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Today I Fell In Love quotes by Julia Quinn
#1. He looked down at the first entry.
2 MARCH1810
Today I fell in love.
A tear welled up in his eye. Me too, my love. Me too. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Ione Skye
#2. I fell in love with doing yoga. #Quote by Ione Skye
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Daniel Radcliffe
#3. I fell in love with that movie [Now You See Me]. I liked the actors. I thought it was an interesting world. When they called me with the opportunity to direct the next one, the first question I needed to address was, what are we going to do to make it different? How can I add something to the franchise? If I can't add anything, then there's no reason for me to do it. #Quote by Daniel Radcliffe
Today I Fell In Love quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#4. No personality as strong as Zelda's could go without getting criticisms and as you say she is not above reproach. I've always known that. Any girl who gets stewed in public, who frankly enjoys and tells shocking stories, who smokes constantly and makes the remark that she has "kissed thousands of men and intends to kiss thousands more," cannot be considered beyond reproach even if above it. But Isabelle I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity and her flaming self respect and it's these things I'd believe in even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn't all that she should be.
But of course the real reason, Isabelle, is that I love her and that's the beginning and end of everything. You're still a Catholic but Zelda's the only God I have left now. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Jessica Brown Findlay
#5. I trained as a ballet dancer and fell in love with Rudolf Nureyev; I thought him the most beautiful creature. My mum had to break it to me that not only was he gay, but he was dead. #Quote by Jessica Brown Findlay
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Pamela M. Johnson
#6. A Poem for a Trick

Roses are red,

Violets are blue

Dumb ass nigguh I was never in love with U

I peeped your game from the start

That's why I never let you inside my heart

couldn't let you tear it apart

dumb bitch easy trick you made the mistake when you fell in love

Then you had nerves to go around behind my back callin' me a trick

While I went around your small dick

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Dumb punk ass nigguh I used U #Quote by Pamela M. Johnson
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Cyhi The Prynce
#7. When I fell in love with hip-hop, my favorite rapper was Jay-Z. But I used to like Common and Nas. But I was a South dude. So I grew up on UGK, Triple Six, Outkast, and Pastor Troy. That's where I get my lingo, my slang, my passion. #Quote by Cyhi The Prynce
Today I Fell In Love quotes by W.S. Gilbert
#8. So I fell in love with a rich attorney's
Elderly ugly daughter. #Quote by W.S. Gilbert
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Prince Royce
#9. My parents are Dominican. I would always go to the Dominican Republic, and I fell in love with Bachata, which comes from the Dominican Republic. #Quote by Prince Royce
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Rick Riordan
#10. Yes, Jason Grace." Favonius arched an eyebrow. "I fell in love with a dude. Does that shock you? #Quote by Rick Riordan
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Janet Nissenson
#11. I trust you're going to treat my girl like an absolute queen from here on end."
Nathan's grin stretched from ear to ear. "Like a fairytale princess. When I first met her I told her she was as beautiful as a princess in a storybook."

"Oh, brother. And she actually fell for a dorky line like that?""Hook, line and sinker." A smile played about Nathan's lips. "And I fell for her like a ton of bricks. #Quote by Janet Nissenson
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Renee Carlino
#12. What are you doin', man?" Scott's voice came from the doorway.

I turned and smiled. "Just thinking."

"You seem a little brighter."

"Actually, I was thinking about how I ended up thirty-six, divorced, and trapped in cubicle hell."

He walked to the coffeepot and poured a mug full then leaned against the counter. "You were a workaholic?" he offered.

"That's not why Elizabeth was unfaithful. She fell right into Brad's skinny arms, and he works more than I do. Hell, Elizabeth works more than I do."

"Why are you dwelling on the past? Look at you. You're tall. You have hair. And it looks like" - he waved his hand around at my stomach - "you might have abs?"

"You checking me out?"

"I'd kill for a head of hair like that."

Scott was the kind of guy who was bald by twenty-two. He's been shaving it Mr. Clean–style since then.

"What do women call that thing?" He pointed to the back of my head.

"A bun?"

"No, there's, like, a sexier name for it. The ladies love that shit."

"They call it a man-bun. #Quote by Renee Carlino
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#13. And so being young and dipped in folly I fell in love with melancholy. #Quote by Edgar Allan Poe
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Laura Pritchett
#14. For some reason I believed that if you fell in love it was a guaranteed thing that your path would cross with his, and I never wondered how if would feel to fall in love with a man whose future just couldn't include you. #Quote by Laura Pritchett
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Jonathan Keltz
#15. I was attached to star in a project that was going to be an unbelievable character piece, to be showcased all over the world. It was everything I had been working toward and had suffered for. I had two months to prep and pretty much bankrupted myself in the process. A week before I was supposed to get on the plane, the whole project fell apart. Not only did it leave me completely broke and out of work, but I felt as if I had been betrayed by acting. Acting is not just something I love but a part of who I am. I was shattered. Thankfully, the love of those around me helped push me forward. #Quote by Jonathan Keltz
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Veronica Roth
#16. The first thing I see when I wake, still on the couch in the hotel room, are the birds flying over her collarbone. Her shirt, retrieved from the floor in the middle of the night because of the cold, is pulled down on one side from where she's lying on it.
We have slept close to each other before, but this time feels different. Every other time we were there to comfort each other or to protect each other; this time we're here just because we want to be--and because we fell asleep before we could go back to the dormitory.
I stretch out my hand and touch my fingertips to her tattoos, and she opens her eyes.
She wraps an arm around me and pulls herself across the cushions so she's right up against me, warm and soft and pliable.
"Morning," I say.
"Shh," she says. "If you don't acknowledge it, maybe it will go away."
I draw her toward me, my hand on her hip. Her eyes are wide, alert, despite just having opened. I kiss her cheek, then her jaw, then her throat, lingering there for a few seconds. Her hands tighten around my waist, and she sighs into my ear.
My self-control is about to disappear in five, four, three…
"Tobias," she whispers, "I hate to say this, but…I think we have just a few things to do today."
"They can wait," I say against her shoulder, and I kiss the first tattoo, slowly.
"No, they can't!" she says. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#17. Laura Dillard." It seemed impossible that he could share this with Catherine Marks, but she seemed to object he would. And somehow he was obliging her. "Beautiful girl. She loved to watercolor. Few people are good at that, they're too afraid of making mistakes. You can't lift the color or hide it, once it's put down. And water is unpredictable- an active partner in the painting- you have to let it behave as it will. Sometimes the color diffuses in ways you don't expect, or one shade backruns into another. That was fine with Laura. She liked the surprises of it. We had known each other all during childhood. I went away for two years to study architecture, and when I came back, we fell in love. So easily. We never argued- there was nothing to argue over. Nothing in our way. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Alessandra Torre
#18. Now I knew why they said you fell in love. I plummeted with no parachute, and hoped like hell he would catch me when I hit the bottom. Only, there hadn't been a bottom. There was just him. #Quote by Alessandra Torre
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Maya Angelou
#19. During these years in Stamps, I met and fell in love with William Shakespeare. He was my first white love. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Peter S. Beagle
#20. What happened instead was that the tree fell in love with him and began to murmur fondly of the joy to be found in the eternal embrace of a red oak. "Always, always," it sighed, "faithful beyond any man's deserving. I will keep the color of your eyes when no other in the world remembers your name. There is no immortality but a tree's love. #Quote by Peter S. Beagle
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Claudia Gray
#21. I didn't tell him. He found out. Basically, he caught me coming in
after the last time you and I saw each other. But he won't give us away,
Lucas. He's even willing to help us see each other, as long as we help
him with Charity."
"What, like, a fund-raiser or something?"
I'd forgotten he didn't know her name. "The vampire girl in Amherst."
"Wait - Charity? That's her name? You were able to figure out who
she is." He smiled so proudly that all the tension of the moment instantly
melted. "I fell in love with a genius. #Quote by Claudia Gray
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Burton Silverman
#22. Very early in life, I fell in love with the landscape of the human face, where all the emotional states of life are to be found. #Quote by Burton Silverman
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Claire Tomalin
#23. I fell in love with Shakespeare when I was 12, and I read the whole works. Yes, I was precocious. #Quote by Claire Tomalin
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Fede Alvarez
#24. I'm a big fan of movies, but I'm a bigger fan of filmmaking itself. I fell in love with it when I was very young, and I have always loved to learn the craft, every aspect of it. #Quote by Fede Alvarez
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Dave Bautista
#25. Honestly, I don't aspire to be a huge movie star. I really just fell in love with acting ... Everything I do on-screen is very subtle. #Quote by Dave Bautista
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Kristen Ashley
#26. Looking at the most handsome man I'd ever seen in my life. The man I fell in love with when he was still mostly a boy. The man who raised two great kids against the odds. The man who kept the streets of my hometown safe. The only man outside my brother and father who even tried to take care of me, he did it in a way that was beautiful, precious, so I let him. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Mia Castile
#27. When I met you on the beach, it was chance. When we sat together at the bonfire, it was circumstance; but when you fell in love with me, it was fate. #Quote by Mia Castile
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Zack Snyder
#28. I used to be a huge fan of Heavy Metal magazine growing up, and I was exposed to Cobalt there and fell in love with the character and the world. I've tried to track it down and pursue it myself to make a movie out of it. Also I felt like the thing that's cool about Cobalt is it does have a culty kind of underground quality to it that I really like. #Quote by Zack Snyder
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Michael Leunig
#29. At the age of nine, I simultaneously fell in love with two Dutch sisters because they seemed so beautifully strange, and their clothes were mysterious and alluring - added to which, they could not speak a word of English. More than anything, I wanted to connect with them and embark on a vast journey of exploration. #Quote by Michael Leunig
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Haruki Murakami
#30. In the spring of her twenty-second year, Sumire fell in love for the first time in her life. An intense love, a veritable tornado sweeping across the plains - flattening everything in its path, tossing things up in the air, ripping them to shreds, crushing them to bits. The tornado's intensity doesn't abate for a second as it blasts across the ocean, laying waste to Angkor Wat, incinerating an Indian jungle, tigers and everything, transforming itself into a Persian desert sandstorm, burying an exotic fortress city under a sea of sand. In short, a love of truly monumental proportions. The person she fell in love with happened to be 17 years older than Sumire. And was married. And, I should add, was a woman. This is where it all began, and where it all ended. Almost. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Sam Peckinpah
#31. Yeah, Dundee was great. It was a great film. I fell in love with my Mexican wife on Dundee. #Quote by Sam Peckinpah
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Madeleine Albright
#32. I was in Europe and it was at this stage that I fell in love with Americans in uniform. And I continue to have that love affair. #Quote by Madeleine Albright
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Eva Ibbotson
#33. I would let her ... have adventures. I would let her ... choose her path. It would be hard ... it was hard ... but I would do it. Oh, not completely, of course. Some things have to go on. Cleaning one's teeth, arithmetic. But Maia fell in love with the Amazon. It happens. THe place was for her - and the people. Of course there was some danger, but there is danger everywhere. Two years ago, in this school, there was an outbreak of typhus, and three girls died. CHildren are knocked down and killed by horses every week, here in these streets
" She broke off, gathering her thoughts. "When she was traveling and exploring ... and finding her songs, Maia wasn't just happy, she was ... herself. I think something broke in Maia when her parents died, and out there it healed. Perhaps I'm mad
and the professor too
but I think children must lead big lives ... if it is in them to do so. #Quote by Eva Ibbotson
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Brenda Novak
#34. You see, he was to become the first man I fell in love with. Only, falling in love doesn't always mean rainbows and butterflies. This is the true story of my life and how love changed everything! #Quote by Brenda Novak
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Darinne Paciotti
#35. The next few weeks were incredible. I didn't just fall in love with Xander, I fell head over heels, hook, line and sinker, harder than a slab of granite, and like a star that everyone wanted to wish on. #Quote by Darinne Paciotti
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Angela Thirkell
#36. There are some names that one can't even say in a normal voice because they lay open some nerve. I was frightfully in love with a woman once. Her name was Susan and she came from Norwich and she lived with her husband in Ovington Square. I fell out of love with her, and I haven't seen her or heard of her for years, but if I read or hear the words Susan, or Norwich, or Ovington, I go all queer. #Quote by Angela Thirkell
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Jaci Burton
#37. The last goddamn thing I ever wanted was to fall in love. But you know what? I did anyway. I fell in love with you. #Quote by Jaci Burton
Today I Fell In Love quotes by Amy Harmon
#38. Shhhh," Johnny soothed, sliding his hands up and down her back, nuzzling her hair. "Car thieves don't cry, baby. You gotta toughen up if you're gonna have a future with good old Clyde here."

"I like it when you do that."


"Call me baby," Maggie whispered.

"You liked it when I called you Bonnie too," he replied with a smile in his voice. "Why?"

"You used to call me baby all the time. It makes me believe you can love me again."

Johnny wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and lifted her to him, kissing her tear-streaked cheeks before he touched his lips to hers.

"I'm already there Maggie. I fell in love when you begged me to help you escape the cops. I fell in love when we danced to Nat King Cole singing 'Stardust' on a moonlit beach. Hell, I fell in love when you told me how blondes spell farm."

"E-I-E-I-O," Maggie quipped wetly.

Johnny laughed and held her tightly. #Quote by Amy Harmon

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