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Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Retta
#1. For Christmas I do gift bags for my friends and the cast, and I put 'treat yo self' key chains in there. And people send me pictures of 'treat yo self' all the time. #Quote by Retta
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Walter A. Jensen
#2. According to [Dr. Erich] Fromm, what motivates so many Believers, regardless of religious affiliation, is the image of the Divine, an image that many Believers try to emulate (e.g. Imitatio Christi). Fromm states that within a humanistic religion, "God is the image of man's [and/or woman's] higher self, a symbol of what man [or woman] potentially is or ought to become" but "in an authoritarian religion, God becomes the sole possessor" of human's reason and love.

Erich Fromm's contributions to sociological theory
(2017; 9780970491947; pg.34) #Quote by Walter A. Jensen
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
#3. Don't you love nobody better'n you do yo'self. Do, you'll be dying befo' yo' time is out. #Quote by Zora Neale Hurston
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Taylor Swift
#4. If you're anything like me,
You bite your nails,
And laugh when you're nervous.
You promise people the world,
because that's what they want from you.
You like giving them what they want...
But darling, you need to stop,

If you're anything like me,
You knock on wood every time you make plans.
You cross your fingers, hold your breath,
Wish on lucky numbers and eyelashes
Your superstitions were the lone survivors of the shipwreck.
Rest In Peace, to your naive bravado...
If life gets too good now,
Darling, it scares you.

If you're anything like me,
You never wanted to lock your door,
Your secret garden gate or your diary drawer
Didn't want to face the you you don't know anymore
For fear she was much better before...
But Darling, now you have to.

If you're anything like me,
There's a justice system in your head
For names you'll never speak again,
And you make your ruthless rulings.
Each new enemy turns to steel
They become the bars that confine you,
In your own little golden prison cell...
But Darling, there is where you meet yourself.

If you're anything like me
You've grown to hate your pride
To love your thighs
And no amount of friends at 25
Will fill the empty seats
At the lunch tables of your past
The teams that picked you last...
But Darling, you keep trying.

If yo #Quote by Taylor Swift
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Haylie Duff
#5. I'm not a trained chef. I'm a self-taught cook, and I want people to be like, 'Yo, I could do that! Maybe I didn't think to or maybe it seemed harder than it really is.' #Quote by Haylie Duff
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Anna Banks
#6. And then Grom says: "I'm already mated to Paca."
The realization slaps us each in a different way.
Me, with elation
Galen, with ... I'm not sure. He hasn't moved
Mom, with horror.
Toraf, with open-mouth shock that makes him look a bit silly.
Rayna, with "You idiot," she spits. "We told you-"
Grom points at her in the universal watch-yo-self sign. #Quote by Anna Banks
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by David J. Linden
#7. The head/heart duality is a well-known cultural phenomenon. In everyday speech we use "heart" as a shorthand to refer to our emotional state or our faith and "head" to refer to cognition or reason. Should I follow my head or my heart? Both "head" and "heart," while they are literally the names of body parts, are commonly used to stand for nonbodily phenonmena, for mental processes. But what body part do we use when we want to refer explicitly to our coporeal self? Whe, the humble "ass," of course! Consider the seminal gangsta rappers Niggaz with Attitude, who in thier classic track "Straight Outta Compton" rhyme: "Niggaz start to mumble / They wanna rumble / Mix 'em and cook 'em in a pot like gumbo / Goin' off on a motherfucker like that / With a gat that's pointed at yo ass." Do the guys in NWA mean to say that a gun is literally pointed downward, at your tuchas? Of course not. We understand that in this context "ass" means "corporeal self. #Quote by David J. Linden
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Ejump Schiffler
#8. Even skies always changing; so does people, we grow, we change and we evolve, just dont let ourselves stuck! Stuck in our own self pity and in our own self-righteousness' (Ejump, 2017) #Quote by Ejump Schiffler
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Ne-Yo
#9. The essence of being a gentleman is to understand the way you're supposed to treat a respectable woman. #Quote by Ne-Yo
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by James  Jones
#10. And the strange thing was he had never loved her more than in that moment, because at that moment she had become himself.

But thats not love, he thought, thats not what she wants, not what any of them want, they do not want you to find yourself in them, they want instead that you should lose yourself in them. And yet, he thought, they are always trying to find themselves in you. [...]

And it seemed to him then that every human was always looking for himself, in bars, in railway trains, in offices, in mirrors, in love, especially in love, for the self of him that is there, someplace, in every other human. Love was not to give oneself, but find oneself, describe oneself. And that the whole conception had been written wrong. Because the only part of any man that he can ever touch or understand is that part of himself he recognises in him. And that he is always looking for the way in which he can expose his sealed bee cell and reach the other airtight cells with which he is connected in the waxy comb.

And the only way he had ever found, the only code, the only language by which he could speak and be heard by other men, could communicate himself, was with a bugle. If you had a bugle here, he told himself, you could speak to her and be understood, you could play Fatigue Call for her, with its tiredness, its heavy belly going out to sweep somebody else's streets when it would rather stay home and sleep, she would understand it then.

But yo #Quote by James Jones
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Colleen Houck
#11. What's wrong?"
Before I could stop myself, I mumbled, "I'm used to resting my head on a warm tiger-fur pillow is what's wrong."
He grunted, "Hmm, let me see what I can do."
Panicky, I squeaked out, "No, really. I'm okay. Don't bother."
He ignored my protests, scooped up my mummy-wrapped self, and set me down again on his side of the fire. He turned me on my side so I faced the fire, lay down behind me, and slid an arm under my neck to cradle my head.
"Is that more comfortable for you?"
"Uh, yes and no. My head can definitely rest better in this position. Unfortunately, the rest of me is feeling the complete opposite of relaxed."
"What do you mean? Why can't you relax?"
"Because you're too close for me to relax."
Bemused, he said, "Me being too close never bothered you when I was a tiger."
"The tiger you and the man you are two completely different things."
He put his arm around my waist and tugged me closer so we were spooned together. He sounded irritated and disappointed when he muttered, "It doesn't feel different to me. Just close your eyes and imagine I'm still a tiger."
"It doesn't exactly work like that." I lay stiffly in his arms, nervous, especially when he began nuzzling the back of my neck.
He said softly, "I like the smell of your hair." His chest rumbled against my back, sending massaging vibrations through my body as he purred.
"Ren, can you not do that right now?"
He lifted his head. "Yo #Quote by Colleen Houck
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Mooji
#12. Honor your seeing ... digest your seeing ... otherw ise it becomes just another thing you file away in the mind's department of philosophy ... yo u're here for much more than knowledge ... you are here for Self-discovery.. #Quote by Mooji
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Denzel Washington
#13. If you don't love your fellow man, women, person, then you don't have anything. If you don't treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated that to me is the fundamental message. #Quote by Denzel Washington
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by James MacGregor Burns
#14. In real life, the most practical advice for leaders is not to treat pawns like pawns, nor princes like princes, but all persons like persons. #Quote by James MacGregor Burns
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by John Gardner
#15. Sanity in a writer is merely this: However stupid he may be in his private life, he never cheats in his writing. He never forgets that his audience is, at least ideally, as noble, generous, and tolerant as he is himself (or more so), and never forgets that he is writing about people, so that to turn characters to cartoons, or treat his characters as innately inferior to himself, to forget their reasons for being as they are, to treat them as brutes, is bad art. Sanity in a writer also involves taste . . . To write with taste, in the highest sense, is to write with the assumption that one out of a hundred people who read one's work may be dying, or have loved someone dying; to write so that no one commits suicide, no one despairs; to write, as Shakespeare wrote, so that people understand, sympathize, see the universality of pain, and feel strengthened, if not directly encouraged to live on . . . If there is good to be said, the writer should remember to say it. If there is bad to be said, he should say it in a way that reflects the truth that, though we see the evil, we choose to continue among the living. #Quote by John Gardner
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Michiyo Yamashita
#16. Treat your friends equally, because if you don't, you don't see them as friends. #Quote by Michiyo Yamashita
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by George Eliot
#17. When we are treated well, we naturally begin to think that we are not altogether unmeritorious, and that it is only just we should treat ourselves well, and not mar our own good fortune. #Quote by George Eliot
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Charles F. Glassman
#18. Don't allow someone to treat you poorly just because you're afraid of losing them. #Quote by Charles F. Glassman
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Cassandra Clare
#19. I wasn't planning on it. Of course she's . . . a colleague. I will treat her in a professional fashion. That was my plan for how to treat her. With a calm professionalism. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Martyn V. Halm
#20. If you want to treat your book as a child, the finished book should be an adult, capable to stand on its own legs and able to weather the thunder. Not a baby that still needs to be defended. #Quote by Martyn V. Halm
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Mary Lambert
#21. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Don't just be nice, but be kind to other people. That can be so rewarding. #Quote by Mary Lambert
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Ernestine Rose
#22. I know that some endeavor to throw the mantle of romance over the subject and treat woman like some ideal existence, not liable to the ills of life. Let those deal in fancy who have nothing better to deal in; we have to do with sober, sad realities, with stubborn facts. #Quote by Ernestine Rose
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#23. Do not instigate or treat any of your employees, working at your place, with contempt. Treat everyone with respect. You never know what benefit a person will bring. #Quote by Dada Bhagwan
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Peter Mayle
#24. We might treat a rabbit as a pet or become emotionally attached to a goose, but we had come from cities and supermarkets, where flesh was hygienically distanced from any resemblance to living creatures. A shrink-wrapped pork chop has a sanitized, abstract appearance that has nothing whatever to do with the warm, mucky bulk of a pig. Out here in the country there was no avoiding the direct link between death and dinner. #Quote by Peter Mayle
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by John Sentamu
#25. Child abuse is a heinous and personally damaging crime; it is therefore incumbent on the Church to treat such matters with the utmost seriousness. #Quote by John Sentamu
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Solange Nicole
#26. There's nothing more debilitating about a disability than the way people treat you over it. #Quote by Solange Nicole
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Michael Pollan
#27. I think that the American diet is a very large part of the reason we're spending 2.3 trillion dollar per year on health care in this country. 75% of that money goes to treat chronic diseases, preventable chronic diseases, most of those are linked to diet. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Mark       Smith
#28. Hey readers and reviewers of The Road To Winter: lots of people are asking if TRTW is the first of a series. The answer is a definite YES. The second book in the Winter series will be released by Text publishing in May 2017. The adventures of Finn and Kas continue...... #Quote by Mark Smith
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Ne-Yo
#29. When you're dressing on a budget, simplicity is key. #Quote by Ne-Yo
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Jon Postel
#30. If you're in charge of managing domain name space you should treat everybody who asks for a registration the same. Whatever that is - whether it's nice or ugly or whatever - just be fair, treat them all the same. #Quote by Jon Postel
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Danny Denzongpa
#31. So one time for my disillusioned artists, I hear ya Two times for the kid that air-guitars in the mirror Three times for the 9-to-5-in' bus ridin' dudes And four times for my dreamers, yo I'm just like you That's why I sing for my queens with their own pair of wings My brothers flyin' beside me, drama behind me Mama tried to find me, she inquired emphatically I was in the sky with all these other ghetto kids, defying gravity, uh #Quote by Danny Denzongpa
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Greg Ginn
#32. As a label, you have to treat every group and every record as a unique entity. I think that that has been our success, rather than relying upon a fan base. #Quote by Greg Ginn
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#33. Life is no way to treat an animal, not even a mouse #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Treat Yo Self 2017 quotes by Giovannie De Sadeleer
#34. In the end, no one cares how rich you were, only how well you treated the poor. #Quote by Giovannie De Sadeleer

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