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Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Tommy Wallach
#1. Alana – still dressed as a pirate- chambers over the counter like that evil Japanese ghost in the Ring, knocking over the child-size popcorn of some little kid, who starts to cry. The pink-pigtailed girl knows something crazy is going on, but she doesn't yet understand it has anything to do with her. Not until Alana has grabbed Tyler by his black button-down shirt and pushed him hard into the Icee machine, which begins to stream cherry-red Icee onto the counter. #Quote by Tommy Wallach
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Sugar Ray Leonard
#2. Tommy Hearns seemed like an indestructible machine, so to beat him, I think that was my defining moment, the pinnacle. #Quote by Sugar Ray Leonard
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Wayne Coyne
#3. When we went to cover it I thought we would change it to a song of loving and longing instead of the sex machine song Kylie turned it into. I've met Kylie and told her we were covering her song and she was pleased. #Quote by Wayne Coyne
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Callie Hart
#4. No woman's ever that angry with me unless she knows she wants to fuck me and she's mad at herself for it," I tell her. "So no. I'm not shocked." "Hmm. Well aren't you an arrogant son of a bitch." I shrug. "I'm betting that's why you want my dick inside you." She laughs - the sound is like silver and moonlight, cold water running down my back. "Kiss me, Tommy Kendrick. And make it a good one. I want to know what I'm signing myself up for here before I let you do your worst." She #Quote by Callie Hart
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Florence Welch
#5. I was a heavy heart to carry
My beloved was weighed down
My arms around his neck
My fingers laced to crown.
I was a heavy heart to carry
My feet dragged across ground
And he took me to the river
Where he slowly let me drown
My love has concrete feet
My love's an iron ball
Wrapped around your ankles
Over the waterfall #Quote by Florence Welch
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Jan Koum
#6. People have SMS, right? It stinks. It's a dead technology, like a fax machine left over from the Seventies, sitting there as a cash cow for carriers. #Quote by Jan Koum
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Michelle Obama
#7. Parents have a right to expect that their efforts at home won't be undone each day in the school cafeteria or in the vending machine in the hallway ... Parents have a right to expect that their kids will be served fresh, healthy food that meets high nutritional standards. #Quote by Michelle Obama
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Questlove
#8. I would love to have some sort of 'Back To The Future' Delorean time machine travel device so I could go back to 1981 to see that very first Jackson 5 concert I went to, back when I was a kid. #Quote by Questlove
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by D.D. Prince
#9. She was mine. All mine. I'd give her everything. She'd want for nothing. I'd give her everything she wanted and I'd avenge her for anyone who'd ever crossed her, including her sorry excuse for a father. I'd never wanted to give a woman so much before. I'd never wanted to take so much from her at the same time. I wanted her to give me everything she had, every emotion. I went to sleep filled with emotions I'd never had before. Possessiveness, need, and fear. #Quote by D.D. Prince
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Ruth Dugdall
#10. gazing abstractly out on the Ipswich skyline, listening to the beep of the machine. We watched nurses press buttons, shine a torch into Jena's eyes and clip her finger with a gadget to measure her pulse. Minutes ticked by with no change. #Quote by Ruth Dugdall
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Garry Kasparov
#11. Revenge for a terror attack is ideal for Putin's model. His propaganda machine will be filled with scenes of crash victims if [Vladimir] Putin sees the need for a larger war to stoke his domestic support again as the Russian economy teeters. #Quote by Garry Kasparov
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by John Grisham
#12. As Mike Roberts watched Tommy enter the building, he could not imagine that the boy was taking his last steps in the free world. The rest of his life would be behind prison walls. #Quote by John Grisham
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#13. The terrible thing is that the crowd that fills the street believes that the world will always be the same and that it is their duty to keep that huge machine running, day and night, forever. This is what comes of a Protestant morality, that I, as a (thank God) typical Spaniard, found unnerving. #Quote by Federico Garcia Lorca
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Andy Pettitte
#14. He (Tommy Pettitte [father] coached me as kid. He bought all the books and videos and tried to learn as much about pitching as he could. But once I was in high school, he never tried to be my coach. #Quote by Andy Pettitte
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Scott Andrew Selby
#15. Death by a blow or just by the fall?" asked Detective Zach, who was standing beside me at the accident site. "Do you have maybe an X-ray machine with you?" I replied angrily. "After all, I would be grateful if I could have your finding today," said Zach. #Quote by Scott Andrew Selby
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Tommy Woodcock
#16. The records I always maintained were there to serve just one purpose - that was to be broken #Quote by Tommy Woodcock
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#17. The genius of America's endless war machine is that, learning from the unpleasantness of the Vietnam war protests, it has rendered the costs of war largely invisible. #Quote by Glenn Greenwald
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Jack London
#18. The effect of civilization is to impose human law upon environment until it becomes machine-like in its regularity. The objectionable is eliminated, the inevitable is foreseen. One is not even made wet by the rain nor cold by the frost; while death, instead of stalking about gruesome and accidental, becomes a prearranged pageant, moving along a well-oiled groove to the family vault, where the hinges are kept from rusting and the dust from the air is swept continually away. #Quote by Jack London
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Earl Mac Rauch
#19. Perfect Tommy: Pictures don't lie.
Reno: The hell they don't. I met my first wife that way #Quote by Earl Mac Rauch
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by E. Lockhart
#20. One day when no one else was around, I went into the craft room at the back of the ground floor. I touched Gran's collection of fabrics, the shiny bright buttons, the coloured threads. My head and shoulders melted first, followed by my hips and knees. Before long I was a puddle, soaking into the pretty cotton prints. I drenched the quilt she never finished, rusted the metal parts of her sewing machine. I was pure liquid loss ... #Quote by E. Lockhart
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Nikki Landis
#21. He was a machine, a monster conjured from the pits of Hell, cursed to walk the night in endless pursuit of human blood. Metallic and bitter, pulsating, hot and rich; blood was the life force of all humanity.
The curse of the vampyre.
For all eternity. #Quote by Nikki Landis
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Frithjof Schuon
#22. Religion has accepted and almost "Christianized" the machine, and it is dying from this, whether through absurdity and hypocrisy, as in the past, or through capitulation and suicide, as today. It is as if there were only two sins, unbelief and unchastity; the machine is neither an unbeliever nor is it unchaste; therefore one may sprinkle it with holy water in good conscience. #Quote by Frithjof Schuon
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Antonio Gramsci
#23. It is in their interests to have a stable, skilled labour force, a permanently well-adjusted complex, because the human complex (the collective worker) of an enterprise is also a machine which cannot, without considerable loss, be taken to pieces too often and renewed with single new parts. #Quote by Antonio Gramsci
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Tommy Bolin
#24. I learned a lot about lead; you don't have to blow your cookies in the first bar. It is much harder to be simple that to be complicated during solos. #Quote by Tommy Bolin
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#25. We get in and I start the car. "Are you going to be good to Lani?" I ask. I think of Tommy Cook, a pale boy with psoriasis; we used to tie him to a chair with bungee cords and put him in the middle of the road, then hide. Few cars would actually come down Rainbow Drive, but when they did, it always surprised me that the drivers would slow their vehicles and swerve around the chair. None of them ever got out of their cars to help Tommy; it was as though they were in on the prank. I don't know how Tommy managed to let us catch him more than once. Maybe he liked the attention.

"I'll try," Scottie says. "But it's hard. She has this face that you just want to hit."

"I know what you mean," I say, thinking of Tommy, but realize I'm not supposed to empathize. "What does that mean?" I ask. "The kind of face that you want to hit. Where did you get that?" Sometimes I wonder if Scottie knows what she's saying or if it's something she recites, like those kids who memorize the Declaration of Independence.

"It's something Mom said about Danielle."

"I see." Joanie has carried her juvenile meanness into her adult life. She sends unflattering pictures of her ex-friends to the Advertiser to put in their society pages. She always has some sort of drama in her life, some friend I'm not supposed to speak to or invite to our barbecues, and then I hear her on the phone gossiping about the latest scandal in an outraged and thrilled voice. "You are going to #Quote by Kaui Hart Hemmings
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Philip Toshio Sudo
#26. For many of us, the computer is the means by which we earn a living. To give it a nod, then, is a way of thanking the tool for what it provides in life. It helps put bread on the table and a roof overhead. It gives us work and pleasure, exercises our minds, brings us information, connects us with other people. It is a partner helping us achieve our goals. Nodding also thanks the unseen hands and minds who helped create our machine. #Quote by Philip Toshio Sudo
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Ian McEwan
#27. She raised one hand and flexed its fingers and wondered, as she had sometimes before, how this thing, this machine for gripping, this fleshy spider on the end of her arm, came to be hers, entirely at her command. Or did it have some little life of its own? She bent her finger and straightened it. The mystery was in the instant before it moved, the dividing moment between not moving and moving, when her intention took effect. #Quote by Ian McEwan
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Philip Larkin
#28. When I throw back my head and howl
People (women mostly) say
But you've always done what you want,
You always get your way
- A perfectly vile and foul
Inversion of all that's been.
What the old ratbags mean
Is I've never done what I don't.

So the shit in the shuttered chateau
Who does his five hundred words
Then parts out the rest of the day
Between bathing and booze and birds
Is far off as ever, but so
Is that spectacled schoolteaching sod
(Six kids, and the wife in pod,
And her parents coming to stay)...

Life is an immobile, locked,
Three-handed struggle between
Your wants, the world's for you, and (worse)
The unbeatable slow machine
That brings what you'll get. Blocked,
They strain round a hollow stasis
Of havings-to, fear, faces.
Days sift down it constantly. Years.

--The Life with the Hole in It #Quote by Philip Larkin
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Jay-Z
#29. The story of the rapper and the story of the hustler are like rap itself, two kinds of rhythm working together, having a conversation with each other, doing more together than they could do apart. It's been said that the thing that makes rap special, that makes it different both from pop music and from written poetry, is that it's built around two kinds of rhythm. The first kind of rhythm is the meter. In poetry, the meter is abstract, but in rap, the meter is something you literally hear: it's the beat. The beat in a song never stops, it never varies. No matter what other sounds are on the track, even if it's a Timbaland production with all kinds of offbeat fills and electronics, a rap song is usually built bar by bar, four-beat measure by four-beat measure. It's like time itself, ticking off relentlessly in a rhythm that never varies and never stops.

When you think about it like that, you realize the beat is everywhere, you just have to tap into it. You can bang it out on a project wall or an 808 drum machine or just use your hands. You can beatbox it with your mouth. But the beat is only one half of a rap song's rhythm. The other is the flow. When a rapper jumps on a beat, he adds his own rhythm. Sometimes you stay in the pocket of the beat and just let the rhymes land on the square so that the beat and flow become one. But sometimes the flow cops up the beat, breaks the beat into smaller units, forces in multiple syllables and repeated sounds and internal rhyme #Quote by Jay-Z
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Tommy Bolin
#30. I blew my voice out and the doctor said, don't even talk for a week. #Quote by Tommy Bolin
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Emmanuelle Beart
#31. Often, when you see yourself on the screen, you feel like a sweater that's been put through the washing machine. You have the impression of having done something full and luminous, and suddenly, when you see it on the screen, it's turned back into a tiny little thing. #Quote by Emmanuelle Beart
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Jill Stein
#32. As Frederick Douglas, the famous abolitionist, said: "power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will." You need the truth, and you also need a demand, and you need to bring that demand into the realm of electoral politics. If you don't do that, it's very hard to get such an entrenched machine to move. #Quote by Jill Stein
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Daniel Berrigan
#33. To grow one has to feel pain, know uneasiness - as you certainly must know from your work as a child psychiatrist. Isn't it more dangerous, more awful, when people don't feel the kinds of doubts and misgivings and confusions we've been talking about, when instead their voices are stifled by the permeating ideology, the official seductive presence of the state and the marketplace and the military machine? #Quote by Daniel Berrigan
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Al Jarreau
#34. I have been with the record company and Tommy was there doing records with other people. #Quote by Al Jarreau
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Amy Leigh Mercree
#35. Like a well-oiled machine, we've all been connected since the beginning of time through a beautiful, mystical process of unity. #Quote by Amy Leigh Mercree
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Tommy Wallach
#36. She looked up toward the sky, toward the implacable sparkle of good old Ardor, and saw that the two of them - she and the asteroid - were caught up I a battle of wills. In that moment, she stopped being afraid of it, even dared it to come, because she knew thre was mo way it could crave death as much as she craved life. #Quote by Tommy Wallach
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Tommy Tran
#37. I learned that love can end in one night, that great friends can become great strangers, that strangers can become best friends, that we never finish to know and understand someone completely, that the "never ever again" will happen again and that "forever" always ends, that the one that wants it can, will achieve it and get it, that the one that risks it never looses anything, that physique, figure and beauty attracts but personality makes one fall in love. #Quote by Tommy Tran
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Tommy Lasorda
#38. A second-guesser is one who doesn't know anything about the first guess, and he's one who needs 2 guesses to get one right. #Quote by Tommy Lasorda
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by BikeSnobNYC
#39. There's hardly anybody who hasn't owned or at least ridden a bicycle at some point in his or her life. I mean, sure, you do come across people occasionally who never learned how to ride a bike, but it's rare and a little unsettling. It's like meeting Someone who can't operate a washing machine, or a thirty-two-year-old guy who never learned how to pee standing up. You smile politely, you pity them silently, and then you move on down to the other end of the bar. Despite #Quote by BikeSnobNYC
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Salvador De Madariaga
#40. If man is but a biological organism and biology itself may be reduced to a set of physical and chemical laws, it should be possible to build up a biological science, a kind of biological mechanics, whose laws would rule the working and repair of the several pieces of the human machine. In such a case, there would be a 'medicine' or 'medical science'; and the doctor's task would consist in acquiring and maintaining an adequate knowledge of the laws of such a science and applying them so to speak in a uniform and automatic way, with hardly any meddling from his own personal criterion.
If, on the contrary, man is above all an eminently living being, every specimen of which is ever new and original, a being strongly influenced by ultra-physical faculties -- spirit, intellect, emotions -- if, in one word, man is a whole that can only be ruled from its own centre, medicine, then, will be but an art or a craft to be applied in each case to a concrete individual. And then, rather than 'medicine', there will be medicine-men.
Truth lies between these two poles, but gravitates definitely towards the second. #Quote by Salvador De Madariaga
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#41. I was looking into a darkened hallway, lined with a washing machine and dryer, and a few brooms and mops held in clamps on the wall. I put a hand on the doorknob and turned very slowly and quietly. It was unlocked. I took a deep breath - - and very nearly fell out of my skin as a horrible, shattering scream came from inside. It was the sound of anguish and horror and such a clear call for help that even Disinterested Dexter moved reflexively forward, and I had one foot actually inside the house when a tiny little question mark scuttled across the floor of my brain and I thought, I've heard that scream before. And as my second foot moved forward, farther into the house, I thought, Really? Where? The answer came quite quickly, which was comforting: it was the same scream that was on the "New Miami" videos that Weiss had made. - which meant that it was a recorded scream. - which meant it was intended to lure me inside. - which meant that Weiss was ready and waiting for me. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Tommy Bolin
#42. Once I was playing and moving around and I fell right on my back. Just straight on my back. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life. #Quote by Tommy Bolin
Tommy The Machine Gunn quotes by Jack L. Chalker
#43. Curse him to eternal damnation! Yes! Of course!" came the emotional reply.
"Don't curse him," I said softly. "Remember
he's only a machine, just an imperfect mirror of ourselves. We made him what he is
the disease, the cancer."
There was nothing else to say, because that left only cursing ourselves, and we were already cursed. #Quote by Jack L. Chalker

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