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Tschick Movie quotes by Ted Sarandos
#1. If you want to go out and see a movie and sit in a dark room with strangers, it's not an experience you can replicate at home. #Quote by Ted Sarandos
Tschick Movie quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#2. Billy looked at the clock on the gas stove. He had an hour to kill before the saucer came. He went into the living room, swinging the bottle like a dinner bell, turned on the television. He came slightly unstuck in time, saw the late movie backwards, then forwards again. It was a movie about American bombers in the Second World War and the gallant men who flew them. Seen backwards by Billy, the story went like this: American planes, full of holes and wounded men and corpses took off backwards from an airfield in England. Over France a few German fighter planes flew at them backwards, sucked bullets and shell fragments from some of the planes and crewmen. They did the same for wrecked American bombers on the ground, and those planes flew up backwards to join the formation.
The formation flew backwards over a German city that was in flames. The bombers opened their bomb bay doors, exerted a miraculous magnetism which shrunk the fires, gathered them into cylindrical steel containers, and lifted the containers into the bellies of the planes. The containers were stored neatly in racks. The Germans below had miraculous devices of their own, which were long steel tubes. They used them to suck more fragments from the crewmen and planes. But there were still a few wounded Americans, though, and some of the bombers were in bad repair. Over France, though, German fighters came up again, made everything and everybody as good as new.
When the bombers got back to their base, the #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Tschick Movie quotes by Mark Rubinstein
#3. Standing in the corner, leaning aginst the wall, is a fifth man.
If Grange is a Hummer, this guy's an 18-wheel Mack truck, thinks Roddy. Parked, with its engine idling. He reminds Roddy of Ivan Drago from that Rocky movie. The guy must stand six five and tip the scales at 270. Pure, rock-hard muscle. His crew-cut blond hair is slickly gelled; his face--especially those cheekbones and that lantern jaw--could be carved from granite. He, no doubt, spends counteless hours at some muscle emporium. Pure muscle, but probably clumsy; he would go down fast if Roddy drove a flurry of punches into his gut and face. A gold earring pierces the guy's left earlobe. The drape of the jacket on his Schwarzenegger shoulders shows a bulge on the left side. The guy's packing some serious hardware. Mack Truck stares blankly and stands rock-still, hands clasped in front of his gargantuan body. #Quote by Mark Rubinstein
Tschick Movie quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
#4. I wonder if the children of movie stars get this weird sense of disconnect I have now. The person on-screen looks like the woman who makes lemonade in our kitchen, but the words coming out of her mouth are alien. #Quote by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Tschick Movie quotes by Shea Hembrey
#5. I'm a contemporary artist with a bit of an unexpected background. I was in my 20s before I ever went to an art museum. I grew up in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road in rural Arkansas, an hour from the nearest movie theater. #Quote by Shea Hembrey
Tschick Movie quotes by Richard Corliss
#6. 'Noah' is about a man whose mission is to obliterate Earth's past and godfather its future. Replacing the word 'God' with 'Creator' and taking other scriptural liberties, the movie risks confusing those who don't take the Bible literally and alienating those who do. #Quote by Richard Corliss
Tschick Movie quotes by Manny Farber
#7. 'Henry V' is a great deal more than almost any other hell-bent-for-armor movie that you've seen. #Quote by Manny Farber
Tschick Movie quotes by J. B. Smoove
#8. There's book smart, there is street smart, there's relationship smart, there's too many different kinds of smarts to know all of them. Everybody doesn't know every kind of smart. There's money smart, there's movie smart, there's computer smart. There's just too many different kinds of smarts for people to know all the smarts. #Quote by J. B. Smoove
Tschick Movie quotes by Peter Jackson
#9. Aragorn: Gentlemen! We do not stop 'til nightfall.
Pippin: But what about breakfast?
Aragorn: You've already had it.
Pippin: We've had one, yes. But what about second breakfast?
[Aragorn stares at him, then walks off.]
Merry: Don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip.
Pippin: What about elevensies? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them, doesn't he?
Merry: I wouldn't count on it Pip. #Quote by Peter Jackson
Tschick Movie quotes by Marc Forster
#10. I always wanted to do an action movie, not particularly 'Bond.' #Quote by Marc Forster
Tschick Movie quotes by Dror Moreh
#11. One day I decided to move towards documentaries or to move to more directing in documentaries at this point in my career. Why documentaries? I also love fiction. I would love to direct a fiction movie as well. But I think where I come from, reality is so interesting and has in it so many good stories to tell, this is why I'm doing that. I'm enjoying that. #Quote by Dror Moreh
Tschick Movie quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#12. Bet you can't even name one romantic movie you like," she teased.
She felt smug when a few minutes went by and Oliver was still unable to name one romantic movie he could profess to enjoy.
The Empire Strikes Back," Oliver finally declared, tapping his horn at a Prius that wandered over the line.
The Empire Strikes Back? The Star Wars movie? That's not romantic!" Schuyler huffed, fiddling with the air conditioner controls.
Au contraire, my dear, it's very romantic. The last scene, you know, when they're about to put Han in that freezing cryogenic chamber or whatever? Remember?"
Schuyler mmm-hmmmed.
And Leia leans over the ledge and says, 'I love you.'"
That's cheesy, not romatic," Schuyler argued, although she did like that part.
Let me explain. What's romantic is what Han says back. Remember what he says to her? After she says 'I love you'?"
Schuyler grinned. Maybe Oliver had a point. "Han says, 'I know.'"
Exactly," Oliver tapped the wheel. "He doesn't have to say anything so trite as 'I love you." Because that's already understood. And that's romantic. #Quote by Melissa De La Cruz
Tschick Movie quotes by James Patterson
#13. If my life were a corny horror movie, and the heroine was lost and alone, trapped in an underwater cave, what would happen next? If you guessed, "She drops her flashlight, and it hits a rock and breaks, leaving her in utter darkness," you would be right. But I bet you didn't guess the part about an attack by a giant octopus. #Quote by James Patterson
Tschick Movie quotes by Justin Simien
#14. Unfortunately, 'post racism' is also a myth, like unicorns and black people who survive to the end of a horror movie. #Quote by Justin Simien
Tschick Movie quotes by Natasha Richardson
#15. I knew that for this movie to work it had to be very hot and very real, and it wasn't going to be a case of doing it Hollywood all covered with a nice little sheet. #Quote by Natasha Richardson
Tschick Movie quotes by Gina Rodriguez
#16. I felt very vulnerable after 'Sleeping with the Fishes'; I gained weight for the role. I felt a bit out of my skin in the movie, and it was hard to watch. #Quote by Gina Rodriguez
Tschick Movie quotes by Christopher Coe
#17. There will always be one final everything; the last word, of course, the last breath; there will be one last check you write, one last nap, one last artichoke.

There will be a last time you chop scallions, a last movie you will see, a last time you fly to Rome. It doesn't matter how many coins you leave in the fountain.

You will make one last photograph, and be photographed one final time by somebody else; there will be one last time you will walk on a particular street, one last time you will go out from your house or come back into it.

You will have one last dream, one last orgasm, one last cigarette. There will be one final time you will see or be seen by the man or the woman you have loved, or the people you have known, unless of course, you outlive them all, which is not likely.

You will lick one last stamp. You won't know it when you do. #Quote by Christopher Coe
Tschick Movie quotes by Ming-Na Wen
#18. I was hesitant to do 'Mulan II.' For me, I felt like the story that needed to be told, this legendary character of Mulan, was already encompassed in the first movie, and I was worried they would try to create this crazy cartoon character out of this legendary character of China. #Quote by Ming-Na Wen
Tschick Movie quotes by Jennifer Jason Leigh
#19. I'd much rather be in a movie that people have really strong feelings about than one that makes a hundred million dollars but you can't remember because it's just like all the others. #Quote by Jennifer Jason Leigh
Tschick Movie quotes by Noah Hathaway
#20. I don't want to sit and cry for an hour in a movie. I'd rather have an action or a comedy. #Quote by Noah Hathaway
Tschick Movie quotes by Orlando Bloom
#21. The process of making a movie is what I love. I thrive on that. It's an exciting miracle, a mad adventure. I love being part of it. #Quote by Orlando Bloom
Tschick Movie quotes by Tony Goldwyn
#22. I want to keep doing different things. I'd like to do a more personal, dramatic movie next, I think. But as long as it's about characters and good writing and good parts for actors, that's what's important. #Quote by Tony Goldwyn
Tschick Movie quotes by Josh Kilmer-Purcell
#23. Both of the twins exhibited a sort of prized Wisconsin Aryan-ness that excused them from blame for almost any caper. they looked liked the protagonists from a Disney movie but behaved like After School Specials. #Quote by Josh Kilmer-Purcell
Tschick Movie quotes by Todd Farmer
#24. It's a road movie [Valentine]. I mean, yes. We film it here and it takes place from basically Colorado to Louisiana. That's the road trip. So we're all over the place. We go through bits of Texas and bits of Oklahoma. #Quote by Todd Farmer
Tschick Movie quotes by June Allyson
#25. I always wanted to be a movie star. I thought it meant being famous and having breakfast in bed. I didn't know you had to be up at 4:00 a.m. #Quote by June Allyson
Tschick Movie quotes by Gabriel Mann
#26. I think you kind of hope for people to gush over movies, but I think the opposite way is great sometimes, too. I'd rather have a movie that you're angry about and that you're talking about the next day, than something you forget about when the popcorn goes into the trash. #Quote by Gabriel Mann
Tschick Movie quotes by Anyta Sunday
#27. Guess I'll have to crash here again with you," Wesley said with a grin.
"You planned it that way."
"Whatever would make you think that?" Lloyd's expression said 'really?' "You made us watch the 1964 movie Sleep. #Quote by Anyta Sunday
Tschick Movie quotes by Kari Jobe
#28. Not Today is definitely a movie that you have to see. #Quote by Kari Jobe
Tschick Movie quotes by Sonakshi Sinha
#29. I didn't intend to even become an actor. I was studying fashion, and I think acting just happened by chance. It really felt more like I was watching a movie from outside, like it was happening to someone else. It's been a great journey so far. #Quote by Sonakshi Sinha
Tschick Movie quotes by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
#30. There were times when I purposely didn't go to school because of Pearl Harbor Day, because certainly there was enough media about it every year to remind everybody. So when I heard they were going to make the movie, I thought, "Oh, no, please not another Pearl Harbor mention!" #Quote by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Tschick Movie quotes by Noah Galloway
#31. Once I got into college I didn't think about joining up again. But on September 11, 2001, everything changed. Now my country was under attack. We might go to war and I needed to be a part of that. My country needed me.
I just kept running until finally I stopped and realized I had run quite far from the house. And I was thirsty. I saw a gas station and headed that way. There were cars lined up all the way down the street to get gas. It looked like something out of a disaster movie. Everyone was freaking out. All of the people in the cars had the same terrified look on their faces.
I walked into the gas station convenience store, grabbed a Gatorade, and got in line. And then when I got to the counter I said the stupidest thing I could have said. The cashier was a Middle Eastern man and I said to him, "Business is good today, isn't it?"
He glared at me like I was the rudest, nastiest person on the planet. He didn't have to reply. His face said it all. Inside my head I was screaming, Why did you say that? I was so distraught over what I'd seen on the TV, about what was happening to my country, I think I had pulled up my imaginary shield and gone into emotional protection mode. It's what I do when I am upset or uncomfortable. #Quote by Noah Galloway
Tschick Movie quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#32. He looked exactly like a rat. Like the human being version of a rat. Like the villain in a Don Bluth movie. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Tschick Movie quotes by Ricky Gervais
#33. Hollywood is responsible for some of the greatest and worst movies of all time! #Quote by Ricky Gervais
Tschick Movie quotes by Garret Dillahunt
#34. You'll see a lot more blood in 'Saw' movies or something like that than you will in either of the 'Last House' movies. I kind of think it owes more to 'The Virgin Spring' which is the original source material, the Bergman movie. #Quote by Garret Dillahunt
Tschick Movie quotes by Karen M. McManus
#35. She's a princess and you're a jock," he says. He thrusts his chin toward Bronwyn, then at Nate. "And you're a brain. And you're a criminal. You're all walking teen-movie stereotypes. #Quote by Karen M. McManus

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