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True Atheism quotes by Periyar E.V. Ramasamy
#1. Even those, who some time ago believed all the stories about God, that is who believed that divine power exists, have now come to be so ashamed of their own belief, hiding their ignorance, they are now struggling hard to prove those stories as scientifically true. #Quote by Periyar E.V. Ramasamy
True Atheism quotes by James Russell Lowell
#2. To put more faith in lies and hate than truth and love, is the true atheism. #Quote by James Russell Lowell
True Atheism quotes by Demosthenes
#3. A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true. #Quote by Demosthenes
True Atheism quotes by Andy Rooney
#4. I just wish this social institution [religion] wasn't based on what appears to me to be a monumental hoax built on an accumulation of customs and myths directed toward proving something that isn't true. #Quote by Andy Rooney
True Atheism quotes by Michel Onfray
#5. For the first time (but how long will it take us to acknowledge this?) in the history of ideas, a philosopher had dedicated a whole book to the question of atheism. He professed it, demonstrated it, arguing and quoting, sharing his reading and his reflections, and seeking confirmation from his own observations of the everyday world. His title sets it out clearly: Memoir of the Thoughts and Feelings of Jean Meslier; and so does his subtitle: Clear and Evident Demonstrations of the Vanity and Falsity of All the Religions of the World. The book appeared in 1729, after his death. Meslier had spent the greater part of his life working on it. The history of true atheism had begun. #Quote by Michel Onfray
True Atheism quotes by Robert Jordan
#6. To believe a thing is not to make it true. #Quote by Robert Jordan
True Atheism quotes by Deborah Tannen
#7. But if you parry individuals points - a negative and defensive enterprise - you never step back and actively imagine a world in which a different system of ideas could be true - a positive act. #Quote by Deborah Tannen
True Atheism quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#8. My joy is like Spring, so warm
it makes flowers bloom all over the Earth.
My pain is like a river of tears,
so vast it fills the four oceans.

Please call me by my true names,
so I can hear all my cries and laughter at once,
so I can see that my joy and pain are one. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
True Atheism quotes by Richard Dawkins
#9. I became a little alarmed at the number of my readers who took the meme more positively as a theory of human culture in its own right - either to criticize it (unfairly, given my original modest intention) or to carry it far beyond the limits of what I then thought justified. This was why I may have seemed to backtrack. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
True Atheism quotes by Joseph Leon Blau
#10. Since 1787 the principle of freedom of religion has been attacked but never overthrown. Keeping education in the United States free of sectarian influence has long been one of the primary struggles of believers in freedom of religion. #Quote by Joseph Leon Blau
True Atheism quotes by Alice   Miller
#11. True autonomy is preceded by the experience of being dependent. True liberation can be found only beyond the deep ambivalence of infantile dependence. #Quote by Alice Miller
True Atheism quotes by Emily Dickinson
#12. The worm doth woo the mortal, death claims a living bride,
Night unto day is married, morn unto eventide,
Earth a merry damsel, and heaven a knight so true,
And Earth is quite coquettish, and beseemeth in vain to sue. #Quote by Emily Dickinson
True Atheism quotes by Charles Yang
#13. Language guardians have often blamed linguists as defenders of bad language: moral and cultural relativism is often tossed in at no extra charge. We as a profession are supposedly promoting the idea that anything goes in grammar... But no, we have never said anything goes in grammar. (...) When it comes to the proper use of language, universal grammar is the ultimate authority. It is not about what rules are deemed reasonable or popular; it is about what rules are true. And one sign for a true rule is that it appears in young children, long before they are polluted by dubious grammatical advice. #Quote by Charles Yang
True Atheism quotes by Francis Bacon
#14. But the greatest error of all the rest is the mistaking or misplacing of the last or farthest end of knowledge: for men have entered into a desire of learning and knowledge, sometimes upon a natural curiosity and inquisitive appetite; sometimes to entertain their minds with variety and delight; sometimes for ornament and reputation; and sometimes to enable them to victory of wit and contradiction; and most times for lucre and profession; and seldom sincerely to give a true account of their gift of reason, to the benefit and use of men ... #Quote by Francis Bacon
True Atheism quotes by Mary Roach
#15. Religion says that your soul goes to heaven or possibly to a seven-tiered garden, or that your soul is reincarnated into a new body, or that you lie around in your coffin clothes until the Second Coming. And, of course, only one of these can be true. Which means that for millions of people, religion will turn out to have been a bum steer as regards the hereafter. (13) #Quote by Mary Roach
True Atheism quotes by Washington Irving
#16. To the traveller imbued with a feeling for the historical and poetical, so inseparately interwined in the annals of romantic Spain, the Alhambra is a much an object of devotion as is the Caaba to all true Moslems. How many legends and traditions, true and fabulous, - how many songs and ballards, Arabian and Spanish, of love and war and chivalry, are associated with this Oriental pile! #Quote by Washington Irving
True Atheism quotes by Karl Rahner
#17. How often I have found that we grow to maturity not by doing what we like, but by doing what we should. How true it is that not every 'should' is a compulsion, and not every 'like' is a high morality and true freedom. #Quote by Karl Rahner
True Atheism quotes by Tatiana De Rosnay
#18. She couldn't imagine why there was such a difference between those children and her. She couldn't imagine why she and all these other people with her had to be treated this way. Who decided this, and what for? #Quote by Tatiana De Rosnay
True Atheism quotes by Donald Jans
#19. I'm not sure who faked their orgasm first, but thankfully it was over rather quickly. #Quote by Donald Jans
True Atheism quotes by George Santayana
#20. Life is judged with all the blindness of life itself. #Quote by George Santayana
True Atheism quotes by Jack Kevorkian
#21. Dying is not a crime. #Quote by Jack Kevorkian
True Atheism quotes by Annie Besant
#22. No philosophy, no religion, has ever brought so glad a message to the world as this good news of Atheism. #Quote by Annie Besant
True Atheism quotes by Russell Kirk
#23. True conformity to the dictates of nature requires reverence for the past and solicitude for the future. 'Nature' is not simply the sensation of the passing moment; it is eternal, though we evanescent men experience only a fragment of it. We have no right to imperil the happiness of posterity by impudently tinkering with the heritage of humanity. #Quote by Russell Kirk
True Atheism quotes by Laurence Overmire
#24. To be compassionate requires great strength of character. It is never weakness. The people who stand for compassion and love often do so at the risk of their own lives. They are the people we admire most who remain true to themselves at all costs and true to the highest principles of human decency in the face of unspeakable cruelty. #Quote by Laurence Overmire
True Atheism quotes by Khoi Vinh
#25. I think a lot more people are able to take on a design challenge than ever before. And this was true 20 years ago when the desktop publishing revolution came about that allowed people with Macintosh's at home to produce professional-looking newsletters or publications for the first time. So, there's a long march toward more democratization for design. #Quote by Khoi Vinh
True Atheism quotes by Robert L. Park
#26. All of science is built on territory once occupied by gods. Is there some boundary at which science is supposed to stop? #Quote by Robert L. Park
True Atheism quotes by Natalia Ginzburg
#27. Human relationships have to be rediscovered every day. We have to remember constantly that every kind of meeting with our neighbor is a human action and so it is always evil or good, true or deceitful, a kindness or a sin. #Quote by Natalia Ginzburg
True Atheism quotes by Avijeet Das
#28. Some people stay permanently in my heart! #Quote by Avijeet Das
True Atheism quotes by Sara Teasdale
#29. Old love, old love, / How can I be true? / Shall I be faithless to myself / Or to you? #Quote by Sara Teasdale
True Atheism quotes by Henry B. Eyring
#30. For us to know that the Book of Mormon is true, we must read it and make the choice found in Moroni: pray to know if it is true. When we have done that, we can testify from personal experience to our friends that they can make that choice and know the same truth. #Quote by Henry B. Eyring
True Atheism quotes by Philip Sidney
#31. Who doth desire that chaste his wife should be, first be he true, for truth doth truth deserve. #Quote by Philip Sidney
True Atheism quotes by Terry Pratchett
#32. People said that there was one law for the rich and one law for the poor, but it wasn't true. There was no law for those who made the law, and no law for the incorrigibly lawless. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
True Atheism quotes by Henry M. Morris
#33. Evolution is the root of atheism, of communism, nazism, behaviorism, racism, economic imperialism, militarism, libertinism, anarchism, and all manner of anti-Christian systems of belief and practice. #Quote by Henry M. Morris
True Atheism quotes by Harriet Jacobs
#34. I am aware that some of my adventures may seem incredible; but they are, nevertheless, strictly true. I #Quote by Harriet Jacobs
True Atheism quotes by Katie Henry
#35. I believe in love. I believe in the love Lucy shows me, the kind I'll try hard to give back to her in full. I believe in things I can't put into words, but things I know to be true.
I believe in us. I believe in this.
Amen. #Quote by Katie Henry
True Atheism quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#36. I advise everyone to choose a religion based upon the beauty that the religion has brought to the world. There is much to be said about every religion, there is much evil in history written about every religion, and at the end of the day, you're only going to find out which one works after you're dead and if you're lucky, that won't happen soon! Simply put, you believe in the things that you believe in right now, because you were indoctrinated with fear from a very young age, forward. You fear straying a path that you were told you should walk on. So what path should you really walk on? Walk on the path that has created, is creating, and will be creating - beauty. The only real sign of anything worthwhile, is beauty. The true religion is the belief in what is beautiful. So if something creates a beauty in your heart and in the world - walk that path. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
True Atheism quotes by Bryant McGill
#37. The true creator-self is a light-at-heart and care-free child, who accesses destiny as a simple act of joyful play. #Quote by Bryant McGill
True Atheism quotes by Otsuichi
#38. I thought about my death. It was not just a matter of stopping. It would be a parting from all there was in this world, even a parting from myself. And this would still be true no matter how much I loved something. This is what made death so terribly sad. #Quote by Otsuichi
True Atheism quotes by Poise
#39. Love is a sensual battle,once you get wounded, the scar is perennial. "True love is hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to Forget #Quote by Poise
True Atheism quotes by Mark Twain
#40. What is the chief end of man?-to get rich. In what way?-dishonestly if we can; honestly if we must. Who is God, the one and only true? Money is God. Gold and Greenbacks and Stock-father, son, and ghosts of same, three persons in one; These are the true and only God, mighty and supreme. #Quote by Mark Twain
True Atheism quotes by Alexander Berkman
#41. War paralyzes your courage and deadens the spirit of true manhood. #Quote by Alexander Berkman
True Atheism quotes by Joe Schreiber
#42. After what happened with Valerie "Santamaria" Statham, I had expected his stress level to go through the roof, but true to his habit of surprising everybody, he tendered his resignation and just walked away "to pursue other opportunities". #Quote by Joe Schreiber
True Atheism quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#43. 98% of the things said by a drunk man are true; 98% of those said by a horny man aren't. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
True Atheism quotes by Nicky Whelan
#44. It's such a process to get a show off the ground initially. And then, to already have a second season announced is a dream come true for any actor. #Quote by Nicky Whelan
True Atheism quotes by Terry Pratchett
#45. Why do you help these strangers?" she asked Tiffany now. "They are not of your clan. You owe them nothing."

"Well," said Tiffany, "although they are strangers, I simply think of them as people. All of them. And you help other people--that's how we do it."

"Does every person do it?" said Nightshade.

"No," said Tiffany. "Sadly, that is true. But many people will help other people, just because, well, because they are other people. That's how it goes. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
True Atheism quotes by Socrates
#46. True perfection is a bold quest to seek. Only the willing and true of heart will seek the betterment of many. #Quote by Socrates
True Atheism quotes by Magen McMinimy
#47. I knew you'd come around" Bain mused.
"Excuse me?" Izzy asked irritated by his smug tone, but she had been totally checking him out.
"You see something you like sweetheart, I can tell." He smirked.
"You are incredibly arrogant" she accused.
"True. #Quote by Magen McMinimy
True Atheism quotes by Chris Hedges
#48. We've bought into the idea that education is about training and "success", defined monetarily, rather than learning to think critically and to challenge. We should not forget that the true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers. A culture that does not grasp the vital interplay between morality and power, which mistakes management techniques for wisdom, which fails to understand that the measure of a civilization is its compassion, not its speed or ability to consume, condemns itself to death. #Quote by Chris Hedges
True Atheism quotes by Deyth Banger
#49. If Mistery, Crime, Horror, True Crime, SuperNature, Fiction, Non-FIcition and many other categoris if they didn't exist, and people didn't find a way to relax. Nobody will be never on the way to reach the place where almost a lot of are now, people don't want normal life they want to view the life through a killer. #Quote by Deyth Banger
True Atheism quotes by Karen Armstrong
#50. The new atheists show a disturbing lack of understanding of or concern about the complexity and ambiguity of modern experience, and their polemic entirely fails to mention the concern for justice and compassion that, despite their undeniable failings, has been espoused by all three of the monotheisms.

Religious fundamentalists also develop an exagerrated view of their enemy as the epitome of evil. This tendency makes critique of the new atheists too easy. They never discuss the work of such theologians as Bultmann or Tillich, who offer a very different view of religion and are closer to mainstream tradition than any fundamentalist. Unlike Feurerbach, Marx and Freud, the new atheists are not theologically literate. As one of their critics has remarked, in any military strategy it is essential to confront the enemy at its strongest point; failure to do so means that their polemic remains shallow and lacks intellectual depth. It is also morally and intellectually conservative. Unlike Feurerback, Marx, Ingersoll or Mill, these new Atheists show little concern about the poverty, injustice and humiliation that has inspired many of the atrocities they deplore; they show no yearning for a better world. Nor, like Nietzsche , Sartre or Camus, do they compel their readers to face up to the pointlessness and futility that ensue when people lack the resources to create a sense of meaning. They do not appear to consider the effect of such nihilism on people who do not have priv #Quote by Karen Armstrong
True Atheism quotes by Pauline Creeden
#51. Independence is counterfeit freedom. We think if we can make all our own choices and do our own thing, we will be free. But the opposite is true. By trying to be independent, we are attempting to take God's place as the ruler of our lives. We can never succeed at creating happiness because we are the created, not the Creator. #Quote by Pauline Creeden
True Atheism quotes by Ilona Andrews
#52. Nothing kills a party like an oversize metal hedgehog. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
True Atheism quotes by Robin Marantz Henig
#53. The real thing young people should fear is missing out on those few, true, long-term friendships that make for a richer, happier life. #Quote by Robin Marantz Henig
True Atheism quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#54. Platitudes? Yes, there are platitudes. Platitudes are there because they are true. #Quote by Margaret Thatcher
True Atheism quotes by George R R Martin
#55. I know that sounds too earnest, but it's true. I mean, I would rather be a librarian, but I worry about the job security. Books may be temporary; dicks are forever. #Quote by George R R Martin

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