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Twilight quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#1. Routine comes down like twilight on a harsh landscape, softening it until it is tolerable. The complexity is too subtle, too varied; the values are changing utterly with each lesion of vitality; it has begun to appear that we can learn nothing from the past with which to face the future - so we cease to be impulsive, convincible men, interested in what is ethically true by fine margins, we substitute rules of conduct for ideas of integrity, we value safety above romance, we become, quite unconsciously, pragmatic. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Twilight quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#2. Celtic 'is a magic bag, into which anything may be put, and out of which almost anything may come ... Anything is possible in the fabulous Celtic twilight, which is not so much a twilight of the gods as of the reason. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Twilight quotes by Robert Pattinson
#3. It's funny, people were asking me how I'd feel when it all ends, on the first movie, and I don't think I've ever felt more completely bewildered, knowing that I only have a month of Twilight stuff left to do. #Quote by Robert Pattinson
Twilight quotes by Stewart Stafford
#4. The coronavirus outbreak feels like an episode of The Twilight Zone. I went to see a doctor the other day, and they told me to wear a face mask. Then they said how much it would cost to see the doctor and I told them THEY were the ones who should be wearing masks! #Quote by Stewart Stafford
Twilight quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#5. In the dull twilight of the winter afternoon she came to the end of a long road which had begun the night Atlanta fell. She had set her feet upon that road a spoiled, selfish and untried girl, full of youth, warm of emotion, easily bewildered by life. Now, at the end of the road, there was nothing left of that girl. Hunger and hard labor, fear and constant strain, the terrors of war and the terrors of Reconstruction had taken away all warmth and youth and softness. About the core of her being, a shell of hardness had formed and, little by little, layer by layer, the shell had thickened during the endless months. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Twilight quotes by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey
#6. Now the last red ray is gone;
Now the twilight shadows hie. #Quote by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#7. You'd think I was shoving bamboo splinters under your nails. (Alice from Twilight) #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Chris Ahrens
#8. I have always loved the history of Los Angeles and Twilight in the City of Angels nails it.
--Danny Trejo, actor #Quote by Chris Ahrens
Twilight quotes by Anne Serling
#9. On a deeper level, the film [Seven Days in May] displays several themes that are important to my father throughout his career. Prime among these is not succumbing to fear born of ignorance. In the nuclear age, he seems to be telling us, we can't throw up our hands in helplessness over the enormity of the problem. With the stakes as dire as they are, we must all work positively to change things for the better. I think that is why he believes so firmly in the idea of the United Nations. As in 'Twilight Zone's' "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street", my dad is warning us that the greatest threat we face is if a potential enemy uses our fears to get us to start destroying ourselves. #Quote by Anne Serling
Twilight quotes by Tiger Lewis
#10. Juliet and Romeo

Awake the scene, a twilight chamber'd dream,
Two angels both alike in dignity:
One imaged misadventure on the screen;
The second struck by moonlight's alchemy.
A pair of star-crossed lovers spends their night;
He in deed dreams such a sight as she,
Swing crystal scales to crispest fair delight.
In his eyes her merry fragrant dance: she
Civil thoughts and civil music meet; on
Fair Lansdowne Street where love lays its scene,
Romeo and Juliet did greet; within
Their airy eyes on hopes and thoughts unseen.
The curtain lifts on this sweet poem with woe,
For love to find Juliet and her Romeo. #Quote by Tiger Lewis
Twilight quotes by George Eliot
#11. There were intervals in which she could sit perfectly still, enjoying the outer stillness and the subdued light. The red fire with its gently audible movement seemed like a solemn existence calmly independent of the petty passions, the imbecile desires, the straining after worthless uncertainties, which were daily moving her contempt. Mary was fond of her own thoughts, and could amuse herself well sitting in the twilight with her hands in her lap; for, having early had strong reason to believe that things were not likely to be arranged for her peculiar satisfaction, she wasted no time in astonishment and annoyance at that fact. And she had already come to take life very much as a comedy in which she had a proud, nay, a generous resolution not to act the mean or treacherous part. Mary might have become cynical if she had not had parents whom she honoured, and a well of affectionate gratitude within her, which was all the fuller because she had learned to make no unreasonable claims.

She sat to-night revolving, as she was wont, the scenes of the day, her lips often curling with amusement at the oddities to which her fancy added fresh drollery: people were so ridiculous with their illusions, carrying their fools' caps unawares, thinking their own lies opaque while everybody else's were transparent, making themselves exceptions to everything, as if when all the world looked yellow under a lamp they alone were rosy. #Quote by George Eliot
Twilight quotes by Ben Peek
#12. First published in 1984 when I was nothing more than sticks of bone at seven, 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight' began what would be one of the icons of my grunge-stained disenchanted childhood. #Quote by Ben Peek
Twilight quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#13. October is the month for painted leaves. Their rich glow now flashes round the world. As fruits and leaves and the day itself acquire a bright tint just before they fall, so the year near its setting. October is its sunset sky; November the later twilight. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Twilight quotes by John N. Demos
#14. In 1989, Eugene Peniston and Paul Kulkosky used a specific neurofeedback protocol for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They facilitated twilight states of learning by rewarding both alpha and theta. Their protocol has come to be called deep-states training (Robbins, 2000a). Guided visualizations and skin temperature (ST) training were also part of the protocol design. The first landmark study included a small population of Vietnam veterans. Two years later Peniston and Kulkosky studied the effect of neurofeedback training with veterans who had dual diagnoses of alcoholism and PTSD. Both studies had positive outcomes (Peniston & Kulkosky, 1999). They #Quote by John N. Demos
Twilight quotes by Chang-rae Lee
#15. The entire reason is gone, like the old-time writers who at some point found that very few people, if any, actually practiced reading anymore. But at least those writers had time, the change happening over many decades, until readers became rare enough that they were believed to be nearly extinct, like some twitchy, sensitive creatures who lingered in the twilight brush. #Quote by Chang-rae Lee
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#16. I know you're frustrated that he's keeping you locked up like this, but don't give him too bad a time when he gets back. He loves you more than you know. It terrifies him to be away from you. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#17. No more to wait the twilight of the moon in this sequestered vale of star and spire, for one eternal morning of desire passes to time and earthy afternoon. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Twilight quotes by Christian Serratos
#18. I have a lot of 'Twilight' gear. I love the hoodies that say 'vampires' and 'werewolves,' but I refuse to get one because I can't choose; I have to have them both. I have the Team Edward T-shirt, but I also have Team Jacob. #Quote by Christian Serratos
Twilight quotes by J.K. Rowling
#19. There were once three brothers who were traveling along a lonely, winding road at twilight - '"
"Midnight, our mum always told us," said Ron, who had stretched out, arms behind his head, to listen. Hermione shot him a look of annoyance.
"Sorry, I just think it's a bit spookier if it's midnight!" said Ron.
"Yeah, because we really need a bit more fear in our lives," said Harry before he could stop himself. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Twilight quotes by Wallace Stevens
#20. Infanta Marina
Her terrace was the sand
And the palms and the twilight.
She made of the motions of her wrist
The grandiose gestures
Of her thought.
The rumpling of the plumes
Of this creature of the evening
Came to be sleights of sails
Over the sea.
And thus she roamed
In the roamings of her fan,
Partaking of the sea,
And of the evening,
As they flowed around
And uttered their subsiding sound. #Quote by Wallace Stevens
Twilight quotes by Lord Dunsany
#21. O gods, rob not the earth of the dim hush that hangs round all Your temples, bereave not all the world of old romance, take not the glamour from the moonlight nor tear the wonder out of the white mists in every land; for, O ye gods of the childhood of the world, when You have left the earth You shall have taken the mystery from the sea and all its glory from antiquity, and You shall have wrenched our hope from the dim future. There shall be no strange cities at night time half understood, nor songs in the twilight, and the whole of the wonder shall have died with last year's flowers in little gardens or hill-slopes leaning south; for with the gods must go the enchantment of the plains and all the magic of dark woods, and something shall be lacking from the quiet of early dawn. #Quote by Lord Dunsany
Twilight quotes by George R R Martin
#22. In the cool weak light the nightflames all had died, and the silent streets echoed death and desolation. Worlorn's day. Yet it was twilight. #Quote by George R R Martin
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#23. It's late,' he said again, murmuring, almost crooning now, his voice smoother than silk. 'Sleep, my Bella. Dream happy dreams. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. Sleep, my only love. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by George D. Prentice
#24. In New York City, the common bats fly only at twilight. Brick-bats fly at all hours. #Quote by George D. Prentice
Twilight quotes by Kristen Stewart
#25. I'm really proud of Twilight. I think it's a good movie. It was hard to do, and I think it turned out pretty good. But I don't take much credit for it. So when you show up at these places, and there's literally like a thousand girls and they're all screaming your name, you're like, why? You don't feel like you deserve it. #Quote by Kristen Stewart
Twilight quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#26. All that Ruby said was so horribly true, she was leaving everything she cared for. She had laid up her treasures on earth only. She had lived solely for the little things of life, the things that pass, forgetting the great things that go onward into eternity bridging the gulf between the two lives and making of death a mere passing of one dwelling to the other. From twilight to unclouded day ... it was no wonder her soul clung in blind helplessness to the only things she knew and loved. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Twilight quotes by Haruki Murakami
#27. Waves of thought are stirring. In a twilight corner of her consciousness, one tiny fragment and another tiny fragment call out wordlessly to eachother, their spreading ripples intermingling. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Twilight quotes by Anna Kendrick
#28. You can relax more when you're playing a silly character than when you're playing a really rigid character. But to be fair, I think George Clooney is a bigger teenager than any of the 'Twilight' cast. He's the guy throwing a football at your head and then hiding around the corner, pretending it wasn't him! #Quote by Anna Kendrick
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#29. drenching his shirt with saltwater #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Sally Gardner
#30. There is more betwixt the day and the night than we can ever know. #Quote by Sally Gardner
Twilight quotes by Donna Tartt
#31. We looked at each other, for a long strange moment that I've never forgotten, actually, like two animals meeting at twilight, during which some clear, personable spark seemed to fly up through his eyes and I saw the creature he really was - and he, I believe, saw me. For an instant we were wired together and humming, like two engines on the same circuit. #Quote by Donna Tartt
Twilight quotes by Victor Hugo
#32. Up to that time, the Republic, the Empire, had been to him only monstrous words. The Republic, a guillotine in the twilight; the Empire, a sword in the night. He had just taken a look at it, and where he had expected to find only a chaos of shadows, he had beheld, with a sort of unprecedented surprise, mingled with fear and joy, stars sparkling ... #Quote by Victor Hugo
Twilight quotes by Adrienne Rich
#33. The vixen I met at twilight on Route 5 south of Willoughby: long dead. She was an omen to me, surviving, herding her cubs in the silvery bend of the road in nineteen sixty-five. #Quote by Adrienne Rich
Twilight quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#34. I would say, however, that romantic sentiment is a keen and pathetic sense of time, a few hours of amorous delight, the idea that everything passes away; a deeper sentiment for autumn, for twilight, for the passing nature of our own lives. #Quote by Jorge Luis Borges
Twilight quotes by Erin Kellison
#35. Humankind has always had access to Shadow
dreams, nightmares, legends, inspiration, Humanity taps into Shadow every day. And when we die, we pass into Twilight. #Quote by Erin Kellison
Twilight quotes by Wole Soyinka
#36. Sadness is twilight's kiss on earth. #Quote by Wole Soyinka
Twilight quotes by Pablo Neruda
#37. Clenched Soul
We have lost even this twilight.
No one saw us this evening hand in hand.
While the blue night dropped on the world.
I have seen from my window
the fiesta of sunset in the distant mountain tops.
Sometimes a piece of sun
burned like a coin in my hand.
I remembered you with my soul clenched
in the sadness of mine that you know.
Where we you then?
Who else was there?
Saying what?
Why will the whole of love come on me suddenly
when I am sad and feel you are far away?
The book fell that always closed at twilight
and my blue sweater rolled like a hurt dog at my feet.
Always, always you recede through the evenings
towards the twilight erasing statues. #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Twilight quotes by Kathleen Tessaro
#38. An uninterrupted view of the Paris skyline was spread out before her, like a giant landscape painting rendered in shades of blue-grey, charcoal and purple-tinted umber; the dreamy palette of shifting shadows at twilight. The blue hour. #Quote by Kathleen Tessaro
Twilight quotes by Victoria Schwab
#39. He lowers my hand and untangles his fingers. The noise fades, my chest loosening by degrees until I can breathe, like coming up through water. Again my eyes are drawn to the leather cord around his neck, the charm buried beneath the black fabric of his shirt. My gaze drifts down his arms, past his rolled sleeves, toward the hand that just let go of mine. Even in the twilight I can see a faint scar.
"Looks like you've lost a couple fights of your own," I say, running my fingers through the air near his hand, not daring to touch. "How did you get that?"
"A stint as a spy. I wasn't much good."
A crooked line runs down the back of his hand. "And that?"
"Scuff with a lion."
Watching Wesley lie is fascinating.
"And that?"
"Caught a piranha bare-handed."
No matter how absurd the tale, he says it steady and simple, with the ease of truth. A scratch runs along his forearm. "And that?"
"Knife fight in a Paris alley."
I search his skin for marks, our bodies drawing closer without touching.
"Dove through a window."
I reach up, my fingers hovering over a nick on his hairline.
"And this?"
"A History. #Quote by Victoria Schwab
Twilight quotes by Kathryn Lasky
#40. For Twilight, it was like the echo of a song- a song from long ago. He could almost remember some of the words, but had no clue as to where they had come from. There had been a wonderful voice singing it, singing this song just for him. A voice like silk? Satin? Like liquid moonlight, it flowed, it curled around him and suffused him with a glowing warmth. #Quote by Kathryn Lasky
Twilight quotes by George Orwell
#41. Life goes on much the same. In the face of terrifying dangers and golden political opportunities, people just keep-on keeping-on in a sort of twilight sleep in which they're conscious of nothing but the daily-round of work, family life, darts at the pub, exercising the dog, bringing home the supper, beer, etc, etc #Quote by George Orwell
Twilight quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#42. She was the flint and he the steel. But in continual striking together they only destroyed each other. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Twilight quotes by John Fante
#43. I stretched out on the bed and slept. It was twilight when I awakened and turned on the light. I felt better, no longer tired. I went to the typewriter and sat before it. My thought was to write a sentence, a single perfect sentence. If I could write one good sentence I could write two and if I could write two I could write three, and if I could write three I could write forever. But suppose I failed? Suppose I had lost all of my beautiful talent? Suppose it had burned up in the fire of Biff Newhouse smashing my nose or Helen Brownell dead forever? What would happen to me? Would I go to Abe Marx and become a busboy again? I had seventeen dollars in my wallet. Seventeen dollars and the fear of writing. I sat erect before the typewriter and blew on my fingers. Please God, please Knut Hamsun, don't desert me now. I started to write and I wrote:
"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes - and ships - and sealing wax -
Of cabbages - and kings - "
I looked at it and wet my lips. It wasn't mine, but what the hell, a man had to start someplace. #Quote by John Fante
Twilight quotes by Cherie M. Hudson
#44. So what's your issue with the Twilight series? "Is it the sparkly vampire thing?"
"That and the whole Bella-is-so-beauticaul-everyone-wants-to-bone-her-even-though-she's-a-submissive-waste-of-space thing," he answered. "And don't get me started on the pubescent werewolf who's constantly strutting about without a shirt on. #Quote by Cherie M. Hudson
Twilight quotes by Corrine Jackson
#45. A first edition of Peter Pan appeared gift-wrapped on my bed - Lucy admitted that Asher had drafted her to help deliver that present. #Quote by Corrine Jackson
Twilight quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#46. And what will you do with your twilight years?
"As it happens,the great King has offered me a place in his guard."
"The stench of honor! You'll accept? #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Twilight quotes by Susan Sontag
#47. Photography is an elegiac art, a twilight art. Most subjects photographed are, just by virtue of being photographed, touched with pathos. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Twilight quotes by Georg Trakl
#48. In an old family album
Ever again you return, Melancholy,
O meekness of the solitary soul.
A golden day glows and expires.
Humbly the patient man surrenders to pain
Ringing with melodious sound and soft madness.
Look! There's the twilight.
Night returns once more and a mortal thing laments
And another suffers in sympathy.
Shuddering under autumn stars
Yearly the head is bowed deeper.
-Georg Trakl (1887-1914) #Quote by Georg Trakl
Twilight quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight Of The Idols
#49. Nothing is beautiful, except man alone: all aesthetics rests upon this naïveté, which is its first truth. Let us immediately add the second: nothing is ugly except the degenerating man - and with this the realm of aesthetic judgment is circumscribed. Physiologically, everything ugly weakens and saddens man. It reminds him of decay, danger, impotence; it actually deprives him of strength. One can measure the effect of the ugly with a dynamometer. Wherever man is depressed at all, he senses the proximity of something "ugly." His feeling of power, his will to power, his courage, his pride - all fall with the ugly and rise with the beautiful. In both cases we draw an inference: the premises for it are piled up in the greatest abundance in instinct. The ugly is understood as a sign and symptom of degeneration: whatever reminds us in the least of degeneration causes in us the judgment of "ugly." Every suggestion of exhaustion, of heaviness, of age, of weariness; every kind of lack of freedom, such as cramps, such as paralysis; and above all, the smell, the color, the form of dissolution, of decomposition - even in the ultimate attenuation into a symbol - all evoke the same reaction, the value judgment, "ugly." A hatred is aroused - but whom does man hate then? There is no doubt: the decline of his type. Here he hates out of the deepest instinct of the species; in this hatred there is a shudder, caution, depth, farsightedness - it is the deepest hatred there is. It is be #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight Of The Idols
Twilight quotes by George W. Bush
#50. We must appreciate the dignity of life in all its seasons, even the path of the elderly in the twilight of their years, to work toward the day when every child, born and unborn, is welcomed to life and protected by law. #Quote by George W. Bush
Twilight quotes by Mark Twain
#51. ...If statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a nebulous dim puff of stardust lost in the blaze of the Milky way. properly, the Jew ought hardly to be heard of, but he is heard of, has always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people, and his commercial importance is extravagantly out of proportion to the smallness of his bulk. His contributions to the world's list of great names in literature, science, art, music, finance, medicine, and abstruse learning are also away out of proportion to the weakness of his numbers. He has made a marvelous fight in this world, in all the ages; and had done it with his hands tied behind him. He could be vain of himself, and be excused for it.

"The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and the Roman followed; and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other people have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished. The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind. All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality? #Quote by Mark Twain
Twilight quotes by Alex E. Carey
#52. When the time comes, don't be afraid to open the door, just make sure you choose the right one. #Quote by Alex E. Carey
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#53. I don't see how that is any of your business. Stupid, shiny Volvo owner. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#54. Darkness settles on roofs and walls,
But the sea, the sea in the darkness calls;
The little waves, with their soft, white hands,
Efface the footprints in the sands,
And the tide rises, the tide falls. #Quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Twilight quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#55. I am not just reading a book; I am invested in the book. If George, Denver, and Stephanie Brown don't get their shit together, I am never going to read another book again. Kit enjoys my commitment to their story, but we don't talk about it in front of Della. Della was a part of the Twilight mania, and after reading one chapter of Kit's untitled manuscript she asked if there were werewolves or vampires in the story. Kit shut her down real fast after that. #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
Twilight quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#56. When I was small, I never wanted to step in puddles. Not because of any fear of drowned worms or wet stockings; I was by and large a grubby child, with a blissful disregard for filth of any kind.
It was because I couldn't bring myself believe that that perfect smooth expanse was no more than I thin film of water over solid earth. I believed it was an opening into some fathomless space. Sometimes, seeing the tiny ripples caused by my approach, I thought the puddle impossibly deep, a bottomless sea in which the lazy coil of a tentacle and gleam of scale lay hidden, with the threat of huge bodies and sharp teeth adrift and silent in the far-down depths.
And then, looking down into reflection, I would see my own round face and frizzled hair against a featureless blue sweep, and think instead that the puddle was the entrance to another sky. If I stepped in there, I would drop at once, and keep on falling, on and on, into blue space.
The only time I would dare walk though a puddle was at twilight, when the evening stars came out. If I looked in the water and saw one lighted pinprick there, I could slash through unafraid--for if I should fall into the puddle and on into space, I could grab hold of the star as I passed, and be safe.
Even now, when I see a puddle in my path, my mind half-halts--though my feet do not--then hurries on, with only the echo of the though left behind.
What if, this time, you fall? #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Twilight quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#57. The boy turns to his parents and for an instant in the twilight he looks like his namesake, like Jeevan's brother. He comes to them, the moment already passed, and Jeevan lifts him into his arms to kiss the silk of his hair. Always these memories, barely submerged. #Quote by Emily St. John Mandel
Twilight quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#58. It was still twilight when they reached the flat rock. They sat, and the stone still held the warmth of the day's sun. At first there were only occasional sparkles, but as it got darker Chuck was lost in a daze pf delight as a galaxy of fireflies twinkled on and off, flinging upward in a blaze of light, dropping earthward like falling stars, moving in contiuous effervescent dance. #Quote by Madeleine L'Engle
Twilight quotes by Haruki Murakami
#59. It was a day like a slow-motion video of twilight. Uneventful, to put it mildly. The lead gray of the sky mixed ever so slowly with black, finally blending into night. Just another quality of melancholy. As if there were only two colors in the world, gray and black, shifting back and forth at regular intervals. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#60. I thought you were supposed to be pretending I don't exist, not irritating me to death. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Dame Edna Everage
#61. My mother used to say that there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet. She's now in a maximum security twilight home in Australia. #Quote by Dame Edna Everage
Twilight quotes by Linda Howard
#62. There couldn't be anything more perfect, she thought, than slow dancing, barefoot, on a balcony in New Orleans, while the rain poured down and twilight wrapped around them #Quote by Linda Howard
Twilight quotes by John Milton
#63. In dim eclipse, disastrous twilight sheds On half the nations, and with fear of change Perplexes monarchs. #Quote by John Milton
Twilight quotes by L.M. Browning
#64. The cure for our modern maladies is dirt under the fingernails and the feel of thick grass between the toes. The cure for our listlessness is to be out within the invigorating wind. The cure for our uselessness is to take back up our stewardship; for it is not that there has been no work to be done, we simply have not been attending to it. #Quote by L.M. Browning
Twilight quotes by John Banville
#65. There is something about gin, the tang in it of the deep wildwood, perhaps, that always makes me think of twilight and mists and dead maidens. Tonight it tinkled in my mouth like secret laughter. #Quote by John Banville
Twilight quotes by Glen Duncan
#66. How to describe hell? Disembowelled landscape busy with suffering, incessant heat, permanent scarlet twilight, a swirling snowfall of ash, the stink of pain and the din of ... if only, hell is two things: the absence of God and the presence of time. Infinite variations on that theme. Doesn't sound so bad, does it? Well, trust me. #Quote by Glen Duncan
Twilight quotes by Wyck Godfrey
#67. With Twilight's core of under-18 fans, "it would be a crime against our audience to go R-rated." However, "this is based on a much more mature book [Breaking Dawn,Stephenie Meyer]. We need to progress and be more sophisticated." #Quote by Wyck Godfrey
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#68. Bella, there's a part of you that loves me. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#69. The day is done; and slowly from the scene the stooping sun upgathers his spent shafts, and puts them back into his golden quiver! #Quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Twilight quotes by Michelle Hughes
#70. Welcome to Tears of Crimson, the New Orleans Vampire Bar. #Quote by Michelle Hughes
Twilight quotes by Christopher Fry
#71. JENNET What can you see Out there?
THOMAS Out here? Out here is a sky so gentle Five stars are ventured on it. I can see
The sky's pale belly glowing and growing big, Soon to deliver the moon. And I can see
A glittering smear, the snail-trail of the sun
Where it crawled with its golden shell into the hills. A darkening land sunken into prayer
Lucidly in dewdrops of one syllable,
Nunc dimittis. I see twilight, madam.
JENNET But what can you hear?
THOMAS The howl of human jackals-. #Quote by Christopher Fry
Twilight quotes by Burgess Meredith
#72. That's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was, was all the time I needed... - Harry Bemis #Quote by Burgess Meredith
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#73. Well, where did you come from? Evolution? Creation? Couldn't we have evolved in the same way as other species, predator and prey? Or, if you don't believe that all this world could have just happened on its own, which is hard for me to accept myself, is it so hard to believe that the same force that created the delicate angelfish with the shark, the baby seal and the killer whale, could create both our kinds together?
Edward Cullen, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Guido Von List
#74. Dark times have come, but in spite of this we have not yet reached a twilight of the gods and even today we have no reason for doubt-filled pessimism, for the Wihinei of the Aryo-Germanics is too deep - even if unconscious and latent - rooted in every Aryo-Germanic soul and it awaits onl the call to awaken which will and must catch fire in order to instill the flame of inspiration in the Aryo-Germanic sensibility ... #Quote by Guido Von List
Twilight quotes by Neal Shusterman
#75. To get the man off her back, she finally looked out of her window. She thought she would find patchwork farmlands, but they were already above the suburban sprawl that surrounded the city. It was twilight - the sky was full of color, but she didn't look up. She could only look to the ground, where streetlights were already beginning to come on. To Lindsay, it looked like a grid of computer chips, stretching out for miles and miles. So many people, she thought. Lindsay could count on a single hand the people who really cared about her. And now, outside her 747 window, was a brutal reminder of how many people didn't. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Twilight quotes by Twilight Princess
#76. Those who do not know the danger of wielding power will, before long, be ruled by it. #Quote by Twilight Princess
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#77. Fire and ice, somehow existing together without destroying each other. More proof that I belonged with him. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Winston Churchill
#78. Better to dare mighty things and fail than to live in a grey twilight where there is neither victory nor defeat. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Twilight quotes by Kellan Lutz
#79. I think fans are just obsessed with the 'Twilight' saga and then within it they might have preferences between if they're Team Jacob, Team Edward or Team Jasper. It just comes down to them loving the whole thing, and if they can get any of the boys from the book they are fine with that. #Quote by Kellan Lutz
Twilight quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#80. It was by this time about nine in the morning, and the first fog of the season. A great chocolate-colored pall lowered over heaven, but the wind was continually charging and routing these embattled vapors; so that as the cab crawled from street to street, Mr. Utterson beheld a marvelous number of degrees and hues of twilight; for here it would be dark like the black end of evening; and there would be a glow of a rich, lurid brown, like the light of some strange conflagration; and here for a moment, the fog would be quite broken up and a haggard shaft of daylight would glance in between the swirling wreaths. The dismal quarter of Soho seen under these changing glimpses, with its muddy ways, and slatternly passengers, and its lamps, which had never been extinguished or had been kindled afresh to combat this mournful reinvasion of darkness, seemed, in the lawyer's eyes, like a district of some city in a nightmare. #Quote by Robert Louis Stevenson
Twilight quotes by Robert Aris Willmott
#81. Many books belong to sunshine, and should be read out of doors. Clover, violets, and hedge roses breathe from their leaves; they are most lovable in cool lanes, along field paths, or upon stiles overhung by hawthorn, while the blackbird pipes, and the nightingale bathes its brown feathers in the twilight copse. #Quote by Robert Aris Willmott
Twilight quotes by Rabih Alameddine
#82. I can see myself sitting all day in my chair, immersed in lives, plots, and sentences, intoxicated by words and chimeras, paralyzed by satisfaction and contentment, reading until the deepening twilight, until I can no longer make out the words, until my mind begins to wander, until my aching muscles are no longer able to keep the book aloft. Joy is the anticipation of joy. Reading a fine book for the first time is as sumptuous as the first sip of orange juice that breaks the fast in Ramadan. #Quote by Rabih Alameddine
Twilight quotes by David Levithan
#83. Although it is such a singular word, there are many variations of alone. There is the alone of an empty beach at twilight. There is the alone of an empty hotel room. There is the alone of being caught in a throng of people. There is the alone of missing a particular person. And there is the alone of being with a particular person and realizing you are still alone. #Quote by David Levithan
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#84. What is a valid reason for someone to love someone else? Since apparently I'm doing it wrong. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Maureen Johnson
#85. I looked at the stained-glass image of the lamb in the window above me, but that only reminded me that lambs are famous for being led to slaughter, or sometimes hanging out with lions in ill-advised relationships. #Quote by Maureen Johnson
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#86. Forever," he vowed, still a little staggered.
"That's all I'm asking for," I said, #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Chloe Neill
#87. I'm taking fifteen, and we're moving this discussion upstairs."
"You can have here! I will not listen."
"You will listen," Mallory said, "and you'll tell your book club exactly what you heard."
"But is like Twilight in real life!" Berna protested. "Sparkles! #Quote by Chloe Neill
Twilight quotes by Khalil Gibran
#88. If in the twilight of memory we should meet once more, we shall speak again together and you shall sing to me a deeper song. #Quote by Khalil Gibran
Twilight quotes by Chaske Spencer
#89. 'Twilight' fans are great. #Quote by Chaske Spencer
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#90. Because when I thought of him, of his voice, his hypnotic eyes, the magnetic force of his personality, I wanted nothing more than to be with him right now. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Holly Black
#91. There's never really been a time when vampires weren't so over that you would be crazy to write a vampire book, or so huge that you would be crazy to write a vampire book. I'm not sure there's ever going to be a time. We went from Anne Rice to Buffy to 'Twilight.' #Quote by Holly Black
Twilight quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#92. Some feelings are quite untranslatable; no language has yet been found for them. They gleam upon us beautifully through the dim twilight of fancy, and yet when we bring them close to us, and hold them up to the light of reason, lose their beauty all at once, as glow worms which gleam with such a spiritual light in the shadows of evening, when brought in where the candles are lighted, are found to be only worms like so many others. #Quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Twilight quotes by Nikki Reed
#93. Just because you're part of 'Twilight' does not mean you're a superstar. It means that you're given the opportunity to maybe become one later if you work hard. Once fandom goes away, which it will very soon, it's all about having your priorities straight and working hard. #Quote by Nikki Reed
Twilight quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#94. Spring had come once more to Green Gables-the beautiful, capricious Canadian spring, lingering along through April and may in a succession of sweet, fresh, chilly days, with pink sunsets and miracles of resurrection and growth. The maples in Lover's Lane were red-budded and little curly ferns pushed up around the Dryad's Bubble. Away in the barrens, behind Mr. Silas Sloane's place, the mayflowers blossomed out, pink and white stars of sweetness under their brown leaves. All the school girls and boys had one golden afternoon gathering them, coming home in the clear, echoing twilight with arms and baskets full of flowery spoil. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Twilight quotes by Georges Rodenbach
#95. Ornamentation, festoons, carvings, cartouches, bas-reliefs, countless surprises among the sculptures - and the tones of the facades weathered by time and rain, the pinks of fading twilight, smoky blues, misty greys, a richness of mildew, brickwork ripened by the years, the hues of a ruddy or anaemic complexion. #Quote by Georges Rodenbach
Twilight quotes by William Butler Yeats
#96. I would that we were, my beloved, white birds on the foam of the sea!
We tire of the flame of the meteor, before it can fadeand flee;
And the flame of the blue star of twilight, hung low on the rim of the sky,
Has awaked in our hearts, my beloved, a sadness that may not die. #Quote by William Butler Yeats
Twilight quotes by Disturbed
#97. In an age of nothing,
at time when we stand at the brink of our own destruction.

Strengthen your belief in yourself,
in the future of humanity,
in the things of this world which cannot easily be percieved,
awaken that which lies dormant now within your soul.

Re-ignite the flame of your consciousness,
and measure the strength of your conviction.

Reveal the lie,
renounce your hatred.

Seek, find and embrace the truths
you are fortunate enough to discover.

Cherish them,
use them to anchor you in the sea of chaos that is the world we live in.

When twilight drwas near,
when you are pushed to the very limits of your soul,
when it seems that all you have left are the dead remnants
of the fabric of your life...

Believe. #Quote by Disturbed
Twilight quotes by Charles Dickens
#98. Mr. Tulkinghorn, sitting in the twilight by the open window, enjoys his wine. As if it whispered to him of its fifty years of silence and seclusion, it shuts him up the closer. More impenetrable than ever, he sits, and drinks, and mellows as it were in secrecy, pondering at that twilight hour on all the mysteries he knows. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Twilight quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#99. Hikes in the winter forest, so surreal - Emerson knew about them. He had seen the woods at twilight. Never was a more brilliant show of colored landscape than yesterday afternoon; incredibly excellent topaz and ruby at four o'clock; cold and shabby at six. #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Twilight quotes by Charlotte Featherstone
#100. It's always only ever been you. And it always will be, Beth. You have my heart. My love. And my regret that I am not the man you deserve. #Quote by Charlotte Featherstone
Twilight quotes by Susanna Clarke
#101. For a moment or two before the spell took effect, he was aware of all the sounds around him: rain splashing on metal and leather, and running down canvas; horses shuffling and snorting; Englishmen singing and Scotsmen playing bagpipes; two Welsh soldiers arguing over the proper interpretation of a Bible passage; the Scottish captain, John Kincaid, entertaining the American savages and teaching them to drink tea (presumably with the idea that once a man had learnt to drink tea, the other habits and qualities that make up a Briton would naturally follow).
Then silence. Men and horses began to disappear, few by few at first, and then more quickly – hundreds, thousands of them vanishing from sight. Great gaps appeared among the close-packed soldiers. A little further to the east an entire regiment was gone, leaving a hole the size of Hanover-square. Where, moments before, all had been life, conversation and activity, there was now nothing but the rain and the twilight and the waving stalks of rye. Strange wiped his mouth because he felt sick. #Quote by Susanna Clarke
Twilight quotes by George MacDonald
#102. There was no night there at this season, any more than all the year through in heaven. Indeed we have seldom real positive night in this world - so many provisions have been made against it. Every time we say, "What a lovely night!" we speak of a breach, a rift in the old night. There is light more or less, positive light, else were there no beauty. Many a night is but a low starry day, a day with a softened background against which the far-off suns of millions of other days show themselves: when the near vision vanishes the farther hope awakes. It is nowhere said of heaven, there shall be no twilight there, #Quote by George MacDonald
Twilight quotes by Hero Shade
#103. A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage #Quote by Hero Shade
Twilight quotes by Adolf Hitler
#104. When human hearts break and human hearts despair, then from the twilight of the past the great conquerors of distress and care, of disgrace and misery, of spiritual slavery and physical compulsion, look down on them and hold out their eternal hands to the despairing mortals. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Twilight quotes by William Shakespeare
#105. The weary sun hath made a golden set
And by the bright tract of his fiery car
Gives token of a goodly day to-morrow. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Twilight quotes by Paul Krugman
#106. If we discovered that, you know, space aliens were planning to attack and we needed a massive buildup to counter the space alien threat and really inflation and budget deficits took secondary place to that, this slump would be over in 18 months ... There was a Twilight Zone episode like this in which scientists fake an alien threat in order to achieve world peace. Well, this time, we don't need it, we need it in order to get some fiscal stimulus. #Quote by Paul Krugman
Twilight quotes by Eloisa James
#107. Toward evening, Harriet found herself thinking the oddest thoughts: that twilight is not really dark. It's gray. The sun gone, the world turns gray, without emotion, without color. It seemed a fitting time for a little girl to slip free of all this pain, to let go. #Quote by Eloisa James
Twilight quotes by Joseph Conrad
#108. Hot-tempered, but the sight of some nondescript and miry creature sitting cross-legged amongst a lot of loose straw, and swinging itself to and fro like a bear in a cage, made him pause. Then this tramp stood up silently before him, one mass of mud and filth from head to foot. Smith, alone amongst his stacks with this apparition, in the stormy twilight ringing with the infuriated barking of the dog, felt the dread of an inexplicable strangeness. But when that being, parting with #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Twilight quotes by Charlotte Featherstone
#109. Oh, God, I would give anything to change the past," he gasped. "To make it so that the last thing you saw was not me walking away from you. In your memories I am forever one and twenty, and cocky, and sneering, and looking self-righteous. And I've changed, Beth," he gasped, choking on a sob he could not hide. "I want so damn much for you to see how I've changed. To see me now. There are no lies in my eyes. No motives other than to show you that I am not the callous man I was. And that I love you ... . I love you so damn much."
He was crying. The tears trickled unchecked down his cheeks, dripping onto his lips. She touched them, wiped them away, which only caused them to spill faster and harder. #Quote by Charlotte Featherstone
Twilight quotes by Robert Pattinson
#110. After the first one [Twilight ], people started referring to it as a franchise, but a franchise is a Burger King or a Subway. It's not a movie. The people who start to say it are generally the people who are making money off of it. They love it when something becomes a franchise. But, as an actor, I think it's scary. #Quote by Robert Pattinson
Twilight quotes by Wallace Stevens
#111. They will get it straight one day at the Sorbonne.
We shall return at twilight from the lecture
Pleased that the irrational is rational #Quote by Wallace Stevens
Twilight quotes by Pat Conroy
#112. It was growing dark on this long southern evening, and suddenly, at the exact point her finger had indicated, the moon lifted a forehead of stunning gold above the horizon, lifted straight out of filigreed, light-intoxicated clouds that lay on the skyline in attendant veils.
Behind us, the sun was setting in a simultaneous congruent withdrawal and the river turned to flame in a quiet duel of gold ... The new gold of moon astonishing and ascendant, he depleted gold of sunset extinguishing itself in the long westward slide, it was the old dance of days in the Carolina marshes, the breathtaking death of days before the eyes of children, until the sun vanished, its final signature a ribbon of bullion strung across the tops of water oaks. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Twilight quotes by Mary C. Ames
#113. I lay my tasks down one by one; I sit in the silence of twilight grace. Out of the shadows, deep and dun, Steals, like a star, my Baby's face ... I will take up my work once more, As if I had never laid it down. Who will dream that I ever wore, In triumph, motherhood's sacred crown? ... Nevertheless, the way is long, And tears leap up in the light of the sun. I'd give my world for a cradle-song, And a kiss from Baby?only one. #Quote by Mary C. Ames
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#114. That's certainly a problem. But that's not what I was thinking of. It's just that you are so soft, so fragile. I have to mind my actions every moment that we're together so that I don't hurt you. I could kill you quite easily, Bella, simply by accident." His voice had become just a soft murmur. He moved his icy palm to rest it against my cheek. "If I was too hasty ... if for one second I wasn't paying enough attention, I could reach out, meaning to touch your face, and crush your skull by mistake. You don't realize how
incredibly breakable you are. I can never, never afford to lose any kind of control when I'm with you. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#115. Her scent blazed in my throat and I was glad. It was a pain that meant she was alive. As long as I burned, she was safe. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#116. But you see, just because we've been ... dealt a certain hand ... it doesn't mean we can't choose to rise above- to conquer the boundaries of a destiny that none of us wanted. to try to retain whatever essential humanity we can. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Gene Healy
#117. Yet, despite the snappy repartee and often-witty scripts, West Wing was a remarkably silly program. Has there ever been a group of real White House staffers as admirable and lovable as the West Wing ensemble, that selfless, high-minded, public-spirited, fundamentally decent pack of . . . political operators? Sorkin's White House existed in a Bizarro World where the Oval Office is apparently devoid of office politics. Fans of the show never saw the sort of infighting, backstabbing, and jockeying for position that appear in real-world accounts of White House life, like George Reedy's Twilight of the Presidency and John Dean's Blind Ambition. #Quote by Gene Healy
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#118. The bottom line is that you have to choose who you are going to commit to
that's the foundation of true love, not the lack of other options #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Donald Jeffries
#119. Following his wonderful introduction to the joys of womanhood, Waldo found a perverse pleasure in leaving his after-sex cigarette butt glowing on the lawn of the executive mansion. Despite Jeanne's repeated assurances that it wouldn't actually be visible to any nineteenth century passers-by, Waldo preferred to picture his discarded cigarette butt being the center of much scrutiny, with puzzled Civil War-era Washingtonians reacting to it in the same way Brazilian farmers would react to U.F.O.'s a century later. #Quote by Donald Jeffries
Twilight quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#120. The day was gone, the twilight was gone, and the snow was invisible as I came down to the side of the lake. Only the moon, white and shining, was in the sky, like a woman glorying in her own loveliness as she loiters superbly to the gaze of all the world, looking sometimes through the fringe of dark olive leaves, sometimes looking at her own superb, quivering body, wholly naked in the water of the lake. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Twilight quotes by Catherine Hardwicke
#121. I had a bunch of other projects that I worked really hard on after 'Twilight,' and the magic just didn't hit. #Quote by Catherine Hardwicke
Twilight quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#122. The "Avenue," so called by the Newbridge people, was a stretch of road four or five hundred yards long, completely arched over with huge, wide-spreading apple-trees, planted years ago by an eccentric old farmer. Overhead was one long canopy of snowy fragrant bloom. Below the boughs the air was full of a purple twilight and far ahead a glimpse of painted sunset sky shone like a great rose window at the end of a cathedral aisle. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Twilight quotes by Jack London
#123. Whole realm was his. He plunged into the swimming tank or went hunting with the Judge's sons; he escorted Mollie and Alice, the Judge's daughters, on long twilight or early morning rambles; on wintry nights he lay at the Judge's feet before the roaring library fire; he carried the Judge's grandsons on his back, or rolled them in the grass, and guarded their footsteps through wild adventures down to the fountain in the stable yard, and even beyond, where the paddocks were, and the berry patches. Among the terriers he stalked imperiously, and Toots and Ysabel he utterly ignored, for he was king, - king over all creeping, crawling, flying things of Judge Miller's #Quote by Jack London
Twilight quotes by Christopher Marlowe
#124. In summers heate and mid-time of the day
To rest my limbes upon a bed I lay,
One window shut, the other open stood,
Which gave such light as twinkles in a wood,
Like twilight glimpse at setting of the Sunne,
Or night being past, and yet not day begunne.
Such light to shamefast maidens must be showne,
Where they may sport, and seeme to be unknowne.
Then came Corinna in a long loose gowne,
Her white neck hid with tresses hanging downe,
Resembling fayre Semiramis going to bed,
Or Layis of a thousand lovers sped.
I snatcht her gowne: being thin, the harme was small,
Yet strived she to be covered therewithall.
And striving thus as one that would be cast,
Betrayde her selfe, and yeelded at the last.
Starke naked as she stood before mine eye,
Not one wen in her body could I spie.
What armes and shoulders did I touch and see,
How apt her breasts were to be prest by me.
How smooth a belly under her wast saw I,
How large a legge, and what a lustie thigh?
To leave the rest, all liked me passing well,
I clinged her naked body, downe she fell,
Judge you the rest, being tirde she bad me kisse;
Jove send me more such after-noones as this. #Quote by Christopher Marlowe
Twilight quotes by Jhene Aiko
#125. I actually have a young readers' series that I wanna do, kind of in the same lane as a Harry Potter or Narnia or Twilight. I want to write stuff like that. #Quote by Jhene Aiko
Twilight quotes by Elizabeth Bard
#126. I love the way the rain melts the colors together, like a chalk drawing on the sidewalk. There is a moment, just after sunset, when the shops turn on their lights and steam starts to fog up the windows of the cafés. In French, this twilight time implies a hint of danger. It's called entre chien et loup, between the dog and the wolf.
It was just beginning to get dark as we walked through the small garden of Palais Royal. We watched as carefully dressed children in toggled peacoats and striped woolen mittens finished the same game of improvised soccer we had seen in the Place Sainte Marthe.
Behind the Palais Royal the wide avenues around the Louvre gave way to narrow streets, small boutiques, and bistros. It started to drizzle. Gwendal turned a corner, and tucked in between two storefronts, barely wider than a set of double doors, I found myself staring down a corridor of fairy lights. A series of arches stretched into the distance, topped with panes of glass, like a greenhouse, that echoed the plip-plop of the rain. It was as if we'd stepped through the witch's wardrobe, the phantom tollbooth, what have you, into another era.
The Passage Vivienne was nineteenth-century Paris's answer to a shopping mall, a small interior street lined with boutiques and tearooms where ladies could browse at their leisure without wetting the bustles of their long dresses or the plumes of their new hats.
It was certainly a far cry from the shopping malls of my youth, with thei #Quote by Elizabeth Bard
Twilight quotes by Nenia Campbell
#127. Lisa blamed Twilight, and the preconceived notions about men (especially dangerous men) that it tended to form in the impressionable adolescent mind. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
Twilight quotes by Denis Johnson
#128. In this twilight they were more imagined than seen, but I felt surrounded by the practitioners of a sacred mediocrity, an elegant mediocrity cloistering inaccessible tortures. I don't know quite how to put it. People, men, proud of their cliches yet full of helpless poetry. #Quote by Denis Johnson
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#129. Your scent is like a drug to me like my own personal brand of heroin. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Mircea Eliade
#130. The country of the souls is underneath us, toward the sunset; the trail leads through a dim twilight. Tracks of the people who last went over it and of their dogs are visible. #Quote by Mircea Eliade
Twilight quotes by Jean Kerr
#131. Oftentimes, in the evening after they have finished spreading the fertiliser, the writer and his wife sit on the fence - with a wonderful sense of "togetherness" - and listen to the magic symphony of the crickets. I can understand that. Around our house, we're pretty busy, and of course we're not the least bit integrated, but nevertheless my husband and I often sit together in the deepening twilight and listen to the sweet, gentle slosh-click, slosh-click of the dishwasher. He smiles and I smile. Oh, it's a golden moment. #Quote by Jean Kerr
Twilight quotes by Mara Wilson
#132. The idea of living forever makes me uncomfortable, and at this point I've lived long enough and seen enough Twilight Zone episodes to know that there's always a catch. #Quote by Mara Wilson
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#133. For almost ninety years I've walked among my kind, and yours ... all the time thinking I was complete in myself, not realizing what I was seeking. And not finding anything, because you weren't alive yet. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Taylor Lautner
#134. The day I finished 'Twilight,' I came home and started bulking up. For 'New Moon,' I'm 30 pounds heavier than I was in 'Twilight.' #Quote by Taylor Lautner
Twilight quotes by Kathryn Lasky
#135. You ugly rat-faced birds.
You call yourself a bird?
You call yourself an owl?
You ain't no decent kind of fowl!
They call you Jatt?
They call you Jutt?
I'm gonna toss you in a rut!
Then I'm gonna punch you in the gut!
Then your gonna wind up on your butt!
Think you're all gizzard!
I seen better lizards.
You're goin' down, won't ask for more.
You ain't better than fish bait ...
I'm gonna send you straight to hell.
-Twilight #Quote by Kathryn Lasky
Twilight quotes by Trent Zelazny
#136. It doesn't matter what you read. What matters is you read. Whether it's Tolstoy or Twilight, Kierkegaard or Betty and Veronica, keep reading, and don't ever let somebody else - anybody - have a say about, or try to control, what you choose to learn from and/or escape into. #Quote by Trent Zelazny
Twilight quotes by Stefan Zweig
#137. She could be lively only in the midst of life; in isolation she dwindled to a shadow. #Quote by Stefan Zweig
Twilight quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#138. Muse is a tyrant. It gets you out of bed in the twilight of the morning and forces you to create something! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Twilight quotes by Keira D. Skye
#139. Nico then leaned into Katty, and kissed her. He kissed her with every ounce of Vampire strength, pressing his lips forward into hers, feeling her slight breath and her soft lips touch against his with the heat of a hot fire. He kissed her while holding her face close to his, his fingers spreading against the width of her delicate cheeks. Katty closed her eyes and took the kiss all in, feeling such a kiss make her feel so dizzy, so weak. So lightheaded. It was as if she was being kissed for the very first time. It was a kiss that took all her resistance away, all her fear, but gave her an existence that she never possibly knew. Within a few moments, Nico pulled away, unleashing the kiss from its endurance. #Quote by Keira D. Skye
Twilight quotes by Stephen Jenner
#140. But I love YOU, Edweird. Sure, I'll probably hook up with Yakob in Eclipse. After all, you're going to leave me for roughly three hundred pages. But that's neither here nor there. You and I were meant to be together. I mean you, me and sometimes Yakob ... and sometimes just Yakob and me, but mostly you and me. That's just the way I always dreamed it should be, you want to marry me. We'll marry."
"Hmmm," said Edweird thoughtfully after a long pause. "You know, I'm actually getting kind of tired of Yakob, if you want to know the truth. I mean, seriously, going steady with the same guy for half a century can make a stale relationship. Maybe it's time we see other people. You really set me straight on this, Stella. I want to thank you for makin me see this whole vampire-werewolf relationship thing more clearly."
Edweird then turned to Yakob, who had remained silent throughout. "It's over between us, toots. #Quote by Stephen Jenner
Twilight quotes by J.M. Darhower
#141. Edward Cullen?" "Yeah, you know, the vampire? From Twilight? #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Twilight quotes by Christopher Fry
#142. When he was born he gave an algebraic
Cry; at one glance measured the cubic content Of that ivory cone his mother's breast
And multiplied his appetite by five.
So he matured by a progression, gained Experience by correlation, expanded Into a marriage by contraction, and by Certain physical dynamics
Formulated me. And on he went
Still deeper into the calculating twilight Under the twinkling of five-pointed figures Till Truth became for him the sum of sums And Death the long division. My poor father. #Quote by Christopher Fry
Twilight quotes by Adrienne Rich
#143. Across the curve of the earth, there are women getting up before dawn, in the blackness before the point of light, in the twilight before sunrise; there are women rising earlier than men and children to break the ice, to start the stove, to put up the pap, the coffee, the rice, to iron the pants, to braid the hair, to pull the day's water up from the well, to boil water for tea, to wash the children for school, to pull the vegetables and start the walk to market, to run to catch the bus for the work that is paid. I don't know when most women sleep. #Quote by Adrienne Rich
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#144. For a second i was just a kid, a kid who had lived all his life in the same tiny town. Just a child, because i knew i would have to live a lot more, suffer a lot more, to ever understand the searing agony in Edwards eyes. He raised his hands as if to wipe sweat from his forehead, but his fingers scraped against his face like they were going to rip his granite skin right off. His black eyes burned in their sockets, out of focus, or seeing things that weren't there. His mouth opened like he was going to scream, but nothing came out. This was the face of a man who would if he were burning at the stake. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Robert Pattinson
#145. I never thought people would buy the soundtrack [to Twilight]. So, it's a little more nerve-wracking now. I don't know. #Quote by Robert Pattinson
Twilight quotes by Melissa Rosenberg
#146. That was, in writing the 'Twilight' script I had about five weeks to write that. I'd taken about a month to write the outline and then it was slam into a script and write it down fast because the writer's strike was looming. #Quote by Melissa Rosenberg
Twilight quotes by Melissa Rosenberg
#147. In 'Twilight,' you're setting up the world. You're introducing the world, and I was also writing in a vacuum because I didn't know who the actors were going to be. Now you're going to 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse,' and I could write specifically to them in my mind. So it becomes a more comfortable world. #Quote by Melissa Rosenberg
Twilight quotes by Miguel Serrano
#148. The purity of the initiate has nothing to do with the Judeo-Christian sense of sin, the hatred and resentment of slaves. The existing earth must be transmuted, nature transfigured, the Twilight of the Gods make way for the Resurrection of the Gods. And this is another thing. It is an alchemical transmutation, sublimation, a spiritualization of matter. More, it is not for all, only for the initiated, for the Aryan, in the center of a hierarchy of castes. In Aryan India the initiate, the tantric yogi of the 'Right Hand,' must guard chastity. As well as the Platonic troubadour in the Initiation of A-Mor, which we shall explain in the fourth part of this work. For my Maestro chastity acquires fundamental importance in the path of our Warrior Initiation. I only saw him angry once. It was when I told him I was going to marry. He exclaimed: 'You are throwing chains on your feet…!' And added: 'Advice counts for nothing, each one must learn by themselves'.

I said that before I married I lived surrounded by presences ('of ghosts, of ghosts, in order to think,' as the Chilean poet Omar Caceres would say), rumours of another world. I was in close contact with the astral. That 'body,' or expectant embryo, kept developing its own 'senses'. #Quote by Miguel Serrano
Twilight quotes by Anjela Renee
#149. Sally was on the first floor reading a book, one that she normally wouldn't read, and she felt quite guilty. Twilight. She knew the series was ridiculous but everyone was going crazy over the books and the movies. She'd finally given in and decided that it wouldn't hurt to just read a little bit. #Quote by Anjela Renee
Twilight quotes by Anna Kendrick
#150. My goal all along has just been to work and support myself. I've been really lucky to walk away from the 'Twilight' series unscathed. Somebody asked me recently what it's like to be a star. I thought that was the strangest question. If you saw my day-to-day life, the word 'star' just doesn't apply. #Quote by Anna Kendrick
Twilight quotes by Amber Newberry
#151. The sky grew orange and pink, a pale ghost of the full moon appeared above Salem, waiting to glow brilliant in the velvet black hiding just beyond the twilight. #Quote by Amber Newberry
Twilight quotes by Steven Erikson
#152. Twilight,' he said to Yan Tovis, 'that's a Letherii word you use. Would you be surprised if I told you the word for "twilight", in your original language, was "yenander"? And that "antovis" meant "night" or even "dark"? Your own name is your title, and I can see by your expression that you didn't even know it. Yedan Derryg? Not sure what "derryg" is -- we'll need to ask Sandalath -- but "yedanas" is "watch", both act and title. #Quote by Steven Erikson
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#153. driving at the speed limit--hideous thought. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Margaret Weis
#154. What do you see to the south?" Tanis asked abruptly.
Raistilin glanced at him. "What do I ever see with these eyes of mine Half-Elf?" the mage whispered bitterly. "I see death, death and destruction. I see war." He gestured up above. "The constellations have not returned. The Queen of Darkness is not defeated."
"We may have not won the war," Tanis began, "but surely we have won a major battle
Raistlin coughed and shook his head sadly.
"Do you see no hope?"
"Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in the vain attempt to reach it."
"Are you saying we should just give up?" Tanis asked, irritably tossing the bark away.
"I'm saying we should remove the carrot and walk forward with our eyes open," Raistin answered. Coughing he drew his robes more closely around him. #Quote by Margaret Weis
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#155. If we could bottle your luck, we'd have a weapon of mass destruction on our hands. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Rod Serling
#156. You're looking at a species of flimsy little two-legged animals with extremely small heads whose name is Man ... Very tiny undeveloped brain; comes from primitive planet named Earth. Calls himself 'Samuel Conrad'. And he will remain here in his cage with the running water and the electricity and the central heat- as long as he lives. Samuel Conrad has found the Twilight Zone. #Quote by Rod Serling
Twilight quotes by David Levithan
#157. We stay this way until twilight colours the window and the hour calls me home #Quote by David Levithan
Twilight quotes by Georges Rodenbach
#158. The widower reviewed his past in a sunless light which was intensified by the greyness of the November twilight, whilst the bells subtly impregnated the surrounding atmosphere with the melody of sounds that faded like the ashes of dead years. #Quote by Georges Rodenbach
Twilight quotes by Mikhail Bulgakov
#159. The toads bellowed mournfully, and the twilight was enrobing the professor. Here it was ... the night. Moscow ... white lamps turning on somewhere outside ... Lost and miserable, Pankrat stood fearfully at attention, arms at his sides ... #Quote by Mikhail Bulgakov
Twilight quotes by Rod Serling
#160. The Chancellor, the late Chancellor, was only partly correct, he was obsolete. But so was the State, the entity he worshipped. Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man, that state is obsolete. A case to be filed under 'M' for mankind ... in the Twilight Zone. #Quote by Rod Serling
Twilight quotes by Jarod Kintz
#161. When I first heard Twilight was a book about vampires that sparkled in the light and shape shifters/wolves eager to assist the vampires, I thought, Finally, a metaphorical book dealing with politicians and lobbyists. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Twilight quotes by Rod Serling
#162. Coming up with ideas is the easiest thing on earth. Putting them down is the hardest. #Quote by Rod Serling
Twilight quotes by Oscar Wilde
#163. For us there is only one season, the season of sorrow. The very sun and moon seem taken from us. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Twilight quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#164. Mysticism keeps men sane. As long as you have mystery you have health; when you destroy mystery you create morbidity. The ordinary man has always been sane because the ordinary man has always been a mystic. He has permitted the twilight. He has always had one foot in earth and the other in fairyland. He has always left himself free to doubt his gods; but (unlike the agnostic of to-day) free also to believe in them. He has always cared more for truth than for consistency. If he saw two truths that seemed to contradict each other, he would take the two truths and contradiction along with them. His spiritual sight is stereoscopic, like his physical sight: he sees two different pictures at once and yet sees all the better for that. Thus, he has always believed that there was such a thing as fate, but such a thing as free will also. Thus, he believes that children were indeed the kingdom of heaven, but nevertheless ought to be obedient to the kingdom of earth. He admired youth because it was young and age because it was not. It is exactly this balance of apparent contradictions that has been the whole buoyancy of the healthy man. The whole secret of mysticism is this: that man can understand everything by the help of what he does not understand. The morbid logician seeks to make everything lucid, and succeeds in making everything mysterious. The mystic allows one thing to be mysterious, and everything else becomes lucid. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Twilight quotes by Benjamin Disraeli
#165. Twilight makes us pensive; Aurora is the goddess of activity; despair curses at midnight; hope blesses at noon. #Quote by Benjamin Disraeli
Twilight quotes by Van Morrison
#166. Memories, how they linger in the twilight and in the wee small hours sometimes just before dawn. #Quote by Van Morrison
Twilight quotes by Upton Sinclair
#167. In the twilight, it was a vision of power. #Quote by Upton Sinclair
Twilight quotes by Tom Cowan
#169. Just as twilight is neither light nor dark, but a bit of each, so is the middle head, face, or person representative of that magical blend of two opposing energies. The shaman is the twilight child, born from the union of the masculine world of light and conscious awareness and the feminine world of darkness and unconscious awareness. Shamans are at home in both worlds: in that magical space and time shimmering between these worlds, that point of consciousness 'betwixt and between' and 'neither this, nor that,' flickering at the edge of twilight. #Quote by Tom Cowan
Twilight quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#170. From the twilight of day till the twilight of evening, a leopard, in the last years of the thirteenth century, would see some wooden planks, some vertical iron bars, men and women who changed, a wall and perhaps a stone gutter filled with dry leaves. He did not know, could not know, that he longed for love and cruelty and the hot pleasure of tearing things to pieces and the wind carrying the scent of a deer, but something suffocated and rebelled within him and God spoke to him in a dream: "You live and will die in this prison so that a man I know of may see you a certain number of times and not forget you and place your figure and symbol in a poem which has its precise place in the scheme of the universe. You suffer captivity, but you will have given a word to the poem." God, in the dream, illumined the animal's brutishness and the animal understood these reasons and accepted his destiny, but, when he awoke, there was in him only an obscure resignation, a valorous ignorance, for the machinery of the world is much too complex for the simplicity of a beast. #Quote by Jorge Luis Borges
Twilight quotes by Michael Flynn
#171. On the hill opposite, Joachim tolled the midday bell, announcing lunch to the workers in the fields. Klaus listened a moment, then said, "I thought it would be a bleaker scene."
Dietrich turned to him, "What would be?"
"This day. I thought it would be marked by terrible signs - lowering clouds, ominous winds, a crack of thunder. Twilight. Yet, it is so ordinary a morning that I grow frightened."
"Only now frightened."
"Ja. Portents would mean a Divine Mover, however mysterious His moves; and the wrath of an angry God may be turned away by prayer and penance. But it simply happened. Everard grew sick and fell down. There were no signs; so it may be a natural thing, as you have always said. And against nature, we have no recourse. #Quote by Michael Flynn
Twilight quotes by Romain Rolland
#172. Islands of memory begin to rise above the river of his life. At first they are little uncharted islands, rocks just peeping above the surface of the waters. Round about them and behind in the twilight of the dawn stretches the great untroubled sheet of water; then new islands, touched to gold by the sun. #Quote by Romain Rolland
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#173. I had never given much thought to how I would die, but dying in the place of someone I love doesn't seem like such a bad way to go. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Trumbull Stickney
#174. Now burst above the city's cold twilight
The piercing whistles and the tower-clocks:
For day is done. Along the frozen docks
The workmen set their ragged shirts aright.
Thro' factory doors a stream of dingy light
Follows the scrimmage as it quickly flocks
To hut and home among the snow's gray blocks. --
I love you, human labourers. Good-night!
Good-night to all the blackened arms that ache!
Good-night to every sick and sweated brow,
To the poor girl that strength and love forsake,
To the poor boy who can no more! I vow
The victim soon shall shudder at the stake
And fall in blood: we bring him even now. #Quote by Trumbull Stickney
Twilight quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#175. In the parlor was a huge camera on wheels like the ones used in public parks, and the backdrop of a marine twilight, painted with homemade paints, and the walls papered with pictures of children at memorable moments: the first Communion, the bunny costume, the happy birthday. Year after year, during contemplative pauses on afternoons of chess, Dr. Urbino had seen the gradual covering over of the walls, and he had often thought with a shudder of sorrow that in the gallery of casual portraits lay the germ of the future of the city, governed and corrupted by those unknown children, where note even the ashes of his glory would remain. #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Twilight quotes by Charlotte Featherstone
#176. You ask for too much, Iain," she murmured. "More than I can give."
"Do I?"
Movement against her made her pause, made her stiffen as she felt him press forward, felt his body shift until his back and shoulders were pressing indecently against her belly and his head was turned, the curve of his cheek lying on her lap.
"Can you give me this, Beth? Just one moment to lie here and close my eyes, and feel you beneath me, soft and curved?"
"And what would you find?" she asked, her voice little more than a breathless whisper.
Closing her eyes, she bit hard on her lip, trying not to weaken against that one word. There had been no hesitation when he said it. It was as if he'd known it - what he'd desired all along, a feeling of tranquility. Peace. Rightness.
Her hand hovered over his head, her fingers itching to touch, to run her fingers through his hair, which would be damp with snow. What picture did they make, seated on this bench, a tempest of white swirling around them as he laid his head in her lap? #Quote by Charlotte Featherstone
Twilight quotes by Jeanine Cummins
#177. They hike almost three miles without incident, and it's amazing to watch the colors leach back into the desert after the day's blanching. There's a moment, Lydia realizes, or no, more than a moment - a span of perhaps fifteen minutes just at twilight - when the desert is the most perfect place that exists. The temperature, the light, the colors, all hang and linger at some unflawed precipice, like the cars of a roller coaster ticking ever so slowly over their apex before the crash. The light droops ever farther from the sky, and Lydia can smell the heat of the day wicking away from her skin. #Quote by Jeanine Cummins
Twilight quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#178. The faint laughter of winds was always about them and the colors of Mistawis, imperial and spiritual, under the changing clouds, were something that cannot be expressed in mere words. Shadows, too. Clustering in the pines until a wind shook them out and pursued them over Mistawis. They lay all day along the shores, threaded by ferns and wild blossoms. They stole around the headlands in the glow of the sunset, until twilight wove them all into one great web of dusk. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Twilight quotes by Robert Pattinson
#179. When you read the [Twilight series], it's like saying 'Edward Cullen is so beautiful I creamed myself'. I mean every line is like that. He's the most ridiculous person who's so amazing at everything. I think a lot of actors tried to play that aspect. I just couldn't do it. And the more I read the script, the more I hated this guy, so that's how I played him, as a manic-depressive who hates himself. Plus, he's a 108-year old virgin, so there's clearly some issues there #Quote by Robert Pattinson
Twilight quotes by Amy Poehler
#180. I would sink into the relief I felt from having friends like these girls. Smart. Patient. Good daughters and sisters. That's who I ran with. That being said, I still went through the young-girl rites of passage, including being kicked out of the group. Almost every girl goes through this weird living nightmare, where you show up at school and realize people have grown to hate you overnight. It's a Twilight Zone moment when you can't figure out what is real. It is a group mind-fuck of the highest kind, and it makes or breaks you. I got through it by keeping my head down, and a few weeks passed and all the girls liked me again. We all pretended it never happened. There should be manuals passed out to teach girls how to handle that inevitable one-week stretch when up is down and the best friend who just slept over at your house suddenly pulls your hair in front of everyone and laughs. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Twilight quotes by Florence Welch
#181. The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out
You left me in the dark
No dawn, no day, I'm always in this twilight
In the shadow of your heart #Quote by Florence Welch
Twilight quotes by Cheryse Durrant
#182. In a couple of days, you will be in hiding. Besides, I am tired and not
ready to meet more Eartherns tonight.'
He chuckled. 'Is that what you call us?'
'It is what the Twilight Keeper calls you.'
'I suppose it's better than muggle.'
'What is a muggle?'
'Long story. Well, seven of them.' He tapped his fingers against the wheel. #Quote by Cheryse Durrant
Twilight quotes by Danny Castillones Sillada
#183. Perhaps the most humiliating condition in life is when you no longer feel that there's still someone or something worth waiting for and that, worst of all, no one or nothing's waiting there for you in the twilight of your existence. (Danny Castillones Sillada, On Losing Faith) #Quote by Danny Castillones Sillada
Twilight quotes by Christopher Moore
#184. Stephenie Meyer: Her vampires are sparkly, which I think we can all agree is wrong. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Twilight quotes by Clifford D. Simak
#185. This is written in the elder days as the Earth rides close to the rim of eternity, edging nearer to the dying Sun, into which her two inner companions of the solar system have already plunged to a fiery death. The Twilight of the Gods is history; and our planet drifts on and on into that oblivion from which nothing escapes, to which time itself may be dedicated in the final cosmic reckoning. #Quote by Clifford D. Simak
Twilight quotes by Juniper Bell
#186. Look, I'd sat through just as many Hollywood movies as the next person. I'd seen Sleepless in Seattle, Titanic, Twilight, whatever. I knew the myth. But i didn't believe it. I knew it was made up, I knew none of it was even close to reality. #Quote by Juniper Bell
Twilight quotes by Earl Hamner Jr.
#187. Every child must have chores to do. It gives them dignity in work and the joy of labor. #Quote by Earl Hamner Jr.
Twilight quotes by Michel Ajvaz
#188. Like everyone, I had,on many previous occasions, ignored a half-open door leading elsewhere - in the chilly passages of strange houses, in backyards, on the outskirts of towns. The frontier of our world is not far away; it doesn't run along the horizon or in the depths. It glimmers faintly close by, in the twilight of our nearest surroundings; out of the corner of our eye we can always glimpse another world, without realizing it. We are walking all the time along a shore and along the edge of a virgin forest. Our gestures would seem to rise out of an entity that also encompasses these concealed spaces, and in an odd way they reveal their shadowy existence, although we are unaware of the roar of waves and shrieks of animals - the disquieting accompaniment to our words (and possibly their secret birthplace); we are unaware of the glittering jewels in the unknown world of nooks and crannies; usually we don't stray off the path even once in our lifetime. #Quote by Michel Ajvaz
Twilight quotes by Rod Serling
#189. I was a Christmas present that was delivered unwrapped. #Quote by Rod Serling
Twilight quotes by Kristen Stewart
#190. There are certain things in 'Twilight' ... As much as I'm proud of that movie and I do like it, I feel like maybe I brought too much of myself to the character. I feel like I really know Bella now. But most readers feel like they know Bella because it's a first-person narrative. #Quote by Kristen Stewart
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#191. I said it would be better if we weren't friends, not that I didn't want to be. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Edna St. Vincent Millay
#192. Ashes of Life"

Love has gone and left me and the days are all alike;
Eat I must, and sleep I will, and would that night were here!
But ah! to lie awake and hear the slow hours strike!
Would that it were day again! with twilight near!

Love has gone and left me and I don't know what to do;
This or that or what you will is all the same to me;
But all the things that I begin I leave before I'm through,
There's little use in anything as far as I can see.

Love has gone and left me, and the neighbors knock and borrow,
And life goes on forever like the gnawing of a mouse,
And to-morrow and to-morrow and to-morrow and to-morrow
There's this little street and this little house. #Quote by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Twilight quotes by Chris Cleave
#193. Without light, how can you keep the sight of the eyes? Without a future, how can you preserve the government? [ ... ] We could have a most dilligent Home Secretary of Lunchtime. We could have an excellent Prime Minister of the Quietest Part of the Late Afternoon. But when twilight comes -do you see?- our world disappears. It cannot see beyond the day because you have taken tomorrow. And because you have tomorrow in front of your eyes, you cannot see what is being done today. #Quote by Chris Cleave
Twilight quotes by John Keats
#194. Through buried paths, where sleepy twilight dreams
The summer time away. #Quote by John Keats
Twilight quotes by Mladen Đorđević
#195. The dark winds are nearing. I can sense them. I can feel them in the air all around me, like a distant echoes. The twilight must fall, and the Dragon must awake. #Quote by Mladen Đorđević
Twilight quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#196. The things that have been and shall be no more, The things that are, and that hereafter shall be, The things that might have been, and yet were not, The fading twilight of joys departed. #Quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Twilight quotes by Edward Young
#197. This is the bud of being, the dim dawn, The twilight of our day, the vestibule; Life's theatre as yet is shut, and death, Strong death, alone can heave the massy bar, This gross impediment of clay remove, And make us embryos of existence free. #Quote by Edward Young
Twilight quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#198. If he'd done something to harm her, I would annihilate him. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight quotes by Mitt Romney
#199. I like silly stuff, too. I like the 'Twilight' series. That was fun. #Quote by Mitt Romney
Twilight quotes by Paul Hamilton Hayne
#200. Happy the heart that keeps its twilight hour, And, in the depths of heavenly peace reclined, Loves to commune with thoughts of tender power,
A shining Jacob's-ladder of the mind! #Quote by Paul Hamilton Hayne

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