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Underarms Stink quotes by David A. Zimmerman
#1. Adam and Eve each denied their own responsibility when confronted by God because they saw themselves as too important to be wrong, to be weak, to be vulnerable to the shrewdness of a mere serpent. The dramatic increase in self-importance over the turn of the millennium, occurring alongside a steady increase in divorce, white-collar crime, morbid obesity, and high-profile falls from grace, smacks of a similar stink. We're too important for silly rules. We can't be expected to keep promises we made after circumstances change. Give us enough time, and we'll figure out who's really to blame for the trouble we find ourselves in. Jake #Quote by David A. Zimmerman
Underarms Stink quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#2. I'd rather walk these chasms with a compulsive murderer than you. At least then, when the conversation got tedious, I'd have an easy way out."
"And your feet stink," [Shallan] said. "See? Too early. I can't possibly be witty at this hour. So no arguments." She hesitated, then continued more softly. "Besides, no murderer would agree to accompany you. Everyone needs to have some standards, after all. #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Underarms Stink quotes by James Joyce
#3. Dear Mister Germ's Choice,
in gutter dispear I am taking my pen toilet you know that, being Leyde up in bad with the prewailent distemper (I opened the window and in flew Enza), I have been reeding one half ter one other the numboars of "transition" in witch are printed the severeall instorments of your "Work in Progress".

You must not stink I am attempting to ridicul (de sac!) you or to be smart, but I am so disturd by my inhumility to onthorstand most of the impslocations constrained in your work that (although I am by nominals dump and in fact I consider myself not brilliantly ejewcatered but still of above Averroëge men's tality and having maid the most of the oporto unities I kismet) I am writing you, dear mysterre Shame's Voice, to let you no how bed I feeloxerab out it all.

I am überzeugt that the labour involved in the compostition of your work must be almost supper humane and that so much travail from a man of your intellacked must ryeseult in somethink very signicophant. I would only like to know have I been so strichnine by my illnest white wresting under my warm Coverlyette that I am as they say in my neightive land "out of the mind gone out" and unable to combprehen that which is clear or is there really in your work some ass pecked which is Uncle Lear?

Please froggive my t'Emeritus and any inconvince that may have been caused by this litter.

Yours veri tass
Vladimir Dixon #Quote by James Joyce
Underarms Stink quotes by Lauren Groff
#4. And this was what we felt: vertigo, an icicle through our strong hearts, our long-lost childhoods. Sunshine in a field and crickets and the sweet tealeaf stink of a new ball mitt and a rock glinting with mica and a chaw of bubblegum wrapping its sweet tendrils down our throats and the warm breeze up our shorts and the low vibrato of lake loons and the sun and the sun and the warm sun and this is what we felt; the sun. #Quote by Lauren Groff
Underarms Stink quotes by Chelsea Handler
#5. She was a hippie teacher who worked in the Peace Corps in Nepal and had hairy underarms. Fucking gross. And that's just concerning the Peace Corps. Brad Wollack #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Underarms Stink quotes by Rebecca O'Donnell
#6. I used to teach at an abused children's home. I told the kids, You all have a manure pile of memories. Nothing you can do about that. Now you can drown in the stink or turn it into compost and grow a garden. I wouldn't't be as good a teacher to you if I didn't know what you're going through. That way, I make my memories do good instead of letting them eat me. I'm like Herbie from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. I pulled my Bumble's teeth. He's still big and scary but he can't bite me anymore. #Quote by Rebecca O'Donnell
Underarms Stink quotes by Nathan Fillion
#7. I think TV has been a little bit irresponsible in how they portray these people because homicide detectives are not brooding, tortured souls who are stained with the stink of the city and who have blood on their hands. They are real, live people that are incredibly entertaining. #Quote by Nathan Fillion
Underarms Stink quotes by James Tower
#8. Food tastes better 2. My skin has a sheen and radiance to it 3. I sleep better 4. Sex is better 5. I don't get winded as easily 6. My sense of smell has improved one hundred fold 7. My concentration is better 8. My heart rate is normal 9. My blood pressure is normal 10. My clothes don't stink 11. My hair and skin doesn't stink 12. My eyes are clearer and less bloodshot 13. My automobiles don't smell 14. My bank account is healthier 15. I exercise more 16. I drink less alcohol 17. My stress levels are more manageable 18. I work longer and harder 19. My blood work and screening is much better 20. My appetite is much better 21. My hands and feet don't get as cold in the winter 22. My overall wellness and health is much better #Quote by James Tower
Underarms Stink quotes by Anthony Marra
#9. Carrying that lumber the forty meters from the forest had left his knuckles blistered, his underarms sopping, but now a few hours of flames had lifted what had taken him months to design, weeks to carry, days to build, all but the nails and rivets, all but the hinges and bolts, all into the sky. #Quote by Anthony Marra
Underarms Stink quotes by Edna St. Vincent Millay
#10. We went too far when we put on the fur of lynxes,
Of weasels trapped in winter when they've lost their tan;
We went too far when we let the fox assist us
To warm the hide that houses the soul of Man.

The reek of the leopard and the stink of the inky cat
Striped handsomely with white, are in the concert hall;
We sleekly writhe from under them, and are above all that;
But, the concert over, back into our pelts we crawl. #Quote by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Underarms Stink quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#11. If you cut a thing up, of course it will smell. Hence, nothing raises such an infernal stink at last, as human psychology. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Underarms Stink quotes by Ron Perlman
#12. I will not do a role that I don't think I can do, that I'm not interested in, where there's no humanity, that doesn't have any kind of handle for me at all because I know I'll just stink the joint up. #Quote by Ron Perlman
Underarms Stink quotes by Donna Schoenrock
#13. Sometimes, instead of being hurt, you should look at betrayal as a gift. It makes it that much easier to sweep it up and toss it out with the rest of the trash. And why is that you ask? Because trash starts to stink ... and when it does, it has no more value in your life. #Quote by Donna Schoenrock
Underarms Stink quotes by Lauren Groff
#14. The writing seemed like the books that held it; crumbly and antique and bearing the stink of centuries. Still, it was compelling. His voice was smooth and kind, and once in a while an observation that would ring so true it vibrated like flicked crystal. #Quote by Lauren Groff
Underarms Stink quotes by Rachel Blaufeld
#15. Tiberius, be extra-ordinary. I don't mean extraordinary, I mean to go out of your way to always be ordinary in life. No need to drive one of those million-dollar cars or think your shit don't stink. #Quote by Rachel Blaufeld
Underarms Stink quotes by Michael De Larrabeiti
#16. The stink came from the prison cubicle next door. Old Ben was in there and Ben was the dirtiest man alive. #Quote by Michael De Larrabeiti
Underarms Stink quotes by Fakeer Ishavardas
#17. Checked thoroughly, humans stink. #Quote by Fakeer Ishavardas
Underarms Stink quotes by Ted Leonsis
#18. We can't score goals, we can't stop goals, we aren't hitting, we can't play on special teams ... we all stink. We can try to improve but to do so we will need to make trades. And who would want our players that are underachieving? #Quote by Ted Leonsis
Underarms Stink quotes by Lysa TerKeurst
#19. if we allow our thoughts to stink, that smell will leak out of every bit of us - our words, our actions, and especially our reactions. #Quote by Lysa TerKeurst
Underarms Stink quotes by B.M.B. Johnson
#20. Melody exploded. "THIS ISN'T LIKE GETTING A FISH TO SEE IF I COULD BE RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH FOR A PUPPY!" She took a deep breath, calmed herself and lowered her voice. She then repeated the statement as if doing so removed the stink of the outburst.

"I'm well aware of that," said Lonnie. "And not to poke it with a stick, but you don't see any puppies sniffing around that empty fish bowl, do you? #Quote by B.M.B. Johnson
Underarms Stink quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#21. I saw a huge steam roller,
It blotted out the sun.
The people all lay down, lay down;
They did not try to run.
My love and I, we looked amazed
Upon the gory mystery.
"Lie down, lie down!" the people cried.
"The great machine is history!"
My love and I, we ran away,
The engine did not find us.
We ran up to a mountain top,
Left history far behind us.
Perhaps we should have stayed and died,
But somehow we don't think so.
We went to see where history'd been,
And my, the dead did stink so. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Underarms Stink quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#22. These flowers will be rotten in a couple hours. Birds will crap on them. The smoke here will make them stink, and tomorrow a bulldozer will probably run over them, but for right now they are so beautiful. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Underarms Stink quotes by Italo Calvino
#23. And every Wednesday the perfumed young lady slips me a hundred-crown note to leave her alone with the convict. And by Thursday the hundred crowns are already gone in so much beer. And when the visiting hour is over, the young lady comes out with the stink of jail in her elegant clothes; and the prisoner goes back to his cell with the lady's perfume in his jailbird's suit. And I'm left with the smell of beer. Life is nothing but trading smells. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Underarms Stink quotes by Jack Kevorkian
#24. I hate to say this, but I'll repeat it: After death, all we know that you do is stink. #Quote by Jack Kevorkian
Underarms Stink quotes by Beatriz Williams
#25. I wanted the rattle of New York around me, I wanted stink and strangers and the sour dank air of the IRT clutching me to its bosom. I wanted hustle and bustle. I wanted to know that millions of lives were playing out at my doorstep, and not one of them gave a damn about my little problems. #Quote by Beatriz Williams
Underarms Stink quotes by Courtney Love
#26. How can you love me if you dont know me? I stink really bad. #Quote by Courtney Love
Underarms Stink quotes by Jean Lorrain
#27. One encounters in the streets, late at night on the evenings of fetes, the most strange and bizarre passers-by. Do these nights of popular celebration cause ancient and forgotten avatars to stir in the depths of the human soul? This evening, in the movement of the sweaty and excited crowd, I am certain that I passed between the masks of the liberated Bythinians and encountered the courtesans of the Roman decadence.
There emerged, this evening, from that swarming esplanade of Des Invalides - amid the crackle of fireworks, the shooting stars, the stink of frying, the hiccuping of drunkards and the reeking atmosphere of menageries - the wild effusions of one of Nero's festivals.
It was like the odour of a May evening on the Basso-Porto of Naples. It was easy to believe that the faces in that crowd were Sicilian. #Quote by Jean Lorrain
Underarms Stink quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#28. Everybody's got a 'thing.' Some 'things' are nice and quiet. Some 'things' have fangs and claws. Some 'things' stink and have slobber everywhere. #Quote by Iyanla Vanzant
Underarms Stink quotes by Francis Quarles
#29. If opinion hath lighted the lamp of thy name, endeavor to encourage it with thy own oil, lest it go out and stink; the chronical disease of Popularity is shame; if thou be once up, beware; from fame to infamy is a beaten road. #Quote by Francis Quarles
Underarms Stink quotes by M.R.C. Kasasian
#30. The best lies are always flavoured with the truth but if the substance is rotten, it will stink no matter how much you try to disguise it. #Quote by M.R.C. Kasasian
Underarms Stink quotes by John Tortorella
#31. Because he stinks on the power play. He stinks. I don't know why. I wish I could put him on the power play, but every time I put him on, he stinks. #Quote by John Tortorella
Underarms Stink quotes by Tim O'Brien
#32. They carried the sky. The whole atmosphere, they carried it, the humidity, the monsoons, the stink of fungus and decay, all of it, they carried gravity. #Quote by Tim O'Brien
Underarms Stink quotes by Kim Harrison
#33. It stinks of trains and that chili with the chocolate in it. Ooooh, books! he exclaimed suddenly, making a beeline for the small library. (Al) #Quote by Kim Harrison
Underarms Stink quotes by John Steinbeck
#34. Cannery Row in Monterey in California is a poem, a stink, a grating noise, a quality of light, a tone, a habit, a nostalgia, a dream. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Underarms Stink quotes by Iliza Shlesinger
#35. I always wished my dad was there to intimidate my boyfriends or something. It's supposed to be your dad giving your guys friends the stink-eye for sneaking beer through your house, not your mom. #Quote by Iliza Shlesinger
Underarms Stink quotes by Shweta Ganesh Kumar
#36. Sarah'. She had thought they had thrown that bit of history into the trash, and the trash into the incinerator. But apparently 'Sarah' had only been thrown into a plastic bag and left in the closet under the bathroom sink, where the packet gathered mold and fungus and slowly acquired a signature stink. That stench was now slowly escaping from between the gap of the doors and the bathroom floor.
Sarah was Siddharth's ex. #Quote by Shweta Ganesh Kumar
Underarms Stink quotes by Kevin C. Powers
#37. Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting"

I tell her I love her like not killing
or ten minutes of sleep
beneath the low rooftop wall
on which my rifle rests.

I tell her in a letter that will stink,
when she opens it,
of bolt oil and burned powder
and the things it says.

I tell her how Pvt. Bartle says, offhand,
that war is just us
making little pieces of metal
pass through each other. #Quote by Kevin C. Powers
Underarms Stink quotes by Steve Lawrence
#38. You can't be in the music business as long as "Steve and Edie" have, if you stink .. #Quote by Steve Lawrence
Underarms Stink quotes by Grant Morrison
#39. mmmmen stink! bossss stink! hungry #Quote by Grant Morrison
Underarms Stink quotes by Merle Haggard
#40. There's one thing I never did do, and that was stink. #Quote by Merle Haggard
Underarms Stink quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#41. I asked him what he said, for there was such a mish-mash of Conversation around us that I could scarcely understand him - the frequenters of Taverns have Hearts of Curd and Souls of Milk Sop, but they have Mouths like Cannons which stink of Tobacco and their own foul Breath as they cry What News? What's a Clock? Methinks it's Cold to Day! Thus is it a Hospital For Fools #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
Underarms Stink quotes by Janet Fitch
#42. I emitted some civetlike female stink, a distinct perfume of sexual wanting, that he had followed to find me here in the dark. #Quote by Janet Fitch
Underarms Stink quotes by Steve Hely
#43. I try not to hate anybody. "Hate is a four-letter word," like the bumper sticker says. But I hate book reviewers.

Book reviewers are the most despicable, loathsome order of swine that ever rooted about the earth. They are sniveling, revolting creatures who feed their own appetites for bile by gnawing apart other people's work. They are human garbage. They all deserve to be struck down by awful diseases described in the most obscure dermatology journals.

Book reviewers live in tiny studios that stink of mothballs and rotting paper. Their breath reeks of stale coffee. From time to time they put on too-tight shirts and pants with buckles and shuffle out of their lairs to shove heaping mayonnaise-laden sandwiches into their faces, which are worn in to permanent snarls. Then they go back to their computers and with fat stubby fingers they hammer out "reviews." Periodically they are halted as they burst into porcine squeals, gleefully rejoicing in their cruelty.

Even when being "kindly," book reviewers reveal their true nature as condescending jerks. "We look forward to hearing more from the author," a book reviewer might say. The prissy tones sound like a second-grade piano teacher, offering you a piece of years-old strawberry hard candy and telling you to practice more.

But a bad book review is just disgusting.

Ask yourself: of all the jobs available to literate people, what monster chooses the job of "telling people how bad #Quote by Steve Hely
Underarms Stink quotes by David Mamet
#44. Consider: for all the gobbledegook [film studio] executives spout about backstory, all that we, the audience, want to know is what happens next. That's the only thing that's going on ... Character is nothing other than action, and character-driven means The plot stinks, and you'd better hope the star is popular enough to open the movie in spite of it. #Quote by David Mamet
Underarms Stink quotes by James Kidd
#45. A fart in the face is love. #Quote by James Kidd

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