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Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Tran
#1. We live in a world full of people who are satisfied with pretending to be someone they are not. #Quote by Tommy Tran
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Tran
#2. People try to say suicide is the most cowardly act a man could ever commit. I don't think that's true at all. What's cowardly is treating a man so badly that he wants to commit suicide. #Quote by Tommy Tran
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Tran
#3. I learned that love can end in one night, that great friends can become great strangers, that strangers can become best friends, that we never finish to know and understand someone completely, that the "never ever again" will happen again and that "forever" always ends, that the one that wants it can, will achieve it and get it, that the one that risks it never looses anything, that physique, figure and beauty attracts but personality makes one fall in love. #Quote by Tommy Tran
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Tran
#4. My old man taught me to never trust anything that bleeds for three days and doesn't die. #Quote by Tommy Tran
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Tran
#5. I'm still working on getting rid of the bitterness in these bones. I pray God forgives me for the hatred that has tainted this soul. #Quote by Tommy Tran
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Tran
#6. If I could just capture each memory in a bottle the maybe you people would understand how much I've suffered, how much I've been through, but most importantly how far I have come. #Quote by Tommy Tran
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Tran
#7. Little girls fear being a princess that was never rescued but little boys fear being a prince that was too late. #Quote by Tommy Tran
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Douglas
#8. I went around to the little schoolhouses, talking like a professor, explaining our platform. We were lucky if the collection gave us enough for gas to get to the next place. We encouraged questions, and people asked us if it was true we were going to take their farms, like the Soviets in Russia, and did we believe in God. #Quote by Tommy Douglas
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Lee
#9. One day I would love to do rock a gig on the moon - how rad would that be? Isn't Richard Branson flying planes to outer space? Motley Crue could be the first band to play on the moon. #Quote by Tommy Lee
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy John
#10. Always give a hundred percent, and you'll never have to second-guess yourself. #Quote by Tommy John
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Newberry
#11. Success is a planned outcome, not an accident. Success and mediocrity are both absolutely predictable because they follow the natural and immutable law of sowing and reaping. Simply stated, if you want to reap more rewards, you must sow more service, contribution, and value. That is the no-nonsense formula. Some of God's blessings have prerequisites! Success in life is not based on need but on seed. So you've got to become good at either planting in the springtime or begging in the fall. #Quote by Tommy Newberry
Tommy Tran quotes by James Joyce
#12. Puck Mulligan footed featly, trilling:
Jest on. Know thyself. #Quote by James Joyce
Tommy Tran quotes by Sydney Croft
#13. Aren't you worried I'll escape?"

He reached out, grabbed her wrist and brought her hand to his crotch. Then he smiled.

"No. I"m not worried, honey. You seem to know what side your bread is buttered on."

~Tommy aka "Ender #Quote by Sydney Croft
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Orange
#14. This is the thing: If you have the option to not think about or even consider history, whether you learned it right or not, or whether it even deserves consideration, that's how you know you're on board the ship that serves hors d'oeuvres and fluffs your pillows, while others are out at sea, swimming or drowning, or clinging to little inflatable rafts that they have to take turns keeping inflated, people short of breath, who've never even heard of the words hors d'oeuvres or fluff. #Quote by Tommy Orange
Tommy Tran quotes by Nick Hornby
#15. Like being able to see how I got from Deep Purple to Howlin' Wolf in twenty-five moves; I am no longer pained by the memory of listening to "Sexual Healing" all the way through a period of enforced celibacy, or embarrassed by the reminder of forming a rock club at school, so that I and my fellow fifth-formers could get together and talk about Ziggy Stardust and Tommy. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Lasorda
#16. My God, look at the words people use today. They use profanity like it's nothing. Christ almighty. #Quote by Tommy Lasorda
Tommy Tran quotes by Dean Koontz
#17. Tommy and Scootie locked eyes. Only minutes ago, he wouldn't have believed that he could ever have felt such a kinship with the Labrador as he felt now. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Tommy Tran quotes by Thu Tran
#18. I don't want to tell people what to think. I just want to show people what I think. #Quote by Thu Tran
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Bowden
#19. You're trying to get a comfort zone with the parents. You want the family to feel comfortable with me in charge of their son. #Quote by Tommy Bowden
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Lee
#20. I was never one for the passenger seat. I have always wanted my level of entertainment and showmanship to be the same as a frontman. #Quote by Tommy Lee
Tommy Tran quotes by Greg Sestero
#21. On his way to his seat, Tommy stopped, put his hand on my shoulder, kneeled down, and said, "I'm happy you're here. I could never do project without you. #Quote by Greg Sestero
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Caldwell
#22. My wife always says that I function better up on a big wall than I do anywhere else in life. #Quote by Tommy Caldwell
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Davidson
#23. Stand-up keeps you alive. It is definitely the most specialized field in comedy because you need to stay sharp and well-tuned every night. #Quote by Tommy Davidson
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Lasorda
#24. If you don't root for the Dodgers, you might not get into heaven, #Quote by Tommy Lasorda
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Douglas
#25. Man can now fly in the air like a bird, swim under the ocean like a fish, he can burrow into the ground like a mole. Now if only he could walk the earth like a man, this would be paradise. #Quote by Tommy Douglas
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Henrich
#26. There isn't any more that I can teach him. #Quote by Tommy Henrich
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Lasorda
#27. I still remember the entire Boy Scout motto. I don't remember the serial number of my gun in the army. I don't remember the number of my locker in school. But I remember that Boy Scout code. #Quote by Tommy Lasorda
Tommy Tran quotes by Phuc Tran
#28. The dictionary had all the other words that we had looked up, and it never occurred to either of us that Wookiee was a made-up word, because who would make up a word? Wasn't the point of writing to use real words? #Quote by Phuc Tran
Tommy Tran quotes by J.A. Tran
#29. When one door closes, sometimes we need to turn the knob to open another... #Quote by J.A. Tran
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Wiseau
#30. I like vampires. #Quote by Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Franks
#31. Probably we'll think of Bush in years to come as an American hero. #Quote by Tommy Franks
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Lee Jones
#32. The world's not a very comfortable place if you have a nightmare to face. #Quote by Tommy Lee Jones
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Lasorda
#33. I was told to stay away from pasta and bread for two weeks. Not eating pasta? That'll kill me. Anything else, but why pasta? #Quote by Tommy Lasorda
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy John
#34. There are a lot of pitchers in baseball who should celebrate his life and what he did for the game of baseball. #Quote by Tommy John
Tommy Tran quotes by James Dashner
#35. I like how you call me Tom."
Teresa rolled her eyes. "That's your name, isn't it?"
"Yeah, but most people call me Thomas. Well, except Newt – he calls me Tommy. Tom makes me feel … like I'm at home or something. Even though I don't know what home is." He let out a bitter laugh. "Are we messed up or what? #Quote by James Dashner
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Wallach
#36. Young people feel things so deeply, don't they?' she said quietly, almost to herself. 'Everything's happening for the first time. #Quote by Tommy Wallach
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Lee
#37. Sometimes when you have children they're the opposites of you. #Quote by Tommy Lee
Tommy Tran quotes by Tommy Shaw
#38. I love the idea of stepping out of the band situation into a solo world with no boundaries, no expectations, where nothing is out of bounds. #Quote by Tommy Shaw
Tommy Tran quotes by D.D. Prince
#39. She was mine. All mine. I'd give her everything. She'd want for nothing. I'd give her everything she wanted and I'd avenge her for anyone who'd ever crossed her, including her sorry excuse for a father. I'd never wanted to give a woman so much before. I'd never wanted to take so much from her at the same time. I wanted her to give me everything she had, every emotion. I went to sleep filled with emotions I'd never had before. Possessiveness, need, and fear. #Quote by D.D. Prince
Tommy Tran quotes by Ted Nugent
#40. I'd like to have James Brown as my singer. I already have the best drummer, Tommy Clufetos. I've jammed a bunch with John Entwistle, and it was like a musical orgy. That guy is a living, breathing, grunting rhythm. For horns, let's go with the Stax/Volt guys, and I'm going to have Steve Cropper on standby just in case I want a rhythm guitarist. #Quote by Ted Nugent
Tommy Tran quotes by Marina Keegan
#41. Growing up with an exterminator as a father was always slightly embarrassing for Anna and her brother, Kevin. "I remember," Tommy begins, "one year when Anna was about eight, and it was 'bring your daughter to work day.' That was a big thing back in the eighties," he chuckles. "Well, I remember Anna came down to breakfast that morning and told me she didn't want to come." Tommy half smiles, but shakes his head slightly and closes his eyes for a second. " 'Dad-dyyy, bugs are nasty. Why can't you be a pilot or a doctor or something cool like that?' I didn't even argue with her, I just let her go to school." Tommy sighs, "I told her I was sorry I didn't have a cooler job. #Quote by Marina Keegan

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