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Three Siblings quotes by Lemony Snicket
#1. But happy moments came rarely and unexpectedly in the Baudelaires' lives, and the three siblings had learned to accept them. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Three Siblings quotes by Dan Hill
#2. My dad was one of four children. His three siblings were female, and he loved and protected them. #Quote by Dan Hill
Three Siblings quotes by Lisa Loeb
#3. I have three siblings. My sister makes music. My older brother is a classical conductor, and my younger brother is a mixing engineer. #Quote by Lisa Loeb
Three Siblings quotes by Lemony Snicket
#4. It was an eerie feeling, which is why Violet and Sunny were surprised when Klaus broke the silence by laughing suddenly.
"What are you snickering at?" Violet asked.
"I just realized something," Klaus said. "We're going to the administrative building without an appointment. We'll have to eat our meals without silverware."
"There's nothing funny about that!" Violet said. "What if they serve oatmeal for breakfast? We'll have to scoop it up with our hands."
"Oot," Sunny said, which meant "Trust me, it's not that difficult," and at that the Baudelaire sisters joined their brother in laughter. It was not funny, of course, that Nero enforced such terrible punishments, but the idea of eating oatmeal with their hands gave all three siblings the giggles.
"Or fried eggs!" Violet said. "What if they serve runny fried eggs?"
"Or pancakes, covered in syrup!" Klaus said.
"Soup!" Sunny shrieked, and they all broke out in laughter again. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Three Siblings quotes by Lemony Snicket
#5. The library turned out to be a very pleasant place, but it was not the comfortable chairs, the huge wooden bookshelves, or the hush of people reading that made the three siblings feel so good as they walked into the room. It is useless for me to tell you all about the brass lamps in the shapes of different fish, or the bright blue curtains that rippled like water as a breeze came in from the window, because although these were wonderful things they were no what made the three children smile. The Quagmire triplets were smiling, too, and although I have not researched the Quagmires nearly as much as I have the Baudelaires, I can say with reasonable accuracy that they were smiling for the same reason. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Three Siblings quotes by Lamorne Morris
#6. I grew up in Chicago, IL. I've got three siblings. #Quote by Lamorne Morris
Three Siblings quotes by Lemony Snicket
#7. It dawned on them that unlike Aunt Josephine, who had lived up in that house, sad and alone, the three children had one another for comfort and support over the course of their miserable lives. And while this did not make them feel entirely safe, or entirely happy, it made them feel appreciative.
They leaned up against one another appreciatively, and small smiles appeared on their damp and anxious faces. They had each other. I'm not sure that "The Beaudelaires had each other" is the moral of this story, but to the three siblings it was enough. To have each other in the midst of their unfortunate lives felt like having a sailboat in the middle of a hurricane, and to the Beaudelaire orphans this felt very fortunate indeed. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Three Siblings quotes by Stephen R. Bissette
#8. I, as a storyteller, was asking questions no one in science had apparently asked. What happens in a nest of tyrannosaurs? They're precocial, meaning when they hatch, they're ready to feed and move about. My questions are Hmm, if there's a nest of tyrannosaurs, and there's three siblings that survive, would they try to eat each other? #Quote by Stephen R. Bissette
Three Siblings quotes by Vizi Andrei
#9. Logic, if used as the main instrument for thinking, frustrates the functions of the mind – it doesn't improve them.

Great ideas are often the result of creativity, serendipity and higher pleasures. A logical thought experiment may be thus successful only if it is infused with the aforementioned three elements. #Quote by Vizi Andrei
Three Siblings quotes by Jeffrey Archer
#10. Only three things mattered about a hotel: position, position and position. #Quote by Jeffrey Archer
Three Siblings quotes by Cari Z.
#11. No, you don't get to touch yourself in my car."

"Why not?" It wasn't a whine, it wasn't. My voice was too deep to whine. It was more of a… whoan. Or something. I couldn't think.

"Three reasons. One, I don't want to get into an accident trying to keep my eyes on you. Two, if I got into an accident, or if we were pulled over for indecent exposure, the mood killing would be the least of our problems. Three," and here it was, the tone I loved, that I could barely wait for even though I knew I wasn't going to like what he had to say, "for the rest of the night, that's mine. Don't touch it. #Quote by Cari Z.
Three Siblings quotes by Elizabeth Berg
#12. And in the summer we would line up three sand dollars John and I had found on our second date when we walked along the ocean holding hands, both of us taut with the knowledge the we had found The One- though neither of us admitted it until much later. It was the same beach where I scattered his ashes. It is good we don't know our own futures. #Quote by Elizabeth Berg
Three Siblings quotes by Shane Bunting
#13. I have a few different managers, and one of them hit me up today and was like 'I'm going to set you up with these guys doing beats and such ... ' I was like cool, as long as I can do what I do. Just because kids are going like this now, I'm not going to do that because I am not 18 years old. I'm not going to rap like I'm in grade three because it's popular. I'm just not going to do that. It's not because I'm being stubborn, and I definitely not that guy that is getting older and does not understand the younger generation. #Quote by Shane Bunting
Three Siblings quotes by Eloisa James
#14. Attention to her words was at such a fever pitch that Theo was visited by a delegation of three diamond sellers who begged her aid. That very evening Lady Islay appeared at a ball wearing a necklace that featured no fewer than eight strands of diamonds, caught together by an extraordinary pear-shaped diamond pendant, and casually remarked that she thought a woman should rival the Milky Way at night: *We give babies milk, but ladies? Diamonds.* #Quote by Eloisa James
Three Siblings quotes by Chris Pine
#15. Not a fan of spiders. I saw the movie 'Arachnophobia,' which was single-handedly rated in the top three worst choices of my life. #Quote by Chris Pine
Three Siblings quotes by Larry Hagman
#16. Later on when it became a routine it was not as exciting I'll admit that. The first three years were wonderful, the rest were just money making and having fun. #Quote by Larry Hagman
Three Siblings quotes by Sunidhi Chauhan
#17. I think I'm the only singer who doesn't have a temper. The only time I got angry was at a music studio when I was made to wait for three hours without being informed about the delay in the recording. #Quote by Sunidhi Chauhan
Three Siblings quotes by Jodi Picoult
#18. It's a fallacy that writers have to shut themselves up in their ivory towers to write. I have all these interruptions, three of which I gave birth to. If I was thrown for a loop every time I was distracted I could never get anything done. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Three Siblings quotes by Karl Wiggins
#19. If we put aside the hatred, intolerance and bigotry this was a truly magical and enchanting era. You see how even Arabic Genies are very like ours. Ours live in a bottle or a lamp and by rubbing the lamp we allow the Genie to escape, for which he grants us three wishes – the biggest castle, the most beautiful princess and an unlimited amount of gold are usually favourites. But unlike the giant, blue-skinned, muscular Genies westerners are familiar with through Disney films, the Arabic Djinni are often invisible, although they have the power to shape-shift to just about any form they like, even human. Many people still believe they are with us today, although mostly living in deserts, mountains and caves.
Many western soldiers have reported seeing them on night exercises in the Middle East. #Quote by Karl Wiggins
Three Siblings quotes by Ilona Andrews
#20. Man can't handle the chaos. Oh, you can understand it in the abstract, as long as you don't think about it too hard. But at the core of it, whenever humans come against chaos, they deal with it in one of three ways ... Faced with chaos you will either ignore it, dance around it, or you will go mad. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Three Siblings quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#21. Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do. #Quote by Jean-Paul Sartre
Three Siblings quotes by T.L. Rese
#22. There are three certainties in a writer's life: death, taxes, and rejection letters. #Quote by T.L. Rese
Three Siblings quotes by Dr. Dre
#23. I can take a three-year-old and make a hit record with him. #Quote by Dr. Dre
Three Siblings quotes by Homaro Cantu
#24. The cow, basically, eats three basic things in their feed: corn, beets, and barley, and so what I do is I actually challenge my staff with these crazy, wild ideas. Can we take what the cow eats, remove the cow, and then make some hamburgers out of that? #Quote by Homaro Cantu
Three Siblings quotes by Peter Rodman
#25. Obviously the extremists want to provoke sectarian warfare, and I am struck by the fact that over a three-year period, leaders of the (Iraqi) communities have been quite resistant to this. The test is whether the political process continues. #Quote by Peter Rodman
Three Siblings quotes by Krysten Ritter
#26. I've always lived out of a suitcase. I was in a new city every three months. When I was a model, I traveled the world, and as an actor you're traveling from movie set to movie set. So I've never been in one place long enough for anything super-bad to happen. #Quote by Krysten Ritter
Three Siblings quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#27. Three essential virtues are patient, loyalty and kindness. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Three Siblings quotes by Shirley Jackson
#28. I played a game when I did the shopping. I thought about the children's games where the board is marked into little spaces and each player moves according to a throw of the dice; there were always dangers, like "lose one turn" and "go back four spaces" and "return to start," and little helps, like "advance three spaces" and "take an extra turn." The library was my start and the black rock was my goal. I had to move down one side of Main Street, cross, and then move up the other side until I reached the black rock, when I would win. #Quote by Shirley Jackson
Three Siblings quotes by Hillary DePiano
#29. Well, what do you know? Fakespeare! #Quote by Hillary DePiano
Three Siblings quotes by Christopher Dunn
#30. Modern architects and engineers are still trying to understand how the ancient Greeks were able to build the Parthenon in ten years when the restoration of the monument has continued for more than three decades and is still not complete. What they have learned and shared along this arduous path of rediscovery is that the Greeks were highly skilled at building visual compensations into their structures. Columns were crafted and positioned to compensate for how the eye interprets what it sees at a distance. Subtle variances in the surface of platforms, columns, and colonnades provide the appearance of geometric proportion, whereas if they had worked from the perspective of a flat datum surface, the brain would interpret the results as being slightly skewed. #Quote by Christopher Dunn
Three Siblings quotes by Gary Oldman
#31. Getting sober was one of the three pivotal events in my life, along with becoming an actor and having a child. Of the three, finding my sobriety was the hardest thing. #Quote by Gary Oldman
Three Siblings quotes by Rachel Higginson
#32. You're not safe. Not anymore. Three years of peace, but they've been plotting and it's your head they want next. #Quote by Rachel Higginson
Three Siblings quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#33. When I tweet, I try and accomplish three things. One, is to make you laugh. Two, is to inform you. Three, is to enlighten you. That's all I do. #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Three Siblings quotes by Randa Abdel-Fattah
#34. Mr. Taylor has this habit of emphasizing his point by using three adjectives or verbs in a row. 'Class, you must know,' Simon begins [imitating] in a droning voice, flinging her arms around at every syllable, 'that should you fail to understand, to comprehend, to FEEL the power of the Constitution's words you will lose, forfeit, SURRENDER your ability to master the meaning of this most important document. You must read with an open mind in order to nurture, care for, and FOSTER your citizenship. Do I make myself clear, succinct, and COMPREHENSIBLE? #Quote by Randa Abdel-Fattah
Three Siblings quotes by Pete Coors
#35. I supported Bob Schaffer's three races for Congress. But we all had concerns about whether he could win statewide. Then my wife suggested that I get it. #Quote by Pete Coors
Three Siblings quotes by Julia Cameron
#36. Boredom is just "What's the use?" in disguise. And "What's the use?" is fear, and fear means you are secretly in despair. So put your fears on the page. Put anything on the page. Put three pages of it on the page. #Quote by Julia Cameron
Three Siblings quotes by Richard Finney
#37. A lizard brain fired the gun that wounded you, but it was the combination of three brains that orchestrated the elaborate circumstances in which the trigger was pulled. Way back when, the Landlord believed a second brain would endow some of his lower life forms with the capacity for emotional connections. By adding the third brain, he probably planned on having his ... higher forms empowered with the ability to not only think before acting, but to feel regret afterwards when their actions were wrong. But that's not what happened, is it? #Quote by Richard Finney
Three Siblings quotes by Pamela Anderson
#38. I'm never away from my boys for more than three days. #Quote by Pamela Anderson
Three Siblings quotes by Peter Facinelli
#39. I was so shy. Instead of waiting in line with other kids at lunch, I'd go to a corner and buy a pretzel and orange juice. I think I had that for lunch the first three years of high school. #Quote by Peter Facinelli
Three Siblings quotes by Marcel Proust
#40. Three-quarters of the expenditure of wit and the lies told out of vanity that have been squandered since the world began by people who in doing so merely diminish themselves have been squandered on inferiors. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Three Siblings quotes by Edward R. Murrow
#41. One of the basic troubles with radio and television news is that both instruments have grown up as an incompatible combination of show business, advertising and news. Each of the three is a rather bizarre and demanding profession. And when you get all three under one roof, the dust never settles. #Quote by Edward R. Murrow
Three Siblings quotes by Neal Shusterman
#42. I suppose there are three kinds of people in this world. Some people live their lives around the holes―never finding them, never even worrying about them. Their lives are full and happy. Then there are others who keep falling through those hidden gaps, into nightmares they never knew existed. I wouldn't want to be one of them.
And then there's a few...restless people who spend our lives plugging holes in the unfinished corners of creation and building walls to hold back all the things that must never be seen.
Perhaps there's more holes than can be patched in a lifetime. But I've got to live on the hope that maybe, just maybe, we'll get them all...and the abyss will never look into us again. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Three Siblings quotes by Nathan Lowell
#43. I can write three novels in the time it takes to write one novella. I'm probably not going to go with that form again. #Quote by Nathan Lowell
Three Siblings quotes by Lisa Genova
#44. Alice sat at her desk in their bedroom distracted by the sounds of John racing through each of the rooms on the first floor. She needed to finish her peer review of a paper submitted to the Journal of Cognitive Psychology before her flight, and she'd just read the same sentence three times without comprehending it. It was 7:30 according to their alarm clock, which she guessed was about ten minutes fast. She knew from the approximate time and the escalating volume of his racing that he was trying to leave, but he'd forgotten something and couldn't find it. She tapped her red pen on her bottom lip as she watched the digital numbers on the clock and listened for what she knew was coming. #Quote by Lisa Genova
Three Siblings quotes by Frank Stella
#45. The integrity of being an artist for Frank Stella means going into the unknown.A great artist is somebody who's not scared to reinvent themselves and to start all over again. And some artists do it once, twice, three times in their career. He's done it probably a dozen times or more. #Quote by Frank Stella
Three Siblings quotes by Stephen King
#46. I've taken off two months, three months at a time, and, by the end, I get really squirrelly. My night life, my dream life, gets extremely populated and crazed. #Quote by Stephen King
Three Siblings quotes by Steve Martin
#47. I take editing seriously. It's a joy to edit. I always hand a manuscript to several editors and can't wait to get back their notes and see what they've said. I don't criticize myself for making blunders here and there, because it's just natural. You write in chunks, and you may not remember that that sentence you wrote yesterday had the same word repeated three times. I do enjoy that. I love the feeling of repairing. Repairing is really nice. #Quote by Steve Martin

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