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Time Has Flown quotes by Barbara Moses
#1. Do you feel you are doing something important or that you care about deeply? Do the content and challenges associated with your work enthrall you? Do you often find yourself surprised by how much time has flown by when you are working? Do you feel passionate about your work? If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, you are in the fortunate position of being fully engaged by your work. #Quote by Barbara Moses
Time Has Flown quotes by E.L. James
#2. The time has flown by in a haze of new faces, work to do, and Mr. Jack Hyde. Mr. Jack Hyde ... #Quote by E.L. James
Time Has Flown quotes by Lucia Berlin
#3. It has been seven years since you died. Of course what I'll say next is that time has flown by. I got old. All of a sudden, de repente. I walk with difficulty. I even drool. I leave the door unlocked in case I die in my sleep, but it's more likely I'll go endlessly on until I get put away someplace. I am already dotty.... It's not so strange that I talk to my cat but I feel silly because he is totally deaf. #Quote by Lucia Berlin
Time Has Flown quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#4. I think this was a nice idea we had in this country and a nice landscape to experiment with. But I think there comes a time in almost any experimentation or idea, where you have to evaluate it, maybe our time has come. In the context of the real world, not just the American world but all around, we haven't done too well. We are not a very good advertisement for the idea we represented. If you lose one wheel of the car, you might be able to get to the side of the road, and some freaks can make it on two, but if you lose three, man, you're in serious trouble. I think we've lost three. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Time Has Flown quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#5. Men cooperate with one another. The totality of interhuman relations engendered by such cooperation is called society. Society is not an entity in itself. It is an aspect of human action. It does not exist or live outside of the conduct of people. It is an orientation of human action. Society neither thinks nor acts. Individuais in thinking and acting constitute a complex of relations and facts that are called social relations and facts.
The issue has been confused by an arithmetical metaphor. Is society, people asked, merely a sum of individuals or is it more than this and thereby an entity endowed with independent reality? The question is nonsensical. Society is neither the sum of individuais nor more nor less. Arithmetical concepts cannot be applied to the matter.
Another confusion arises from the no less empty question whether society is - in logic and in time - anterior to individuais or not. The evolution of society and that of civilization were not two distinct processes but one and the same process. The biological passing of a species of primates beyond the levei of a mere animal existence and their transformation into primitive men implied already the development of the first rudiments of social cooperation. Homo sapiens appeared on the stage of earthly events neither as a solitary foodseeker nor as a member of a gregarious flock, but as a being consciously cooperating with other beings of his own kind. Only in cooperation with his fellows could he develop #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Time Has Flown quotes by John Mott
#6. From the day of Pentecost until the present time, it has been necessary to be of one accord in prayer before the Spirit of God will work with mighty converting power. #Quote by John Mott
Time Has Flown quotes by Peter Welch
#7. You know, I think when you are unemployed, especially for a long time, it's hard to be inspired or hopeful almost about anything. So it's tough, especially when there has been such gridlock here in D.C. You know, when we are fighting and can't get anything done, whether you are liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, no one wins. #Quote by Peter Welch
Time Has Flown quotes by James Lee Burke
#8. My experience has been that grief and loss do not necessarily become more acceptable with time, and commitment to them is of no value to either the living or the dead. #Quote by James Lee Burke
Time Has Flown quotes by Radha Mitchell
#9. It was kind of scary because working with Woody Allen becomes sort of a big deal in your mind. He directs in that Woody Allen character some of the time - he has these idiosyncrasies that are really charming and funny. #Quote by Radha Mitchell
Time Has Flown quotes by Anne Bishop
#10. I don't think you've ever realized how strong, how necessary the bond is between Warlord Princes and Queens. We need you to stay whole. That's why we serve. That's why all Blood males serve."

"But it's always seemed so unfair that a Queen can lay claim to a man and control every aspect of his life if she chooses to without him having any say in the matter." Saetan laughed.

"Who says a man has no choice? Haven't you ever noticed how many men who are invited to serve in a court decline the privilege? No, perhaps you haven't. You've had too many other things occupying your time, and that sort of thing is done very quietly." He paused and shook his head, smiling. "Let me tell you an open secret, my darling little witch. You don't choose us. We choose you."

Jaenelle thought about this and growled, "Lucivar's never going to give that damn Ring back, is he? #Quote by Anne Bishop
Time Has Flown quotes by Thomas Berry
#11. So long as we are under the illusion that we know best what is good for the earth and for ourselves, then we will continue our present course, with its devastating consequences on the entire Earth community ... We need only listen to what the Earth is telling us ... the time has come when we will listen, or we will die. #Quote by Thomas Berry
Time Has Flown quotes by Matthew McConaughey
#12. Having children has helped me become a better actor because they remind you to play make believe. It's the ease and naturalness of their beings. They just play and it's completely real for them at the time. As an actor, if we do it well, we make you believe. #Quote by Matthew McConaughey
Time Has Flown quotes by Rachel Balducci
#13. The journey of motherhood centers on being the person God has chosen out of all humanity and space and time to care for these souls, these beings who will exist for all eternity. #Quote by Rachel Balducci
Time Has Flown quotes by Maggie Smith
#14. I find it very difficult to do anything on my own now because people recognize me. This has never happened to me before because I haven't really done television before. But I suppose if you're in people's rooms all the time, I don't know - I was thinking the other night with people like DiCaprio and, you know, those big stars and Cate Blanchett, and you just think how did they exist? It's so difficult. And I think now it's very intrusive because of these cellphones, you know, with cameras. #Quote by Maggie Smith
Time Has Flown quotes by Debra Winger
#15. I've been acting all along. I understand that I haven't been in people's viewers, but acting has never not been a part of my life, just more time in between and less high-profile. #Quote by Debra Winger
Time Has Flown quotes by Dan Fante
#16. The passion has never left me. I live as two people - myself, Dan Fante, and Bruno Dante or Mickey Di Salvo, or whoever I say I am in one of my books. I can tap that Bruno character any time I need to. He lives inside me like a quiet, simmering pool of magma. Years ago I stopped feeding him with booze and he was kind enough to stop trying to kill me. That's our truce. #Quote by Dan Fante
Time Has Flown quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#17. My own field of paleontology has strongly challenged the Darwinian premise that life's major transformations can be explained by adding up, through the immensity of geological time, the successive tiny changes produced generation after generation by natural selection. #Quote by Stephen Jay Gould
Time Has Flown quotes by Rodney Collin
#18. One has to wait without impatience for what should come, and yet at the same time do everything within one's power as though one were impatient and as though one were solely responsible. #Quote by Rodney Collin
Time Has Flown quotes by Joel Osteen
#19. I DECLARE it is not too late to accomplish everything God has placed in my heart. I have not missed my window of opportunity. God has moments of favor in my future. He is preparing me right now because He is about to release a special grace to help me accomplish that dream. This is my time. This is my moment. I receive it #Quote by Joel Osteen
Time Has Flown quotes by Kevin Rudd
#20. Because the time has come, well and truly come, for all peoples of our great country, for all citizens of our great commonwealth, for all Australians - those who are indigenous and those who are not - to come together to reconcile and together build a new future for our nation. #Quote by Kevin Rudd
Time Has Flown quotes by Joshua Loth Liebman
#21. Religion must now recognize that our deep antisocial impulses when denied and repressed do not disappear miraculously from reality; the more we treat them like criminals, the more vengeance they take against us. Adults who strive for total repression of their impulses in the realm of imagination wreak havoc either on their bodies or their spirits.
The religion of the future should take a page from the notebook of the psychotherapist, encouraging men to tolerate their unacceptable impulses, to sublimate them, and at the same time to discipline themselves to a finer and more generous program of action. It must strengthen mature men and women to realize that everyone has desires and fantasies antisocial in nature. Only when their presence is acknowledged rather than repressed can they be prevented from exercising dominion over us in the realm of action. #Quote by Joshua Loth Liebman
Time Has Flown quotes by Louie Giglio
#22. // And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" Then I said, "Here I am! Send me." // Isaiah 6:8

"I love the immediacy of Isaiah's response. There was no whiff of 'Well, let me go home and pray about what God has for me.' Let me save you the time. Let me ask you three question: 1. Have you seen this God? I'm not asking if you've heard about Him. Have you seen this God? 2. Have you ever felt that desperate and been touched with that kind of grace? 3. Did you hear God when He said 'Whom shall I send?' Did you hear that? Because you can't be near the cross and not hear God say it. This world is messed up on a magnitude that is staggering. People are lost, and God cares. And He's asking you, right now, 'Whom shall I send? Who will go for us? #Quote by Louie Giglio
Time Has Flown quotes by Tom Robbins
#23. As a grandiose self-deception, war is o' the same magnitude as religion. We embrace war or religion - usually both at the same time - as a means o' defeatin' death, but neither o' them do a blinkin' thing but sanction dyin'. Throughout history, Death's best friend has been a priest with a knife. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Time Has Flown quotes by Shahida Arabi
#24. (a quote from a survivor)
Information was key. Once you begin waking up to what has been happening around you the whole time you can begin stopping the cycle which angers the Narcissist to an interesting boiling point #Quote by Shahida Arabi
Time Has Flown quotes by Max Anders
#25. We dare not trim stones to make God an altar, for if we do we ruin everything. We would spend time bringing people to the altar and saying, "Look at those beautiful stones we trimmed!" We merely need to accept the work that God has done for us in Christ. The object of His restrictions is to help us see how wonderful He is and to spend the rest of our lives rendering true worship to Him. #Quote by Max Anders
Time Has Flown quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#26. You are not wrong who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream. #Quote by Edgar Allan Poe
Time Has Flown quotes by Rebecca Stead
#27. [she used to say that] each of us has a veil between ourselves and the rest of the world – like a bride wears on her wedding day - except this kind of veil is invisible. we walk around happily with these invisible veils hanging down over our faces. the world is kind of blurry. we like it that way. but sometimes our veils are pushed away for a few moments – like there's a wind blowing it from our faces – and when the veil lifts, we can see the world as it really is, just for those few seconds before it settles down again. we see all the beauty and cruelty and sadness and love, but mostly we are happy not to. some people learn to lift the veils themselves. then they don't have to depend on the wind anymore. ...it's just her way of saying that most of the time people get distracted by little stuff, and ignore the big stuff. #Quote by Rebecca Stead
Time Has Flown quotes by Neil Postman
#28. Every television program must be a complete package in itself. No previous knowledge is to be required. There must not be even a hint that learning is hierarchical, that it is an edifice constructed on a foundation. The learner must be allowed to enter at any point without prejudice. This is why you shall never hear or see a television program begin with the caution that if the viewer has not seen the previous programs, this one will be meaningless. Television is a nongraded curriculum and excludes no viewer for any reason, at any time. In other words, in doing away with the idea of sequence and continuity in education, television undermines the idea that sequence and continuity have anything to do with thought itself. #Quote by Neil Postman
Time Has Flown quotes by Sharon Gannon
#29. We have been conditioned, taught, and coerced by the agents of our culture (parents, grandparents, advertisers, food critic, etc.) to eat the flesh and drink the milk of other animals. Because of this conditioning, which has occurred over a long period of time (thousands of years), we have developed addictive eating habits and blinded ourselves to the facts of our biological system and its true needs. #Quote by Sharon Gannon
Time Has Flown quotes by Munia Khan
#30. My mind has a time machine; it can travel back to the past when I close my eyes and in my dreams it travels to the future. #Quote by Munia Khan
Time Has Flown quotes by Maurice Greene
#31. You have got to believe in yourself every time you go out there and race. If you have no faith in your ability all that training has been a waste of time. #Quote by Maurice Greene
Time Has Flown quotes by Janine Di Giovanni
#32. The pope is an intelligent man and realizes that time marches on. He says the Church has a long way to go in developing a real strategy that integrates women - but clearly he is baffled as to how to do it. #Quote by Janine Di Giovanni
Time Has Flown quotes by Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie
#33. A man with a career can have no time to waste upon his wife and friends; he has to devote it wholly to his enemies. #Quote by Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie
Time Has Flown quotes by William Stafford
#34. Today"

The ordinary miracles begin. Somewhere
a signal arrives: "Now," and the rays
come down. A tomorrow has come. Open
your hands, lift them: morning rings
all the doorbells; porches are cells for prayer.
Religion has touched your throat. Not the same now,
you could close your eyes and go on full of light.

And it is already begun, the chord
that will shiver glass, the song full of time
bending above us. Outside, a sign:
a bird intervenes; the wings tell the air,
"Be warm." No one is out there, but a giant
has passed through town, widening streets, touching
the ground, shouldering away the stars. #Quote by William Stafford
Time Has Flown quotes by Imam Mahdi
#35. Rest assured that no one has a special relationship with Allah (SWT). Whoever denies me is not my (follower). The appearance of the Relief (al-Faraj) depends solely upon Allah (SWT); therefore, those who propose a certain time for it are liars. As to the benefit of my existence in Occultation (Ghaibat), it is like the benefit of the sun behind clouds where the eyes do not see. Indeed, my existence is an amnesty for the people of the earth. Pray much to Allah (SWT) to hasten the Relief, for therein also lays the release from your sufferings. #Quote by Imam Mahdi
Time Has Flown quotes by Diablo Cody
#36. There's something magical about spending a Sunday night watching real people at a deli, then watching fake people pretending to be real on TV, then engaging in (arguably) false interaction with (arguably) real people on the Internet. Never at any prior point in time has this been possible. #Quote by Diablo Cody
Time Has Flown quotes by Ken Blackwell
#37. The effort of Reince Priebus and the RNC to reach out to movement conservatives has been impressive and will, I believe pay great dividends come election time #Quote by Ken Blackwell
Time Has Flown quotes by Jerry Pournelle
#38. Microsoft has gotten so big that it can put out a Preview that will install itself without checking first to see if it has expired. The message here is that Microsoft's time is worth more than yours ... no start-up company could get away with being that arrogant. #Quote by Jerry Pournelle
Time Has Flown quotes by George Alexiou
#39. Happiness has no time limits or conditions; the only requirement is to give it away. #Quote by George Alexiou
Time Has Flown quotes by Anton Schindler
#40. At the same time, I declare both of you the heirs of the little property (if it can be so called) belonging to me. Divide it fairly; agree together, and help one another. What you have done to grieve me, that, you know, has long been forgiven. Thee, brother Carl, I thank in particular, for the affection thou hast shown me of late. My wish is that you may live more happily, more exempt from care, than I have done. Recommend virtue to your children; that alone - not wealth - can give happiness; I speak from experience. It was this that upheld me even in affliction; it is owing to this and to my art that I did not terminate my life by suicide. Farewell, and love one another. I thank all friends, especially Prince Lichnowsky and Professor Schmidt. I wish that Prince L.'s instruments may remain in the possession of one of you; but let no quarrel arise between you on account of them. #Quote by Anton Schindler
Time Has Flown quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#41. Spring is for planting the seed because the morning dew is perfect! It has the right amount of sun and the breeze is blowing gently to mold the seed in its rightful order.

Summer is for growth because the sun rises at the right time and sets later in the evening to feed the developing seeds as we wait patiently.

Fall is for the harvest, as we gather and collect it. During the harvest we have to make a decision to either keep unwelcome visitors in our life or move forward with producing peace in our life.

Our harvest season is to enable us to produce action.

Winter is for recovery as we rest and take it easy to see what our hard work will produce in our up and coming seasons.

In order to reap from the planting of the seeds, it takes time and patience. We have sowed and produce our harvest. It is hard and time consuming, but we cannot give up. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Time Has Flown quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#42. Men's prejudices rest upon their character for the time being and cannot be overcome, as being part and parcel of themselves. Neither evidence nor common sense nor reason has the slightest influence upon them. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Time Has Flown quotes by Alex Haley
#43. I suppose that it was inevitable that my word-base broadened. I could now for the first time pick up a book and read and now begin to understand what the book was saying. Anyone who has read a great deal can imagine the new world that opened. Let me tell you something: from then until I left that prison, in every free moment I had, if I was not reading in the library, I was reading in my bunk. You couldn't have gotten me out of my books with a wedge ... Months passed without my even thinking about being imprisoned. In fact, up to then, I never had been so truly free in my life. #Quote by Alex Haley
Time Has Flown quotes by Twyla Tharp
#44. There's the tradition of the 19th-century ballets, and the 20th century has had a difficult time with that tradition. And it's had a difficult time with many components of the Romantic imagination because of modernism. #Quote by Twyla Tharp
Time Has Flown quotes by Emma Mills
#45. They dated," Frank says, with just a little too much relish. "For two years. They were the shiniest golden couple of our class. What a match, you know? Both gorgeous. She's super smart--does student government, debate, choir, all that business. He does the sports and volunteers with his dad's church, has those puppy eyes that make you want to buy him a boat--"
"Do they?"
"Yes, gaze deeply into his eyes next time--you'll feel it." He takes a long draw from his drink and then continues. "Anyway, they were the kind of couple where it's like, separate--they're great. But together, it's . . . star magic."
"Star magic?"
"From the universe. Celestial bodies aligning and shit. That kind of magic. #Quote by Emma Mills
Time Has Flown quotes by Elizabeth Smart
#46. What is going to happen? Nothing. For everything has happened. All time is now, and time can do no better. Nothing can ever be more now than now, and before this nothing was. There are no minor facts in life, there is only the one tremendous one. #Quote by Elizabeth Smart
Time Has Flown quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#47. The whole world can be explained in just one sentence. 'What is being discharged (visarjan) is old and what is being charged (sarjan) is new'. If someone is discharging bad behavior but at the same time, has learned from the 'Gnani Purush' [the enlightened one]; he would be charging a higher life form! #Quote by Dada Bhagwan
Time Has Flown quotes by Michelle Sagara West
#48. No, time has silverted the dark sheen of her hair, and thickened her body, and lined the corners of her eyes and her lips.
He saw in them the hints of the smile he loved, and knew, to be fair, that time had been no kinder to him. Or perhaps, it had been just as kind; for she did not look the part of a young girl, and she was not: she was stronger, wiser, and more just than the fear of youth allowed; she gave him the shelter that he needed, on the rare occasions that that need drove him. She trusted him, always; she looked up to him, still; he strove, in every way, to continue to live up to her expectation. She was the one person in his life he did not wish to disappoint. #Quote by Michelle Sagara West
Time Has Flown quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
#49. This is a place of mystery, Daniel, a sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens. This place was already ancient when my father brought me here for the first time, many years ago. Perhaps as old as the city itself. Nobody knows for certain how long it has existed, or who created it. I will tell you what my father told me, though. When a library disappears, or a bookshop closes down, when a book is consigned to oblivion, those of us who know this place, its guardians, make sure that it gets here. In this place, books no longer remembered by anyone, books that are lost in time, live forever, waiting for the day when they will reach a new reader's hands. In the shop we buy and sell them, but in truth books have no owner. Every book you here has been somebody's best friend. Now they only have us, Daniel. Do you think you'll be able to keep
such a secret?' My gaze was lost in the immensity of the place and its
sorcery of light. I nodded, and my father smiled. #Quote by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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