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Todays Project quotes by Tom Peters
#1. It boils down to studenthood-in-perpetuity / curiosity-in-perpetuity / applied fanatic restlessness. That is, a belief that life is ONE BIG LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Something mysterious happens to a curious, fully engaged mind - and it happens as often as not, subconsciously. Strange little sparks are set off, connections made, insights triggered. The results: an exponentially increased ability to tune up / reinvent / WOW-ize today's project at work. #Quote by Tom Peters
Todays Project quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#2. Masks reveal the shape of your soul and the state of the world and, in today's world, everyone wears a mask. #Quote by Chloe Thurlow
Todays Project quotes by Donnie Yen
#3. Doing a movie is a stressful thing. You spend months of you life focusing into that one project, and I want to make sure I do something I really like or I'm really passionate about. #Quote by Donnie Yen
Todays Project quotes by Alan Dershowitz
#4. In today's distorted world of 'human rights,' truth takes a back seat to ideology, and false claims - especially those that 'support' radical ideologies - persist even after they have been exposed. #Quote by Alan Dershowitz
Todays Project quotes by Project Itoh
#5. I remembered seeing a media channel where they showed picture after picture of food items I had never seen before in my life. When I asked my father what it was, he said they called it the "Two Minutes' Hate. #Quote by Project Itoh
Todays Project quotes by Russell Berman
#6. In order to generate ideological paradigms sufficient to explain the demands for military sacrifice, intellectuals rearticulate the cultural project: the battle for culture becomes the battle for the people's culture which in turn endows participation in the war effort with a democratic appearance. The de facto defense of the empire and imperialism is inverted, by the magic of culture, into a defense of the people. #Quote by Russell Berman
Todays Project quotes by Martin Gore
#7. As part of Depeche Mode, I don't think it's right for me to be using my own songs for a solo project. I'm not a very prolific songwriter, so I keep those for Depeche Mode. #Quote by Martin Gore
Todays Project quotes by Dan Simmons
#8. Once upon a time ... the only autonomous intelligences we humans knew of were us humans. We thought then that if humankind ever devised another intelligence that it would be the result of a huge project ... a great mass of silicon and ancient transistors and chips and circuit boards ... a machine with lots of networking circuits, in other words, aping-if you will pardon the expression-the human brain in form and function. Of course, AIs did not evolve that way. They sort of slipped into existence when we humans were looking the other way. #Quote by Dan Simmons
Todays Project quotes by Brad Garrett
#9. I think I'm better wired for television. I love variety as far as a project. I'm easily bored and the schedule of a television show, it just keeps you going. #Quote by Brad Garrett
Todays Project quotes by Matthew Lillard
#10. Being an actor, when you sign onto a project - whether it's good, bad, or indifferent - you kind of fall in love with it. You fall in love with the experience, you fall in love with the memories. #Quote by Matthew Lillard
Todays Project quotes by David Gallagher
#11. I'd like to be that chameleon. That's really ultimately what I want to hear from people eventually: 'I really love when I see him in stuff, but I never know he's gonna be here.' I want to be that actor that surprises you when you see him in a project, and you go, 'Yes! I love that guy. He's in this? Awesome.' #Quote by David Gallagher
Todays Project quotes by Holly Black
#12. Every kid had to do a different project for that class. Tana had made a diorama, with a shoe box and a lot of red poster paint, to represent a news article that she'd cut out of the paper - one about three vampires on the run from Corpus Christi who'd break into a house, kill everyone, and then rest among the corpses until night fell again.
Which made her wonder if there could still be a vampire in this house, the vampire who had slaughtered all these people. Who'd somehow overlooked her, who'd been too intent on blood and butchery to open every door to every hall closet or bathroom, who hadn't swept aside a shower curtain. It would murder her now, though, if it heard her moving. #Quote by Holly Black
Todays Project quotes by Sundar Pichai
#13. I have a secret project which adds four hours every day to the 24 hours we have. There's a bit of time travel involved. #Quote by Sundar Pichai
Todays Project quotes by Daniel J. Levitin
#14. The work of artists and scietists is ultimately the pursuit of truth, but members of both camps understand that truth is its very nature is contextual and changeable, dependent on point of view, and that today's truths becomes tomorrow's disproven hypotheses of forgotten objet d'arts. #Quote by Daniel J. Levitin
Todays Project quotes by Hipolito
#15. Without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's. #Quote by Hipolito
Todays Project quotes by Jamie Zawinski
#16. You can't take a dying project, sprinkle it with the magic pixie dust of "open source," and have everything magically work out. #Quote by Jamie Zawinski
Todays Project quotes by Abraham Maslow
#17. Every person is, in part, 'his own project' and makes himself. #Quote by Abraham Maslow
Todays Project quotes by Connor Franta
#18. I wanted to share my love of coffee with a wider audience and also continue to raise money for The Thirst Project through Common Culture Coffee. #Quote by Connor Franta
Todays Project quotes by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
#19. The chances of running out of yarn on a project are directly related to the difficulty that you will have getting more. #Quote by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Todays Project quotes by Emma Roberts
#20. I love the idea of getting to play different characters and tell some stories. When you're passionate about a project, it's nice to get the part. #Quote by Emma Roberts
Todays Project quotes by Carly Steel
#21. EPIX is a big new cable TV channel that I've just started hosting for. I host EPIX News covering the major movie premieres and junkets. 'The Hunger Games' was my first project with them. #Quote by Carly Steel
Todays Project quotes by Adam Bucko
#22. We believe that today's younger generation, who started a global movement by camping out on Wall Street and its equivalents around the world and who are often choosing a road less traveled rather than joining the military-industrial-academic-prision complex–these people are prophets in our midst. #Quote by Adam Bucko
Todays Project quotes by Matthew Weiner
#23. I do find it sometimes that people project their own feelings on to the characters and I think that there is a certain amount of sexism - I mean the proprietary nature, for men and women. #Quote by Matthew Weiner
Todays Project quotes by Joey Comeau
#24. Hello, there should be more advice about dealing with depression when you're stupid and worthless, so here is a self help exercise.
Today's assignment is simple. Just go out and get on the bus.
It doesn't matter which bus. Whichever bus comes next. Get on, and just go. You could ride that bus to the very end, thank the driver, and then walk into the woods and just die. Just lay down right there and wait and wait until you were dead. Who is going to miss you?
Really, think about it. If you went out to the middle of nowhere and just sat down in a ditch and cried by yourself until you were dead, who would be the first person to wonder where you'd gone?
Call them up! Maybe they want to get ice cream? #Quote by Joey Comeau
Todays Project quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#25. In the face of an obstacle which it is impossible to overcome, stubbornness is stupid. If I persist in beating my fist against a stone wall, my freedom exhausts itself in this useless gesture without succeeding in giving itself a content. It debases itself in a vain contingency. Yet, there is hardly a sadder virtue than resignation. It transforms into phantoms and contingent reveries projects which had at the beginning been set up as will and freedom. A young man has hoped for a happy or useful or glorious life. If the man he has become looks upon these miscarried attempts of his adolescence with disillusioned indifference, there they are, forever frozen in the dead past. When an effort fails, one declares bitterly that he has lost time and wasted his powers. The failure condemns that whole part of ourselves which we had engaged in the effort. It was to escape this dilemma that the Stoics preached indifference. We could indeed assert our freedom against all constraint if we agreed to renounce the particularity of our projects. If a door refuses to open, let us accept not opening it and there we are free. But by doing that, one manages only to save an abstract notion of freedom. It is emptied of all content and all truth. The power of man ceases to be limited because it is annulled. It is the particularity of the project which determines the limitation of the power, but it is also what gives the project its content and permits it to be set up. There are people who are filled w #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Todays Project quotes by Bob Proctor
#26. When you use an excuse for not accomplishing something or not completing a project, you are actually giving power to someone or something outside of yourself.
Regardless of what happens today, absolutely refuse to use an excuse to get off the hook. #Quote by Bob Proctor
Todays Project quotes by Gozo Shioda
#27. Today's aikido is so dimensionless. It's hollow, empty on the inside. People try to reach the highest levels without even paying their dues. That's why it seems so much like a dance these days. You have to master the very basics solidly, with your body, and then proceed to develop to the higher levels ... Now we see nothing but copying or imitation without any grasp of the real thing ... #Quote by Gozo Shioda
Todays Project quotes by Paul Theroux
#28. The people I've known who've done great things of that type - you know, building hospitals, running schools - are very humble people. They give their lives to the project. #Quote by Paul Theroux
Todays Project quotes by Judy Gold
#29. My desire for my own sitcom began as a little girl - I spent hours lying on my belly on the shag carpeting getting lost in the world of the '70s sitcom. All I wanted to do was run away to the Brady house, The Partridge Family bus; even the project on 'Good Times' seemed better than Clark, NJ. #Quote by Judy Gold
Todays Project quotes by Margot Wallstrom
#30. If you want a more democratic EU, communication has to be among its core tasks. There should be a legal foundation for it: Fifty years after the founding of the European project, communication belongs in the constitution. #Quote by Margot Wallstrom
Todays Project quotes by Todd Henry
#31. Acquiring new skills and adapting to complex, uncertain environments isn't easy, though. It requires persistent attention and near-constant effort to maintain a trajectory of growth. As such, it's easy to grow tired or lose your drive. However, when you stop growing, you start dying. In much the same way that an organization needs to be persistently innovative in order to maintain market share, individuals must make a personal commitment to lifelong personal innovation through skill development, risk-taking, and experimentation in order to avoid stagnation. The seeds of tomorrow's brilliance are planted in the soil of today's activity. #Quote by Todd Henry
Todays Project quotes by Bobby Orr
#32. So many of today's programs are about trophies and jackets, and we think that's a big mistake. #Quote by Bobby Orr
Todays Project quotes by Margrit Mondavi
#33. A timely, interesting, educational approach to today's wine picture. Wine still makes a feast out of a meal, but in times of not so plenty we will enjoy a bottle that is more reasonable. This tome is a must-read for wine lovers as well as the trade. #Quote by Margrit Mondavi
Todays Project quotes by Frank Quitely
#34. Ideally you want to be a couple of months ahead on a project. But I rarely am. #Quote by Frank Quitely
Todays Project quotes by Susan Douglas
#35. Here's the progression. Feminism won; you can have it all; of course you want children; mothers are better at raising children than fathers; of course your children come first; of course you come last; today's children need constant attention, cultivation, and adoration, or they'll become failures and hate you forever; you don't want to fail at that; it's easier for mothers to abandon their work and their dreams than for fathers; you don't want it all anymore (which is good because you can't have it all); who cares about equality, you're too tired; and whoops
here we are in 1954. #Quote by Susan Douglas
Todays Project quotes by Gary F. Marcus
#36. To the extent that genomes can be thought of as compressed encodings of biological structures, they are spectacularly efficient. All the trillions of cells in the human body-not just the tens of billions in the brain-are guided in one way or another by the information contained in 30,000 or so genes. The best high-quality set of pictures of the body- the National Institutes of Health Visible Human Project, a series of high-resolution digital photos of slices taken from volunteer Joseph Paul Jernigan (deceased)-takes up about 60 gigabytes, enough (if left uncompressed) to fill about 100 CD-ROMs-and still not enough detail to capture individual cells. The genome, in contrast, contains only about 3 billion nucleotides, the equivalent (at two bits per nucleotide) of less than two-thirds of a gigabyte, or a single CD-ROM. #Quote by Gary F. Marcus
Todays Project quotes by Pearl Zhu
#37. Hybrid Thinking is a set of interdisciplinary and integrative thinking processes we will need to solve many of today's complex problems. #Quote by Pearl Zhu
Todays Project quotes by Jim Broadbent
#38. In today's politics, it would be good to have politicians who are more upfront about what they felt and actually not trying to bend with every breeze. They're infuriating, all of them. #Quote by Jim Broadbent
Todays Project quotes by Logan Green
#39. Lyft came out of a hackathon project where we were trying to figure out what does Zimride look like on mobile. #Quote by Logan Green
Todays Project quotes by Willem J. Van Asselt
#40. The Swiss current of Reformed theology of Francis Turretin and Johann Heinrich Heidegger differed from the French approach exemplified by the Academy of Saumur. The northern German Reformed line of Bremen or of the Middle-European Herborn Academy differed from that of the Franeker theologians in the tradition of William Ames. At Leiden, the Cocceian or federalist approach was not identical with the Voetian project at Utrecht. Likewise, the British variety of Reformed theology (John Owen, Richard Baxter), with all its diversity, and the several types of Reformed teaching on the Continent each had an emphasis of their own. Methodologically, this means that we no longer can canonize Geneva, or contrast a non-scholastic Calvin with the later scholastic Calvinists as if they represented a uniform movement. #Quote by Willem J. Van Asselt
Todays Project quotes by Alain Badiou
#41. I think... that love encompasses the experience of the possible transition from the pure randomness of chance to a state that has universal value. Starting out from something that is simply an encounter, a trifle, you learn that you can experience the world on the basis of difference and not only in terms of identity. And you can even be tested and suffer in the process. In today's world, it is generally thought that individuals only pursue their self-interest. Love is an antidote to that. Provided it isn't conceived only as an exchange of mutual favours, or isn't calculated way in advance as a profitable investment, love really is a unique trust placed in chance. It takes us into key areas of the experience of what is difference and, essentially, leads to the idea that you can experience the world from the perspective of difference. In this respect it has universal implications: it is an individual experience of potential universality, and is thus central to philosophy, as Plato was the first to intuit. #Quote by Alain Badiou
Todays Project quotes by C.S. Lewis
#42. The duty of planning tomorrow's work is today's duty; though its material is borrowed from the future, the duty, like all duties, is in the Present. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Todays Project quotes by Harold Prince
#43. I don't know why the guys with the big money don't find five terrific young producers and give each of them enough to commission a musical and to live on for a year. You'd be likely to get at least one project with a future. #Quote by Harold Prince
Todays Project quotes by Louis Kronenberger
#44. Today's competitiveness, so much imposed from without, is exhausting, not exhilarating; is unending-a part of one's social life, one's solitude, one's sleep, one's sleeplessness. #Quote by Louis Kronenberger
Todays Project quotes by Peter V. Brett
#45. There have been discussions of doing 'The Demon Cycle' on both large and small screen scale, and while there is no project currently in development, I think the series has both the big imagery and complex character development to have legs either as a TV series or film franchise. #Quote by Peter V. Brett
Todays Project quotes by Daniel Wendler
#46. life is a journey. The person you were yesterday is different than the person you will be tomorrow, because the person you were yesterday was not shaped by today's experiences. You will change as you go through life. #Quote by Daniel Wendler
Todays Project quotes by Jewel
#47. Being idolized and being torn down felt oddly similar. They both made me feel alone.
Friendship and trust should be earned, and when you're famous, people seem to want to give them to you whether you've earned them or not, and it felt dishonest to me. Fame was not real. It was all a projection - fame made me a blank canvas that people projected their love, lust, troubles, self-worth, and desire upon.
Fame and power do not change us, they amplify us. #Quote by Jewel
Todays Project quotes by Antoine Rivarol
#48. The despotism of will in ideas is styled plan, project, character, obstinacy; its despotism in desires is called passion. #Quote by Antoine Rivarol

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