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Theogony quotes by Tariq Ali
#1. 'Theogony' should be read before the great Homeric epics because it gives an account of the cosmology that is taken for granted by Homer. It does for paganism what the Old Testament attempted to do for monotheism. #Quote by Tariq Ali
Theogony quotes by Gene Wolfe
#2. Just as summer-killed meat draws flies, so the court draws spurious sages, philosophists, and acosmists who remain there as long as their purses and their wits will maintain them, in the hope (at first) of an appointment from the Autarch and (later) of obtaining a tutorial position in some exalted family. At sixteen or so, Thecla was attracted, as I think young women often are, to their lectures on theogony, thodicy, and the like, and I recall one particularly in which a phoebad put forward as an ultimate truth the ancient sophistry of the existence of three Adonai, that of the city (or of the people), that of the poets, and that of the philosophers. Her reasoning was that since the beginning of human consciousness (if such a beginning ever was) there have been vast numbers of persons in the three categories who have endeavored to pierce the secret of the divine. If it does not exist, they should have discovered that long before; if it does, it is not possible that Truth itself should mislead them. Yet the beliefs of the populace, the insights of the rhapsodists, and the theories of the metaphysicians have so far diverged that few of them can so much as comprehend what the others say, and someone who knew nothing of any of their ideas might well believe there was no connection at all between them.

May it not be, she asked (and even now I am not certain I can answer), that instead of traveling, as has always been supposed, down three roads to the same destination, t #Quote by Gene Wolfe
Theogony quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#3. It's not a bad idea to call this Cthulhuism & Yog-Sothothery of mine "The Mythology of Hastur" although it was really from Machen & Dunsany & others, rather than through the Bierce - Chambers line, that I picked up my gradually developing hash of theogony or daimonogony. Come to think of it, I guess I sling this stuff more as Chambers does than as Machen & Dunsany do though I had written a good deal of it before I ever suspected that Chambers ever wrote a weird story! #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Theogony quotes by Stephen Fry
#4. Once, in his first term, Cartwright had been bold enough to ask him why he was clever, what exercises he did to keep his brain fit. Healey had laughed.
"It's memory, Cartwright, old dear. Memory, the mother of the Muses ... at least that's what thingummy said."
"You know, what's his name, Greek poet chap. Wrote the Theogony ... what was he called? Begins with an 'H'."
"No, dear. Not Homer, the other one. No, it's gone. Anyway. Memory, that's the key. #Quote by Stephen Fry
Theogony quotes by David Bentley Hart
#5. Precisely because God does not determine himself in creation - because there is no dialectical necessity binding him to time or chaos, no need to forge his identity in the fires of history - in creating he reveals himself truly. Thus every evil that time comprises, natural or moral - a worthless distinction, really, since human nature is a natural phenomenon - is an arraignment of God's goodness: every death of a child, every chance calamity, every act of malice; everything diseased, thwarted, pitiless, purposeless, or cruel; and, until the end of all things, no answer has been given.

Precisely because creation is not a theogony, all of it is theophany.

(from Radical Orthodoxy 3.1 (2015):1-17) #Quote by David Bentley Hart

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