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The Royals Series quotes by Erin Watt
#1. Hiding's not a bad thing. If you run away, you live to fight another day."

Ella Harper - Paper Princess #Quote by Erin Watt
The Royals Series quotes by Rahul Dravid
#2. I think there's a culture in Rajasthan Royals that has been there before I got here, so I've come into it. I've enjoyed being part of it and embraced it. They are quite clear about the fact that bottom lines are important, and there is a certain limit on what you can spend. #Quote by Rahul Dravid
The Royals Series quotes by Katharine McGee
#3. She felt, for the first time in years, like herself. Not the public, painted-on Daphne that she showed the world, but the real seventeen-year-old girl she kept carefully hidden beneath. #Quote by Katharine McGee
The Royals Series quotes by G.A. Aiken
#4. The She-dragon called Ghleanna had been standing behind him. She grabbed his hair and yanked the old dragon forward while ramming the blade of her sword into his snout.
Bram glanced down at Kachka and smiled. "Isn't she glorious?"
Ghleanna pulled the old dragon off her sword and focused on the soldiers. "Kill all of them!" she screamed, and dragons dropped from the skies, landing hard on the soldier dragons.
"The royals always forget," Bram murmured. "Cadwaladrs never fight alone. #Quote by G.A. Aiken
The Royals Series quotes by Vishal Chipkar
#5. Fate of the worms or insects on earth is 100% better than those who are born as Royals. #Quote by Vishal Chipkar
The Royals Series quotes by Anna Banks
#6. I swear if-" Galen starts to name all kinds of ways to kill Rachel if she's involved, but he's cut off by the sound of his new favorite person to loathe approaching.
"Highness, I've heard your lovely sister plans to join us soon," Jagen says from behind them. "What a happy reunion."
Galen rolls his eyes before turning to face him. "You are correct, Jagen. Rayna has missed you. She loves that face you make when you're upset. She says it's the best impression of a rockfish she's ever seen."
Jagen doesn't like this. His lips curl into a snarl. "Go ahead, young prince. Have a laugh at my expense. I assure you it will be the last time."
Torag glides in front of Galen. "That sounds a lot like a threat. To my knowledge, threatening a Royal is still illegal."
Galen grabs his shoulder. "It's fine, Toraf. Let this squid release his ink. Ink will only last so long before it fades away in the current. When his protective cloud is gone, everyone will see what's really going on here."
Jagen nods. "We shall see, young ones." He rakes his eyes over Toraf. "Tell your mate that she stays with the rest of the Royals. If she tries to leave, I'll have her thrown in the Ice Caverns. She can wait there until the rest of you join her."
Toraf starts toward Jagen again, but Galen holds him back. "This is not the time," Galen says. Jagen gives Toraf a smug smile. Galen adds, "Besides, you saw his face when Antonis had him by the throat. We don't want him to faint befo #Quote by Anna Banks
The Royals Series quotes by John Kruk
#7. If you're playing for the Kansas City Royals about all you can do is beat your head against the wall. #Quote by John Kruk
The Royals Series quotes by Anna Banks
#8. Triton's trident, they put the Royals on trial!
But as much as Galen would love to throw that in their faces, he won't. This is his one chance, however small it is, to turn things around for him and Emma. And he's not about to toss that chance to sea with both hands.
Rachel has pulled more chairs out to accommodate the gathering. The table they circle is shinier than Emma's lip gloss. Unlike the human meetings Galen has attended with Rachel to sell his underwater finds, there is no paperwork on the table, no cups of coffee, no cell phones. Also unlike human meetings, most participants are either dressed in bathing suits or bathrobes. Leave it to Rachel's creative hospitality. It is a sight Galen will never forget, seeing the elderly council of Archives sit uncomfortably in human chairs. If the situation weren't so dire, he'd have to laugh. Especially since Tandel's bathrobe has the human symbol of peace all over it in fluorescent colors.
"Thank you for coming," Galen says. He takes his place next to Grom, who sits at the head of the table. Appropriately, Antonis sits at the head of the other end, accompanied by Rayna and Toraf. Emma is at Galen's left side. He doesn't need to look at her to know she's scowling at him. #Quote by Anna Banks
The Royals Series quotes by Stephen Clarke
#9. James II's second wife, an Italian Catholic princess called Mary (at the time, there was an edict whereby all female royals were to be called Mary to confuse future readers of history books), #Quote by Stephen Clarke
The Royals Series quotes by Gordon Lightfoot
#10. I was happy to be in England, because my mother had always loved the royals, and so do I. #Quote by Gordon Lightfoot
The Royals Series quotes by James Morcan
#11. Contrary to the myth that the British Royals were no longer all-powerful, it was common knowledge within Omega and other organizations in the know that they remained one of the most dominant forces on the planet. The Royals were totally comfortable with the mass populace believing they'd passed their heyday. That belief allowed them to control things behind the scenes with effortless ease. And control they did, in every way imaginable. #Quote by James Morcan
The Royals Series quotes by George Brett
#12. Even today, if the Royals win six games all year, if they're going to go 6-156, I hope they beat the Yankees six times. #Quote by George Brett
The Royals Series quotes by Petra Hermans
#13. You are only a flying Dutch
while the Rights of The Royals
have already died.
Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
The Religion Of The Blue Circle
October 31, 2016 #Quote by Petra Hermans
The Royals Series quotes by Harry Shearer
#14. I think the British learn their history through the prism of this gallery of grotesques known as the royals. #Quote by Harry Shearer
The Royals Series quotes by Anna Banks
#15. I'm not going to tell you it's not dangerous for you. It is. But if we don't do something, the Royals will be sentenced
to the Ice Caverns. You'll never see Galen or your mother again. I'll never see Rayna again."
"But you're mated to Rayna. Doesn't that make you a Royal, too?"
"Not a true Royal, that's not how it works. They're only talking about purebloods. Paca will be exempt, too. If they're sentenced to the Caverns, we'll both be free to choose different mates. But I don't want another mate, Emma. I want Rayna. I always have. #Quote by Anna Banks
The Royals Series quotes by Victoria Schwab
#16. I am Delilah Bard, she thought, as the ropes cut into her skin. I am a thief and a pirate and a traveler. I have set foot in three different worlds, and lived. I have shed the blood of royals and held magic in my hands. #Quote by Victoria Schwab
The Royals Series quotes by Hilary Mantel
#17. Every monarch needs a blow on the head, from time to time. #Quote by Hilary Mantel
The Royals Series quotes by Tracey Ullman
#18. An M.P. once suggested I be put in the Tower of London for saying derogatory things about the royals. There's no First Amendment in my country. #Quote by Tracey Ullman
The Royals Series quotes by V.E Schwab
#19. I am done making sacrifices. When this is over, and the lords and ladies and royals are all gone, I am leaving"
"I cannot let you go"
"You said it yourself, Your Majesty. You do not have the power to stop me" And with that, Kell turned his back on the king, took his coat from the wall, and walked out. #Quote by V.E Schwab
The Royals Series quotes by Gideon Haigh
#20. Since Modi's Mumbai sign-off, much commentary has been focused on the brand-dilution potential inherent in its scandals. MS Dhoni doesn't think we should worry: 'IPL as a brand can survive on its own.' Shilpa Shetty, 'brand ambassador' of the Rajasthan Royals, tweets that we should: 'Custodians of Cricket must not hamper d Brandvalue of this viable sport.' Hampering d Brandvalue, insists new IPL boss Chirayu Amin, is the furthest thing from his mind: 'IPL's brand image is strong and nobody can touch that.' Harsha Bhogle, however, frets for the nation: 'Within the cricket world, Brand India will take a hit.'

Not much more than a week after Modi's first tell-all tweets, the media was anxiously consulting Brand Finance's managing director, Unni Krishnan. Had there been any brand dilution yet? It was, said the soothsayer gravely, 'too early to say'. He could, however, confirm the following: 'The wealth that can be created by the brand is going to be substantially significant for many stakeholders. A conducive ecosystem has to be created to move the brand to the next level… We have to build the requisite bandwidth to monetise these opportunities.' Er, yeah… what he said. Anyway, placing a value on the IPL brand has clearly been quite beneficial to Brand Finance's brand. #Quote by Gideon Haigh
The Royals Series quotes by Lorde
#21. When I was trying to come up with a stage name, I thought 'Lord' was super rad, but really masculine - ever since I was a little kid, I have been really into royals and aristocracy. So to make Lord more feminine, I just put an 'e' on the end! Some people think it's religious, but it's not. #Quote by Lorde
The Royals Series quotes by Morrissey
#22. I am unable to watch the Olympics due to the blustering jingoism that drenches the event. Has England ever been quite so foul with patriotism? The 'dazzling royals' have, quite naturally, hi-jacked the Olympics for their own empirical needs, and no oppositional voice is allowed in the free press. #Quote by Morrissey
The Royals Series quotes by Stephanie Dray
#23. The curves of his smile become the waves in my ocean. #Quote by Stephanie Dray
The Royals Series quotes by Kevin J. Anderson
#24. If you look at the British royal family and take away the scandals and the goofy stuff that's going on, people love to have this king to look up to - the royals are like celebrities. #Quote by Kevin J. Anderson
The Royals Series quotes by E.F. Benson
#25. Marcia was silent a moment. Then a sort of softer gleam came into her angry eye.

"Tell me some more about her," she said.

Adele clapped her hands.

"Ah, that's splendid," she said. "You're beginning to feel kinder. What we would do without our Lucia I can't imagine. I don't know what there would be to talk about."

"She's ridiculous!" said Marcia relapsing a little.

"No, you mustn't feel that," said Adele. "You mustn't laugh at her ever. You must just richly enjoy her."

"She's a snob!" said Marcia, as if this was a tremendous discovery.

"So am I: so are you: so are we all," said Adele. "We all run after distinguished people like--like Alf and Marcelle. The difference between you and Lucia is entirely in her favour, for you pretend you're not a snob, and she is perfectly frank and open about it. Besides, what is a duchess like you for except to give pleasure to snobs? That's your work in the world, darling; that's why you were sent here. Don't shirk it, or when you're old you will suffer agonies of remorse. And you're a snob too. You liked having seven--or was it seventy?--Royals at your dance."

"Well, tell me some more about Lucia," said Marcia, rather struck by this ingenious presentation of the case.

"Indeed I will: I long for your conversion to Luciaphilism. Now to-day there are going to be marvellous happenings... #Quote by E.F. Benson
The Royals Series quotes by Vanessa Kelly
#26. Papa had always told Justine that guns had a remarkable capacity to focus the mind. She couldn't say with any confidence that her actions had cleared the minds of the drunken louts before her, but she'd sharpened their attention. They gaped at her, slack-mouth and stupefied, trying to make sense of what their bleary eyes told them. #Quote by Vanessa Kelly
The Royals Series quotes by Erin Watt
#27. Yeah," Easton says, coming up on Ella's other side. "Your room's a mess."
"Because you keep watching football in there," she mutters as we lead her away. "I expect you to clean it the moment we get back."
Easton stops at the penthouse door and looks at her incredulously. "I'm Easton Royal. I don't clean shit."
Dad sighs. The twins snicker. Even the cops look like they're trying not to laugh. #Quote by Erin Watt
The Royals Series quotes by Steven Morrissey
#28. Even with the recent story about the nurse killing herself in King Edward Hospital, there's no blame placed on Kate Middleton, who was in the hospital as far as I could see for absolutely no reason. She feels no shame about the death of this woman, she's saying nothing about the death of this poor woman. The arrogance of the British royals is staggering, absolutely staggering. And why it's allowed to be I really don't know ... It wasn't because of two DJs in Australia that this woman took her own life, it was the pressure around her. #Quote by Steven Morrissey
The Royals Series quotes by Billy Bob Thornton
#29. I grew up in Arkansas and that's the law. My dad was a high school basketball coach, so I was raised as a coach's son and I was a baseball player back in Arkansas, and I lived in Texas, too, so I was just surrounded by sports. So that's what I was going to do: Pitch for the St Louis Cardinals. I had no idea I was going to be an actor. So I got my collar bone broken in the Kansas City Royals training camp. And once I got hurt I started doing other things for a while. #Quote by Billy Bob Thornton
The Royals Series quotes by Ted Anthony Roberts
#30. When handled in a civilized fashion, Piracy on the high seas could become more of a wise business decision than of a sheer, chaotic, unorganized criminal act. And I saw very little difference in what we were doing than the royals and courtiers were doing in the midst of cities, and of calling what they were doing legal and legitimate. #Quote by Ted Anthony Roberts
The Royals Series quotes by Katharine McGee
#31. Writers got to pick the endings of their novels, but Beatrice wasn't living a story. She was living history, and history went on forever. #Quote by Katharine McGee
The Royals Series quotes by David Cook
#32. I spent a majority of my life in Kansas City, so I am a Chiefs and Royals guy. I used to work for the Royals for like five years in the suites department and in the stadium club restaurant. #Quote by David Cook
The Royals Series quotes by Jonathan Sacks
#33. The royals - all of them, especially Prince Philip and Prince Charles - have done outstanding work with the faith communities. #Quote by Jonathan Sacks
The Royals Series quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#34. I love you, Flora," I say, and even though there's a crowd around us, and bodyguards and other royals, it feels like it's just us. Like we're back in our room at Gregorstoun, or out on the moors under the stars. "And yes, sometimes you make me crazy, and we're definitely going to have to talk about the whole high-handed thing, but . . . it's worth it. You're worth it. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
The Royals Series quotes by Troye Sivan
#35. I think pop music is in such an exciting place right now, and I do kind of credit that to Lorde with 'Royals.' I think that song changed everything in the pop scene. All of the sudden, alternative pop music became pop music. #Quote by Troye Sivan

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