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Transcendence Max quotes by Max Planck
#1. It is never possible to predict a physical occurrence with unlimited precision. #Quote by Max Planck
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Brooks
#2. You can't blame anyone else ... You have to make your own choices and live every agonizing day with the consequences of those choices. He knew this. That's why he deserted us like we deserted those civilians. He saw the road ahead, a steep, treacherous mountain road. We'd all have to hike that road, each of us dragging the boulder of what we'd done behind us. He couldn't do it. He couldn't shoulder the weight. - Philip Adler #Quote by Max Brooks
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Monroe
#3. I couldn't help myself. This woman whom I'd seen handle an entire boardroom full of cocky sons of bitches without batting an eye was crazy adorable. She was tough as nails and hotter than sin. And Christ, she was hilarious. I wanted more of her. A lot fucking more. #Quote by Max Monroe
Transcendence Max quotes by Tucker Max
#4. I prefer to keep fooling myself, at least for a little while longer. #Quote by Tucker Max
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Von Sydow
#5. If people ask me, 'For you, what is your most important film?' I have a feeling that they all sort of want me to answer with one of the Bergman films. But I cannot choose. #Quote by Max Von Sydow
Transcendence Max quotes by Max McKeown
#6. Who's more likely to succeed - someone with high skill and no ambition, or no skill and high ambition? If you're an entrepreneur, you can hire as many skilled people for your business as you want. #Quote by Max McKeown
Transcendence Max quotes by Tucker Max
#7. If people try to judge you or shame you for doing safe, consensual things that make you happy, I can guarantee you they're bad people. #Quote by Tucker Max
Transcendence Max quotes by Franz Kafka
#8. A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.
[Letter to Max Brod, July 5, 1922] #Quote by Franz Kafka
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Levchin
#9. I have this massive notebook called IDEAS and another one called PERSONAL IDEAS and another one called CRAZY IDEAS. #Quote by Max Levchin
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Lucado
#10. How many disasters would be averted if we'd go first, in faith, to Jesus? #Quote by Max Lucado
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Freesney Pierre
#11. Its no longer in my dreams that I see u #Quote by Max Freesney Pierre
Transcendence Max quotes by Rajneesh
#12. This watchfulness, this witnessing is the ultimate secret of creating a religious life, of creating a life of transcendence, a life of spirituality, of enlightenment, of buddhahood. #Quote by Rajneesh
Transcendence Max quotes by James Patterson
#13. Yes, Max, you are going to die. Just like everybody else.
Thank you, Confucious. #Quote by James Patterson
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Horkheimer
#14. The quality of the human that precludes identifying the individual with the class is 'metaphysical' and has no place in empiricist epistemology. The pigeon hole into which a man is shoved circumscribes his fate. #Quote by Max Horkheimer
Transcendence Max quotes by Lily Harper Hart
#15. Max is an idiot," Ivy said, struggling to her feet and almost toppling over before Jack caught her. "Slow down, Speed Racer," he said. "You need to move slowly until your body adjusts to its new reality." "And what reality is that?" "The one where you're not super human. #Quote by Lily Harper Hart
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Lucado
#16. Trust God's love. His perfect love. Don't fear He will discover your past. He already has. Don't fear disappointing Him in the future. He can show you the chapter in which you will. With perfect knowledge of the past and perfect vision of the future, He loves you perfectly in spite of both. #Quote by Max Lucado
Transcendence Max quotes by Dag Hammarskjold
#17. He is one of those who has had the wilderness for a pillow, and called a star his brother. Alone. But loneliness can be a communion. #Quote by Dag Hammarskjold
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Barry
#18. It was pointless to ponder who I was because I was whichever combination of chemicals happened to be sloshing around at that time. So I decided not to search for a true self. I decided to choose who I wanted to be. #Quote by Max Barry
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Weber
#19. Tolstoi has given the simplest answer, with the words: 'Science is meaningless because it gives no answer to our question, the only question important for us: "What shall we do and how shall we live?"' That science does not give an answer to this is indisputable. The only question that remains is the sense in which science gives 'no' answer, and whether or not science might yet be of use to the one who puts the question correctly. #Quote by Max Weber
Transcendence Max quotes by Markus Zusak
#20. It's such a beautiful day," he said, and his voice was in many pieces. A great day to die. A great day to die, like this.

Liesel walked at him. She was courageous enought to reach out and hold his bearded face. "Is it really you, Max?"

Such a brilliant German day and its attentive crowd.

He let his mouth kiss her palm. "Yes, Liesel, it's me," and he held the girl's hand in his face and cried onto her fingers. He cried as the soldiers came and a small collection of insolent Jews stood and watched.

Standing, he was whipped. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Transcendence Max quotes by Karen Armstrong
#21. Religion is a practical discipline and in the 17th century in the West, we turned it onto a head trip. But it's like dancing, or swimming, or driving, which you can't learn by texts. You have to get into the car and learn how to manipulate the vehicle. #Quote by Karen Armstrong
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Anders
#22. Compassion for victims is sometimes forgotten in a misapplied concern for their oppressors and murderers. #Quote by Max Anders
Transcendence Max quotes by Victor Hugo
#23. What have we to fear, we who believe? #Quote by Victor Hugo
Transcendence Max quotes by Andrew Vachss
#24. Max Allan Collins blends fact and fiction like no other writer. #Quote by Andrew Vachss
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Lucado
#25. Gratitude. More aware of what you have than what you don't. Recognizing the treasure in the simple - a child's hug, fertile soil, a golden sunset. Relishing in the comfort of the common. #Quote by Max Lucado
Transcendence Max quotes by Herbert Marcuse
#26. The reign of such a one-dimensional reality does not mean that materialism rules, and that the spiritual, metaphysical, and bohemian occupations are petering out. On the contrary, there is a great deal of "Worship together this week," "Why not try God," Zen, existentialism, and beat ways of life, etc. But such modes of protest and transcendence are no longer contradictory to the status quo and no longer negative. They are rather the ceremonial part of practical behaviorism, its harmless negation, and are quickly digested by the status quo as part of its healthy diet. #Quote by Herbert Marcuse
Transcendence Max quotes by Felix Alba-Juez
#27. So strong was the preconception of absolute space and time in the scientific mentality of those days, that Lorentz did not realize the grand transcendence of what he had discovered, and contented himself with remodeling the edifice of Physics
instead of rebuilding it with a new foundation. #Quote by Felix Alba-Juez
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Allan Collins
#28. for work these days; nobody had been hired in janitorial #Quote by Max Allan Collins
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Ehrmann
#29. Speak your truth quietly & clearly; and listen to others, even the dull & ignorant; they too have their story. #Quote by Max Ehrmann
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Lucado
#30. And God, the Master Builder. This is the meaning behind Joseph's words "God meant it for good in order to bring about ... " The Hebrew word translated here as bring about is a construction term #Quote by Max Lucado
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Eastman
#31. Robert Benchley has a style that is weak and lies down frequently to rest. #Quote by Max Eastman
Transcendence Max quotes by Tucker Max
#32. Social media for the majority of companies is not about helping customers or improving products. #Quote by Tucker Max
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Eastman
#33. The defining function of the artist is to cherish consciousness. #Quote by Max Eastman
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Lerner
#34. The taste of democracy becomes a bitter taste when the fullness of democracy is denied. #Quote by Max Lerner
Transcendence Max quotes by Peter Pearson
#35. By employing classical concepts of idealized beauty and changes in perspective, icons speak to us of reality transformed and transfigured, both in and through God's presence. They speak of transcendence and mystery. As iconographers, we point to a reality that we have never seen with our own eyes. In fact, all our images of God, heaven, the angels, and the saints, whether in poetry, prose, ritual, music, or icons, represent our limited attempts to speak of the unspeakable. #Quote by Peter Pearson
Transcendence Max quotes by Max McKeown
#36. Strategy is about out-thinking your competition. Mark Zuckerberg, while at Harvard, built a website called Facemash 'for fun'. Even today, Facebook believe that 'done is better than perfect'. #Quote by Max McKeown
Transcendence Max quotes by Henry H. Neff
#37. He tossed the deck to David. 'You get first deal.'
'I've got one hand.'
'Right, then. Deal those cards, Max, and let's have ourselves a game. #Quote by Henry H. Neff
Transcendence Max quotes by Max McKeown
#38. There are no perfect leaders. #Quote by Max McKeown
Transcendence Max quotes by Dan Wells
#39. The project I did last year was on Jeffrey Dahmer,' I said. 'He was a cannibal who kept severed heads in his freezer'
'I remember now,' said Max, his eyes darkening. 'Your posters have me nightmares. That was boss.'
'Nightmares are nothing,' I said. 'Those posters gave me a therapist. #Quote by Dan Wells
Transcendence Max quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#40. Everything that can be said with words can be contradicted with words, so what's the point of dissertations, novels, literature? Or put another way: whatever we say is true we can also always say is untrue. It is a zero point and the place from which the zero value begins to spread. However, it is not a dead point, not for literature either, for literature is not just words, literature is what words evoke in the reader. It is this transcendence that validates literature, not the formal transcendence in itself, as many believe. #Quote by Karl Ove Knausgaard
Transcendence Max quotes by Max Lucado
#41. Do you believe that God is near? He wants you to. He wants you to know that He is in the midst of your world. Wherever you are as you read these words, He is present. #Quote by Max Lucado

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