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Turambar Blog quotes by Stellah Mupanduki
#1. When God Almighty blogs, then I blog, I put to writing what he says at any time and at any place. May God our Father bless the internet and all social media and public publishing platforms in the name of Jesus Christ. Through these Social Media and healing platforms, the Lord God Almighty has brought the message of healing, cleansing, protection, salvation and peace, ability and stability, joy and happiness, justice and peace to all people without bias....Father God, the Lord God Almighty says this to all his vessels he uses for his glory and honour, "You rise above in greatness for I am with you and in you. I will lift you up to the greatest heights, for you are mine all you innovative entities and people. #Quote by Stellah Mupanduki
Turambar Blog quotes by Diana Rose Morcilla
#2. So walk, or run if you can to your dreams. It doesn't matter if it's far or near. You can pause along the way but never stop, OK? Then hug it when you finally meet it! Embrace the moment. Love it and never let it go. Hold its opportunities and kiss its lessons with full of sincerity. Remember every moment of it - specially - the journey. It is what matters most. #Quote by Diana Rose Morcilla
Turambar Blog quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk
#3. Too many companies think they want to do a video blog to sell merchandise, but if you turn your site into QVC, you lose. I have an audience that trusts me. It's about building a global brand - not selling four more bottles of Pinot Grigio. #Quote by Gary Vaynerchuk
Turambar Blog quotes by Lisa Williams
#4. Don't blog what you don't own. #Quote by Lisa Williams
Turambar Blog quotes by John McAfee
#5. I will not stop my blog. #Quote by John McAfee
Turambar Blog quotes by Tom Peters
#6. I wrote the book based on a blog that I keep. I also tweet. I don't think that for an incredibly old fart I'm totally behind the power curve. I really believe that the essentials of human relationships remain the same. #Quote by Tom Peters
Turambar Blog quotes by Theophilus London
#7. I've made sure to always update my web properties constantly - Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, my Hypebeast blog ... making sure I divided content across all of them to keep each outlet fresh to keep people coming back. #Quote by Theophilus London
Turambar Blog quotes by Harsha Walia
#8. Cultivating an ethic of responsibility begins with nonnatives understanding ourselves as beneficiaries of the illegal settlement of indigenous people's land, and unjust appropriation of indigenous peoples' resources and jurisdiction. When faced with this truth, it is common for activists to get stuck in their feelings of guilt, which I would argue is a state of self-absorption that actually upholds privilege. While guilt is often representative of much-needed shift in consciousness, in itself it does nothing to motivate the responsibility necessary to actively dismantle entrenched systems of oppression. In a movement-building round table, longtime Montreal activist Jaggi Singh expressed that "the only way to escape complicity with settlement is active opposition to it. That only happens in the context of on-the-ground, day-to-day organizing, and creating and cultivating the spaces where we can begin dialogues and discussions as natives an nonnatives."

Original blog post: Unsettling America: Decolonization in Theory and Practice.
Quoted In: Decolonize Together: Moving beyond a Politics of Solidarity toward a Practice of Decolonization. Taking Sides. #Quote by Harsha Walia
Turambar Blog quotes by James Altucher
#9. I wrote a blog post about how the book is different from the blog and why I chose to go the self-publishing route. I wrote guests posts for blogs like Techcrunch, which helped immensely and for which I'm very grateful. I used my social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Quora, and Pinterest. #Quote by James Altucher
Turambar Blog quotes by Rachel Renee Russell
#10. Absolutely no one writes their most intimate feelings and deep, dark secrets in a diary anymore! WHY?! Because just one or two people knowing all your BIZ could completely ruin your reputation. You're supposed to post this kind of juicy stuff online in your BLOG so MILLIONS can read it!!! #Quote by Rachel Renee Russell
Turambar Blog quotes by Ashley Madekwe
#11. I'm terrible at posting regularly; I don't deserve the blog success! #Quote by Ashley Madekwe
Turambar Blog quotes by Matt De La Pena
#12. My fear is you have to be careful as a writer to not get caught up in social media and blogging, because it can start to feed into your writing time. When you are writing a book, it's such a long journey where the payoff is way at the end, sometimes years away. The payoff of the blog post is today. You get the reinforcement, comments or "likes" immediately. It's appealing. You have to be patient with the book. #Quote by Matt De La Pena
Turambar Blog quotes by Anthony Jeselnik
#13. That's the worst way you can hear about comedy material: from a third person's blog story that they wrote when they were upset. #Quote by Anthony Jeselnik
Turambar Blog quotes by Sophie Blackall
#14. I did have a couple of people asking me to illustrate their MC in a hope to widen the exposure, unfortunately the messages weren't a good fit, so I couldn't oblige. And I didn't really want to become a matchmaking service. Someone posted a missed connection "I like your blog" which was directed at me ... that was kind of fun to stumble across. #Quote by Sophie Blackall
Turambar Blog quotes by John Green
#15. Harry Potter isn't real? Oh no! Wait, wait, what do you mean by real? Is this video blog real? Am I real if you can see me and hear me, but only through the internet? Are you real if I can read your comment but I don't know who you are or what your name is or where you're from or what you look like or how old you are? I know all of those things about Harry Potter. Maybe Harry Potter's real and you're not. #Quote by John Green
Turambar Blog quotes by Ayelet Waldman
#16. If producing a regular column is living out loud, then keeping a daily blog is living at the top of your lungs. For a couple of months there, I was shrieking like a banshee. #Quote by Ayelet Waldman
Turambar Blog quotes by James Knight - The Philosophical Muser Blog
#17. Before you contemplate becoming immersed in the collective, make sure you become immersed in the liberation of your own individualism. Rescue yourself from seeking refuge in group think, or from being transfixed on the false security of cooperative agendas, and first master the essence of your own individuality. Only then will you really be a valuable part of a collective. #Quote by James Knight - The Philosophical Muser Blog
Turambar Blog quotes by Hanneli Mustaparta
#18. Never blog just to put something out there. I would post only things that excite me. #Quote by Hanneli Mustaparta
Turambar Blog quotes by Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox
#19. Indeed, the future is signalled in the past, but time has to pass to see it. Art is the witness.
BLOG post-Perpetual Beginning-November 14 2011 #Quote by Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox
Turambar Blog quotes by Stephen Vincent Benet
#20. Ironically the blog has re-opened the essay as a good form for me. I like to look and make commentary! If I sense my essays are good, I try to resubmit to another place in pulp and several of them have been variously published in newspapers and magazines. #Quote by Stephen Vincent Benet
Turambar Blog quotes by Seth Godin
#21. The only purpose of starting is to finish, and while the projects we do are never really finished, they must ship. Shipping means hitting the publish button on your blog, showing a presentation to the sales team, answering the phone, selling the muffins, sending out your references. Shipping is the collision between your work and the outside world. #Quote by Seth Godin
Turambar Blog quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#22. Kierkegaard, in 'Either/Or,' makes fun of the 'busy man' for whom busyness is a way of avoiding an honest self-reckoning. You might wake up in the middle of the night and realize that you're lonely in your marriage, or that you need to think about what your level of consumption is doing to the planet, but the next day you have a million little things to do, and the day after that you have another million things. As long as there's no end of little things, you never have to stop and confront the bigger questions. Writing or reading an essay isn't the only way to stop and ask yourself who you really are and what your life might mean, but it is one good way. And if you consider how laughably unbusy Kierkegaard's Copenhagen was, compared with our own age, those subjective tweets and hasty blog posts don't seem so essayistic. They seem more like means of avoiding what a real essay might force on us. We spend our days reading, on screens, stuff we'd never bother reading in a printed book, and bitch about how busy we are. #Quote by Jonathan Franzen
Turambar Blog quotes by Jenny Lawson
#23. People assume that because I'm a girl and my blog is hot pink that my readership is 90% women, but it's not. It's probably only about 65%. When I do tours, it's pretty much the same thing: it's about one-third guys. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Turambar Blog quotes by Penelope Trunk
#24. Blogging is good for your career. A well-executed blog sets you apart as an expert in your field. #Quote by Penelope Trunk
Turambar Blog quotes by Kate Griffin
#25. It seems to me that the greatest triumph of any human rights movement, be it fighting for racial, religious, sexual or gender equality – is to achieve that moment where eyes are opened so wide that a sort of blindness sets in. I don't care if someone is black, white, gay or straight. I don't care if a woman has children or no – I just want to know who they are. [...] At the end of the day, gender differences seem to me to be just a tiny, tiny drop in the great expanse of things that make people unique. Unique, not 'different', not 'other' merely another piece of that great teaming mass that makes up the wonderfully rich, thrillingly varied definition of 'humanity'."

[Playing Butch: Blog entry, February 24, 2014] #Quote by Kate Griffin
Turambar Blog quotes by Eric Bieller
#26. I firmly believe that every person can gain from owning an active blog and that those who don't will regret it. No matter the topic, a blog article is an asset and a part of your digital persona. The more content you put out there, the bigger your piece of the Internet becomes. So if you don't have a blog then put this book down immediately. Go create a free Wordpress or Tumblr account and start creating content. If you care about your online presence at all, a blog is mandatory. #Quote by Eric Bieller
Turambar Blog quotes by Timothy Ferriss
#27. The blog post I point people to the most is called 'First, Ten,' and it is a simple theory of marketing that says: tell ten people, show ten people, share it with ten people; ten people who already trust you and already like you. If they don't tell anybody else, it's not that good and you should start over. If they do tell other people, you're on your way." TO #Quote by Timothy Ferriss
Turambar Blog quotes by Kevin Spacey
#28. The audience has spoken, they want stories. They're dying for them. They're rooting for us to give them the right thing and they will talk about it, binge on it, carry it with them on the bus, and to the hairdresser, force it on their friends, tweet, blog, Facebook, make fan pages, silly gifs and god knows what else about it. #Quote by Kevin Spacey
Turambar Blog quotes by Carrie Underwood
#29. I talk to my fan club members, and I blog, and they know what's going on. But as far as Twitter, I'll be in a restaurant, and I'll get home, and somebody tweeted, and they talked about what I ordered and what I was wearing. In some cases, that could be dangerous, because you don't want everybody to know where you are every second of every day. #Quote by Carrie Underwood
Turambar Blog quotes by Nick Rynerson
#30. Have you ever read a wonderful quote that you want to post on your twitter/facebook/blog/whatever but you feel like it may come off as "not Christian enough" or just a little theologically lacking? #Quote by Nick Rynerson
Turambar Blog quotes by Taylor Grace
#31. Killing demons is like peeing on yourself; everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings. Annr, guard, Zearlach city. #Quote by Taylor Grace
Turambar Blog quotes by Ron Dawson
#32. The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful. #Quote by Ron Dawson
Turambar Blog quotes by Mark Cuban
#33. Make sure you are the boss. I don't think I would encourage executives that work for me to blog. There can be only 1 public vision for an organization. #Quote by Mark Cuban
Turambar Blog quotes by Robert Scoble
#34. Make a list of competitors who will be disrupted by you. You do have competitors, right? You are better, right? If not, why are you going to Disrupt? Post a blog post about them and what makes you different. #Quote by Robert Scoble
Turambar Blog quotes by David Silverman
#35. What I am doing is not giving religion respect that it wants but it doesn't deserve. I respect people; I respect humans. I do not respect religion. And I do not respect the idea that religion deserves respect. ["Atheist organizer takes 'movement' to nation's capital", Belief Blog (CNN), 23 March 2012] #Quote by David Silverman
Turambar Blog quotes by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
#37. As a senior editor at Tor Books and the manager of our science fiction and fantasy line, I rarely blog to promote specific projects I'm involved with, for reasons that probably don't need a lot of explanation. #Quote by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Turambar Blog quotes by Jason Wade
#38. I feel like there isn't as much mystery to music anymore. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. There definitely is no seperation anymore. Your connection with your fans is like two clicks away on a phone with a Twitter or a blog. I think that's a good thing. It's a new music industry. You're really connected with your fans. #Quote by Jason Wade
Turambar Blog quotes by J.A. Konrath
#39. We all need to focus on our writing. Because the millions of readers out there don't care about your blog. #Quote by J.A. Konrath
Turambar Blog quotes by Jake Lodwick
#40. To have a blog is to have some portion of your brain assigned to monitoring your audience. #Quote by Jake Lodwick
Turambar Blog quotes by Seth
#41. You don't launch a popular blog, you build one. The writing isn't the hard part, it's the commitment. #Quote by Seth
Turambar Blog quotes by Jason Calacanis
#42. If I said I was going to make a newsletter that made $2-$3 million a year, no one would question me. If I say, 'It's a blog,' everyone questions me. #Quote by Jason Calacanis
Turambar Blog quotes by Mitch Ellis
#43. Books were irreplaceable to me as a teenage trans person trying to figure out my identity. I bought or borrowed every one I could find, and the feeling of being reflected–as well as being challenged by learning how differently others live their lives–was integral to finding myself as a trans man. I believe many trans people still look to books to help them see themselves or expand their world. There's something more lasting, more visceral about interacting with a book full of narratives, rather than reading blog posts or advice columns online. There will always be a place for trans books. #Quote by Mitch Ellis
Turambar Blog quotes by James Knight - The Philosophical Muser Blog
#44. When it comes to the self in becoming, the greatest enrichment another person can bring to your life is the gift of enabling you to be yourself, and the influence of helping that self reach its full potential. With this comes the freedom for that real self to grow. Whether in the form of a friend, family member or a beloved, those who will be true blessings to us are those with whom we can diminish our social affectations, cast off our fears and insecurities, break free the shackles of unnaturalness that the social world brings to bear on us, and be freed from the yoke of impressing on others the artificial selves we create for the watching world. Stay close to the ones who can help bring out all the facets of the excellent self that's inside you - for then you will delight in the freedom to shine. #Quote by James Knight - The Philosophical Muser Blog
Turambar Blog quotes by Scott Adams
#45. Insanity is always a reasonable diagnosis when you're dealing with writers and artists. Sometimes the only real difference between crazy people and artists is that artists write down what they imagine seeing. In the past few decades, hardly a week has gone by without a reader of my blog questioning my mental health. I understand that; I've read my writing too. #Quote by Scott Adams
Turambar Blog quotes by Tucker Max
#46. I started my blog in 2002. That was pre-MySpace, pre-Facebook. That was back before newspapers realized they were going out of business. That was back when no one gave any credence to Internet writers. #Quote by Tucker Max
Turambar Blog quotes by Taylor Swift
#47. I think the reason a lot of celebrities feel insecure and want to stop eating altogether is because they see so many pictures of themselves on a daily basis. It's unhealthy how many times you see your own image - it's just constant. When you see something enough, you're going to tear it down to the point where some days you feel like you're not even pretty. I get insecure about my eyes because I once read a blog comment that said, "Her eyes are so small." I thought, Are my eyes small? Oh no - they are! #Quote by Taylor Swift

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