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To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#1. I had a chat with May and I had a sweet talk with April but the lovely conversation that left me to ponder was the long talk I had with June. Mathematics came to tell me that May is 3, June is 4 and April is 5. ' This should have been the counting order' Mathematics said to me, and added, if you add 3 and 5 you shall surely get 8 and if you find the mid of 8 you will get 4 which is June. Ask June why the disorder! So I quickly called June and asked, why have you change the order? June said, 'my brother, in this era, you should least give men things which are in order. Let them ponder and put things in order and they will learn something better'. I had to ponder and wonder. Then June added, those who will ponder to know why I have change the order to be at the mid of the other shall get to the mid of the other and wonder why they are at the mid of the other and end the other in wonder but, those who would never see why they must ponder when they get to the mid of the other to know why I am there shall end the other in disorder. They shall end the other and wander in the end! I was quick to ask June, which other? June calmly said, the twelve disciples of the year. Disciples'? I asked. June quickly said, I mean months! In your journey of life, take a break as you journey and ponder over the journey; June concluded! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Ree Drummond
#2. Once the wedding gift was out of the way, Marlboro Man and I had to check one last item off our list before we entered the Wedding Zone: premarital counseling. It was a requirement of the Episcopal church, these one-hour sessions with the semiretired interim priest who led our church at the time. Logically, I understood the reasoning behind the practice of premarital discussions with a man of the cloth. Before a church sanctions a marriage union, it wants to ensure the couple grasps the significance and gravity of the (hopefully) eternal commitment they're making. It wants to give the couple things to think about, ideas to ponder, matters to get straight. It wants to make sure it's not sending two young lovers into what could be an avoidable domestic catastrophe. Logically, I grasped the concept.
Practically, however, it was an uncomfortable hour of sitting across from a sweet minister who meant well and asked the right questions, but who had clearly run out of juice in the zest-for-marriage department. It was emotional drudgery for me; not only did I have to rethink obvious things I'd already thought about a thousand times, but I also had to watch Marlboro Man, a quiet, shy country boy, assimilate and answer questions put to him by a minister he'd only recently met on the subject of love, romance, and commitment, no less. Though he was polite and reverent, I felt for him. These were things cowboys rarely talked about with a third party. #Quote by Ree Drummond
To Ponder quotes by Ashmita Acharya
#3. a moment of isolation is a miracle sometimes! to wonder... to ponder... to reflect... to realize... to dream... to decide... to reminisce... to remember... to feel... to find... to wish... to miss... to love... and to live... a moment of isolation is a miracle sometimes! #Quote by Ashmita Acharya
To Ponder quotes by Charles Frazier
#4. He saw with sorrow that hers was a life he could step right into and keep working at hard from tonight until death. If he allowed himself to ponder it for a minute, he saw all the world hanging over the girl like the deadfall to a trap, ready to drop and crush. #Quote by Charles Frazier
To Ponder quotes by Kimelene Carr
#5. you look away
to bar my gloom,
my inner dementia
from your sight,
the galaxy has given you
this to ponder:
it is the darkness of my soul
that has gifted you
this beautiful night #Quote by Kimelene Carr
To Ponder quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#6. One does not jump, and spring, and shout hurrah! at hearing one has got a fortune, one begins to consider responsibilities, and to ponder business; on a base of steady satisfaction rise certain grave cares, and we contain ourselves, and brood over our bliss with a solemn brow. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
To Ponder quotes by Stuart Woods
#7. What's the matter, don't you like surprises?"
"I like them if they're pleasant ones, and when they happen suddenly," Holly said. "But not when I have to ponder them for an hour and forty-five minutes. #Quote by Stuart Woods
To Ponder quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#8. These resemble no chicken fingers I've ever seen, lass. And I saw a fair amount of chickens in my day. There was this wench in the stables with the most remarkable . . . well, never mind that. You must grow fowl considerably larger now. I shudder to ponder the size of their beaks. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
To Ponder quotes by Bram Stoker
#9. There is certainly something to ponder over in this man's state. Several points seem to make what the American interviewer calls "a story," if one could only get them in proper order. Here they are: Will not mention "drinking." Fears the thought of being burdened with the "soul" of anything. Has no dread of wanting "life" in the future. Despises the meaner forms of life altogether, though he dreads being haunted by their souls. Logically all these things point one way! He has assurance of some kind that he will acquire some higher life. He dreads the consequence, the burden of a soul. Then it is a human life he looks to! And the assurance ... ? Merciful God! The Count has been to him, and there is some new scheme of terror afoot! #Quote by Bram Stoker
To Ponder quotes by Dick Van Dyke
#10. Why is it amazing that I don't act my age? Why should I act my age? Or more to the point, how is someone my age supposed to act? Old age is part fact, part state of mind, part luck, and wholly something best left for other people to ponder, not you or me. Why waste your time? I don't. #Quote by Dick Van Dyke
To Ponder quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#11. Some morning while your eating breakfast and you need something new to think about, though, you might want to ponder the fact that you see your kids across the table not as they are but as they once were, about three nanoseconds ago. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
To Ponder quotes by Mark Lilla
#12. Whoever takes it upon himself to write an honest intellectual history of twentieth-century Europe will need a strong stomach. But he will need something more. He will need to overcome his disgust long enough to ponder the roots of this strange and puzzling phenomenon. #Quote by Mark Lilla
To Ponder quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#13. Ive seen the meanness of humans till I dont know why God aint put out the sun and gone away. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
To Ponder quotes by Larry McMurtry
#14. Once started, love couldn't easily be stopped. #Quote by Larry McMurtry
To Ponder quotes by Jodi Picoult
#15. No, honestly, my mouth shouldn't be able to function unless my brain's engaged. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#16. Let us do our best whilst we live for another tomorrow is coming when whilst we are long gone, another group of people shall come to either suffer from our worst or enjoy and build upon our best. Let us run whole heatedly today with all alacrity for another generation shall come for the baton from our hands to either blame us or congratulate us on how we lived the dream and journeyed in life through the good and the bad times; another generation shall come to ponder over our footprints as a good or a bad lesson for them! Let us run with all necessary zeal such that when we hand over the baton, our next generation will have no reason but to soldier on with courage, enthusiasm and absolute commitment to get to the finishing line with a great accomplishment and a noble story worth pondering over and over! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Rick Warren
#17. Point to Ponder: If there were no God, and everything was a result of random chance, there would be no purpose to your life. It all starts with God. #Quote by Rick Warren
To Ponder quotes by Mortimer J. Adler
#18. The reader who fails to ponder, or at least mark, the words he does not understand is headed for disaster. #Quote by Mortimer J. Adler
To Ponder quotes by George MacDonald
#19. God never gave man a thing to do concerning which it were irreverent to ponder how the Son of God would have done it. #Quote by George MacDonald
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#20. the source of a river is narrow. If you could jump over it in a twinkle of an eye at the source, be sure to ponder before you jump over it at its mid or its estuary. #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Robert Graves
#21. I do not love the Sabbath, The soapsuds and the starch, The troops of solemn people Who to Salvation march. I take my book, I take my stick On the Sabbath day, In woody nooks and valleys I hide myself away. To ponder there in quiet God's Universal Plan, Resolved that church and Sabbath Were never made for man. #Quote by Robert Graves
To Ponder quotes by Lori Lansens
#22. I can't exactly say why I've chosen to write about the things that I am writing about. There are doubtless better stories from my life that I am missing, events and escapades I am not wise enough to know were important. If heaven is tolerant and writers are allowed (bunch of liars that they are), I wonder if they gather for coffee to ponder the prose they should have written instead.
p 179 #Quote by Lori Lansens
To Ponder quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#23. How can she? She's incapable of understanding anything. Besides, do any of us understand what we are doing? If we did, would we ever do it? #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
To Ponder quotes by Rick Warren
#24. POINT TO PONDER: I'm as close to God as I choose to be. #Quote by Rick Warren
To Ponder quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#25. Oh, it's you," Sebastian said in a tone of mild surprise, seeming to ponder how he had ended up kneeling on a bathroom rug with his wife in his arms. "I was prepared to debauch a resisting servant girl, but you're a more difficult case."
"You can debauch me," Evie offered cheerfully.
Her husband smiled, his glowing gaze moving gently over her face. He smoothed back a few escaping curls that had lightened from ruby to soft apricot. "My love, I've tried for thirty years. But despite my dedicated efforts..." A sweetly erotic kiss grazed her lips. " still have the innocent eyes of that shy wallflower I eloped with. Can't you try to look at least a little bit jaded? Disillusioned?" He laughed quietly at her efforts and kissed her again, this time with a teasing, sensuous pressure that caused her pulse to quicken. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
To Ponder quotes by Debasish Mridha
#26. A photograph captures a magical moment for the future to ponder. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
To Ponder quotes by Susan Wingate
#27. Bravery in a fictional character is one thing
it's easy to imagine and easy to write. Bravery in real life offers many challenges. We want to believe we will be brave if a situation requires us to. But if we over-think it, we will certainly fail. One simply needs to act toward the best possible result rather than to ponder all of the possibilities. #Quote by Susan Wingate
To Ponder quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#28. To live without comparison, to live without any kind of measurement inwardly, never to compare what you are with what you should be. The word 'meditation' means not only to ponder, to think over, to probe, to look, to weigh; it also has a much deeper meaning in Sanskrit - to measure, which is `to become'. In meditation there must be no measurement. This meditation must not be a conscious meditation in deliberately chosen postures. This meditation must be totally unconscious, never knowing that you are meditating. If you deliberately meditate it is another form of desire, as any other expression of desire. The objects may vary; your meditation may be to reach the highest, but the motive is the desire to achieve, as the business man, as the builder of a great cathedral. Meditation is a movement without any motive, without words and the activity of thought. It must be something that is not deliberately set about. Only then is meditation a movement in the infinite, measureless to man, without a goal, without an end and without a beginning. And that has a strange action in daily life, because all life is one and then becomes sacred. And that which is sacred can never be killed. To kill another is unholy. It cries to heaven as a bird kept in a cage. One never realizes how sacred life is, not only your little life but the lives of millions of others, from the things of nature to extraordinary human beings. And in meditation which is without measurement, there is the very action of t #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
To Ponder quotes by Francine Rivers
#29. She only had this moment, and she must fulfill it worthily. Of what use was it to allow herself regret and grief, to ponder endlessly what she might have done differently? #Quote by Francine Rivers
To Ponder quotes by Dean Koontz
#30. Billy Pilgrim had a theory about diaries.
Women were more likely than men to think that their lives had sufficient meaning to require recording on a daily basis. It was not for the most part a God-is-leading-me-on-a-wondrous-journey kind of meaning, but more an I've-gotta-be-me-but-nobody-cares sentimentalism that passed for meaning, and they usually stopped keeping a diary by the time they hit thirty, because by then they didn't want to ponder the meaning of life anymore because it scared the crap out of them. #Quote by Dean Koontz
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#31. One of the most powerful lessons silence teaches us is to ponder #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Kevin Ansbro
#32. The early word catches the poem. #Quote by Kevin Ansbro
To Ponder quotes by Drew Barrymore
#33. Every morning I stay in bed for ten minutes to ponder my place in the universe. Then I wash my face and check my karma #Quote by Drew Barrymore
To Ponder quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#34. If her daughter's ship had been disintegrated in space there would never be evidence of it, never an answer to what had happened to her.

If she stopped to ponder the implications she might break. And Admiral Miriam Solovy did not break. #Quote by G.S. Jennsen
To Ponder quotes by Tony Robbins
#35. When people 'succeed' they tend to party, when they 'fail' they tend to ponder ... #Quote by Tony Robbins
To Ponder quotes by Antoni Tapies
#36. Reminding people what in reality it is all about, giving them a theme on which to ponder, creating a shock within them, pulling them out of the delusion of non authenticity, enabling them to become aware of their true possibilities. #Quote by Antoni Tapies
To Ponder quotes by Aga Khan
#37. [A]bove all, it has been the Qur'anic notion of the universe, as an expression of Allah's will and creation, that has inspired in diverse Muslim communities, generations of artists, scientists and philosophers? Scientific pursuits, philosophic inquiry and artistic endeavour are all seen as the response of the faithful to the recurring call of the Qur'an to ponder the creation as a way to understand Allah's benevolent majesty. As Sura al-Baqara proclaims: 'Wherever you turn, there is the face of Allah.'"

His Highness the Aga Khan's 2003 Address to the International Colloquium 'Word of God, Art of Man: The Qur'an and its Creative Expressions' organised by The Institute of Ismaili Studies (London, United Kingdom) #Quote by Aga Khan
To Ponder quotes by Malala Yousafzai
#38. Outside his office my father had a framed copy of a letter written by Abraham Lincoln to his son's teacher, translated into Pashto. It is a very beautiful letter, full of good advice. "Teach him, if you can, the wonder of books ... But also give him quiet time to ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun, and the flowers on a green hillside," it says. "Teach him it is far more honorable to fail than to cheat. #Quote by Malala Yousafzai
To Ponder quotes by Elizabeth Kolbert
#39. Letting things slide is always the easiest thing to do, in parenting no less than in banking, public education, and environmental protection. A lack of discipline is apparent these days in just about every aspect of American society. Why? This should be is a much larger question, one to ponder as we take out the garbage and tie our kids' shoes. #Quote by Elizabeth Kolbert
To Ponder quotes by Jose Saramago
#40. This is neither the time nor the place, however, to ponder how often the soul, in order to be able to boast of a clean body, has burdened itself with sadness, envy, and impurity. #Quote by Jose Saramago
To Ponder quotes by Chuck Black
#41. Were you acquainted with me, you would know that my failings are equal to my victories. On my own, I am no more than a pauper. It is the Prince for whom I live and for whom I fight. He raised me from the mire and made me a son. I will aspire to serve Him to the utmost, and perhaps my duty to Him will be fulfilled more as a herald than as a warrior, for if my quill and ink capture your attention and cause you to ponder the chronicles of this great kingdom and the story of the Prince, then I am content. #Quote by Chuck Black
To Ponder quotes by Pope John Paul II
#42. Attention is riveted on what is tangible, useful, instantly available; the stimulus for deeper thought and reflection may be lacking. Yet human beings have a vital need for time and inner quiet to ponder and examine life and its mysteries ... Understanding and wisdom are the fruit of a contemplative eye upon the world, and do not come from a mere accumulation of facts, no matter how interesting. #Quote by Pope John Paul II
To Ponder quotes by Joseph Campbell
#43. When I was in India I met and conversed briefly with Shri Atmananda Guru of Trivandrum, and the question he gave me to ponder was this: 'Where are you between two thoughts? #Quote by Joseph Campbell
To Ponder quotes by Jan-Philipp Sendker
#44. It's love. Love makes us beautiful. Do you know a single person who loves and is loved, who is loved unconditionally and who, at the same time, is ugly? There's no need to ponder the question. #Quote by Jan-Philipp Sendker
To Ponder quotes by Napoleon Hill
#45. The answer you may be seeking, to the questions which have caused you to ponder over the strangeness of life, maybe found in your own mind, #Quote by Napoleon Hill
To Ponder quotes by Jane Jacobs
#46. What if we fail to stop the erosion of cities by automobiles? ... In that case America will hardly need to ponder a mystery that has troubled men for millennia. What is the purpose of life? For us, the answer will be clear, established and for all practical purposes indisputable. The purpose of life is to produce and consume automobiles. #Quote by Jane Jacobs
To Ponder quotes by Marcel Proust
#47. But since the facts which I should then have recalled would have been prompted only by an exercise of the will, by my intellectual memory, and since the pictures which that kind of memory shews us of the past preserve nothing of the past itself, I should never have had any wish to ponder over this residue of Combray. #Quote by Marcel Proust
To Ponder quotes by Raymond Federman
#48. Listen carefully because what I'm going to tell you now is very important, so pay attention, you see, one always walks for a reason, when you walk it's because you're going somewhere, to work, to the grocery store to do your shopping, to your girlfriend's house for a quickie, to walk your dog, and even if you're going nowhere, if you don't have a real destination, there's always a reason for walking, to stretch your legs, to exercise, to ponder your future, whereas one dances for nothing, only for the beauty of dancing, for the form, because one can never tell the dancer from the dance, as Yeats put it so well, the walker always walks for a reason, it's the reason that makes him walk, good or bad, useful or useless, doesn't matter, ah but one dances for no reason, that's what you have to understand if you're going to stay and listen to me, I'm not walking here, I'm dancing, get it, I'm doing acrobatics, I don't tell my stories in order to get somewhere, I tell them for the simple pleasure of telling, no more no less, and if you're listening in order to find out what's going to happen at the end, you're wasting your time, you have to listen just for the pleasure of listening to my voice, to the dancing of my voice if you prefer... #Quote by Raymond Federman
To Ponder quotes by Kevin Costner
#49. If developing ties to this world and exercising love and compassion are not the very point of us
I cannot presume to know
then we are at least better occupied in this way, I feel, than with the riddles of other worlds, which only prove impossible for us to solve and unhealthy even to ponder. #Quote by Kevin Costner
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#50. We shall surely be remembered for something; something good or something bad; something mediocre or something noble; something great or something small! In all things we do, always and always, let us not forget that we shall either be remember for something or nothing, and be it something or nothing, we shall still be remembered! If you are to be noted for your words, let the words be that which are breath-taking! If you are to be noted for your attitude, let that attitude be that which is solemn and distinctive! If you are to be noted for your thoughts, let the thought be that which gives unique reasons to ponder for distinctive footprints! If you are to be noted for your deeds, let the deeds be that which touches the heart of Heaven , give noble reasons for action and put smiles on faces ( and believing that God sees and rewards every act of good deed) ! If you are to be noted for certain stands, let it be that which is either a firm yes or bold no! Always remember, you shall surely be remembered for something or nothing; live well then! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Jennifer Webb
#51. Words I write... go through my mind, like tasting fine wine on the lips. #Quote by Jennifer Webb
To Ponder quotes by Oscar Wilde
#52. I will sell thee my soul,' he answered: 'I pray thee buy it off me, for I am weary of it. Of what use is my soul to me? I cannot see it. I may not touch it. I do not know it.'
But the merchants mocked at him, and said, 'Of what use is a man's soul to us? It is not worth a clipped piece of silver. Sell us thy body for a slave, and we will clothe thee in sea-purple, and put a ring upon thy finger, and make thee the minion of the great Queen. But talk not of the soul, for to us it is nought, nor has it any value for our service.'
And the young Fisherman said to himself: 'How strange a thing this is! The Priest telleth me that the soul is worth all the gold in the world, and the merchants say that it is not worth a clipped piece of silver.' And he passed out of the market-place, and went down to the shore of the sea, and began to ponder on what he should do. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
To Ponder quotes by Robert J. Sawyer
#53. He had a collection of science-fiction films on DVD and Blu-ray discs, and although he said he'd seen most of them before, Caitlin was surprised to discover how many of the cases were still shrink-wrapped. "Why'd you buy them if you weren't going to watch them?" she asked. He looked at the tall, thin cabinets that contained the movies and seemed to ponder the question. "My childhood was on sale," he said at last, "so I bought it. #Quote by Robert J. Sawyer
To Ponder quotes by Julie Anne Long
#54. It's only that... well, if Olivia cannot be with the man she loves, as he has vanished like a bloody 'cowardly'..."
She stopped talking abruptly. Yanking herself back like a dog on a leash.
Which was a pity, as the words had acquired a fascinating whiff of venom and had begun to escalate in volume. She would have done some squeaking of her own.
Genevieve Eversea was beginning to interest him.
"If she cannot be with the man she loves..." he prompted.
"I do believe she can only to be with someone... impressive."
"Impressive..." He pretended to ponder this. "I hope you do not think I presume, but I cannot help but wonder if you're referring to me. Given my rank and fortune, some might describe me as such. And I'm flattered indeed, given that there really are so many other words you could have chosen to describe me."
A pause followed. The girl was most definitely a 'thinker.'
"We have only just become acquainted, Lord Moncrieffe. I might elect to use other words to describe you should I come to know you better."
Exquisite and refined as convent lace, her manners, her delivery.
And still he could have sworn she was having one over on him.
She seemed to be watching her feet now. The scenery didn't interest her, or it caused her discomfort.
And as he watched her, something unfamiliar stirred.
He was... 'genuinely' interested in what she might say next. #Quote by Julie Anne Long
To Ponder quotes by Pier Luigi Luisi
#55. [Michael Bitbol] asked us to ponder whether the purpose of science is to provide answers about what things are in themselves, or if science is only our most advanced way of developing a pragmatic, conventional knowledge of phenomena sufficient to guide us in our actions. #Quote by Pier Luigi Luisi
To Ponder quotes by Joseph Heller
#56. I'm probably just as good an atheist as you are," she speculated boastfully. "But even I feel that we all have a great deal to be thankful for and that we shouldn't be ashamed to show it."

"Name one thing I've got to be thankful for," Yossarian challenged her without interest.

"Well..." Lieutenant Scheisskopf's wife mused and paused a moment to ponder dubiously. "Me."

"Oh, come on," he scoffed.

She arched her eyebrows in surprise. "Aren't you thankful for me?" she asked. She frowned peevishly, her pride wounded. "I don't have to shack up with you, you know," she told him with cold dignity. "My husband has a whole squadron full of aviation cadets who would be only too happy to shack up with their commanding officer's wife just for the added fillip it would give them." Yossarian decided to change the subject. "Now you're changing the subject," he pointed out diplomatically. "I'll bet I can name two things to be miserable about for every one you can name to be thankful for."

"Be thankful you've got me," she insisted.

"I am, honey. But I'm also goddam good and miserable that I can't have Dori Duz again, too. Or the hundreds of other girls and women I'll see and want in my short lifetime and won't be able to go to bed with even once."

"Be thankful you're healthy."

"Be bitter you're not going to stay that way."

"Be glad you're even alive."

"Be furious you're going to die."< #Quote by Joseph Heller
To Ponder quotes by Max Barry
#57. It was pointless to ponder who I was because I was whichever combination of chemicals happened to be sloshing around at that time. So I decided not to search for a true self. I decided to choose who I wanted to be. #Quote by Max Barry
To Ponder quotes by David Simon
#58. Only the human heart can live in present moment awareness. The human mind cannot, because its essential nature is to ponder the past and plan the future. This is why all wise beings encourage us to go beyond the mind into the timeless, boundless transcendence of heart-centered awareness. #Quote by David Simon
To Ponder quotes by Muriel Barbery
#59. Who has ever heard of a maid and a concierge making use of their afternoon break to ponder the cultural significance of interior decoration? You would be surprised by what ordinary little people come out with. #Quote by Muriel Barbery
To Ponder quotes by Edward O. Wilson
#60. The internal conflict in conscience caused by competing levels of natural selection is more than just an arcane subject for theoretical biologists to ponder. It is not the presence of good and evil tearing at one another in our breasts. It is a biological trait fundamental to understanding the human condition, and necessary for survival of the species. The opposed selection pressures during the genetic evolution of prehumans produced an unstable mix of innate emotional response. They created a mind that is continuously and kaleidoscopically shifting in mood - variously proud, aggressive, competitive, angry, vengeful, venal, treacherous, curious, adventurous, tribal, brave, humble, patriotic, empathetic, and loving. All normal humans are both ignoble and noble, often in close alternation, sometimes simultaneously. #Quote by Edward O. Wilson
To Ponder quotes by Christopher Moore
#61. Pondering is a little like considering and a little like thinking, but looser. To ponder, one must let the facts roll around the rim of the mind's roulette wheel, coming to settle in whichever slot they feed pulled to. #Quote by Christopher Moore
To Ponder quotes by Helen Keller
#62. So much has been given to me I have not time to ponder over that which has been denied. #Quote by Helen Keller
To Ponder quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#63. I sat in a box
With walls on each side.
Not too tall.
Not too wide.
To think.
To ponder.
To pray.
To hide.
I sat in a box and cried. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
To Ponder quotes by William Styron
#64. The most futile thing a man can do is to ponder the alternatives, to stew and fret over the life that might have been lived if circumstances had not pointed his future in a certain direction. #Quote by William Styron
To Ponder quotes by Heinrich Hertz
#65. I also require much time to ponder over the matters themselves, and particularly the principles of mechanics (as the very words: force, time, space, motion indicate) can occupy one severely enough; likewise, in mathematics, the meaning of imaginary quantities, of the infinitesimally small and infinitely large and similar matters. #Quote by Heinrich Hertz
To Ponder quotes by Manix Abrera
#66. Gril: Hay ... If there's a will, there's a way.
Boy: True!
Katahimikan ...
Boy: Kaso ngayon minsan distorted na e. There's the way, where's the will?
Girl: Ooh Solid! Rak en Rol! #Quote by Manix Abrera
To Ponder quotes by D. A. Carson
#67. These pressures make it difficult for many Christians to draw lines. How many of us want to be classified with fundamentalist Muslims? Why not emphasize the communal and pragmatic values of our faith, in order to gain respect and avoid unnecessarily offending the people of our generation? Why not defend "the truth" merely as it appears to us? After all, that is in fact what we are doing, isn't it - defending the truth as it appears to us? So why make offensive claims about the universality of truth claims? Why draw lines? It is painful to do so; it also seems impolitic. Why alienate people? Why should it be thought necessary to draw lines, when drawing lines is rude? In these few pages, my concern is not how to proceed with the evangelistic task (see chap. 12), but to ponder briefly some of the reasons why drawing lines is utterly crucial at the moment. #Quote by D. A. Carson
To Ponder quotes by Alex Morritt
#68. If the original architects of the 'European dream' were to wake from their slumber, they would no doubt be turning in their graves at the threats to the Union posed by today's unparalleled mass migration and surge in home grown terrorism. Luckily for them, it is the nightmare of Europe's current leaders to ponder the challenges of reinstating national borders, curbing free movement of people, combating extremism, all of which in turn may lead to disintegration of the European Union itself and all that it stands for. #Quote by Alex Morritt
To Ponder quotes by Karl Jacoby
#69. Given the obstacles to merging these fragile and diverse forms of storytelling into a single tale, it is, paradoxically, by venturing in the opposite direction -- by listening for the silences between accounts; by discovering what each genre of recordkeeping cannot tell us -- that we can capture most fully the human struggle to understand our elusive past. What this past asks of us in return is a willingness to recount all our stories -- our darkest tales as well as our most inspiring ones -- and to ponder those stories that violence has silenced forever. For until we recognize our shared capacity for inhumanity, how can we ever hope to tell stories of our mutual humanity? #Quote by Karl Jacoby
To Ponder quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
#70. Latter-day Saints are not asked to blindly accept everything they hear. We are encouraged to think and discover truth for ourselves. We are expected to ponder, to search, to evaluate, and thereby to come to a personal knowledge of the truth. #Quote by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#71. I accept the fact that there is always a way out in every situation we find ourselves but, until we begin to ponder, panacea will be very scarce #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Jan-Philipp Sendker
#72. I have often wondered what was the source of her beauty, her radiance. It's not the size of one's nose, the color of one's skin, the shape of one's lips or eyes that make one beautiful or ugly. So what is it? Can you, as a woman, tell me?
I shook my head.
I will tell you: It's love. Love makes us beautiful. Do you know a single person who loves and is loved, who is loved unconditionally and who, at the same time, is ugly? There's no need to ponder the question. There is no such person. #Quote by Jan-Philipp Sendker
To Ponder quotes by Bainbridge Island Review
#73. Taking inspiration from her own experiences as a wife, mother, principal and teacher, Ellick creates a realistic and thought-provoking modern scenario for readers to ponder, based on a well-documented historic trend. #Quote by Bainbridge Island Review
To Ponder quotes by Carl Dennis
#74. The God Who Loves You"

It must be troubling for the god who loves you
To ponder how much happier you'd be today
Had you been able to glimpse your many futures.
It must be painful for him to watch you on Friday evenings
Driving home from the office, content with your week -
Three fine houses sold to deserving families -
Knowing as he does exactly what would have happened
Had you gone to your second choice for college,
Knowing the roommate you'd have been allotted
Whose ardent opinions on painting and music
Would have kindled in you a lifelong passion.
A life thirty points above the life you're living
On any scale of satisfaction. And every point
A thorn in the side of the god who loves you.
You don't want that, a large-souled man like you
Who tries to withhold from your wife the day's disappointments
So she can save her empathy for the children.
And would you want this god to compare your wife
With the woman you were destined to meet on the other campus?
It hurts you to think of him ranking the conversation
You'd have enjoyed over there higher in insight
Than the conversation you're used to.
And think how this loving god would feel
Knowing that the man next in line for your wife
Would have pleased her more than you ever will
Even on your best days, when you really try.
Can you sleep at night believing a god like tha #Quote by Carl Dennis
To Ponder quotes by Marissa Meyer
#75. This was only the second time Carswell Thorne had stopped to ponder one Kate Fallow. The first time, he had wondered why she liked books so much, and if it had anything to do with why he liked spaceships. Because they could take you somewhere far, far away from here. This time , he was wondering what her math score was. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
To Ponder quotes by Stephanie Witter
#76. Will you have any regrets once she's dead?
Brooklyn's question and her voice echoed in my head as I watched her walking to her house, her hips swaying tantalizingly at every step. A heavy weight fell on my shoulders because I didn't have to ponder that question to find the answer. #Quote by Stephanie Witter
To Ponder quotes by Dan Pearce
#77. My 30 year attempt (and subsequent failure) to reach "normal" has brought me to ponder whether "normal" even exists, or if it is nothing more than delusional grandeur based in the sounds of those sweet sirens drawing my ship in all the wrong directions. #Quote by Dan Pearce
To Ponder quotes by Elizabeth J. Church
#78. To question, to ponder, and to learn. Education was my drug of choice - classrooms, books, lectures, pushing myself to understand. #Quote by Elizabeth J. Church
To Ponder quotes by William Steig
#79. Rain caused one to reflect on the shadowed, more poignant parts of life - the inescapable sorrows, the speechless longings, the disappointments, the regrets, the cold miseries. It also allowed one the leisure to ponder questions unasked in the bustle of brighter days; and if one were snug under a sound roof, as Abel was, one felt somehow mothered, though mothers were nowhere around, and absolved of responsibilities. #Quote by William Steig
To Ponder quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#80. Didn't help to ponder things that were forever gone. It only made a body restless and fill up with bees, all wanting to sting something. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
To Ponder quotes by Robert Fulghum
#81. To ponder is not to brood or grieve or even meditate. It is to wonder at a deep level. #Quote by Robert Fulghum
To Ponder quotes by Matsuri Hino
#82. Rima: "Hey Shiki, won't you be my husband?"

Shiki: "sure."

Rima: "How rash..."

Shiki: "Ehh? Why...? It means that you will be my friend and companion forever. What is there to ponder? #Quote by Matsuri Hino
To Ponder quotes by Margaret J. Wheatley
#83. We would do well to ponder the realization that love is the most potent source of power. #Quote by Margaret J. Wheatley
To Ponder quotes by Jenni Johanna Toivonen
#84. If I only could explain
How much I miss
that precious moment
when I was free
from the shackles of chronic pain. #Quote by Jenni Johanna Toivonen
To Ponder quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
#85. Never underestimate a writer's vanity, especially that of a mediocre writer. (The Angel's Game) #Quote by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
To Ponder quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#86. If we were all looking for something 'easy come and easy go', then all of our lives would be easy. The problem is that we look for something real, don't we? And it is this longing for what is real, that makes finding the right person to be the most difficult task in the world. You can marry someone and promise the rest of your life to the person, only to find out later that this person makes you feel lonely. If we had no innate longing for true love and for true partnership, then none of us would have any problems! Therefore, the most frightening question to ponder upon, is, 'what if true love does not exist; what if the real stuff isn't real at all?' In such a case, life would be meaningless. I suppose I would rather believe in love relentlessly, than live in this world meaninglessly. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#87. Life depends on time and he who least values time and what to really do with his time will get to the end of the time in his lifetime only to ponder over the times he had in his life! Remember always; your lifetime: your life has been timed! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Avijeet Das
#88. All over the world, people are being quarantined and are being compelled to practice social distancing. We are trying desperately to remain sane in a world that seems bordering on the insane. So, the time is just right for us to ponder, reflect, meditate, and discover the world within our own minds. #Quote by Avijeet Das
To Ponder quotes by Julie Anne Long
#89. He was still thoughtful. 'Do you think any of us ever really knows anyone?'
'Philosophy, Lord Dryden? And yet it's daylight and everyone is still sober. #Quote by Julie Anne Long
To Ponder quotes by Mary Rose O'Reilley
#90. I would not have majored in English and gone on to teach literature had I not been able to construct a counterargument about the truthfulness of fiction; still, as writers turn away from the industrious villages of George Eliot and Thomas Hardy, I learn less and less from them that helps me to ponder my life. In time, I found myself agreeing with the course evaluations written by my testier freshman students:'All the literature we read this term was depressing.' How naive. How sane. #Quote by Mary Rose O'Reilley
To Ponder quotes by Gary J. Byrne
#91. The federal air marshal, the passengers, the flight crew, and the pilots are truly the last line of defense. American public spaces and schools need the same approach. Let's cut the feel-good politics and recognize that by the time someone with dangerous plans reaches your doorstep, it's too late to ponder root causes of antisocial behavior - it's time to act! All of the thinking should have been done beforehand. And the level of commitment to stop grotesque violence in its tracks - stone cold dead - has to exceed theirs if protecting the principal is going to succeed. #Quote by Gary J. Byrne
To Ponder quotes by Robert Lanza
#92. When someone dismissively answers "Of course a tree makes a sound if no one's nearby," they are merely demonstrating their inability to ponder an event nobody attended. They're finding it too difficult to take themselves out of the equation. They somehow continue to imagine themselves present when they are absent. #Quote by Robert Lanza
To Ponder quotes by Richard N. Bolles
#93. For many of us, the job-hunt offers a chance to make some fundamental changes in our whole life. It marks
a turning point in how we live our life.
It gives us a chance to ponder and reflect, to extend our mental horizons, to go deeper into the subsoil
of our soul.
It gives us a chance to wrestle with the question, "Why am I here on Earth?" We don't want to feel that
we are just another grain of sand lying on the beach called humanity, unnumbered and lost in the billions
of other human beings.
We want to do more than plod through life, going to work, coming home from work. We want to find
that special joy, "that no one can take from us," which comes from having a sense of Mission in our life.
We want to feel we were put here on Earth for some special purpose, to do some unique work that only
we can accomplish.
We want to know what our Mission is. #Quote by Richard N. Bolles
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#94. Life comes in phases; each phase of life has so many life issues to face until that phase phases out. Phase after phase, we face so many things (the good and the bad, the solemn and canal, realities and fantasies...) as we journey on in life. There are so many people who fall at each phase of life because of how they face such phase with their actions, words, thoughts and deeds. The phase of life we meet matters a lot, but how we face each phase with our actions, words, thoughts and deeds in managing our comforts and
discomforts for a distinctive or an otherwise footprints is what we need to ponder over and over before our total life phases out!

In the end, the wealth, comfort and joy we had in life would matter less as compared to how we used the wealth, comfort and joy for distinctive footprints! In the end, the sorrow, perplexity, lack or discomfort we had shall be of less value as compared to the distinctive footprints we left because of the sorrow, perplexity, lack or discomfort we faced in each phase of life. Live life!

No joy can replace the gift of life; no sorrow can fix the joy of life; no pain can truly heal the body; no wealth can be synonymous with true health; don't ever let joy, pain, satisfaction, lack, abundance, ambition, or anything else replace the true value of the gift of life God has placed in your hands, and the true joy you must have to live life. Take action! Smile and live life, no matter what! Use your comfort for #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Scott Jurek
#95. quitting, gives you even more time to ponder. But perhaps I wanted time to stop. Maybe I was meant to lie here on my back in the desert to question why I was running through an oven. Why was I subjecting myself to this torture? I started running for reasons I had #Quote by Scott Jurek
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#96. coincidence is not just only a road to facts but also a call to ponder #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Steve Erickson
#97. Part of the process of reading is constantly hitting the pause button, and now and then the rewind button, to ponder a word that's been chosen by the author as exquisitely as the filmmaker chooses an image or a sound editor chooses a sonic clue - the tolling of a bell in the distance to evoke memory, for instance. #Quote by Steve Erickson
To Ponder quotes by Natalie Merchant
#98. I go to the river from time to time to ponder over the crazy days in my life. Watch the river flow, ease my mind and soul where I go. #Quote by Natalie Merchant
To Ponder quotes by J.W. Lord
#99. I think the word dumbfounded is another one of those compounds I love to ponder. Only this one seems to make sense. It is like finding dumb. Like finding you are at a loss for words (completely amazed and astonished). At that very moment I was officially and irrevocably dumbfounded. There was no way to for me to explain what had just happened. #Quote by J.W. Lord
To Ponder quotes by Debasish Mridha
#100. This is the time to love. This is the time to forgive. This is the time to ponder. This is the time to wonder. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
To Ponder quotes by Jan-Philipp Sendker
#101. Do you know a single person who loves and is loved, who is loved unconditionally and who, at the same time, is ugly? There's no need to ponder the question. There is no such person. He #Quote by Jan-Philipp Sendker
To Ponder quotes by David VanDrunen
#102. In this essay I reflect upon this topic of Christian culture in its relation to the church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ and to the heritage and future of the Reformed Christianity so energetically championed by Calvin and Kuyper. Contrary to much contemporary Reformed wisdom
though consistent, I believe, with the spirit of what I learned from Bob Godfrey
I suggest that we have good biblical reason to speak of "Christian culture" with respect to the church and to reassert boldly the preeminence of the church for our understanding of Christian piety. A consideration of Calvin and Kuyper compels us to ponder whether we are seeking a Christianity that is primarily of our own extrapolation (in our cultural endeavors of commerce, art, science, etc.) or that is primarily of Christ's own giving (in the life, ministry, and worship of the church). The better answer, I argue, is the latter. #Quote by David VanDrunen
To Ponder quotes by Harvey MacKay
#103. You can't hurry creativity, so take time to ponder your ideas. Sit back and take time to think things over. That's usually how the best ideas bloom. #Quote by Harvey MacKay
To Ponder quotes by Jill Bolte Taylor
#104. If I am not persistent with my desire to think about other things, and consciously initiate new circuits of thought, then those uninvited loops can generate new strength and begin monopolizing my mind again. To counter their activities, I keep a handy list of three things available for me to turn my consciousness toward when I am in a state of need: 1) I remember something I find fascinating that I would like to ponder more deeply, 2) I think about something that brings me terrific joy, or 3) I think about something I would like to do. #Quote by Jill Bolte Taylor
To Ponder quotes by William L. Shirer
#105. He was not easily discouraged. And he knew how to wait. As he picked up the threads of his life in the little two-room apartment on the top floor of 41 Thierschstrasse in Munich during the winter months of 1925 and then, when summer came, in various inns on the Obersalzberg above Berchtesgaden, the contemplation of the misfortunes of the immediate past and the eclipse of the present, served only to strengthen his resolve. Behind the prison gates he had had time to range over in his mind not only his own past and its triumphs and mistakes, but the tumultuous past of his German people and its triumphs and errors. He saw both more clearly now. And there was born in him anew a burning sense of mission -- for himself and for Germany -- from which all doubts were excluded. In this exalted spirit he finished dictating the torrent of words that would go into Volume One of Mein Kampf and went on immediately to Volume Two. The blueprint of what the Almighty had called upon him to do in this cataclysmic world and the philosophy, the Weltanschauung, that would sustain it were set down in cold print for all to ponder. That philosophy, however demented, had roots, as we have seen, deep in German life. The blueprint may have seemed preposterous to most twentieth-century minds, even in Germany. But it too possessed a certain logic. It held forth a vision. It offered, though few saw this at the time, a continuation of German history. It pointed the way toward a glorious German destiny. #Quote by William L. Shirer
To Ponder quotes by Judith McNaught
#106. A husband is the only possible solution to your problems."
"Don't you dare suggest a man as the solution for my troubles," she cried. "You're all the cause of them! My father gambled away the entire family fortune and left me in debt; my brother disappeared after getting me deeper in debt; you kissed me and destroyed my reputation; my fiancé left me at the first breath of a scandal you caused; and my uncle is trying to sell me! As far as I'm concerned," she finished, spiting fire, "men make excellent dancing partners, but beyond that I have no use for the lot of you. You're all quite detestable, actually, when one takes time to ponder it, which of course one rarely does, for it would only cause depression. #Quote by Judith McNaught
To Ponder quotes by James Adams
#107. Perhaps it would be a good idea, fantastic as it sounds, to muffle every telephone, halt every motor, and stop all activity someday to give people a chance to ponder a few minutes on what it is all about, why they are living, and what they really want. #Quote by James Adams
To Ponder quotes by Rod Serling
#108. I'm afraid that if I started to ponder who I am and what I am, I might not like what I find. #Quote by Rod Serling
To Ponder quotes by Ali Nuri
#109. I've got words
residing inside me
freely meandering
reshaping a wasteland
into the prospect
of treasured home again #Quote by Ali Nuri
To Ponder quotes by Saul Williams
#110. When I look at certain aspects of popular culture - not everything because I like a lot of things - sometimes my heart breaks a little bit, just a little bit. I begin to ponder what happened to this generation, I don't know. #Quote by Saul Williams
To Ponder quotes by Eve Ensler
#111. What if, instead of being afraid of even talking about death, we saw our lives in some ways as preparation for it.
What if we were taught to ponder it and reflect on it and talk about it and enter it and rehearse it and try it on?What if, rather than being cast out and defined by some terminal category, you were identified as someone in the middle of a transformation that could deepen your soul, open your heart, and all the while-even if and particularly when you were dying-you would be supported by and be part of a community? #Quote by Eve Ensler
To Ponder quotes by Harken Headers
#112. Good things don't come easy and anything free you have got to ponder the tiny
literature under the big words. #Quote by Harken Headers
To Ponder quotes by Libba Bray
#113. Simon, would you still care for me if you discovered I was not who I say I am?"
What do you mean?"
I mean would you still care for me, no matter what you came to know?"
What a thing to ponder. I don't know what to say."
The answer is no. He does not need to say it.
With a sigh, Simon digs at the fire with the iron poker. Bits of the charred log fall away, revealing the angry insides. they flare orange for a moment, then quiet down again. After three tries, he gives up.
I'm afraid this fire's had it."
I can see a few embers remaining. "No, I think not. If ... "
He sighs, and it says everything. #Quote by Libba Bray
To Ponder quotes by Lilia Ford
#114. But that couldn't be... you don't.... That's wrong," she said lamely.

"You mean morally?" Donal looked utterly struck by the notion. "Morally wrong! Well!" He pretended to ponder and then said earnestly, "I should hope so! Honestly, Jenny-girl, moral sex! Where's the point in that? #Quote by Lilia Ford
To Ponder quotes by Jyoti Patel
#115. Sometimes,
Even if we know,
It's an empty threat,
It still feels like a
Punch in the belly! #Quote by Jyoti Patel
To Ponder quotes by Scot McKnight
#116. There is no kingdom that is not about a just society, as there is no kingdom without redemption under Christ. Yet I'm convinced that both of these approaches to kingdom fall substantially short of what kingdom meant to Jesus, so we need once again to be patient enough to ponder what the Bible teaches. #Quote by Scot McKnight
To Ponder quotes by Bella Forrest
#117. I was left to ponder over the power of a simple apology. A taming of one's ego, an admission of being fallible ... the effect that these things could have on a relationship was profound. I couldn't help but feel that if more people were ready to apologize in the world, it would be a brighter, happier place. #Quote by Bella Forrest
To Ponder quotes by Charles Kettering
#118. It is man's destiny to ponder on the riddle of existence and, as a byproduct of his wonderment, to create a new life on this earth. #Quote by Charles Kettering
To Ponder quotes by Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola
#119. But, when the work was finished, the Craftsman kept wishing that there were someone to ponder the plan of so great a work, to love its beauty, and to wonder at its vastness. #Quote by Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola
To Ponder quotes by Craig Harrison
#120. [...] nobody anywhere seemed to be willing to ponder for a moment the possibility that a human being who refused to participate, who refused to speak or listen, who failed to 'interact with his peer group', might not be all that crazy, and might even have arrived at an understandable response to the world in which we lived. #Quote by Craig Harrison
To Ponder quotes by Lori Hatcher
#121. If we stop to ponder the paths of our feet, would we:

Allow our children to participate in sports or activities that will ultimately consume our family time, dictate our schedules, and cause us to miss church on a regular basis? #Quote by Lori Hatcher
To Ponder quotes by Seymour Chwast
#122. The books I like...contain things to ponder, ignore, memorize, and laugh and wonder at. #Quote by Seymour Chwast
To Ponder quotes by Nithin Purple
#123. The mirror lets me know the changing face,the sincere self,for an anxious glance,it gives an impression,and its never be like the World gives the lie,the real picture,to ponder to reach a conscious conclusion. #Quote by Nithin Purple
To Ponder quotes by Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
#124. In great deeds, something abides. On great fields, something stays. Forms change and pass; bodies disappear; but spirits linger, to consecrate ground for the vision-place of souls ... generations that know us not and that we know not of, heart-drawn to see where and by whom great things were suffered and done for them, shall come to this deathless field, to ponder and dream; and lo! the shadow of a mighty presence shall wrap them in its bosom, and the power of the vision pass into their souls. #Quote by Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
To Ponder quotes by John R. Dallas Jr.
#125. Words are words. People add meaning to words.
Information is information. With words people add value to information.
Words breathe life into information. Words move mountains of information.
Words are action. Momentum for living evolves from pursuit of deeper, wider and higher significance, utility and value of words.
Words we sow, nourish and harvest feed hungry minds and hearts. Gathered words strengthen, ignite and release us.
Words identify, signify and proclaim our individuality. Words pronounce a purposeful life's choices.
With wisdom, courage and patience we must choose high-performing words for long-term relationships. Chosen words become soul mates. #Quote by John R. Dallas Jr.
To Ponder quotes by Emma Roberts
#126. If there wasn't mystery, people wouldn't have anything to ponder. If you already knew everything, you wouldn't have anything to think about and life would just be really boring. #Quote by Emma Roberts
To Ponder quotes by Felix Adler
#127. If you desire information on some point of law, you are not likely to ponder over the ponderous tomes of legal writers in order to obtain the knowledge you seek, by your own unaided efforts. #Quote by Felix Adler
To Ponder quotes by -Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
#128. Death may spare a man from facing human judges, but it will immediately set him before his Maker, the greatest Divine Judge, which will be a much more terrifying experience. This is a matter of the utmost gravity. Were man to ponder upon it, he would be shaken to the very core. #Quote by -Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#129. Don't undermine the mirror that always shows you how good or the otherwise you look for any necessary correction! You may dearly miss its real essence the day it will break and you shall step out only for people to show you the little fault in your appearance that will give you something to ponder over and over! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by J.K. Rowling
#130. Harry was left to ponder in silence the depths to which girls would sink to get revenge. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
To Ponder quotes by Mother Teresa
#131. We need silence to be alone with God, to speak to him, to listen to him, to ponder his words deep in our hearts. We need to be alone with God in silence to be renewed and transformed. Silence gives us a new outlook on life. In it we are filled with the energy of God himself that makes us do all things with joy. #Quote by Mother Teresa
To Ponder quotes by Stephen Richards
#132. I knew I hadn't been the most innocent of victims, but I didn't deserve this. DC Smith stood and grinned at me as he thanked me and left the room, leaving me to cry and to ponder on his not very adept handling of the situation. #Quote by Stephen Richards
To Ponder quotes by Rae Orion
#133. At your happiest and best, you're a free spirit, a cheerful wanderer, an honest and intelligent companion, and a philosopher who likes to ponder the big questions - preferably with a few pals and a plentiful supply of snacks. You see life as an ongoing quest for experience and wisdom, not as a search for security. #Quote by Rae Orion
To Ponder quotes by Kevin A. Codd
#134. I hear a swelling swoosh; from the south a bullet train whizzes into view on the tracks, knives through the landscape in a matter of moments, then disappears with a whoosh. It has just covered in a few seconds what has taken me hours to walk. That very fast train reminds me that, as a pilgrim, travel is made holy in its slowness. I see things that neither the passengers of the train nor the drivers of the automobiles see. I feel things that they will never feel. I have time to ponder, imagine, daydream. I tire. I thirst. In my slow walking, I find me. #Quote by Kevin A. Codd
To Ponder quotes by Josie Litton
#135. She had three days to ponder what that truth might be.Three days during which Dragon scarcely let her out of his sight. He went so far as to try to accompany her to the queen's solar, only to be shooed away by Ealhswith even as she smiled and took pains to reassure him.
"I promise you, my lord,the Lady Rycca will be as safe here as a babe in arms. Believe me, the quarters of the queen are not entered into by miscreants."
"That is all well and fine, majesty, but-"
"Should you not be aware,my lord, we had an incident here last year when the Lady Krysta was taken from Winchester by stealth. Since then, my lord husband has spared no effort to assure nothing of the sort can ever happen again." She gestured toward the grim-faced guards on watch in the corridor. "You will find the same beneath my windows, Lord of Landsende,and even above us on the roof. Not even an errant bird can enter here."
Even as she spoke, through the open door where she stood Dragon saw a raven alight on the sill of one of the solar's windows. Rather oddly, he thought, Krysta walked over and began talking to it.
"There are four new books in the scriptorium, my lord," the queen said, unaware of what was going on behind her, "and a young priest-a friend of Father Desmond, who is now at Hawkforte-who is responsible for one of them. By the way,he has a yen to travel."
That said,she shut the door not quite in his face but as close to it as that gently lady could ever come. Dragon hesi #Quote by Josie Litton
To Ponder quotes by Jyoti Patel
#136. Why do I feel so terrified
Even in the light?
What if I gain
Your love
After my death? #Quote by Jyoti Patel
To Ponder quotes by A.K. Kuykendall
#137. Keep writing. It's all terrible in the beginning. #Quote by A.K. Kuykendall
To Ponder quotes by Timothy G. Bax
#138. Better to ponder your journey before taking it, than ponder why you took it. #Quote by Timothy G. Bax
To Ponder quotes by Jyoti Patel
#139. Even on a bed
That is full of roses,
I was afraid. #Quote by Jyoti Patel
To Ponder quotes by Norman Douglas
#140. There is in us a lyric germ or nucleus which deserves respect; it bids a man to ponder or create; and in this dim corner of himself he can take refuge and find consolations which the society of his fellow creatures does not provide. #Quote by Norman Douglas
To Ponder quotes by Leslye Walton
#141. But neither Emilienne nor Connor ever once stopped to ponder the miracles love might bring into their lives. Connor because he didn't know such things existed, and Emilienne because she did. #Quote by Leslye Walton
To Ponder quotes by Amy A. Bartol
#142. You were afraid of me? Don't you meet with the Fallen in Sheol?"
"Yes, but none of them had ever stolen my heart nor left me without words to ponder its loss. #Quote by Amy A. Bartol
To Ponder quotes by Maria Augusta Von Trapp
#143. What is the usual reaction among our friends and neighbors if in a family something unexpected happens? ... Telephone and [email] are immediately put to work ... and the incident is discussed for days on end. It is no wonder there is no time left in which to ponder on what it might mean, what message God might want to bring home to us by permitting this or that to happen in our lives ... 'To ponder' is an all-but-forgotten art in our days. Who thinks? We don't need to anymore. The TV and [internet] do it for us. #Quote by Maria Augusta Von Trapp
To Ponder quotes by A. Lee Martinez
#144. To worry is to acknowledge that the world is unpredictable, and there is power in understanding one's own powerlessness at times. But too often worry takes on life of its own. Men are quite prone to this. They'll plague themselves with so many 'what if's and 'if only's that they soon forget to ponder the true possibilities before them. Which inevitably lead to poor decisions. Whatever happens will happen. Sometimes we have say over the future. Sometimes we don't. Either way, worrying alone never accomplishes anything. #Quote by A. Lee Martinez
To Ponder quotes by Hannu Rajaniemi
#145. Whisky has always tasted like introspection to me, a quiet moment after taking a sip, the lingering aftertaste, inviting you to ponder upon the flavours on your tongue. #Quote by Hannu Rajaniemi
To Ponder quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#146. If I believed in God, I'd see evidence of his existence in that. In your darkest hour you were held afloat by the human love that was given to you when you most needed it. That would have been true regardless of the outcome of Emma's surgery. It would have been the grace that carried you through even if things had not gone as well as they did, much as we hate to ponder that. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
To Ponder quotes by Jyoti Patel
#147. His relentless lust
Failed to accept the demands of love,
He got back his senses
And responded to her
But, just too lately! #Quote by Jyoti Patel
To Ponder quotes by Malala Yousafzai
#148. Teach him, if you can, the wonder of books ... But also give him quiet time to ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun, and the flowers on a green hillside, #Quote by Malala Yousafzai
To Ponder quotes by Shelley Lubben
#149. Shelley, you're just like that oyster." God confronted me on the deeper areas of my life that I wouldn't let Him open up and heal. When Garrett saw me walk off alone over the sandy hills, he knew God was leading me to a healing moment. Standing on the edge of the salty waters of Puget Sound, I allowed God to reach into the darkest places in my heart and expose the ugly lies I believed about myself. Huge salty tears pouring out like waves, God assured me He threw my sins out as far as the east is from the west. The tremendous shame and guilt I carried for so many years was being literally washed away into the Pacific Ocean. I was no longer a broken child of sexual abuse but a cherished Champion daughter of the Most High God. #Quote by Shelley Lubben
To Ponder quotes by Andrzej Sapkowski
#150. I shall tell you. I've heard that it has recently become tiresome to negotiate with you witchers. The thing is that, whenever a witcher is shown a monster to be killed, the witcher, rather than take his sword and slaughter it, begins to ponder whether it is right, whether it is transgressing the limits of what is possible, whether it is not contrary to the code and whether the monster really is a monster, as though it wasn't clear at first glance. It seems to me that you are simply doing too well. In my day, witchers didn't have two pennies to rub together #Quote by Andrzej Sapkowski
To Ponder quotes by Evinda Lepins
#151. A thought to ponder: If I couldn't use words to speak, what would my life be saying? #Quote by Evinda Lepins
To Ponder quotes by George Eliot
#152. By seeking what was needful for Eppie, by sharing the effect that everything produced on her, he had himself come to appropriate the forms of custom and belief which were the mould of Raveloe life; and as, with reawakening sensibilities, memory also reawakened, he had begun to ponder over the elements of his old faith, and blend them with his new impressions, till he recovered a consciousness of unity between his past and present. #Quote by George Eliot
To Ponder quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#153. Just imagine, among 8.7 million species, only one has become smart enough to ponder over the meaning of life. This simple evolutionary fact itself implies the gravitas of human life. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
To Ponder quotes by Sean Azimov
#154. It was once said that violence is the language of the incompetent. This is something to ponder while remembering that little acts of kindness and compassion can go a long way. #Quote by Sean Azimov
To Ponder quotes by Massimilla Harris
#155. In order to bring the feminine into our world, we must begin in a personal way. It is not an easy path, and we will quickly see how readily it conflicts with the patterns of our daily lives. But in order to value the feminine and have it become reborn within us, we must take the time to reconnect with the wholeness of who we are. We have to take the time to listen to our dreams, to write them down, and to reflect on our lives. Honoring the feminine means having the patience and taking the time, like Mary in the Gospel according to Luke, to ponder these things in our hearts. We must recognize that there are many things going on within us that need to be perceived, accepted, felt, said, lived, grieved, and raged over. We need to give these things our attention, concern, and understanding. #Quote by Massimilla Harris
To Ponder quotes by Rene Descartes
#156. Before examining this more carefully and investigating its consequences, I want to dwell for a moment in the contemplation of God, to ponder His attributes in me, to see, admire, and adore the beauty of His boundless light, insofar as my clouded insight allows. Believing that the supreme happiness of the other life consists wholly of the contemplation of divine greatness, I now find that through less perfect contemplation of the same sort I can gain the greatest joy available in this life. #Quote by Rene Descartes
To Ponder quotes by Italo Calvino
#157. I know that every interpretation of a myth impoverishes and suffocates it; with myths, it's better not to rush things, better to let them settle in memory, pausing to consider their details, to ponder them without moving beyond the language of their images. The lesson we can draw from a myth lies within the literality of its story, not in what we add to it from without. #Quote by Italo Calvino
To Ponder quotes by Pinal Dave
#158. USE AdventureWorks GO sp_helpstats 'Person.Contact'; For a complete lesson on Statistics see Chapters 12 of SQL Architecture Basics Joes 2 Pros Volume 3 ISBN: 1451579462. Points to Ponder from SQL Queries Joes 2 Pros Volume 2 ISBN: 1-4392-5318-8 ( #Quote by Pinal Dave
To Ponder quotes by Marlo Morgan
#159. "There should be no suffering for any creature except for what they accept for themselves." That was a thought to ponder. Spirit Woman explained that each individual soul on the highest level of our being could, and sometimes did, select to be born into an imperfect body; they often came to teach and influence the lives they touched. #Quote by Marlo Morgan
To Ponder quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#160. Respected Teacher,

My son will have to learn that all men are not just, all men are not true.

But teach him also that for ever scoundrel there is a hero; that for every selfish politician, there is a dedicated leader. Teach him that for every enemy there is a friend.

It will take time, I know; but teach him, if you can, that a dollar earned is far more valuable than five found.

Teach him to learn to lose and also to enjoy winning.

Steer him away from envy, if you can.

Teach him the secret of quite laughter. Let him learn early that the bullies are the easiest to tick.

Teach him, if you can, the wonder of books... but also give him quiet time to ponder over the eternal mystery of birds in the sky, bees in the sun, and flowers on a green hill.

In school teach him it is far more honorable to fail than to cheat.

Teach him to have faith in his own ideas, even if every one tells him they are wrong.

Teach him to be gentle with gentle people and tough with the tough.

Try to give my son the strength not to follow the crowd when every one is getting on the bandwagon.

Teach him to listen to all men but teach him also to filter all he hears on a screen of truth and take only the good that comes through.

Teach him, if you can, how to laugh when he is sad. Teach him there is no shame in tears. Teach him to scoff at cynics and to beware of too much #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
To Ponder quotes by Seth Shostak
#161. There is little chance that aliens from two societies anywhere in the Galaxy will be culturally close enough to really 'get along.' This is something to ponder as you watch the famous cantina scene in Star Wars ... Does this make sense, given the overwhelmingly likely situation that galactic civilizations differ in their level of evolutionary development by thousands or millions of years? Would you share drinks with a trilobite, an ourang-outang, or a saber-toothed tiger? Or would you just arrange to have a few specimens stuffed and carted off to the local museum? #Quote by Seth Shostak
To Ponder quotes by Julie Powell
#162. I began to ponder; this life we had for ourselves, Eric and I, it felt like the opposite of Potage Parmentier. It was easy enough to keep on with the soul-sucking jobs; at least it saved having to make a choice. But how much longer could I take such an easy life? Quicksand was easy. Hell, death was easy. Maybe that's why my synapses had started snapping at the sight of potatoes and leeks in the Korean deli. Maybe that was what was plucking deep down in my belly whenever I thought of Julia Child's book. Maybe I needed to make like a potato, winnow myself down, be a part of something that was not easy, just simple. #Quote by Julie Powell
To Ponder quotes by David B. Givens
#163. The two-point rhythm of walking's stride clears the mind for thinking. (N.B.: Perhaps, after telling the spinal circuits to "take a walk," the forebrain shifts to automatic pilot, so to speak, freeing the neocortex to ponder important issues of the day.) Many philosophers were lifetime walkers, who found that bipedal rhythms facilitated creative contemplation and thought. In his short life, e.g., Henry David Thoreau walked an estimated 250,000 miles--ten times the circumference of earth. #Quote by David B. Givens
To Ponder quotes by John O'Callaghan
#164. Life is more fragile and precious than I can comprehend, but believe me, I'm trying. #Quote by John O'Callaghan
To Ponder quotes by Catherine Ponder
#165. Thoughts of your mind have made you what you are and thoughts of your mind will make you what you become from this day forward. #Quote by Catherine Ponder
To Ponder quotes by Mirabel Osler
#166. Surely ruminating and lolling, squandering slivers of time as you ponder on this or that plant; perching about the place on seats chosen for their essential and individual quality, are other whole aspects of being a gardener. Why shouldn't we? We sit in other people's gardens, why not in our own. #Quote by Mirabel Osler
To Ponder quotes by Horace Walpole
#167. Ponder, your comedies are woeful chaff:
Write tragedies, when you would make us laugh. #Quote by Horace Walpole
To Ponder quotes by Manaswini
#168. Truth is relative! #Quote by Manaswini
To Ponder quotes by Joyce Hollyday
#169. I ponder the rhythms of letting go and embracing whatever is around the corner, trusting that the empty spaces will be filled. And knowing that sometimes community can happen only in the gaps where mystery resides. #Quote by Joyce Hollyday
To Ponder quotes by Lorraine Heath
#170. If I have learned one thing in my life, it is that lamentation and regrets only make things worse. A person must move on, move forward but never forget the past, but learn from it. If you ponder the 'if onlys' of life, they will drive you mad. #Quote by Lorraine Heath
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#171. In my silence do I enhance my talents #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Arthur W. Pink
#172. God's supremacy is also demonstrated in His perfect rule over the wills of men. Let the reader ponder carefully Exodus 34:24. Three #Quote by Arthur W. Pink
To Ponder quotes by Justin Hinds
#173. On the last days
Men shall see signs and wonders
That will make your little hearts
Wonder and ponder away #Quote by Justin Hinds
To Ponder quotes by J.M. Stewart
#174. Before she could ponder what on earth he meant or come up with a proper response, he took their charade a step further.

He kissed her. #Quote by J.M. Stewart
To Ponder quotes by Catherine Ponder
#175. Let there be peace within my walls and prosperity within my palaces. #Quote by Catherine Ponder
To Ponder quotes by Catherine Ponder
#176. Forgiveness is all-powerful. Forgiveness heals all ills. #Quote by Catherine Ponder
To Ponder quotes by Neil L. Andersen
#177. How do you remain - steadfast and immovable during a trial of faith? You immerse yourself in the very thing that helped your core of faith: you exercise faith in Christ, you pray, you ponder the scriptures, you repent, you keep the commandments, and you serve others. #Quote by Neil L. Andersen
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#178. Keep quiet and ponder! Speak and say something! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#179. When a man goes silent on his ways and plans, you must ponder! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Max Lucado
#180. You long for one true friend? You have one. And because you do, you have a choice. You can ... ponder the malice of your monster or the kindness of your Christ. #Quote by Max Lucado
To Ponder quotes by Julian Barnes
#181. Did you know that there is no exact rhyme in the Russian language for the word 'pravda'? Ponder and weigh this insufficiency in your mind. Doesn't that just echo down the canyons of your soul? #Quote by Julian Barnes
To Ponder quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#182. Wake up and ponder the future #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
To Ponder quotes by Mike Brown
#183. Enough, woman who needs no sleep! It is past my bedtime! But I will ponder your suggestions in the morning when I wake up, which will be long after you've already risen. #Quote by Mike Brown
To Ponder quotes by James H. Boren
#184. When in doubt, mumble; when in trouble, delegate; when in charge, ponder. #Quote by James H. Boren
To Ponder quotes by Catherine Ponder
#185. What you praise you increase. #Quote by Catherine Ponder
To Ponder quotes by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
#186. The voyage of a lifetime starts at the windowsill. #Quote by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
To Ponder quotes by Tony Robbins
#187. When people succeed they party, when people fail they ponder. #Quote by Tony Robbins
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#188. When the past is mentioned, some cry! When the past is mentioned, some ponder! When the past is mentioned, never again comes into the mind of some people. When the past is mentioned, some recall their had I known! The past is past, but its footprints never go! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by William Butler Yeats
#189. All art that is not mere storytelling, or mere portraiture, is symbolic, and has the purpose of those symbolic talismans which medieval magicians made with complex colours and forms, and bade their patients ponder over daily, and guard with holy secrecy; for it entangles, in complex colours and forms, a part of the Divine Essence. #Quote by William Butler Yeats
To Ponder quotes by Christopher Paolini
#190. Do not dwell on what once was, but rather look forward and ponder how you can make the future brighter #Quote by Christopher Paolini
To Ponder quotes by Haruki Murakami
#191. I'm often asked what I think about as I run. Usually the people who ask this have never run long distances themselves. I always ponder the question. What exactly do I think about when I'm running? I don't have a clue. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
To Ponder quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#192. The final destination is important! Let us always ponder over the final destination! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Ponder quotes by Catherine Ponder
#193. I have unshakeable faith in the perfect outcome of every situation in my life, for God is in absolute control. #Quote by Catherine Ponder
To Ponder quotes by Emily Dickinson
#194. I am one of the lingering bad ones, and so do I slink away, and pause, and ponder, and ponder, and pause, and do work without knowing why - not surely for this brief world, and more sure it is not for heaven - and I ask what this message of Christ means. #Quote by Emily Dickinson
To Ponder quotes by John Derbyshire
#195. I never ponder counterfactuals. #Quote by John Derbyshire
To Ponder quotes by Pawan Mishra
#196. Let's chew on the chewables! #Quote by Pawan Mishra
To Ponder quotes by Tadao Ando
#197. If you give people nothingness, they can ponder what can be achieved from that nothingness. #Quote by Tadao Ando
To Ponder quotes by Jarod Kintz
#198. Are you smarter than my brain in a jar? Have a pickle while you ponder it. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
To Ponder quotes by Mufti Ismail Menk
#199. He who disagrees with you could be correct whilst he who cheers you on could be making a mistake. Ponder. #Quote by Mufti Ismail Menk
To Ponder quotes by Ogden Nash
#200. When I ponder my mind I consistently find It is glued On food. #Quote by Ogden Nash
To Ponder quotes by Jonathan Goldstein
#201. When David wasn't ruling, he would ponder all the various forms of laughter there could be. So far, he had only categorized four: laughter at your own expense, laughter at the expense of others, laughter at the human predicament, and laughter at small animals falling off tables. #Quote by Jonathan Goldstein
To Ponder quotes by Terry Pratchett
#202. Ponder Stibbons was one of those unfortunate people cursed with the belief that if only he found out enough things about the universe it would all, somehow, make sense. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
To Ponder quotes by Munindra Misra
#203. My Mother - Amma
Her touch was my solace,
Her smile did encourage,
Her love was my strength,
Her stare, I fully decant,
Her care was my power,
Her joy was my shower,
Her anger corrected my path,
Her laughter filled my heart,
Her silence made me ponder,
Her glare was my reminder,
Her scorn corrected my track,
Her embrace I never did lack. #Quote by Munindra Misra
To Ponder quotes by Catherine Ponder
#204. One positive statement of good is more powerful than 1,000 negative thoughts; and two positive statements of good are more powerful than 10,000 negative thoughts. #Quote by Catherine Ponder
To Ponder quotes by Catherine Ponder
#205. Whatever your problem, it is but a test in love. If you meet that test through love, your problem will be solved. If you do not meet that test through love, your problem will continue until you do! Your problem is your initiation in love. #Quote by Catherine Ponder
To Ponder quotes by Michael Perry
#206. I stand beside Tom's barn and ponder the benign heedlessness of the people in the speeding cars, and here I am in the speeding car. In my heart I wish the bypass had never been built; in my car I never take the old way. #Quote by Michael Perry
To Ponder quotes by Catherine Ponder
#207. It has been said that work is the highest form of play. #Quote by Catherine Ponder
To Ponder quotes by James Marsh
#208. Black holes are pretty scary when you ponder them. They seem nihilistic, infinitely destructive on an inconceivable scale, notwithstanding the ideas of Hawking radiation. #Quote by James Marsh

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