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Tripathy Lab quotes by Rebecca Skloot
#1. In 1999 the RAND Corporation published a report (the first and, so far, last of its kind) with a "conservative estimate" that more than 307 million tissue samples from more than 178 million people were stored in the United States alone. This number, the report said, was increasing by more than 20 million samples each year. The samples come from routine medical procedures, tests, operations, clinical trials, and research donations. They sit in lab freezers, on shelves, or in industrial vats of liquid nitrogen. They're stored at military facilities, the FBI, and the National Institutes of Health. #Quote by Rebecca Skloot
Tripathy Lab quotes by Anonymous
#2. What's the difference between a B Corp and a benefit corporation? It's a confusing but important distinction. B Corp is the name given to companies that have been certified by B Lab. A benefit corporation, meanwhile, is a legal status conferred by one of 27 states (plus the District) that have passed legislation allowing a new class of corporation. When companies incorporate #Quote by Anonymous
Tripathy Lab quotes by Abraham Maslow
#3. If you treat your children at home in the same way you treat your animals in the lab, your wife will scratch your eyes out. My wife ferociously warned me against experimenting on her babies. #Quote by Abraham Maslow
Tripathy Lab quotes by Faraaz Kazi
#4. Rahul did not realise the fluttering of the pigeons that so often disturbed everyone in the lab, by darting in and out of the ventilators. He did not realise the long, loud bell that went off, signalling the end of the last lecture, nor did she! They were living in the same moment, the same time, the same feeling, the same thought. Everything had slowed down to that moment. It was as if everything had stopped and all that existed were two people bound to each other by a string of feelings, two young people finally realising what life really meant and what they were supposed to do – love as one! #Quote by Faraaz Kazi
Tripathy Lab quotes by Chanel Cleeton
#5. I want a little girl with your smile and your smarts. I want Christmases and birthdays and a chocolate Lab who wears an American flag bandana that you name after a political philosopher or something. We can even include him in the family campaign photos. #Quote by Chanel Cleeton
Tripathy Lab quotes by Nicole Krauss
#6. Once, coming out of the cool, dark lab into the heat of the desert sun, he'd briefly wondered if the emptiness he'd been so staunchly guarding was, not the absence of memory, but actually a memory itself: a recollection of the blazing white potential that had existed before he was born. The emptiness an infant possesses in the very first moments, when consciousness begins like the answer to a question never asked. #Quote by Nicole Krauss
Tripathy Lab quotes by Kiersten White
#7. I felt the exact same way.But if it helps,you look much cuter freaking out than I ever did."
I peeked out through my hands."But what if I don't get in?"
He wrapped his arms around me. "No more worrying about it.You'll get in."
"Good.Someone needs to keep an eye on you and that dirty little dyrad of a lab assistant."
He laughed,squeezing me until I couldn't breathe. "Why would I ever want a lusty tree nymph when I could have a hyperventilating Evie? #Quote by Kiersten White
Tripathy Lab quotes by Jarod Kintz
#8. Every man has a soul, but will every man's clone have a soul? No, because me and some scientists will have sucked them out in the lab. Why sell your soul to the devil, when you can sell your clone's soul? #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Tripathy Lab quotes by Robert Crais
#9. She blushed and we went into a small lab that looked not unlike a doctor's office and smelled of naphtha. A black Formica counter ran along one wall with a shelf of little bottles above it and three light trays. A single steel sink was sunk into the counter, with a binocular microscope on one side of it and a large magnifying glass on a gooseneck stand on the other. Modern crime fighting at its cutting-edge finest. #Quote by Robert Crais
Tripathy Lab quotes by Jonathan Ames
#10. Then between Sixth Street and Seventh Street, my mood was vastly improved when I passed a good-looking dog, a dark brown Lab. We locked eyes for a moment - two lovers from a former life reunited - and I felt quite happy. #Quote by Jonathan Ames
Tripathy Lab quotes by Megan Abbott
#11. It's just nature," I point out, wiping my lab bench, the sweet smell of the ethanol solvent. "Put animals in a small, closed space, and the one with the sharpest nails, the pointiest teeth wins."
He gins. "Or maybe it's just like musical chairs?"
It's a luxury to view it so lightly. But I nod. It's best never to let them see your teeth. #Quote by Megan Abbott
Tripathy Lab quotes by P.M.S. Blackett
#12. A first-rate laboratory is one in which mediocre scientists can produce outstanding work. #Quote by P.M.S. Blackett
Tripathy Lab quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#13. Be there, or Mal will find you," he said to his squat little lab partner, Le Fou Deux, as they both dissected a frog that would never turn into a prince in Unnatural Biology class. "Be there, or Mal will find you and ban you from the city streets," he whispered to the Gastons as they took turns stuffing each other in doomball nets in PE. #Quote by Melissa De La Cruz
Tripathy Lab quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#14. THE OLD LAB was not used for anything much except detention. But there was still a faint smell of old science clinging to it, from generations of experiments which had gone wrong. #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones
Tripathy Lab quotes by Sara Wolf
#15. Yes, because I want to turn my vagina into a gonorrhea culture lab. #Quote by Sara Wolf
Tripathy Lab quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#16. Part 2
Etienne: I cheated on her every day. In my mind, I thought of you in ways I shouldn't have, again and again. She was nothing compared to you. I've never felt this way about anybody before…

Anna: But…

Etienne: The first day of school. We weren't physics partners by accident. I saw Professeur Wakefield assigning lab parnters based on where people were sitting, so I leaned forward to borrow a pencil form you at just the right moment so he'dt think we were next to each other. Anna, I wanted to be your partner the first day.

Anna: But …

Etienne: I bought you love poetry! „I love you as certain dark things are loved, secretly, between the shadow and the soul." Neruda. I starred the pasasge. God. Why didn't you open it?

Anna: Because you said it was for school

Etienne: I said you were beautiful. I slept in your bed!

Anna: You never made a move! You had a girlfriend!

Etienne: No matter what a terrible boyfriend I was, I wouldn't actually cheat on her.
But I thought you'd know. With me being there, I thought you'd know.

Anna: How could I know if you never said anything?

Etienne: How could I know if you never said anything?

Anna: You had Ellie!

Etienne: You had Toph! And Dave! Anna. I'm sorry for what happened in Luxembourg Gardens. Not because of the kiss – I've never had a kiss like that in my life – but because I didn't tell you why I #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Tripathy Lab quotes by Megan Abbott
#17. What lies behind two such expert poker faces? I wonder. For different reasons, for reasons professional or emotional, they likely have spent most or all of their lives wearing masks, cool and aloof and impenetrable. It serves them in the lab, in the research community, in our profession. It serves them, period.
Not me. Not me. #Quote by Megan Abbott
Tripathy Lab quotes by Jeffrey Kluger
#18. Identical twins are ideal lab specimens for studying the difference between learned and inherited traits since they come from the womb preloaded with matching genetic operating systems. Any meaningful differences in their behaviors or personalities are thus likely to have been acquired, not innate. #Quote by Jeffrey Kluger
Tripathy Lab quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#19. I went on into the lab. Robert and Renny were both there, standing uncertainly together and looking as if they didn't quite know what their characters would do when the eye-fucker struck again, and didn't really want to hear anybody tell them. I told them anyway. "Let's go," I said. They both blinked at me like uncertain owls. "Go?" Robert said. Renny licked his lips. "Crime scene," I said. "Nothing like it for learning about crime scenes." They looked at each other like they were both hoping the other would come up with a really good way to suggest we go for coffee instead, but neither of them did, and so we followed Vince downstairs and out of the building. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Tripathy Lab quotes by Rachel Caine
#20. You humans, always eating. I'll make you soup. You can eat it while you keep working." Myrnin set aside his book and walked into the back of the lab.
"Don't use the same beaker you used for poisons!" Claire yelled after him. He waved a pale hand. "I mean it! #Quote by Rachel Caine
Tripathy Lab quotes by Ingrid Newkirk
#21. That's what the Nazis did, isn't it? Treated those "others" they thought subhuman by making them lab subjects and so on. Even the Nazis didn't eat the objects of their derision. #Quote by Ingrid Newkirk
Tripathy Lab quotes by Jeff Vespa
#22. I was fooling around one day and looking at Yahoo! Jobs. I typed in "photo" and, of course, what comes up is "One hour photo lab" or "Be a photographer in Disneyland" or jobs that no one really wants as a photographer. I saw, by chance, this ad that said, "Wanted: Photographer for premieres and Hollywood events" and I thought, "This can not be real. This is ridiculous. No one advertizes this!" I was really suspect about it. #Quote by Jeff Vespa
Tripathy Lab quotes by Rachel Caine
#23. She can go with us to the lab and keep Myrnin pinned down while we pull the plug, if he's not ... you know, better."
"Define BETTER with that guy."
"Not all fangs and raaaaar. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Tripathy Lab quotes by Alessia Dickson
#24. Oh you are especially priceless, he said motioning to Haven and I, widening the expanse of his grin. First you two break into my office... Haven stiffened and we briefly made eye contact. And then all four of you break into my lab. Quite a nosey lot aren't you? #Quote by Alessia Dickson
Tripathy Lab quotes by Lia Habel
#25. The doc watched her go, and then said, very softly, "don't let it happen."
Samedi yanked his head back on, and once it was in place, looked at me very seriously. "Just ... don't let it happen."
He shuffled off into the other lab then, leaving me to stew in his words. #Quote by Lia Habel
Tripathy Lab quotes by Annalee Newitz
#26. With enough money and international coordination, we can push incoming asteroids out of Earth's path. We might even be able to bring back extinct animals in the lab. The problem really isn't scientific - it's cultural. We aren't yet able to coordinate ourselves as a global civilization to do something simple like bring food to a famine-stricken region. We can actually use current satellite technologies to predict where famine will strike next, but we can't get food there - usually for political reasons. #Quote by Annalee Newitz
Tripathy Lab quotes by Holly Madison
#27. I don't get jealous of other girls, because I was ... raised in a cloning lab to be the perfect woman for Hugh M. Hefner, so, other than the fact that my I.Q.'s probably a little higher than he would like, I have nothing to worry about. #Quote by Holly Madison
Tripathy Lab quotes by Rysa Walker
#28. After a few miles, I push play and the audiobook starts. It might be nice to ride through the night, believing in magic for a while, magic of either the Hogwarts variety or the Muggle sort that will keep Daniel alive.
But Aaron and Taylor must have been in the car a lot over the last few days, because they're way past the point where we left off. And I'd forgotten how dark this one is at the end. They're past the Ministry of Magic and back at Hogwarts now, where Dumbledore and Harry are arguing about Voldemort. About Voldemort crawling inside Harry's head and trying to control him.
Way too close to what happened in the lab for comfort.
Deo and I both reach to turn it off at the same time. #Quote by Rysa Walker
Tripathy Lab quotes by Erin McCarthy
#29. kind of like him faithful and into girls, specifically me." Aubrey and I had been friends first, paired together in a bio lab as freshmen, and through her, I had met Ethan. It had started out between us as a quiet friendship but had grown into something #Quote by Erin McCarthy
Tripathy Lab quotes by Sheldon Lee Glashow
#30. From an early age, I knew I would become a scientist. It may have been my brother Sam's doing. He interested me in the laws of falling bodies when I was ten and helped my father equip a basement chemistry lab for me when I was fifteen. I became skilled in the synthesis of selenium halides. #Quote by Sheldon Lee Glashow

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