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Tkalec Trans quotes by Janet Mock
#1. Many people believe trans women choose to engage in the sex trade rather than get a real job. That belief is misguided because sex work is work, and it's often the only work available to marginalized women. Though we act as individuals, we can't remove ourselves from the framework of society. Systemic oppression creates circumstances that push many women to choose sex work as a means of survival, and I was one of those women, choosing survival. #Quote by Janet Mock
Tkalec Trans quotes by Masha Gessen
#2. In the fall of 1932, Bergelson undertook the longest journey of his life. He traveled the Trans-Siberian Railway all the way through Siberia and beyond, disembarking just fifty miles shy of the border with China, in the budding Jewish autonomy of Birobidzhan. The Jews of Birobidzhan welcomed him grandly, as if he were a long-lost descendant of a royal Yiddish tribe. A plenary session of the settlement council convened in his honor. He toured the new collective farms in the company of local authorities. He participated, as a guest of honor, in the celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the October Revolution - an unprecedented role for a foreign national. #Quote by Masha Gessen
Tkalec Trans quotes by Gary Taubes
#3. …Sugar has become an ingredient avoidable in prepared and packaged foods only by concerted and determined effort, effectively ubiquitous. Not just in the obvious sweet foods (candy bars, cookies, ice creams, chocolates, sodas, juices, sports and energy drinks, sweetened iced tea, jams, jellies, and breakfast cereals both cold and hot), but also in peanut butter, salad dressings, ketchup, BBQ sauces, canned soups, cold cuts, luncheon meats, bacon, hot dogs, pretzels, chips, roasted peanuts, spaghetti sauces, canned tomatoes, and breads. From the 1980's onward manufacturers of products advertised as uniquely healthy because they were low in fat…not to mention gluten free, no MSG, and zero grams trans fat per serving, took to replacing those fat calories with sugar to make them equally…palatable and often disguising the sugar under one or more of the fifty plus names, by which the fructose-glucose combination of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup might be found. Fat was removed from candy bars sugar added, or at least kept, so that they became health food bars. Fat was removed from yogurts and sugars added and these became heart healthy snacks, breakfasts, and lunches. #Quote by Gary Taubes
Tkalec Trans quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#4. You know, if you've got nine people that you've got to get a treat for - because you do have sweet food, even if you're poor - you can't go out and buy a Sara Lee cake. You buy the big bag of cookies, those chocolate and vanilla ones with the icing. That has a lot of trans fat in it, but it goes a long way with a lot of people. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Tkalec Trans quotes by Dean Spade
#5. Trans rights formation that mimics the models and strategies of the lesbian and gay rights framework is growing, and there are many significant strategy disagreements between those building that work and those doing racial and economic justice centered trans work. #Quote by Dean Spade
Tkalec Trans quotes by Ben Aaronovitch
#6. The very rich, having fundamentally missed the point of urban living, have long been frustrated by the fact that it's impossible to squeeze the amenities of a country mansion - car showroom, swimming pool, cinema, servants quarters etc. - into the floor space of your average London terrace. Those without access to trans-dimensional engineering, a key Time Lord discovery, have had to resort to extending their houses into the ground. Thus proving that all that stands between your average rich person and a career in Bond villainy is access to an extinct volcano. They #Quote by Ben Aaronovitch
Tkalec Trans quotes by Lev Grossman
#7. Guy lives in a fantasy world without junk food or cars or trans fats or TV and he's still fat. You had to admire his dedication to the cause. #Quote by Lev Grossman
Tkalec Trans quotes by Agnostic Zetetic
#8. We're not broken. We're not in the wrong bodies. We're not inadequate. We're not lesser. We're not unwanted. We're not fraudulent. We're not undesirable. That's all just a set of lies we tell to soothe the experience of the prisons we put ourselves in. #Quote by Agnostic Zetetic
Tkalec Trans quotes by Natalie Wynn
#9. I watched those women get eaten alive. And as a result of my witnessing that at a super fucking vulnerable moment for me, I internalized the message that a trans lesbian is just not an okay thing to be if you wanna be tolerated or respected by anybody other than a handful of communists. So I began my transition with essentially no role model of a widely respected and admired trans lesbian. And it doesn't help that most forms of transphobia are harsher on gay trans women than they are on straight trans women. Like take this trope that trans women are men who transition to creep on women in bathrooms. In response to that, it feels really good to be able to say, I'm not even attracted to women. I'm just a petite heterosexual biogirl. I'm surely not some kind of six foot monster who likes women. Ugh, shame! Shame! It does make me feel like a monster sometimes, like a mutant that has no place in society. And this shame has actually made it more difficult for me to accept that I'm a gay woman, than it was for me to come out as trans in the first place. It's like I made a kind of subconscious bargain where I traded my sexual orientation for my gender identity. So I finally transitioned only to spend the next couple years living with a different kind of denial. And that denial got pretty deep and pretty dark.

This is painful and incriminating to admit, but not all of my shame came from external bigotry. Some of it came from my own judgment and disgust toward things I saw #Quote by Natalie Wynn
Tkalec Trans quotes by Gary Taubes
#10. From the 1980s onward, manufacturers of products advertised as uniquely healthy because they were low in fat or specifically in saturated fat (not to mention "gluten free, no MSG & 0g trans fat per serving") took to replacing those fat calories with sugar to make them equally, if not more, palatable, and often disguising the sugar under one or more of the fifty-plus names by which the fructose-glucose combination of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup might be found. Fat #Quote by Gary Taubes
Tkalec Trans quotes by David Brooks
#11. Most poor people in America are white. The family breakdown issue is an issue that crosses all sorts of racial lines. High school dropout issues. But because of the flow of events which involve the racial component, we've sometimes confused racial issues with other issues which are trans-racial. #Quote by David Brooks
Tkalec Trans quotes by Laverne Cox
#12. I have always been aware that I can never represent all trans people. No one or two or three trans people can. This is why we need diverse media representations of trans folks to multiply trans narratives in the media and depict our beautiful diversities. #Quote by Laverne Cox
Tkalec Trans quotes by Michael Löwy
#13. The most surprising and original part of [Lucien Goldmann's] work is, however, the attempt to compare - without assimilating one to another - religious faith and Marxist faith: both have in common the refusal of pure individualism (rationalist or empiricist) and the belief in trans-individual values - God for religion, the human community for socialism. In both cases the faith is based on a wager - the Pascalian wager on the existence of God and the Marxist wager on the liberation of humanity - that presupposes risk, the danger of failure and the hope of success. #Quote by Michael Löwy
Tkalec Trans quotes by Iginio Ugo Tarchetti
#14. Forgetting! It is a form of suicide, a renunciation of the only good the we truly and ineluctably possess: the past. For if joys alone were forgotten, perhaps oblivion would be justly desired. But we are proud and jealous of our sorrows, we love them, we want to remember them. It is they that comprise the crown of life. #Quote by Iginio Ugo Tarchetti
Tkalec Trans quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#15. People like to blame Mexican food, but look at what's happening globally, look at all the fast foods and products filled with trans fat. Before the Mexican Revolution, a hundred years ago, people were eating what now macrobiotics tells us to eat, corn, black beans, rice. That's what people were eating - and chile peppers. That's a healthy diet. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Tkalec Trans quotes by Bo Brown
#16. We are not past racism. It took us 500 and however many years to get us where we are; it's not gonna change in one day or in one election. We made a step maybe, which they'll try and take away from us as soon as they can. But I mean what the fuck is the Tea Party about? It's not about "tea"; it ain't about "trans", either. #Quote by Bo Brown
Tkalec Trans quotes by Maya Dusenbery
#17. Often, women's symptoms are brushed off as the result of depression, anxiety, or the all-purpose favorite: stress. Sometimes, they are attributed to women's normal physiological states and cycles: to menstrual cramps, menopause, or even being a new mom. Sometimes, other aspects of their identity seem to take center stage: fat women report that any ailment is blamed on their weight; trans women find that all their symptoms are attributed to hormone therapy; black women are stereotyped as addicts looking for prescription drugs, their reports of pain doubted entirely. Whatever the particular attribution, there is often the same current of distrust: the sense that women are not very accurate judges of when something is really, truly wrong in their bodies. #Quote by Maya Dusenbery
Tkalec Trans quotes by Leslie Feinberg
#18. What is the bedrock on which all of our diverse trans populations can build solidarity? The commitment to be the best fighters against each other's oppression. As our activist network grows into marches and rallies of hundreds of thousands, we will hammer out language that demonstrates the sum total of our movement as well as its component communities.

Unity depends on respect for diversity, no matter what tools of language are ultimately used. This is a very early stage for trans peoples with such diverse histories and blends of cultures to form community. Perhaps we don't have to strive to be one community. In reality, there isn't one women's, or lesbian, gay, bi community. What is realistic is the goal to build a coalition between our many strong communities in order to form a movement capable of defending all our lives. #Quote by Leslie Feinberg
Tkalec Trans quotes by Bob Harper
#19. A general guideline when eating at a fast-food restaurant is to avoid anything fried. You also want to avoid chips, packaged candy, baked goods such as donuts, and other high-starch or high-sugar foods that contain saturated fat, trans fat, and additives. #Quote by Bob Harper
Tkalec Trans quotes by Paul Theroux
#20. The Trans-Siberian Express is like a cruise across an oceanic landscape. I've done it three times. #Quote by Paul Theroux
Tkalec Trans quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#21. From our first breath to our last, we're presented again and again with the opportunity to experience deep, lasting, and trans-formative connection with other beings: to love them and be loved by them; to show them our true natures and to recognize theirs. #Quote by Sharon Salzberg
Tkalec Trans quotes by Anonymous
#22. November 18, 2014: it's a day that should live forever in history. On that day, in the city of Yiwu in China's Zhejiang province, 300 kilometers south of Shanghai, the first train carrying 82 containers of export goods weighing more than 1,000 tons left a massive warehouse complex heading for Madrid. It arrived on December 9th. Welcome to the new trans-Eurasia choo-choo train. At over 13,000 kilometers, it will regularly traverse the longest freight train route in the world, 40% farther than the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. Its cargo will cross China from East to West, then Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France, and finally Spain. #Quote by Anonymous
Tkalec Trans quotes by Michel Houellebecq
#23. I think she is going to find you too old ... Yes that was it, the moment she said it I knew it was true, and the revelation caused me no surprise, it was like the echo of a dull, not unexpected shock. The age difference was the last taboo, the final limit, all the stronger for the fact that it remained the last and had replaced all the others. In the modern world you could be a swinger, bi, trans, zoo into S&M, but it was forbidden to be old. #Quote by Michel Houellebecq
Tkalec Trans quotes by Ian Frazier
#24. You can find dozens of books about people taking the Trans-Siberian Railroad. I knew I had to do something different to cross Siberia. To drive and to talk with people along the way, that was how I wrote my book 'Great Plains'. I drove and camped in Siberia, but did not have a real program. #Quote by Ian Frazier
Tkalec Trans quotes by Janet Mock
#25. These glaring disparities, about how those with the most access within the movement set the agenda, contribute to the skewed media portrait, and overwhelmingly fail at funneling resources to those most marginalized. My awakening pushed me to be more vocal about these issues, prompting uncomfortable but necessary conversations about the movement privileging middle- and upper-class cis gay and lesbian rights over the daily access issues plaguing low-income queer and trans youth and LGBT people of color, communities that carry interlocking identities that are not mutually exclusive, that make them all the more vulnerable to poverty, homelessness, unemployment, HIV/AIDs, hyper-criminalization, violence, and so much more. #Quote by Janet Mock
Tkalec Trans quotes by Janet Mock
#26. I am a trans woman. My sisters are trans women. We are not secrets. We are not shameful. We are worthy of respect, desire, and love. As there are many kinds of women, there are many kinds of men, and many men desire many kinds of women, trans women are amongst these women. And let's be clear: Trans women are women. #Quote by Janet Mock
Tkalec Trans quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#27. Mason glowers, shaking his head. I've ascended, descended, even condescended, and the List's not ended, - but haven't yet trans-cended a blessed thing, thankee. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Tkalec Trans quotes by Tim Cannon
#28. Ask anyone who's transgender. They'll tell you they're trapped in the wrong body. But me, I'm trapped in the wrong body because I'm trapped in a body. All bodies are the wrong body. #Quote by Tim Cannon
Tkalec Trans quotes by Jennifer Finney Boylan
#29. At its heart, the quest that trans people are on is to have the same thing that straight - and gay - people have: the ability to wake up in the morning and be ourselves, without permission, without apology. Our lives should not be defined by wigs, or surgery, or which bathroom we use. Our lives should be defined by our identities, and the truth we bear in our hearts. #Quote by Jennifer Finney Boylan
Tkalec Trans quotes by Casey Plett
#30. Wendy knew how to deal with looking cis and she knew how to deal with looking trans, but she would never, ever figure out how to be both. How the world could treat her so differently - within days or hours. #Quote by Casey Plett
Tkalec Trans quotes by Ruby Rose
#31. Whether straight, gay, bi, trans ... body image and identity can be a struggle for us all. #Quote by Ruby Rose
Tkalec Trans quotes by Franklin Veaux
#32. Some poly lesbians find it especially difficult to come out in their communities, because lesbian couples have fought so hard to gain social recognition that they are wary of anything that seems to risk undermining that recognition. The small size of such communities can make it difficult for some gays and lesbians to have the same freedom of choice and expectations of privacy that cisgender, heterosexual people enjoy. ("Anyone can know except my softball team!" is something we've heard more than once - really! - and on opposite sides of North America.) We've also heard from trans people who have been told that polyamory "de-legitimizes" them by preventing them from finding "true" intimacy. Franklin has heard people say polyamory is something that trans people settle for when they can't find "real" relationships of their own. #Quote by Franklin Veaux
Tkalec Trans quotes by Nina Teicholz
#33. The beginning of the end for trans fats came not from any American scientist, since critics of trans fats in the US research community had effectively been marginalized. Instead, it came from Holland: #Quote by Nina Teicholz
Tkalec Trans quotes by John Smith
#34. Whether it is seen in personal terms or trans-personal terms, whether it is Heaven or Nirvana or Happy Hunting Ground or the Garden of Paradise, the weight and authority of tradition maintains that death is just an alteration in our state of consciousness, and that the quality of our continued existence in the afterlife depends on the quality of our living here and now. #Quote by John Smith
Tkalec Trans quotes by Heidi Cullinan
#35. How the fuck did somebody come out as trans, anyway? It wasn't about who you flirted with on the dance floor or walked down the aisle with. It was about who you fucking were. It wasn't putting on drag. It was God putting it on you without your consent. #Quote by Heidi Cullinan
Tkalec Trans quotes by Dulce María Loynaz
#36. Even in your way of forgetting there is something beautiful. I thought all forgetting was darkness, but your forgetting is luminous, like a great radiance. Like the dawn wiping out the stars! - Dulce María Loynaz, from "Poem LXXII," trans. James O'Connor, Absolute Solitude: Selected Prose Poems (First Archipelago, 2016) #Quote by Dulce María Loynaz
Tkalec Trans quotes by Vivek Shraya
#37. I'm afraid of men because it was men who taught me to fear. I'm afraid of men because it was men who taught me to fear the word girl by turning it into a weapon they used to hurt me. I'm afraid of men because it was men who taught me to hate and eventually destroy my femininity. I'm afraid of men because it was men who taught me to fear the extraordinary parts of myself #Quote by Vivek Shraya
Tkalec Trans quotes by Satya Bhabha
#38. Flying from L.A. to India is an arduous undertaking. I regard myself more as a trans-Atlantic citizen than an Indian. #Quote by Satya Bhabha
Tkalec Trans quotes by Edward Martin
#39. The trans fatty acids (found in animal products and cooked oils) are a factor in breast cancer. #Quote by Edward Martin
Tkalec Trans quotes by Heikki Luoma
#40. On the Trans-Atlantic Single-handed Race Mr Owen Smithers has been disqualified for using both hands. #Quote by Heikki Luoma
Tkalec Trans quotes by Janet Mock
#41. This pervasive idea that trans women deserve violence needs to be abolished. It's a socially sanctioned practice of blaming the victim. We must begin blaming our culture, which stigmatizes, demeans, and strips trans women of their humanity. #Quote by Janet Mock
Tkalec Trans quotes by Frank O'Hara
#42. I get a little Verlaine
for Patsy with drawings by Bonnard although I do
think of Hesiod, trans. Richmond Lattimore or
Brendan Behan's new play or Le Balcon or Les Negres
of Genet, but I don't, I stick with Verlaine
after practically going to sleep with quandariness #Quote by Frank O'Hara
Tkalec Trans quotes by Carlos Wallace
#43. Whether or not you agreed with the group's incendiary style, one thing most people will agree on: N.W.A had a deep, trans-formative and lasting effect on hip hop ideology. #Quote by Carlos Wallace
Tkalec Trans quotes by Julia Serano
#44. In trans women's eyes, I see a wisdom that can only come from having to fight for your right to be recognized as female, a raw strength that only comes fro unabashedly asserting your right to be feminine in an inhospitable world. #Quote by Julia Serano
Tkalec Trans quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#45. The practice of loving-kindness is about cultivating love as a trans-formative strength, #Quote by Sharon Salzberg

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