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The Dark Horse quotes by Andrew Carnegie
#1. It is not the rich man's son that the young struggler for advancement has to fear in the race for life, nor his nephew, nor his cousin. Let him look out for the dark horse in the boy who begins by sweeping out the office. #Quote by Andrew Carnegie
The Dark Horse quotes by Kresley Cole
#2. He curled his finger under her chin as he rasped, "I'm goin' tae get it right this time, you know."
"I believe that, Scot." She gazed up at him with all the love she felt. "That's why you're still the dark horse I'm betting on. #Quote by Kresley Cole
The Dark Horse quotes by Janet Morris
#3. And what do the Theban hoplites see in this extended rending of the sky, this white-bright glory of Enlil's lightning? The future, but not theirs: paired cavalry fighters; formed ranks of armored death; grim men on their tall horses with lightning limning weapons tailored to the task; men spoiling for a fight if the gods allowed - the Sacred Band of Stepsons, out from shadows and the dark. #Quote by Janet Morris
The Dark Horse quotes by Neil Young
#4. Sailing heart-ships through broken harbors out on the waves of the night, still the searcher must ride the dark horse racing alone in his fright. #Quote by Neil Young
The Dark Horse quotes by Walter M. Miller Jr.
#5. Now a Dark Age seemed to be passing. For twelve centuries, a small flame of knowledge had been kept smoldering in the monasteries; only now were there minds ready to be kindled. Long ago, during the last age of reason, certain proud thinkers had claimed that valid knowledge was indestructible - that ideas were deathless and truth immortal. But that was true only in the subtlest sense, the abbot thought, and not superficially true at all. There was objective meaning in the world, to be sure: the nonmoral logos or design of the Creator; but such meanings were God's and not Man's, until they found an imperfect incarnation, a dark reflection, within the mind and speech and culture of a given human society, which might ascribe values to the meanings so that they became valid in a human sense within the culture. For Man was a culture-bearer as well as a soul-bearer, but his cultures were not immortal and they could die with a race or an age, and then human reflections of meaning and human portrayals of truth receded, and truth and meaning resided, unseen, only in the objective logos of Nature and the ineffable Logos of God. Truth could be crucified; but soon, perhaps, a resurrection. #Quote by Walter M. Miller Jr.
The Dark Horse quotes by Salman Rushdie
#6. Faced with the possibility that evil existed, that pure malevolence had walked into my life and convinced me it was love, faced with the loss of everything I wanted from my life, I fainted. And dreamed dark dreams of blood. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
The Dark Horse quotes by Grace Burrowes
#7. He loomed over her, his eyes dark, his expression implacable. "You are wearing my ring, Maggie Windham." "I am wearing your ring because you were hen-witted enough to sneak it onto my night table when I was too overset to notice, and I did not want to lose it, and leaving expensive jewelry around where any maid might misplace - " But now the handsome wretch was smiling down at her. "Hen-witted, Maggie? I kiss your cheek in parting, slip a ring onto your night table, and you say I'm the one who's rendered hen-witted?" "It's one of Her Grace's words. When she uses it on the boys, they positively reel with abused dignity." "Reel into bed, Maggie, and expect me to call on you quite early tomorrow." It #Quote by Grace Burrowes
The Dark Horse quotes by Shawn Kirsten Maravel
#8. Turning the corner, she saw the dark figure of a man, John, pushed up against the side of his bed cast in the light of another stained glass lamp. She fought the simultaneous instinct to jump away and move closer.
"You shouldn't have come," he said through gritted teeth.
"I had to," she insisted, taking a step forward. "It sounded like you were in trouble."
He laughed without humor. "Damn right I'm in trouble. #Quote by Shawn Kirsten Maravel
The Dark Horse quotes by Smedley Butler
#9. No one told these American soldiers they might be shot down by bullets made by their own brothers here. No one told them that the ships on which they were going to cross might be torpedoed by submarines built with US patents. #Quote by Smedley Butler
The Dark Horse quotes by Juliet Marillier
#10. The warmth of his embrace soaked into me, a powerful charm against the dark things. #Quote by Juliet Marillier
The Dark Horse quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#11. Arin's expression changed. She saw how he read her stillness. She wondered if she'd gone pale. Anxiety stole over his features. "Kestrel, can I have a word with you?"
Outside the tent, night had come.
He cupped her face in his hands. "You don't look right."
"I'm fine."
"No. You look like a part of you has disappeared. Like you're not really here. Like"--his hands fell away--"you do when you're plotting something."
Which was how Kestrel realized that she was plotting something. That growing briar inside her was an idea.
She blinked, then noticed the hurt shape of his mouth. Arin said, "Tell me." She started to speak. He cut through her first words. "No deceiving," he said.
"I wouldn't."
"Not again. After everything. Don't keep me in the dark."
"Arin, for someone who wants me to tell him something, you're doing an excellent job of not letting me speak."
"Oh." Rubbing a forefinger and thumb into his eyes, he gave her a rueful look. "Sorry. #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
The Dark Horse quotes by Lemony Snicket
#12. I looked out the window at the dark and racing scenery and I thought of the city, where the train would eventually arrive. I hadn't seen the city since my apprenticeship began, and for a moment I felt so homesick I had to stop and lean my head against the glass. Dear Kit, I thought. And then I said it out loud.
"I wish you were here. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
The Dark Horse quotes by Michael Connelly
#13. Are you like him?" she asked. "Who?" "Timido. Alone out there in the dark world." "Sometimes. Everybody is sometimes. #Quote by Michael Connelly
The Dark Horse quotes by Starhawk
#14. Beware of organizations that proclaim their devotion to the light without embracing, bowing to the dark; for when they idealize half the world they must devalue the rest. #Quote by Starhawk
The Dark Horse quotes by Veronica Roth
#15. If I always have the sun, maybe I won't be afraid of the dark #Quote by Veronica Roth
The Dark Horse quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#16. My fancies are fireflies Specks of living light twinkling in the dark. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
The Dark Horse quotes by Nenia Campbell
#17. All right," she said a little sarcastically. "I was going to assume you liked eating babies and sacrificing virgins, but I might as well ask, what do you do for fun?"
"I languish in sin," I replied in the same tone. "I take my babies rare, and my virgins over easy. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
The Dark Horse quotes by Nhat Hanh
#18. Sometimes when I am alone in my room in the dark, I practice smiling to myself. I do this to be kind to myself, to take good care of myself, to love myself. I know that if I cannot take care of myself, I cannot take care of anyone else. #Quote by Nhat Hanh
The Dark Horse quotes by Kevin Hart
#19. There seems to be something poetically that doesn't work or is limiting when you call God 'God' in a poem. When I tried to be honest with myself in my relationship with God, Christ is, on the one hand, completely dark, he's transcendent and unknown. On the other hand, he is completely imminent and completely knowable as Jesus. Our tradition speaks of him in both ways as transcendent but also as a lover who comes to us, and the two word 'Dark One' seem to me to contain both things, the transcendence and otherness of Christ, but also like a kind of dark lover who comes to us. #Quote by Kevin Hart
The Dark Horse quotes by Holly Black
#20. I thought I was getting better at this. I thought I was starting to make peace with being in love with a girl who despises me, but I don't think I'm so okay with it after all. Somewhere along the line I made a dark bargain with the universe without ever really being aware of it
a bargain that if I was allowed to see her, even if we never spoke, then I could live with that. And now a week without her has swallowed up all of my rational thinking. I feel like a junkie, sick for my next fix and not sure when it will come. #Quote by Holly Black
The Dark Horse quotes by Ree Drummond
#21. I hung up the phone after saying good night to Marlboro Man, this isolated cowboy who hadn't had the slightest probably picking up the phone to say "I miss you." I shuddered at the thought of how long I'd gone without it. And judging from the electrical charges searing through every cell of my body, I realized just how fundamental a human need it really is.
It was as fundamental a human need, I would learn, as having a sense of direction in the dark. I suddenly realized I was lost on the long dirt road, more lost than I'd ever been before. The more twists and turns I took in my attempt to find my bearings, the worse my situation became. It was almost midnight, and it was cold, and each intersection looked like the same one repeating over and over. I found myself struck with an illogical and indescribable panic--the kind that causes you to truly believe you'll never, ever escape from where you are, even though you almost always will. As I drove, I remembered every horror movie I'd ever watched that had taken place in a rural setting. Children of the Corn. The children of the corn were lurking out there in the tall grass, I just knew it. Friday the 13th. Sure, it had taken place at a summer camp, but the same thing could happen on a cattle ranch. And The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? Oh no. I was dead. Leatherface was coming--or even worse, his freaky, emaciated, misanthropic brother.
I kept driving for a while, then stopped on the side of the road. Shining my brights on #Quote by Ree Drummond
The Dark Horse quotes by Demi Lovato
#22. She was scared Unprepared Lost in the dark Falling apart I can't survive Without you by my side We're gonna be alright This is what happens when Two worlds collide. #Quote by Demi Lovato
The Dark Horse quotes by Josie Litton
#23. I have yet to see the sauna," Rycca said.
She was a damn distracting woman. He could scarcely remember what he'd been thinking about a few moments before, except that it had been ridiculous. "You can't actually see much in there," he said absently, studying how the rays of sun played in her hair. "It's dark."
"Really? I guess we'll just have to go by touch then."
Anticipation rippled through him and with it his merry fellow surged happily. Dragon sighed. A day begun hurtling over a horse's head might as well include a little relaxation.
"Is it very hot?" Rycca asked as she ducked her head to enter the low stone building cut into the side of the hill.
Vividly aware that the deep bruising he had felt only a short time before was eclipsed by far more urgent sensations, Dragon smiled. "Extremely."
She looked at him over her shoulder. "I won't get burned,will I?"
"Quite probably," he said and came up close behind her,urging her into the chamber. #Quote by Josie Litton
The Dark Horse quotes by Elizabeth McCracken
#24. Short fiction is like low relief. And if your story has no humor in it, then you're trying to look at something in the pitch dark. With the light of humor, it throws what you're writing into relief so that you can actually see it. #Quote by Elizabeth McCracken
The Dark Horse quotes by Paul A. Myers
#25. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw another woman sitting over in a wing chair, a pleasantly attractive lady wearing the tasteful clothes of a senior redactrice, or senior civil servant, the stylish black skirt, the dark stockings, the black pumps, and the starched white linen blouse of her caste. The dark hair was swept up in a chignon, elegant and functional, dark eyes glistened as she smiled at him in a professional manner. He could see that she was a woman who met men in a highly assured way - serene, and expert at creating a proper distance. #Quote by Paul A. Myers
The Dark Horse quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#26. There's no dark like it. It's soft to the touch and heavy in the hands. You can open your mouth and let it sink into you 'till it makes a close ball in your belly. You can juggle with it, dodge it, swim in it. You can open it like a door. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
The Dark Horse quotes by Mother Teresa
#27. The moment passed - but the darkness is so dark, and the pain is so painful. – But I accept whatever He gives and I give whatever He takes. #Quote by Mother Teresa
The Dark Horse quotes by Stephen Fry
#28. Oh, to be in England, now that England's gone. This World Service, this little bakelite gateway into the world of Sidney Box, Charters and Caldecott, Mazawattee tea, Kennedy's Latin Primer and dark, glistening streets. An #Quote by Stephen Fry
The Dark Horse quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#29. After all this time, she still had not found an end to her grief. It was a dark well, an echoing place into which she'd once cast a stone, sure that it would strike bottom and she would stop hurting. Instead, it just kept falling. She forgot about the stone, forgot about the well, sometimes for days or even weeks at a time. Then she would think Liliyana's name, or her eye would pause on the little boat painted on her bedroom wall, its two-starred flag frozen in the wind. She'd sit down to write a letter and realize she had no one to write to, and the quiet that surrounded her became the silence of the well, of the stone still falling. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
The Dark Horse quotes by T. M. Lakomy
#30. For what was burned at the stakes beyond the fires did endure #Quote by T. M. Lakomy
The Dark Horse quotes by Kirby Howell
#31. Our group pressed west on what was left of Highway 93, toward the pass leading to Las Vegas. Sand covered the road in loose drifts so deep the horses' hooves sank into them. The metal highway signs were bent low by the strong wind, and above us, billboards that once screamed ads for the casinos were now stripped of their promises of penny slots and large jackpots. The raw boards underneath were exposed, like showgirls without their makeup. Some signs had been blown over completely and lay half-buried under mounds of sand, like sleeping animals.
Cars dotted the highway, their paint scoured off and dead tumbleweeds caught underneath them. Their windows were fogged with death, and despite my effort not to look, my eyes were drawn to the blurred images of the still forms inside. I tried to concentrate on the dark road ahead of us instead. #Quote by Kirby Howell
The Dark Horse quotes by Murray Bartlett
#32. No person and no character is beyond redemption, ultimately. That's the great thing about playing a character that has kind of a dark side; there's room to explore the opposite. #Quote by Murray Bartlett
The Dark Horse quotes by Laura Chouette
#33. And the darkness felt suddenly like home again.

Like a familiar place in the shadows
where we used to meet. #Quote by Laura Chouette
The Dark Horse quotes by Richard Brautigan
#34. Your Catfish Friend

If I were to live my life
in catfish forms
in scaffolds of skin and whiskers
at the bottom of a pond
and you were to come by
one evening
when the moon was shining
down into my dark home
and stand there at the edge
of my affection
and think, "It's beautiful
here by this pond. I wish
somebody loved me,"
I'd love you and be your catfish
friend and drive such lonely
thoughts from your mind
and suddenly you would be
at peace,
and ask yourself, "I wonder
if there are any catfish
in this pond? It seems like
a perfect place for them. #Quote by Richard Brautigan
The Dark Horse quotes by Aleksandra Ninkovic
#35. Fog is more dangerous than dark, as it gives the illusion of seeing. #Quote by Aleksandra Ninkovic
The Dark Horse quotes by Joe Rogan
#36. The Comedy Store in LA, it's a really loose room and it's really dark and creepy and a great place to explore your own thoughts onstage. #Quote by Joe Rogan
The Dark Horse quotes by Ernest Grant
#37. Sometimes when things happen, it's best to run. Solve the problem later, don't think about it then, just run.

Statement from my character, Brian Cain, in the upcoming book, The Final Inning, Dark Days Ahead. #Quote by Ernest Grant
The Dark Horse quotes by Sebastian Barry
#38. It's a dark thing when the world sets no value on you and your kin, and then Death comes stalking in, in his bloody boots". #Quote by Sebastian Barry
The Dark Horse quotes by Louis L'Amour
#39. From The Skull and the Arrow:
The man went on until he saw the dark opening of a cave. He turned to it for shelter then, as men have always done. Though there are tents and wickiups, halls and palaces, in his direst need man always returns to the cave. #Quote by Louis L'Amour
The Dark Horse quotes by Charlaine Harris
#40. Only a group lack of imagination could account for people not wondering what went on in the dark around them. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
The Dark Horse quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#41. But this was the thought of a depressive. An aspiring depressive, at the time. That was the odd thing about Leonard's disease, the almost pleasurable way it began. At first his dark moods were closer to melancholy than to despair. There was something enjoyable about wandering around the city alone, feeling forlorn. There was even a sense of superiority, of being right, in not liking the things other kids liked. #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
The Dark Horse quotes by Charles Dickens
#42. The four hearse-horses, especially, reared and pranced, and showed their highest action, as if they knew a man was dead, and triumphed in it. "The break us, drive us, ride us; ill-treat, abuse, and maim us for their pleasure - But they die; Hurrah, they die! #Quote by Charles Dickens
The Dark Horse quotes by Poppet
#43. A man who is obviously too handsome for his own good smiles at me. His eyes are mischievous, as if he's harboring wicked thoughts and is tempted to subject me to them.
I hold his dark gaze for a moment too long, and then pin my focus back on the #Quote by Poppet
The Dark Horse quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#44. Endure graciously the difficult times. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
The Dark Horse quotes by Dana Marie Bell
#45. She sort of had a mushroom childhood.'
'A what?'
'She was plunked down in the dark and fed a lot of bullshit. #Quote by Dana Marie Bell
The Dark Horse quotes by Cassandra Clare
The Dark Horse quotes by Stephen King
#47. Dad-a-dhuck, dad-a-churtle, don't worry, girl, you've got the turtle! #Quote by Stephen King
The Dark Horse quotes by Algernon Charles Swinburne
#48. Lying asleep between the strokes of night
I saw my love lean over my sad bed,
Pale as the duskiest lily's leaf or head,
Smooth-skinned and dark, with bare throat made to bite,
Too wan for blushing and too warm for white,
But perfect-coloured without white or red.
And her lips opened amorously, and said
I wist not what, saving one word
And all her face was honey to my mouth,
And all her body pasture to my eyes;
The long lithe arms and hotter hands than fire,
The quivering flanks, hair smelling of the south,
The bright light feet, the splendid supple thighs
And glittering eyelids of my soul's desire. #Quote by Algernon Charles Swinburne

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