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Thesiger Explorer quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#1. I did not deliberately invent Earthsea, I did not think 'Hey wow - islands are archetypes and archipelagoes are superarchetypes and let's build us an archipelago! I am not an engineer, but an explorer. I discovered Earthsea. #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Ernesto Che Guevara
#2. The first commandment for every good explorer is that an expedition has two points: the point of departure and the point of arrival. If your intention is to make the second theoretical point coincide with the actual point of arrival, don't think about the means
because the journey is a virtual space that finishes when it finishes, and there are as many means as there are different ways of 'finishing.' That is to say, the means are endless. #Quote by Ernesto Che Guevara
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Jordan B. Peterson
#3. Every explorer is therefore, by necessity, a revolutionary, and every successful revolutionary is a peacemaker. #Quote by Jordan B. Peterson
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Lang Leav
#4. It was a kind love, a selfless love. I was an explorer and you were a traveller. We met at crossroads. I saw love in your smile and I recognized in for the first time in my life. But you had a plane to catch and I'm already home. #Quote by Lang Leav
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Anonymous
#5. She is neither an explorer nor a mapmaker, but she can always find her way to my heart. #Quote by Anonymous
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Ariel Levy
#6. To become a mother, I feared, was to relinquish your status as the protagonist of your own life. Your questions were answered, your freedom was gone, your path would calcify in front of you. And yet it still pulled at me. Being a professional explorer would become largely impossible if I had a child, but having a kid seemed in many ways like the wildest possible trip. #Quote by Ariel Levy
Thesiger Explorer quotes by The Cowardly Helper
#7. I warned you," Herobrine growled, in a terrifying tone. "It was funny at first, but you took it too far. I'm not Dora The Explorer. Do you see a talking backpack? Swiper no swiping doesn't work in this world. #Quote by The Cowardly Helper
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
#8. Without gospel truths, man's efforts to reach his goals are like the northbound explorer who drove his dog sled feverishly northward on an ice pack that was flowing southward - only to find himself farther from his destination at the end of a hard day's journey than he had been at dawn! #Quote by Neal A. Maxwell
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Brendan Sullivan
#9. Internet Explorer, your honor, is the fruit of Microsoft's statutory violations and it should be denied them. #Quote by Brendan Sullivan
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Ernest Giles
#10. I trust it will be believed that an explorer may be an imaginative as well as a practical creature. #Quote by Ernest Giles
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Alan Paul
#11. Together we gazed out over corkscrew switchbacks cut through a barren, rocky landscape stretching to the horizon. It was simultaneously awesome and insane to be in this spot as a family, though, for a flicker of an instant, the lone explorer in me longed to be out there alone with just a 4x4. #Quote by Alan Paul
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Laren Grey Umphlett
#12. Human, you are a machine, an organism, an animal, a primate, an artist, an athlete, a thinker, a sponge, a spirit, a comedian, a connoisseur, a cycle of breath in and breath out, an inventor, an expressor, an orator, a lover, an explorer, a creator, evolved. Your mind paints the flowers and the sky using the mind's eye as a paintbrush and light as paint. Splashing life across the blank canvas of reality. That's what you do. Every moment of every day. #Quote by Laren Grey Umphlett
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Amy Fecteau
#13. Quin stopped halfway across the room, his head cocked to the side. He stared at Mattheus like an explorer who couldn't figure out if he'd discovered a fascinating new subculture or a bunch of locals playing What Can We Get the Foreigner (sic) Eat? #Quote by Amy Fecteau
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Nadine Gordimer
#14. Perhaps there is no other way of reaching some understanding of being than through art? Writers themselves don't analyze what they do; to analyze would be to look down while crossing a canyon on a tightrope. To say this is not to mystify the process of writing but to make an image out of the intense inner concentration the writer must have to cross the chasms of the aleatory and make them the word's own, as an explorer plants a flag. #Quote by Nadine Gordimer
Thesiger Explorer quotes by George Washington Carver
#15. In these strenuous times, we are likely to become morbid and look constantly on the dark side of life, and spend entirely too much time considering and brooding over what we can't do, rather than what we can do, and instead of growing morose and despondent over opportunities either real or imaginary that are shut from us, let us rejoice at the many unexplored fields in which there is unlimited fame and fortune to the successful explorer and upon which there is no color line; simply the survival of the fittest. #Quote by George Washington Carver
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Ernest Giles
#16. An explorer is an explorer from love, and it is nature, not art, that makes him so. #Quote by Ernest Giles
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Dean Koontz
#17. And your three-year-old Ford Explorer," Terezin said, "bought without your parents' money, a proud statement of your independence - of course it has a GPS. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Kristin Hannah
#18. Like all motherless girls, Leni would become an emotional explorer, trying to uncover the lost part of her, the mother who carried and nurtured and loved her. Leni would become both mother and child; to her, mama would still grow and age. She would never be gone, not as long as Leni remembered her. #Quote by Kristin Hannah
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Illeana Douglas
#19. I wore a lot of vintage clothing. I dressed like a reporter, with a little card in my hat. I had these fantasies of who I wanted to be, so I'd dress like an explorer, a cowboy. I dressed up like Elton John a lot too. That was another period. #Quote by Illeana Douglas
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Stanislaw Lem
#20. Giese was an unemotional man, but then in the study of Solaris emotion is a hindrance to the explorer. Imagination and premature theorizing are positive disadvantages in approaching a planet where - as has become clear - anything is possible ... The fact is that in spite of his cautious nature the scrupulous Giese more than once jumped to premature conclusions. Even when on their guard, human beings inevitably theorize. #Quote by Stanislaw Lem
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Jeff Corwin
#21. In my heart, ever since I [was] a little kid, I've been an explorer. #Quote by Jeff Corwin
Thesiger Explorer quotes by John Zande
#22. Is this not precisely how the universe should look if fantasied by a defiled overmind? Is this not exactly how the universe should be presented if shaped by the careful hand of pure but unforgivingly patient malevolence? Who but the immaculate embodiment of malice would design such a contemptible thing? Indeed, is not the vulgarity of scale proof of an Omnimalevolent Creator, greater even than the finely tuned universe itself? Only a thoroughly corrupted, wicked mind could conceive of such impossible proportions and be in possession of the boorish inclination needed to then dangle such an offense to all reasonableness in front of the eyes of a curious explorer - a tiny, living, thinking organic vessel whom through tuning and coercion the Creator had ensured would one day rise to stare out longingly from the shores of their home-world prison. #Quote by John Zande
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Rajesh`
#23. I see only one beautiful planet. I know nothing of borders. I don't belong to any land. I don't have any beliefs. I am an explorer. I am free. #Quote by Rajesh`
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Wilfred Thesiger
#24. I knew instinctively that it was the very hardness of life in the desert which drew me back there - it was the same pull which takes men back to the polar ice, to high mountains, and to the sea. #Quote by Wilfred Thesiger
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Wilfred Thesiger
#25. For me, exploration was a personal venture. I did not go to the Arabian desert to collect plants nor to make a map; such things were incidental. At heart I knew that to write or even to talk of my travels was to tarnish the achievement. I went there to find peace in the hardship of desert travel and the company of desert peoples. I set myself a goal on these journeys, and, although the goal itself was unimportant, its attainment had to be worth every effort and sacrifice ... No, it is not the goal but the way there that matters, and the harder the way the more worth while the journey. #Quote by Wilfred Thesiger
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Carlos Eire
#26. Like an explorer returned from a distant planet or another dimension, Suki Kim has many extraordinary tales to tell, among them how different
and how awful
life is for those who live in North Korea. The devil is in the details here, for her gritty narrative focuses on everyday events to reveal how repression shapes daily life, even for the most privileged. Yet Kim also bears witness to that part of the human soul that no oppressor can ever claim. #Quote by Carlos Eire
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Deejay Kapil
#27. It is so gratifying to tell so many stories my eye can romance with, that i become the stories.
They shall live on after me, and in that way it makes me immortal #Quote by Deejay Kapil
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Candice Millard
#28. One of Roosevelt's most entrenched beliefs, as a cowboy, a hunter, a soldier, and an explorer, was that the health of one man should never endanger the lives of the rest of the men in his expedition. Roosevelt had unflinchingly cast off even good friends like Father Zahm when it became clear that they could no longer pull their own weight or were simply not healthy enough to endure the physical demands of the journey. "No man has any business to go on such a trip as ours unless he will refuse to jeopardize the welfare of his associates by any delay caused by a weakness or ailment of his," he wrote. "It is his duty to go forward, if necessary on all fours, until he drops."...
Roosevelt had even held himself to these unyielding standards after Schrank, the would-be assassin, shot him in Milwaukee. Few men would have even considered giving a speech with a bullet in their chest. Roosevelt had insisted on it. This was an approach to life, and death, that he had developed many years earlier, when living with cowboys and soldiers. "Both the men of my regiment and the friends I had made in the old days in the West were themselves a little puzzled at the interest shown in my making my speech after being shot," he wrote. "This was what they expected, what they accepted as the right thing for a man to do under the circumstances, a thing the nonperformance of which would have been discreditable rather than the performance being creditable. #Quote by Candice Millard
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Jean Batten
#29. Every flyer who ventures across oceans to distant lands is a potential explorer; in his or her breast burns the same fire that urged adventurers of old to set forth in their sailing-ships for foreign lands. #Quote by Jean Batten
Thesiger Explorer quotes by Niall Ferguson
#30. The bacteriologist, often risking his life to find cures for lethal afflictions, was another kind of imperial hero, as brave in his way as the soldier-explorer. #Quote by Niall Ferguson

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