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Famous Quotes About Thoren

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Thoren quotes by George R R Martin
#1. Thoren Smallwood, a sinewy ranger with a weak chin and a weaker mouth hidden under a thin scraggle of beard, gave Jon and Sam a cool look. He had been one of Alliser Thorne's henchmen, and had no love for either of them. "The Lord Commander's place is at Castle Black, lording and commanding," he told Mormont, ignoring the newcomers, "it seems to me."
"If you are ever Lord Commander, you may do as you please," Mormont told the ranger, "but it seems to me that I have not died yet, nor have the brothers put you in my place. #Quote by George R R Martin
Thoren quotes by Cate Rowan
#2. The real Alvarr sidled up next to her and breathed in her ear. "May I have this..."
"No." She stepped away. Could this get any more embarrassing?
"Alvarr..." Thoren began.
"I'm a wonderful dancer," Alvarr said with a grin, taking Jillian's hand. "Light as a feather."
"I'm more like cement," she muttered... #Quote by Cate Rowan

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