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Tomalin Scotland quotes by Neil Gaiman
#1. A story that began with, and exists because of, my love of the remoter parts of Scotland, where the bones of the Earth show through, and the sky is a pale white, and it's all astoundingly beautiful, and it feels about as remote as any place can possibly be. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Russell Howard
#2. I lost my virginity under a bridge. I was having sex with this poor girl and I was trying my best, but I was like Scotland at a World Cup - just pleased to be there. #Quote by Russell Howard
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#3. Within an hour, I had gone from anguish at the thought of losing him in Scotland, to a strong desire to bed him in the herbaceous borders, and from that to a pronounced urge to hit him on the head with an oar. Now I was back to tenderness. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Claire Tomalin
#4. He saw the world more vividly than other people, and reacted to what he saw with laughter, horror, indignation, and sometimes sobs. #Quote by Claire Tomalin
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Susan Johnson
#5. …'I haven't seen you before.' His voice was velvet soft, lazy with provocation. But his gaze wasn't lazy; it was predatory, like an animal on the scent. 'My father and I are down from Scotland' Zelda replied, half breathless under the unmistakable lust in his eyes, the warmth of his hand still tingling on her skin; her heart suddenly pounding. Their eyes held for a moment-pale blue and amethyst-and a flurry of ripe unguarded expectation shimmered in the air. Hotspur and graphic. Alec recovered first because he wasn't given to blind impetuosity. #Quote by Susan Johnson
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#6. Lymond is back."
It was known soon after the Sea-Catte reached Scotland from Campvere with an illicit cargo and a man she should not have carried.
"Lymond is in Scotland."
It was said by busy men preparing for war against England, with contempt, with disgust; with a side-slipping look at one of their number. "I hear the Lord Culter's young brother is back." Only sometimes a woman's voice would say it with a different note, and then laugh a little. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Julianne Moore
#7. I love going to Scotland. #Quote by Julianne Moore
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Nicola Sturgeon
#8. Too often in the past, Scotland has been sidelined and ignored in the Westminster corridors of power, but that doesn't have to be the case anymore. #Quote by Nicola Sturgeon
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Cairns Craig
#9. The attempt to separate Lowland from Highland Scotland ignores the extent to which Lowland Scots are the descendants of Highlanders, and how many Lowland Scots, like Nan Shepherd, made the country's mountains the focus of their spiritual aspirations. 'Highlandism' is not simply the ersatz adoption of a stereotypical version of Scottish culture which is entirely unconnected with the reality of modern Scottish life: the Highlands are both the geographical and the historical backdrop with which 'Lowland' Scottish culture interacts. #Quote by Cairns Craig
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Matthew Taylor
#10. What is it about The Highlands of Scotland? I wondered. The place is desolate, the weather awful, and yet as I looked out of that car window, I could think of no other place on earth where I would rather be. There is something about The Highlands that pulls me in. It's hard to put my finger on it. I think it is one of those rare places on earth that takes me back. It's primitive. Raw. Uncluttered. Time moves slower. Survival becomes more important than the next cell phone call or where the next dollar will come from. #Quote by Matthew Taylor
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Tom Hunter
#11. We in Scotland need fiscal responsibility. Quite simply, we need to be responsible for what we raise in tax and what we spend in tax. #Quote by Tom Hunter
Tomalin Scotland quotes by David Cameron
#12. It would be wrong to suggest that Scotland could not be another such successful, independent country. #Quote by David Cameron
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Mark Knopfler
#13. The drinking dens are spilling out
There's staggering in the square
There's lads and lasses falling about
And a crackling in the air
Down around the dungeon doors
The shelters and the queues
Everybody's looking for
Somebody's arms to fall into
And it's what it is
It's what it is now

There's frost on the graves and the monuments
But the taverns are warm in town
People curse the government
And shovel hot food down
The lights are out in the city hall
The castle and the keep
The moon shines down upon it all
The legless and asleep

And it's cold on the tollgate
With the wagons creeping through
Cold on the tollgate
God knows what I could do with you
And it's what it is
It's what it is now

The garrison sleeps in the citadel
With the ghosts and the ancient stones
High up on the parapet
A Scottish piper stands alone
And high on the wind
The highland drums begin to roll
And something from the past just comes
And stares into my soul

And it's cold on the tollgate
With the Caledonian Blues
Cold on the tollgate
God knows what I could do with you
And it's what it is
It's what it is now
What it is
It's what it is now

There's a chink of light, there's a burning wick
There's a lantern in the tower
Wee Willie Winkie with a candlestick
Still writing songs #Quote by Mark Knopfler
Tomalin Scotland quotes by E. M. Forster
#14. Like many other who have lived long in a great capital, she had strong feelings about the various railway termini. They are our gates to the glorious and unknown. Through them we pass out into adventure and sunshine, to them, alas! we return. In Paddington all Cornwall is latent and the remoter west; down the inclines of Liverpool Street lie fenlands and the illimitable Broads; Scotland is through the pylons of Euston; Wessex behind the poised chaos of Waterloo. Italians realize this, as is natural; those of them who are so unfortunate as to serve as waiters in Berlin call the Anhalt Bahnhof the Stazione d'Italia, because by it they must return to their homes. And he is a chilly Londoner who does not endow his stations with some personality, and extend to them, however shyly, the emotions of fear and love. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Rory Bremner
#15. Scotland needs comedy more than ever. With the independence debate, finally after 300 years, reaching room temperature. #Quote by Rory Bremner
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Josephine Tey
#16. And Hopkins, seeing that Tisdall was unaware of Grant's identity, rushed in with glad maliciousness. "That is Scotland Yard," he said. "Inspector Grant. Never had an unsolved crime to his name." "I hope you write my obituary," Grant said. "I hope I do!" the journalist said, with fervor. #Quote by Josephine Tey
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Claire Tomalin
#17. Why do we read biography? Why do we choose to write it? Because we are human beings, programmed to be curious about other human beings, and to experience something of their lives. This has always been so - look at the Bible, crammed with biographies, very popular reading. #Quote by Claire Tomalin
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Carolyn Jewel
#18. Memories whirled in the back of her head. Not frightening this time. The owner of that voice made her smile. He protected her, and he loved her. When she was with him, the world felt right. As long as she was with him, she was safe.

He entered the room, crossing at an angle to her so that she saw just his shoulders and a glimpse of flat stomach. Not a stitch of clothing covered him. Not one. She could see the backs of his thighs and his bare behind. Round and strong and firm. Dark hair cut short gave his profile greater sternness. She knew beyond certainty she had every right to be here, with him perfectly naked. Her heart swelled with joy, a feeling so intense she wanted to cry out to the world.

He stopped at the window and stood there, one arm resting atop the sash, staring at the hills rising toward Scotland. His arm came forward on the sash, and he shifted so that he faced her. "Well," he said in a soft voice that made her breath catch. His voice was velvet, liquid velvet, and she was drowning in it, filled all the way to her soul. That voice, a woman could love. "Good afternoon."

Bluer eyes she'd never seen. Nor more piercing ones. She drowned in eyes of an incredible, piercing blue. The light shimmered as a cloud crossed the sun. But this man, this man with eyes like frost on a window, whose eyes made battle-hardened men quail and who seemed so foreign to tenderness, made her complete... #Quote by Carolyn Jewel
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Claire Tomalin
#19. Dickens was a part of how the whole celebration of Christmas as we know it today emerged during the 19th century. #Quote by Claire Tomalin
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Judith McNaught
#20. Lucinda," Elizabeth said for the third time in an hour, "I cannot tell you how sorry I am about this." Five days ago, Lucinda had arrived at the inn at the Scottish border where she joined Elizabeth for the journey to Ian Thornton's house. This morning, their hired coach broke an axle, and they were now ignominiously ensconced on the back of a hay wagon belonging to a farmer, their trunks and valises tipping precariously to and fro along the rutted path that evidently passed for a road in Scotland. The prospect of arriving in a hay wagon on Ian Thornton's doorstep was so horrible that Elizabeth preferred to concentrate on her guilt, rather than her forthcoming meeting with the monster who had ruined her life.
"As I said the last time you apologized, Elizabeth," Lucinda replied, "it is not your fault, and therefore not your responsibility to apologize, for the deplorable lack of roads and conveyances in this heathen country."
"Yes, but if it weren't for me you wouldn't be here."
Lucinda sighed impatiently, clutched the side of the hay wagon as it made a particularly sharp lurch, and righted herself. "And as I have already admitted, if I hadn't been deceived into mentioning Mr. Thornton's name to your uncle, neither of us would be here. You are merely experiencing some nervousness at the disagreeable prospect of confronting the man, and there is no reason in the world-"The wagon tipped horribly and they both clutched at the sides of it for leverage. "-no reason #Quote by Judith McNaught
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Tacitus
#21. Battles against Rome have been lost and won before, but hope was never abandoned, since we were always here in reserve. We, the choicest flower of Britain's manhood, were hidden away in her most secret places. Out of sight of subject shores, we kept even our eyes free from the defilement of tyranny. We, the most distant dwellers upon earth, the last of the free, have been shielded till today by our very remoteness and by the obscurity in which it has shrouded our name. Now, the farthest bounds of Britain lie open to our enemies; and what men know nothing about they always assume to be a valuable prize ...
A rich enemy excites their cupidity; a poor one, their lust for power. East and West alike have failed to satisfy them. They are the only people on earth to whose covetousness both riches and poverty are equally tempting. To robbery, butchery and rapine, they give the lying name of 'government'; they create a desolation and call it peace ... #Quote by Tacitus
Tomalin Scotland quotes by William McIlvanney
#22. Son, it's easy tae be guid oan a fu' belly. It's when a man's goat two bites an' wan o' them he'll share, ye ken whit he's made o'. Listen. In ony country in the world, who are the only folk that ken whit it's like tae leeve in that country? The folk at the boattom. The rest can a' kid themselves oan. They can afford to hiv fancy ideas. We canny, son. We loass the wan idea o' who we are, we're deid. We're wan anither. Tae survive, we'll respect wan anither. When the time comes, we'll a' move forward thegither, or nut at all. #Quote by William McIlvanney
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Claire Tomalin
#23. Dickens was very practical and sensible. #Quote by Claire Tomalin
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#24. Americanism in all its forms seemed to be trashy and wasteful and crude, even brutal. There was a metaphor ready to hand in my native Hampshire. Until some time after the war, the squirrels of England had been red. I can still vaguely remember these sweet Beatrix Potter–type creatures, smaller and prettier and more agile and lacking the rat-like features that disclose themselves when you get close to a gray squirrel. These latter riffraff, once imported from America by some kind of regrettable accident, had escaped from captivity and gradually massacred and driven out the more demure and refined English breed. It was said that the gray squirrels didn't fight fair and would with a raking motion of their back paws castrate the luckless red ones. Whatever the truth of that, the sighting of a native English squirrel was soon to be a rarity, confined to the north of Scotland and the Isle of Wight, and this seemed to be emblematic, for the anxious lower middle class, of a more general massification and de-gentrification and, well, Americanization of everything. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Tombstone Epitaph In Perth Scotland
#25. Reader one moment stop and think,
That I am in eternity and you are on the brink. #Quote by Tombstone Epitaph In Perth Scotland
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Philip Kerr
#26. I will say that anyone who supports Scottish independence should go to Athens. Because nothing works. It is a disaster. It is a ruined, dirty place where people do not have money or future prospects. The day one after independence, Scotland would be worse. #Quote by Philip Kerr
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Cleeves Ann
#27. And once the others started shouting too, she stopped speaking and just watched. Pleased, as if it was what she had wanted all the time. That hate spreading like a wild fire on the hill.' A pause. 'It was as if she was drunk on the power. #Quote by Cleeves Ann
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Philippa Gregory
#28. Because they will want me in Edinburgh to make sure that the Scottish king holds to the new alliance with England. They'll want me to hold him in friendship with Henry. They'll think that if I am queen in Scotland then James will never invade my son-in-law's kingdom." "And?" I whisper. "They're wrong," she says vengefully. "They're so very wrong. The day that I am Queen of Scotland with an army to command and a husband to advise, I won't serve Henry Tudor. I won't persuade my husband to keep a peace treaty with Henry. If I were strong enough and could command the allies I would need, I would march against Henry Tudor myself, come south with an army of terror. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Mary Platt Parmele
#29. The story told in these quaint words was, without any doubt, read by Shakespeare and in the alembic of his imagination grew into the the immortal play. Touched by his genius, the names Dunsinnane and Birnam, lying close to Scone, are luminous points on the map, upon which the eye loves to linger. The incidents told may not be authentic. We are told they are not. But Macbeth certainly slew Duncan and was King of Scotland, and finally met his Nemesis at Dunsinnane, near Birnam Wood, where Malcom III, called Canmore, avenged his father's death, slew the usurper, and was crowned king at Scone, 1054. #Quote by Mary Platt Parmele
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Damian Barr
#30. If you are a Scot living outside of Scotland but still in the UK, you are not allowed to vote in the referendum. This leaves over a million of loyal, proud Scots disenfranchised. It gives me the rage. #Quote by Damian Barr
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Andy Murray
#31. We Scots have a fierce pride in the things we do that others can never appreciate. I am the British No. 1, but I would prefer to be the British No. 1 from Scotland every time. #Quote by Andy Murray
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Samuel Johnson
#32. The noblest prospect which a Scotchman ever sees, is the high road that leads him to England! #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Claire Tomalin
#33. By the time I went up to Cambridge, I was extremely quiet and well behaved, although I now meet people who remember me as not like that at all. #Quote by Claire Tomalin
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Georg C. Lichtenberg
#34. The "second sight" possessed by the Highlanders in Scotland is actually a foreknowledge of future events. I believe they possess this gift because they don't wear trousers. #Quote by Georg C. Lichtenberg
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Neal Ascherson
#35. There are many kinds of revelation. But the most powerful is the vision which transcends the mental boundary between life and non-life, and Scotland is a place where this sort of revelation often approaches. Staring into a Scottish landscape, I have often asked myself why
in spite of all appearances
bracken, rocks, man and sea are at some level one. #Quote by Neal Ascherson
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Julia London
#36. Scotland is so gorgeous that every time I'm there, I start to dream of living there. I want to buy one of those whitewashed cottages with the thatch roofs and gaze out at the sea and read my books. I want to be away from the Internet and the news and lawn mowers at 7 A.M. on Sunday mornings. #Quote by Julia London
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Kim Heacox
#37. Among those who could read, books were prized possessions. Words on paper were powerful magic, seductive as music, sharp as a knife at times, or gentle as a kiss. Friendships and love affairs blossomed as men and women read to each other in summer meadows and winter kitchens. Pages were ambrosia in their hands. A new novel or collection of poems was something everybody talked about. Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shakespeare, Bronte, Austen, Dickens, Keats, Emerson, Cooper, Thoreau, Hawthorne, and Twain. To read these authors was to go on a grand adventure and see things as you never had before, see yourself as you never had before. #Quote by Kim Heacox
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Rick Wakeman
#38. I'm hugely fond of Scotland. My daughter, Jemma, was born in the Simpson Memorial Maternity Hospital in Edinburgh, and it always tickled me that she was so vexed she didn't have a Scottish accent even though she was brought up down south. #Quote by Rick Wakeman
Tomalin Scotland quotes by Barry Graham
#39. There were rat footprints in the dried lard in the frying pan. Sometimes the rats woke me, but this time I had slept through their visit. They were now a fact of life, like dogs or pigeons.

It was Raeberry Street, Maryhill, Glasgow in 1975. The cleansing department was on strike, and mountains of plastic bags full of garbage were piled in the back courts of the crumbling tenements. The flats didn't have bathrooms or hot water, just closet-sized toilets. #Quote by Barry Graham

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