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Uncluttered quotes by Andy Stanley
#1. Author has developed a routine of daily emotional debriefing with his kids as he tucks them in at night. To encourage the habit of keeping uncluttered, open heart, he starts with basic questions asking whether anyone has hurt them or made them angry to help them process at an age-appropriate depth. As they mature, he will add questions. #Quote by Andy Stanley
Uncluttered quotes by Yi Sun-sin
#2. My life is simple, my food is plain, and my quarters are uncluttered. In all things, I have sought clarity. I face the troubles and problems of life and death willingly. Virtue, integrity and courage are my priorities. I can be approached, but never pushed; befriended but never coerced; killed but never shamed. #Quote by Yi Sun-sin
Uncluttered quotes by John Nichol
#3. The uncluttered arena grants every living thing its unique existence. Including me. #Quote by John Nichol
Uncluttered quotes by Jane Robins
#4. In a clean, uncluttered room, you can think, you can be your true self. It's the same with worries & anxieties, keep them under wraps, and you're free to excel in activity that matters. #Quote by Jane Robins
Uncluttered quotes by Victoria Boyson
#5. Your heavenly Father has known you from your mother's womb. Only He really understands you and the things that have fought hard to wound your soul and steal your confidence. He sees you through eyes uncluttered by human hindrances and social sentiment. #Quote by Victoria Boyson
Uncluttered quotes by Duane Elgin
#6. Simplicity means taking charge of a life that is too busy, too stressed, and too fragmented. An uncluttered simplicity means cutting back on trivial distractions, both material and non-material, and focusing on the essentials - whatever those may be for each of our unique lives. #Quote by Duane Elgin
Uncluttered quotes by Carmine Gallo
#7. Clutter forces the brain to consume energy. Create uncluttered environments instead. #Quote by Carmine Gallo
Uncluttered quotes by Fynn
#8. For all her few years, I saw her then as I see her now, the sanest, the most uncluttered and the most direct of beings. Her ability to ignore the excesses of information, dismiss the useless frill and uncover the heart of things was truly magical. #Quote by Fynn
Uncluttered quotes by Matthew Taylor
#9. What is it about The Highlands of Scotland? I wondered. The place is desolate, the weather awful, and yet as I looked out of that car window, I could think of no other place on earth where I would rather be. There is something about The Highlands that pulls me in. It's hard to put my finger on it. I think it is one of those rare places on earth that takes me back. It's primitive. Raw. Uncluttered. Time moves slower. Survival becomes more important than the next cell phone call or where the next dollar will come from. #Quote by Matthew Taylor
Uncluttered quotes by Blaine Nye
#10. The triumph of an uncluttered mind. #Quote by Blaine Nye
Uncluttered quotes by Jerry Garcia
#11. What we're thinking about is a peaceful planet. We're not thinking about anything else. We're not thinking about any kind of power. We're not thinking about any kind of struggles. We're not thinking about revolution or war or any of that. That's not what we want. Nobody wants to get hurt. Nobody wants to hurt anybody. We would all like to be able to live an uncluttered life. A simple life, a good life. And think about moving the whole human race ahead a step, or a few steps. #Quote by Jerry Garcia
Uncluttered quotes by Gunther Schuller
#12. His musical inspiration operates in a world uncluttered by conventional bar lines, conventional chord changes, and conventional ways of blowing or fingering a saxophone. Such practical 'limitations' did not even have to be overcome in his music; they somehow never existed for him. Despite this-or more accurately, because of this-his playing has a deep inner logic. Not an obvious surface logic, it is based on subtleties of reaction, subtleties of timing and color that are, I think, quite new to jazz-at least they have never appeared in so pure and direct a form. #Quote by Gunther Schuller
Uncluttered quotes by Karan Johar
#13. Sometimes new voices have the most spectacular vision. It is uncluttered and organic. #Quote by Karan Johar
Uncluttered quotes by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
#14. When we say 'living without anything our hearts,' we do not mean emptiness in the sense of zero, but rather that the heart remains clear of notions and ideas about others or about anything in life... Emptiness refers to an open and uncluttered heart with regard to nature or form. #Quote by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
Uncluttered quotes by Catherine Marshall
#15. I often marveled that the interior peace of the woman was reflected so faithfully in her surroundings. Even the selection and arrangements of her possessions gave an aura of uncluttered calm. In addition, there was a directness in her approach to all of life
including housekeeping
that never failed to fascinate me.
Miss Alice was a person to whom color, symmetry of line and contrast of texture were important. #Quote by Catherine Marshall
Uncluttered quotes by Jim Goetz
#16. WhatsApp only wanted to focus on how current users were engaging with the product. Like how they did not use advertising and kept the experience uncluttered. #Quote by Jim Goetz
Uncluttered quotes by Evan Davis
#17. The fact that radio is so hopeless at delivering data makes it an uncluttered medium, offering the basic story without the detailed trappings. But it does mean that if data is important, radio is probably not your place. #Quote by Evan Davis
Uncluttered quotes by Bo Sanchez
#18. Live uncluttered lives so you could have time for what is most important. #Quote by Bo Sanchez
Uncluttered quotes by Laurie Perez
#19. Why do we romanticize the virgin spaces? Land where no one's walked or built or puked or fought over its uses? Land never once in its existence beholden to anyone or anything, forming timelessly, inured of us. We want it to seduce the cluttered world of today out from under us. #Quote by Laurie Perez
Uncluttered quotes by Peter   Atkins
#20. Someone with a fresh mind, one not conditioned by upbringing and environment, would doubtless look at science and the powerful reductionism that it inspires as overwhelmingly the better mode of understanding the world, and would doubtless scorn religion as sentimental wishful thinking. Would not that same uncluttered mind also see the attempts to reconcile science and religion by disparaging the reduction of the complex to the simple as attempts guided by muddle-headed sentiment and intellectually dishonest emotion?

...Religion closes off the central questions of existence by attempting to dissuade us from further enquiry by asserting that we cannot ever hope to comprehend. We are, religion asserts, simply too puny. Through fear of being shown to be vacuous, religion denies the awesome power of human comprehension. It seeks to thwart, by encouraging awe in things unseen, the disclosure of the emptiness of faith. Religion, in contrast to science, deploys the repugnant view that the world is too big for our understanding. Science, in contrast to religion, opens up the great questions of being to rational discussion, to discussion with the prospect of resolution and elucidation. Science, above all, respects the power of the human intellect. Science is the apotheosis of the intellect and the consummation of the Renaissance. Science respects more deeply the potential of humanity than religion ever can. #Quote by Peter Atkins
Uncluttered quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#21. He talked about himself with an uncluttered simplicity, assuming that she enjoyed his stories simply because he enjoyed them himself. [p193] #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Uncluttered quotes by Jerry Garcia
#22. We would all like to be able to live an uncluttered life, a simple life, a good life. #Quote by Jerry Garcia
Uncluttered quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#23. No more harmful nonsense exists than [the] common supposition that deepest insight into great questions about the meaning of life or the structure of reality emerges most readily when a free, undisciplined, and uncluttered (read, rather, ignorant and uneducated) mind soars above mere earthly knowledge and concern. #Quote by Stephen Jay Gould
Uncluttered quotes by Kyle Chandler
#24. My wife, she likes to have things uncluttered, and if something is missing, then one has to be very careful not to ask her if it was thrown out - you have to ask her simply where it might be. #Quote by Kyle Chandler
Uncluttered quotes by Gavin Extence
#25. I know, for example, that Mr. Petersen did not experience the flow of time in the same way that I did during those last sixteen months. He told me often, particularly towards the end, that for him time had become a slow, peaceful drift. If I had to guess why this was the case, I'd say that maybe it was because this was time he never expected to have. Or maybe it was more than he was now letting time drift. There was a certain type of contentment in his outlook, which never strayed too far into the future. His life had become simple and uncluttered, and when you're living like that, I think time can seem to stretch out for ever. Matters only change when you start fretting about all the things you need to get done. The more stuff you try to force into it, the less accommodating time becomes. #Quote by Gavin Extence
Uncluttered quotes by Harlan Ellison
#26. The trap into which all writers have, will, or should fall into, of writing The Great American Watchamacallit, is such an uncluttered and inviting one that from time to time I'm sure even the greatest have to pull themselves up short by the Shift key to remind themselves that it is story first that they should write. #Quote by Harlan Ellison
Uncluttered quotes by Alfie Kohn
#27. Strip away all the assumptions about what competition is supposed to do, all the claims in its behalf that we accept and repeat reflexively. What you have left is the essence of the concept: mutually exclusive goal attainment (MEGA). One person succeeds only if another does not. From this uncluttered perspective, it seems clear right away that something is drastically wrong with such an arrangement. How can we do our best when we are spending our energies trying to make others lose
and fearing that they will make us lose? #Quote by Alfie Kohn
Uncluttered quotes by Tom Althouse
#28. If you look with clarity,
the horizons will clear. #Quote by Tom Althouse
Uncluttered quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#29. Louise, I would gladly fire the past for you, go and not look back. I have been reckless before, never counting the cost, oblivious to the cost. Now, I've done the sums ahead. I know what it will mean to redeem myself from the accumulations of a lifetime. I know and I don't care. You set before me a space uncluttered by association. It might be a void or it might be a release. Certainly I want to take the risk. I want to take the risk because the life I have stored up is going mouldy. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson

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