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This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Emily Giffin
#1. But one thing I have to say about Darcy and dating is this: she never blew us off for a guy. She always put her friends first- which is an amazing thing for a high school girl to do. #Quote by Emily Giffin
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Matt De La Pena
#2. When I'm there, it's pure silence. There are other writers there, too, and I get super competitive. I have this weird fear that some guy next to me is writing this amazing novel, so I got to compete. #Quote by Matt De La Pena
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Marcy Dermansky
#3. I was brand-new in San Francisco, right out of college, and I thought it was thrilling, a guy buying me a drink. I didn't think, how tacky, this creep is buying me a drink. I thought, how amazing, I put on lipstick and a short skirt and look what can happen. #Quote by Marcy Dermansky
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Tucker Max
#4. Guys, we spend our whole lives trying to get pussy, so when pussy comes to us, it's like, "Whoa, this is amazing!" At 27, I thought nothing could be better than that, but at 35, I've come to understand the darker side of it. #Quote by Tucker Max
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Penny Reid
#5. It's nice to hear your voice…?" The statement came out sounding like a question, as though I
were playing jeopardy and I'd chosen my category-
'I'll take 'Charming Chit Chat' for $200, Alex' and behind the $200 read: 'This is what you say
to the hot guy- you abandoned- when he returns after you inexplicably leave him and his private
jet in Las Vegas after having amazing and multiple occurrences of the hot sex. #Quote by Penny Reid
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by John Boyega
#6. Guys, I haven't been doing this for a long time, it's a fluke! I'm gonna share this BAFTA award with all the young dreamers who are determined, who are hard working, who are quite frankly amazing. This is also for you. Blessings for your path and God bless. #Quote by John Boyega
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by James Yorkston
#7. I've never even attempted to listen to Neil Young - everything I hear is pretty good. I know that one day, I'll be able to sit down and delve into this amazing back catalogue. Until then, there's always the ever-growing superfluous of new musicians. Sometimes I feel so much guilt when I find I absolutely love a new band or singer, as it means, 9 times out of 10, that nobody else will. That's good taste for you. The other side of the coin is - "Ah, James. You have to hear this guy, his name is Felix Maboabbie and he's better than Nick Drake and John Martyn combined - with a touch of John Lennon." And, you know what, they are always, always utterly shite. #Quote by James Yorkston
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Robert Pattinson
#8. When you read the [Twilight series], it's like saying 'Edward Cullen is so beautiful I creamed myself'. I mean every line is like that. He's the most ridiculous person who's so amazing at everything. I think a lot of actors tried to play that aspect. I just couldn't do it. And the more I read the script, the more I hated this guy, so that's how I played him, as a manic-depressive who hates himself. Plus, he's a 108-year old virgin, so there's clearly some issues there #Quote by Robert Pattinson
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Neil Young
#9. Danny and the Memories was the band at the root of Crazy Horse. They were a vocal group with Danny Whitten, Ralphie, Billy, and a guy named Ben Rocco. When I recently saw their old video of "Land of a Thousand Dances" on You-Tube, I realized that is is truly the shit. You know, I looked at it maybe twenty times in a row. Even though Danny was amazing and he held the Horse together in the early days, I did not know how great Danny was until I saw this! The moves! What an amazing dancer he was. His presence on that performance is elevating! He is gone, and no one can change that. We will never see and hear where he was going. I am telling you, the world missed one of the greatest when Danny and the Memories did not have a NUMBER ONE smash record back in the day. They were so musical, with great harmonies, and Danny was a total knockout! I am so moved by this that it could make me cry at any time. This is one of those many times when words can't describe the music.

Danny and the Memories eventually transformed into the Rockets; they were playing in this old house in Laurel Canyon, and I somehow connected with them while Buffalo Springfield was at the Whiskey. We had a lot of pots jams in the house. Later on I saw Danny and the guys at somebody's house in Topanga. After that I asked if Danny, Billy, and Ralphie would play on a record with me. We did one day, practicing in my Topanga house, and it sounded great. I named the band Crazy Horse and away we went. The Rockets #Quote by Neil Young
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Jarod Kintz
#10. If I were to list all the positive attributes about Ryan Lilly, I'd run out of superior adjectives to use. I mean seriously, how big do you think my vocabulary is? I only know about a hundred million words, and with that small of a sample size, how could I accurately describe someone as great as Ryan? Ryan is the most amazing guy I've ever met. Seriously, I'm insanely jealous and I just want to stab him. But I won't, because everybody loves Ryan, including me. Ryan is a big inspiration in my life. Not only is Ryan fiercely intelligent - on the level of Newton, da Vinci, and Nietzsche's mustache - but he is the most open, honest, and understanding guy I've ever met. He's the kind of guy who'd give you the shirt off his back if you asked. I know, because I'm wearing his shirt now. If you don't know who Ryan Lilly is, you soon will. He'll probably be one of the most talked about people in history, and just the other day I came across this quote from Pliny (I don't know how old Pliny is, so I don't know if it was Pliny the Older or Pliny the Younger) which said, "Everything good I have written about can be summed up in two words: Ryan Lilly." That's a real quote I read in a real book. Trust me, I'm a writer. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Milo Ventimiglia
#11. Every job built my career in some way or made me grow as a person or I got to meet someone great. I had one line on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but I met Will Smith and he took 20 minutes out of his day to talk to the kid with one line. To this day, I think that guy is amazing because of that. #Quote by Milo Ventimiglia
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Astra Taylor
#12. I'd go to conference after conference and it would essentially be the talking points. Either pro or con. It's amazing how polarized the tech conversation is. There's also this neurological fixation, the incessant wondering what the Internet's doing to our brain: "Does it make us stupid, does it make us distracted?" And then the other guys say, "No, it's making us smarter than ever, and better than ever, and more connected." And it's like, where is the economic and social context? Why is that rarely considered? #Quote by Astra Taylor
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by J.R. Ward
#13. As the pair of them kept talking, Rhage sucked the white stick clean and found himself sizing up the Shadow.
Cutting into the convo, he demanded, "Why don't you come to Last Meal anymore."
V's diamond-hard glare swung around. "My brother, focus."
"No, I'm serious." He propped his hip on the black wall. "What's up, Trez. I mean, our food not good enough for you?"
Cue the throat clearing on the Shadow's side. "Oh, no, yeah, I'm just … busy, you know. Opening this…"
"And when was the last time you fed? You look like shit."
Vishous threw up his hands. "Hollywood, will you get in the game - "
"You know, I used Selena tonight and her blood is amazing - "
It all happened so fast. One minute V was jawing at him while he was bringing up the very salient point that the Shadow needed to take a vein.
The next, Trez's racket-size palm was locked on his neck, cutting off all his air supply.
While the guy bared his teeth and snarled like Rhage was the enemy.
In the blink of an eye, and in spite of that nasty shoulder wound, Vishous counter-attacked the Shadow, tackling him in a total body slam as Rhage grabbed at that thick wrist to pull the grip free. Incredibly, it got them nowhere. #Quote by J.R. Ward
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#14. A dog will stay stupid. That's why we love them so much. The entire time we know them, they're idiots. Think of your dog. Every time you come home, he thinks it's amazing. He has no idea how you accomplish this every day. You walk in the door; the joy of this experience overwhelms him. He looks at you, He's back. It's that guy, that same guy. He can't believe it. Everything is amazing to your dog. Another can of food? I don't believe it. #Quote by Jerry Seinfeld
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Rick Riordan
#15. Hapi?" I asked.
"Why, yes, I am happy!" Hapi beamed. "I'm always happy because I'm Hapi! Are you happy?"
Zia frowned up at the giant. "Does he have to be so big?"
The god laughed. Immediately he shrank down to human size, though the crazy cheerful look on his face was still pretty unnerving.
"Oh, Setne!" Hapi chuckled and pushed the ghost playfully. "I hate this guy. Absolutely despise him!"
Hapi's smile became painfully wide. "I'd love to rip off your arms and legs, Setne. That would be amazing!"
Setne ... drifted a little farther away from the smiling god.
"Oh!" Hapi clapped excitedly. "The world is going to end tomorrow. I forgot!"
"You'd never get to Memphis without my help. You'd get torn into a million pieces!"
He seemed genuinely pleased to share that news. #Quote by Rick Riordan
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Bill Burr
#16. They say you don't want to meet your heroes, but those two guys, you do want to meet them, because they do not disappoint. Walken has this amazing sense of humor, and Pacino is like just a sweetheart of a guy. #Quote by Bill Burr
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by Abbi Glines
#17. Dear Josh,
Thank you for giving me the most amazing memories. My life growing up was so full because you were in it. Having your love and loving you was always
just right. It made sense. You were my home. When I was with you I knew everything would be okay.
You dried my tears for me when I was sad. You held my hand when we buried my mother. You made me laugh when the world seemed like it was
falling apart. You were every special memory a girl could have. That first kiss will forever be embedded in my brain. It was as funny as it was sweet.
Our life together molded me into the woman I've become. I understand what it feels like to be loved and cherished because I had that with you. I
never doubted my worth because you taught me I was worthy.
When you said that one day I would heal I didn't believe that was possible. Life couldn't go one without my best friend. There was no room for
another guy in my heart. It turns out you were right. You always were. I found him. He is incredible. He is nothing at all like I would have planned. He
doesn't fit into a perfect package. He managed to wiggle into my heart and take over before I knew what was happening. I found that happiness you told me
would come along. I'm going to go live that life. I'm sure it will be a wilder ride than I ever imagined and I can't wait to live it. He's my home now. I'll
always love you. I'll never forget you. But this is my goodbye. I wasn't ready before to #Quote by Abbi Glines
This Guy Is Amazing quotes by D.J. Cotrona
#18. Not a 'Mad Men' guy. Never got into it. I'm kind of a contrarian that way. If something gets too popular too fast before I can get on it, I just get really annoyed. Everybody tells me I'm an idiot; it's supposed to be amazing. I saw some of the second season; I loved it, but I was just detached. I didn't get into it. #Quote by D.J. Cotrona

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