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Thirlwell Estates quotes by Eric Weiner
#1. So the greatest source of happiness is other people- and what does money do? It isolates us from other people. It enables us to build walls, literal and figurative, around ourselves. We move from a teeming college dorm to an apartment to a house, and if we're really wealthy, to an estate. We think we're moving up, but really we're walling off ourselves. #Quote by Eric Weiner
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Joey Reiman
#2. The people who ignite our imaginations in the next century will become the idea barons. Gray matter will be their real estate, and their net worth will be determined by what grows out of it. #Quote by Joey Reiman
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Dana Gioia
#3. My blessed California, you are so wise. You render death abstract, efficient, clean. Your afterlife is only real estate, And in his kingdom Death must stay unseen. #Quote by Dana Gioia
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Natasha Pulley
#4. What's that?' Thaniel said, curious. The postmarks and stamps weren't English or Japanese.

'A painting. There's a depressed Dutchman who does countryside scenes and flowers and things. It's ugly, but I have to maintain the estates in Japan and modern art is a good investment. #Quote by Natasha Pulley
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Boethius
#5. Nothing is miserable but what is thought so, and contrariwise, every estate is happy if he that bears it be content. #Quote by Boethius
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Suze Orman
#6. We never had it as rough as the kids have it today. Look at the price of a gallon of gas or a piece of real estate or a college education. #Quote by Suze Orman
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Richard Baxter
#7. Sure, if you saw your friend in hell, you would persuade him hard to come thence, if that would serve ; and why do you not now persuade him to prevent it? The charity of our ignorant forefathers may rise up in judgment against us, and condemn us. They would give all their estates almost, for so many masses, or pardons, to deliver the souls of their friends from a feigned purgatory, and we will not so much as importunately admonish and entreat them, to save theme from the certain flames of hell ; though this may be effectual to do them good, and the other will do none (403). Hadst thou rather he should burn for ever in hell, than thou shouldst lose his favour, or the maintenance thou hast from him? (408) #Quote by Richard Baxter
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Seneca.
#8. Men do not allow anyone to take possession of their estates, and, if there is the slightest dispute about the limit of their property, they rush to pick up stones and weapons: but they are allow others to make inroads into their life, even extending personal invitations to those who will one day possess it. #Quote by Seneca.
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali
#9. (12) TWELVTH SIGN: Another sign of the learned man of the next world is that he saves himself from innovations even though the people are unanimous on innovations and novelties. He is rather diligent in studying the conditions of the companions, their conduct and character and their deeds. They spent their lives in jihad, meditation, avoidance of major and minor sins, observation of their outer conduct and inner self. But the greater object of thought of the learned men of the present time is to teach, compose books, to make argumentation, to give Fatwa, to become mutawali of Waqf estates, enjoy the properties of orphans, frequent the rulers and enjoy their company. #Quote by Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Bill Gates
#10. Me and my dad are the biggest promoters of an estate tax in the US. It's not a popular position. #Quote by Bill Gates
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Marc Faber
#11. When I look at asset prices; real estate, bonds, equities, vintage cars ... I think that gold is actually one of the few assets that is relatively cheap, relatively inexpensive. #Quote by Marc Faber
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Charles Lamb
#12. From a poor man, poor in Time, I was suddenly lifted up into a vast revenue; I could see no end of my possessions; I wanted some steward, or judicious bailiff, to manage my estates in Time for me. #Quote by Charles Lamb
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Judith McNaught
#13. Every fop and fool in London has been sniffing after her." Having said that, Jason returned his attention for the report. "Go ahead and read off the names, if you must."
Frowning in surprise at Jason's dismissive attitude, Charles took the seat across the desk from him and put on his spectacles. "First, there is young Lord Crowley, who has already asked my permission to court her."
"No. Too impulsive," Jason decreed flatly.
"What makes you say so?" Charles said with a bewildered look.
"Crowley doesn't know Victoria well enough to want to 'court' her, as you so quaintly phrased it."
"Don't be ridiculous. The first four men on this list have already asked my permission to do the same thing- providing, of course, that your claim on her is not unbreakable."
"No, to all those four men- for the same reason," Jason said curtly, leaning back in his chair, absorbed in the report in his hand. Who's next?"
"Crowley's friend, Lord Wiltshire."
"Too young. Who's next?"
"Arthur Landcaster."
"Too short," Jason said cryptically. "Next?"
"William Rogers," Charles shot back in a challenging voice, "and he's tall, conservative, mature, intelligent, and handsome. He's also the heir to one of the finest estates in England. I think he would do very well for Victoria."
"No?" Charles burst out. "Why not?"
"I don't like the way Roger sits a horse."
"You don't like_" Charles bit out in angry disbelief; then #Quote by Judith McNaught
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Thomas Wyatt
#14. Stand whoso list upon the slipper top
Of court's estates, and let me here rejoice
And use me quiet without let or stop,
Unknown in court, that hath such brackish joys.
In hidden place so let my days forth pass
That when my years be done withouten noise,
I may die aged after the common trace.
For him death grippeth right hard by the crop
That is much known of other, and of himself, alas,
Doth die unknown, dazed, with dreadful face. #Quote by Thomas Wyatt
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Judith McNaught
#15. Now his grandfather's actions were adding to his unwanted notoriety. The death of Ian's father had evidently caused the old duke to feel some belated request for the estrangement, and for the last twelve years he'd been writing to Ian periodically. At first he had pleaded with Ian to come and visit him at Stanhope. When Ian ignored his letters, he'd tried bribing him with promises to name Ian his legitimate heir. Those letters had gone unanswered, and for the last two years the old man's silence had misled Ian into thinking he'd given up. Four months ago, however, another letter bearing Stanhope's ducal crest had been delivered to Ian, and this one infuriated him.
The old man had imperiously given Ian four months in which to appear at Stanhope and meet with him to discuss arrangements for the transfer of six estates-estates that would have been Ian's father's inheritance had the duke not disowned him. According to the letter, if Ian did not appear, the duke planned to proceed without him, publicly naming him his heir.
Ian had written to his grandfather for the first time in his life; the note had been short and final. It was also eloquent proof that Ian Thornton was as unforgiving as his grandfather, who'd rejected his own son for two decades:

Try it and you'll look a fool. I'll disclaim all knowledge of any relationship with you, and if you still persist, I'll let your title and your estates rot. #Quote by Judith McNaught
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Sam Snead
#16. Until you play it, St. Andrews looks like the sort of real estate you couldn't give away. #Quote by Sam Snead
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#17. Death possesses a good deal, of real estate, namely, the graveyard in every town. #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Jerry Z. Muller
#18. To realize the Enlightenment ideals of formal equality, the rule of law, freedom of commerce, and religious toleration, Voltaire and many of the other philosophes looked to absolutist monarchs, whose policies they hoped to influence. The support of the philosophes for the expansion of the monarch's sovereign power was tactical. It arose not out of a principled belief in the throne, but out of the recognition that only a strong monarchy had the power to override the resistance to enlightened legislation by the privileged churches, estates, and corporations that made up continental European society. (p. 45) #Quote by Jerry Z. Muller
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Elizabeth Hawes
#19. If you are the type who truly longs to be a Southern Belle at all times, regardless of taking twice the space available in bus, subway or elsewhere, you had best remove yourself to a large estate replete with servants. #Quote by Elizabeth Hawes
Thirlwell Estates quotes by William Bradford
#20. Though I bequeath you no estate, I leave you in the enjoyment of liberty. #Quote by William Bradford
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#21. The press is the fourth estate of the realm. #Quote by Thomas Carlyle
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#22. He that hath a Trade, hath an Estate. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Ranulph Fiennes
#23. I go on expeditions for the same reason an estate agent sells houses - to pay the bills. #Quote by Ranulph Fiennes
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Rutherford B. Hayes
#24. No man, however benevolent, liberal, and wise, can use a large fortune so that it will do half as much good in the world as it would if it were divided into moderate sums and in the hands of workmen who had earned it by industry and frugality. The piling up of estates often does great and conspicuous good ... But no man does with accumulated wealth so much good as the same amount would do in many hands. #Quote by Rutherford B. Hayes
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Mark Twain
#25. Buy land, they're not making it anymore. #Quote by Mark Twain
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Emily Bronte
#26. Besides, he's mine, and I want the triumph of seeing my descendant fairly lord of their estates; my child hiring their children to till their fathers' lands for wages. That is the sole consideration which can make me endure the whelp: I despise him for himself, and hate him for the memories he revives! #Quote by Emily Bronte
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#27. Time is my estate: to Time I'm heir. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Francis Quarles
#28. Wouldst thou multiply thy riches? diminish them wisely; or wouldst thou make thy estate entire? divide it charitably. Seeds that are scattered increase; but, hoarded up, they perish. #Quote by Francis Quarles
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Barbara Corcoran
#29. Home staging is no longer optional in this real estate market, it is a must! #Quote by Barbara Corcoran
Thirlwell Estates quotes by J.G. Ballard
#30. Luxury Rent Rebel Surrender'
'Posh People's Scorched Earth Policy'
'Win a House in Chelsea Marina'
But we had not surrendered. The exodus had been a tactical retreat, a principled refusal to accept the rule of police and bailiffs. Rather than submit to the patronising do-goodery of social-workers and psychologists like Henry and myself, the residents had decided to leave with their heads held high and integrity intact. The revolution would continue on a date to be agreed, seeing itself in a hundred other middle class estates across the land, in Tudorbethan semis and mock-Georgian villas. Wherever there was a private school or a snow-white lavatory bowl, a Gilbert and Sullivan performance or a well-loved old Bentley, the spectre of Kay Churchill would lighten the darkness, hope springing from her raised middle finger. #Quote by J.G. Ballard
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Tinie Tempah
#31. I was well brought up, my parents are still together. I lived in a council estate, but I don't anymore; I saw my parents buy a nice house and move me to a nice area. #Quote by Tinie Tempah
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Christie Hefner
#32. Billy not only had a distinguished career in the Legislature, but he also has great business instincts and has done exceedingly well making investment decisions in both stocks and private ventures such as real estate. #Quote by Christie Hefner
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Derek Walcott
#33. The sigh of History rises over ruins, not over landscapes, and in the Antilles there are few ruins to sigh over, apart from the ruins of sugar estates and abandoned forts. #Quote by Derek Walcott
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Brian Gordon
#34. The industrial real estate market completed one of its strongest demand cycles in history as several factors ignited the fire. For projects coming on line in 2005, record-low interest rates during the design phase 12 to 18 months prior provided additional incentive for development and absorption. #Quote by Brian Gordon
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Seneca
#35. The geometrician teaches me how I may avoid losing any fraction of my estates, but what I really want to learn is how to lose the lot and still keep smiling. #Quote by Seneca
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#36. What we call real estate - the solid ground to build a house on - is the broad foundation on which nearly all the guilt of this world rests. #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Hugh Bonneville
#37. After World War II, the major estates really did collapse. #Quote by Hugh Bonneville
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Anderson Cooper
#38. New Yorkers are predatory about real estate. When they sense softening, they move in for the kill. #Quote by Anderson Cooper
Thirlwell Estates quotes by John Andreas Widtsoe
#39. Such was the problem before our first parents: to remain forever at selfish ease in the Garden of Eden, or to face unselfishly tribulation and death, in bringing to pass the purposes of the Lord for a host of waiting spirit children. They chose the latter. This they did with open eyes and minds as to consequences. The memory of their former estates may have been dimmed, but the gospel had been taught them during their sojourn in the Garden of Eden. They could not have been left in complete ignorance of the purpose of their creation. #Quote by John Andreas Widtsoe
Thirlwell Estates quotes by Mike Fitzpatrick
#40. The estate tax punishes years of hard work and robs families of part of their heritage by imposing a huge penalty on inheritance after death - a tax on money that has already been taxed. #Quote by Mike Fitzpatrick

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