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Transparency quotes by Tina Brown
#1. We live in a culture of destructive transparency. #Quote by Tina Brown
Transparency quotes by Beth Houston
#2. Deists, not religious authoritarians, codified the clear separation of church from state in addition to the division of powers within the state. Deists, not the Continental philosophers, established our democratic republic upon uniquely radical interpretations of constitutional and procedural stability, representation, accountability, and transparency. Deists, not autocrats, formed a more perfect Union that preserved equally for each individual the universal civil liberties inscribed in the Bill of Rights. It was Deists who stood up for Everyman by instituting true equality and freedom for all. #Quote by Beth Houston
Transparency quotes by Rasheed Ogunlaru
#3. Authenticity is hard to fake #Quote by Rasheed Ogunlaru
Transparency quotes by Aruna Roy
#4. Through transparency we expose corruption, but then there is no action taken against the corrupt. #Quote by Aruna Roy
Transparency quotes by Eden Robinson
#5. The First Nations Financial Transparency Act insulted the integrity of the very people in our communities who guide our economic policy and act as our mediators with provincial and federal governments. #Quote by Eden Robinson
Transparency quotes by Astra Taylor
#6. First we need to rethink the terms and recognize that we've imported this language from the technocratic class, from Silicon Valley, that talks about openness and transparency. #Quote by Astra Taylor
Transparency quotes by Nancy Pelosi
#7. In our recovery package we put new standards of accountability and transparency, which we hope will now apply. #Quote by Nancy Pelosi
Transparency quotes by David Niu
#8. To be a good boss, you must be transparent. Theres a correlation between worker happiness and workplace transparency. Leaders and managers who offer transparency will earn the respect and devotion of their team. #Quote by David Niu
Transparency quotes by Julian Assange
#9. The aim of Wikileaks is to achieve just reform around the world and do it through the mechanism of transparency. #Quote by Julian Assange
Transparency quotes by Matt Damon
#10. I think it's something that the citizenry needs to be vigilant about - participating in democracy, and that includes issues like what's going on and how much secrecy and transparency there should be. That's an on-going thing - in a democracy you want checks and balances and oversight, but you need a covert agency to protect the country. It's a very tricky balance and I think it changes as the world changes and I think we all need to be mindful of that. #Quote by Matt Damon
Transparency quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#11. The lesson for me was clear: national security officials do not like the light. They act abusively and thuggishly only when they believe they are safe, in the dark. Secrecy is the linchpin of abuse of power, we discovered, its enabling force. Transparency is the only real antidote. #Quote by Glenn Greenwald
Transparency quotes by Kathryn Schulz
#12. Here, then, are some ways we can try to prevent mistakes. We can foster the ability to listen to each other and the freedom to speak our minds. We can create open and transparent environments instead of cultures of secrecy and concealment. And we can permit and encourage everyone, not just a powerful inner circle, to speak up when they see the potential for error.
These measures might be a prescription for identifying and eliminating mistakes, but they sound like something else: a prescription for democracy. That's not an accident. Although we don't normally think of it in these terms, democratic governance represents another method - this time a political rather than an industrial or personal one - for accepting the existence of error and trying to curtail its more dangerous incarnations. #Quote by Kathryn Schulz
Transparency quotes by Margaret Atwood
#13. But nothing is more opaque
than absolute transparency. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Transparency quotes by Jean Lorrain
#14. But this is till the same girl who once lived in the steppes, wild and indomitable. Even when she ceased to play in the falling snow, the snow continued to fall within her soul. She never sough lovers among the wealthy men and the crown princes who prostrated themselves before her; her heart, like her voice, remained faultless. The reputation, temperament and talent of the woman partook of exactly the same crystalline transparency and icy clarity. ("The Glass Of Blood") #Quote by Jean Lorrain
Transparency quotes by Jeremy Rifkin
#15. Economic activity is no longer an adversarial contest between embattled sellers and buyers "In the distributed economy, where collaboration trumps competition, inclusivity replaces exclusivity and transparency and openness to others becomes essential to the new way of conducting business, empathic sensibility has room to breathe and thrive. It is no longer so constrained by hierarchies, boundaries of exclusion, and a concept of human nature that places acquisitiveness, self-interest, and utility at the center of the human experience." #Quote by Jeremy Rifkin
Transparency quotes by Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
#16. When you know yourself - your strengths, joys, limitations, and fears - you can live in truth and transparency in all areas of your life. #Quote by Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
Transparency quotes by Tom Sachs
#17. I want labor to be the point, because everything in our lives is miraculously made with no idea of how it's done. As an active and critical consumer, and as someone who has attempted to make the flawless and failed, I wanted a transparency of construction here. If we know how it is made and how it falls apart, we will know how to rebuild it. #Quote by Tom Sachs
Transparency quotes by Rudy Giuliani
#18. The United States is paradise compared to China, Russia, Ecuador and Cuba, with regard to the press. And with regard to secrecy and transparency. #Quote by Rudy Giuliani
Transparency quotes by Nancy Gibbs
#19. The days of the Pentagon Papers debates seem long past, when a sudden transparency yielded insight into fights over war and peace and freedom and security; the transparency afforded by Twitter and Facebook yields insights that extend no further than a lawmaker's boundless narcissism and a culture's pitiless prurience. #Quote by Nancy Gibbs
Transparency quotes by Diane Garnick
#20. Accounting does not make corporate earnings or balance sheets more volatile. Accounting just increases the transparency of volatility in earnings. #Quote by Diane Garnick
Transparency quotes by Pete Hegseth
#21. Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) has called for an audit of the Pentagon, so that we finally have some transparency and accountability in how DOD spends taxpayer dollars. #Quote by Pete Hegseth
Transparency quotes by Yanni Alexander Loukissas
#22. These comments recall Turkle's distinction between two kinds of "transparency" in technological cultures. Modernist transparency is the notion that users can and should have access to the inner workings of a technology. It evokes the aesthetic of early relationships with cars in which one could "open the hood and see inside." Turkle contrasts this with an opposing, post-modern meaning of the term - the notion that something is transparent if you can use it without knowing how it works. Post-modern transparency allows the user to navigate the surface of a system without ever having to access its underlying mechanics. Are young engineers more susceptible to post-modern ways of seeing simulation? #Quote by Yanni Alexander Loukissas
Transparency quotes by Mikhail Baryshnikov
#23. It doesn't matter how high you lift your leg. The technique is about transparency, simplicity, making an earnest attempt. #Quote by Mikhail Baryshnikov
Transparency quotes by Jeff Weiner
#24. I've come to learn there is a virtuous cycle to transparency and a very vicious cycle of obfuscation. #Quote by Jeff Weiner
Transparency quotes by Helmut Newton
#25. I used to hate doing color. I hated transparency film. The way I did color was by not wanting to know what kind of film was in my camera. #Quote by Helmut Newton
Transparency quotes by Jason Versey
#26. I believe a man's finest hour often comes when he is at his weakest. When he is broken, affronted and at a place of great emotional transparency. It's there he has the rare insight of an inescapable truth…he's merely a man. As his bravado washes away into a puddle of reflective tears, it reveals that he is merely flesh, blood and bones and amounts to very little without the love and guidance of our creator. It's only then, that I believe, a man begins to truly find his way. #Quote by Jason Versey
Transparency quotes by Jean Baudrillard
#27. Melancholic and fascinated, such is our general situation in an era of involuntary transparency. #Quote by Jean Baudrillard
Transparency quotes by Richie Norton
#28. All too often people pretend to be professional. "Professionalism" is sometimes a facade for fraud. Be pro, but be real. Honesty and transparency combined with character, competence and real results is the key to being a true pro. #Quote by Richie Norton
Transparency quotes by Mark Foley
#29. A government operates and acts differently than a company. So all we want to do is get some transparency here and then determine if the deal should go forward. #Quote by Mark Foley
Transparency quotes by Joanie Connell
#30. Only through becoming aware of yourself and your limitations can you be transparent with others. #Quote by Joanie Connell
Transparency quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#31. The ever increasing intensity of despair depends upon the degree of consciousness or is proportionate to this increase: the greater the degree of consciousness, the more intensive the despair. This is everywhere apparent, most clearly in despair at its maximum and minimum. The devil's despair is the most intensive despair, for the devil is sheer spirit and hence unqualified consciousness and transparency; there is no obscurity in the devil that could serve as a mitigating excuse. Therefore, his despair is the most absolute defiance ... #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Transparency quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#32. We're only lucky enough to see the wonders of nature's canyons because they're gracious enough to show us the places they've been damaged. #Quote by Curtis Tyrone Jones
Transparency quotes by Noam Chomsky
#33. And the spectators must not be allowed to see too much. President Obama has set new standards in safeguarding this principle. He has, in fact, punished more whistle-blowers than all previous presidents combined, a real achievement for an administration that came to office promising transparency. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Transparency quotes by Clay A. Johnson
#34. Transparency isn't a replacement for integrity and honesty; it's an infrastructural tool that allows for those attributes to occur - but only if the public is willing act upon the information that they receive as a result of transparency in a conscious, deliberate way. #Quote by Clay A. Johnson
Transparency quotes by Megan Smith
#35. I think open source is an evolutionary idea for humanity, this idea of transparency. It played out for us in the technology world, but it also played out with the idea of a truth and reconciliation commission and Wikipedia. #Quote by Megan Smith
Transparency quotes by Donna Goddard
#36. Have you noticed how much lying we do in our relationships? We tell ourselves that it's not lying or it is excusable for purposes of self-defense. How little we realise that every lie digs us deeper into a painful delusion and we end up building war zones, not love boats. #Quote by Donna Goddard
Transparency quotes by David Taylor-Klaus
#37. Embracing our imperfections all comes down to our willingness to be vulnerable, to show our soft underbelly instead of working so hard to hide it. #Quote by David Taylor-Klaus
Transparency quotes by Amit Kalantri
#38. A man with clarity reaches his goal sooner than the man with confidence. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Transparency quotes by Rick Julian
#39. The most powerful person in the room is the one with the least to hide. #Quote by Rick Julian
Transparency quotes by Bernard Williams
#40. ... while transparency is a natural associate of liberalism, it falls short of implying rationalism. It is one aspiration, that social and ethical relations should not essentially rest on ignorance and misunderstanding of what they are, and quite another that all the beliefs and principles involved in them should be explicitly stated. That these are two different things is obvious with personal relations, where to hope that they do not rest on deceit and error is merely decent, but to think that their basis can be made totally explicit is idiocy. #Quote by Bernard Williams
Transparency quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#41. When we are locked up between a mood of 'transparency' and a feel of 'discretion,' we must clear up our mental muddle, until we find the "golden ratio," and recognize the peak of 'candor.' By hitting the point of recognition and enlightenment, we can make a correct choice and follow the right track ("Unfulfilled meeting") #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Transparency quotes by Sophie Heyman Uliano
#42. That transparency is important. Look at what's inside products and seek out those that contain natural, plant-based ingredients - from toothpaste to cosmetics. #Quote by Sophie Heyman Uliano
Transparency quotes by David Whiteland
#43. Telling the difference between transparent and invisible is an acquired skill. Until you've practiced, you can't make the choice between looking through and looking at. #Quote by David Whiteland
Transparency quotes by Eduardo Paes
#44. What we are witnessing is the birth of something I call 'Polisdigitocracy.' This is a form of government that counts participation and transparency as its cornerstones and uses technology as its guide. The digital revolution is allowing democracy to recall its foundations and evolution is modernizing and reinforcing our fundamental values. #Quote by Eduardo Paes
Transparency quotes by Heather Brooke
#45. The movement towards radical transparency and accountability has been gaining steam for several decades. #Quote by Heather Brooke
Transparency quotes by Kenneth Eade
#46. Nobody in the government is talking. They say it's a case of national security. #Quote by Kenneth Eade
Transparency quotes by Gay Hendricks
#47. A successful life is an authentic life. Happiness and creativity rest on a foundation of transparency to yourself and others. Knowing your own heart and speaking clearly to others keep you on the path. #Quote by Gay Hendricks
Transparency quotes by Dave Eggers
#48. As we all know here at the Circle, transparency leads to peace of mind. No longer #Quote by Dave Eggers
Transparency quotes by Anderson Cooper
#49. I think it's a good thing that there are bloggers out there watching very closely and holding people accountable. Everyone in the news should be able to hold up to that kind of scrutiny. I'm for as much transparency in the newsgathering process as possible. #Quote by Anderson Cooper
Transparency quotes by Tarif Naaz
#50. All lies are not meant to deceive, some become inevitable in a society lacking in transparency and openness. #Quote by Tarif Naaz
Transparency quotes by Anonymous
#51. An overall picture of how a developing country with considerable amount of natural resources may get in trouble can be described by discussing the lack of absorption capacity where overspending on domestically produced goods leads to increased price level.Further, an inefficient choice of public policy cause poor economic performance through the mismanagement of budget expenditure. In this case governments undertake projects not to achieve social optimality rather to increase their fame. Hence "easy money" may easily lead to increased corrupt activities in contracting projects thereby affecting negatively the transparency level and the competitiveness of market economy #Quote by Anonymous
Transparency quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#52. Not only was all this collaboration conducted with no transparency, but it contradicted public statements made by Skype. ACLU technology expert Chris Soghoian said the revelations would surprise many Skype customers. "In the past, Skype made affirmative promises to users about their inability to perform wiretaps," he said. "It's hard to square Microsoft's secret collaboration with the NSA with its high-profile efforts to compete on privacy with Google. #Quote by Glenn Greenwald
Transparency quotes by David Whyte
#53. Self-knowledge is not clarity or transparency or knowing how everything works, self-knowledge is a fiercely attentive form of humility and thankfulness, a sense of the privilege of a particular form of participation, coming to know the way we hold the conversation of life and perhaps, above all, the miracle that there is a particular something rather than an abstracted nothing and we are a very particular part of that particular something. #Quote by David Whyte
Transparency quotes by Brian Houston
#54. Leaders goal: Don't be afraid of vulnerability & transparency, (without being pitiful). People respond to authenticity. #Quote by Brian Houston
Transparency quotes by Timothy Garton Ash
#55. In a democracy it is ultimately for us, the citizens, to judge where to place the balance between security and privacy, safety and liberty. It's our lives and liberties that are threatened, not only by terrorism but also by massive depredations of our privacy in the name of counter-terrorism. If those companies from which governments actually take most of our intimate details want to show that they are still on the side of the angels, they had better join this struggle for transparency too. #Quote by Timothy Garton Ash
Transparency quotes by Julian Assange
#56. I don't like the word transparency; cold dead glass is transparent. I prefer education or understanding, which are more human. #Quote by Julian Assange
Transparency quotes by Thomas De Maiziere
#57. Confidentiality and transparency are not mutually exclusive, but rather two sides of the same coin. #Quote by Thomas De Maiziere
Transparency quotes by Matt Mullenweg
#58. There is no moderator or ombudsman online, and while the transparency of the web usually means that information is self-correcting, we still have to keep in mind the responsibility each of us carries when the power of the press is at our fingertips and in our pockets. #Quote by Matt Mullenweg
Transparency quotes by Octavio Paz
#59. Reversibility: seeing through opaqueness, not-seeing through transparency. The wooden door and the glass door: two opposite facets of the same idea. This opposition is resolved in an identity: in both cases we look at ourselves looking. Hinge procedure. The question "What do we see?" confronts us with ourselves. #Quote by Octavio Paz
Transparency quotes by Denzel Washington
#60. Some said America took a step forward electing a black president. In light of the unconstitutiona l expansion of powers, lack of transparency and fueling the fires of unrest that clearly hasn't been the case. Vote based on merits, not to fill a racial quota. #Quote by Denzel Washington
Transparency quotes by Celeste Chaney
#61. There is no transparency, Marus. It can't exist. Surveillance doesn't go both ways. There are those who watch, and those who are watched; the powerful, and the powerless. #Quote by Celeste Chaney
Transparency quotes by Marites Dañguilan Vitug
#62. The Court, after all, is not a monolith. Transparency resides in parts of the Court, among Justices and staff who believe that letting the sun shine on their institution will make it stronger. #Quote by Marites Dañguilan Vitug
Transparency quotes by Heather Brooke
#63. There is a very intense culture of secrecy in Britain that hasn't yet been dismantled. What passes for transparency here would serve any secret society well. #Quote by Heather Brooke
Transparency quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#64. What I see now is that even with the Islamists, who have been portraying themselves as the alternative to corruption and dictatorship and in defence of more transparency, there is one respect in which they have now changed completely. Since the beginning of the 1920's, Islamism was very close in positioning in some respects to 'liberation theology'. But that is no longer the case. #Quote by Tariq Ramadan
Transparency quotes by Alan Chambers
#65. It says in this world you will have trouble in John 16:33 but take heart you can have peace in me because I've overcome the world. I think for believers you know we are helping people pursue holiness through a relationship with Christ, through biblical community in their local church, through honesty and transparency, sharing what it is that troubles them, being accountable. #Quote by Alan Chambers
Transparency quotes by Undena Y. Leake Jackson
#66. Let's take off the masks and get real so we can get it right with God. #Quote by Undena Y. Leake Jackson
Transparency quotes by Eva Hoffman
#67. It is a sunny fall afternoon and I'm engaged in one of my favorite pastimes - picking chestnuts. I'm playing alone under the spreading, leafy, protective tree. My mother is sitting on a bench nearby, rocking the buggy in which my sister is asleep. The city, beyond the lacy wall of trees, is humming with gentle noises. The sun has just passed its highest point and is warming me with intense, oblique rays. I pick up a reddish brown chestnut, and suddenly, through its warm skin, I feel the beat as if of a heart. But the beat is also in everything around me, and everything pulsates and shimmers as if it were coursing with the blood of life. Stooping under the tree, I'm holding life in my hand, and I am in the center of a harmonious, vibrating transparency. For that moment, I know everything there is to know. I have stumbled into the very center of plenitude, and I hold myself still with fulfillment, before the knowledge of my knowledge escapes me. #Quote by Eva Hoffman
Transparency quotes by F.H. Batacan
#68. Some things are better dealt within the cleansing light of transparency and openness rather than in the darkness of secrecy. #Quote by F.H. Batacan
Transparency quotes by Robert David Steele
#69. I will say that again in a different way: the persistent unethical and ignorant emphasis on secrecy and on making decisions for partisan advantage or to pay off campaign contributors and select insiders is not sustainable. We the People have an opportunity to embrace this manifesto of Open-Source Everything and bury 'rule of secrecy.' This is why I am optimistic about the future. #Quote by Robert David Steele
Transparency quotes by Auliq Ice
#70. Transparency means to dedicate our thoughts and efforts to non privacy rules and not to defend negative intelligence ideas or surveillance programs. #Quote by Auliq Ice
Transparency quotes by Dan Ariely
#71. Honesty, transparency, conscientiousness, and fair dealing should be bedrock corporate principles. #Quote by Dan Ariely
Transparency quotes by Clark Coolidge
#72. Words have a universe of qualities other than those of descriptive relation: Hardness, Density, Sound-Shape, Vector-Force, & Degrees of Transparency/Opacity. #Quote by Clark Coolidge
Transparency quotes by Hosni Mubarak
#73. The secrecy that shrouded the vote counting by the special election committee cast doubts on the results and lacks transparency. #Quote by Hosni Mubarak
Transparency quotes by Victor Hugo
#74. A reflection from this heaven shone upon the bishop. But it was also a luminous transparency, for this heaven was within him: this heaven was his conscience. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Transparency quotes by Steven Pinker
#75. The transparency and intelligibility of a country with a free market economy can reassure its neighbors that it is not going on a war footing, which can defuse a Hobbesian trap and cramp a leader's freedom to engage in risky bluffing and brinkmanship. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Transparency quotes by Miles Young
#76. Local brands evoke national pride, are seen as less profit-oriented, and are often formed on deep local insights. But quality worries persist, innovation is questioned, the information can be woefully inadequate, they are sometimes seen to be opaque and their advertising is clearly recognised as not being of a global standard. For local brands, quality, innovation and transparency are critical hills to climb. #Quote by Miles Young
Transparency quotes by Jeff Bezos
#77. You know you're not anonymous on our site. We're greeting you by name, showing you past purchases, to the degree that you can arrange to have transparency combined with an explanation of what the consumer benefit is. #Quote by Jeff Bezos
Transparency quotes by Ziad K. Abdelnour
#78. We are on the edge of economic collapse unless we wake up and
forcibly take back control of our government and economy. Over the
past 100 years, the game has been rigged, slowly and piecemeal at
first, always in the name of serving the greater good, preventing the
next bubble or providing greater transparency and security. It is as if
the American people are suffering from battered spouse syndrome; the
politicians, the greedy bankers, and the Fed all lie to us while they
steal our wealth and our liberty. Every time we call them on it, they
promise to never do it again if we'll just give them one more chance.
So we let it slide and then act shocked when they do it to us again.
Maybe we should have our collective head examined. #Quote by Ziad K. Abdelnour
Transparency quotes by Luke Harding
#79. Snowden evidently knew of WikiLeaks, a niche transparency website #Quote by Luke Harding
Transparency quotes by Therese De Lisieux
#80. The one, more Latin, more Roman, closer to eloquence than to the literal word, aims at a certain effect, at magic. The other, more Greek, more Hellenistic, seeks transparency flowing from the source. #Quote by Therese De Lisieux
Transparency quotes by Narendra Modi
#81. The budget is forward looking growth engine and will promote transparency and integrity. It is for the common people. This budget shows where we want to take India through railways. It budget aspires for better service, speed and safety. It is an effort to create modern railways contributing towards a developed India. #Quote by Narendra Modi
Transparency quotes by Rhachelle Nicol'
#82. I show my scars so that others know they can heal. #Quote by Rhachelle Nicol'
Transparency quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#83. One would love nonetheless to know how to be a man, how to be a woman before God, in the mirror of one's own conscience, in the looks of those who surround us. One would wish to find the strength to beautify one's thoughts and to purify one's heart. It is everyone's hope and expectation to live in serenity and to plod along in transparency: the palms of the hands patiently directed towards heaven, at the heart of all this modernity. #Quote by Tariq Ramadan
Transparency quotes by Noreena Hertz
#84. Transparency, accountability and sustainability have become the slogans of the market leaders. Companies carry out environmental and social audits to court the consumer, and even the bluest chips woo organisations such as Greenpeace and Amnesty. #Quote by Noreena Hertz
Transparency quotes by Patrick DeWitt
#85. Frances, smiling, folded the note and returned it to the captain's pocket. She occasionally in her life found herself loving men not in spite of but for their stupidity. Suavity was never more than playacting, she knew this, and it endeared them to her that they themselves were unaware of their transparency. She hung her shoes from her hooked fingers, walking barefoot along the dim, carpeted halls to her suite. All were asleep and it was so quiet, and she felt youthful and glad. Small Frank was up, waiting on the bed. His eyes narrowed as she entered.
"Spare me," she said. "You haven't got a leg to stand on." She moved to the bathroom to draw herself a bath. #Quote by Patrick DeWitt
Transparency quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#86. Transparency is for those who carry out public duties and exercise public power. Privacy is for everyone else. #Quote by Glenn Greenwald
Transparency quotes by Jarod Kintz
#87. I loved her so much, but she vanished from my life. She didn't just suddenly disappear, but she slowly began losing her opacity until eventually her transparency was 100%. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Transparency quotes by Hillary Clinton
#88. We need a return to transparency and a system of checks and balances, to a president who respects Congress' role of oversight and accountability. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Transparency quotes by Tim O'Reilly
#89. This whole idea of visibility by the public creates a pretty powerful lever. In the new transparency era, you are able to make change you would otherwise have difficulty making. It's no longer possible for somebody just to bury the problem. It's the reason why things like WikiLeaks are important. #Quote by Tim O'Reilly
Transparency quotes by Franco Santoro
#90. Healing takes place when grievances are given ample and patient space to be acknowledged, when there is transparency and honesty, when everybody is given the chance to be heard, when nobody is excluded, when people can accept the energy of the conflict and use it as a major opportunity for growth. #Quote by Franco Santoro
Transparency quotes by Alexander Pope
#91. The best way to prove the clearness of our mind, is by showing its faults; as when a stream discovers the dirt at the bottom, it convinces us of the transparency and purity of the water. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Transparency quotes by David J. Anderson
#92. Decide the outer boundaries of the kanban system. It is often best to limit this to the immediate span of political control. Do not force visualization, transparency, and WIP limits on any department that does not volunteer to collaborate. #Quote by David J. Anderson
Transparency quotes by Gwen Ifill
#93. We needed someone to recognize the importance of check and balances, accountability, transparency. There was a real systemic problem at South Carolina State, a problem that has gone on for 25 or 30 years #Quote by Gwen Ifill
Transparency quotes by David Kinnaman
#94. The motivation of transparency is important. The culture teaches people to be candid and blunt, but this usually revolves around self-centeredness – you have a right to express your true feelings and your rage. This is an entitlement. Instead, the Christian way to approach transparency is to realize out candidness should be motivated by a desire to have a pure heart before God and others. #Quote by David Kinnaman
Transparency quotes by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
#95. In a global arena, what our businessmen need in order to be competitive is transparency and a level playing-field. #Quote by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Transparency quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#96. Give it air & let the scar on your soul reveal itself, because, like the body, it too was made to heal itself. #Quote by Curtis Tyrone Jones
Transparency quotes by Robert David Steele
#97. Here's the bottom line: The secret world of intelligence
at least in the United States of America
represents everything wrong with the government, the industrial era, our financial-economic system, and our ethics. #Quote by Robert David Steele
Transparency quotes by Jason Mraz
#98. I enjoy going on stage knowing that there's going to be that vulnerability and that transparency and hopefully things will be realized or accomplished or that confidence will be revealed. I think that's another element that people like about shows: in addition to hearing the songs that they love, I think there are some people who really get off on connecting with what's happening right now. #Quote by Jason Mraz
Transparency quotes by Richard Flanagan
#99. What you're constantly seeking isn't a style, but a transparency between your soul and the words. And your soul is ever in flux, so therefore you have to constantly find new forms of words that might be able to register these changes in the soul. #Quote by Richard Flanagan
Transparency quotes by Isabel Allende
#100. I seek truth and beauty in the transparency of an autumn leaf, in the perfect form of a seashell on the beach, in the curve of a woman's back, in the texture of an ancient tree trunk, but also in the elusive forms of reality. #Quote by Isabel Allende
Transparency quotes by Penney Peirce
#101. We live in a culture of secrecy, where hiding and lying are accepted as natural, even though we don't like it. We want honesty, transparency, and authenticity in our loved ones, our groups and organizations, and in our own self so we can reach the heights of our capacity. By clinging to the opaque reality we stall our evolution. #Quote by Penney Peirce
Transparency quotes by Hillary Clinton
#102. I believe in transparency. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Transparency quotes by Ken Hutcherson
#103. If you remove Al Sharpton's blackness, he disappears. He's transparent. There's nothing there because he bases his whole life on his blackness. Me, I'm a black man; but my blackness has submission to my Christianity. #Quote by Ken Hutcherson
Transparency quotes by Michael Pollan
#104. Supermarkets in Denmark have experimented with adding a second bar code to packages of meat that when scanned at a kiosk in the store brings up on a monitor images of the farm where the meat was raised, as well as detailed information on the particular animal's genetics, feed, medications, slaughter date, etc. Most of the meat in our supermarkets simply couldn't withstand that degree of transparency; if the bar code on the typical package of pork chops summoned images of the CAFO it came from, and information on the pig's diet and drug regimen, who could bring themselves to buy it? Our food system depends on consumers' not knowing much about it beyond the price disclosed by the checkout scanner. Cheapness and ignorance are mutually reinforcing. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Transparency quotes by Wallace Stegner
#105. I find it hard to describe what it is like to look fully into eyes that one has known that well
known better than one knows the look of one's own eyes, actually
and then put away, deliberately forgotten. That instantly reasserted intimacy, that resumption of what looks like friendly concern, is like nakedness, like exposure. #Quote by Wallace Stegner
Transparency quotes by Jonathan Gruber
#106. Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. Call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically, that was really, really critical for the thing to pass. #Quote by Jonathan Gruber
Transparency quotes by Arthur Koestler
#107. We cannot get away from the infinite. It stares us in the face whether we look at atoms or stars, or at the becauses behind the becauses, stretching back through eternity. Flat-earth science has no more use for it than the flat-earth theologians had in the Dark Ages; but a true science of life must let infinity in, and never lose sight of it. In two earlier books I have tried to show that throughout the ages the great innovators in the history of science had always been aware of the transparency of phenomena towards a different order of reality, of the ubiquitous presence of the ghost in the machine -even such a simple machine as a magnetic compass or a Leyden jar. Once a scientist loses the sense of mystery, he can be an excellent technician, but he ceases to be a savant. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Transparency quotes by Gina McCarthy
#108. Transparency is all about letting in and embracing new ideas, new technology and new approaches. No individual, entity or agency, no matter how smart, how old, or how experienced, can afford to stop learning. #Quote by Gina McCarthy
Transparency quotes by Marsha Blackburn
#109. I firmly believe that the most important feature of spending the people's money is complete transparency. #Quote by Marsha Blackburn
Transparency quotes by Robert David Steele
#110. Liberation technology creates wealth, and open-source technology creates wealth. In both instances the 'center of gravity' for dramatic change toward resilience and sustainability is the human brain mass of five billion poor
the one billion rich have failed to 'scale.' The human brain is the one unlimited resource we have on Earth. #Quote by Robert David Steele
Transparency quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#111. Love requires commitment, flexibility, transparency and loyalty. Happy Valentines Day 2017. #Quote by Euginia Herlihy
Transparency quotes by Roelof Botha
#112. Social enables word of mouth at an unprecedented scale. Its most powerful effect, through reviews and recommendations, is to put product quality and value for money as the key to success in commerce. Social brings a level of transparency that prevents marketers from advertising their way to success without underlying product quality. #Quote by Roelof Botha
Transparency quotes by Stephanie Danler
#113. I don't know what it is exactly, being a server. It's a job, certainly, but not exclusively. There's a transparency to it, an occupation stripped of the usual ambitions. One doesn't move up or down. One waits. You are a waiter.

It is fast money - loose, slippery bills that inflate and disappear over the course of an evening. It can be a means, to those with concrete ends and unwavering vision. I grasped most of that easily enough when I was hired at the restaurant at twenty-two. #Quote by Stephanie Danler
Transparency quotes by James M. Cain
#114. By nine, Mildred was powdered, puffed, perfumed, and patted to that state of semi-transparency that a woman seems to achieve when she is really dressed to go out. #Quote by James M. Cain
Transparency quotes by Mitt Romney
#115. We expect candor and transparency from the president, from the administration. #Quote by Mitt Romney
Transparency quotes by Alexander Stille
#116. Everyone understands that in a modern economy - transparency, accountability, a working justice system are part of having a functioning, modern society. #Quote by Alexander Stille
Transparency quotes by Michael Moore
#117. Openness, transparency - these are among the few weapons the citizenry has to protect itself from the powerful and the corrupt ... and that is the best thing that WikiLeaks has done. #Quote by Michael Moore
Transparency quotes by Edmond Jabes
#118. Ah, the sun will catch me, in my disturbing transparency.
What am I but an awareness of the dark, forever? #Quote by Edmond Jabes
Transparency quotes by Arthur Erickson
#119. The new architecture of transparency and lightness comes from Japan and Europe. #Quote by Arthur Erickson
Transparency quotes by Joseph Barber Lightfoot
#120. There is no persuasiveness more effectual than the transparency of a single heart, of a sincere life. #Quote by Joseph Barber Lightfoot
Transparency quotes by Richard Osborne
#121. The (extremely lavish set) was created by a transparency, a fine gauze, finely painted. According to the theatre accounts, it cost 241 ducats, 91 ducats more than Rossini was paid for the music. #Quote by Richard Osborne
Transparency quotes by Harold Holzer
#122. The author describes Lincoln's attitude in making a deal with a newspaper publisher as, "almost defiant transparency. #Quote by Harold Holzer
Transparency quotes by Chris Matakas
#123. Jiu Jitsu can be a source of total transparency such as a mirror, but it takes a conscious choice to see what it has to say. #Quote by Chris Matakas
Transparency quotes by Alain De Botton
#124. Most of the time, we have to be strong, we must not show our fragility. We've known that since the schoolyard. There is always a fragile bit of us, but we keep it very hidden. Yet Venetian glass doesn't apologise for its weakness. It admits its delicacy; it is confident enough to demand careful treatment; it makes the world understand it could easily be damaged. It's not fragile because of a deficiency, or by mistake. It's not as if its maker was trying to make it tough and hardy and then - stupidly - ended up with something a child could snap, or that would be shattered by clumsy mishandling. It is fragile and easily harmed as the consequence of its search for transparency and refinement and its desire to welcome sunlight and candle light into its depths. Glass can achieve wonderful effects but the necessary price is fragility. Some good things things have to be delicate - the dish says: 'I am delightful, but if you knock me about I'll break, and that's not my fault.' It is the duty of civilisation to allow the more delicate forms of human activity to thrive; to create environments where it is OK to be fragile. And we know, really, that it is not glass which most needs this care, it is ourselves. It's obvious the glass could easily be smashed, so it makes you use your fingers tenderly; you have to be careful how you grasp the stem. It teaches us that moderation is admirable, and elegant, not just a tedious demand. It tells us that being careful is glamorous and exciting - ev #Quote by Alain De Botton
Transparency quotes by Paul Ryan
#125. We do not have a functioning market in the true sense of the word in health care. That's a layer of transparency that's sorely needed in America. #Quote by Paul Ryan
Transparency quotes by Paul Hawken
#126. There are insistent calls for autonomy, appeals for a new resource ethic based on the tradition of the commons, demands for the reinstatement of cultural primacy over corporate hegemony, and a rising demand for radical transparency in politics and corporate decision making. It has been said that environmentalism failed as a movement, or worse yet, died. It is the other way around. Everyone on earth will be an environmentalist in the not too distant future, driven there by necessity and experience. #Quote by Paul Hawken
Transparency quotes by Cherry Adair
#127. A pirate!
A black patch covered her rescuer's left eye. The elastic holding it in place drew a thin line between his dark brows and across his forehead. His dark hair was wet, and slicked back off his lean face. His strong jaw was hazed with dark bristle. His face bore the austere lines of a man hounded by demons and comfortable with danger. He looked scruffy, unkempt, and strangely appealing. Tally attributed her reaction to being delirious with shock.
"Seen enough?" he asked dryly as she continued to stare. "Or do you want me to turn around?"
By all means, do. "Sorry. I wasn't really looking looking-I zoned out there for a second." Very smooth, Tallulah. "I wasn't looking looking"? Oh, brother. She blew out a sigh.
He wasn't quite a giant, but he was solidly built, and towered over her own not insubstantial five foot nine by a good five or six inches. Six foot four of sheer power, hard muscle, and sex appeal. His broad, darkly tanned shoulders gleamed with moisture. Salt water glittered like tiny diamonds in the hair on his chest and on the silky dark hair on his thickly muscled legs. His hands and feet were enormous.
"Understandable." His mocking and enigmatic gaze took in her clinging clothes, bare feet, and grim hold on the railing as his boat rode the swells.
There wasn't a thing she could do about her appearance, so she didn't bother fiddling. Besides, she didn't want to draw attention to the wet transparency of her blouse. Not that he loo #Quote by Cherry Adair
Transparency quotes by Maria Cantwell
#128. Let's embrace productive capitalism, not casino capitalism, by restoring transparency and true competition in the commodities markets. #Quote by Maria Cantwell
Transparency quotes by Federico Fellini
#129. I'm just a storyteller, and the cinema happens to be my medium. I like it because it recreates life in movement, enlarges it, enhances it, distills it. For me, it's far closer to the miraculous creation of life than, say, a painting or music or even literature. It's not just an art form; it's actually a new form of life, with its own rhythms, cadences, perspectives and transparencies. It's my way of telling a story. #Quote by Federico Fellini
Transparency quotes by Narendra Modi
#130. While transparency reduces corruption, good governance goes beyond transparency in achieving openness. Openness means involving the stakeholders in decision-making process. Transparency is the right to information while openness is the right to participation. #Quote by Narendra Modi
Transparency quotes by Julian Assange
#131. The goal is justice, the method? is transparency. It's important not to confuse the goal and the method. #Quote by Julian Assange
Transparency quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#132. Can't have a care when you unzip & bare the rare hieroglyphs from the archeological digs unearthed from those undiscovered inner layers. #Quote by Curtis Tyrone Jones
Transparency quotes by Robert J. Sawyer
#133. Secrecy was the problem; transparency the obvious cure. #Quote by Robert J. Sawyer
Transparency quotes by Vera Nazarian
#134. In the kingdom of glass everything is transparent, and there is no place to hide a dark heart. #Quote by Vera Nazarian
Transparency quotes by Mike Quigley
#135. Ever since I arrived in Washington in April 2009, I have been fighting for more transparency and accountability in government. #Quote by Mike Quigley
Transparency quotes by Mari Carr
#136. Colt, you're a cop. I'm fairly certain you realize what you are proposing is illegal. As in bigamy."
He laughed. "You don't legally marry us both. Just one of us. Then the three of us make our own private vows."
"Fine," she leaned back and gave him a smug look as if expecting her next question to jar some sense into them. "Who am I going to legally marry?"
He grinned at her transparency. Obviously, she thought this was going to be a sticking point. "We'll arm wrestle to decide that. #Quote by Mari Carr
Transparency quotes by John C. Maxwell
#137. Speak the truth. Transparency breeds legitimacy. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Transparency quotes by Jeremy Rifkin
#138. He asks, "how hard would it be to go a week without Google? Or, to up the ante, without Facebook, Amazon, Skype, Twitter, Apple, eBay, and Google?"33 Wu is putting his finger on a disquieting new reality - that the new communication medium a younger generation gravitated to because of its promise of openness, transparency, and deep social collaboration masks another persona more concerned with ringing up profit by advancing a networked Commons. #Quote by Jeremy Rifkin
Transparency quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#139. The majority enjoy a young girl as they enjoy a glass of champagne, at one effervescent moment-oh, yes, that is really beautiful, and with many a young girl that is undoubtedly the most one can attain, but here there is more. If an individual is too fragile to stand clarity and transparency, well, then one enjoys what is unclear, but apparently she can stand it. The more devotedness one can bring to erotic love, the more interesting. This momentary enjoyment is a rape, even if not outwardly but nevertheless mentally, and in a rape there is only imagined enjoyment; it is like a stolen kiss, something nondescript. No, if one can bring it to a point where a girl has but one task for her freedom, to give herself, so that she feels her whole happiness in this, so that she practically begs for this devotedness and yet is free-only then is there enjoyment, but this always takes a discerning touch #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Transparency quotes by David Wojnarowicz
#140. When I put my hands on your body on your flesh I feel the history of that body. Not just the beginning of its forming in that distant lake but all the way beyond its ending. I feel the warmth and texture and simultaneously I see the flesh unwrap from the layers of fat and disappear. I see the fat disappear from the muscle. I see the muscle disappearing from around the organs and detaching iself from the bones. I see the organs gradually fade into transparency leaving a gleaming skeleton gleaming like ivory that slowly resolves until it becomes dust. I am consumed in the sense of your weight the way your flesh occupies momentary space the fullness of it beneath my palms. I am amazed at how perfectly your body fits to the curves of my hands. If I could attach our blood vessels so we could become each other I would. If I could attach our blood vessels in order to anchor you to the earth to this present time I would. If I could open up your body and slip inside your skin and look out your eyes and forever have my lips fused with yours I would. It makes me weep to feel the history of your flesh beneath my hands in a time of so much loss. It makes me weep to feel the movement of your flesh beneath my palms as you twist and turn over to one side to create a series of gestures to reach up around my neck to draw me nearer. All these memories will be lost in time like tears in the rain. #Quote by David Wojnarowicz
Transparency quotes by Elizabeth Warren
#141. We've seen filibusters to block judicial nominations, jobs bills, political transparency, ending Big Oil subsidies - you name it, there's been a filibuster. #Quote by Elizabeth Warren
Transparency quotes by Michael Hayden
#142. Despite a campaign that was based on a very powerful promise of transparency, President Obama, and again in my view quite correctly, has used the state secrets argument in a variety of courts, as much as President Bush. #Quote by Michael Hayden
Transparency quotes by Henry Rollins
#143. Americans should demand real news, more transparency and more truth. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Transparency quotes by Al Franken
#144. The government must give proper weight to both keeping America safe from terrorists and protecting Americans' privacy. But when Americans lack the most basic information about our domestic surveillance programs, they have no way of knowing whether we're getting that balance right. This lack of transparency is a big problem. #Quote by Al Franken
Transparency quotes by Anne Tyler
#145. But what I hope for in a book - either one that I write or one that I read - is transparency. I want the story to shine through. I don't want to think of the writer. #Quote by Anne Tyler
Transparency quotes by Georges Perec
#146. You are alone. You learn how to walk like a man alone. To stroll, to dawdle. To see without looking, to look without seeing. You learn the art of transparency, immobility, inexistence.You learn how to be a shadow and how to look at men as if they were stones. #Quote by Georges Perec
Transparency quotes by Robert David Steele
#147. Every citizen must be actively aware of, participating in, and overseeing research, and that research should be focused on creating prosperity and peace, not war and poverty or suicidal needs.
Transparency, which engenders truth, is the foundation for all this. #Quote by Robert David Steele
Transparency quotes by Victor Hugo
#148. Ordinarily it ends in that ocean: revolution. Sometimes, however, coming from those lofty mountains which dominate the moral horizon, justice, wisdom, reason, right, formed of the pure snow of the ideal, after a long fall from rock to rock, after having reflected the sky in its transparency and increased by a hundred affluents in the majestic mien of triumph, insurrection is suddenly lost in some quagmire, as the Rhine is in a swamp. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Transparency quotes by John Mica
#149. Slovakia's joining the OECD in 1999 is totally dependent on meeting economic reforms required such as transparency and legislation that permits fair and open conduct of trade and business. #Quote by John Mica
Transparency quotes by Robert Cooper
#150. A post-modern economy can have the result that everyone lives only for themselves, and not at all for the community – the decline of birth rates in the West is already evidence of this tendency. There is a risk too that the deconstruction of the state may spill over into the deconstruction of society. In political terms, an excess of transparency and an over-diffusion of power could lead to a state, and to an international order, in which nothing can be done because there is no central focus of power or responsibility. We may all drown in complexity. #Quote by Robert Cooper
Transparency quotes by Arundhati Roy
#151. Ammu wondered at the transparency of that kiss. It was a clear-as-glass kiss. Unclouded by passion or desire . . . . It was a kiss that demanded no kiss-back. Not a cloudy kiss full of questions that wanted answers. #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Transparency quotes by Eric S. Raymond
#152. Rushing to optimize before the bottlenecks are known may be the only error to have ruined more designs than feature creep. From tortured code to incomprehensible data layouts, the results of obsessing about speed or memory or disk usage at the expense of transparency and simplicity are everywhere. They spawn innumerable bugs and cost millions of man-hours - often, just to get marginal gains in the use of some resource much less expensive than debugging time #Quote by Eric S. Raymond
Transparency quotes by Rick Perlstein
#153. What does sincerity mean if it is chosen as deliberate strategy? #Quote by Rick Perlstein
Transparency quotes by Toba Beta
#154. Total transparency risks country's stability. #Quote by Toba Beta
Transparency quotes by Kent Beck
#155. Cards on a wall is a way of practicing transparency, valuing and respecting the input of each team member. The project manager has the task of translating the cards into whatever format is expected by the rest of the organization. #Quote by Kent Beck
Transparency quotes by Melissa Bean
#156. If we want to truly regain the public's trust, we can provide greater accountability and transparency with a simple step. Let's start by communicating to our constituents about the votes we take. #Quote by Melissa Bean
Transparency quotes by Jason Silva
#157. Look at the evidence and to be willing to question your own truths, and to be willing to scrutinize things that you hold dearly because that way, that transparency, that self-awareness, will protect you from ever becoming somebody that whose beliefs somehow make them have myopic vision about what could be. #Quote by Jason Silva
Transparency quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#158. If you think you can stand to know what you're made of, try kneeling before God. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Transparency quotes by Jean Baudrillard
#159. The liberated man is not the one who is freed in his ideal reality, his inner truth, or his transparency; he is the man who changes spaces, who circulates, who changes sex, clothes, and habits according to fashion, rather than morality, and who changes opinions not as his conscience dictates but in response to opinion polls. #Quote by Jean Baudrillard
Transparency quotes by Maxim Behar
#160. In 2019, however, there is nothing left from that: the revolution- ary advent of social media has now reached its full swing, and 100 percent of all deeds, thoughts, deals, and acts in our lives are public. Social media's almightiness has brought about many things, but the main one is transparency. Total transparency everywhere and for everyone.
As a result, social media have shaken up the PR industry beyond recognition. In fact, social media have caused the first and only real PR revolution in the industry's more than 100 years of history.
Regardless of how the PR business may have developed over the years, we always used to be a transmission, a sort of bridge, between our clients and their clients. #Quote by Maxim Behar
Transparency quotes by George Eliot
#161. Each remembered thing in the room was disenchanted, was deadened as an unlit transparency, till her wandering gaze came to the group of miniatures, and there at last she saw something which had gathered new breath and meaning: it was the miniature of Mr. Casaubon's aunt Julia, who had made the unfortunate marriage - of Will Ladislaw's grandmother. Dorothea could fancy that it was alive now - the delicate woman's face which yet had a headstrong look, a peculiarity difficult to interpret. Was it only her friends who thought her marriage unfortunate? or did she herself find it out to be a mistake, and taste the salt bitterness of her tears in the merciful silence of the night? What breadths of experience Dorothea seemed to have passed over since she first looked at this miniature! She felt a new companionship with it, as if it had an ear for her and could see how she was looking at it. Here was a woman who had known some difficulty about marriage. #Quote by George Eliot
Transparency quotes by John Gerzema
#162. Transparency, honesty, kindness, good stewardship, even humor, work in businesses at all times. #Quote by John Gerzema
Transparency quotes by Barack Obama
#163. It's my job as president and Congress's job to make sure that there's some rules of the road that people are gonna abide by, and that we've got transparency and accountability. But this stuff is being posted. And one of the things that we're gonna do is put together an independent board on the recovery package. #Quote by Barack Obama
Transparency quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk
#164. Good salespeople sell value and social media is the best place to find this value because of its transparency. #Quote by Gary Vaynerchuk
Transparency quotes by Barack Obama
#165. My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government. #Quote by Barack Obama
Transparency quotes by Helmut Jahn
#166. Transparency is not the same as looking straight through a building: it's not just a physical idea, it's also an intellectual one. #Quote by Helmut Jahn
Transparency quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#167. Truth never damages a cause that is just. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Transparency quotes by Scott M. Graffius
#168. By adopting an agile mindset and providing improved engagement, collaboration, transparency, and adaptability via Scrum's values, roles, events, and artifacts, the results were excellent. #Quote by Scott M. Graffius
Transparency quotes by Robert Lawlor
#169. Within the human consciousness is the unique ability to perceive the transparency between absolute, permanent relationships, contained in the insubstantial forms of a geometric order, and the transitory, changing forms of our actual world. The content of our experience results from an immaterial, abstract, geometric architecture which is composed of harmonic waves of energy, nodes of relationality, melodic forms springing forth from the eternal realm of geometric proportion. #Quote by Robert Lawlor
Transparency quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#170. I've come to believe that total nakedness, that is absolute transparency, that is utter and unfettered and profound visibility, is the only way that we can truly love. Anything less, is self-defense. #Quote by Neale Donald Walsch
Transparency quotes by Anthony Liccione
#171. My love, my love, is a flame in the dark covered in glass. So glowingly beautiful to others on the outside, while slowly suffocating inside. #Quote by Anthony Liccione
Transparency quotes by Ben Goldacre
#172. Science has authority, not because of white coats, or titles, but because of precision and transparency: you explain your theory, set out your evidence, and reference the studies that support your case. #Quote by Ben Goldacre
Transparency quotes by Marty Rubin
#173. Even the oldest trees aren't ashamed to stand naked. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Transparency quotes by David   Fisher
#174. Dotcom believes one of the reasons he was targeted was his support for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. He says he was compelled to reach out to the site after US soldier Bradley Manning leaked documents to it. The infamous video recording of the Apache gunship gunning down a group of Iraqis (some of whom, despite widespread belief to the contrary, were later revealed to have been armed), including two Reuters journalists, was the trigger.

"Wow, this is really crazy," Dotcom recalls thinking, watching the black-and-white footage and hearing the operators of the helicopter chat about firing on the group. He made a €20,000 donation to Wikileaks through Megaupload's UK account. "That was one of the largest donations they got," he says. According to Dotcom, the US, at the time, was monitoring Wikileaks and trying better to understand its support base. "My name must have popped right up."

The combination of a leaking culture and a website dedicated to producing leaked material would horrify the US government, he says. A willing leaker and a platform on which to do it was "their biggest enemy and their biggest fear . . . If you are in a corrupt government and you know how much fishy stuff is going on in the background, to you, that is the biggest threat - to have a site where people can anonymously submit documents."

Neil MacBride was appointed to the Wikileaks case, meaning Dotcom shares prosecutors with Assange. "I think the Wikileaks connec #Quote by David Fisher
Transparency quotes by Jean Lorrain
#175. This Sarah Perez had the most beautiful eyes in the world, those green eyes spangled with gold that you love so much: the eyes of Antinous. In Rome, such eyes would have made her a concubine of Adrian; in Madrid they helped her become the princess of Eboli ensconced in the bed of the king. But Philip II was extremely jealous of those wonderful emerald eyes and their delicate transparency, and the princess - who was bored with the funereal palace and the even more funereal society of the king - had the fancy and the misfortune to cast her admirable gaze upon the Marquis de Posa while she was leaving church one day. It was on the threshold of the chapel, and the princess believed herself to be alone with her camarera mayor, but the vigilance of the clergy was equal to the challenge. She was betrayed, and that very evening, in the intimacy of their bedroom, in the course of some violent argument or tempestuous tussle, Philip threw his mistress to the floor. Blind with rage he leapt upon her, tore out her eye and devoured it in a single gulp.

'Thus was the princess covered in blood - a good title for a conte cruel, that, which Villiers de l'Isle Adam has somehow omitted to write! The princess was henceforth one-eyed: the royal pet had a gaping hole in her face. Philip II, who had the Jewess in his blood, could not cleave so closely to a princess who had only one eye. He made amends to her with some new titles and estates in the provinces and - regretful of the beautifu #Quote by Jean Lorrain
Transparency quotes by J. Richard Singleton
#176. The truth is like sunlight: It causes cancer. #Quote by J. Richard Singleton
Transparency quotes by Avery Sunshine
#177. I hope to shine through my transparency and just let people know that we are all the same. I want children to look at things different like "You're shining too! You just shine in a different way." #Quote by Avery Sunshine
Transparency quotes by Jason R. Hemmings
#178. What we learn from the past and how we live today, shapes the transparency of tomorrow. #Quote by Jason R. Hemmings
Transparency quotes by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
#179. George could only stare at the young lady's kindling face, which lighted up all in a moment, and was suddenly beautiful, like some transparency which seems a dingy picture till you put a lamp behind it. The young surgeon could only stare wonderingly at Mr. Sleaford's daughter, for he hadn't the faintest idea what she and his friend were talking about. #Quote by Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Transparency quotes by Walead Beshty
#180. [X-ray's] accidental discovery in the late 1800s fits seamlessly into modernity's fascination with, and belief in, the power of technological transparency: the desire to domesticate time (cinema), to preserve and capture the surface of the fleeting (photography), to see inside (x-ray). #Quote by Walead Beshty
Transparency quotes by Marty Rubin
#181. One should approach life as one approaches a lover-naked. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Transparency quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#182. To be found is to be exposed. No wonder so many of us are still lost. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Transparency quotes by Julian Assange
#183. Transparency in government leads to reduced corruption. #Quote by Julian Assange
Transparency quotes by Kevin Roose
#184. I grabbed at transparency like an addict grabs at a crack pipe. #Quote by Kevin Roose
Transparency quotes by Michael Lewis
#185. Goldman Sachs itself - and so Goldman was in the position of selling bonds to its customers created by its own traders, so they might bet against them. Secondly, there was a crude, messy, slow, but acceptable substitute for Mike Burry's credit default swaps: the actual cash bonds. According to a former Goldman derivatives trader, Goldman would buy the triple-A tranche of some CDO, pair it off with the credit default swaps AIG sold Goldman that insured the tranche (at a cost well below the yield on the tranche), declare the entire package risk-free, and hold it off its balance sheet. Of course, the whole thing wasn't risk-free: If AIG went bust, the insurance was worthless, and Goldman could lose everything. Today Goldman Sachs is, to put it mildly, unhelpful when asked to explain exactly what it did, and this lack of transparency extends to its own shareholders. If a team of forensic accountants went over Goldman's books, they'd be shocked at just how good Goldman is at hiding things, #Quote by Michael Lewis
Transparency quotes by Rajneesh
#186. Dhyan means meditation. Meditation means awareness, watchfulness, a silent witnessing of all the processes of the mind. And the magic of watching is that as your watchfulness deepens, the mind starts evaporating. When the watchfulness is absolute mind becomes nil, a zero. And the disappearance of the mind gives you clarity, absolute clarity, transparency; you can see through and through, you become a mirror. And then life is reflected as it is - not according to any doctrine, not according to the Bible or the Koran or the Gita but as it is. And to know life as it is, is to know god. #Quote by Rajneesh
Transparency quotes by Ben Fountain
#187. There was no such thing as perfection in this world, only moments of such extreme transparency that you forgot yourself, a holy mercy if there ever was one. #Quote by Ben Fountain
Transparency quotes by Sam Harris
#188. Honesty can force any dysfunction in your life to the surface. Are you in an abusive relationship? A refusal to lie to others – How did you get that bruise? – would oblige you to come to grips with this situation very quickly. Do you have a problem with drugs or alcohol? Lying is the lifeblood of addiction. If we have no recourse to lies, our lives can unravel only so far without others noticing.

Telling the truth can also reveal ways in which we want to grow but haven't. #Quote by Sam Harris
Transparency quotes by Shubha Vilas
#189. Your trustworthiness quotient depends on your transparency ratio. #Quote by Shubha Vilas
Transparency quotes by Merrick Garland
#190. Transparency in government, no less than transparency in choosing government, remains a vital national interest in a democracy. #Quote by Merrick Garland
Transparency quotes by Gordon Brown
#191. The way forward is for governments to consciously pursue monetary and fiscal stability through setting clear objectives, establishing proper rules, and requiring openness and transparency - the new rules of the game. #Quote by Gordon Brown
Transparency quotes by Lee H. Hamilton
#192. We should insist that governments receiving American aid live up to standards of accountability and transparency, and we should support countries that embrace market reforms, democracy, and the rule of law. #Quote by Lee H. Hamilton
Transparency quotes by Joseph Pulitzer
#193. There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, there is not a vice which does not live by secrecy. #Quote by Joseph Pulitzer
Transparency quotes by Samantha Tonge
#194. What a precious gift I'd been given, to no longer have that constant internal narrative wondering if I fitted in - a narrative that I'd done my very best to hide, all these years. It made me feel somehow taller. Stronger. Proud of myself. More honest. I mean, what a waste of a life to spend it lying to everyone - and worst of all, to yourself. #Quote by Samantha Tonge
Transparency quotes by Eike Batista
#195. To be powerful in South America, you have to be transparent and you have to have a very clean reputation. Transparency for me today is a magic word in South America. Power comes from transparency and a track record of execution. #Quote by Eike Batista
Transparency quotes by Philip Zimbardo
#196. A good cult delivers on its promises. A good cult nourishes the needs of its members, has transparency and integrity, and creates provisions for challenging its leadership openly. A good cult expands the freedoms and well-being of its members rather than limits them. #Quote by Philip Zimbardo
Transparency quotes by Peter Fenn
#197. A basic tenet of a healthy democracy is open dialogue and transparency. #Quote by Peter Fenn
Transparency quotes by Franco Santoro
#198. You have complete permission to enter my mind, probing all my thoughts, looking for whatever you need to know. There is nothing I intend to hide from you. No matter what you will find, either luminous or dark, you can rest assured that in my heart I deeply love you and I want the best for you, and ... I do mean you! #Quote by Franco Santoro
Transparency quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#199. When people in power can operate in the dark, inevitably they abuse that power. So, you need outside forces to bring light and transparency to what they're doing. And, one of the ways you do that is through journalism, and through guaranteeing a free press. That is its purpose, to provide a check on those who wield power. #Quote by Glenn Greenwald
Transparency quotes by Maria Tatar
#200. Magic happens when the wand of language strikes a stone and makes it melt, touches a spindle and turns it into gold, or taps a trunk and makes it fly. By drawing on a syntax of enchantment that conjures fluidity, ethereality, flimsiness, and transparency, writers turn solidity into resplendent airy lightness to produce miracles of linguistic transubstantiation.

What is the effect of that beauty? How do readers respond to words that create that beauty? In a world that has discredited that particular attribute and banished it from high art, beauty has nonetheless held on to its enlivening power in children's books. It draws readers in, then draws them to understand the fictional worlds it lights up. #Quote by Maria Tatar

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