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Totally Amazing quotes by Liz Hemingway
#1. We do not want to believe that we cannot control alcohol and that alcohol is, in truth, controlling and dictating our lives. When you free yourself of a dictator, like alcohol, the freedom that you experience is totally amazing and so empowering. You get your life back. #Quote by Liz Hemingway
Totally Amazing quotes by Jessica Park
#2. This coffee looks, like, totally amazing and delicious, but I really want to kiss you. And for that I need two hands because I'm going to have to hold you up. That's how hard I'm going to kiss you. #Quote by Jessica Park
Totally Amazing quotes by Carolyn Hennesy
#3. this book really is interesting that a soon as I got it I couldn't stop reading it. #Quote by Carolyn Hennesy
Totally Amazing quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
#4. The goal is not just to create joy for ourselves but, as the Archbishop poetically phrased it, "to be a reservoir of joy, an oasis of peace, a pool of serenity that can ripple out to all those around you." As we will see, joy is in fact quite contagious. As is love, compassion, and generosity. So being more joyful is not just about having more fun. We're talking about a more empathic, more empowered, even more spiritual state of mind that is totally engaged with the world. #Quote by Dalai Lama XIV
Totally Amazing quotes by Ed McClanahan
#5. As far as my part in it is concerned, it began one night in the fall of 1956 in Lexington, Kentucky, when I walked into the Zebra Bar--a musty, murky coal-hole of a place across Short Street from the Drake Hotel (IF YOU DUCK THE DRAKE YOUR A GOOSE!! read the peeling roadside billboard out on the edge of town)--walked in under a marquee that did, sure enough, declare the presence inside of one 'Little Enis,' and came upon this amazing little stud stomping around atop the bar, flailing away at one of those enormous old electric guitars that looked like an Oldsmobile in drag--left-handed! #Quote by Ed McClanahan
Totally Amazing quotes by Liam Neeson
#6. But I was very, very lucky, and it was a wake up call as far as motorbikes are concerned. I never flirted with death on the bike, but now I'm totally convinced they're death machines. #Quote by Liam Neeson
Totally Amazing quotes by Kady Cross
#7. As they walked, the subtle lamplight of a dirigible washed over them. Finley glanced up, watching the light grow closer, slowly descending from the sky in a whirl of propellers as the ship made its way into the London air dock just a few miles away. How amazing it must be to float so high, to travel so quickly.
Dandy followed her gaze, but they didn't stop walking. "I was up in one of them flyers once," he told her. "I climbed over the rail and hung on to one of the ropes. Freeing it was. I almost let go."
She whipped her head around to gape at him. "The fall would kill you."
He smiled ever so slightly. "Not afore I flew. Worse ways to go. #Quote by Kady Cross
Totally Amazing quotes by Stephen Metcalf
#8. The beauty of design ought to be totally incidental to the enterprise itself. #Quote by Stephen Metcalf
Totally Amazing quotes by Walter Isaacson
#9. I think that notion of being a seeker, somebody who never felt totally fulfilled, but was always passionate about the search, that comes from the background, probably. #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Totally Amazing quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#10. If you have ever been in a life-or-death emergency situation, you will know that it wasn't a problem. The mind didn't have time to fool around and make it into a problem. In a true emergency, the mind stops; you become totally present in the Now, and something infinitely more powerful takes over. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Totally Amazing quotes by Jessica Pare
#11. I played a bass player and a singer in a movie once, but I totally lip-synced to everything. #Quote by Jessica Pare
Totally Amazing quotes by Jon Stewart
#12. Isn't it amazing what scientists can accomplish when no one makes them stop? #Quote by Jon Stewart
Totally Amazing quotes by Rufus Wainwright
#13. When I was young, my mother [folk singer Kate McGarrigle] brought home this recording of Verdi's Requiem and we listened to it from top to bottom. By the end of it, I was a completely different person. It was literally a requiem mass for my former self. I was about 12 or 13. The Requiem just totally hooked into what I was going through emotionally - discovering my sexuality right at the time when AIDS was devastating my community and dealing with intense parental situations. #Quote by Rufus Wainwright
Totally Amazing quotes by Kacy Catanzaro
#14. Nastia Liukin, I was obsessed with her. And I say was, but really am obsessed with her. She's just so amazing. #Quote by Kacy Catanzaro
Totally Amazing quotes by Gloria Swanson
#15. It's amazing to find that so many people, who I thought really knew me, could have thought that 'Sunset Boulevard' was autobiographical. I've got nobody floating in my swimming pool. #Quote by Gloria Swanson
Totally Amazing quotes by Joss Whedon
#16. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the road less traveled by and they CANCELLED MY FRIKKIN' SHOW. I totally shoulda took the road that had all those people on it. Damn. #Quote by Joss Whedon
Totally Amazing quotes by Sun Yang
#17. There is no limit to childishness, if a person starts attacking the other one, they just strike back. Your weak point? Secret? They won't avoid it, and instead try to hurt you with it. So the reason you're fighting is totally lost. They'll just start thinking about how to hurt the other person most, so much that they'll cry out in pain. #Quote by Sun Yang
Totally Amazing quotes by Josh Gad
#18. Josh [Gad] does such an amazing job playing a lovable idiot. Not many people can do that, as convincingly as he can. #Quote by Josh Gad
Totally Amazing quotes by Douglas Adams
#19. For instance, a race of hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings once built themselves a gigantic supercomputer called Deep Thought to calculate once and for all the Question to the Ultimate Answer of Life, the Universe and Everything. For seven and a half million years, Deep Thought computed and calculated, and in the end announced that the answer was in fact Forty-two - and so another, even bigger, computer had to be built to find out what the actual question was. And this computer, which was called the Earth, was so large that it was frequently mistaken for a planet - especially by the strange apelike beings who roamed its surface, totally unaware that they were simply part of a gigantic computer program. And this is very odd, because without that fairly simple and obvious piece of knowledge, nothing that ever happened on the Earth could possibly make the slightest bit of sense. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Totally Amazing quotes by Scott Hildreth
#20. Hold still baby girl. Hold still. I need you to do something for me," he said quietly.

I opened my mouth and said, "What?" but no words came out. I tried again.


He smiled.

He continued to lick my hip bone. He kissed it and looked me in the eyes.

"You listening?" he asked.

As I squeezing the countertop with each hand, my arms beside my body, my hands beside my butt, I nodded.

"Fuck my tongue. I want you to fuck my mouth, do you hear me?"

I opened my mouth and squeaked. My eyes closed. I felt his tongue move from my hip to my clit. His palm slid slowly across my hip, and rested in the depression between my hip and my pussy. His thumb was positioned on the skin above my clit, and pushed upward, exposing my clit totally. As his tongue met my clit, I squirmed.

I felt his lip on top of my clit, and his tongue on the bottom. He started a motion with his tongue and lip, with my clit in between. About three seconds into it, I was done…almost to climax. I felt myself begin to cum. No, not yet, not yet, please…make this last.

He lifted his head, and looked me in the eye. He must have sensed I was going to cum.

"No, don't stop. Please, Erik, don't fucking stop." I begged.

"Fuck my mouth. Grind your pussy on my face baby girl, do you hear me?"

"Yes sir. Do it. Do that again. Exactly what you were doing, exactly," I said, hoping he co #Quote by Scott Hildreth
Totally Amazing quotes by Mark Kozelek
#21. I've guess I've gotten older and my sex appeal has waned. It's OK. I've got an amazing girlfriend and she keeps me happy. #Quote by Mark Kozelek
Totally Amazing quotes by Alecia Whitaker
#22. Fuming, I reach for the stick at my feet; however, this is the precise moment that a small black garter snake slithers out in front of me. I do what any normal fourteen-year-old girl would do: scream my head off, dance in spastic horror, and throw my tobacco knife into the dirt-completely missing the snake. I look to Luke for help, but he's laughing hysterically, which really gets my already hot blood boiling. Wrists on sweaty forehead, breathing totally out of control, I walk around in a circle until the disgusting little reptile slithers away.
I am-offically-over it. #Quote by Alecia Whitaker
Totally Amazing quotes by David Blaine
#23. I just believe that the feeling of wonder is amazing. I am pushing myself as far as I can humanly push myself ... I can only hope for the best and expect the worse. #Quote by David Blaine
Totally Amazing quotes by James Herriot
#24. I wish people would realize that animals are totally dependent on us, helpless, like children, a trust that is put upon us. #Quote by James Herriot
Totally Amazing quotes by Lars Gustafsson
#25. April 9th. Hope is almost as difficult as the other. But one is simply more used to hoping and fearing than to find oneself in the middle of what one had hoped or feared.

What I have learned: that there is no real escape from life.

One can only postpone the decision with cunning and cleverness. But there is no way out. It is a totally closed system, and at the exit there is only death. And that naturally is no exit at all.

I am a body. Nothing but a body. Everything which has to be done, which can be done, must happen within this body.

(The Yellow Book IV:2) #Quote by Lars Gustafsson
Totally Amazing quotes by J.C. Villamere
#26. We build this country ourselves every day and we have to be, in the most positive sense, totally unreal. #Quote by J.C. Villamere
Totally Amazing quotes by Heather Anastasiu
#27. My whole body sank forward into his arms. His lips moved against mine, exploring my mouth so gently. I tried to mimic his movements
slowly, uncertainly, until I didn't have to think about it at all. It just felt right. He let out a soft moan at my reaction and cupped his hands behind my head, pulling me closer until I couldn't tell where my mouth ended and his began. A liquid sensation swooped throughout my stomach. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever felt and it kept growing, the vibrating heat expanding outward. I was surprised I was still able to stand. #Quote by Heather Anastasiu
Totally Amazing quotes by Evan Dando
#28. CDs, too. Totally corporate. They look real cheap and soulless and they don't smell of anything. #Quote by Evan Dando
Totally Amazing quotes by Jessie J.
#29. I had an amazing childhood and always loved to sing and dance, but there were moments where I had ups and downs with my health that often tested me as it does many people. I've never hidden the fact that my health was sometimes not on my side, but I've never let it define me or deter me from my dreams. #Quote by Jessie J.
Totally Amazing quotes by Milo Ventimiglia
#30. TV is such a success nowadays because it gives back in a way that features can't. If you go to a film, you only get two hours of great storytellers and performers, and you pay top dollar for that. If you're subscribing to premium channels and you're getting all of these amazing TV shows, and you're watching them as you want, where you want, when you want, on what you want, I think that is the "the golden era of TV" in what television shows are offering to audiences. We're giving them a lot more. It's quality. #Quote by Milo Ventimiglia
Totally Amazing quotes by Jennie Finch
#31. Growing up, I looked up to major league baseball players, and now these young women have amazing, incredible women all across the board, from swimming to gymnastics to softball to basketball. It is incredible how far women have come and women in sports have come. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Totally Amazing quotes by Sarah Dessen
#32. So I pulled back from everything and everyone I'd known ... I realized I'd been changing even before we started moving,that my reinvention began when I was still in the most familiar of places. Once the setting was totally new,though, I finally could be,as well. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Totally Amazing quotes by Timothy Keller
#33. The more you see your own flaws and sins, the more precious, electrifying, and amazing God's grace appears to you. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Totally Amazing quotes by Chiwetel Ejiofor
#34. Solomon Northup is one of the most remarkable people I've ever encountered in my life; one of the most amazing stories I have ever been in any kind of contact with. To not tell that story would have been disgraceful, in my opinion. #Quote by Chiwetel Ejiofor

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