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The Answer And The Question quotes by Dov Seidman
#1. So what exactly is HOW?
For many, business and life has always been about the pursuit of What: "What do we do? What's on the agenda? What do we need to accomplish?" Whats are commodities; they are easily duplicated or reverse-engineered and delivered faster and at a lower cost by someone else.

How is a philosophy. It's a way of thinking about individual and organizational behavior. And How we do what we do – our behavior – has become today's greatest source of our advantage. In this world, How is no longer a question, but the answer to what ails us as people, institutions, companies, nations. How we behave, how we consume, how we build trust in our relationships and how we relate to others provides us with the power to not just survive, but thrive and endure. #Quote by Dov Seidman
The Answer And The Question quotes by David Shapiro
#2. She says Ariel is going to interview me after she's done and he's going to ask me how many golf balls can fit into a stretch limo, and the right answer is to make reasonable estimates on the spot, maybe say, "It's probably like 100 golf balls high by 60 golf balls wide by 1,000 golf balls long," and to look like I'm thinking really hard, and then just do the math in my head and give him the answer. I ask, "Out of curiosity, what would a wrong answer be?" She says, "Freaking out about the question. #Quote by David Shapiro
The Answer And The Question quotes by Aishah Madadiy
#3. How virtuous can you be in this gloomy, deceitful world? I find it hard to answer the question, but I tell you this, I want to be a man of complete integrity, who will always stick to his principles and never settle for anything less. #Quote by Aishah Madadiy
The Answer And The Question quotes by Glenn A. Maltais
#4. The answer to why we exist does not exist, at least not where most of us look for it. We must look inward not out. We should not ask this question of life, but rather of ourselves - and then answer it. #Quote by Glenn A. Maltais
The Answer And The Question quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#5. For almost a generation, psychologists around the world have been engaged in a spirited debate over a question that most of us would consider to have been settled years ago. The question is this: is there such a thing as innate talent? The obvious answer is yes. Not every hockey player born in January ends up playing at the professional level. Only some do – the innately talented ones. Achievement is talent plus preparation. The problem with this view is that the closer psychologists look at the careers of the gifted, the smaller the role innate talent seems to play and the bigger role preparation seems to play. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
The Answer And The Question quotes by Meher Baba
#6. There is only one question. And once you know the answer to that question there are no more to ask. #Quote by Meher Baba
The Answer And The Question quotes by Michael Zadoorian
#7. I think about what the man at the Coney joint said. He was right. We are the people who stay. We stay in our homes and pay them off. We stay at our jobs. We do our thirty and come home to stay even more. We stay until we are no longer able to mow our lawns and our gutters sag with saplings, until our houses look haunted to the neighborhood children. We like it where we are. I guess then the other question is: Why do we even travel? There can only be one answer to that: we travel to appreciate home. (p.97) #Quote by Michael Zadoorian
The Answer And The Question quotes by Rebecca West
#8. Were I to go down into the market-place, armed with the powers of witchcraft, and take a peasant by the shoulders and whisper to him, 'In your lifetime, have you known peace?' wait for his answer, shake his shoulders and transform him into his father, and ask him the same question, and transform him in his turn to his father, I would never hear the word 'Yes,' if I carried my questioning of the dead back for a thousand years. I would always hear, 'No, there was fear, there were our enemies without, our rulers within, there was prison, there was torture, there was violent death. #Quote by Rebecca West
The Answer And The Question quotes by Brigid Schulte
#9. You are definitely onto a rather large problem," Csikszentmihalyi told me. He has found discrepancies for women, not only in the actual opportunity to have time for flow but also for allowing themselves to get there in the first place. "When I lecture about flow, in the question-and-answer period, there is always the same question: 'But doesn't one feel guilty when you are in flow because you forget everything except what you are doing? Isn't that giving up on the rest of your responsibilities - giving in to total involvement in what you are doing and not caring about anything or anyone else?' That question, almost 100 percent of the time, is asked by a woman. It's clear that it's much more difficult for women to feel that they can get immersed in something and forget themselves, forget time, forget everything around them." Csikszentmihalyi #Quote by Brigid Schulte
The Answer And The Question quotes by Michael Grant
#10. Do you love me?" Diana asked.
Caine's eyes widened. She could actually see him twitch. Like a startled animal. Like a rabbit who had just heard a fox.
"It's a yes or no question," Diana said acidly. "But I'll accept a nod or a shake of the head or an incoherent grunt."
"I . . . I don't know what you mean by that," Caine said lamely.
"When I jumped off the cliff, you saved me even though it meant letting Sanjit and the others escape."
"You didn't give me much choice," Caine said peevishly. "You had a choice. You wanted to destroy them."
"Why did you make that choice?"
Caine swallowed and seemed to find his palms sweaty since he rubbed them on his sides.
Diana walked to the door. She unlocked it and held it open. "Go away," she said. "Come back when you figure out your answer. #Quote by Michael Grant
The Answer And The Question quotes by Friedrich Hayek
#11. It is certainly tragic to see the failure of the most meritorious efforts of parents to bring up their children, of young men to build a career, or of an explorer or scientist pursuing a brilliant idea. And we will protest against such a fate although we do not know anyone who is to blame for it, or any way in which such disappointments can be avoided. It is no different with regard to the general feeling of injustice about the distribution of material goods in a society of free men. Though we are in this case less ready to admit it, our complaints about the outcome of the market as unjust do not really assert that somebody has been unjust; and there is no answer to the question who has been unjust. Society has simply become the new deity to which we complain and clamour for redress if it does not fulfill
the expectations it has created. #Quote by Friedrich Hayek
The Answer And The Question quotes by Eve Rickert
#12. Many conflict-resolution professionals stress the value of curiosity, accompanied by active listening. Many conflicts can be avoided or de-escalated if the parties involved are willing to set aside their prejudgments - and the intense feelings connected to them - and ask a question. And then be curious about the actual answer. Not just any question, though. The question should be genuine and open-ended, a serious request for more information about another person's feelings, intentions or motivations. It should not be a choice between predefined alternatives, or an accusation followed by a demand for a response. It should be, as much as possible, unburdened from what you think will be the answer. That means being curious about what it really is. #Quote by Eve Rickert
The Answer And The Question quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#13. We should not be ashamed of not having answers to all questions yet ... I'm perfectly happy staring somebody in the face saying, I don't know yet, and we've got top people working on it. The moment you feel compelled to provide an answer, then you're doing the same thing that the religious community does: providing answers to every possible question. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
The Answer And The Question quotes by Elle Kennedy
#14. Maybe I'm naive, but I thought college would be different. I thought all the gossiping and backstabbing and bullshit ceased to exist once you left high school, but I guess mean girls can be found at any level of the education system. It's like visiting a farm - if you go there not expecting to see piles of cow shit everywhere, then you're in for a rude awakening. And there's a good SAT question for you. SCHOOL is to MEAN GIRLS as FARMS are to _______.

Shit. The answer to that is shit. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
The Answer And The Question quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#15. I began to think that you wouldn't play someone you couldn't beat," said Arin.
Kestrel looked up from her piano to see him standing by the doors she had left open, then glanced at the Bite and Sting set lying on a table by the garden windows.
"Not at all," said Kestrel. "I have been busy."
His gaze flicked to the piano. "So I've heard."
Kestrel moved to sit at the table and said, "I'm intrigued by your choice of room."
He hesitated, and she thought he was ready to deny any responsibility of choice, to pretend that a ghost had left that tile on the piano. Then he shut the doors behind him. The room, though large, felt suddenly small. Arin crossed the room to join her at the table. He said, "I didn't like playing in your suite."
She decided not to take offense. She had asked him to be honest. Kestrel mixed the tiles, but when she set a box of matches on the table, he said, "Let's play for something else."
Kestrel didn't move her hand from the box's lid. Again she wondered what he could offer her, what he could gamble, and she could think of nothing.
Arin said, "If I win, I will ask a question, and you will answer."
She felt a nervous flutter. "I could lie. People lie."
"I'm willing to risk it."
"If those are your stakes, then I assume my prize would be the same."
"If you win."
She still could not quite agree. "Questions and answers are highly irregular stakes in Bite and Sting," she said irritably.
"Whereas m #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
The Answer And The Question quotes by Jeffrey Burton Russell
#16. The problem of evil can be stated simply: God is omnipotent; God is perfectly good; such a God would not permit evil to exist; but we observe that evil exists; therefore God does not exist. Variations on this theme are nearly infinite. The problem is not only abstract and philosophical, of course; it is also personal and immediate. Believers tend to forget that their God takes away everything that one cares about: possessions, comforts, success, profession or craft, knowledge, friends, family and life. What kind of God is this? Any decent religion must face this question squarely, and no answer is credible that cannot be given in the face of dying children. #Quote by Jeffrey Burton Russell
The Answer And The Question quotes by Gregory Of Nyssa
#17. So when did these last two originate? They transcend "whenness," but if I must give a naive answer - when the Father did. When was that? There has not been a "when" when the Father has not been in existence. This, then, is true of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Put another question and I will answer it. Since when has the Son been begotten? Since as long as the Father has not been begotten. #Quote by Gregory Of Nyssa
The Answer And The Question quotes by Aprilynne Pike
#18. Laurel look up at him in question, but he wouldn't meet her eyes. She always wished she had more time to draw secrets from him. "I'll wear it always," she said.
"And think of me?" His eyes held her captive, and she knew there was only one answer.
She started to turn, but before she could step away, Tamani grabbed her hand. Without breaking eye contact, he raised her hand to his face and brushed his lips over her knuckles. For just a second, his eyes were unguarded. A spark went through Laurel at what she saw there: raw, unbridled desire.
Before she could look any closer, he smiled, and the flash was gone. #Quote by Aprilynne Pike
The Answer And The Question quotes by Bobby Adair
#19. And whenever he asked himself that one question - what wouldn't he do for the welfare of his children - the answer was always the same. There was pretty much nothing he wouldn't do for his children's sake. #Quote by Bobby Adair
The Answer And The Question quotes by Robert B. Reich
#20. When Republicans recently charged the President with promoting 'class warfare,' he answered it was 'just math.' But it's more than math. It's a matter of morality.
Republicans have posed the deepest moral question of any society: whether we're all in it together. Their answer is we're not.
President Obama should proclaim, loudly and clearly, we are. #Quote by Robert B. Reich
The Answer And The Question quotes by Judith Butler
#21. What makes for a livable world is no idle question. It is not merely a question for philosophers. It is posed in various idioms all the time by people in various walks of life. If that makes them all philosophers, then that is a conclusion I am happy to embrace. It becomes a question for ethics, I think, not only when we ask the personal question, what makes my own life bearable, but when we ask, from a position of power, and from the point of view of distributive justice, what makes, or ought to make, the lives of others bearable? Somewhere in the answer we find ourselves not only committed to a certain view of what life is, and what it should be, but also of what constitutes the human, the distinctively human life, and what does not. There is always a risk of anthropocentrism here if one assumes that the distinctively human life is valuable--or most valuable--or is the only way to think the problem of value. But perhaps to counter that tendency it is necessary to ask both the question of life and the question of the human, and not to let them fully collapse into one another. #Quote by Judith Butler
The Answer And The Question quotes by A.O. Esther
#22. Can I ask you something very personal while you try things on?"
"Yes, of course, what do you want to know?"
"…well, it's just that… I don't want to offend you," she said uncertainly.
"Oh come on, Akane, out with it!" Mitsuko prompted her, "I want to know the answer too!"
"Very well," agreed the little auburn pixie and cut to the chase:
"Where are your wings?"
The question was so unexpected that I burst out laughing.
"I had to part with them when I came down to Earth. "It's something every angel has to deal with if they're planning to spend any length of time down here."
"And what's your life like, up there?" Akane asked.
"In the Kingdom of Heaven, we live as beings of pure light." "Up there, there's no such thing as fear, pain, hot or cold. We don't know hunger, suffering, ageing or death. We have no need of food and we don't sleep. We are the messengers of God and we watch over the lives of mortals. We come to Earth often, but only as spirits, and once we've completed our task down here, we always go back to the White Woods. #Quote by A.O. Esther
The Answer And The Question quotes by Steven Pinker
#23. Once again, the point of this discussion is not to accuse Christians of endorsing torture and persecution. Of course most devout Christians today are thoroughly tolerant and humane people. Even those who thunder from televised pulpits do not call for burning heretics alive or hoisting Jews on the strappado. The question is why they don't, given that their beliefs imply that it would serve the greater good. The answer is that people in the West today compartmentalize their religious ideology. When they affirm their faith in houses of worship, they profess beliefs that have barely changed in two thousand years. But when it comes to their actions, they respect modern norms of nonviolence and toleration, a benevolent hypocrisy for which we should all be grateful. #Quote by Steven Pinker
The Answer And The Question quotes by John Wesley
#24. John Wesley tells of a dream he had. In the dream, he was ushered to the gates of Hell. There he asked, "Are there any Presbyterians here?" "Yes!", came the answer. Then he asked, "Are there any Baptists? Any Episcopalians? Any Methodists?" The answer was Yes! each time. Much distressed, Wesley was then ushered to the gates of Heaven. There he asked the same question, and the answer was No! "No?" To this, Wesley asked, "Who then is inside?" The answer came back, "There are only Christians here." #Quote by John Wesley
The Answer And The Question quotes by P.A. Wunderlich
#25. When man meets himself upon the reflexion of the mirror, it is always advisable to ask the question "Who are you?". If an unsatisfactory answer comes forth, then one must delve into the far reaches of Self and understand why he failed to answer this simple, yet transcending question. #Quote by P.A. Wunderlich
The Answer And The Question quotes by Wentworth Miller
#26. I've never read a book or attended a class on screenwriting. I'm not opposed to the idea, but I like what I've got going on naturally and want to protect that. The one question I will ask myself as I'm re-reading a script for the 60th time is, 'Am I entertained? Still?' If the answer is 'yes,' I'll assume other people will be, too. #Quote by Wentworth Miller
The Answer And The Question quotes by Danny Elfman
#27. There's kind of a cool feel that happens every now and then. I guess that feel is the thing that makes the score its own score. But, I don't know exactly what that is. So, it's hard for me to answer that question. #Quote by Danny Elfman
The Answer And The Question quotes by John Ruskin
#28. The Bible is the one Book to which any thoughtful man may go with any honest question of life or destiny and find the answer of God by honest searching. #Quote by John Ruskin
The Answer And The Question quotes by M.J. Rose
#29. There's an answer to every question even if it's elusive. The Kabbalah tells us that there's a level of our souls where we all connect to all the world's accumulated knowledge. Jung agreed, just used different words and called it the collective unconscious. It manifests itself in an inner voice we all can hear if we listen deeply enough. #Quote by M.J. Rose
The Answer And The Question quotes by Anne Lamott
#30. Then it came to me: I was asking the wrong question. The right one is: Where is God in gang warfare? And the answer is, The same place God is in Darfur, and in our alcoholism, and when children are bullied: being crucified. #Quote by Anne Lamott
The Answer And The Question quotes by Oscar Martinez
#31. Where can you steer clear of bandits? Where do the drugs go over? Where can you avoid getting kidnapped by the narcos? Where is there a spot left with no wall, no robbers, and no narcos? Nobody has been able to answer this last question. #Quote by Oscar Martinez
The Answer And The Question quotes by Abdallah II Of Jordan
#32. Many occasions I've sat down with Israelis to say, where do you see your country in 10 years time, and work me back, so we can figure out the synergies and the connections between Israel and the rest of the Arab world. No Israeli has ever been able to answer that question. #Quote by Abdallah II Of Jordan
The Answer And The Question quotes by Voddie T. Baucham Jr.
#33. The law is a mirror. God gives us His perfect law so that we can look at His law and see into our souls, so we can see the sinners that we are. There is none righteous, no not even one. There is none who does good, there is none who seeks after God, no one. And just in case you think you are that one, here's my law, how's that working for you? You keeping it? Not are you just forbidding yourselves from fulfilling those desires that are in you; that's not the question. Are you keeping it? And the answer is no. #Quote by Voddie T. Baucham Jr.
The Answer And The Question quotes by Gregory A. Boyd
#34. One wonders why no one in church history has ever been considered a heretic for being unloving. People were anathematized and often tortured and killed for disagreeing on matters of doctrine or on the authority of the church. But no one on record has ever been so much as rebuked for not loving as Christ loved.

Yet if love is to be placed above all other considerations (Col. 3:14; 1 Peter 4:8), if nothing has any value apart from love (1 Cor. 13:1–3), and if the only thing that matters is faith working in love (Gal. 5:6), how is it that possessing Christlike love has never been considered the central test of orthodoxy? How is it that those who tortured and burned heretics were not themselves considered heretics for doing so? Was this not heresy of the worst sort? How is it that those who perpetrated such things were not only not deemed heretics but often were (and yet are) held up as "heroes of the faith"?

If there is an answer to this question, I believe it lies in the deceptive power of the sword. While God uses the sword of governments to preserve law, order, and justice, as we have seen, there is a corrupting principality and power always at work. Much like the magical ring in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, the sword has a demonic power to deceive us. When we pick it up, we come under its power. It convinces us that our use of violence is a justified means to a noble end. It intoxicates us with the unquenchable dream of redemptive violence and blinds us #Quote by Gregory A. Boyd
The Answer And The Question quotes by Anais Nin
#35. Why one writes is a question I can answer easily, having so often asked it of myself. I believe one writes because one has to create a world in which one can live. I could not live in any of the worlds offered to me - the world of my parents, the world of war, the world of politics. I had to create a world of my own, like a climate, a country, an atmosphere in which I could breathe, reign, and recreate myself when destroyed by living. That, I believe, is the reason for every work of art. #Quote by Anais Nin
The Answer And The Question quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
#36. When artificial intelligence comes of age, the first thing it's going to do is get rid of the inefficient parts.
And guess who that will be!
And what will happen to us?
Well, to find out the answer to that question all you have to do is see what we do with all of our unwanted rubbish. #Quote by Anthony T. Hincks
The Answer And The Question quotes by Minae Mizumura
#37. Science may explain how humans came into being, but it has no answer to the slippery question of how humans should live. Only literature makes it possible to pose such questions in the first place. And if there is no answer, only literature can point to the impossibility of ever finding one. #Quote by Minae Mizumura
The Answer And The Question quotes by Brian D. McLaren
#38. Never accept and be content with unanalyzed assumptions, assumptions about the work, about the people, about the church or Christianity. Never be afraid to ask questions about the work we have inherited or the work we are doing. There is no question that should not be asked or that is outlawed. The day we are completely satisfied with what we have been doing; the day we have found the perfect, unchangeable system of work, the perfect answer, never in need of being corrected again, on that day we will know that we are wrong, that we have made the greatest mistake of all. - VINCENT J. DONOVAN #Quote by Brian D. McLaren
The Answer And The Question quotes by Sean Stewart
#39. Memories haunted the Ghostwood, brittle as the twigs that splintered like tiny bones under Mark's boots. Sifting through drooping cedar boughs, the old wind muttered of things that waited in darkness without hope. To every question the Ghostwood had but one answer, made from sorrow, and loneliness, and time. #Quote by Sean Stewart
The Answer And The Question quotes by Abhijit V. Banerjee
#40. The bottom line is that, much as in rich countries, we have no accepted recipe for how to make growth happen in poor countries. Even the experts seem to have accepted this. In 2006, the World Bank asked the Nobel laureate Michael Spence to lead the Commission on Growth and Development (informally known as the Growth Commission). Spence initially refused, but convinced by the enthusiasm of his would-be fellow panelists, a highly distinguished group that included Robert Solow, he finally agreed. But their report ultimately recognized that there are no general principles, and no two growth episodes seem alike. Bill Easterly, not very charitably perhaps, but quite accurately, described their conclusion: "After two years of work by the commission of 21 world leaders and experts, an 11-member working group, 300 academic experts, 12 workshops, 13 consultations, and a budget of $4m, the experts' answer to the question of how to attain high growth was roughly: we do not know, but trust experts to figure it out. #Quote by Abhijit V. Banerjee
The Answer And The Question quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#41. Passion can seem intimidatingly out of reach at times - a distant tower of flame, accessible only to geniuses and to those who are specially touched by God. But curiosity is a milder, quieter, more welcoming, and more democratic entity. The stakes of curiosity are also far lower than the stakes of passion. [...] Curiosity only ever asks one simple question: "Is there anything you're interested in?" Anything? Even a tiny bit? No matter how mundane or small? The answer need not set your life on fire, or make you quit your job [...]; it just has to capture your attention for a moment. But in that moment, if you can pause and identify even one tiny speck of interest in something, then curiosity will ask you to turn your head a quarter of an inch and look at the thing a wee bit closer. Do it. It's a clue. It might seem like nothing, but it's a clue. Follow that clue. Trust it. See where curiosity will lead you next. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
The Answer And The Question quotes by Lester Bangs
#42. The real question is what to live for. And I can't answer it. Except another one of your records. And another chance for me to write. Art for art's sake, corny as that sounds. #Quote by Lester Bangs
The Answer And The Question quotes by Sigmund Freud
#43. We will therefore turn to the less ambitious question of what men themselves show by their behavior to be the purpose and intention of their lives. What do they demand of life and wish to achieve in it? The answer to this can hardly be in doubt. They strive for happiness; they want to become happy and to remain so. This endeavor has two sides, a positive and a negative aim. It aims, on the one hand, at an absence of pain and unpleasure, and, on the other, at the experiencing of strong feelings of pleasure. In its narrower sense the word 'happiness' only relates to the last. In conformity with this dichotomy in his aims, man's activity develops in two directions, according as it seeks to realize - in the main, or even exclusively - the one or the other of these aims. #Quote by Sigmund Freud
The Answer And The Question quotes by Lynn Abbey
#44. If you write, one of the questions you're always trying to answer is, Where do you get your ideas? And, if you write, you know how pointless a question this is and how difficult it is to answer. #Quote by Lynn Abbey
The Answer And The Question quotes by Andrew Peterson
#45. I carry a persistent fear that my thoughts are incorrect, or silly, or so obvious they aren't worth saying. Suddenly I'm a little boy, sitting in class like a solemn ghost. Mrs. Larson asks me a question, all the seven-year-old eyes in the room turn to me with expectation, and I'm frozen in place, terrified by the sudden realization that I'm expected to contribute. My cheeks flush and I want to go away to someplace safe - someplace like the woods or the eternal fields of green Illinois corn where I can watch and experience and listen without any demand to justify my existence. I've always been happy to be alone. God, however, never takes his eyes off me, and on my good days I believe that he is smiling, never demanding an answer other than the fact of myself. I exist as his redeemed creation, and that is, pleasantly, enough for him. #Quote by Andrew Peterson
The Answer And The Question quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#46. Why are you here? That's the ultimate question that you get to answer with every action, thought, and feeling. There is a calling on your life. What will be your answer?

- Oprah #Quote by Oprah Winfrey
The Answer And The Question quotes by Dee Henderson
#47. I loved the fact there was a God who had made me, who had created everything around me. Jesus made sense to me. He's real. He's personal."
"He likes you," Bishop remarked gently.
"Exactly ... I wasn't smarted than He was. I adored Jesus for that fact. Every question I had, Jesus knew how to answer. That was such a relief. Not that He would always answer, but I knew I could search for an answer and find one, and it often felt like God was helping me go the right direction with my search."
"I'd bump into something cool God had made, and I'd promptly tell Him all about what I'd found and bombard Him with questions about it. #Quote by Dee Henderson
The Answer And The Question quotes by Susan Stroman
#48. I always say that you can't be afraid to ask the question. What's the worst that could happen? The answer could be "no" and you go on. #Quote by Susan Stroman
The Answer And The Question quotes by Debasish Mridha
#49. Knowing the question is more important than knowing the answer. It makes you curious, lets you think, and helps you to understand and open your mind. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
The Answer And The Question quotes by Ibn Arabi
#50. If you find it complicated to answer someone's question, do not answer it, for his container is already full and does not have room for the answer #Quote by Ibn Arabi
The Answer And The Question quotes by Anthony De Mello
#51. Tell me," said the atheist , "Is there a God really?" Said the master, "If you want me to be perfectly honest with you, I will not answer." Later the disciples demanded to know why he had not answered. "Because the question is unanswerable," said the Master. "So you are an atheist?" "Certainly not. The atheist makes the mistake of denying that of which nothing may be said ... and the theist makes the mistake of affirming it. #Quote by Anthony De Mello
The Answer And The Question quotes by Emily McKee
#52. I felt like it was a now or never moment, a pass or fail. I felt like in life we are given a test and this one was mine. That if I didn't ask the question I would suffocate and regret it for the rest of my life.
But now lying here I realized that to me it didn't matter what the answer was. What mattered to me was that I had been brave enough to finally ask it. That I had put my heart out on the line and that maybe, just maybe Maddox could show me that not everybody is like Cynthia. Just one question.
"What do you want from me Maddox?" Without taking his eyes off of me he put his hand to my cheek and said, "Everything Isabelle. Everything. #Quote by Emily McKee
The Answer And The Question quotes by Ingo Molnar
#53. I have a very simple question to people ... who seem to suffer from excessive narcissism: please name three other persons who are smarter and more capable than you, in the field you work in. (In most cases they are utterly unable to answer that question honestly. #Quote by Ingo Molnar
The Answer And The Question quotes by Courtney G. Brooks
#54. There was a vague feeling within the agency (though with several notable exceptions) that direct ascent would eventually be the answer, but no one had worked out the tradeoffs in much detail. Subsequently, as Apollo planning progressed, the question of how to fly to the moon and back loomed ever larger. In the end, the choice of mode was perhaps the single greatest technical decision of the entire Apollo program. The selection was inextricably linked to launch vehicles, spacecraft, facilities, cost, development schedules, and the future of America's posture in space. Ultimately, the mode question shaped the whole of Apollo. Many possible methods were carefully considered, and a Pandora's box of problems was opened. At the time, however, technical thinking had not matured to that degree. The United States was just on the threshold of manned space flight, and orbital flights around the earth were in themselves mind-boggling. A program to land men on the moon, 400,000 kilometers away, and bring them safely home was nearly too stupendous for serious contemplation. #Quote by Courtney G. Brooks
The Answer And The Question quotes by Mario Livio
#55. The realization that symmetry is the key to the understanding of the properties of subatomic particles led to an inevitable question: Is there an efficient way to characterize all of these symmetries of the laws of nature? Or, more specifically, what is the basic theory of transformations that can continuously change one mixture of particles into another and produce the observed families? By now you have probably guessed the answer. The profound truth in the phrase I have cited earlier in this book revealed itself once again: "Wherever groups disclosed themselves, or could be introduced, simplicity crystallized out of comparative chaos." The physicists of the 1960s were thrilled to discover that mathematicians had already paved the way. Just as fifty years earlier Einstein learned about the geometry tool-kit prepared by Riemann, Gell-Mann and Ne'eman stumbled upon the impressive group-theoretical work of Sophus Lie. #Quote by Mario Livio
The Answer And The Question quotes by Anthony Breznican
#56. Yeah, kids who trash bathrooms. Maybe those kids are matter more than even the good little ones who sit in the front row and try to answer every question. #Quote by Anthony Breznican
The Answer And The Question quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#57. From this arises the following question: whether it is better to be loved than feared, or the reverse. The answer is that one would like to be both the one and the other, but because they are difficult to combine, it is far better to be loved than feared if you cannot be both. #Quote by Niccolo Machiavelli
The Answer And The Question quotes by Tucker Max
#58. Think about it: If you don't have any actual, tangible skills, then how can you do anything? You may be laughing and nodding, but do you realize how few people, when asked the basic question, 'What can you do?' stumble on the answer and have nothing to say? Most people. #Quote by Tucker Max
The Answer And The Question quotes by Michael Isikoff
#59. Potentially significant, by the way, because we don't know exactly what's in Matt Cooper's notes, and we don't know - and we don't still know the answer to the crucial question of whether it was Rove or somebody else that revealed Valerie Plame's name to him. #Quote by Michael Isikoff
The Answer And The Question quotes by Johanna Lindsey
#60. Is there a reason you are here?" he finally demanded.
With complete nonchalance she replied, "Well,I've brought my trunks. I do believe I'm moving in."
"The hell you are!"
"Nice of you to welcome me in your usual boorish manner" was all she said to that.
A muscle ticked in his jaw. It made not a jot of difference that he'd just gone to Norford and back this morning to bring her here himself. That had been his idea.Her coming here on her own was her idea,and it make him suspicious.
"Don't start your manipulations already," he warned her. "Answer my question."
"Why am I still here? Shall we start with the obvious reason? Because I really am pregnant and once my pregnancy starts to show,I do not want to be in a position to have people ask me who my husband is and not believe me when I tell them that it's you."
"And the not-so-obvious answer?"
"Because you make me so furious that I spite myself to spite you! #Quote by Johanna Lindsey
The Answer And The Question quotes by Rajneesh
#61. If you have a little inteligence, sooner or later the question is bound to arise: What is the point of it all? Why? It is impossible to avoid the question for long. And if you are very intelligent, it is always there, persistently there, hammering on your heart for the answer: Give me the answer! - Why? #Quote by Rajneesh
The Answer And The Question quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#62. If we would answer the question of the existence of the Evil then we would not be sinners, we could make something else responsible. #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
The Answer And The Question quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#63. So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed? #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
The Answer And The Question quotes by Glynnis MacNicol
#64. It was a truth universally acknowledged that by age forty I was supposed to have a certain kind of life, one that, whatever else it might involve, included a partner and babies. Having acquired neither of these, it was nearly impossible, no matter how smart, educated, or lucky I was, not to conclude that I had officially become the wrong answer to the question of what made a woman's life worth living. If this story wasn't going to end with a marriage or a child, what then? Could it even be called a story? #Quote by Glynnis MacNicol
The Answer And The Question quotes by Henry James
#65. Every one asks me what I 'think' of everything," said Spencer Brydon; "and I make answer as I can - begging or dodging the question, putting them off with any nonsense. It wouldn't matter to any of them really," he went on, "for, even were it possible to meet in that stand-and-deliver way so silly a demand on so big a subject, my 'thoughts' would still be almost altogether about something that concerns only myself. #Quote by Henry James
The Answer And The Question quotes by Jay Leno
#66. President Clinton says he looks forward to the day a citizen can call the IRS and get the right answer to a question. I look forward to the day I can call the IRS and get a voice that says, 'Sorry, that number has been disconnected.' #Quote by Jay Leno
The Answer And The Question quotes by Avery Aster
#67. You could have fucked me 'til your uncut, overexposed on the blogs, 'too ginormous for my snatch' pecker fell off. And I'd still no way never ever in a thousand years sell, loan, sample you my Easton. And to answer your question, I run my company with my pussy, and twenty-four other pussy-sporting employees. Easton girls do not allow dickheads or cocks in our fashion world. Period. #Quote by Avery Aster
The Answer And The Question quotes by Colin Falconer
#68. The fundamental problem with golf is that every so often, no matter how lacking you may be in the essential virtues required of a steady player, the odds are that one day you will hit the ball straight, hard, and out of sight. This is the essential frustration of this excruciating sport. For when you've done it once, you make the fundamental error of asking yourself why you can't do this all the time. The answer to this question is simple: the first time was a fluke. #Quote by Colin Falconer
The Answer And The Question quotes by Mark Slouka
#69. What's the takeaway?" a neighbor of mine is always asking his kids whenever they run into something harder than they are. Good question.

I have no idea. The only thing your life teaches you is how to live your life. And that's only if you're very lucky. And you listen very hard. Life teaches elliptically, epigrammatically, retrospectively. If life was a professor, you'd flunk him on his evaluations. Just tell me the goddam answer, you want to say.

It's a race between your foolishness and your allotted days. Good luck.

That's my takeaway. #Quote by Mark Slouka
The Answer And The Question quotes by Roald Dahl
#70. England once there lived a big
And wonderfully clever pig.
To everybody it was plain
That Piggy had a massive brain.
He worked out sums inside his head,
There was no book he hadn't read.
He knew what made an airplane fly,
He knew how engines worked and why.
He knew all this, but in the end
One question drove him round the bend:
He simply couldn't puzzle out
What LIFE was really all about.
What was the reason for his birth?
Why was he placed upon this earth?
His giant brain went round and round.
Alas, no answer could be found.
Till suddenly one wondrous night.
All in a flash he saw the light.
He jumped up like a ballet dancer
And yelled, "By gum, I've got the answer!"
"They want my bacon slice by slice
"To sell at a tremendous price!
"They want my tender juicy chops
"To put in all the butcher's shops!
"They want my pork to make a roast
"And that's the part'll cost the most!
"They want my sausages in strings!
"They even want my chitterlings!
"The butcher's shop! The carving knife!
"That is the reason for my life!"
Such thoughts as these are not designed
To give a pig great piece of mind.
Next morning, in comes Farmer Bland,
A pail of pigswill in his hand,
And piggy with a mighty roar,
Bashes the farmer to the floor…
Now comes the rather grizzly bit
So let's not make too much of it,
Except th #Quote by Roald Dahl
The Answer And The Question quotes by John Grogan
#71. Just so you know Labrodor retrivers do not howl.Begals Howl.Wolves howl. Labs do not howl, at lestnot well. Marley attempted twice to howl, both times in answer to a passing police siren, tossing back his head, forming his mouth into an O shape, and letting loose the most pathetic sound Ihave ever heard, more like gargling than answering the call of the wild. Butnow,no question about it he was howling. #Quote by John Grogan
The Answer And The Question quotes by Richard M. Weaver
#72. The issue ultimately involved is whether there is a source of truth higher than, and independent of, man; and the answer to the question is decisive for one's view of the nature and destiny of man. #Quote by Richard M. Weaver
The Answer And The Question quotes by George Orwell
#73. Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me. #Quote by George Orwell
The Answer And The Question quotes by Yann Martel
#74. And what of my extended family-birds, beasts, and reptiles? They too have drowned. Every single thing I value in life has been destroyed. And I am allowed no explanation? I am to suffer hell without any account from heaven? In that case, what is the purpose of reason, Richard Parker? Is it no more than to shine at practicalities-the getting of food, clothing and shelter? Why can't reason give greater answers? Why can we throw a question further than we can pull in an answer? Why such a vast net if there's so little fish to catch? (pg. 98) #Quote by Yann Martel
The Answer And The Question quotes by Nik Ripken
#75. One of the local pastors raised his hands to ask a question. What he wanted to know was this: 'Do the people in other countries also know about Jesus- or is He still known only in China?' I had never been asked that question before - or even considered that point of view. For several long seconds I gathered my thoughts, trying to figure out where exactly to begin my answer. Then, with David interpreting for me, I told the group that believers in other parts of the world knew about and followed Jesus. I then told the group that believers in other parts of the world also knew about them- the Chinese believers in house churches. I told them that believers in many parts of the world prayed for them and their churches. 'Wait, wait!' people cried out. They could hardly believe what I was saying. One man responded this way: 'Do you mean that people in your country know that we believe in Jesus? Do you mean that they haven't forgotten us and that they pray for us?' I assured them: 'Why yes, we have always loved you. And we have never forgotten you. For a long time, we have prayed for you.' It was a holy moment as these believers realized that they were recognized, remembered and prayed for by fellow believers around the world. #Quote by Nik Ripken
The Answer And The Question quotes by Vladimir Putin
#76. As for that footage, video footage showing the dead children allegedly killed in the chemical attack, it is horrible. The question is only who did it and what they did, and who is responsible for this. These pictures do not answer the questions I have just posed. There is an opinion that it's a compilation by these very rebels, who are connected with al-Qaida and who were always distinguished by exceptional brutality. #Quote by Vladimir Putin
The Answer And The Question quotes by Matthew Woodring Stover
#77. We can each sit and wait to die, from the very day of our births. Those of us who do not do so, choose to ask
and to answer
the two questions that define every conscious creature: What do I want? and What will I do to get it? Which are, finally, only one question: What is my will? Caine teaches us that the answer is always found within our own experience; our lives provide the structure of the question, and a properly phrased question contains its own answer #Quote by Matthew Woodring Stover
The Answer And The Question quotes by David Levithan
#78. In my mind, she was Lebkuchen Spice - ironic, Germanic, sexy, and off beat. And, mein Gott, the girl could bake a damn fine cookie ... to the point that I wanted to answer her What do you want for Christmas? with a simple More cookies, please!
But no. She warned me not to be a smart-ass, and while that answer was totally sincere, I was afraid she would think I was joking or,
worse, kissing up.
It was a hard question, especially if I had to batten down the sarcasm. I mean, there was the beauty pageant answer of world peace, although I'd probably have to render it in the beauty pageant spelling of world peas. I could play the boo-hoo orphan card and wish for my whole family to be together, but that was the last thing I wanted, especially at this late date. #Quote by David Levithan
The Answer And The Question quotes by David Graeber
#79. Money has always been a particular problem for revolutionaries and anti-capitalists. What will money look like 'after the revolution'? How will it function? Will it exist at all? It's hard to answer the question if you don't know what money actually is. Proposing to eliminate it entirely seems utopian and naive. #Quote by David Graeber
The Answer And The Question quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#80. Why me?" I blurted out, and then closed my eyes briefly. "Okay. Don't answer that."
The food arrived just then一thank God一and the conversation was deterred...for about two minutes. "I'm going to answer that question," Cam said, peering at me through his lashes.
I wanted to face-plant my stuffed chicken. "You don't have to."
"No, I think I do. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Answer And The Question quotes by H.G. Wells
#81. He perceived too in these still hours how little he had understood her hitherto. He had been blinded, - obsessed. He had been seeing her and himself and the whole world far too much as a display of the eternal dualism of sex, the incessant pursuit. Now with his sexual imaginings newly humbled and hopeless, with a realization of her own tremendous minimization of that fundamental of romance, he began to see all that there was in her personality and their possible relations outside that. He saw how gravely and deeply serious was her fine philanthropy, how honest and simple and impersonal her desire for knowledge and understandings. There is the brain of her at least, he thought, far out of Sir Isaac's reach. She wasn't abased by her surrenders, their simplicity exalted her, showed her innocent and himself a flushed and congested soul. He perceived now with the astonishment of a man newly awakened just how the great obsession of sex had dominated him - for how many years? Since his early undergraduate days. Had he anything to put beside her own fine detachment? Had he ever since his manhood touched philosophy, touched a social question, thought of anything human, thought of art, or literature or belief, without a glancing reference of the whole question to the uses of this eternal hunt? During that time had he ever talked to a girl or woman with an unembarrassed sincerity? He stripped his pretences bare; the answer was no. His very refinements had been no more than indicativ #Quote by H.G. Wells
The Answer And The Question quotes by Martha Stewart
#82. I am often asked the question: 'What is your favorite type of food?' Although I always answer Japanese, the real response should be and is pierogi, the delectable Polish dumplings that my mother, Big Martha, made so well in many incarnations: potato, sweet cabbage, blueberry, peach, plum, and apricot. #Quote by Martha Stewart
The Answer And The Question quotes by Sara Rose Snelling
#83. I like to play outside of the box they have made for me. I was born this way. That's how my brain works. Create from scratch and grow an extraordinary solution to an inimitable opportunity- enthusiastically answer a question that wasn't asked yet. A consummate, authentic existence in a vacuum. No apologies. #Quote by Sara Rose Snelling
The Answer And The Question quotes by Richard Due
#84. I was asked the age old question today: why are you an author? I suppose there are lots of answers to this question that would suffice, but for me there is really only one answer that will do: the blank paper taunts me, and I am weak. #Quote by Richard Due
The Answer And The Question quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#85. Life is insanely robust, though we can make species go extinct, and this is the bad thing. So I always make the point that you can't say, 'Is it too late?' That is the terrible question, because either answer promotes inaction. If it's too late, you don't need to act; if it's not too late, you don't need to act. #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
The Answer And The Question quotes by Jan-Philipp Sendker
#86. Only once had she asked the question: Why? And she had known that there would never be an answer. Her feet were a whim of nature. It would have been silly to look for causes or to rebel. She would not bicker with fate. Still, it hurt. #Quote by Jan-Philipp Sendker
The Answer And The Question quotes by Dan Simmons
#87. Siri whispered an answer to my unasked question. "No, Merin, one is never really too old. At least not too old to want the warmth and closeness. You decide, my love. I will be content either way." I decided. Towards the dawn we slept. #Quote by Dan Simmons
The Answer And The Question quotes by Thomas H. Cook
#88. He looked at me intently, from what seemed behind the veil of a grave experience. Then slowly and prophetically, he said the scariest thing I'd ever heard: Because the answer to a heartfelt question, Jack, will always break your heart. #Quote by Thomas H. Cook
The Answer And The Question quotes by Christos Yannaras
#89. Today, in this atmosphere, the very word and idea of asceticism is probably incomprehensible to a very large number of Christian people. Anyone talking about fasting and chastity and voluntary restriction of our individual desires is sure to meet with condescension or mockery. This does not, of course, prevent people from having their "metaphysical convictions" and believing in a "supreme being" or in the "sweet Jesus" who had a wonderful ethical teaching. The question is, however, what is the use of "metaphysical convictions" when they do not go any way towards providing a real answer - as opposed to one that is idealistic and abstract - to the problem of death, the scandal of the dissolution of the body in the earth. This real answer is to be found only in the knowledge granted by asceticism, in the effort to resist death in our own bodies, and by the dynamic triumph over the deadening of man. And not just in any kind of asceticism, but in that which consists in conformity to the example of Christ, who willingly accepted death so as to destroy death - "trampling down death by death."

Every voluntary mortification of the egocentricity which is "contrary to nature" is a dynamic destruction of death and a triumph for the life of the person. #Quote by Christos Yannaras
The Answer And The Question quotes by Kate McGahan
#90. The heart has all the answers. Try it now. Put your hands upon your heart. Ask a question that you already know the answer to. Feel what "no" feels like. Feel what "yes" feels like. Practice this and by doing so you will be creating a line of communication with anyone that you cannot see. #Quote by Kate McGahan
The Answer And The Question quotes by Paul Tillich
#91. Religion is the state of being grasped by an ultimate concern, a concern which qualifies all other concerns as preliminary and which itself contains the answer to the question of a meaning of our life. Paul Tillich #Quote by Paul Tillich
The Answer And The Question quotes by Robert M. Price
#92. For the believer in divine creation, the open question of the Mystery of Being is like an open wound. It stings and gapes, and the believer cannot rest till it be healed up, closed up, smeared with the soothing balm of an answer, even if his doctrine be a sophisticated one like Aquinas's or that of the latest Liberal Protestant theologian. #Quote by Robert M. Price
The Answer And The Question quotes by Steven Moffat
#93. Who takes the Pandorica takes the Universe. But bad news everyone. 'Cause guess who! Hah! Listen, you lot, you're all whizzing about. It's really very distracting. Could you all just stay still a minute because I. AM. TALKING! Now, the question of the hour is, who's got the Pandorica? Answer: I do. Next question: Who's coming to take it from me? Come on! Look at me! No plan, no back-up, no weapons worth a damn, oh, and something else. I don't have anything to lose. So if you're sitting up there in your silly little spaceship with all your silly little guns and you've got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who's standing in your way! Remember! Every black day I ever stopped you! And then! And then! Do the smart thing! Let somebody else try first. #Quote by Steven Moffat
The Answer And The Question quotes by Margaret Atwood
#94. Feathers," he says.

They ask this question at least once a week. He gives the same answer. Even over such a short time - two months, three? He's lost count - they've accumulated a stock of lore, of conjecture about him: Snowman was once a bird but he's forgotten how to fly and the rest of his feathers fell out, and so he is cold and he needs a second skin, and he has to wrap himself up. No: he's cold because he eats fish, and fish are cold. No: he wraps himself up because he's missing his man thing, and he doesn't want us to see. That's why he won't go swimming. Snowman has wrinkles because he once lived underwater and it wrinkled up his skin. Snowman is sad because the others like him flew away over the sea, and now he is all alone. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
The Answer And The Question quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#95. This raises a novel question: which of the two is really important, intelligence or consciousness? As long as they went hand in hand, debating their relative value was just a pastime for philosophers. But in the twenty-first century, this is becoming an urgent political and economic issue. And it is sobering to realise that, at least for armies and corporations, the answer is straightforward: intelligence is mandatory but consciousness is optional. Armies and corporations cannot function without intelligent agents, but they don't need consciousness and subjective experiences. The conscious experiences of a flesh-and-blood taxi driver are infinitely richer than those of a self-driving car, which feels absolutely nothing. The taxi driver can enjoy music while navigating the busy streets of Seoul. His mind may expand in awe as he looks up at the stars and contemplates the mysteries of the universe. His eyes may fill with tears of joy when he sees his baby girl taking her very first step. But the system doesn't need all that from a taxi driver. All it really wants is to bring passengers from point A to point B as quickly, safely and cheaply as possible. And the autonomous car will soon be able to do that far better than a human driver, even though it cannot enjoy music or be awestruck by the magic of existence. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
The Answer And The Question quotes by John Muir
#96. I am often asked if I am not lonely on my solitary excursions. It seems so self-evident that one cannot be lonesome where everything is wild and beautiful and busy and steeped with God that the question is hard to answer. #Quote by John Muir
The Answer And The Question quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#97. Thus must the bewildered Wanderer stand, as so many have done, shouting question after question into the Sibyl-cave of Destiny, and receive no Answer but an Echo. It is all a grim howling of wild beasts, or the shrieks of despairing, hate-filled men ...
(The Everlasting No) #Quote by Thomas Carlyle
The Answer And The Question quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#98. Consider, for example, the following puzzle. I give you a large piece of paper, and I ask you to fold it over once, and then take that folded paper and fold it over again, and then again, and again, until you have refolded the original paper 50 times. How tall do you think the final stack is going to be? In answer to that question, most people will fold the sheet in their mind's eye, and guess that the pile would be as thick as a phone book or, if they're really courageous, they'll say that it would be as tall as a refrigerator. But the real answer is that the height of the stack would approximate the distance to the sun. And if you folded it over one more time, the stack would be as high as the distance to the sun and back. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
The Answer And The Question quotes by Nessie Q.
#99. I love you with the words I left unsaid, with the silence that I often spoke, that you still understood. I love you for the constant push and pull of my dissonance, for every internal battle that ensued because of you.I love you for the heights of irrationality you have driven me, for making me lose control. But most of all, I love you because you're not mine - because we almost happened. because I would never find out what would happen next… because you'll always be a question without an answer. #Quote by Nessie Q.
The Answer And The Question quotes by Kate DiCamillo
#100. How do you know if you are a writer? For once, I am going to answer a question as directly as I am able. My answer goes like this. You know that you are a writer if you are imaginative. You know that you are a writer if you are curious. You know that you are a writer if you are interested in the things and people of the world. You know that you are a writer if you hold a minie ball in your hand and wonder about its story. You know that you are a writer if you like the sound of rain on the roof. And if you want to tell someone else about your heart and how waiting for the thunder sometimes makes you feel, if you work to find the words to do that, then you are a writer. " -Maureen #Quote by Kate DiCamillo

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