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Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Gina Greenlee
#1. When actors encounter a mishap during a stage performance,
they transform it for good purpose by employing a technique called,
"use the difficulty." How can you "use the difficulty" in your life? #Quote by Gina Greenlee
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by C.S. Lewis
#2. Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace in difficulties. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#3. If you have suffered more than your fair share of difficulties in life, perhaps you are being prepared to serve some greater purpose that will require you to be equipped with the wisdom you have acquired through your trials. #Quote by Robin S. Sharma
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Rick Santorum
#4. In some mysterious way, in all his brokenness, he reveals to us our own brokenness, our difficulties in loving, our barriers and hardness of heart. If he is so broken and so hurt and yet is still such a source of life, then I, too, am allowed to look at my own brokenness and to trust that I, too, can give life to others. I do not have to pretend that I am better than others and that I have to win in all the competitions. It's okay to be myself, just as I am, in my uniqueness. That, of course, is a very healing and liberating experience. I am allowed to be myself, with all my psychological and physical wounds, with all my limitations but with all my gifts too. And I can trust that I am loved just as I am, and that I, too, can love and grow. #Quote by Rick Santorum
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Danilo Kis
#5. What did E.S. like about dreams?
Their similarity to life and their dissimilarity; their salutary effect on body and soul; their unrestricted choice and arrangement of themes and contents; their bottomless depths and eerie heights; their eroticism; their freedom; their openness to guidance by will and suggestion (a perfumed handkerchief under one's pillow, soft music on the radio or gramophone, etc.); their resemblance to death and their power to confer intimations of eternity; their resemblance to madness without the consequences of madness; their cruelty and their gentleness; their power to pry the deepest secrets out of us; their blissful silence, to which cries are not unknown; their telepathic and spiritist faculty of communication with those dead or far away; their coded language, which we manage to understand and translate; their ability to condense the mythical figures of Icarus, Ahasuerus, Jonah, Noah, etc., into images; their monochrome and polychrome quality; their resemblance to the womb and to the jaws of a shark; their faculty of transforming unknown places, people, and landscapes into known ones, and vice versa; their power to diagnose certain ailments and traumas before it is too late; the difficulty of determining how long they last; the fact that they can be mistaken for reality; their power to preserve images and distant memories; their disrespect for chronology and the classical unities of time and action. #Quote by Danilo Kis
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by C.S. Lewis
#6. A vocation is a terrible thing. To be called out of nature into the supernatural life is at first (or perhaps not quite at first - the wrench of the parting may be felt later) a costly honour. Even to be called from one natural level to another is loss as well as gain. Man has difficulties and sorrows which the other primates escape. But to be called up higher still costs still more. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S
#7. Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety, after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly. #Quote by Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu-Talib A.S
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#8. It isn't so much life's problems that challenge us but the emotional turbulence stirred up while trying to deal with them. People possessing the gift of emotional detachment are lucky in that their personal problems seem far less problematic. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Harold S. Kushner
#9. How seriously would we take person who said, "I have faith in Adolf Hitler, or in John Dilinger. I can't explain why they did the things they did, but I can't believe they would have done them without a good reason." Yet people try to justify the deaths and tragedies God inflicts on innocent victims with almost these same words.
Furthermore, my religious commitment to the supreme value of an individual life makes it hard for me to accept an answer that is not scandalized by an innocent person's pain, that condones human pain because it supposedly contributes to an overall work of esthetic value. If a human artist or employer made children suffer so that something immensely impressive or valuable could come to pass, we would put him in prison. Why then should we excuse God for causing such undeserved pain, no matter how wonderful the ultimate result may be? #Quote by Harold S. Kushner
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by C.S. Lewis
#10. If we really believe what we say we believe- if we really think that home is elsewhere and that this life is a "wandering to find home", why should we not look forward to the arrival. There are, aren't there, only three things we can do about death: to desire it, to fear it, or to ignore it. The third alternative, which is the one the modern world calls "healthy" is surely the most uneasy and precarious of all. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Terri Windling
#11. Snow-melt in the stream: Mama Nature turning winter's storms into nourishment for the soil, fecundity, and beauty. This is what I must now learn to do with the stormy weather I've been passing through: turn it into beauty, turn it into art, so new life can germinate and bloom.
One example of a creative artist who does this is my friend Jane Yolen, who wrote her exquisite book of poems The Radiation Sonnets while her husband was undergoing treatment for the cancer that would eventually claim his life. This is what all artists must do: take whatever life gives us and "alchemize" it into our art (either directly and autobiographically, as in Jane's book, or indirectly; whatever approach works best), turning darkness into light, spinning straw into gold, transforming pain and hardship into what J.R.R. Tolkien called 'a miraculous grace. #Quote by Terri Windling
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Neeraj Singhvi
#12. God has devised ways for all of us to live, but it is for us to choose how. #Quote by Neeraj Singhvi
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Carol S. Dweck
#13. More and more research is suggesting that, far from being simply encoded in the genes, much of personality is a flexible and dynamic thing that changes over the life span and is shaped by experience. #Quote by Carol S. Dweck
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by ZINEB SKARABI
#14. I sold my life to God, and I found the peace... #Quote by ZINEB SKARABI
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#15. My Floating Sea"

"Pastel colors reflect in my opening eyes and draw my gaze to a horizon where the waters both begin and end. This early in the day I can easily stare without blinking. The pale sea appears calm, but it is stormy just as often. I awe at the grandeur, how it expands beyond my sight to immeasurable depths. In every direction that I twist my neck, a beauteous blue is there to console me.

Flowing, floating ribbons of mist form on these pale waters. In harmony they pirouette, creating a stretch of attractive, soft swirls. Swoosh! The wind, its strength in eddies and twisters, smears the art of dancing clouds, and the white disperses like startled fairies fleeing into the forest. Suddenly all is brilliant blue.

The waters calm and clear. It warms me. Pleases me. Forces my eyes to close at such vast radiance. My day is spent surrounded by this ethereal sea, but soon enough the light in its belly subsides. Rich colors draw my gaze to the opposite horizon where the waters both begin and end. I watch the colors bleed and deepen. They fade into black.

Yawning, I cast my eyes at tiny gleams of life that drift within the darkened waters. I extend my reach as if I could will my arm to stretch the expanse between me and eons. How I would love to brush a finger over a ray of living light, but I know I cannot.

Distance deceives me.

These little breathing lights floating in blackness would truly reduce me to #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Haruki Murakami
#16. In the spring of her twenty-second year, Sumire fell in love for the first time in her life. An intense love, a veritable tornado sweeping across the plains - flattening everything in its path, tossing things up in the air, ripping them to shreds, crushing them to bits. The tornado's intensity doesn't abate for a second as it blasts across the ocean, laying waste to Angkor Wat, incinerating an Indian jungle, tigers and everything, transforming itself into a Persian desert sandstorm, burying an exotic fortress city under a sea of sand. In short, a love of truly monumental proportions. The person she fell in love with happened to be 17 years older than Sumire. And was married. And, I should add, was a woman. This is where it all began, and where it all ended. Almost. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by C.S. Lewis
#17. My real life - or what memory reports as my real life - was increasingly one of solitude. I had indeed plenty of people to talk to: my parents, my grandfather Lewis, prematurely old and deaf, who lived with us; the maids; and a somewhat bibulous old gardener. I was, I believe, an intolerable chatterbox. But solitude was nearly always at my command, somewhere in the garden or somewhere in the house. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Syed Sharukh
#18. Everything is visible to, The Invisible. #Quote by Syed Sharukh
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Michael Muhammad Knight
#19. People say that America has no religion, but it's the opposite: America has every religion, all the old ones, and produces more new ones than anywhere else on earth. America;'s religious life is like the photo mosaic in which a thousand little images add up to one big picture, except there's no big picture, just a blob of unrelated and unrelatable images, texts, and poses, the freedom to take what you want from a religion and reject hte rest and be lonely, standing outsdie the warm shelters of temples with your own goon god that no one else can understand. #Quote by Michael Muhammad Knight
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Susan Claire Potts
#20. [...] we all die, and the length of our life has been set before the earth was formed. Sometimes God takes the little ones to keep the eyes of the rest of the family on Heaven. They will never forget where this road leads if one of their own has already come to the end of it. #Quote by Susan Claire Potts
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Plamen Chetelyazov
#21. Usually it`s like this: I sit down and drink with the idea of clarifying just where I am going with my life, and then, after a while, I am unable even to stand on my feet #Quote by Plamen Chetelyazov
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Salman Rushdie
#22. The moment I was old enough to play board games I fell in love with Snakes and Ladders. O perfect balance of rewards and penalties O seemingly random choices made by tumbling dice Clambering up ladders slithering down snakes I spent some of the happiest days of my life. When in my time of trial my father challenged me to master the game of shatranji I infuriated him by preferring to invite him instead to chance his fortune among the ladders and nibbling snakes.

All games have morals and the game of Snakes and Ladders captures as no other activity can hope to do the eternal truth that for every ladder you climb a snake is waiting just around the corner and for every snake a ladder will compensate. But it's more than that no mere carrot-and-stick affair because implicit in the game is the unchanging twoness of things the duality of up against down good against evil the solid rationality of ladders balances the occult sinuousities of the serpent in the opposition of staircase and cobra we can see metaphorically all conceivable opposition Alpha against Omega father against mother here is the war of Mary and Musa and the polarities of knees and nose... but I found very early in my life that the game lacked one crucial dimension that of ambiguity - because as events are about to show it is also possible to slither down a ladder and lcimb to truimph on the venom of a snake... Keeping things simple for the moment however I recrod that no sooner had my mother discovered t #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
#23. Each of us is accountable to God for our personal holiness. Humbling yourself by letting others into your life and allowing them to help you and hold you accountable will release the sanctifying, transforming grace of God in your life. #Quote by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Parker S. Huntington
#24. Love is the most expensive thing you'll ever own. You pay for it with grief, tears, and a piece of your soul, but in return, you receive happiness, memories, and life. #Quote by Parker S. Huntington
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#25. Life really is nothing more than a journey back home. #Quote by Robin S. Sharma
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by T. S. Eliot
#26. Between the desire
And the spasm,
Between the potency
And the existence,
Between the essence
And the descent,
Falls the Shadow. #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by C.S. Lewis
#27. We seek an enlargement of our being. We want to be more than ourselves ... We want to see with other eyes, to imagine with other imaginations, to feel with other hearts, as well as with our own ... We demand windows. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by A.S. Green
#28. Because you've been giving me happy for months now. All my life I've been looking for it. I didn't know what I was looking for, exactly. Only that I'd know it when I found it. You're it. You're my happily ever after. (Bennet) #Quote by A.S. Green
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by S.D. Gordon
#29. Ideals are like tuning forks: sound them often to bring your life up to standard pitch. #Quote by S.D. Gordon
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Ariel Gore
#30. Maybe I could rewrite the fairy tale of my life, transforming every blow to the head, and every cut to the cunt, and every crucified doll into some kind of an initiation. #Quote by Ariel Gore
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#31. But I have a flash of Good News from the Police Atrocity front, which is heating up in Denver. ... Stand back! Good News is rare in the Criminal Justice System, but every once in a while you find it, and this is one of those times. To wit: the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has formally entered the Appeals trial of young Lisl Auman - the girl who remains locked up in a cell at the Colorado State Prison for the Rest of Her Life with No Possibility of Parole for a bogus crime she was never even Accused of committing. She is a living victim of a cold-blooded political trial that will cast a long shadow on Denver for many years to come. Lisl is the only person ever convicted in the United States for Felony Murder who was in police custody when the crime happened. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by George S. Patton
#32. Often I have encountered in life that great disappointments have proved to be the road to future successes. #Quote by George S. Patton
Transforming Life S Difficulties quotes by Iris Johansen
#33. Where you are,there I'll be.Make up your mind to it.You may not love me now bt you will.I'll see to it #Quote by Iris Johansen

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