because he meant what he said: if his kid were killed, he would take it without a murmur. It's one of the most powerful lures of undercover, the ruthlessness, no borderlines: strong stuff, strong enough to take your breath away.It's one of the reasons I left. #Quote by Tana French
Undercover quotes by Rashida Jones
#79. I've always dreamt of having some sort of undercover job. I think it's probably the coolest thing in the world, but ultimately a very lonely life. #Quote by Rashida Jones
Undercover quotes by Julie James
#80. You look like you should be on a Wheaties box with this haircut. #Quote by Julie James
Undercover quotes by J.D. Robb
#81. It may be you confused undercover with undercovered. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Undercover quotes by Aleksandar Hemon
#82. ...while hiding in plain sight in Belgrade, undercover as a New Age mountebank, Karadžic frequented a bar called Mad House - Luda kuca. Mad House offered weekly gusle-accompanied performances of Serbian epic poetry; wartime pictures of him and General Ratko Mladic, the Bosnian Serbs' military leader (now on trial in The Hague), proudly hung on the walls. A local newspaper claimed that, on at least one occasion, Karadžic performed an epic poem in which he himself featured as the main hero, undertaking feats of extermination. Consider the horrible postmodernism of the situation: an undercover war criminal narrating his own crimes in decasyllabic verse, erasing his personality so that he could assert it more forcefully and heroically. #Quote by Aleksandar Hemon
Undercover quotes by Ron Stallworth
#83. The white nationalist, nativist politics that we see today were first imagined and applied by David Duke during the heyday of his Grand Wizardshop, and the time of my undercover Klan investigation. This hatred is never gone away, but has been reinvigorated in the dark corners of the internet, Twitter trolls, alt-right publications, and a nativist president in Trump.

The Republican Party of the 19th century, being the party of Lincoln, was the opposition to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacist domination insofar as America's newly freed Black slaves were concerned; it is my belief that the Republican Party of the 21st century finds a symbiotic connection to white nationalist groups like the Klan, neo-Nazis, skinheads, militias, and alt-right white supremacist thinking. Evidence of this began in the Lyndon Johnson administration with the departure of Southern Democrats (Dixiecrats) to the Republican Party in protest of his civil rights agenda. The Republicans began a spiral slide to the far right that embrace all things abhorrent to nonwhites.

David Duke twice ran for public office in Louisiana as a Democrat and lost. When he switched his affiliation to Republican, because he was closer in ideology and racial thinking to the GOP than to the Democrats, and ran again for the Louisiana House of Representatives, the conservative voters in his district rewarded him with a victory. In each case his position on the issues remain the same; white sup #Quote by Ron Stallworth
Undercover quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#84. All you need to know about the light is in being in the dark. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
Undercover quotes by Tana French
#85. And God the taste of undercover on my tongue again, the brush of it down the little hairs on my arms. I'd thought I remembered what it was like, every detail, but I'd been wrong: memories are nothing, soft as gauze against the ruthless razor-fineness of that edge, beautiful and lethal, one tiny slip and it'll slice to the bone. #Quote by Tana French
Undercover quotes by Margaret Atwood
#86. I thought, men who changed their names were likely to be con-men, criminals, undercover agents or magicians, whereas women who changed their names were probably just married. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Undercover quotes by Cathy O'Neil
#87. Just imagine if police enforced their zero-tolerance strategy in finance. They would arrest people for even the slightest infraction, whether it was chiseling investors on 401ks, providing misleading guidance, or committing petty frauds. Perhaps SWAT teams would descend on Greenwich, Connecticut. They'd go undercover in the taverns around Chicago's Mercantile Exchange. #Quote by Cathy O'Neil
Undercover quotes by Bruce Schneier
#88. If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear. This is a dangerously narrow conception of the value of privacy. Privacy is an essential human need, and central to our ability to control how we relate to the world. Being stripped of privacy is fundamentally dehumanizing, and it makes no difference whether the surveillance is conducted by an undercover policeman following us around or by a computer algorithm tracking our every move. #Quote by Bruce Schneier
Undercover quotes by Wen Spencer
#89. Are you some kind of tree police?" Joshua asked without opening his eyes. "Do you feel as if you have some kind of civic duty to come out here and - and - annoy the hell out of me?"
"Well - yes - I do have a civic duty to stop you - that is - if you needed stopping. If you'd kept to simple tree assault, I would have just kept watching. It was fairly entertaining, in a train wreck kind of way. You've moved up to tree homicide."
"Homicide?" Joshua opened his eyes to give the man an annoyed glare. "That implies intent. At most, this is tree slaughter. Maybe even just reckless endangerment - it might not be dead."
They eyed the tree in silence. His kick had sheered the tree trunk off five inches from the roots, leaving behind a jagged white stump, flowing with sap.
"No, that's dead," the man said.
"Yeah." Joshua had to agree. It occurred to Joshua that this person might be undercover cop or some off-duty park ranger or a very lost Canadian Mountie or something. He'd seen Joshua destroy a piece of public property worth hundreds of dollars. The man might try to arrest him. That wouldn't end well for either one of them. #Quote by Wen Spencer
Undercover quotes by D.T. Dyllin
#90. You're going undercover. You won't actually be a stripper," David said with annoyance.
"Will I be taking my clothes off in front of complete strangers?" I asked as I stared at what was to be my new identity. Raven? Really? #Quote by D.T. Dyllin
Undercover quotes by Pia Zadora
#91. This guy, when I met him he was 47 years old, he'd just come out of a divorce and he was, you know, very desirable. He had every Cosmo cover girl and undercover girl. They were just coming out of his ears. Baking cakes on his doorstep, one in the back door, one on the roof, one waiting in the basement, another in the elevator. So I know I have to keep an eye on him. #Quote by Pia Zadora
Undercover quotes by Chloe Cole
#92. Did you know studies show that eighty percent of women have faked orgasm? And fifty percent admit to doing it on a regular basis? #Quote by Chloe Cole
Undercover quotes by Mekhi Phifer
#93. I have my own method [of acting]. I come from, I've interrogated people; I come from an undercover background, so it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. #Quote by Mekhi Phifer
Undercover quotes by Charles Eisenstein
#94. The regime of control tightens inexorably in our schools, many of which now have video cameras, police patrols, chain-link fences, random unannounced locker searches, metal detectors, drug-sniffing dogs, networks of informants, undercover police posing as students, and a comprehensive system of passes so that there is a record of each student's authorized whereabouts at all times. What a perfect preparation for life in a prison or a totalitarian society! #Quote by Charles Eisenstein
Undercover quotes by Cari Quinn
#95. I wanted to, um, apologize for earlier. I can't believe I did that. I didn't think it could be real and - " "Didn't think what could be real?" ... Your penguin. #Quote by Cari Quinn
Undercover quotes by Max Horkheimer
#96. Although most people never overcome the habit of berating the world for their difficulties, those who are too weak to make a stand against reality have no choice but to obliterate themselves by identifying with it. They are never rationally reconciled to civilization. Instead, they bow to it, secretly accepting the identity of reason and domination, of civilization and the ideal, however much they may shrug their shoulders. Well-informed cynicism is only another mode of conformity. These people willingly embrace or force themselves to accept the rule of the stronger as the eternal norm. Their whole life is a continuous effort to suppress and abase nature, inwardly or outwardly, and to identify themselves with its more powerful surrogates - the race, fatherland, leader, cliques, and tradition. For them, all these words mean the same thing - the irresistible reality that must be honored and obeyed. However, their own natural impulses, those antagonistic to the various demands of civilization, lead a devious undercover life within them. #Quote by Max Horkheimer
Undercover quotes by Terry Eagleton
#97. It is most certainly Christianity itself which is primarily responsible for the intellectual sloppiness of its critics. Apart from the single instance of Stalinism, it is hard to think of a historical movement that has more squalidly betrayed its own revolutionary origins ... For the most part, it has become the creed of the suburban well-to-do, not the astonishing promise offered to the riffraff and undercover anti-colonial militants with whom Jesus himself hung out ... This brand of piety is horrified by the sight of a female breast, but considerably less appalled by the obscene inequalities between rich and poor. #Quote by Terry Eagleton
Undercover quotes by Erykah Badu
#98. I'm a recovering undercover over-lover. #Quote by Erykah Badu
Undercover quotes by Jen Campbell
#99. We've always used stories as a way to pass on our history, as a way to explain things in life that we don't understand. We use them to make us feel connected to everything around us, and to help us escape to another time or place.
Bookshops across the world are full of these stories.
From travelling booksellers and undercover bookshops, to pop-up stalls and community hubs, walking into a good bookshop is like walking into another zone.These places are time machines, spaceships, story-makers, secret-keepers. They are dragon-tamers, dream-catchers, fact-finders and safe places. They are full of infinite possibilities, and tales worth taking home.
Because whether we're in the middle of the desert or in the heart of a city, on the top of a mountain or on an underground train: having good stories to keep us company can mean the whole world. #Quote by Jen Campbell
Undercover quotes by Heath Ledger
#100. The Australian sense of humor is very dry, sarcastic, and very undercover. Like if I tell any jokes in America, people just think I'm serious! So I just quit telling any jokes whatsoever. #Quote by Heath Ledger
Undercover quotes by John Edgar Wideman
#101. Looking at each other like, What the fuck's going on here? We big-time undercover supercops. #Quote by John Edgar Wideman
Undercover quotes by Julie James
#102. Her eyes widened. "Ooh… was it hate sex? I've always wanted to have hate sex. #Quote by Julie James
Undercover quotes by Julie James
#103. John turned to her, with streaks of dried blood along his face. "Thank goodness we got the easy job. #Quote by Julie James
Undercover quotes by L.A. Fiore
#104. I clearly was not cut out for undercover work; we hadn't even gone two blocks before Trace realized he had a tail. #Quote by L.A. Fiore
Undercover quotes by Cath Crowley
#105. He's one of the good guys,' she always said.'Just sometimes he's working undercover #Quote by Cath Crowley
Undercover quotes by Toni Morrison
#106. It's nice when grown people whisper to each other under the covers. Their ecstasy is more a leaf-sigh than bray and the body is the vehicle, not the point. They reach, grown people, for something beyond, way beyond and way, way down underneath tissue. They are remembering while they whisper the carnival dolls they won and the Baltimore boats they never sailed on. The pears they let hang on the limb because if they plucked them, they would be gone from there and who else would see that ripeness if they took it away for themselves? How could anybody passing by see them and imagine for themselves what the flavour would be like? Breathing and murmuring under covers both of them have washed and hung out on the line, in a bed they chose together and kept together nevermind one leg was propped on a 1916 dictionary, and the mattress, curved like a preacher's palm asking for witnesses in His name's sake, enclosed them each and every night and muffled their whispering, old-time love. They are under the covers because they don't have to look at themselves anymore; there is no stud's eye, no chippie glance to undo them. They are inward toward the other, bound and joined by carnival dolls and the steamers that sailed from ports they never saw. That is what is beneath their undercover whispers. #Quote by Toni Morrison

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