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Thrangu Tashi quotes by Alice Walker
#1. Why can't Tashi come to school? she asked me. When I told her the Olinka don't believe in educating girls she said, quick as a flash, They're like white people at home who don't want colored people to learn. Oh, she's sharp, Celie. At the end of the day, when Tashi can get away from all the chores her mother assigns her, she and Olivia secret themselves in my hut and everything Olivia has learned she shares with Tashi. To Olivia right now Tashi alone is Africa. The Africa she came beaming across the ocean hoping to find. Everything else is difficult for her. #Quote by Alice Walker
Thrangu Tashi quotes by Julia Golding
#2. We'll stick close together, but make no sign we are acquainted. The girls should go ahead so that they get through first. We'll follow close behind to be there for any trouble."

"Don't worry, my dears," said the professor gallantly, "I'll rescue you from any difficulties."

Yelena laughed and kissed the old man on the cheek. "Of course you will. I don't know why we bother with these other men, do you, Tashi?"

"But they are decorative, aren't they?" the Princess replied archly. It was fun to have a girl with whom she could gang up against the boys--she'd never had a friend like that before. "They give us something to look at on the boring stretches of the road." She let her eyes linger on Ramil, who appeared very warm all of a sudden.

Yelena swung herself into the saddle. "My, my, Princess, I didn't know you could flirt."

"I'm learning from a master--or should I say mistress--of that art," Tashi said with a bow. #Quote by Julia Golding
Thrangu Tashi quotes by Julia Golding
#3. Ram, can't you see it doesn't matter anymore what I do, but you, you're still needed at home. You go. If my people are still there, tell them the truth. Let them rejoice that Fergox took me away before I could do any more damage to my country."

"No, I refuse that mission, Princess. See, you are still ordering me around like a ruler--it's in you, it's what you are meant to be, no matter what others are telling you. I've given my word that I'll only escape with you by my side. So forget about yourself for a moment: if you care anything about me, about the fate of my country and yours, you are coming with me or I don't go."

"But, Ram--"

"You've got my little horse still?"

She nodded.

"I believe that in the Islands it is understood that when you accepted it, you took responsibility for my soul. I'm holding you to that, Tashi. #Quote by Julia Golding
Thrangu Tashi quotes by Alice Walker
#4. The world is changing, I said. It is no longer a world just for boys and men.
Our women are respected here, said the father. We would never let them tramp the world as American women do. There is always someone to look after the Olinka woman. A father. An uncle. A brother or nephew. Do not be offended, Sister Nettie, but our people pity women such as you who are cast out, we know not from where, into a world unknown to you, where you must struggle all alone, for yourself.
So I am an object of pity and contempt, I thought, to men and women alike.
Furthermore, said Tashi's father, we are not simpletons. We understand that there are places in the world where women live differently from the way our women do, but we do not approve of this different way for our children.
But life is changing, even in Olinka, I said. We are here.
He spat on the ground. What are you? Three grownups and two children. In the rainy season some of you will probably die. You people do not last long in our climate. If you do not die, you will be weakened by illness. Oh, yes. We have seen it all before. You Christians come here, try hard to change us, get sick and go back to England, or wherever you come from. Only the trader on the coast remains, and even he is not the same white man, year in and year out. We know because we send him women.
Tashi is very intelligent, I said. She could be a teacher. A nurse. She could help the people in the village.
There is no place here #Quote by Alice Walker
Thrangu Tashi quotes by Tashi Sharma
#5. life is a roller coaster. it has ups and downs but the challenge is to be happy throughout the way.... <3 <3 #Quote by Tashi Sharma
Thrangu Tashi quotes by Julia Golding
#6. Nerul passed Tashi a cup of hot kava. "I have given thought overnight to your travels and have some suggestions to make. The first is that you should take one of my people with you as a guide, at least for the part of the road that lies through Kandar. Melletin has volunteered. He says he owes you for the lesson you taught him on your first meeting."

Tashi furrowed her brow. "What lesson was that?"

Melletin grinned and touched his forehead. "To wear a helmet when attacking strangers. #Quote by Julia Golding
Thrangu Tashi quotes by Julia Golding
#7. Ramil sighed with relief when the talkative landlord finally decided to go, but he didn't get very far with his supper before Tashi swatted him in the stomach.

"Hot coals? Stringy hair?"

He laughed. "Shh! You know I was only saying what I had to say in front of him."

"But those words occurred to you--you must have thought them!"

Ramil scratched his head, knowing that he was probably damned whatever he said now.

"Well, your eyes can blaze when they're angry. I bet they're blazing now.

And compared to us, your hair is pale--not that it doesn't have a most wonderful color. Um . . . stringy--well, you had been in prison for a while."


"But you always looked beautiful to me." He put his arm around her. "May I?"he asked.

She nodded, wondering what he was going to do.

He leant forward and sniffed. "Not a hint of brimstone. Just mud and horses."


"But I like horses."

"Ram, if you were thinking of making more attempts at winning my affections, I don't think this is the recommended practice in any part of the known world."

"So I still have a chance?" He pulled her snugly against him so she fitted in the crook of his arm.

"Not like this you won't. And don't forget, we are supposed to be brother and sister."

"Ah yes." He dropped his arm. "What a shame #Quote by Julia Golding
Thrangu Tashi quotes by Thrangu Rinpoche
#8. There are several realms which ordinary persons do not perceive. Because they cannot see them, that doesn't mean they don't exist. One of these realms is the sambhogakaya that can only be visited by highly realized Bodhisattvas. In the pure realm of the sambhogakaya, the Dharma is continuously taught. One sambhogakaya realm is Tushita, which is presided over by the next Buddha, the Maitreya Buddha. Buddha Shakyamuni dwelled there before coming to earth to give Dharma teachings. #Quote by Thrangu Rinpoche
Thrangu Tashi quotes by Thrangu Rinpoche
#9. What's recommended is that if you have a good experience, don't get too excited. And if you have a bad experience, don't mistake it for a serious deviation or a sidetrack that you have to find your way back from. If you have a bad experience, just continue practicing as you were. In other words, whatever happens, just keep looking at your mind. #Quote by Thrangu Rinpoche
Thrangu Tashi quotes by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
#10. Tashi says nomads keep to the routines and customs they learned from their parents and they know the basic truths: that life is full of suffering, that suffering can be understood and lived through, that their actions and intentions will determine their future lives just as the past has allowed for this present life. #Quote by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
Thrangu Tashi quotes by Kenchen Thrangu
#11. So if we want to get rid of our suffering, what we have to do is eliminate this conception of a self or "I." Now, we are very fortunate because it is possible to get rid of this concept of "I." The reason it is quite possible to eliminate this concept is that the object we conceive of as a self doesn't exist. #Quote by Kenchen Thrangu
Thrangu Tashi quotes by Alice Walker
#12. Tashi knows she is learning a way of life she will never live. #Quote by Alice Walker
Thrangu Tashi quotes by Julia Golding
#13. Call me Ram. It's what my friends all call me."

"In that case, I'm Tashi." She paused. "But that's not what my friends call me back home."

"What do they call you?"

"The Princess Taoshira, Fourth Crown Princess of the Blue Crescent Islands and dependent territories. We're very formal, you know."

Ramil smiled. "I've noticed. And I also think, Princess Taoshira of the rest of it, that you are making a joke."

Tashi nodded, her face wrinkling into an answering smile. "But you can call me Tashi. #Quote by Julia Golding

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