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Famous Quotes About Tohru Honda

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Tohru Honda quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#1. Tohru: "Call a doctor, or a vet, or something! Mr. Postman! It's terrible! You see?! They're animals!"
Mailman: "Well, uh, yes, they certainly are. Here's your mail."
Tohru: "No, no, we've got to do something!"
(Shigure in dog form grabs the letter.)
Mailman: "I wish my dog was as smart. Good day! #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Tohru Honda quotes by Tohru Honda
#2. The part of a person that's remarkable is like the umeboshi on the back of a rice ball. All around the world, there are different colors, shapes, and flavors, but because it's stuck to the back, they might not be able to see their precious umeboshi. 'I'm not special,' each one would think, 'just plain ole rice.' Even though that's not true, and there is an umeboshi on the back. The reason people get jealous of one another is because they can see the umeboshi on other people's backs. Even now, someone might be feeling envious of something you don't recognize in yourself. #Quote by Tohru Honda
Tohru Honda quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#3. To forgive or not to forgive ... are those my only choices? #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Tohru Honda quotes by Soichiro Honda
#4. Man is not interesting without some imperfection #Quote by Soichiro Honda
Tohru Honda quotes by Justin Johnson
#5. I may not be funny. I may not be a singer. I may not be a damn seamstress. I may have diabetes. I may have really bad vision. I may have one leg. I may not know how to read. I may not know who the vice president is. I may technically be an alien of the state. I may have a Zune. I may not know Excel. I may be two 9 year olds in a trench coat. I may not have full control of my bowels. I may drive a '94 Honda Civic. I may not "get" cameras. I may dye my hair with Hydrogen Peroxide. I may be afraid of trees. I may be on fire right now. But I'm a fierce queen. #Quote by Justin Johnson
Tohru Honda quotes by Julian May
#6. Adam offered a car key. 'Take my little red Honda. It's parked out front. When you finish with it, just tell it to go home. Don't be deceived by its modest appearance. It's fully shielded and equipped with enough gadgetry to tempt the ghost of James Bond.'

'Can it makes a vente triple-shot no-foam latte?'

'In a New York minute.'

Ef took the key, kissed it, and headed for the front door. #Quote by Julian May
Tohru Honda quotes by Clayton Christensen
#7. Disruption is continuously afoot in every industry, but especially in autos. It is how Toyota, Nissan and Honda bloodied Detroit: They did not start their attack with Lexus, Infiniti and Acura, but with low-end subcompact models branded Corona, Datsun and CVCC. #Quote by Clayton Christensen
Tohru Honda quotes by Christopher Moore
#8. No matter where he went in the City, there was an odoriferous mix of food and vehicles, like the alchemic concoctions of some mad gourmet mechanic: Kung Pao Saab Turbo, Buick Skylark Carbonara, Sweet-and-Sour Metro Bus, Honda Bolognese with Burning Clutch Sauce. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Tohru Honda quotes by Eric Hutchinson
#9. When I was first starting out, I drove myself around the country in my Honda Civic, playing anywhere that would have me. This is a chance to strip the songs down to their roots and let the audience hear them the way I write them. #Quote by Eric Hutchinson
Tohru Honda quotes by Yukio Mishima
#10. On reflection, falling in love for him was not only extraordinary, but rather comical. By having closely observed Kiyoaki Matsugae, he knew full well what sort of man should fall in love.
Falling in love was a special privilege given to someone whose external, sensuous charm and internal ignorance, disorganization, and lack of cognizance permitted him to form a kind of fantasy about others. It was a rude privilege. Honda was quite aware that since his childhood, he had been the opposite of such a man. #Quote by Yukio Mishima
Tohru Honda quotes by Mike Honda
#11. Equal pay isn't just a women's issue; when women get equal pay, their family incomes rise and the whole family benefits. #Quote by Mike Honda
Tohru Honda quotes by Jenson Button
#12. My time at Honda was amazing. Some of my best times in Formula One, actually. I might not have won races, just one race, but I had a lot of fun. #Quote by Jenson Button
Tohru Honda quotes by Yukio Mishima
#13. No, Mr. Honda, I have forgotten none of the blessings that were mine in the other world. But I fear I have never heard the name Kiyoaki Matsugae. Don't you suppose, Mr. Honda, that there never was such a person? You seem convinced that there was; but don't you suppose that there was no such person from the beginning, anywhere? I couldn't help thinking so as I listened to you."
"Why then do we know each other? And the Ayakuras and the Matsugaes must still have family registers."
"Yes, such documents might solve problems in the other world. But did you really know a person called Kiyoaki? And can you say definitely that the two of us have met before?"
"I came here sixty years ago."
"Memory is like a phantom mirror. It sometimes shows things too distant to be seen, and sometimes it shows them as if they were here."
"But if there was no Kiyoaki from the beginning - " Honda was groping through a fog. His meeting here with the Abbess seemed half a dream. He spoke loudly, as if to retrieve the self that receded like traces of breath vanishing from a lacquer tray. "If there was no Kiyoaki, then there was no Isao. There was no Ying Chan, and who knows, perhaps there has been no I."
For the first time there was strength in her eyes.
"That too is as it is in each heart. #Quote by Yukio Mishima
Tohru Honda quotes by Natsuki Takaya
Shigure: Well, yes, now that you mention it, I do
Kyo: Man, your persuasion skills SUCK!
Tohru: Um, welcome home. Dinner's-
Shigure: KYO! DON'T TAKE THIS OUT ON TOHRU! And come back to the entrance hall this instant and take those shoes off!
Yuki: He's right, Shigure. You really do suck at persuasion. #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Tohru Honda quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#15. There's no such thing as a person who has to go away. #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Tohru Honda quotes by Marc Marquez
#16. I am very happy to announce my renewal with HRC. I had always dreamed about being part of the Repsol Honda Team, and thanks to Honda, the dream came true a year and a half ago. Everything happened very quickly last season, and I would have never imagined that I could achieve what we did. Becoming World Champion during my first s eason was another dream turned into reality. It is a great honor to be a part of the Honda family, and I'm glad to remain with this special group of people for another two seasons. #Quote by Marc Marquez
Tohru Honda quotes by Michael M. Honda
#17. In America, we take care of each other, we support one another, and we look out for our neighbors. #Quote by Michael M. Honda
Tohru Honda quotes by Martha Stout
#18. But after all the years, her husband and children have come to accept that, once every few weeks, their usually warmhearted and approachable Camisha will get into her Honda Accord at the beginning of a seemingly random day, and disppear until well after supper, when she will return home and go directly to bed. Her family has learned never top ask her where she had been on such a day, because the most she will ever say is, "Out. I just went out for a bit."

Also, they learned long ago never to express irritation or anger of any kind against Camisha, because when they do, her reaction is to become mute and exit to the garden, where for several hours she will sit cross-legged on a favourite flat stone, her back to the house. Slender, straight-backed, and unmoving, at these times she resembles nothing so much as an elegant ebony carving, exquisite but not quite alive. Watching her is almost unberable, and so is the guilt. Or if the weather is not suitable for the garden, she will simpily go to her bedroom and lock the door. Then as a matter of course, without comment during or after, her husband sleeps on the sofa in the den. In the morning, Camisha is usually her old self again, just as if nothing had happened. #Quote by Martha Stout
Tohru Honda quotes by Natsuki Takaya
Shigure: "Sorry, Tohru-kun. My lips are sealed! #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Tohru Honda quotes by Honda Masanobu
#20. The peasant is the foundation of the state and must be governed with care. He must be allowed neither too much, nor too little, but just enough rice to live on and keep for seed in the following year. The remainder must be taken from him in tax. #Quote by Honda Masanobu
Tohru Honda quotes by Richard Russo
#21. When my nose finally stops bleeding and I've disposed of the bloody paper towels, Teddy Barnes insists on driving me home in his ancient Honda Civic, a car that refuses to die and that Teddy, cheap as he is, refuses to trade in. #Quote by Richard Russo
Tohru Honda quotes by Cliff Martinez
#22. I work at home but average 15,000 to 18,000 miles per year on my Honda. #Quote by Cliff Martinez
Tohru Honda quotes by Stephen King
#23. Leigh left college to be married, and then it was goodbye Drew and hello Taos. I went to her wedding with hardly a qualm. Nice fellow. Drove a Honda Civic. No problems there. #Quote by Stephen King
Tohru Honda quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#24. Shigure Sohma: [got Tohru a maid costume for White Day] I can't wait to for her to call me master while wearing this.
Hatsuharu Sohma: Just don't get arrested, okay? #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Tohru Honda quotes by Soichiro Honda
#25. There is a Japanese proverb that literally goes 'Raise the sail with your stronger hand', meaning you must go after the opportunities that arise in life that you are best equipped to do. #Quote by Soichiro Honda
Tohru Honda quotes by J.D. Vance
#26. He sent an older marine to supervise as I shopped for my first car so that I'd end up with a practical car, like a Toyota or a Honda, not the BMW I wanted. #Quote by J.D. Vance
Tohru Honda quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#27. He gets hurt by the smallest touch. It'll be okay, as long as there will finally be a day. Eventually, one day. It will be good if all our burdens would finally be released. I really hope you can do it. I hope you two can both live happily. #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Tohru Honda quotes by Lisa Ann Sandell
#28. Nate liked Death. Death was in the clothes that he wore and the music he listened to. He would wrap himself in a black sweater and ask Death to ride along with him in his Honda Civic. #Quote by Lisa Ann Sandell
Tohru Honda quotes by Soichiro Honda
#29. If Honda does not race, there is no Honda. #Quote by Soichiro Honda
Tohru Honda quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#30. Shigure: G'morning.
Tohru: Good morning!
Yuki: Um, Shigure, it's night. Why don't you get a normal sleep pattern?
Shigure: I became an author so I wouldn't have to. #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Tohru Honda quotes by Kody Keplinger
#31. Nathan had to park his Honda a whole block from the party, which was a good thing for two reasons. First, it gave Bailey and me the chance to ditch him before we even got to the house. I don't know about her, but I didn't want to be seen with the guy wearing a shirt that said, MAY THE MASS TIMES ACCELERATION BE WITH YOU. #Quote by Kody Keplinger
Tohru Honda quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#32. Normally I hate people who whine all the time, but in your case, it would be okay to complain. Be selfish, say what you want once in a while. It's okay to let yourself be sad. -Kyo talking to Tohru #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Tohru Honda quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#33. Mom told me ... it's better to trust people than to doubt them. She said that people aren't born with kind hearts. When we're born, all we have are desires for food and material things. Selfish instincts, I guess. But she said that kindness is something that grows inside of each person's body ... but it's up to us to nurture that kindness in our hearts. That's why kindness is different for each person. Mom taught me that people's differences are something to celebrate ... When I thought of all the different shapes of human kindness
imaging them as round or square ... I got really excited. Your kindness is like a candle, Sohma-kun. I can feel it light up ... and I just want to smile. -Tohru #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Tohru Honda quotes by Soichiro Honda
#34. Never let your failures go to your heart or your successes go to your head. #Quote by Soichiro Honda

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