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Trials And Victories quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#1. God will give us strength to overcome the trials sent into our lives and will give us victory in every situation #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Trials And Victories quotes by Gary Patton
#2. Failure's Only R-E-A-L Second Chance Is Jesus! He offers another chance EVERY time you fall down and even empowers your getting back up as He guarantees at To gain this privilege in the dirty here and now, please redeem the FREE gift coupon you'll discover at Jesus really is R-E-A-L (Relational-Engaging-Authentic-Life-giving!) " ~ © gfp '42™ #Quote by Gary Patton
Trials And Victories quotes by Ian Botham
#3. Soccer and cricket were my main sports growing up. I had trials as a soccer player with a few clubs interested, Crystal Palace being one, but it was cricket which became my chosen profession. #Quote by Ian Botham
Trials And Victories quotes by Christopher Fry
#4. Who apart from ourselves, can see any difference between our victories and our defeats? #Quote by Christopher Fry
Trials And Victories quotes by Henry Markram
#5. A meticulous virtual copy of the human brain would enable basic research on brain cells and circuits or computer-based drug trials. #Quote by Henry Markram
Trials And Victories quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#6. Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm. It is the real allegory of the myth of Orpheus; it moves stones, and charms brutes. It is the genius of sincerity, and truth accomplishes no victories without it. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Trials And Victories quotes by Stephen Crane
#7. These stupid peasants, who, throughout the world, hold potentates on their thrones, make statesmen illustrious, provide generals with lasting victories, all with ignorance, indifference, or half-witted hatred, moving the world with the strength of their arms, and getting their heads knocked together in the name of God, the king, or the stock exchange-immortal, dreaming, hopeless asses, who surrender their reason to the care of a shining puppet, and persuade some toy to carry their lives in his purse. #Quote by Stephen Crane
Trials And Victories quotes by Steve Maraboli
#8. Within the scope of universal time, it seems I'll be dead a whole lot longer than I'll be alive. So while I'm here, I will not worship death; I'll worship life. I'll live life to the fullest ... victories, losses, successes, mistakes, love, and hurt ... I'll live and learn to the fullest; without apology. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
Trials And Victories quotes by Richard Bentall
#9. If we are to believe the evidence from clinical trials there are many effective pharmacological and psychological treatments for mental illness. Epidemiological data, on the other hand, says otherwise. #Quote by Richard Bentall
Trials And Victories quotes by Tim Kimmel
#10. Your words, your schedule, your choices, your obedience, the way you savor your victories and the way you swallow your defeats all help to define your life. It is this definition that your children rely on most as they seek to chart their own future. #Quote by Tim Kimmel
Trials And Victories quotes by Henry B. Eyring
#11. Parents should teach their children to pray. The child learns both from what the parents do and what they say. The child who sees a mother or a father pass through the trials of life with fervent prayer to God and then hears a sincere testimony that God answered in kindness will remember what he or she saw and heard. When trials come, that individual will be prepared. #Quote by Henry B. Eyring
Trials And Victories quotes by Bertolt Brecht
#12. The defeats and victories of the fellows at the top aren't always defeats and victories for the fellows at the bottom. #Quote by Bertolt Brecht
Trials And Victories quotes by Tim Harford
#13. Accepting trial and error means accepting error. It means taking problems in our stride when a decision doesn't work out, whether through luck or misjudgment. And that is not something human brains seem to be able to do without a struggle. #Quote by Tim Harford
Trials And Victories quotes by Sarah Bessey
#14. But at the same time, I don't know that we are doing folks any favors if we act like when we become Christians or when we follow Jesus, all we do is win. I think it's okay to say that we mess up, that we let people down, that we overpromise and underdeliver, that we go to therapy, that we take our meds, that we go for walks to remember everything good and true, that we're still in the midst of figuring out where God is in the middle of all this, that we're learning our capacity and God's goodness the real way: by living our lives and experiencing both victories and sorrows in the midst. #Quote by Sarah Bessey
Trials And Victories quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#15. You may lose paradise, but gain heaven when you rise up and repent. The success that comes after a temporal failure is an amazing spectacular! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Trials And Victories quotes by Kenneth Eade
#16. The law is logical and is based on common sense. The trick was to argue the law in favor of your particular point of view without sounding biased. It was kind of like a magic trick: the best illusionist being the one who can best manipulate the logic to his or her advantage, all the while giving the illusion of impartiality. #Quote by Kenneth Eade
Trials And Victories quotes by Abbi Glines
#17. I need her to come to me. If we have a chance at a future, I need her to come to me. I've always taken what I wanted and conquered my trials, but nothing and no one has ever meant what she does. I can't conquer her, Momma. I love her. I never want to make her do anything. Even love me. She has to love me all on her own. #Quote by Abbi Glines
Trials And Victories quotes by Lin-Manuel Miranda
#18. ...the true lessons of the American Revolution. The past places no absolute limit on the future. Even the unlikeliest changes can occur. But change requires hope-in the case of both of those unlikely victories, the hope that the American people could defy all expectation to overcome their differences and set each other free. #Quote by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Trials And Victories quotes by Lord Dunsany
#19. She gave thanks to the images of the stars for the joy she had had of the night, when the constellations shone in their myriad majesty, and moved like an army dresses in silver mail, marching from unknown victories to conquer in distant wars. She praised those bright reflections shimmering down in the pool. #Quote by Lord Dunsany
Trials And Victories quotes by Thabo Mbeki
#20. As a consequence of the victories we have registered during our first ten years of freedom, we have laid a firm foundation for the new advances we must and will make during the next decade. #Quote by Thabo Mbeki
Trials And Victories quotes by Gena Showalter
#21. Without pressure, there would be no diamonds. Without tests and trials, you wouldn't know your own strength - or weaknesses. #Quote by Gena Showalter
Trials And Victories quotes by Keggie Carew
#22. But in the service when we recite 'They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old', we both cry. For different reasons. I have become swept up in this. These wiry old lions. Their properness. Their improperness. Their tidy jackets. Their name tags. Their risky humour. Their imagination. Their no shit. I am ashamed of what we haven't done with our freedom and their victories. Living off the fat of the land. With our central heating and our power steering and our fast food and our leaf-blowers and our shopping malls. My tears are self-indulgent: about loss, the world; and about me probably. While Dad is just having a cry. #Quote by Keggie Carew
Trials And Victories quotes by Ellis Paul Torrance
#23. Creativity is the process of sensing problems or gaps in information, then identifying the difficulties and seeking solutions through trial and error or through forming hypotheses. #Quote by Ellis Paul Torrance
Trials And Victories quotes by Lewis Mumford
#24. Life is the only art that we are required to practice without preparation, and without being allowed the preliminary trials, the failures and botches, that are essential for training. #Quote by Lewis Mumford
Trials And Victories quotes by Winston S. Churchill
#25. How fortunate it was for the world that when these great trials came upon it there was a generation that terror could not conquer and brutal violence could not enslave. #Quote by Winston S. Churchill
Trials And Victories quotes by David Guterson
#26. I often heard about his cases and I often sat in on his trials. In the late 1960s when I was growing up I wanted to be a crusader like him but I didn't want to wear a suit and commute. #Quote by David Guterson
Trials And Victories quotes by Sarah Helm
#27. From the start the proportion of asocials in the camp was about one-third of the total population, and throughout the first years prostitutes, homeless and 'work-shy' women continued to pour in through the gates. Overcrowding in the asocial blocks increased fast, order collapsed, and then followed squalor and disease.
Although we learn a lot about what the political prisoners thought of the asocials, we learn nothing of what the asocials thought of them. Unlike the political women, they left no memoirs. Speaking out after the war would mean revealing the reason for imprisonment in the first place, and incurring more shame. Had compensation been available they might have seen a reason to come forward, but none was offered.
The German associations set up after the war to help camp survivors were dominated by political prisoners. And whether they were based in the communist East or in the West, these bodies saw no reason to help 'asocial' survivors. Such prisoners had not been arrested as 'fighters' against the fascists, so whatever their suffering none of them qualified for financial or any other kind of help. Nor were the Western Allies interested in their fate. Although thousands of asocials died at Ravensbrück, not a single black- or green-triangle survivor was called upon to give evidence for the Hamburg War Crimes trials, or at any later trials.
As a result these women simply disappeared: the red-light districts they came from had been flattened by Allied #Quote by Sarah Helm
Trials And Victories quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
#28. Keep your eyes on the prize and know that the trials are only for a while, so smile. #Quote by Bernard Kelvin Clive
Trials And Victories quotes by Linda Evans Shepherd
#29. He will never fail us, even in the face of trials and hindrances. #Quote by Linda Evans Shepherd
Trials And Victories quotes by Oscar Wilde
#30. Anybody can be good in the country. There are no temptations there. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Trials And Victories quotes by Noel Coward
#31. Here ends the story of a ship, but there will always be other ships, for we are an island race. Through all our centuries, the sea has ruled our destiny. There will always be other ships and men to sail in them. It is these men, in peace or war, to whom we owe so much. Above all victories, beyond all loss, in spite of changing values in a changing world, they give to us, their countrymen, eternal and indomitable pride. #Quote by Noel Coward
Trials And Victories quotes by Jay Robinson
#32. Through wrestling, through the hard work and the sweat, through the victories and the defeats, we learn a great deal about ourselves. Wrestling shows you your limits, your weaknesses, your strengths and, ultimately, you grow because of what it shows you. #Quote by Jay Robinson
Trials And Victories quotes by John Henry Wigmore
#33. Trial by jury must and shall be preserved! Amidst the throng of crude sacrilegisms ... that assail us nowadays in the legal sanctuary, none is more shortsighted, none more dangerous, than the proposal to abolish trial by jury. #Quote by John Henry Wigmore
Trials And Victories quotes by Desmond Tutu
#34. Our nation sought to rehabilitate and affirm the dignity and personhood of those who for so long had been silenced, had been turned into anonymous, marginalized ones. Now they would be able to tell their stories, they would remember, and in remembering would be acknowledged to be persons with an inalienable personhood. Our country's negotiators rejected the two extremes and opted for a "third way," a compromise between the extreme of Nuremberg trials and blanket amnesty or national amnesia. And that third way was granting amnesty to individuals in exchange for a full disclosure relating to the crime for which amnesty was being sought. It was the carrot of possible freedom in exchange for truth and the stick was, for those already in jail, the prospect of lengthy prison sentences and, for those still free, the probability of arrest and prosecution and imprisonment. The option South Africa chose raises #Quote by Desmond Tutu

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