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Theocentric Approach quotes by Walter Russell Mead
#1. Mr. Obama's approach to engagement to some degree makes him dependent on people who wish neither him nor America well. This doesn't have to end badly and I hope that it doesn't - but it's not an ideal position after one's first year in power. #Quote by Walter Russell Mead
Theocentric Approach quotes by Barton Gellman
#2. Doctrines don't govern policy. They provide a conceptual framework by which policymakers approach their decisions. But there is no such thing as a doctrine that controls policy in every way. #Quote by Barton Gellman
Theocentric Approach quotes by Des Browne
#3. I will do what the Prime Minister asks me to do; that is my consistent approach to politics and to service. #Quote by Des Browne
Theocentric Approach quotes by Alan King
#4. Age, style, where you come from, where you were born, it's different every time, which, to me, is refreshing because it says that there isn't any one thing, one formula or kind of character that makes a great comedian. Everybody has had a different approach. #Quote by Alan King
Theocentric Approach quotes by Steve Hagen
#5. If it's Truth we're after, we'll find that we cannot start with any assumptions or concepts whatsoever. Instead, we must approach the world with bare, naked attention, seeing it without any mental bias - without concepts, beliefs, preconceptions, presumptions, or expectations. (6) #Quote by Steve Hagen
Theocentric Approach quotes by Hans Boersma
#6. A desacramentalized view of time tends to place the entire burden of doctrinal decision on the present moment: I, in the small moment of time allotted to me, am responsible to make the right theological (and moral) choice before God. The imposition of such a burden is so huge as to be pastorally disastrous. Furthermore, to the extent that as Christians we are captive to our secular Western culture, it is likely that this secular culture will get to set the church's agenda. If we do not see ourselves sacramentally connected to the tradition (and thus to Christ), we sense no accountability to tradition, and we are likely to accommodate whatever demands our culture places on us and capitulate to them. By contrast, when we are faced with a theological and moral conundrum, a participatory approach to tradition will always ask how the catholic, or universal, church throughout time and place has dealt with the issue. The widespread assumption that Christian beliefs and morals are to a significant degree malleable has its roots in a modern desacralized view of time. #Quote by Hans Boersma
Theocentric Approach quotes by Zadie Smith
#7. You become a different writer when you approach a short story. When things are not always having to represent other things, you find real human beings begin to cautiously appear on your pages. #Quote by Zadie Smith
Theocentric Approach quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#8. At the approach of danger two voices speak with equal force in the heart of man: one very reasonably tells the man to consider the nature of the danger and the means of avoiding it and the other, even more reasonable, says that it is too painful and harassing to think of the danger ... better to turn aside from the painful subject till it has come, and to think of what is pleasant. In solitude a man generally yields to the first voice; in society to the second. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Theocentric Approach quotes by Ruth J. Simmons
#9. There is strong mentoring of women in the academy. Corporations appear more willing to resist affirmative action to advance women, and boards and shareholders are more tolerant of this approach. #Quote by Ruth J. Simmons
Theocentric Approach quotes by Janet Fitch
#10. I regret nothing. No woman with any self-respect would have done less. The question of good and evil will always be one of philosophy's most intriguing problems, up there with the problem of existence itself. I'm not quarreling with your choice of issues, only with your intellectually diminished approach. If evil means to be self-motivated, to live on one's own terms, then every artist, every thinker, every original mind, is evil. Because we dare to look through our own eyes rather than mouth cliches lent us from the so-called Fathers. To dare to see is to steal fire from the Gods. This is mankind's destiny, the engine which fuels us as a race. #Quote by Janet Fitch
Theocentric Approach quotes by Brian Eno
#11. If we are ever going to achieve a rational approach to organizing our affairs, we have to dignify the process of admitting to being wrong. It doesn't help matters at all if the media, or your friends, accuse you of "flip-flopping" when you change your mind. Changing our minds is our hope for the future. #Quote by Brian Eno
Theocentric Approach quotes by Alain Ducasse
#12. I didn't want to become a chocolatier among others, buying ready-to-use couverture. I wanted to take the same approach I follow in my cuisine: putting the product first, revealing the authentic taste of the products. #Quote by Alain Ducasse
Theocentric Approach quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#13. As to the value of conversions, God alone can judge. God alone can know how wide are the steps which the soul has to take before it can approach to a community with Him, to the dwelling of the perfect, or to the intercourse and friendship of higher natures. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Theocentric Approach quotes by Paul Nicklen
#14. To approach animals in their most natural, native settings. I have to understand the mysteries of their behavior. With careful preparation, I can show the animal in its best light, demonstrating its beauty, strength and intelligence. #Quote by Paul Nicklen
Theocentric Approach quotes by Alex Lifeson
#15. I think we're quite unique in that we do have our own sound and approach and we don't really care what's going on elsewhere ... we've never wanted to be part of another trend or movement. #Quote by Alex Lifeson
Theocentric Approach quotes by Sheila Jeffreys
#16. Radical feminist theorists do not seek to make gender a bit more flexible, but to eliminate it. They are gender abolitionists, and understand gender to provide the framework and rationale for male dominance. In the radical feminist approach, masculinity is the behaviour of the male ruling class and femininity is the behaviour of the subordinate class of women. Thus gender can have no place in the egalitarian future that feminism aims to create. #Quote by Sheila Jeffreys
Theocentric Approach quotes by Ann Coulter
#17. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said any assumption that the US would not use force against North Korea would be a mistake. Such bellicosity frightens liberals. The left's reaction to nutty despots is: he might hit me, so I'll be nice. Rumsfeld's idea is: He'll hit me? Maybe I'll hit him. The beauty of that approach cannot be denied. #Quote by Ann Coulter
Theocentric Approach quotes by Jason Mulgrew
#18. When you're younger and dumber, as a guy, you do things because you think you have to, because that's how things are done. You wait the standard three days to call, you don't approach the beautiful girl at the bar because you automatically assume she's out of your league, you'd rather jump in a swimming pool filled with jellyfish than tell a woman that you have feelings for her, etc. #Quote by Jason Mulgrew
Theocentric Approach quotes by Theodor Reik
#19. It is always possible to approach a goal by a detour. #Quote by Theodor Reik
Theocentric Approach quotes by Prince
#20. There is something that happens when you get emancipated. You approach life differently. You eat differently. You respect yourself more. You respect the gift you have been given. #Quote by Prince
Theocentric Approach quotes by James Longstreet
#21. General, if you put every Union soldier now on the other side of the Potomac on that field to approach me over the same line, I will kill them all before they reach my line. #Quote by James Longstreet
Theocentric Approach quotes by Greg Hunt
#22. My approach in life is very clear: if there is an error, I tend to apologise and indeed most mornings I'll apologise in advance to my wife for the inevitable errors I'm going to make during the course of a day. #Quote by Greg Hunt
Theocentric Approach quotes by Pablo Giacopelli
#23. When we seek to improve our lives we end up adding things that require our energy and time to keep them going. When we take the approach of looking to discover life we are able to see the things that we need to shed, not add, which are responsible for preventing us from living our lives from the whole of our hearts. #Quote by Pablo Giacopelli
Theocentric Approach quotes by Mary Meeker
#24. The idea of the U.S. as a corporation is more than a thought experiment. It's a way to reposition our approach to long-term problems. What would U.S.A. Inc. be worth? Who would want to buy its shares? #Quote by Mary Meeker
Theocentric Approach quotes by Scott Tolzien
#25. You're competing against other guys because ultimately there's only one starter, and all of us want to be that guy at some point. That's the way I approach it. Control what I can control and just be the best I can be each day. #Quote by Scott Tolzien
Theocentric Approach quotes by Warren Buffett
#26. It is unquestionably true that the investment companies have their money more conventionally invested than we do. To many people conventionality is indistinguishable from conservatism. In my view, this represents erroneous thinking. Neither a conventional nor an unconventional approach, per se, is conservative. #Quote by Warren Buffett
Theocentric Approach quotes by Aubrey Beardsley
#27. From harsh and shrill and clamant, the voices grew blurred and inarticulate. Bad sentences were helped out by worse gestures, and at one table, Scabius could only express himself with his napkin, after the manner of Sir Jolly Jumble in the first part of the Soldier's Fortune of Otway. Basalissa and Lysistrata tried to pronounce each other's names, and became very affectionate in the attempt; and Tala, the tragedian, robed in roomy purple and wearing plume and buskin, rose to his feet and with swaying gestures began to recite one of his favourite parts. He got no further than the first line, but repeated it again and again, with fresh accents and intonations each time, and was only silenced by the approach of the asparagus that was being served by satyrs dressed in white muslin.
Clitor and Sodon had a violet struggle over the beautiful Pella, and nearly upset a chandelier. Sophie became very intimate with an empty champagne bottle, swore it had made her enceinte, and ended by having a mock accouchement on the top of the table; and Belamour pretended to be a dog, and pranced from couch to couch on all fours, biting and barking and licking. Mellefont crept about dropping love philtres into glasses. Juventus and Ruella stripped and put on each other's things, Spelto offered a prize for who ever should come first, and Spelto won it! Tannhäuser, just a little grisé, lay down on the cushions and let Julia do whatever she liked. #Quote by Aubrey Beardsley
Theocentric Approach quotes by William Laws
#28. Prayer is my chief work; by it I carry on all else. Prayer is the nearest approach to God and the highest enjoyment of him that we are capable of in this life. It is the noblest exercise of the soul. It is the most exalted use of our best faculties. It is the highest imitation of the blessed beings of heaven. #Quote by William Laws
Theocentric Approach quotes by Bashar Al-Assad
#29. Think of the war against terrorism. In my view, Washington's approach can be compared to a doctor constantly banging away at a tumor instead of removing it surgically. #Quote by Bashar Al-Assad
Theocentric Approach quotes by Salvatore Quasimodo
#30. The poet's other readers are the ancient poets, who look upon the freshly written pages from an incorruptible distance. Their poetic forms are permanent, and it is difficult to create new forms which can approach them. #Quote by Salvatore Quasimodo
Theocentric Approach quotes by Benjamin Nugent
#31. I will take a serious approach to a subject usually treated lightly, which is a nerdy thing to do. #Quote by Benjamin Nugent
Theocentric Approach quotes by Elizabeth Von Arnim
#32. It is after these rare calls that I experience the only moments of depression from which I ever suffer, and then I am angry at myself, a well-nourished person, for allowing even a single precious hour of life to be spoil: by anything so indifferent. That is the worst of being fed enough, and clothed enough, and warmed enough, and of having everything you can reasonably desire - on the least provocation you are made uncomfortable and unhappy by such abstract discomforts as being shut out from a nearer approach to your neighbour's soul; which is on the face of it foolish, the probability being that he hasn't got one. #Quote by Elizabeth Von Arnim
Theocentric Approach quotes by Maya Lin
#33. I left science, then I went into art, but I approach things very analytically. I choose to pursue both art and architecture as completely separate fields rather than merging them. #Quote by Maya Lin
Theocentric Approach quotes by Charles Kennedy
#34. My approach is always to try to be straight with people, especially about what my party can achieve. #Quote by Charles Kennedy

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