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Ukulele quotes by Felicia Day
#1. I love crafting. Knitting, decoupage, scrapbooking, any "lady-ish" art form, I'm a fan. For about six months each. Then I shove all the supplies in a closet, alongside the skeletons of long dead New Year's resolutions, like saber fencing, playing the ukulele, and Japanese brush painting. #Quote by Felicia Day
Ukulele quotes by Carol Burnett
#2. On the good days, my mother would haul out the ukulele and we'd sit around the kitchen table - it was a cardboard table with a linoleum top - and sing. #Quote by Carol Burnett
Ukulele quotes by Joni Mitchell
#3. When I was 19 I went to art school. I had six months of teaching myself to play baritone ukulele under my belt, so was sort of a novice folkie ... I was singing folk songs at that time. #Quote by Joni Mitchell
Ukulele quotes by Max Schneider
#4. I started playing piano; I picked up a ukulele, and I loved it and kept playing that. I play a bit of guitar, and some African drums from back in the day. #Quote by Max Schneider
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#5. I love the fact that people don't see the ukulele as a serious instrument. A lot of people see it as more of a toy, and I love that because it just proves that people aren't intimidated by the instrument. They aren't afraid to pick it up. #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#6. The ukulele has always appealed to the older generation. #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Anatoly Chubais
#7. The Bolsheviks started not just on the killing of private property; they were trying to abolish money itself. #Quote by Anatoly Chubais
Ukulele quotes by Anonymous
#8. The very first thing I saw at this year's Telluride Film Festival was sheer bliss. "Lava," a musical romance from Pixar Animation, was one of the shorts that traditionally precede almost every festival screening; the director was James Ford Murphy. The story, spanning millions of years in 7 minutes, starts with a lonely Hawaiian volcano who, crooning to ukulele accompaniment, yearns for "someone to lava. #Quote by Anonymous
Ukulele quotes by Tift Merritt
#9. Sometimes when you're writing on a ukulele, you're in a totally new land, rhythmically or melodically. #Quote by Tift Merritt
Ukulele quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#10. Perhaps Dexter's dutiful but uninspired brain pictured him as Sherlock Holmes, able to examine the wheel ruts and deduce that a left-handed hunchback with red hair and a limp had gone down the road carrying a Cuban cigar and a ukulele. I would find no clues, not that it mattered. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Ukulele quotes by Claire LaZebnik
#11. Hilary says to her sister, "You can't eat only pie for lunch." "Just watch me." Lily plucks her ukulele out of the tote bag at her feet and strums it, singing, "Pie is fine. It's very nice/ Especially with lots of spice/ Like cinnamon and ginger too/ My sis would like it, but she's a poo." "Oh, well, that's brilliant," Hilary says. "Taylor Swift must be looking over her shoulder. #Quote by Claire LaZebnik
Ukulele quotes by Joe Perry
#12. My Portuguese uncle had a Portuguese version of a ukulele. The family would pull it out after dinner and play Portuguese folk songs on it. I couldn't wait for him to finish so I could get my hands on it. I was seven or eight years old. And he used to have a Fender amp in his house and an electric guitar. I would spend hours making sounds. #Quote by Joe Perry
Ukulele quotes by Wilson Villanueva
#13. Strumming a ukulele just right can make you sound like a pro, even if you only know one chord. #Quote by Wilson Villanueva
Ukulele quotes by Tony Visconti
#14. When I was five my parents bought me a ukulele for Christmas. I quickly learned how to play it with my father's guidance. Thereafter, my father regularly taught me all the good old fashioned songs. #Quote by Tony Visconti
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#15. I always feel a little funny being in front of a lot of people trying to show them my approach to the ukulele, but I do enjoy it. I do get a little more nervous doing workshops rather than performing. #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Mike Myers
#16. I play the ukulele. I have a great group of friends, and we do things like have battles of the bands - me sometimes on ukulele, but mostly on drums. #Quote by Mike Myers
Ukulele quotes by Eddie Vedder
#17. I've been writing and collecting songs on the ukulele for at least 10 years, so it was time to clear them out of the apartment building and make room for some new occupants.I need to make room for the bassoon record. #Quote by Eddie Vedder
Ukulele quotes by Paul Acampora
#18. Is that a ukulele?" I ask.
We stop and listen closely. "Actually," says Elena, "it's a bunch of ukuleles. #Quote by Paul Acampora
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#19. The ukulele is the instrument of peace, #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Charles Dance
#20. I mostly play old period songs, as they suit a ukulele more. I bought it when I saw the tribute concert to George Harrison. Joe Brown came on and sang 'I'll See You In My Dreams,' and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. #Quote by Charles Dance
Ukulele quotes by John Bonham
#21. My nerves before a gig got worse; I had terrible bad nerves all the time. Once we started ... I was fine. #Quote by John Bonham
Ukulele quotes by Zach Condon
#22. I spent my entire life working with the smallest budget I could get. Just working with old, junky, donated equipment. The only things I bought myself were the trumpet and the $9 ukulele. #Quote by Zach Condon
Ukulele quotes by Brownie McGhee
#23. I got Sonny up to Harlem, and we started street playin' in New York. We did that for three or four years and survived. We brought it back to the streets again. #Quote by Brownie McGhee
Ukulele quotes by Kim Gordon
#24. Well, it was kind of accidental that Jim started playing with us, although it wasn't sudden ... we hadn't really looked around to think who could be a fifth member. #Quote by Kim Gordon
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#25. There's no ego when you're a ukulele player. #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Rick Riordan
#26. I never said how sorry I was," I ventured, "about your Uncle Amax."
Crest sniffed the ukulele fret board. "Why would you be sorry? Why would I?"
"Uh... It's just, you know, an expression of courtesy... when you kill someone's relatives. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ukulele quotes by Rachel Boston
#27. I play guitar, the ukulele and the piano. I grew up on a mountain in Tennessee, and we had 'The Mountain Opry,' where anyone could just get up on stage to perform. It was just about the soul and heart of music. My upbringing was less about being great and more about just doing what you love. It was always for joy. #Quote by Rachel Boston
Ukulele quotes by Frank Skinner
#28. How do I relax? This might sound slightly ridiculous but I play the ukulele for at least an hour a day and I find something really blissful about it. #Quote by Frank Skinner
Ukulele quotes by Zooey Deschanel
#29. There's something about guitars, they're just so big, you know what I mean? You're just like, 'Ugh!' It just seems so overwhelming. And the ukulele is, like, the opposite of overwhelming. #Quote by Zooey Deschanel
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#30. Sometimes I can't think of a better way to end my day than coming home and just strumming my ukulele for a few minutes. I mean, I joke around and tell people that it's an entire yoga session in one strum, you know? #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Dario Argento
#31. When I was five. That's when I started to love film. #Quote by Dario Argento
Ukulele quotes by Kandyse McClure
#32. Playing the ukulele and singing is a fantastic stress reliever. So is cleaning! Scrubbing away at the dirt helps clear my mind as well. #Quote by Kandyse McClure
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#33. You know, the ukulele itself is not a very loud instrument, all right? And, you know, compared to like a trumpet, right? A trumpet is really loud. #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Mary Schmich
#34. One thing you might want to learn before you attend the world's largest ukulele lesson is how to say ukulele. #Quote by Mary Schmich
Ukulele quotes by Tim O'Reilly
#35. An invention has to make sense in the world it finishes in, not in the world it started. #Quote by Tim O'Reilly
Ukulele quotes by Michael Stipe
#36. When we first started, we were a band from Athens and that was so off the map. #Quote by Michael Stipe
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#37. The ukulele totally fits that whole hipster community or whatever you want to call it, but then at the same time it works great in nursing homes where senior citizens get together and play, and then as the traditional Hawaiian instrument with people doing the Hula and strumming the ukulele and singing. #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#38. Bill Gates recently picked up the ukulele. And Warren Buffett is a huge ukulele fan. I even got to strum a few chords with Francis Ford Coppola. It blows my mind that these people, who have everything in the world they could want, have picked up the ukulele and found a little bit of joy. #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Valerie June
#39. As I try to get around with a guitar, a banjo and a suitcase of high heels and dresses, I treasure that little ukulele. #Quote by Valerie June
Ukulele quotes by Charlene Tilton
#40. While I was in high school, I started working professionally and got an agent. #Quote by Charlene Tilton
Ukulele quotes by Eddie Vedder
#41. I had a $1.50 from playing the ukulele after owning it seven minutes. I thought, "Hmmm, this has some possibilities." #Quote by Eddie Vedder
Ukulele quotes by Amanda Palmer
#42. Quit the bitching on your blog
And stop pretending art is hard.
Just limit yourself to three chords
And do not practice daily.
You'll minimize some stranger's sadness
With a piece of wood and plastic.
Holy fuck it's so fantastic,
Playing ukulele. #Quote by Amanda Palmer
Ukulele quotes by Laird Barron
#43. The amplified ukulele music was giving me a migraine. #Quote by Laird Barron
Ukulele quotes by Dick Dale
#44. I was reading a magazine when I was a little kid, probably about twelve years old, and an ad said that if you sell so many jars of Noxzema skin cream, we'll sell you a ukulele. So I went out and banged on doors in the snow in Quincy, Massachusetts, where I was raised, and I sold the skin cream. #Quote by Dick Dale
Ukulele quotes by Eddie Vedder
#45. I was starting to play the ukulele at the same time I was having all these conversations with [the late Ramones guitarist] Johnny Ramone, these intense tutorials staying up late and listening to the music he grew up on, and picking up what's a great song and what makes a great song. He was all about lists and dissecting songs, like what's a better song by Cheap Trick: "No Surrender" or "Dream Police"? Sometimes you'd be surprised by the answer. It was an interesting dichotomy between hanging out with the godfather of punk rock and starting to play the ukulele. They came together. #Quote by Eddie Vedder
Ukulele quotes by Pierce Brosnan
#46. I love the ukulele. It's got a beautiful, melodic tone to it. There's something innocent and romantic, and it's just a grand instrument to play. #Quote by Pierce Brosnan
Ukulele quotes by Kris Allen
#47. II know very, very little about the ukulele, but I actually grew up playing the viola from 4th grade through high school. #Quote by Kris Allen
Ukulele quotes by Tony Visconti
#48. The ukulele was the first of many instruments they had bought for me. They got me a guitar when I was eleven, which my son Morgan uses until this day. They paid for 3 years of guitar lessons; they bought me a bass fiddle, which I still play. #Quote by Tony Visconti
Ukulele quotes by Anna Kendrick
#49. If I could play the ukulele like Zooey Deschanel, I would find my own personal M. Ward, and we would do a side album; but I don't, you know? #Quote by Anna Kendrick
Ukulele quotes by Rick Riordan
#50. Does Zeus have a perfect tan? Can he play the ukulele? I think not! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#51. Growing up, the ukulele was always a respected instrument. It's a big part of our culture. It wasn't until I started traveling outside of Hawaii that I realized people didn't really consider the ukulele to be a real instrument. #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Rick Riordan
#52. A man of honor never surrenders his ukulele. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ukulele quotes by Pete Seeger
#53. My mother gave me a ukulele at age eight, and I sang the popular tunes of the day. #Quote by Pete Seeger
Ukulele quotes by Tiny Tim
#54. I had simply been inspired by Arthur Godfrey (40's) and Ukulele Ike and Cliff Edwards (20's). In there day, they were huge in this country. I bought Godfrey's book "You Too Can Learn To Play Ukulele" and taught myself. It's a very romantic instrument. You can take it on a canoe. #Quote by Tiny Tim
Ukulele quotes by Eddie Vedder
#55. Things like guitars and ukuleles, you should never part with it, because there will probably be good, healthy times spent, just playing and writing. #Quote by Eddie Vedder
Ukulele quotes by James Thurber
#56. Let me be the first to admit that the naked truth about me is to the naked truth about Salvador Dali as an old ukulele in the attic is to a piano in a tree, and I mean a piano with breasts. Senor Dali has the jump on me from the beginning. He remembers and describes in detail what it was like in the womb. My own earliest memory is of accompanying my father to a polling booth in Columbus, Ohio, where he voted for William McKinley. #Quote by James Thurber
Ukulele quotes by Cindy Crawford
#57. Most of the reason I work out now is not for the external - it's for how I feel. I find working out gives me more energy. I started eight days after he was born. #Quote by Cindy Crawford
Ukulele quotes by Rick Riordan
#58. I didn't understand the purpose of the seeds, but it was comforting to know that in a dire emergency I could hit people with my ukulele while Meg planted geraniums. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#59. If everyone played the ukulele, the world would be a better place. #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Johnny Winter
#60. I started playing ukulele first for 2 years from age 9 to 11 and got my first guitar and got inspired by blues I heard on the radio that turned me on and I started learning myself. #Quote by Johnny Winter
Ukulele quotes by Ben Bagdikian
#61. Trying to be a first-rate reporter on the average American newspaper is like trying to play Bach's St Matthew Passion on a ukulele: The instrument is too crude for the work, for the audience and for the performer. #Quote by Ben Bagdikian
Ukulele quotes by Marvin Davis
#62. The three of us pitched in $15,000 a piece to get it started. #Quote by Marvin Davis
Ukulele quotes by Danielle Steel
#63. I started writing stories as a child. #Quote by Danielle Steel
Ukulele quotes by Bob Seger
#64. Elvis came along when I was 10. My father gave me a bass ukulele. I taught myself how to play from a book to play some chords, so I was laying down 'Hound Dog' and things like that when I was 10 years old in 1955. That's the way I was. My ear was glued to the radio. I knew right then what I wanted to do. #Quote by Bob Seger
Ukulele quotes by Don Henley
#65. I think my first instrument was a ukulele that they gave me. I used to know how to play that pretty well. #Quote by Don Henley
Ukulele quotes by Kristen Schaal
#66. Another goal that I have is to learn how to play the ukulele - should be fun - and to stop taking my clothes off for money. But I need money. That is a ridiculous goal. I'm gonna cross that one off. That's stupid. #Quote by Kristen Schaal
Ukulele quotes by Max Schneider
#67. I bring my ukulele everywhere I go, play a little music in the park, always have it with me. #Quote by Max Schneider
Ukulele quotes by David Ramsey
#68. I play the ukulele. Is that quirky? #Quote by David Ramsey
Ukulele quotes by Zooey Deschanel
#69. I like to play the ukulele, but I'm not, like, awesome at it. I mostly play the piano and the guitar. #Quote by Zooey Deschanel
Ukulele quotes by William H. Macy
#70. It's hard to be depressed around a ukulele. You just pick it up and you're halfway home. #Quote by William H. Macy
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#71. Most of my ukulele heroes were traditional players from Hawaii, like Eddie Kamae and Ohta-san. There may not be uke stars in popular culture, but there are certainly pop stars that play uke - George Harrison, Eddie Vedder, Taylor Swift, Train, and Paul McCartney. #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Eddie Vedder
#72. I was able to apply ukulele to whatever I'm trying to write. It's become part of songwriting for me, the knowledge I gained from hearing the melodies come out, and then applying that to guitar or vocals. #Quote by Eddie Vedder
Ukulele quotes by Eric San
#73. When I started, there weren't that many kids doing it in the city, but the in the wave after me there were a lot of them and they actually never spoke to each other. #Quote by Eric San
Ukulele quotes by Mark Harmon
#74. When I got divorced and moved into an apartment, I started keeping the TV on, just for company. #Quote by Mark Harmon
Ukulele quotes by Rick Riordan
#75. Leo didn't usually think of the ukulele as a sad instrument. (Pathetic, sure. But not sad.) Yet the tune Apollo strummed was so melancholy it broke Leo's feels. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ukulele quotes by Jake Shimabukuro
#76. When I was growing up, there was no such thing as a touring ukulele player. #Quote by Jake Shimabukuro
Ukulele quotes by Rachel Dratch
#77. I started doing improv my sophomore year. #Quote by Rachel Dratch
Ukulele quotes by George Formby
#78. Now everybody's got a crazy notion of their own. Some like to mix up with a crowd, some like to be alone. It's no one elses' business as far as I can see, but every time that I go out the people stare at me, with me little ukulele in me hand. #Quote by George Formby
Ukulele quotes by Edgar Winter
#79. I started out playing ukulele when I was 5 or 6 years old. #Quote by Edgar Winter

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