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True Friendship quotes by Marcelle Hinkson
#1. A true friend friendship is hard to find a true friend friendship is rare like an ancient gem #Quote by Marcelle Hinkson
True Friendship quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#2. What is so rewarding about friendship?" my son asked, curling his upper lip into a sour expression. "Making friends takes too much time and effort, and for what?"

I sat on the edge of his bed, understanding how it might seem simpler to go at life solo.

"Friendship has unique rewards," I told him. "They can be unpredictable. For instance...." I couldn't help but pause to smile crookedly at an old memory that was dear to my heart. Then I shared with my son an unforgettable incident from my younger years.

"True story. When I was about your age, I decided to try out for a school play. Tryouts were to begin after the last class of the day, but first I had to run home to grab a couple props for the monologue I planned to perform during tryouts. Silly me, I had left them at the house that morning. Luckily, I only lived across a long expanse of grassy field that separated the school from the nearest neighborhood. Unluckily, it was raining and I didn't have an umbrella.

"Determined to get what I needed, I raced home, grabbed my props, and tore back across the field while my friend waited under the dry protection of the school's wooden eaves. She watched me run in the rain, gesturing for me to go faster while calling out to hurry up or we would be late.

"The rain was pouring by that time which was added reason for me to move fast. I didn't want to look like a wet rat on stage in front of dozens of fellow students. Don't ask #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
True Friendship quotes by Nelson Mandela
#3. There is little to be said in favour of poverty, but it was often an incubator of true friendship. Many people will appear to befriend you when you are wealthy, but precious few will do the same when you are poor #Quote by Nelson Mandela
True Friendship quotes by Julian Fellowes
#4. How little Americans know when they disparage acquaintanceship in favour of real, true friendship. It is in acquaintanceship, bringing wiht it as it does delicious dinners, comfortable weekends, gossip shared in picturesque surroundings, but no real intimacy, no responsibility, that the greatest charm of social intercourse lies. #Quote by Julian Fellowes
True Friendship quotes by Michael Bassey
#5. People will walk in and walk out of your life, but the one whose footstep made a long lasting impression is the one you should never allow to walk out. #Quote by Michael Bassey
True Friendship quotes by Wesam Bader
#6. don't be afraid of back stabbing if you have true friends behind you #Quote by Wesam Bader
True Friendship quotes by Jaye L. Knight
#7. What joy to fully know and feel the bond of true friendship. #Quote by Jaye L. Knight
True Friendship quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#8. True friendship is when you are able to build walls of protection around your friends by dismissing every back biting towards them. #Quote by Euginia Herlihy
True Friendship quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
#9. But they were all full of surprises, he had come to learn. When they were young, they had only their secrets to give one another: confessions were currency, and divulgences were a form of intimacy. Withholding the details of your life from your friends was considered first a sort of mystery and then a kind of stinginess, one that it was understood would preclude true friendship. #Quote by Hanya Yanagihara
True Friendship quotes by William Hazlitt
#10. True friendship is self-love at second hand; where, as in a flattering mirror we may see our virtues magnified and our errors softened, and where we may fancy our opinion of ourselves confirmed by an impartial and faithful witness. #Quote by William Hazlitt
True Friendship quotes by St. Jerome
#11. True friendship ought never to conceal what it thinks. #Quote by St. Jerome
True Friendship quotes by Sarah Dessen
#12. True friendship is a promise you keep forever. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
True Friendship quotes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
#13. Convince people that you need them, and watch what they do. #Quote by Wayne Gerard Trotman
True Friendship quotes by Sharvani Akula
#14. Friendship is as great as a True Friend
And A True Friend is as great as True Friendship.
Quote by Sharvani Akula #Quote by Sharvani Akula
True Friendship quotes by Drexel Deal
#15. Listening to their argument made me aware of how empty my life was, and I hated the life I was living all the more. It was quite obvious to me this lady was deeply in love, for she was fighting for what she thought to be hers. Even though I was dating two females at the time, and stringing a third one along, yet I've yet to discover that kind of love. I guess this was why my favorite song was 'I wane be love', by the Jamaican reggae super star Buru Banton. #Quote by Drexel Deal
True Friendship quotes by Jacqueline Carey
#16. True friendship must be akin to romance, I think; only without all the anguish and anxiety. #Quote by Jacqueline Carey
True Friendship quotes by Seneca.
#17. But when you are looking on anyone as a friend when you do not trust him as you trust yourself, you are making a grave mistake, and have failed to grasp sufficiently the full force of true friendship. #Quote by Seneca.
True Friendship quotes by Sharon Osbourne
#18. We can go for weeks without talking to each other, but we never have to explain why we haven't been in touch. We simply pick up where we left off. That's true friendship. #Quote by Sharon Osbourne
True Friendship quotes by Richard Burton
#19. False friendship, like the ivy, decays and ruins the walls it embraces; but true friendship gives new life and animation to the object it supports. #Quote by Richard Burton
True Friendship quotes by Taya Kyle
#20. Whatever your gift is, bring it to someone else in their time of need. No gift---singing, writing, painting--is too small to share.

Give without expecting to get back.

People's greed will shock you. Their generosity will shock you more.

Be unconcerned with what others think of you. If you are a good person, someone will always love you, and someone will likely hate you, too.

If you punch someone in a bar, get it on video.

Be unapologetic about your faith in God, Country and Family.

Everyone grieves differently. Don't judge. And don't be afraid to ask about a loved one who has passed.

Don't expect perfection from anyone, especially yourself.

Learn when to let go of people who bring only pain.

Time and distance don't change true friendship.

There is far more good in the world than bad.

Don't have the first cigarette.

PTS is not an excuse for murder.

This country has many, many patriots in it; you are not alone.

Look for divinity everywhere--I promise you will see it.

Desperate people do desperate things.

Stress will age you.

Exercise relieves stress better than smoking.

When people lie about you, taking the high road can suck.

Pain does not have to consume you. When it's unavoidable, respect it and let it have its place in your life without letting it take over.

#Quote by Taya Kyle
True Friendship quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#21. That, they knew, was true friendship. And they knew, if you're lucky enough to find it, you hold on to it. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
True Friendship quotes by Richard Ford
#22. This is the only badge of true friendship I'm sure of: not to be curious. #Quote by Richard Ford
True Friendship quotes by C.S. Lewis
#23. We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private: and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
True Friendship quotes by Steve Marchand
#24. True friendship is not about what others can bring to you. It is not about having someone there for you when you need them. It is about what you can give to them and longing to be with them when they find themselves in need, all of which is repaid to you with the fulfillment of the promise that you will never be alone. #Quote by Steve Marchand
True Friendship quotes by Dorothy Allison
#25. I don't believe that there is any true friendship without a bond of honor, and the honor in friendship is the respect you give the other that she also gives you. #Quote by Dorothy Allison
True Friendship quotes by Tony C. Skye
#26. Living in the past is always a bad idea; yet, on some level I believe the ones we love, even though not part of our present, are the very definition of who we are, the driving force of what we aspire to be, and at the end of the day, the past we must look to in order to improve who we will become. After all, we do not learn from what has not happened, but what has been, and what we will choose to keep or leave behind. Friendship, true friendship is never blind, but it holds the value of forgiveness - separating what we may or may have not done within the realm of mistakes....seeking the outcome of making us into better people. #Quote by Tony C. Skye
True Friendship quotes by Steve Maraboli
#27. True friendship is rare. Don't let a little dispute ruin a friendship. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
True Friendship quotes by A.L. Davroe
#28. I want him to be with me because he likes being with me, not because he's forced to be with me or because he wants something from me. That's not how friendship should be." [Ellani] #Quote by A.L. Davroe
True Friendship quotes by Alejandro Jodorowsky
#29. Oh, Buenos Aires, I have traveled around the world, but I've never been separated from you," said Argentine poet Jorge Luis Borges. And Saint Thomas said, "A friendship that can end has never been a true friendship." In #Quote by Alejandro Jodorowsky
True Friendship quotes by Isabel Allende
#30. True friendship resists time, distance and silence. #Quote by Isabel Allende
True Friendship quotes by Eugene Kamenka
#31. All moral relationships are indissoluble according to their concept, as one can easily convince one's self by postulating their truth. A true state, a true marriage, a true friendship, and indissoluble. But no state, no marriage, no friendship corresponds completely to its concept... (Karl Marx) #Quote by Eugene Kamenka
True Friendship quotes by Kristian Goldmund Aumann
#32. True friendship is the best gift in life. #Quote by Kristian Goldmund Aumann
True Friendship quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#33. To give counsel, as well as to take it, is a feature of true friendship. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
True Friendship quotes by Angelica Hopes
#34. Cyber trolls' deceptive manipulative, political power play, duplicity and devious hypocrisy cannot equate to true friendship.~ Angelica Hopes, K.H. Trilogy #Quote by Angelica Hopes
True Friendship quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#35. True friendship exists when silence between two people is comfortable. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
True Friendship quotes by R.A. Salvatore
#36. There is a fine line between friendship and parenting, and when that line is crossed, the result is often disastrous. A parent who strives to make a true friend of his or her child may well sacrifice authority, and though that parent may be comfortable with surrendering the dominant position, the unintentional result will be to steal from that child the necessary guidance and, more importantly, the sense of security the parent is supposed to impart. On the opposite side, a friend who takes a role as parent forgets the most important ingredient of friendship: respect. For respect is the guiding principle of friendship, the lighthouse beacon that directs the course of any true friendship. And respect demands trust. #Quote by R.A. Salvatore
True Friendship quotes by August Von Platen-Hallermunde
#37. True love is deemed to be the most tender of our emotions, as even the blind and deaf know; but I know, what few believe, that true friendship is more tender still. #Quote by August Von Platen-Hallermunde
True Friendship quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#38. False friends can be bought, but true friendship is priceless. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
True Friendship quotes by Deanna Raybourn
#39. Because there is no power on earth that could make me abandon our friendship. There is no deed you could confess so dark that it would make me forsake you. You said of us once that we were quicksilver and the rest of the world mud. We are alike, shaped by Nature in the same mold, and whatever that signifies, it means that to spurn each other would be to spit in the face of whatever deity has seen fit to bring us together. We are the same, and to leave you would be to leave myself. #Quote by Deanna Raybourn
True Friendship quotes by Maya Banks
#40. True friendship has no boundaries. No parameters. And certainly has no conditions. #Quote by Maya Banks
True Friendship quotes by Tennessee Williams
#41. One man has one great true thing in his life. One great good thing that is true! #Quote by Tennessee Williams
True Friendship quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#43. Friendship is never established as an understood relation. It is a miracle which requires constant proofs. It is an exercise of the purest imagination and of the rarest faith! ... #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
True Friendship quotes by Sarah Ockler
#44. Emily, Megan, Jack, Luna, Patrick ... they helped me learn what true friendship is. It's never perfect, but it is important. #Quote by Sarah Ockler
True Friendship quotes by C.S. Lewis
#45. Those who cannot conceive Friendship as a substantive love but only as a disguise or elaboration of Eros betray the fact that they have never had a Friend. The rest of us know that though we can have erotic love and friendship for the same person yet in some ways nothing is less like a Friendship than a love-affair. Lovers are always talking to one another about their love; Friends hardly ever about their Friendship. Lovers are normally face to face, absorbed in each other; Friends, side by side, absorbed in some common interest. Above all, Eros (while it lasts) is necessarily between two only. But two, far from being the necessary number for Friendship, is not even the best. And the reason for this is important.
... In each of my friends there is something that only some other friend can fully bring out. By myself I am not large enough to call the whole man into activity; I want other lights than my own to show all his facets... Hence true Friendship is the least jealous of loves. Two friends delight to be joined by a third, and three by a fourth, if only the newcomer is qualified to become a real friend. They can then say, as the blessed souls say in Dante, 'Here comes one who will augment our loves.' For in this love 'to divide is not to take away. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
True Friendship quotes by Cecilia Dart-Thornton
#46. True friendship is worth more than can be measured,
a quality forever to be treasured.
True friends will staunchly stand beside each other,
as loyally brother shieldeth brother,
remaining firm in spite of war and strife,
in poverty or sickness, throughout life.
True friendship doth endure while comrades age
from boy to youth, from warrior to sage. #Quote by Cecilia Dart-Thornton
True Friendship quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#47. Alain Badiou was once seated amongst the public in a room where I was delivering a talk, when his cellphone (which, to add insult to injury, was mine
I had lent it to him) all of a sudden started to ring. Instead of turning it off, he gently interrupted me and asked me if I could talk more softly, so that he could hear his interlocutor more clearly ... If this was not an act of true friendship, I do not know what friendship is. So, this book is dedicated to Alain Badiou. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
True Friendship quotes by Anuj
#48. True friendship is an unconditional, unselfish, reciprocal service not by lips, but heart to never let its in-built trust to ever fall apart. #Quote by Anuj
True Friendship quotes by Stephen Lloyd Jones
#49. All friendships experiences challenges, periods of difficulty. But true friendships also endure. True friendships heal. ask yourself if this is a true friendship and I hope you'll agree that is what we have. #Quote by Stephen Lloyd Jones
True Friendship quotes by 'SON Of GOD' P.S.Jagadeesh Kumar
#50. The meaning of true friendship is irrespective of you and with effect from me #Quote by 'SON Of GOD' P.S.Jagadeesh Kumar
True Friendship quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#51. I really feel sorry for the many men who are surrounded by people who flatter them all the time. In Chinese we have a golden proverb: "The true friend is the one who shows you how to bow down. Because you cannot enter the cave of treasures without bowing at the opening. And the true enemy is the one who flatters you. Because you cannot enter the cave of treasures standing tall with pride." At the end of the day, it is those that flatter you who keep you away from the true treasures in your life. In the culture we all live in today, we are taught to surround ourselves by people "who believe in us". That is true to some extent. But in reality, there are many times when the people around us ought to slap us in the face because we are being idiots. This seems to be particularly prevalent amongst men. In their quest to build a kingdom, they surround themselves with peasants. But this is not how to build a kingdom. In order to build a kingdom, surround yourself with knights. True friends who will protect you, even if it means protecting you from your own wayward self. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
True Friendship quotes by Atifete Jahjaga
#52. The ideal of all Kosovo is membership in the E.U. and a permanent friendship with the United States. I believe and I am convinced our dreams will come true. #Quote by Atifete Jahjaga
True Friendship quotes by Nelson Mandela
#53. There is little favorable to be said about poverty, but it was often an incubator of true friendship. Many people will appear to befriend you when you are wealthy, but precious few will do the same when you are poor. If wealth is a magnet, poverty is a kind of repellent. Yet, poverty often brings out the true generosity in others. #Quote by Nelson Mandela
True Friendship quotes by Sallust
#54. To desire the same things and to reject the same things, constitutes true friendship.
[Lat., Idem velle et idem nolle ea demum firma amicitia est.] #Quote by Sallust
True Friendship quotes by Karen O
#55. When you train a horse on a daily basis, you're a part of the horse's movement, you're a part of his motion. Everything that the horse experiences is coming from you. There's a total connection
a true friendship
and the connection touches the soul completely. #Quote by Karen O
True Friendship quotes by Josh Grayson
#56. True friendship is when two friends can walk in opposite directions, yet remain side by side. #Quote by Josh Grayson
True Friendship quotes by Jean De La Fontaine
#57. Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer. #Quote by Jean De La Fontaine
True Friendship quotes by William Blake
#58. Opposition is true Friendship. #Quote by William Blake
True Friendship quotes by Plato
#59. The love of man to woman is a thing common and of course, and at first partakes more of instinct and passion than of choice; but true friendship between man and man is infinite and immortal.

–Plato- #Quote by Plato
True Friendship quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#60. With every true friendship, we build more firmly the foundations on which the peace of the whole world rests. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
True Friendship quotes by John Corey Whaley
#61. He accepted him for what he was. And that Data concluded, was true friendship. #Quote by John Corey Whaley
True Friendship quotes by Mikhail Lermontov
#62. I am not capable of true friendship. One of the two friends is always the slave of the other, although, often, neither of the two admits this to himself. #Quote by Mikhail Lermontov
True Friendship quotes by Jo Knowles
#63. I have this friend, Jake," Mr. Mitchell says, sitting on the edge of his desk. "One day, I needed a favor. It wasn't a big favor, but I called him and told him I needed something. Know what he said?"
We shake our heads.
"He said, 'Sure.' Before he eve knew what i was going to ask him. You know why?"
We shake our heads again.
"Because he trusted me not to ask him to do something he couldn't or wouldn't want to do. He knew that whatever i asked for, he would help me simply because he was my friend and I needed help. That's true friendship. #Quote by Jo Knowles
True Friendship quotes by Abhishek Sundarraman
#64. True Friendship is a bliss that no person should miss,As there can be only a handful in your life who can bestow it upon you no matter Who you are? Where you are? What you are? How you are? Always Hold on Tightly to them with the Ropes of Truth,Honesty and Trust #Quote by Abhishek Sundarraman
True Friendship quotes by Robin Friedman
#65. Reed: "I owe you big-time, Ronnie."
Ronnie: "You've been my best friend since kindergarten, Reed. I owe you big-time."
That's the kind of friend she is. #Quote by Robin Friedman
True Friendship quotes by E.A. Bucchianeri
#66. A true friend has your best interests at heart and the pluck to tell you what you need to hear. #Quote by E.A. Bucchianeri
True Friendship quotes by J.T. Geissinger
#67. A true friendship isn't based on what you think you can get out of it. It's based on respecting someone enough to let him be who he really is. A true friend is someone who says "I'm here for you" and proves it. #Quote by J.T. Geissinger
True Friendship quotes by Asi Wudu
#68. Bad friends are those who make you cry.
Good friends are those who understand why you're crying.
Best friends are those who do everything to stop you from crying. #Quote by Asi Wudu
True Friendship quotes by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
#69. A true friend encourages us, comforts us, supports us like a big easy chair, offering us a safe refuge from the world. #Quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
True Friendship quotes by Ami Riechman-Bennett
#70. Friendship is when you answer that friend request on Skype and text twenty random letters, that is true friendship. #Quote by Ami Riechman-Bennett
True Friendship quotes by Tonya Hurley
#71. A true friend is someone who is always there for you, with no agenda other than the friendship itself. We rely on our friends to lift us up in bad times, to keep us grounded in good times, but most importantly, to be there for us when we need nothing at all. #Quote by Tonya Hurley
True Friendship quotes by Colette
#72. My true friends always gave me this supreme proof of attachment: a spontaneous aversion to the men I loved. #Quote by Colette
True Friendship quotes by Stephen Richards
#73. True friendship never questions what it costs you. #Quote by Stephen Richards
True Friendship quotes by Ajay Yadav
#74. 1.Its a thumb rule- Men who fail in life has only one safe place to vent out their frustration and show their power... their wives
2.people persuading conversions are directly or indirectly threat to humanity. Had somebody not converted grandfather of Jinah, one million people would have not been slaughtered.
3.True friendship is not only thinking of your loss, it's about thinking of your friend's benefit
4.if any social or religious dogma harms any human physically, mentally, emotionally and financially then it is a matter of shame, not pride
5.the time has come when the people of this country(India)need to know "what is not their right #Quote by Ajay Yadav
True Friendship quotes by Michael Austin
#75. Classical philosophy holds that perpetual agreement with another person is incompatible with friendship. Because no two people can possibly agree on everything, someone who never expresses disagreement with you is acting insincerely - and true friendship requires sincerity above almost everything else. #Quote by Michael Austin
True Friendship quotes by Jason Lloyd
#76. As rare as true love actually is, true friendship is still harder to find. #Quote by Jason Lloyd
True Friendship quotes by Washington Irving
#77. When friends grow cold, and the converse of intimates languishes into vapid civility and commonplace, these only continue the unaltered countenance of happier days, and cheer us with that true friendship which never deceived hope, nor deserted sorrow. #Quote by Washington Irving
True Friendship quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#78. However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship. #Quote by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
True Friendship quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#79. A reformer cannot afford to have close intimacy with him whom he seeks to reform. True friendship is an identity of souls rarely to be found in this world. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
True Friendship quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#80. As for myself, I can only exhort you to look on Friendship as the most valuable of all human possessions, no other being equally suited to the moral nature of man, or so applicable to every state and circumstance, whether of prosperity or adversity, in which he can possibly be placed. But at the same time I lay it down as a fundamental axiom that "true Friendship can only subsist between those who are animated by the strictest principles of honour and virtue." When I say this, I would not be thought to adopt the sentiments of those speculative moralists who pretend that no man can justly be deemed virtuous who is not arrived at that state of absolute perfection which constitutes, according to their ideas, the character of genuine wisdom. This opinion may appear true, perhaps, in theory, but is altogether inapplicable to any useful purpose of society, as it supposes a degree of virtue to which no mortal was ever capable of rising. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
True Friendship quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
#81. The lust and attraction are often a given in a romance novel - I want to dig into the elements of true friendship that form a foundation for a solid, gonna-last-forever romantic relationship. #Quote by Suzanne Brockmann
True Friendship quotes by Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
#82. 15. In this great crush of egoism, a lot of people die.
16. Reflective neurons are reflected from the neurons of other people. When approaching danger, it's like glowing warning road signs of fear, in the pitch darkness of self-deception. All this is an empathy of fear, that very feeling when the feeling of true friendship, love, empathy in the claws of danger intensifies.
17. The pain of awareness, as if shot from a shotgun to the knee, you feel the infernal pain of insight, you feel the bloody taste of truth in your mouth. You can shout out all fear, but you will never be able to sober up from it to the end because fear is like saliva in your mouth. You are surrounded by a sound bomb, a lethal dose of the sound of laughter of the indifference of reality that will blow up the universe of mankind, you will only have a skeleton that will someday turn into a stone of eternal memory, flesh will grow flowers, and your spirit will turn into memoirs of planet earth.
18. The gloom of loneliness will give either holiness or madness. #Quote by Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
True Friendship quotes by Chantal Gadoury
#83. Popularity and true friendship are two different things. #Quote by Chantal Gadoury
True Friendship quotes by Richard G. Scott
#84. True friendship is like the asphalt of life. It fills in the potholes and makes the journey smooth. #Quote by Richard G. Scott
True Friendship quotes by Harry S. Truman
#85. It is organized as a fellowship of men, a system of morals, a philosophy taught by degrees through the use of symbol, story, legend, pictures, and drama. It has served as a center of union among differing backgrounds, cultures, and countries. It serves as the means of conciliating true friendship among persons, who, because of differences, must have otherwise remained at a perpetual distance. #Quote by Harry S. Truman
True Friendship quotes by HaaJar Johnson
#86. True friendship and Pure love outweigh money, fame or power in importance and is eternal currency for those who know its value... #Quote by HaaJar Johnson
True Friendship quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#87. True friendship can afford true knowledge. It does not depend on darkness and ignorance. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
True Friendship quotes by Christine Upton
#88. If only they could listen with their hearts & not their minds, maybe then they would understand that often times it's the emotions not spoken that are longing to be heard. #Quote by Christine Upton
True Friendship quotes by Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann
#89. True friendship brings a gentle touch of peace in your heart. #Quote by Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann
True Friendship quotes by Mother Teresa
#90. Don't expect your friend to be a perfect person. Help your friend to become a perfect person. That is true friendship #Quote by Mother Teresa
True Friendship quotes by Martin Uzochukwu Ugwu
#91. Honest criticism is a mark of true friendship but flattery leads astray. #Quote by Martin Uzochukwu Ugwu
True Friendship quotes by Marie De Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise De Sevigne
#92. True friendship is never serene. #Quote by Marie De Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise De Sevigne
True Friendship quotes by Joshua Harris
#93. The late Curt Cobain captured the attitude of today's culture with the line, "Here we are; now entertain us." I believe that, unfortunately, many Christians have made Cobain's line the refrain of their friendships.
In my opinion, our cultural obsession with entertainment is really just an expression of selfishness. The focus in entertainment is not producing something useful for the benefit of others but consuming something for the pleasure of self. And a friendship based on this self-serving, pleasure-seeking mind-set can easily slip into a similarly self-serving romantic relationship that meets the needs of the moment.
But when we shift our relationship orientation from entertainment to service, our friendships move from a focus on ourselves to a focus on the people we can serve. And here's the punch line: In service we find true friendship. In service we can know our friends in a deeper way than ever before. #Quote by Joshua Harris
True Friendship quotes by Abraham Cowley
#94. May I a small house and large garden have;
And a few friends,
And many books, both true. #Quote by Abraham Cowley
True Friendship quotes by Catiline
#95. Agreement in likes and dislikes- this, and this only, is what constitutes true friendship. #Quote by Catiline
True Friendship quotes by Sabrina Bryan
#96. Friendship is the complete explanation of what a Cheetah Girl is - if you have that true friendship, you can conquer anything you want. #Quote by Sabrina Bryan
True Friendship quotes by Linda Welch
#97. You don't unconditionally adore your friends every moment of every day. They can unintentionally hurt your feelings, or make you mad, or upset you by doing something you consider totally inappropriate. You take what they dish out because accepting they're not perfect is part of a true friendship. #Quote by Linda Welch
True Friendship quotes by Vera Nazarian
#98. Friends are a strange, volatile, contradictory, yet sticky phenomenon. They are made, crafted, shaped, molded, created by focused effort and intent. And yet, true friendship, once recognized, in its essence is effortless.
Best friends are formed by time.
Everyone is someone's friend, even when they think they are all alone.
If the friendship is not working, your heart will know. It's when you start being less than perfectly honest and perfectly earnest in your dealings. And it's when the things you do together no longer feel right.
However, sometimes it takes more effort to make it work after all.
Stick around long enough to become someone's best friend. #Quote by Vera Nazarian
True Friendship quotes by Lionel Suggs
#99. She is her own definition of beauty. She is pure. She is majestic; mystical even. Her smile is always rejuvenating. Her presence is always illuminating. She is magic in thought, and magic in sight. She takes away your free will, and forces you smile. She takes away your fatigue, and only gives you strength. She always rouses my soul and makes me stretch for more. I lose no words for her. I lose no heartbeats for her. I love her. I adore her. And I won't dance around her – I'll embrace her. You are a magnificent friend, and the long awaited dream come true. #Quote by Lionel Suggs
True Friendship quotes by Plato
#100. True friendship can exist only between equals. #Quote by Plato
True Friendship quotes by Moywaywa
#101. Good friends are like angels. You don't have to see them to know they are there for you. #Quote by Moywaywa
True Friendship quotes by Lauren Bjorkman
#102. True friendship is as rare as twin lotuses on a single stalk. #Quote by Lauren Bjorkman
True Friendship quotes by Wisdom Ogbuagu
#103. Every true friend will inspire you to aspire so that you don't expire before your time. From this book FRIENDSHIP 101 #Quote by Wisdom Ogbuagu
True Friendship quotes by Harriet Lerner
#104. The more we seek exclusivity in friendship, the more it becomes obligatory and the less likely it is to fulfill the wonderful vision of what true friendship can be. #Quote by Harriet Lerner
True Friendship quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#105. Friendship true is a vow of care.
A warm embrace when in despair.
A loving presence waiting there
to lift a heart, its burdens bear.

Friendship true is an earnest prayer.
A tongue of praise for one's welfare.
A smile 'mid laughs as light as air,
and thoughtfulness most kind and rare. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
True Friendship quotes by Eraldo Banovac
#106. True friendship is not burdened by anything. #Quote by Eraldo Banovac
True Friendship quotes by Jennifer Wilson
#107. A messy house is a must - it separates your true friends from other friends.
Real friends are there to visit you not your house! #Quote by Jennifer Wilson
True Friendship quotes by Mike Wehner
#108. True friendship is trading photos from toilets. It's a willingness to be vulnerable and stupid and irreverent in a way that other people can't accept and that you can't accept from other people. #Quote by Mike Wehner
True Friendship quotes by Philip McKernan
#109. A true friendship is one where you share both Philosophies and Vulnerabilities. #Quote by Philip McKernan
True Friendship quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#110. In true friendship, in which I am expert, I give myself to my friend more than I draw him to me. I not only like doing him good better than having him do me good, but also would rather have him do good to himself than to me; he does me most good when he does himself good. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
True Friendship quotes by Stephen King
#111. Friends don't spy; true friendship is about privacy, too. #Quote by Stephen King
True Friendship quotes by Evinda Lepins
#112. A true friendship is one that is strong enough to travel the two-lane highway of honesty! EL #Quote by Evinda Lepins
True Friendship quotes by Lucius Annaeus Seneca
#113. One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. #Quote by Lucius Annaeus Seneca
True Friendship quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#114. As uncommon a thing as true love is, it is yet easier to find than true friendship. #Quote by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
True Friendship quotes by Eraldo Banovac
#115. Do not choose friends who only flatter you, but who understand you. True friendship implies willingness to speak frankly, to point out the mistakes we made and to exchange opinions freely. #Quote by Eraldo Banovac
True Friendship quotes by Sallust
#116. To like and dislike the same things, this is what makes a solid friendship. #Quote by Sallust
True Friendship quotes by James Rachels
#117. Our triumphs seem hollow unless we have friends to share them, and our failures are made bearable by their understanding. #Quote by James Rachels
True Friendship quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
#118. The most holy band of society is friendship. It has been well said, by a shrewd satirist, "that rare as true love is, true friendship is still rarer. #Quote by Mary Wollstonecraft
True Friendship quotes by Pam Brown
#119. A friend is the only person you will let into the house when you are Turning Out Drawers. #Quote by Pam Brown
True Friendship quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#120. Don't hate people who show you what's wrong with you. They are your mirror, they are your true friends. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
True Friendship quotes by Sarah Jio
#121. The definition of a true friend is not someone who swoops in when you're going through a rough patch. True friendship is when someone can appreciate your happiness - celebrate your happiness, even when she's not necessarily happy herself. #Quote by Sarah Jio
True Friendship quotes by Dean Koontz
#122. At fifty-one, why would she choose to dispose of her house, uproot herself, and come here to be a part of your work if she didn't feel that, for the first time in her life, she was profoundly known for who she is, that she was at last cherished for who she truly is? #Quote by Dean Koontz
True Friendship quotes by Anonymous
#123. The end of the World depends on us. True friendship is the end of the World, the beginning of our play together. The secret is to begin at the end. #Quote by Anonymous
True Friendship quotes by E.R. Frank
#124. Secret Saturdays ought to be required reading at middle schools everywhere. Maldonado gives us both voice and heart. His young characters navigate a challenging world with endearing earnestness, lively style, and a heartening desire for true friendship and dignity. #Quote by E.R. Frank
True Friendship quotes by Mindy Kaling
#125. There are not many relationships more powerful than that of two women who fall fast and deep into a friendship. It was heartbreaking to be loved and left. #Quote by Mindy Kaling
True Friendship quotes by Garth Stein
#126. It makes one realize that the physicality if our world is a boundary to us only if our will is weak; a true champion can accomplish things that a normal person would think impossible. #Quote by Garth Stein
True Friendship quotes by William Shakespeare
#127. How true a twain
Seemeth this concordant one!
Love hath reason,
Reason none,
If what parts, can so remain. #Quote by William Shakespeare
True Friendship quotes by John Stamos
#128. People look at me and go, 'You must have it made. You have girls. You have a great life.' It's not true. I mean you pull the curtain away, and you see I'm just as insecure and neurotic and scared and vulnerable as anybody, you know. #Quote by John Stamos
True Friendship quotes by Thomas Healy
#129. If we conceive of free speech as promoting the search for truth - as the metaphor of "the marketplace of ideas" suggests - we should be troubled whether that search is hindered by public officials or private citizens. The same is true of democratic justifications for free speech. If the point of free speech is to facilitate the open debate that is essential for self-rule, any measure that impairs that debate should give us pause, regardless of its source. #Quote by Thomas Healy
True Friendship quotes by Erica Jong
#130. We assent to wifedom because we are so used to having someone to blame and so unused to freedom. We prefer self-punishment to the conquest of our fears. We prefer our anger to our freedom.
If women were totally conscious of the part of themselves that gives away power to men, the prediction of victory might prove true. But we are far from this self-knowledge. And we move further and further away as we retreat from the psychoanalytic model of the self. As long as we disclaim the importance of unconscious motivations, of the existence of the unconscious itself, we cannot root out the slave in ourselves. Freedom is hand to love. Freedom takes away all the excuses. #Quote by Erica Jong
True Friendship quotes by Marianne Williamson
#131. ...the more of us who understand the game and see through the lie and forge ahead in support of every other woman's right to a passionate response to life, the more we will hasten the end of our jail term. Women have been imprisoned for ages, and in our cells, our hearts, we have carried our true feelings like sleeping children, our spiritual issuance, our love. The prison walls are melting. We're almost out. And when we fly free, we will carry with us such gifts to the outside world. Our gifts haven't atrophied; they have grown in power. They have been waiting for centuries, and so have we.

Let's keep our eyes on the sky. They'll throw tomatoes; they'll lie about us and try to discredit us. When we rise, they'll try to undermine us. But when they do, we'll remember the truth and bless our enemies and find strength in God. The regime of oppression is almost over; its life force is waning, and only its ghost remains. Don't tarry too long to mourn its effects; celebrate and rejoice in the new. The past is over. Wipe the dirt off your feet. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
True Friendship quotes by IU
#132. Before, I was always the kid that was in the background. It was hard for me to get casted in even one program, and when people thought that I was a guest on a show for the first time when I had been on before, it saddened me. Suddenly getting the spotlight? That's! Not! True! #Quote by IU
True Friendship quotes by Suzy Kassem
#133. You discover your true faith when you start flowing with your conscience. After lessons, visions, and theories validate themselves to you, you build faith in that hypothesis/ feeling/ idea that originated from your own heart and mind - not that of others. Before you submit to any one religion, create your own and find which one out there resonates closest with the one already in your heart. This is the way to choose your faith. #Quote by Suzy Kassem
True Friendship quotes by Dirk Kempthorne
#134. In my public service, I treasure my friendship with law enforcement officers. I admire what they do and support them in every aspect of their job. I have always looked upon law enforcement officers as my friends. #Quote by Dirk Kempthorne
True Friendship quotes by Maimonides
#135. It is thus necessary to examine all things according to their essence, to infer from every species such true and well established propositions as may assist us in the solution of metaphysical problems. #Quote by Maimonides
True Friendship quotes by Beth Moore
#136. You must go to God's Word to know what is true about yourself. #Quote by Beth Moore
True Friendship quotes by Roshan Sharma
#137. The true meaning of life lies in learning. When you learn, you understand the things better, when you understand the things better, it reflects in your actions, and when your actions are right, according to the process of life, you are bound to receive the desired result. #Quote by Roshan Sharma
True Friendship quotes by Buddha
#138. To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him. #Quote by Buddha
True Friendship quotes by Shakti Gawain
#139. Creative power has to filter through our beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and habits. The more negative and constricted our beliefs and patterns are, the more they block the creative energy. Most people hope that by ignoring negativity, it will go away, but the reverse is actually true. Through recognizing, acknowledging, and experiencing it, the blocked energy can be released. You are then free to replace it with positive beliefs and attitudes. #Quote by Shakti Gawain
True Friendship quotes by Ellen G. White
#140. Religion will prove to the believer a comforter and a sure guide to the fountain of true happiness. #Quote by Ellen G. White
True Friendship quotes by Avijeet Das
#141. She asked me the definition of beauty. So I told her name in my reply! #Quote by Avijeet Das
True Friendship quotes by Bijou Hunter
#142. Life is about disappointments. Without the pain, how will we appreciate the good stuff?" "True. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
True Friendship quotes by Bram Stoker
#143. these books are my good friends #Quote by Bram Stoker
True Friendship quotes by Sarah Hall
#144. I don't like novels that tie everything up in a plot-y way. I always think that's not really true of life, particularly of people in power. #Quote by Sarah Hall
True Friendship quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#145. Follow your instincts. That's where true wisdom manifests itself. #Quote by Oprah Winfrey
True Friendship quotes by Cathy Hopkins
#146. There will always be people for and against you, and its pointless wasting time trying to win over some of the people who are against you. Spend time with people who are for you. Those realtionships are worth it. #Quote by Cathy Hopkins
True Friendship quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#147. True prayer is an approach of the soul by the Spirit of God to the throne of God. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
True Friendship quotes by Michael Crichton
#148. I believe the experiences reported in this book are reproducible by anyone who wishes to try.
I went to Africa. You can go to Africa. You may have trouble arranging the time or the money, but everybody has trouble arranging something. I believe you can travel anywhere if you want to badly enough.
And I believe the same is true of inner travel. You don't have to take my word about chakras or healing energy or auras. You can find about them for yourself if you want to. Don't take my word for it.
Be as skeptical as you like.
Find out for yourself. #Quote by Michael Crichton
True Friendship quotes by Nathan Hill
#149. about eighty percent of what you believe about yourself when you're twenty turns out to be wrong. The problem is you don't know what your small true part is until much later. #Quote by Nathan Hill
True Friendship quotes by John Green
#150. Being in a relationship, that's something you choose. Being friends, that's just something you are. [But] I do pick you. We've been friends too long to pick, but if we could pick, I'd pick you. #Quote by John Green
True Friendship quotes by Roberto Bolano
#151. Not only to myself or before the mirror or at the hour of my death, which I hope will be long in coming, but in the presence of my children and my wife and in the face of the peaceful life I'm building, I must acknowledge: (1) That under Stalin I wouldn't have wasted my youth in the gulag or ended up with a bullet in the back of my head. (2) That in the McCarthy era I wouldn't have lost my job or had to pump gas at a gas station. (3) That under Hitler, however, I would have been one of those who chose the path of exile, and that under Franco I wouldn't have composed sonnets to the caudillo or the Holy Virgin like so many lifelong democrats. One thing is as true as the other. My bravery has its limits, certainly, but so does what I'm willing to swallow. Everything that begins as comedy ends as tragicomedy. #Quote by Roberto Bolano
True Friendship quotes by Judy Cannato
#152. When we talk about the Universe Story we are talking about the acquisition of a totally new paradigm, one which overturns many of the patterns that we unconsciously believe to be true. There is not simply the addition of new metaphors and images, but the metaphors and images themselves flow out of a new consciousness inspired by a new awareness of the cosmos. #Quote by Judy Cannato
True Friendship quotes by Jim Butcher
#153. Thomas was an annoying wiseass who tended to make everyone he met want to kill him, and when I have that much in common with someone, I can't help but like him a little. #Quote by Jim Butcher
True Friendship quotes by David Lindsay-Abaire
#154. We have this myth that if you work hard, you can accomplish anything. It's not a very American thing to say, but I don't think that's true. It's true for a lot of people, but you need other things to succeed. You need luck, you need opportunity, and you need the life skills to recognize what an opportunity is. #Quote by David Lindsay-Abaire
True Friendship quotes by Georg Simmel
#155. Finally, the inner accessibility and reflectiveness of theoretical knowledge which cannot basically be withheld from anybody, as can certain emotions and volitions, has a consequence that directly offsets its practical results. In the first place, it is precisely because of their general accessibility that factors quite independent of personal capacities decide on the factual utilization of knowledge. This leads to the enormous preponderance of the most unintelligent 'educated' person over the cleverest proletarian. The apparent equality with which educational materials are available to everyone interested in them is, in reality, a sheer mockery. The same is true of the other freedoms accorded by the liberal doctrines which, though they certainly do not hamper the individual from gaining goods of any kind, do however disregard the fact that only those already privileged in some way or another have the possibility of acquiring them. For just as the substance of education - in spite of, or because of it general availability - can ultimately be acquired only through individual activity, so it gives rise to the most intangible and thus the most unassailable aristocracy, to a distinction between high and low which can be abolished neither (as can socioeconomic differences) by a decree or a revolution. Thus it was appropriate for Jesus to say to the rich youth: 'Give away your goods to the poor', but not for him to say: 'Give your education to the underprivileged'. There is no adva #Quote by Georg Simmel
True Friendship quotes by Rosie Thomas
#156. Things don't matter, people do #Quote by Rosie Thomas

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