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Tianna Priest quotes by John Heubusch
#1. Bondurant was no expert on where sex between consenting adults on cathedral grounds fit in the grand hierarchy of sins in the Catholic faith. But he figured it must be high up the ladder of mortal sins, ones that required serious contrition and confession to a priest. Bondurant #Quote by John Heubusch
Tianna Priest quotes by Mark M. Bello
#2. This is a good resolution for all concerned. It was nice meeting you." I've got to get out of here before I explode! #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Tianna Priest quotes by Randall Garrett
#3. There is an odd quirk in the human mind that makes a fearful man prefer to go quietly to a wicked-looking, gnarled "witch" for a countercharm than to a respectable licensed sorcerer or an accredited priest of the Church. #Quote by Randall Garrett
Tianna Priest quotes by Mark Twain
#4. Foreordain it? No. The man's circumstances and environment order it. His first act determines the second and all that follow after. But suppose, for argument's sake, that the man should skip one of these acts; an apparently trifling one, for instance; suppose that it had been appointed that on a certain day, at a certain hour and minute and second and fraction of a second he should go to the well, and he didn't go. That man's career would change utterly, from that moment; thence to the grave it would be wholly different from the career which his first act as a child had arranged for him. Indeed, it might be that if he had gone to the well he would have ended his career on a throne, and that omitting to do it would set him upon a career that would lead to beggary and a pauper's grave. For instance: if at any time--say in boyhood--Columbus had skipped the triflingest little link in the chain of acts projected and made inevitable by his first childish act, it would have changed his whole subsequent life, and he would have become a priest and died obscure in an Italian village, and America would not have been discovered for two centuries afterward. I know this. To skip any one of the billion acts in Columbus's chain would have wholly changed his life. I have examined his billion of possible careers, and in only one of them occurs the discovery of America. #Quote by Mark Twain
Tianna Priest quotes by Elizabeth Acevedo
#5. The weird thing about the bible is that almost everything in it is a metaphor.

So it seems to me that when the bible describes church as a place where two or more people discuss God, they don't mean just the cathedral like churches. I don't know what, who or where God is; but if everything is a metaphor, I think he or she is a comparison to us. I think we are like, or as God. I think when we get together, and talk about ourselves, about being human, about what hurts us; we are also talking about God.

So that's also church, right?

I know this might seem blasphemous, but my priest tells me its okay to ask questions, even if they seem bizarre. #Quote by Elizabeth Acevedo
Tianna Priest quotes by Debasish Mridha
#6. If there is a religion caledl pure love, then I want to be the priest or the prophet of that religion. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Tianna Priest quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#7. Now, religion professes a special role in the protection and instruction of children. "Woe to him," says the Grand Inquisitor in Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, "who harms a child." The New Testament has Jesus informing us that one so guilty would be better off at the bottom of the sea, and with a millstone around his neck at that. But both in theory and in practice, religion uses the innocent and the defenseless for the purposes of experiment. By all means let an observant Jewish adult male have his raw-cut penis placed in the mouth of a rabbi. (That would be legal, at least in New York.) By all means let grown women who distrust their clitoris or their labia have them sawn away by some other wretched adult female. By all means let Abraham offer to commit filicide to prove his devotion to the Lord or his belief in the voices he was hearing in his head. By all means let devout parents deny themselves the succor of medicine when in acute pain and distress. By all means - for all I care - let a priest sworn to celibacy be a promiscuous homosexual. By all means let a congregation that believes in whipping out the devil choose a new grown-up sinner each week and lash him until he or she bleeds. By all means let anyone who believes in creationism instruct his fellows during lunch breaks. But the conscription of the unprotected child for these purposes is something that even the most dedicated secularist can safely describe as sin. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Tianna Priest quotes by Franz Kafka
#8. No,' said the priest, 'we must not accept everything is true, we must only accept it is necessary.'
'A dismal thought,' said K., 'it makes untruth into a universal principle. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Tianna Priest quotes by Mark M. Bello
#9. Can't a lawyer take his client out to dinner to discuss the case? Haven't you ever heard of the two-martini lunch?"
"Yes, but this is dinner," she corrected.
"It's the same thing. I looked it up in my Etiquette and Tax Deductions
for Lawyers handbook . . . #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Tianna Priest quotes by Haven Kimmel
#10. women live the lie from birth on, and then one day they realize that it's too late for them, they're too old to write a book or solve a difficult problem in math, they'll never learn to sing or play the piano, they showed such promise early on. so they run to the priest, their voices take on a hysterical edge, like the one mine has right now, and the priest tells them they have lived righteously and their reward will be in heaven, and he could certainly use someone in the kitchen for the potluck on Sunday night. #Quote by Haven Kimmel
Tianna Priest quotes by James Martin
#11. When John O'Malley was a Jesuit novice, an older priest told him three things to remember when living in community: First, you're not God. Second, this isn't heaven. Third, don't be an ass. #Quote by James Martin
Tianna Priest quotes by Alec Guinness
#12. An actor is no more than an assortment of odds and ends which barely add upp to a whole man. An actor is an interpreter of other men's words, often a soul which wishes to to reveal itself to the world but dare not, a craftsman, a bag of tricks, a vanity bag, a cool observer of mankind, a child, and at his best a kind of unfrocked priest who for an hour or two, can call on heacen and hell to mesmerise a group of innocents. #Quote by Alec Guinness
Tianna Priest quotes by Craig Schaefer
#13. Have you ever considered, for even a moment, the list of things I'm not allowed to do because some bitter old men say so? I can't lead a mass, can't earn the greens of a priest, let alone claim my birthright. My entire life, from the cradle to the grave, is dictated by 'traditions' and rules that you aren't subject to. My power was taken away from me the moment I was born a woman. So no, you do not get to give me permission to cry!" "I'm #Quote by Craig Schaefer
Tianna Priest quotes by Norman Mailer
#14. Armstrong, sitting in the commander's seat, spacesuit on, helmet on, plugged into electrical and environmental umbilical's, is the man who is not only a machine himself in the links of these networks, but is also a man sitting in (what Collins is later to call) a 'mini-cathedral.' a man somewhat more than a pilot, somewhat more than a superpilot, is in fact a veritable high priest of the forces of society and scientific history concentrated in that mini cathedral, a general of the church of the forces of technology. #Quote by Norman Mailer
Tianna Priest quotes by Oscar Wilde
#15. How strange a thing this is! The Priest telleth me that the Soul is worth all the gold in the world, and the merchants say that it is not worth a clipped piece of silver. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Tianna Priest quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#16. If you ask God for wisdom, He will give you a problem.
If you ask God for success, He will give you a duty.
If you ask God for riches, He will give you a dream.
If you ask God for power, He will give you a task.
If you ask God for patience, He will give you a burden.
If you ask God for strength, He will give you a load.
If you ask God for love, He will give you an enemy.
If you ask God for virtue, He will give you a temptation.
If you ask God for faith, He will give you a prophecy.

If you ask God to be a leader, He will make you a servant.
If you ask God to be a general, He will make you a soldier.
If you ask God to be a teacher, He will make you a student.
If you ask God to be a scholar, He will make you a thinker.
If you ask God to be a writer, He will make you a reader.
If you ask God to be an artist, He will make you a daydreamer.
If you ask God to be a pope, He will make you a priest.
If you ask God to be an architect, He will make you a builder.
If you ask God to be a sage, He will make you a learner. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Tianna Priest quotes by Martin Scorsese
#17. I just wanted to be an ordinary parish priest. #Quote by Martin Scorsese
Tianna Priest quotes by Terry Pratchett
#18. This usually lef to a fierce ecclesiastical debate which resulted in Mrs Cake giving the chief priest what she calles "a piece of her mind".
There were so many pieces of Mrs Cake's mind left around the city now that it was quite surprising that there was enough left to power Mrs Cake but, strangely enough, the more pieces of her mind she gave away the more there seemed to be left. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Tianna Priest quotes by Dana Priest
#19. The Army confronted racial integration when it was still unpopular in society. It has been struggling to more fully integrate women. Its troops, after all, reflect society. #Quote by Dana Priest
Tianna Priest quotes by Mary Doria Russell
#20. The single craziest thing about being a priest, he'd found, was that celibacy was simultaneously the most private and most public aspect of his life. One of his linguistics professors, a man named Samuel Goldstein, had helped him understand the consequences of that simple fact. Sam was Korean by birth, so if you knew his name, you knew he was adopted. "What got me when I was a kid was that people knew something fundamental about me and my family just by looking at us. I felt like I had a big neon sign over my head flashing ADOPTEE," Sam told him. "It's not that I was ashamed of being adopted. I just wished that I had the option of revealing it myself. #Quote by Mary Doria Russell
Tianna Priest quotes by Woodrow Wilson
#21. From the dim morning hours of history when the father was king and priest down to this modern time of history's high noon when nations stand forth full grown and self-governed, the law of coherence and continuity in political development has suffered no serious breach. #Quote by Woodrow Wilson
Tianna Priest quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#22. I have got acquainted with Lofty John. Ilse is a great friend of his and often goes there to watch him working in his carpenter shop. He says he has made enough ladders to get to heaven without the priest but that is just his joke. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Tianna Priest quotes by Cherie Priest
#23. I'd seen better days, but I wasn't about to instigate widespread panic with my appearance, either. I made a show of washing up and pretending that I was an ordinary, civilized woman who was, perhaps, recovering from a bad date - and who had most certainly not been hiding bodies in anybody's basement. #Quote by Cherie Priest
Tianna Priest quotes by Rafael Cruz
#24. As God commands us men to teach your wife, to teach your children - to be the spiritual leader of your family - you're acting as a priest. Now, unfortunately, unfortunately, in too many Christian homes, the role of the priest is assumed by the wife. #Quote by Rafael Cruz
Tianna Priest quotes by Lorrie Moore
#25. At that time in my life I was never late. Only a year later would I suddenly have difficulty hanging on to any sense of time, leaving friends sitting, invariably, for a half hour here or there. Time would waft past me undetectably or absurdly - laughably when I could laugh - in quantities I was incapable of measuring or obeying. But that year, when I was twenty, I was as punctual as a priest. Were priests punctual? Cave-raised, divinely dazed, I believed them to be. #Quote by Lorrie Moore
Tianna Priest quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#26. In the natural order men are all equal and their common calling is that of manhood, so that a well-educated man cannot fail to do well in that calling and those related to it. It matters little to me whether my pupil is intended for the army, the church, or the law. Before his parents chose a calling for him nature called him to be a man. Life is the trade I would teach him. When he leaves me, I grant you, he will be neither a magistrate, a soldier, nor a priest; he will be a man. All that becomes a man he will learn as quickly as another. In vain will fate change his station, he will always be in his right place. "Occupavi te, fortuna, atque cepi; omnes-que aditus tuos interclusi, ut ad me aspirare non posses. #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Tianna Priest quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#27. If you are a great warrior, you are supposed to be prepared
to humble yourself before the lowest opponent.
If you are a great general, you are supposed to be prepared
to humble yourself before the lowest soldier.
If you are a great politician, you are supposed to be prepared
to humble yourself before for the lowest constituent.
If you are a great governor, you are supposed to be prepared
to humble yourself before for the lowest peasant.
If you are a great president, you are supposed to be prepared
to humble yourself before the lowest citizen.
If you are a great leader, you are supposed to be prepared
to humble yourself before for the lowest servant.
If you are a great pastor, you are supposed to be prepared
to humble yourself before the lowest parishioner.
If you are a great prophet, you are supposed to be prepared
to humble yourself before the lowest seer.
If you are a great pope, you are supposed to be prepared
to humble yourself before the lowest priest.
If you are a great teacher, you are supposed to be prepared
to humble yourself before for the lowest student.
If you are a great guru, you are supposed to be prepared
to humble yourself before for the lowest disciple.
If you are a great architect, you are supposed to be prepared
to humble yourself before the lowest mason.
If you are a great engineer, you are supposed to be prepared
to hu #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Tianna Priest quotes by Phil Kearns
#28. I remember coming back from training one day and Simon Poidevin was talking to a priest. I thought ... this was going to be some rough encounter because there's Poido getting the last rites before the test's even started #Quote by Phil Kearns
Tianna Priest quotes by Giuseppe Garibaldi
#29. The priest is the personification of falsehood. #Quote by Giuseppe Garibaldi
Tianna Priest quotes by Michele Sinclair
#30. I'm sorry this trip has been so difficult."
"It could be worse.We could be enduring Father Morrell's celebration of the Eucharist."
Bronwyn's jaw dropped and she turned in his arms to see if Ranulf was serious. He was.
Ranulf framed her face in his hands and placed a soft kiss on her lips. He then stepped aside and pulled his tunic over his head. Seeing her still stunned, sea blue eyes follow his movements, he said, "Don't look at me that way. The aggravating priest confronted me when you were packing, telling me that I was damning all of our souls by taking you away on such an auspicious day."
Bronwyn bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing. "Father Morrell's just concerned. He believes that all should be given Holy Communion at least once a year and-"
"He has chosen the last Sunday of the Twelfthtide to be that day. I understand. But just as I told him, I've missed so many of what he considers critical celebrations in my lifetime, another won't matter. And since you've attended almost every one, forgoing one or two this year is just as trivial."
Bronwyn took a deep breath, exhaled, and followed his lead, freeing the restraints of her bliaut. "I've married a heathen."
Helping her pull the thick material over her head, Ranulf agreed, "I think that is exactly what Father Morrell concluded as well."
Free from the bulky winter garment, Bronwyn felt a surge of arousal and twisted around to kiss him full on the lips. "Then maybe I'll just h #Quote by Michele Sinclair
Tianna Priest quotes by Jenny McCarthy
#31. I guess now that I think back, I used to play priest and be a funny priest. I don't know, I grew up in such a Catholic family that I kind of liked to test the boundaries a little bit and I think I had fun watching my mom laugh. #Quote by Jenny McCarthy
Tianna Priest quotes by Mark M. Bello
#32. If Love's testimony is corroborated, there will be indictments. Do you understand me? If you want to have me recused, go for it! Know this, however. You will have an enemy on the Wayne Circuit Court bench for life!"
"Your Honor, I've changed my mind," Walsh capitulated. "I have confidence in your ability to render a fair and impartial decision in the obstruction matter. #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Tianna Priest quotes by Chris Abani
#33. The Igbo used to say that they built their own gods. They would come together as a community, and they would express a wish. And their wish would then be brought to a priest, who would find a ritual object, and the appropriate sacrifices would be made, and the shrine would be built for the god. #Quote by Chris Abani
Tianna Priest quotes by R.T. Kendall
#34. Martin Luther spent two hours a day in prayer. John Wesley spent two hours a day in prayer. According to a recent poll taken on both sides of the Atlantic, the average church leader, pastor, priest, evangelist, teacher today spends four minutes a day in prayer and you wonder why the church is powerless. #Quote by R.T. Kendall
Tianna Priest quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#35. I LOVE this!!!
"'Jacob have I loved,'" Kingsley said in English once more. "'Esau have I hated.' Romans 9:13. I paid attention in school sometimes."
"Not nearly enough attention."
"I was preoccupied."
"Obviously. You learned all the wrong verses. First Samuel 18:1. 'And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.' First Samuel 20:16-17. 'So Jonathan made a covenant with the house of David, saying, "Let the Lord even require it at the hands of David's enemies." And Jonathan caused David to swear again, because he loved him: for he loved as he loved his own soul.' Second Samuel 1:26. 'I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan…thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women.'"
Kingsley stared at Søren and found he couldn't speak.
Søren smiled at his sudden muteness.
"Don't get into a scriptural pissing contest with a Jesuit priest, Kingsley," Søren chided. "You'll lose every time. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Tianna Priest quotes by Gregory Maguire
#36. I'm a priest, I know better than most when a lie is permitted. #Quote by Gregory Maguire
Tianna Priest quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#37. There are but three beings worthy of respect: the priest, the warrior and the poet. To know, to kill and to create. The rest of mankind may be taxed and drudged, they are born for the stable, that is to say, to practise what they call professions. #Quote by Charles Baudelaire
Tianna Priest quotes by Cherie Priest
#38. I don't see why not," I all but snapped at him. "His body was experimented upon, and there are records of it. What else would you call it?"
"I don't know. Necropsy? #Quote by Cherie Priest
Tianna Priest quotes by Dana Priest
#39. When the Transportation Security Administration adopted body scanners at airports, activists wrote the Fourth Amendment on their underwear in metallic paint readable by the new devices. #Quote by Dana Priest
Tianna Priest quotes by Cathrina Constantine
#40. It's hopeless," Jordan looked at the priest, "It's too hard--the fight, I mean."
Father James said, "Hopelessness is never an issue, understand? #Quote by Cathrina Constantine
Tianna Priest quotes by Christopher Priest
#41. To aspire to life forever would be to acquire living at the expense of life. #Quote by Christopher Priest
Tianna Priest quotes by Tim Pat Coogan
#42. I remembered going to confession to a great priest, Father Moriarty of South William Street. I told him, "I shot a man, Father." "Did you think you were doing right? Had you no qualms about it?" he asked me. I told him I didn't have any qualms, I thought I was doing right, and he said, "Carry on with the good work," and gave me absolution. #Quote by Tim Pat Coogan
Tianna Priest quotes by Victor Hugo
#43. Do you want a priest?"
"I have one." answered Jean Valjean. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Tianna Priest quotes by James Targett
#44. Faith is a viewpoint? That sounds strange coming from the lips of a priest. #Quote by James Targett
Tianna Priest quotes by Mark M. Bello
#45. Fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, probation, no jail time . . . He knew fourth degree meant simple 'touching.' What was wrong with simple touching? Why would anyone be sent to prison for that? Ridiculous! #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Tianna Priest quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
#46. Considering they were on the passenger manifest for a Lufthansa flight into Hamburg - not to mention the fact that Soldano is a priest and God really doesn't like it when priests lie - Holy shit!" Jules stared out the car window as a bus roared past with both Adam and Robin's face on the side - part of a giant advertisement for the movie American Hero. Der Amerikanische Held. Ab Donnerstag. Manche Kriege fuhrst Du in Dir-- which had to be a translation of the movie's tag line, The War is Within. "Jesus!"
"Nothing," Jules said. "Sorry." He'd thought he'd be safe here, that Hollywood movies about World War II wouldn't be particularly well received in Germany.
Color him on very deep shade of wrong. #Quote by Suzanne Brockmann
Tianna Priest quotes by Stacey D'Erasmo
#47. I never thought much about God, certainly never wondered whether God was thinking about me, until I fell in love with a Zen Buddhist priest. #Quote by Stacey D'Erasmo
Tianna Priest quotes by Lauren Kate
#48. She made herself ill remembering her last words to him, hearing them over and over as she carried her bucket up and down the stairs, as she ate her lonely soup, as she sat in the confessional before the priest.
"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned." She leaned on the partition, feeling the dampness at her forehead and her breast from the holy water's anointment. "It has been one month since my last confession."
"And what sins have you committed since then?" Father Marche's question was so familiar, his cadence always precisely the same, kind but tired, a little bored.
Violetta always gave her rote response: acts of laziness and selfishness, disobeying the prioress, taking the Lord's name in vain. Not today. Her words choked her. She could hardly get them out.
"I have lied to a friend."
Father looked at her through the grate. He'd never done that. "This weighs on you."
She nodded; tears spilled from her eyes. "It is unforgivable."
"Nothing is unforgivable with penance and contrition," he said with a kind of faith Violetta could not muster. He went on about Hail Marys; she said them aloud in a daze. He gave her absolution, but it did nothing to ease her mind or heart. As she left the confessional, she felt diseased by her own actions.
Mino thought she didn't care. But apart from music, he was the best thing in her life. #Quote by Lauren Kate

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