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Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Debasish Mridha
#1. Your thoughts are your wand. Trust what you think and it will happen. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#2. Then what is true love?" she asked audaciously.

Derian leaned forward, his focus powerfully fixed on her. His voice turned delicate and compelling as he spoke.

"Love is so much more than a feeling. True love, Eena, is something that develops over time. It's not that initial infatuation nor the shivers and butterflies that take your breath away when you're first attracted to someone. Those things are nice, but they are barely the beginning of what could become true love. The emotions you speak of are temporary and unreliable, elicited when two people come together. The power I speak of grows ever stronger over time until it is steadfast, even in separation. Then, reunited, it solidifies unshakably."

She shook her head. "I don't quite follow."

The captain inched closer, fixing her with the sincerest of gazes. His hands cupped as if he were holding his very heart within them.

"True love is a developed and intense appreciation for someone. It's that perfect awareness that you are finally whole when she's with you, and that hollow incompleteness you suffer when she's gone. True love takes time, Eena. It's an earned comfort that tells you she'll be right there beside you no matter what you do, not necessarily happy with your every action, but faithful to you just the same. Love is knowing someone so deeply, understanding her so completely, that you can finish her thoughts without hesitation, confident in reading her face, he #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#3. Pardon me also, and deal mercifully with me, as often as I think of anything besides You in prayer. For I confess truly that I am accustomed to be very much distracted. Very often I am not where bodily I stand or sit; rather, I am where my thoughts carry me. Where my thoughts are, there am I; and frequently my thoughts are where my love is. That which naturally delights, or is by habit pleasing, comes to me quickly. Hence You Who are Truth itself, have plainly said: 'For where your treasure is, there is your heart also.' If I love heaven, I think willingly of heavenly things. If I love the world, I rejoice at the happiness of the world and grieve at its troubles. If I love the flesh, I often imagine things that are carnal. If I love the spirit, I delight in thinking of spiritual matters. For whatever I love, I am willing to speak and hear about. #Quote by Thomas A Kempis
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#4. Such as are your habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of your mind; for the soul is dyed by the thoughts. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Byron Katie
#5. If your beliefs are stressful and you question them, you come to see that they aren't true - whereas prior to questioning, you absolutely believe them. How can you live in joy when you're believing thoughts that bring on sadness, frustration, anger, alienation, and loneliness? #Quote by Byron Katie
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Sharon Ricklin Jones
#6. Are you okay, Maggie?" Logan asked, rousing me out of my mind-numbing speculations.
Heaving a big sigh, I turned to him and said, "I guess so."
"Are you still worried about visiting your mother?" he asked softly.
Nodding, I said, "A little. I'm just so confused about this whole time-space-brain twister thing. And I'm afraid I might say the wrong thing and mess everything up." I shook my head, trying to make sense of my thoughts. "I mean - what if my younger self should call my mother while I'm there visiting her? Is there really another version of me? Or by coming here from the future, did the younger me cease to exist? #Quote by Sharon Ricklin Jones
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Esther Hicks
#7. By choosing better feeling thoughts and by speaking more of what you do want and less of what you don't want, you will gently tune yourself to the vibrational frequency of your Broader Perspective. To see your world through the eyes of Source is truly the most spectacular view of life, for from that vibrational vantage point, you are in alignment with, and therefore in the process of attracting, only what you would consider to be the very best of your world. #Quote by Esther Hicks
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Carsten Ostergaard Pedersen
#8. When you get up in the morning, you select what you want to wear, however you do not realise you can also select what thoughts you are going to have. Your clothe leaves an impression on other people, your thoughts leaves an impression on you, choose wisely - Carsten Ostergaard Pedersen- #Quote by Carsten Ostergaard Pedersen
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Saint Ambrose
#9. Let us take refuge from this world. You can do this in spirit, even if you are kept here in the body. You can at the same time be here and present to the Lord. Your soul must hold fast to him, you must follow after him in your thoughts, you must tread his ways by faith, not in outward show. #Quote by Saint Ambrose
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Joel Osteen
#10. At times we're going to get angry. Anger is an emotion God built into us. But we don't have to blow up and say hurtful things that are going to damage our relationships. Learn to take a step back, collect your thoughts, and think about what you want to say. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Marcus J. Borg
#11. [S]in in popular Christianity is often understood individualistically, obscuring the reality of "social sin." An emphasis upon sin most often leads to introspection about what I have done wrong. Of course, such introspection can be helpful, but it clouds the fact that much of human suffering and misery is not because of our individual sins, but because of collective sin. For example, when it is emphasized that Jesus "died for our sins" (and thus for your sins and my sins), our sins are seen as responsible for Jesus' death.

But it wasn't individual sins that caused Jesus' death. He wasn't killed because of the impure thoughts of adolescents or our everyday deceptions or our selfishness. The point is not that these don't matter. The point, rather, is that these were not what caused Jesus' death. Rather, Jesus was killed because of what might be called "social sin," namely, the domination system of his day. The common individualistic understanding of sin typically domesticates the political passion of the Bible and Jesus. #Quote by Marcus J. Borg
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Rajneesh
#12. Thoughts can create such a barrier that even if you are standing before a beautiful flower, you will not be able to see it. Your eyes are covered with layers of thought. To experience the beauty of the flower you have to be in a state of meditation, not in a state of mentation. You have to be silent, utterly silent, not even a flicker of thought - and the beauty explodes, reaches to you from all directions. You are drowned in the beauty of a sunrise, of a starry night, of beautiful trees. #Quote by Rajneesh
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Agatha Christie
#13. Handsome, strong, gay ... She felt again the thro and lilt of her blood. She had loved Kameni in that moment. She loved him now. Kameni could take the place that Khay had held in her life.
She thought: 'We shall be happy together - yes, we shall be happy. We shall live together and take pleasure in each other and we shall have strong, handsome children. There will be busy days full of work ... and days of pleasure when we sail on the River...Life will be again as I knew it with Khay...What could I ask more than that? What do I want more than that?'
And slowly, very slowly indeed, she turned her face towards Hori. It was as though, silently, she asked him a question.
As though he understood her, he answered:
'When you were a child, I loved you. I loved your grave face and the confidence with which you came to me, asking me to mend your broken toys. And then, after eight years' absence, you came again and sat here, and brought me the thoughts that were in your mind. And your mind, Renisenb, is not like the minds of the rest of your family. It does not turn in upon itself, seeking to encase itself in narrow walls. Your mind is like my mind, it looks over the River, seeing a world of changes, of new ideas - seeing a world where all things are possible to those with courage and vision...'
She broke off, unable to find words to frame her struggling thoughts. What life would be with Hori, she did not know. In spite of his gentleness, in spite of his love f #Quote by Agatha Christie
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Jad Abumrad
#14. You will find scientists who will tell you - and they deeply believe it - that we're quantifiable. We are knowable. That if I can take a high enough resolution picture of all of you - not just your outsides, but your genes, your DNA, all the way down to your atoms - I can know everything about you and everything that you will be. There are people who believe this. And what this tells me is, no. No! All the way down, to the bottom of our thoughts, there's just more mystery. #Quote by Jad Abumrad
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Lena Dunham
#15. You are mad to be spending the summer in the country, where the days are too quiet and you have so much time to think. In the city you live on Broadway, where the noise is so thick your scary thoughts can't get a word in edgewise. But here in the county, there is only space. On the stone bridge by the stream. On the mossy rock at the edge of the yard. Behind the abandoned trailer where Art, the old man with the glass eye, used to live. Space, space, space, and you can scare yourself into thinking your thoughts are more like voices. #Quote by Lena Dunham
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Terry Prince
#16. Your life is your garden
and your thoughts are your seeds,
so if your life isn't awesome
you've been watering the weeds. #Quote by Terry Prince
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Henry Cloud
#17. Boundaries define us. They define what is me and what is not me. A boundary shows me where i end and someone else begins, leading me to a sense of ownership. Knowing what I am to own and take responsibility for gives me freedom. Taking responsibility for my life opens up many different options. Boundaries help us keep the good in and the bad out. Setting boundaries inevitably involves taking responsibility for your choices. You are the one who makes them. You are the one who must live with their consequences. And you are the one who may be keeping yourself from making the choices you could be happy with. We must own our own thoughts and clarify distorted thinking. #Quote by Henry Cloud
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Russell Anthony Gibbs
#18. If you focus your mind on "not wanting" something, you are giving energy to and manifesting the thing you do not want. If you worry or fixate on a problem, you are channeling energy to maintain the problem. Focus thoughts and beliefs on the solution, and do not fixate on the problem. #Quote by Russell Anthony Gibbs
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Karen Foxlee
#19. You are loud and reckless with your thoughts #Quote by Karen Foxlee
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Frederick Lenz
#20. There is a sense of competition in Zen. You are competing with your thoughts and trying to overcome them. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Cressida Cowell
#21. Once there was magic, wandering free
in roads of sky and paths of sea
and in that timeless long gone hour
words of nonsense still had power
doors still flew and birds still talked
witches grinned and giants walked
we had magic wands and magic wings
and we lost our hearts to impossible things
Unbelievable thoughts, unsensible ends
for wizards and warriors might be friends.

In a world where impossible things are true, I don't know why we forgot the spell
when we lost the way
how the forest fell
but now we are old, we can vanish too.

And I see once more the invisible track
that will lead us home and take us back
so find your wands and spread your wings
I'll sing your love of impossible things
and when you take my vanished hand, we'll both go back to that magic land
where we lost our hearts
several lifetimes ago
when we were wizards, once. #Quote by Cressida Cowell
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Heather Moehn
#22. How to Perform Paced Breathing

Paced breathing is a slow, regular rate of deep breathing. There are three main points to keep in mind when practicing:

1.Breathe slowly. Concentrate on slowing the rate of your breathing to eight or ten breaths per minute.

2.Inhale and exhale through your nose. It is more difficult to take shallow breaths from the upper chest when you breathe through your nose. This keeps you from hyperventilating.

3.Choose a neutral word to focus on while practicing paced breathing. The words "one," "calm," and "relax" work well. Each time you exhale, say the word in your mind. This will assist in keeping your breathing evenly paced, and will help to reduce the chances of interfering thoughts.

During the day, when you are not practicing paced breathing, alternate paced and normal breathing. Every single breath you take does not have to come from the diaphragm. There should be a natural rhythm between chest breathing and diaphragm breathing. Find a comfortable balance but do more diaphragmatic breathing than you usually do.

Tony is at a local law office to interview for an internship. He wants to become a trial lawyer. He is very excited by the thought of working professionally, but is so anxious about the interview that he feels lightheaded and numb. He is afraid he won't be able to say what he wants to, and that his answers will be incorrect.
As he waits for the interviewer, Tony starts to #Quote by Heather Moehn
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Frederick Lenz
#23. I love so and so, how can I let go of them? You don't have to. You do whatever you chose. What you think, you become. Your thoughts are strongly affected by those you are emotionally open to. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#24. One practical way to do this is to look at other people and ask yourself if you are really seeing them of just your thought about them. Sometimes our thoughts act like dream glasses. When we have them on, we see dream children, dream husband, dream wife, dream ob, dream colleagues, dream partners, dream friends. We can live in a dream present for a dream future ... But if we take off the glasses, maybe, just maybe, we might see a little more accurately what is actually here. #Quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by E.B. White
#25. A library is many things. It's a place to go, to get in out of the rain. It's a place to go if you want to sit and think. But particularly it is a place where books live, and where you can get in touch with other people, and other thoughts, through books. If you want to find out about something, the information is in the reference books - the dictionaries, the encyclopedias, the atlases. If you like to be told a story, the library is the place to go. Books hold most of the secrets of the world, most of the thoughts that men and women have had. And when you are reading a book, you and the author are alone together - just the two of you. A library is a good place to go when you feel unhappy, for there, in a book, you may find encouragement and comfort. A library is a good place to go when you feel bewildered or undecided, for there, in a book, you may have your question answered. Books are good company, in sad times and happy times, for books are people - people who have managed to stay alive by hiding between the covers of a book. #Quote by E.B. White
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Girish K Sawhney
#26. Humans are a prisoners of their own thoughts; Free it and Let your Munn Run ((~_~)) #Quote by Girish K Sawhney
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Isaac Asimov
#27. Q. Would you repeat, Dr. Seldon, your thoughts concerning the future of Trantor?
A. I have said, and I say again, that Trantor will lie in ruins within the next three centuries.
Q. You do not consider your statement a disloyal one?
A. No, sir. Scientific truth is beyond loyalty and disloyalty."
Q. You are sure that your statement represents scientific truth?
A. I am.
Q. On what basis?
A. On the basis of the mathematics of psychohistory.
Q. Can you prove that this mathematics is valid?
A. Only to another mathematician.
Q. ( with a smile) Your claim then is that your truth is of so esoteric a nature that it is beyond the understanding of a plain man. It seems to me that truth should be clearer than that, less mysterious, more open to the mind.
A. It presents no difficulties to some minds. The physics of energy transfer, which we know as thermodynamics, has been clear and true through all the history of man since the mythical ages, yet there may be people present who would find it impossible to design a power engine. People of high intelligence, too. I doubt if the learned Commissioners -

At this point, one of the Commissioners leaned toward the Advocate. His words were not heard but the hissing of the voice carried a certain asperity. The Advocate flushed and interrupted Seldon.

Q. We are not here to listen to speeches, Dr. Seldon. Let us assume that you have made your point. Let me suggest to you tha #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Jane Roberts
#28. You cannot will yourself to be happy while believing that you have no right to happiness, or that you are unworthy of it. You cannot tell yourself to release aggressive thoughts if you think it is wrong to free them, so you must come to grips with your beliefs in all instances. #Quote by Jane Roberts
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Michael Tsiaming
#29. The wisdom mind is the core of your being. It is happy, simple, at peace and hopeful, filled with dignity, and self-pride, but always showing humility, for it is aware that all are equal and possess the same wisdom mind. It desires happiness for you and for those around you, being compassionate, sincere, and generous. The ordinary mind on the other hand, surrounds the wisdom mind as a swirling vortex of racing thoughts and ideas, along with negative and troubling emotions, clouding your view of your wisdom mind and causing you much pain and suffering. As #Quote by Michael Tsiaming
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Lee L Jampolsky
#30. Most likely, when you are upset for any reason, it is rare that you will want to quickly see the real cause of your upset or the solution, but with practice you can begin to ask yourself honestly, is it the person/situation or is it my unforgiving thoughts about this person and the past that are upsetting me? #Quote by Lee L Jampolsky
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by John Betjeman
#31. Late-Flowering Lust

My head is bald, my breath is bad,
Unshaven is my chin,
I have not now the joys I had
When I was young in sin.
I run my fingers down your dress
With brandy-certain aim
And you respond to my caress
And maybe feel the same.
But I've a picture of my own
On this reunion night,
Wherein two skeletons are shewn
To hold each other tight;
Dark sockets look on emptiness
Which once was loving-eyed,
The mouth that opens for a kiss
Has got no tongue inside.
I cling to you inflamed with fear
As now you cling to me,
I feel how frail you are my dear
And wonder what will be--
A week? or twenty years remain?
And then--what kind of death?
A losing fight with frightful pain
Or a gasping fight for breath?
Too long we let our bodies cling,
We cannot hide disgust
At all the thoughts that in us spring
From this late-flowering lust. #Quote by John Betjeman
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Miya Yamanouchi
#32. Take notice of what thoughts you choose to fill your mind with each day. Our thoughts draw to us whatever is dominating our mind, so always keep what you are thinking about in check. #Quote by Miya Yamanouchi
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Karl Wiggins
#33. As a form of body language, when the mind is receptive to the sensory experience, writing speaks the truth about all thoughts and feelings. Now I don't want to be misunderstood here because this isn't a special talent or skill. It's present in all of us. The trick is to discover it, cultivate it and translate it from an internal state to an expressive sensuality. It is truly a creative impulse that unconsciously expresses emotions and can also arouse emotion in the person reading the book. The beauty and harmony of the writer never gets old and there are as many new things to learn each day, as there are varieties of adjectives, nouns and verbs in the world. It is the ultimate way to communicate with your reader. #Quote by Karl Wiggins
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by David D. Burns
#34. Your sense of paralysis will be intensified if your family and friends are in the habit of pushing and cajoling you. Their nagging should statements reinforce the insulting thoughts already echoing through your head. Why is their pushy approach doomed to failure? It's a basic law of physics that for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. Any time you feel shoved, whether by someone's hand actually on your chest or by someone trying to boss you around, you will naturally tighten up and resist so as to maintain your equilibrium and balance. You will attempt to exert your self-control and preserve your dignity by refusing to do the thing that you are being pushed to do. The paradox is that you often end up hurting yourself. #Quote by David D. Burns
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Black Sabbath
#35. My name it means nothing
my fortune is less
My future is shrouded in dark wilderness
Sunshine is far away, clouds linger on
Everything I posessed - Now they are gone
Oh where can I go to and what can I do?
Nothing can please me only thoughts are of you
You just laughed when I begged you to stay
I've not stopped crying since you went away
The world is a lonely place when you're on your own
Guess I will go home - sit down and moan.
Crying and thinking is all that I do
Memories I have remind me of you #Quote by Black Sabbath
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Osho
#36. Your Mind is a Garden,
Your Thoughts are the Seeds.
You can grow Flowers
or weeds... #Quote by Osho
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Carlos Wallace
#37. Now is the time to realize your potential and look beyond disappointment and focus on blessings. They are all around you, if you only take the time to welcome them into your life. #Quote by Carlos Wallace
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Gerard De Nerval
#38. Man, do you think yours is the only soul? Look around you. Everything that you see quivers with being. Though your thoughts are free, one thing you do not think about: the whole. Beasts have a mind; respect it. Flowers too- look at one. Nature brought forth each petal. There is a mystery that sleeps in metal. Everything feels, and has power over you. #Quote by Gerard De Nerval
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#39. There are diverse styles of learning, problem solving, and a range of methodologies that a person can draw from in order to structure their thoughts or intentionally revise ingrained personal habits including both systematic and unsystematic approaches. Problems solving styles are reflective of personal differences in the manner that people prefer to position themselves in respect to the phenomena in the world and efficiently react to alterations in the external environment. Problem solving strategies encompass numerous variances in what manner a person approaches new concepts, how they manage their daily affairs, and respond effectively to new opportunities and complex challenges. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Demetrios Anastasia
#40. You have lascivious thoughts And keep them to yourself Words are your slaves Flesh quivers under your fingertips #Quote by Demetrios Anastasia
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#41. Your ideas about right and wrong are just that-ideas. They are the thoughts which form the shape and create the substance of Who You Are. There would be only one reason to change any of these; only one purpose in making an alteration: if you are not happy with Who You Are. #Quote by Neale Donald Walsch
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Bianca Sparacino
#42. You are allowed to take up space. Own who you are and what you want for yourself. Stop downplaying the things you care about, the hopes you have. Own your passions, your thoughts, your perceptions. Own your fire. Stop putting your worth in the hands of others; stop letting them decide your value. Own saying no, saying yes. Own your mood, your feelings. Own your plans, your path, your success. #Quote by Bianca Sparacino
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Nirmala Srivastava
#43. People talk of peace, "We should have peace" - how can you have peace? It's not possible, is an impossible situation. You see we think by thinking, by organizing, by manipulating, we'll have peace. You cannot. You cannot have peace that way. How will you have peace? When the peace is established on your attention. When your attention is peaceful, when we are absolutely without any thoughts, then the peace resides. #Quote by Nirmala Srivastava
Thoughts Are Your Wand quotes by Rajesh Goyal
#44. Today I wish to remind & encourage you to examine your current flow to see where you are heading. After all your life is not a practice session & dress rehearsal anymore. Therefore you can't allow your neglects, errors in judgment, repetition of mistakes, temptations & bad habits to make you loose the track of your life at any cost. You can't afford to continue flowing unintentionally & unwarrantedly for long. You can't forget that whatever you do today will have matching consequences tomorrow. You can't allow your stupid ideas, impulsive decisions, recklessness, uncalled reactions, negativism, false egos & careless acts to eat up almost all the precious resources, time & opportunities. You can't continue doing things that may imprison your future & hold you from achieving the fullness of who really you are. Let you motivate yourself to take some corrective measures immediately & then as a normal part of each day. Let you remain involved in intense & intelligent activities, pursue healthy lifestyles & good habits, discipline yourself a bit more, keep positive outlook, become more inquisitive, follow your passions, find & chase your real objectives, no matter what. Let you figure out your top priorities to live a blissful life. Let God make all your good efforts & good deeds successful. Stay Improving & Progressing! #Quote by Rajesh Goyal

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