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U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Dianna Hardy
#1. God," she butted her head into his chest, "I'm so angry with myself."
"What? Why?"
"Because ... this is my mess I dragged you into, and you don't deserve any of it, and I feel like I'm ruining you with every single thing I say, and ... " she lifted her head, eyes shimmering, "I'm a selfish, selfish bitch. Because all I can think about, is whether I'll regret it in three hours, when we walk out of here, and I never know, not even once, what it's like to be with a really nice guy. #Quote by Dianna Hardy
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Ellen J. Barrier
#2. Those who cheat on their partners who are loyal to them; don't deserve them. It is a trashy attitude to disrespect a person who is loyal in a relationship, by cheating on him or her. #Quote by Ellen J. Barrier
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Suzanne Young
#3. Realm swayed and put his hand over his heart, watching after her. A sharp pain from knowing that you want something you don't deserve. That you can never have again. #Quote by Suzanne Young
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#4. You look like a goddess," he murmured as he raked his eyes down her form.
And she melted into a puddle.
"Thank you." She tried to sound cool and sophisticated. "I much prefer wearing a gown that's not too tight."
"Except where it should be." He dropped his gaze pointedly to her bosom.
The frank admiration in his eyes made her glad that she'd let Betty guide her choice for tonight. After that other scandalous gown, she'd been reluctant to wear anything low cut, but this one did look beautiful on her, even with its décolletage. Salmon had always been a good color for her, and the satin rouleaux trim made her feel pretty and elegant.
"So it's presentable enough for dinner with your family?" she asked.
"They don't even deserve to see you in it." The low rumble of his voice made her breath catch in her throat. "I only wish that you and I could-"
"You do look lovely," said another voice. Lord Gabriel came up from behind Oliver, dressed all in black as usual. A look of pure mischief crossed his face. "Sorry I'm late, Miss Butterfield, but thank you, brother, for keeping her company until I arrived."
Oliver glared at him. "What the devil do you mean?"
"I'm taking the young lady down to dinner."
"That office should be left to her fiancé, don't you think?" Oliver bit out.
"Pretend fiancé. You have no real claim on her. And since you had her to yourself all day…" Lord Gabriel offered his arm. "Shall we, Miss Butterfield?"
Maria #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by J.D. Robb
#5. We're the blue line, sir, and that will resonate on-screen. But Peabody is the face, the very human element. And she would symbolize who we are, contrast sharply against what Renee Oberman is."
He rubbed his chin, and his lips curved a little above his fingers. "You can carve out an angle like that, an excellent angle, and believe the idea of your ass in the chair someday down the road is terrifying?" He waved off her response before she could make it. "I should have thought of it myself, should have thought it through exactly that way. I'll contact Furst."
Something inside her unknotted. "Thank you, sir."
"Don't thank me. I'm wondering why I haven't assigned you to Media and PR."
"Because, sir, I hope I've done nothing to deserve that kind of punishment. #Quote by J.D. Robb
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Sucher Chaturvedi
#6. When u dont value the tears shed in your absence , you dont deserve the smile which begets the fragrance in life . #Quote by Sucher Chaturvedi
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Cheryl McIntyre
#7. Mason, I'm ruined. I can never give you what you deserve. I'm incapable of loving someone like - like you want. I will never be able to do it right. I will never deserve to be loved."

My breathing is erratic. I shove myself to my knees and grasp her arms, pulling her toward me once again. "Sometimes never is a distorted perception. I love you, Hope. And I'm not the only one. I know you care about me. I see it in your eyes. I feel it. Everybody needs love. Everybody. And some people need it more than others. You're a liar if you say you don't. I'll do that for you. I'll love you. All you have to do is let me."

The wind whispers against my back as if giving me a nudge toward her and I take it as a sign. I propel myself into her, pushing my bare skin to hers. I need to feel her. I need her to feel me.

This is real. #Quote by Cheryl McIntyre
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Nina George
#8. Women and horses have a lot in common. Would you like to know what? Fine. Well, if a horse refuses, you've phrased your question wrongly. It's the same with women. Don't ask them: 'Shall we go out to dinner?' Ask: 'What can I cook for you?' Can she say no to that? No, she can't. Instead of whispering instructions to them like you would to a horse - lie down, woman, put your harness on - you should listen to them. Listen to what they want. In fact, they want to be free and to sail across the sky. It takes only one word to hurt a woman, a matter of seconds, one stupid, impatient blow of the crop. But winning back her trust takes years. And sometimes there isn't the time. It's amazing how unimpressed people are by being loved when it doesn't fit in with their plans. Love irks them so much that they change the locks or leave without warning. And when a horse leaves us, Jeanno, we deserve that love as little as when a woman does. They are superior beings to us men. When they love us, then they are being gracious, for only rarely do we give them reason to love us. And that's why it hurts so much. When women stop loving, men fall into a void of their own making. #Quote by Nina George
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Udayveer Singh
#9. If you can't Respect her, you don't Deserve Her! #Quote by Udayveer Singh
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Carolee Dean
#10. Is she worth all that pain?" he asked me, smiling.
"Definitely," I said, still reeling from the events of the day.
"But I don't deserve her."
"Then be somebody who does."
"That's what I intend to do. #Quote by Carolee Dean
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#11. Just because I don't deserve her doesn't mean I won't fight to keep her. #Quote by Elizabeth Hoyt
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Alora Dillon
#12. God knows I don't deserve her. But I wanted her. Every part of her. And I wasn't about to let her go. #Quote by Alora Dillon
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Alessandra Torre
#13. I love her. She knows it. I don't hide the fact. But I don't think she knows how much I love her. How much my chest expands to a point of pain when she smiles. How I ache when I leave her, how my hands shake when I finally get to touch her again. She is everything I don't deserve, and everything I could ever hope to attain #Quote by Alessandra Torre
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Elizabeth Boyle
#14. Don't you think Lady Standon deserves a man who sets her heart afire? Don't you deserve the same?"
She leaned forward and poked him in the chest. Actually stabbed her finger into his coat as if he were a chicken on the spit. Rather like Lady Standon's harridan of a housekeeper.
"I would think," she said, "a man in your position would want more. So much more."
More? Whatever did that mean? More?
He had no idea what she was talking about.
But in a flash he had a devilish inkling of what she meant. #Quote by Elizabeth Boyle
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Robert Bly
I have been thinking about the man who gives in.
Have you heard about him? In this story
A twenty-eight-foot pine meets a small wind
And the pine bends all the way over to the ground.
I was persuaded," the pine says. "It was convincing."
A mouse visits a cat, and the cat agrees
To drown all her children. "What could I do?"
The cat said. "The mouse needed that."
It's strange. I've heard that some people conspire
In their own ruin. A fool says, "You don't
Deserve to live." The man says, "I'll string this rope
Over that branch, maybe you can find a box."
The Great One with her necklace of skulls says,
I need twenty thousand corpses." "Tell you what,"
The General says, "we have an extra battalion
Over there on the hill. We don't need all these men. #Quote by Robert Bly
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Juliet Archer
#16. I once wrote you a letter and you never replied, which makes me wonder if you ever received it. This time it's a more personal delivery - and I need a reply, even if it's not the one I want.

I'm listening to you - I can hear every word, however softly you speak - and I'm half-agony, half-hope. You're saying that men are realists - that, when the woman they love is no longer available, they move on. Well, believe me, I tried - and I thought I had. But seeing you again, after so many years, just proved how little I knew...

You told me to trust myself. So here I am back in Bath, putting everything on the line for a second chance with you. Is that what you want, too? Whatever your answer, remember this: I may not deserve you - when I think of how I've behaved, I know I've shown little self-control and even less forgiveness - but I've never stopped loving you.

You're talking about heartless men... But I have a heart, and it's the same one you almost broke ten years ago, and it belongs to you, and only you, even more than it did then. And yes, I'm a realist: if you no longer love me, I will accept it. But don't say that only a woman can keep on loving someone who's no longer part of her life! Because I will keep on loving you until there are no stars in the sky.

Tell me tonight how you feel. If there's any chance of you loving me back, then I'll wait for you as I should have waited before. If not, say the word and I'll leave you in peace. #Quote by Juliet Archer
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#17. It doesn't matter what they think. Dance with me."
He took her hand, and for the first time in a long while, she felt safe. He pulled her to the center of the floor and into the motions of the dance.
Ronan didn't speak for a few moments, then touched a slim braid that curved in a tendril along Kestrel's cheek. "This is pretty."
The memory of Arin's hands in her hair made her stiffen.
"Gorgeous?" Ronan tried again. "Transcendent? Kestrel, the right adjective hasn't been invented to describe you."
She attempted a light tone. "What will ladies do, when this kind of exaggerated flirtation is no longer the fashion? We shall be spoiled."
"You know it's not mere flirtation," Ronan said. "You've always known."
And Kestrel had, it was true that she had, even if she hadn't wanted to shake the knowledge out of her mind and look at it, truly see it. She felt a dull spark of dread.
"Marry me, Kestrel."
She held her breath.
"I know things have been hard lately," Ronan continued, "and that you don't deserve it. You've had to be so strong, so proud, so cunning. But all of this unpleasantness will go away the instant we announce our engagement. You can be yourself again."
But she was strong. Proud. Cunning. Who did he think she was, if not the person who mercilessly beat him at every Bite and Sting game, who gave him Irex's death-price and told him exactly what to do with it? Yet Kestrel bit back her words. She leaned into the curve of hi #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by J.D. Robb
#18. She started out, then pressed a hand on the door to brace herself. "You think I don't know, that I don't understand what that cost you. But you're wrong." She couldn't keep her voice steady, gave up trying. "You're wrong, Roarke. I do know. There's no one else in the world who would want, who would need to kill for me. No one else in the world who would step back from it because I asked it. Because I needed it."
She turned, and the first tear spilled over. "No one but you."

"Don't. You'll do me in if you cry."

"I never in my life expected anyone would love me, all of me. How would I deserve that? What would I do with it? But you do. Everything we've managed to have together, to be to each other, this is more. I'll never be able to find the words to tell you what you just gave me."

"You undo me, Eve. Who else would make me feel like a hero for doing nothing."

"You did everything. Everything. Are everything." Mira was right, again. Love, that strange and terrifying entity, was the answer after all. "Whatever there is, whatever happened to me, or how it comes back on me, you have to know, you need to know that what you did here gave me more peace than I ever thought I'd find. You have to know that I can face anything knowing you love me."

"Eve." He stepped away from the slot, away from what was gone. And toward her, toward what mattered. "I can't do anything but love you. #Quote by J.D. Robb
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Lisa Reardon
#19. I don't know is she loves me anymore, or if she hates me, or if she just don't care one way or the other, she ain't showing a thing to me since. Sooth, friendly, nothing. It's all I deserve after what I did to her. #Quote by Lisa Reardon
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Gene Hill
#20. I can't think of anything that brings me closer to tears than when my old dog - completely exhausted after a hard day in the field - limps away from her nice spot in front of the fire and comes over to where I'm sitting and puts her head in my lap, a paw over my knee, and closes her eyes, and goes back to sleep. I don't know what I've done to deserve that kind of friend. #Quote by Gene Hill
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#21. I'm speechless.I think at the rooftops of Paris.
he touches my cheek,pulling my gaze back to him.I suck in my breath.
"Anna.I'm sorry for what happened in Luxembourg Gardens.Not because of the kiss-I've never had a kiss like that in my life-but because I didn't tell you why I was running away.I chased after Meredith because of you."
Touch me again. Please,touch me again.
"All I could think about was what that bastard did to you last Christmas. Toph never tried to explain or apologize. How could I do that to Mer? And I ought to have called you before I went to Ellie's,but I was so anxious to just end it,once and for all,that I wasn't thinking straight."
I reach for him. "St. Clair-"
He pulls back. "And that.Why don't you call me Etienne anymore?"
"But...no one else calls you that.It was weird.Right?"
"No.It wasn't." His expression saddens. "And every time you say 'St. Clair,' it's like you're rejecting me again."
"I have never rejected you."
"But you have.And for Dave." His tone is venomous.
"And you rejected me for Ellie on my birthday. I don't understand.If you liked me so much,why didn't you break up with her?"
He gazes at the river. "I've been confused. I've been so stupid."
"Yes.You have."
"I deserve that."
"Yes.You do." I pause. "But I've been stupid,too.You were right.About...the alone thing. #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Danielle Monsch
#22. One thing this night taught her beyond all doubt - all males were lunkheads, all of them. She recognized that protect the poor helpless girl and don't worry her little wee head tone. I'm not stupid. I'm not going to run into a situation I have no business being in to show no one can boss me around. I'm not a warrior and tonight made that clear in large neon signage. But I deserve to know about events that concern me and help make the decisions on how to handle them. #Quote by Danielle Monsch
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Lil' Wayne
#23. If a girl understands your BS, sticks with you through your mistakes, smiles even when you've done nothing for her, it's obvious she's a keeper. But it's also obvious you don't deserve her. #Quote by Lil' Wayne
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Barbel Mohr
#24. The world is what you believe it is," was the only reply I could make to her. If you think in the back of your mind, "I don't deserve this," then it won't work. And, if on top of that, you are afraid of "bills," or even "punishment," then you will create exactly that yourself. Because, "the world is what you believe it is! #Quote by Barbel Mohr
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Jaron Lanier
#25. An imaginary circle of empathy is drawn by each person. It circumscribes the person at some distance, and corresponds to those things in the world that deserve empathy. I like the term "empathy" because it has spiritual overtones. A term like "sympathy" or "allegiance" might be more precise, but I want the chosen term to be slightly mystical, to suggest that we might not be able to fully understand what goes on between us and others, that we should leave open the possibility that the relationship can't be represented in a digital database.

If someone falls within your circle of empathy, you wouldn't want to see him or her killed. Something that is clearly outside the circle is fair game. For instance, most people would place all other people within the circle, but most of us are willing to see bacteria killed when we brush our
teeth, and certainly don't worry when we see an inanimate rock tossed aside to keep a trail clear.

The tricky part is that some entities reside close to the edge of the circle. The deepest controversies often involve whether something or someone should lie just inside or just outside the circle. For instance, the idea of slavery depends on the placement of the slave outside the circle, to make some people nonhuman. Widening the circle to include all people and end slavery has been one of the epic strands of the human story - and it isn't quite over yet.

A great many other controversies fit well in the model. The #Quote by Jaron Lanier
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#26. The letter had been crumpled up and tossed onto the grate. It had burned all around the edges, so the names at the top and bottom had gone up in smoke. But there was enough of the bold black scrawl to reveal that it had indeed been a love letter. And as Hannah read the singed and half-destroyed parchment, she was forced to turn away to hide the trembling of her hand.

- should warn you that this letter will not be eloquent. However, it will be sincere, especially in light of the fact that you will never read it. I have felt these words like a weight in my chest, until I find myself amazed that a heart can go on beating under such a burden.

I love you. I love you desperately, violently, tenderly, completely. I want you in ways that I know you would find shocking. My love, you don't belong with a man like me. In the past I've done things you wouldn't approve of, and I've done them ten times over. I have led a life of immoderate sin. As it turns out, I'm just as immoderate in love. Worse, in fact.

I want to kiss every soft place of you, make you blush and faint, pleasure you until you weep, and dry every tear with my lips. If you only knew how I crave the taste of you. I want to take you in my hands and mouth and feast on you. I want to drink wine and honey from you.

I want you under me. On your back.

I'm sorry. You deserve more respect than that. But I can't stop thinking of it. Your arms and legs around me. Your mouth #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Gerard Cappa
#27. Dr Silay said the poor girl should have a Sunni Muslim funeral, but he thinks the family were probably secretly Yazidi, because she said you were her Peacock Angel," Joannes said.
"She said crazy things like that," I said. "What's the difference between Muslim and Yazidi?"
"Well, Muslims here refer to Yazidi as devil worshippers, but that's too simple, a lot of cultural baggage, as always," Joannes said. "And I'm no expert, but I think their God is much like anyone else's. They don't believe in an evil entity like Satan, they believe all evil is man made, but we have the choice to be good or evil. The Peacock Angel embodies all that is good, a representation of God, so she must have really respected you. And I think they have some form of reincarnation too, not sure about that. I'm sorry for my hostility towards you last night, you didn't deserve it," Joannes said. #Quote by Gerard Cappa
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Kimberly Derting
#28. I'm okay. I think all this isolation, and all the extra security stuff, is just starting to wear on me. I'm going a little stir-crazy being cooped up all the time." She tried to explain her sulky mood. "Especially with Homecoming this weekend. The idea of sitting around here, while everyone else is out having fun, just sucks."
He didn't react the way she'd expected him to react. She'd expected some more sympathy, and maybe even some suggestive comments about the two of them being left alone together. What she didn't expect was for him to smile at her. But he did. And it was his sideways smile, which told Violet that he knew something she didn't.
"What?" she demanded adamantly.
He grinned. He was definitely keeping something from her.
"Tell me!" she insisted, glowering at him.
"I don't know . . ." he teased her. "I'm not sure you deserve it."
She punched him in the arm for making her beg. "Please, just tell me."
He laughed at her. "Fine. I give up. Bully." He pretended to rub his arm where she'd hit him. "What if I were to tell you that . . ." - he dragged it out, making her lean closer in anticipation, his crooked smile lighting up his face - ". . . we're still going to the dance?"
Violet was speechless. That wasn't at all what she'd expected him to say.
"Yeah, right," she retorted cynically. "My parents barely let me go to school, let alone go to the dance."
"You're right, they didn't want you to go, but we talked about it, a #Quote by Kimberly Derting
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#29. Because you deserve a duke, damn it!" A troubled expression furrowed his brow. "You deserve a man who can give you the moon. I can't. I can give you a decent home in a decent part of town with decent people, but you…" His voice grew choked. "You're the most amazing woman I've ever known. It destroys me to think of what you'll have to give up to be with me."
"I told you before-I don't care!" she said hotly. "Why can't you believe me?"
He hesitated a long moment. "The truth?"
"Because I can't imagine why you'd want me when you have men of rank and riches at your fingertips."
She gave a rueful laugh. "You grossly exaggerate my charms, but I can't complain. It's one of many things I adore about you-that you see a better version of me than I ever could." Remembering the wonderful words he'd said last night when she'd been so self-conscious, she left the bed to walk up to him. "Do you know what I see when I look at you?"
His wary gaze locked with hers. "Proper Pinter. Proud Pinter."
"Yes, but that's just who you show to the world to protect yourself." She reached up to stroke his cheek, reveling in the ragged breath that escaped him. "When you let down your guard, however, I see Jackson-who ferrets out the truth, no matter how hard. Who risks his own life to protect the weak. Who'd sacrifice anything to prevent me from having to sacrifice everything."
Catching her hand, he halted its path. "You see a saint," he said hoarsely. "I'm n #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by J.M. Darhower
#30. I've missed the fuck out of her these past few years. I don't deserve her time, not in the least, but I'm so desperate for some part of this woman back that I'll steal every second that I can get. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Amanda Hocking
#31. You expect me to marry him."
"Yes,of course," Finn said, almost wearily.
"You're not even gonna try to..." I swallowed back tears and looked away from him. "When Elora told me, I fought with her. I fought for you."
"I am sorry,Wendy." His voice had gotten low and thick. He stepped closer and raised his hand as if he meant to touch me,but dropped it instead. "But you will be happy with Tove. He can protect you."
"I wish everyone would stop talking about him that way!" I sat back on the bed, exasperated. "Tove is a person! This is his life! Doesn't he deserve better than being somebody's watchdog?"
"I can imagine worse things in life than being married to you," Finn said quietly.
"Don't." I shook my head. "Don't joke. Don't be nice." I glared up at him. "You kept this from me. But worse still, you didn't fight for me."
"You know why I can't,Wendy." His dark eyes smoldered, and his fists clenched at his side. "Now you know who you are and what you mean to the kingdom. I can't fight for something that isn't mine. Especially not when you mean so much to our people."
"You're right,Finn,I'm not yours." I nodded, looking down at the floor. "I'm not anybody's. I have a choice in all of this, and so do you.But you have no right to take my choice away from me,to tell me who I should marry."
"I didn't arrange this marriage," Finn said incredulously.
"But you think I should marry him, and you've done nothing to stop it." I shrugged. "You m #Quote by Amanda Hocking
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Sally Rooney
#32. Maybe I want to be treated badly, she says. I don't know. Sometimes I think I deserve bad things because I'm a bad person.
He exhales. In the spring he would sometimes wake up at night beside Marianne, and if she was awake too they would move into each other's arms until he could feel himself inside her. He didn't have to say anything, except to ask her if it was alright and she always said it was. Nothing else in his life compared to what he felt then. Often he wished he could fall asleep inside her body. #Quote by Sally Rooney
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Eric Lindstrom
#33. And this might sound strange but part of why I love her so much is that I don't take it for granted. I don't like to admit it but whenever I put my hand out a part of me worries that maybe she's not going to be there this time, that she's finally sick of all my selfishness and drama...' Sarah squeezes my hand tightly and presses her temple on my shoulder. '...and that's why I freaked out, but then she's always there for me and I'm so goddamn grateful I wonder what I could have possibly done to deserve her. If you want to know what a soul mate is, Marissa, that's it. Sarah's my soul mate. I would stand in front of a train for her, and I love her because she'd do it for me too. #Quote by Eric Lindstrom
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Joe Hill
#34. Satan has long been known as the Adversary, but God fears women even more than He fears the devil–and is right to. She, with her power to bring life into the world, was truly made in the image of the Creator, not man, and in all ways has proved Herself a more deserving object of man's worship than Christ, that unshaven fanatic who lusted for the end of the world. God saves–but not now, and here. His salvation is on layaway. Like all grifters, He asks you to pay now and take it on faith that you will receive later. Whereas women offer a different sort of salivation, more immediate and fulfilling. They don't put off their love, for a distant, ill-defined eternity but make a gift of it in the here and now, frequently to those who deserve it least #Quote by Joe Hill
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Tessa Dare
#35. Julian," she said huskily, "you were right the other morning. You know me so well. I'm not made for illicit affaires, all that sneaking around to avoid discovery." In the dark, her hands crept up to his shoulders, then his face. Her finger teased through his hair. "Why should we hide at all? Let all London see us together. I don't care what anyone says or thinks. I love you, and I want the world to know."
He wanted to weep. For joy, for frustration. She was so brave, his beautiful Lily, and the situation was so damned unfair. It wasn't her fault that she made these heartrending declarations at a moment when their lives were probably in danger and he couldn't possibly reciprocate. That fault was his, for choosing to live the way he had and making the decisions he'd made. He didn't deserve her, didn't deserve her love. He most certainly didn't merit those warm brushes of her lips against his skin. But damned if he could bring himself to stop them.
"We're in love, Julian. Isn't it wonderful?"
"No," he murmured as she kissed him again. "It's not wonderful. It's a disaster."
Her lips grazed his jaw, then his throat. "I can feel you speaking, and I know you're probably making some valiant protest. But you know I can't hear those words. Your body is making an altogether different argument, and I'm listening to it." Her fingers crept inside his waistcoat, splaying over the thin lawn of his shirt. "Take your heart, for example."
Yes, take it. Take it and keep #Quote by Tessa Dare
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Gwen Hayes
#36. Some girls will love you for your intelligence, your spirit, or your smile. Some girls will fall all over themselves if you even make the smallest effort to understand them. Some girls don't care how you act as long as you drive a nice car(And some boys deserve those kind of girls. i'm just sayin'.) Some girls will require a lot more from you than most guys are willing to give. This is the girl you'll need a lot of patience for, because she will lead you down blind paths and up steep hills. The challenge will be staying true to who you are while pursuing this person. She'll wring you out, simultaneously repel and attract you, and question your every intention. She'll be the biggest pain in the asphalt you've ever had. She'll need you to understand what she won't tell you, believe in her when she extends no faith in you, and not give in to her when she wants to roll over you. She'll expect that you'll always be there, even when she avoids you. She'll want lots of independence but want you to need her desperately. She'll expect you to be smart but treat her like she's smarter than you. Hopefully, you'll believe she's worth it in the end. #Quote by Gwen Hayes
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Cassandra Clare
#37. Jace, you
don't have to - "
"I was trying to go…somewhere," Jace said. "But I kept getting pulled back here. I couldn't stop walking, couldn't stop thinking.
About the first time I ever saw you, and how after that I couldn't forget you. I wanted to, but I couldn't stop myself. I forced
Hodge to let me be the one who came to find you and bring you back to the Institute. And even back then, in that stupid coffee
shop, when I saw you sitting on that couch with Simon, even then that felt wrong to me - I should have been the one sitting with
you. The one who made you laugh like that. I couldn't get rid of that feeling. That it should have been me. And the more I knew
you, the more I felt it - it had never been like that for me before. I'd always wanted a girl and then gotten to know her and not
wanted her anymore, but with you the feeling just got stronger and stronger until that night when you showed up at Renwick's and I
"And then to find out that the reason I felt like that - like you were some part of me I'd lost and never even knew I was missing
until I saw you again - that the reason was that you were my sister, it felt like some sort of cosmic joke. Like God was spitting on
me. I don't even know for what - for thinking that I could actually get to have you, that I would deserve something like that, to be
that happy. I couldn't imagine what it was I'd done that I was being punished for - "
"If you're #Quote by Cassandra Clare
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Meghan March
#38. Elle's chin lifted. "I just told you how you could put your hands on me. One night. None of this dating bullshit."

A harsh noise came out of my throat, because the woman could be infuriating. I'd never thrown out an offer like this and having it pitched back in my face sucked ass. "Tell me why. What's your hang up, woman? I get that I'm fucked up in a helluva lot of ways, but I'm not a bad guy. I don't even deserve a shot?"

The ice in her expression melted a degree. "It's not you - "

My laugh was gravelly. "Let me guess, it's you?"

That ice? It was back, in spades. She pivoted for the door, but I moved faster. I trapped her against it, a hand pressed to the wood on either side of her fiery red hair.

"You're going to tell me why before you leave this room."

"You're not a bad guy? Just the kind that traps women against their will in a room they want to leave?"

I smiled. "Not women - just you."

This time it was Elle who growled. She shoved against my chest, but I was an immovable rock where she was concerned. I didn't budge. "You're a caveman too, just like your brother, aren't you? I've heard the stories. Is this a genetic issue? #Quote by Meghan March
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Joan Bauer
#39. We've got a bozo who likes rubbing fear and lies in people's faces. He's the only media source in town except us. Who are we writing for?"
Elizabeth waved her hand emotionally. "The American people!"
Baker clasped his brow. "Let's narrow that."
Darrell stood. "We're writing for the community."
"And they deserve the facts," Baker warned. "Don't ever forget it. #Quote by Joan Bauer
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Abbi Glines
#40. Don't become me. Don't let her down like I did. You only deserve what you make yourself worthy of. Do what I couldn't. Be a man. #Quote by Abbi Glines
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Paolo Bacigalupi
#41. Kanya looks away. "You deserve it. It's your kamma. Your death will be painful."

"Karma? Did you say karma?" The doctor leans closer, brown eyes rolling, tongue lolling. "And what sort of karma is it that ties your entire country to me, to my rotting broken body? What sort of karma is it that behooves you to keep me, of all people, alive?" He grins. "I think a great deal about your karma. Perhaps it's your pride, your hubris that is being repaid, that forces you to lap seedstock from my hand. Or perhaps you're the vehicle of my enlightenment and salvation. Who knows? Perhaps I'll be reborn at the right hand of Buddha thanks to the kindnesses I do for you."

"That's not the way it works."

The doctor shrugs. "I don't care. Just give me another like Kip to fuck. Throw me another of your sickened lost souls. Throw me a windup. I don't care. I'll take what flesh you throw me. Just don't bother me. I'm beyond worrying about your rotting country now."

He tosses the papers into the pool. They scatter across the water. Kanya gasps, horrified, and nearly lunges after them before steeling herself and forcing herself to draw back. She will not allow Gibbons to bait her. This is the way of the calorie man. Always manipulating. Always testing. She forces herself to look away from the parchment slowly soaking in the pool and turn her eyes to him.

Gibbons smiles slightly. "Well? Are you going to swim for them or not?" He nods at Kip. "My #Quote by Paolo Bacigalupi
U Dont Deserve Her quotes by Sarah MacLean
#42. Don't you . . . ever . . ." He pulled Nick from the wall and slammed him back again. "Ever . . . refer to what I feel for your sister as charity. She is bold and beautiful and brilliant, and you are lucky to breathe the same air she breathes." His anger was so acute, he could barely get the words out. "She thinks herself unworthy? It is we who are unworthy of her, and if you call her a scandal one more time, I'll destroy you. With visceral pleasure. #Quote by Sarah MacLean

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