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That Was Me quotes by Rick Riordan
#1. Knock it off, you two.' Annabeth handed her scroll to Sadie. 'Carter, let's trade. I'll try your khopesh ; you try my Yankees cap.'

She tossed him the hat.

'I'm usually more of a basketball guy, but …' Carter put on the cap and disappeared. 'Wow, okay. I'm invisible, aren't I?'

Sadie applauded. 'You've never looked better, brother dear.'

'Very funny.'

'If you can sneak up on Setne,' Annabeth suggested, 'you might be able to take him by surprise, get the crown away from him.'

'But you told us Setne saw right through your invisibility,' Carter said.

'That was me ,' Annabeth said, 'a Greek using a Greek magic item. For you, maybe it'll work better – or differently, at least.'

'Carter, give it a shot,' I said. 'The only thing better than a giant chicken man is a giant invisible chicken man. #Quote by Rick Riordan
That Was Me quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
#2. I mean, if you were to find a shattered mirror, find all the pieces, all the shards and all the tiny chips, and have whatever skill and patience it took to put all that broken glass back together so that it was complete once again, the restored mirror would still be spiderwebbed with cracks, it would still be a useless glued version of its former self, which could show only fragmented reflections of anyone looking into it. Some things are beyond repair. And that was me. #Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel
That Was Me quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#3. About her life to come, when she'd have a mansion and no neighbors. All she ever wanted was for everyone to go away. And when I did she never forgave me. She loved miracle stories, probably because her life was a far away from a miracle as Jupiter is from the Earth. She believed in miracles, even though she never got one
well, maybe she did get one, but that was me, and she didn't know that miracles often come in disguise. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
That Was Me quotes by Rachel Weisz
#4. That was me under the bath and the water being held down. The director wanted it to look as real as possible so he told Keanu, in front of me, don't go easy on her. So it was scary. #Quote by Rachel Weisz
That Was Me quotes by Will Elliott
#5. Remember back in forty-four when someone killed that pet parrot of yours? What was his name, Reynold? You know, the only friend you ever had? That was me, George. I fucked it to death then fed it to Goshy. #Quote by Will Elliott
That Was Me quotes by Ann Voskamp
#6. And His Word can come through the trees like wind. "I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was homeless and you gave me a room, I was shivering and you gave me clothes, I was sick and you stopped to visit, I was in prison and you came to me . . . I'm telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me - you did it to me."3 #Quote by Ann Voskamp
That Was Me quotes by Becca Ritchie
#7. When I was seventeen you said you wanted to perform an autopsy on me, to crack open my ribcage and squeeze my heart until it burst between your fingers." What is that - if not flirting? She lifts her head off a pillow to near me, propping her elbows on the mattress. "That was me hating you, Richard. I dreamed of your death." "You dreamed of clutching my heart," I rebut. "Of killing you," she emphasizes. I lean closer to her, our eyes locking. "Vous m'aimiez." You loved me. #Quote by Becca Ritchie
That Was Me quotes by Lena Dunham
#8. This could very easily be taken out of context, and I think it's funny now, but I remember looking in the mirror as a kid and, it would be like for an hour at a time, and I'd be like, 'I'm just so beautiful. Everybody is so lucky that they get to look at me.' And of course that changes as you get older, but I may have held on to that little-kid feeling that was me alone in my bathroom. #Quote by Lena Dunham
That Was Me quotes by Taylor Swift
#9. I love all the girls who have my song on their myspaces. I love the people who come to my shows and put the pictures on here. I love the people at those shows who sing along with me. I love reading your stories in emails, some so touching they've given me chills. I love every single person who has wanted my autograph, because for the life of me I never really thought it would mean something to someone for me to write my name down. I love the little girls who stand in line with their mothers like I used to do. That was me. I love the couple who danced to my song at their wedding. Every comment, letter, and message. I love people who listen to the radio. I love every single person who is reading this, because you've let me into your life.
I love you all so much, I just wanted you to know. #Quote by Taylor Swift
That Was Me quotes by Callan McAuliffe
#10. I wasn't really geeky. In terms of the high school hierarchy, I was very much in the middle ground. You have the really popular guys, you have the nerdy guys, and then you have the people who really don't care - and that was me. I wasn't really picked on or anything like that. #Quote by Callan McAuliffe
That Was Me quotes by Rick Ross
#11. Drug users made me. They taught me. I didn't know how to work a scale; I didn't know what a gram was. Drug users taught me the business. They're going to teach it to the next guy, because they want a good drug dealer, one they can trust, one that's not going to rob them, one that's not going to cheat them out of their money, one that's not going to sell them fake dope. That was me. They're going to find another one because they're going to be looking for that guy every single day until they find him. #Quote by Rick Ross
That Was Me quotes by Yay Padua-Olmedo
#12. CENTER-OF-THE-UNIVERSE, that was me entering the workplace. And I woke up one day soon after that, struggling at the bottom of a vast ocean. But I needed that. Humbling experiences are part of growing - they help shape us and mold our character. Welcome to life. #Quote by Yay Padua-Olmedo
That Was Me quotes by Susan Bischoff
#13. "Joss"
"What?" Dylan asked back.
"You just said my name."
"No I didn't"
"Sorry that was me."
I sat up, banging my head on the roof. "Who is that?"
"Hey, stay down here where the air is good, okay?" Dylan pulled me gently back down. "Hows your head?"
"Not good, I think."
"Um, okay, so you here me. Heather's right, you do think loud. I mean, I've never heard you before, but my Talent seems to be a lot more selective than her's. But now that she's got me turned in to you-"
"Who are you?"
"It's still me, Marshall. It's Dylan. I'm right here."
"My name's Joel."
"Joss, what are you talking about?" He took my face in his hands. "Who's Joel?"
"The voice in my head, I guess."
"Jesus. #Quote by Susan Bischoff
That Was Me quotes by Chuck Connors
#14. I wasn't a bad basketball player, but I was far from the world's greatest. Good defense, no offense - that was me. #Quote by Chuck Connors
That Was Me quotes by Kelly Moran
#15. That was me. Reliable. The good southern guy. Boy next door.
Except I wasn't. Not really. #Quote by Kelly Moran
That Was Me quotes by Graham Greene
#16. She had always called me 'you.' 'Is that you?' on the telephone, 'Can you? Will you? Do you?' so that I imagined, like a fool, for a few minutes at a time, there was only one 'you' in the world and that was me. #Quote by Graham Greene
That Was Me quotes by J.M. Darhower
#17. That was me, angel. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
That Was Me quotes by Finding Nemo
#18. Dory can you see anything?" (Marlin)
"Ah! Something's got me!" (Dory)
"Sorry! That was me." (Marlin)
"*gasps* Who's that?!" (Dory)
"'Who's that' Who do you think it could be; it's me. (Marlin)
"Are... Are you my conscience?" (Dory)
"Yeah, Yeah, I'm your conscience. We haven't spoken for a while" (Marlin) #Quote by Finding Nemo
That Was Me quotes by Leonard Cohen
#19. We sold ourselves for love but now we are free
I'm so sorry for that ghost I made you be
Only one of us was real and that was me #Quote by Leonard Cohen
That Was Me quotes by Judy Collins
#20. I look in the mirror through the eyes of the child that was me. #Quote by Judy Collins
That Was Me quotes by Julia Roberts
#21. The first time I felt I was famous was when I went to the movies with my mom. I had gone to the loo, and someone in the bathroom said in a very loud voice, Girl in stall No. 1 were you in Mystic Pizza? I paused and I said, yeah that was me. #Quote by Julia Roberts
That Was Me quotes by Carol Rifka Brunt
#22. Don't you see? It's like we've known each other all these years. Without even seeing each other. It's like there's been this ... this ghost relationship between us. You laying out my plectrums on the floor, me buying black-and-white cookies every time I knew you would be coming over. You didn't know that was me, but it was. #Quote by Carol Rifka Brunt
That Was Me quotes by Stephen Malkmus
#23. When I was in high school, I was a late bloomer. And just like all those supermodels who said they were gawky and no one liked them, that was me - metaphorically. And so I was ready to rise like a phoenix in later times. #Quote by Stephen Malkmus
That Was Me quotes by Alanis Morissette
#24. The joke that you laid in the bed that was me. #Quote by Alanis Morissette
That Was Me quotes by Anthony Horowitz
#25. What happened?" he demanded. "I heard an explosion!"
"Yeah.That was me. I set the boat alight."
"I set fire to the boat."
"But we're on the boat!"
"I know. #Quote by Anthony Horowitz
That Was Me quotes by James       Morris
#26. I walked away, feeling his eyes on me and I felt… connected somehow. As if I just met the missing piece of the puzzle that was me. #Quote by James Morris
That Was Me quotes by Ray Charles
#27. I know it sounds strange - a blind teenager buzzin' round on a motorcycle - but I liked that; that was me. I had always been nervy, and I always had a lot of faith in my ability not to break my neck. #Quote by Ray Charles
That Was Me quotes by Charles Martin
#28. Everything in me wanted to go home. To fall on my dad, tell him about Jimmy, and tell him 'I'm sorry.' But there was another part of me that would not let me do that. And that part needed to make something of the mess that was me. To walk home with something more than scars and empty hands. To be something other than a failure. I was caught in the middle of that tug-of-war. #Quote by Charles Martin
That Was Me quotes by Marcel Dionne
#29. Now you watch reality TV, you watch them in all those pools or Jacuzzis and I say to myself was I that stupid? But that was me then. #Quote by Marcel Dionne
That Was Me quotes by Marlon Wayans
#30. I don't want there to be this separation between the rich and poor. I may be part of the three percent because I've been fortunate and done well for myself, but I will never forget about the 97 percent. That was me growing up. I was so poor I dreamt about being just 'regular poor,' not 'poor, poor.' #Quote by Marlon Wayans
That Was Me quotes by Ana Blaze
#31. Yeah, you were in my gym class. Didn't you get hit in the face with a tennis ball one time?"
Kiley had long ago accepted that, despite the lack of any reasonable scientific explanation, her face clearly attracted sporting equipment. She'd absolutely gotten hit with a tennis ball, as well as a volleyball, a softball, and a Frisbee. Once she'd even managed to get wacked in the nose with a broom while they'd attempted to play a grounded version of Quidditch. "Yup, that was me. #Quote by Ana Blaze
That Was Me quotes by Momoh Abdulrahaman
#32. Am back to it again, that space in time where my mind elapse and my flesh
be in the driver's seat dressed up in immorality spending the nights flirting with
whatever demon I choose. Now my soul in kind with the darkness I chose, for
damnation was the pill I sought when will comes free and deeds of evil
orgasmic and thrilling with every breath. Inevitably am the man nailed to his
corpse while chained to his sins for the veil that covered was shattered and the
evil that was me was finally born a manifestation of flesh. #Quote by Momoh Abdulrahaman
That Was Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#33. Hauk wanted me to tell you that the next time he says run, we should leave the vics on board and get the hell out. I tend to agree. (Syn)
You were the one who didn't run. (Nykyrian)
Oh yeah, that was me, wasn't it? Since when do you listen to me anyway? I'm an idiot. (Syn) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
That Was Me quotes by Beth Reekles
#34. He shrugged, "I dont know.. I just, well I mean.. Taking you to dance and stuff like that was me trying to say sorry. But sometimes, saying sorry doesn't mean a lot. And you deserve a hell a lot of better than that; than me. And man, I hate all this emotional shit but Im gonna say it all anyway because you deserve that much. #Quote by Beth Reekles
That Was Me quotes by Idina Menzel
#35. The one who tried too hard, the outsider, the oddball. Yeah, that was me. #Quote by Idina Menzel
That Was Me quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#36. I've never been afraid of ghosts. I live with them daily, after all. When I look in a mirror, my mother's eyes look back at me; my mouth curls with the smile that lured my great-grandfather to the fate that was me. No, how should I fear the touch of those vanished hands, laid on me in love unknowing? How could I be afraid of those that molded my flesh, leaving their remnants to live long past the grave? ... All the time the ghosts flit past and through us, hiding in the future. We look in the mirror and see shades of other faces looking back through the years; we see the shape of memory, standing solid in an empty doorway. By blood and by choice, we make our own ghosts; we haunt ourselves. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
That Was Me quotes by Stephen King
#37. I didn't go to bars much. One drunken asshole was all I could handle and that was me. I wrote. I don't remember a lot of it. #Quote by Stephen King
That Was Me quotes by Cora Carmack
#38. It wasn't until I'd walked halfway across the parking lot that I realized:
1. I wasn't wearing shoes.
A. Or a shirt.
2. I didn't bring my keys
A. Or anything really.
3. I'd just left a complete stranger in my apartment.
A. Naked.
Whoever said one-night stands were supposed to be simple with no strings attached had clearly never met the disaster that was me. #Quote by Cora Carmack
That Was Me quotes by Aly Martinez
#39. Every smile. Every laugh. Every kiss. Every touch. That was me. That was us. And that was the truth. #Quote by Aly Martinez
That Was Me quotes by Lucian Bane
#40. didn't choose that life," she patted her chest rapidly. "That was me, that was me. God never wanted that, I promise you, baby. God loves you," she cried, bitterly. "Who do you think helped me escape? It was Kane, and who do you think told him to help me?" She pointed up and nodded, her teary eyes wide and hopeful. "That's right, the Man upstairs, He told Kane to help me. And he listened." She gasped several times, face crimping in agony again. "But I didn't. I knew better than that life, I knew it was wrong but I was young and stupid. Don't you fucking listen to those lies in your head," she hissed. "All lies. The truth is in here," she pressed her palm firmly to his chest. "It's all in here. #Quote by Lucian Bane
That Was Me quotes by Paula Heller Garland
#41. Back then I recall yelling ugly things like, "Don't do it"! at the happy couple. Yes, that was me. Obnoxious jilted girl, party of one. #Quote by Paula Heller Garland
That Was Me quotes by Anonymous
#42. I found her today.
I found that little girl that was me.
I saw her from such a distance...
I saw her and I wanted to run to her
to hold her
to protect her from all
that was so very wrong in her world.
My heart raced as I thought back...
As I thought of how scared
and quiet
and painfully shy she was.
I wanted to race to her
to tell her she would be OK
to tell her that she would
live through her hell...
that she would live through it all
and grow to be so very strong...
She would never have to hide again.
And she would find others like her
and give them the same comfort.
I wanted to tell her of Love.

And when I made it all the way
to where she was laying,
I paused at the beauty of her.
I stood there as she looked at me
she yawned, and she smiled,
put down her book,
stretched out her arms to me,
and said
'I have been waiting for you.
I love you #Quote by Anonymous
That Was Me quotes by Anne Fortier
#43. In no other place had I ever seen female purity celebrated by a 355-foot phallic object. But maybe that was me. #Quote by Anne Fortier
That Was Me quotes by Camila Alves
#44. My waist used to be tiny. I just saw a picture of Miley Cyrus with a little crop top and low pants, and I'm like, 'That was me growing up in Brazil!' I had the typical model body, but after babies, it changed. I look more like a woman. #Quote by Camila Alves
That Was Me quotes by Karpov Kinrade
#45. I learned I had to save myself. That I could only depend on one person, and that was me. #Quote by Karpov Kinrade
That Was Me quotes by Adam Carolla
#46. I spoke to my dad, and he said it took close to 90 dollars to raise me. But that was me and my sister, and my sister moved out when she was 16, so sometimes it can knock you up to triple digits to raise a kid. #Quote by Adam Carolla
That Was Me quotes by Henning Mankell
#47. I still have a photo on my wall of the greatest idol I will ever have in my life, and it's myself at eight. Because that's when the forces of imagination have the same value as the real world, when they're an instrument of survival: when my mother disappeared, and I imagined a mother. That was me at my best. #Quote by Henning Mankell
That Was Me quotes by Christopher Barzak
#48. Here's the thing: we're all as thin as paper. Like those paper people you used to find in old children's magazines, inhabiting a two-page spread with other paper people, all of them hanging out somewhere together-at the park, at church, at school, at the mall, on the family room-until some kid took a pair of scissors to the dotted lines surrounding them and cut them out of their paper world. That's us, that's anyone. That was me. A cut-out paper person removed from the world I once belonged to. #Quote by Christopher Barzak
That Was Me quotes by Meg Cabot
#49. Oh, Jason, I couldn't get my locker open ... I know, I tried twisting it right, then left, but it wouldn't budge. I guess I'm just not strong enough. Could you help me? Please? Oh, great. Oh, Jason, you're so strong ... Seriously? That was me now? On the other hand , a guy was following me. #Quote by Meg Cabot
That Was Me quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#50. When I woke the next morning in my room at White's Motel, I showered and stood naked in front of the mirror, watching myself solemnly brush my teeth. I tried to feel something like excitement but came up only with a morose unease. Every now and then I could see myself-truly see myself-and a sentence would come to me, thundering like a god into my head, and as I saw myself then in front of that tarnished mirror what came was 'the woman with the hole in her heart'. That was me. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
That Was Me quotes by Timothy B. Schmit
#51. I knew Glenn Frey. He called me up in 1977 and told me The Eagles were looking for a bass player, preferably someone who could write and had a high voice. That was me. #Quote by Timothy B. Schmit
That Was Me quotes by Courtney Allison Moulton
#52. All the beasts of Hell knew they couldn't stop me. I was the archangel Gabriel, the Preliator, and they knew that no matter how many times they killed, I always came back to kill them. No matter how much they frightened me, I remembered what Cadan had told me about the stories of me he had grown up hearing. Even demons feared something. The demonic reapers had nightmares of their own, stories they told one another to terrify, a legend that haunted them in their sleep. That was me. I was Hell's nightmare. #Quote by Courtney Allison Moulton
That Was Me quotes by Darynda Jones
#53. No writing is effortless. I'm not saying you can't have a good day where the words just kind of flow, but even those words have to be edited. Probably more than once. And I'm not saying a character hasn't somehow gone in a different direction that I wanted her to go, but that was me, not her. I let her get away from me. I let her roam free and nine times out of ten, the result is not good. I have to go back and start over because she veered off the path of my book. She changed the vision. And I did that. Not her. #Quote by Darynda Jones
That Was Me quotes by Nick Hornby
#54. How do people, like, not curse? How is it possible? There are these gaps in speech where you just have to put a "fuck." I'll tell you who the most admirable people in the world are: newscasters. If that was me, I'd be like, "And the motherfuckers flew the fucking plane right into the Twin Towers." How could you not, if you're a human being? Maybe they're not so admirable. Maybe they're robot zombies. #Quote by Nick Hornby
That Was Me quotes by Melanie Laurent
#55. I love acting, but directing and writing have always been just as important. I started to write so many things when I was even a child. I wrote my first play when I was, like, seven years old. That was me - a writer - for years. #Quote by Melanie Laurent
That Was Me quotes by Stephen King
#56. I never think of stories as made things; I think of them as found things. As if you pull them out of the ground, and you just pick them up. Someone once told me that that was me low-balling my own creativity. That might or might not be the case. But still, on the story I am working on now, I do have some unresolved problem. It doesn't keep me awake at nights. I feel like when it comes down, it will be there ... #Quote by Stephen King
That Was Me quotes by Virginia Nelson
#57. When you kissed me ... I felt special.
I never really felt like I deserved it.
That isn't your fault. That was me.
When I looked down the aisle on our wedding day and you weren't there, my first thought, as awful as this sounds, wasn't, "Where is he?" it was, "Oh, it figures. #Quote by Virginia Nelson
That Was Me quotes by Sara Eckel
#58. Now when I remember the woman I was - heaving herself off the couch to go on another Internet date, taking a deep breath before walking into the party where she'd see her ex and his new girlfriend - I don't feel a trace of contempt or embarrassment. I have a funny admiration for the girl who kept taking her licks and got back up again. That was me. Doing my best. Which, of course, is all any of us can do. #Quote by Sara Eckel
That Was Me quotes by Jarod Kintz
#59. The Federal Reserve was created after a 1913 meeting in Jekyll Island, Ga that was so secret it wasn't discovered until Orafoura began cleaning out his underwear drawer in 1982. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
That Was Me quotes by Jack Kornfield
#60. One day Mara, the Buddhist god of ignorance and evil, was traveling through the villages of India with his attendants. He saw a man doing walking meditation whose face was lit up in wonder. The man had just discovered something on the ground in front of him. Mara's attendants asked what that was and Mara replied, "A piece of truth." "Doesn't this bother you when someone finds a piece of the truth, O evil one?" his attendants asked. "No," Mara replied. "Right after this they usually make a belief out of it." #Quote by Jack Kornfield
That Was Me quotes by Billy Bob Thornton
#61. When people are bothering you constantly when you're trying to do just a simple thing that humans do every day but they won't let you do it without bugging you about it, that was a hard thing. Because I became a movie star overnight. From a working actor and working writer to a movie star. #Quote by Billy Bob Thornton
That Was Me quotes by Anonymous
#62. The officers saw an opportunity for efficiency; you can get the same protection with less armor if you concentrate the armor on the places with the greatest need, where the planes are getting hit the most. But exactly how much more armor belonged on those parts of the plane? That was the answer they came to Wald for. It wasn't the answer they got. The armor, said Wald, doesn't go where the bullet holes are. It goes where the bullet holes aren't: on the engines. Wald's insight was simply to ask: where are the missing holes? The ones that would have been all over the engine casing, if the damage had been spread equally all over the plane? Wald was pretty sure he knew. The missing bullet holes were on the missing planes. The reason planes were coming back with fewer hits to the engine is that planes that got hit in the engine weren't coming back. #Quote by Anonymous
That Was Me quotes by Julia Quinn
#63. I'm a third son. Perpetually short of funds, I'm afraid.'
'Ha! You're as plump in the pocket as at least three earls,' Lady Danbury said ...
Colin smiled blandly. 'Isn't it considered impolite to talk about money in mixed company?'
Lady Danbury let out a noise that was either a wheeze or a giggle - Colin wasn't sure which - then said, 'It's always impolite to talk about money, mixed company or no #Quote by Julia Quinn
That Was Me quotes by Robert Jordan
#64. And it shall come to pass, in the days when the Dark Hunt rides, when the right hand falters and the left hand strays, that mankind shall come to the Crossroads of Twilight and all that is, all that was, and all that will be shall balance on the point of a sword, while the winds of the Shadow grow.

-From The Prophecies of the Dragon translation believed done by Jain Charin, known as Jain Farstrider, sheortly before his disapperance #Quote by Robert Jordan
That Was Me quotes by Sarah Dessen
#65. That was the thing about being on the inside: the world was just going on, even when it seemed like time for you had stopped for good. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
That Was Me quotes by David Byrne
#66. And echoes to my singing. More sounds went on - an arc-like melody created using an echo machine, and then a guitar solo at the end that was made by selecting fragments from a number of improvised solos. Finally, I sang the song after jogging in the studio, because for some reason I wanted to sound out of breath. Of course, I was singing the same words and melody as I had been on the earlier, straighter, version of the song, but now to a vastly altered musical track - a fact that also affected how I sang. The song, as it was released, #Quote by David Byrne
That Was Me quotes by Milan Kundera
#67. But it was not only a feeling of guilt which drove him into danger. He detested the pettiness that made life semilife and men semimen. He wished to put his life on one of a pair of scales and death on the other. He wished each of his acts, indeed each day, each hour, each second of his life to be measured against the supreme criterion, which is death. That was why he wanted to march at the head of the column, to walk on a tightrope over an abyss, to have a halo of bullets around his head and thus to grow in everyone's eyes and become unlimited as death is unlimited ... #Quote by Milan Kundera
That Was Me quotes by Tom Cox
#68. Churchill and Roosevelt loved cats. Hitler and Napoleon hated them. That was a vastly reductive view on the matter, obviously, but it told you a lot. #Quote by Tom Cox
That Was Me quotes by Glen Duncan
#69. He'd seen her not really recognising him, not really, when it came down to it, caring who he was. It was disgusting, that pain could do that. What was the point of it, except to shame and disgust everyone? To make a mockery of love? If that was God then fuck God, whether there was a reason for it or not. If there was a reason then fuck the reason. No kind of reason he was interested in any more. #Quote by Glen Duncan
That Was Me quotes by Meredith Grey
#70. The thing about addiction is, it never ends well. Because eventually, whatever it is that was getting us high, stops feeling good, and starts to hurt. Still, they say you don't kick the habit until you hit rock bottom. But how do you know when you are there? Because no matter how badly a thing is hurting us, sometimes, letting it go hurts even worse. #Quote by Meredith Grey
That Was Me quotes by Brittainy C. Cherry
#71. Okay, say the word again."
"Thaumaturge," she repeated. "I downloaded this dictionary app on my phone last night and that was the word of the day."
"And the meaning?"
"A worker of wonders or miracles. A magician."
"Okay, three things to say on this subject. One, what a badass word. Two, what a badass definition. Three, it's a little sexy that you have a dictionary app. #Quote by Brittainy C. Cherry
That Was Me quotes by Carrie Butler
#72. I mean, that was the code, wasn't it? Single girls and taken guys weren't allowed to be friends. The leash always got in the way. #Quote by Carrie Butler
That Was Me quotes by George R R Martin
#73. No man threatens His Grace in the presence of the Kingsguard."
Tyrion Lannister raised an eyebrow. "I am not threatening the king, ser, I am educating my nephew. Bronn, Timett, the next time Ser Boros opens his mouth, kill him." The dwarf smiled.
"Now that was a threat, ser. See the difference? #Quote by George R R Martin
That Was Me quotes by David Halberstam
#74. Rowing, particularly sculling, inflicts on the individual in every race a level of pain associated with few other sports. There was certainly pain in football during a head-on collision, pain in other sports on the occasion of a serious injury. That was more the threat of pain; in rowing there was the absolute guarantee of it every time. #Quote by David Halberstam
That Was Me quotes by J.P. Delaney
#75. I'll tell you something that was unusual, though. When most people are caught lying to the police, they cave in pretty quickly. Emma's response was to tell another lie. It might have been planted in her head by her brief, but even so that's not a common reaction. #Quote by J.P. Delaney
That Was Me quotes by Joe Thomas
#76. At university, I said to a girl, 'Before I met you all I could think about was history; now, all I can think about is you'. I thought that was the sort of thing you had to say. #Quote by Joe Thomas
That Was Me quotes by J.M.K. Walkow
#77. Blazing Night decided to travel to Europe to collect the information that was not on the net, some of it was hidden in old archives and cemeteries. #Quote by J.M.K. Walkow
That Was Me quotes by Robert Redford
#78. I was producing things I was acting in, but I had never directed and I felt it was time. I was looking for a piece of material that was about behavior and feelings. When I read Judith Guest's book, I thought, This is it. #Quote by Robert Redford
That Was Me quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#79. See - there is a great golden palace over there in the sunset," said Walter, pointing. "Look at the shining tower - and the crimson banners streaming from them. Perhaps a conqueror is riding home from battle - and they are hanging them out to do honour to him." "Oh, I wish we had the old days back again," exclaimed Jem. "I'd love to be a soldier - a great, triumphant general. I'd give EVERYTHING to see a big battle." Well, Jem was to be a soldier and see a greater battle than had ever been fought in the world; but that was as yet far in #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
That Was Me quotes by Ernest Becker
#80. Kierkegaard had his own formula for what it means to be a man. He put it forth in those superb pages wherein he describes what he calls "the knight of faith." This figure is the man who lives in faith, who has given over the meaning of life to his Creator, and who lives centered on the energies of his Maker. He accepts whatever happens in this visible dimension without complaint, lives his life as a duty, faces his death without a qualm. No pettiness is so petty that it threatens his meanings; not task is too frightening to be beyond his courage. He is fully in the world on its terms and wholly beyond the world in his trust in the invisible dimension. It is very much the old Pietistic ideal that was lived by Kant's parents. The great strength of such an ideal is that it allows one to be open, generous, courageous, to touch others' lives and enrich them and open them in turn. As the knight of faith has no fear-of-life-and-death trip to lay onto others, he does not cause them to shrink back upon themselves, he does not coerce or manipulate them. The knight of faith, then, represents what we might call an ideal of mental health, the continuing openness of life out of the death throes of dread. #Quote by Ernest Becker
That Was Me quotes by Wayne Flynt
#81. On average, once a month for the last 10 years since her [Harper Lee] stroke, we have sat and talked and told stories and exchanged insults ... Which she loves. I think one secret to our friendship was I did not treat her like a marble woman, and my wife - I joked with her, and I joked with her, and that was the sort of contours of our friendship. #Quote by Wayne Flynt
That Was Me quotes by Veronica Rossi
#82. Perry. I want to see your back."
Another surprise, but he nodded and turned away. Dropped his head forward and took the moment to try and calm his breath. He jerked when she traced the shape of the wings on his skin, a groan sliding out of him. Perry silently cursed himself. He couldn't have sounded more savage if he'd tried.
"Sorry," she whispered ...
"He's magnificent. Like you," she added softly.
That was what did it. #Quote by Veronica Rossi
That Was Me quotes by Clare Wright
#83. We (women) take it for granted that we can do what we want. Not so very long ago, that was not the case. #Quote by Clare Wright
That Was Me quotes by Brian Wildsmith
#84. A lot of illustrators have one central character and then they develop it, and all their books are based around it. But that was not my wish. I wanted to introduce children to the whole creative side of many aspects of life. #Quote by Brian Wildsmith
That Was Me quotes by Bruce Feiler
#85. I definitely subscribe to the idea that 9/11, to use an overused phrase, was a wake-up call. There was a year-long national teach-in on Islam - everyone read books and suddenly talked about Islam, and that was very productive. But there's no doubt that moment has passed. #Quote by Bruce Feiler
That Was Me quotes by Lena Dunham
#86. No floodgate had been opened. No vault of true womanhood unlocked. She remained, and she was me. #Quote by Lena Dunham
That Was Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#87. Instead, he gave her that cocky grin. "Shall we go see an advisor then and give him a concussion or two?" She laughed at his overexuberant tone. "Absolutely." She gestured with her thumb toward the surveillance camera that was mounted high on the wall over her head. "Provided the crew of lackwits allow us to leave that is." "I heard that," Hauk said over the intercom. "Didn't anyone ever tell you to be respectful of the man who holds the key to the lock on your cage?" She scoffed. "Qillaq, Hauk. I was taught to kick him in the groin or the teeth until he handed it over." Caillen #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
That Was Me quotes by Ward Just
#88. What brings us anywhere? You take one turn instead of another, you meet one woman instead of another, you have good health or you don't, luck vies with misfortune, you break down and arrive at Bellevue in your bathrobe on a Saturday morning or - what was his father's antique phrase - you pulled up your socks and got on with things. Your heart adapted to changing times. Your body did. Or it did not and you passed your days in a muffler of regret. And that was what they called intelligent design. #Quote by Ward Just
That Was Me quotes by Kresley Cole
#89. Uh-huh, she said. He was beginning to recognize that was her way of indicating untruth. #Quote by Kresley Cole
That Was Me quotes by Claude Chabrol
#90. I wanted to make a film about stupid people that was very vulgar and deeply stupid. From that moment on I can hardly be reproached for making a film that is about stupid people. #Quote by Claude Chabrol
That Was Me quotes by Walter Scott
#91. Meantime the clang of the bows and the shouts of the combatants mixed fearfully with the sound of the trumpets, and drowned the groans of those who fell, and lay rolling defenceless beneath the feet of the horses. The splendid armour of the combatants was now defaced with dust and blood, and gave way at every stroke of the sword and battle-axe. The gay plumage, shorn from the crests, drifted upon the breeze like snowflakes. All that was beautiful in the martial array had disappeared, and what was now visibke was only calculated to awaken terror or compassion. #Quote by Walter Scott
That Was Me quotes by Todd Rundgren
#92. I really consider myself fortunate to have been of age during the musical revolution that came in the form of the Beatles. People don't realize that previous to the Beatles, there really was no such thing as an album artist. People made singles. Then they would put a bunch of those singles together and call it an album. And that was it. #Quote by Todd Rundgren
That Was Me quotes by Rachel Caine
#93. The Morganville in her wanted to tell people to go home and be safe, but she knew that was verging on crazy. The world these laughing people lived in was a very different place. She was in a very different place. #Quote by Rachel Caine
That Was Me quotes by Penelope Fitzgerald
#94. That was what he wanted to tell his audience at Cambridge. He divided classical satirists into two classes - fierce men starving in garrets, and renouncing popularity and circulation to dwell in tubs, and calm good-livers "who tell amusingly the kind of truth that no one has ever denied." But for the present century the right spirit, he believed, was self-satire, the ability to see humor in the constant small defeats of life, and "the power to be startled by nothing, however extravagant." The subject, in the end, turned out to be more relevant than it had seemed, as anyone could have told who had heard Eddie and Wilfred laughing together. #Quote by Penelope Fitzgerald
That Was Me quotes by John Green
#95. I wanted to tell her that I was getting better, because that was supposed to be the narrative of illness: It was a hurdle you jumped over, or a battle you won. Illness is a story told in the past tense. #Quote by John Green
That Was Me quotes by Northrop Frye
#96. Just as a new scientific discovery manifests something that was already latent in the order of nature, and at the same time is logically related to the total structure of the existing science, so the new poem manifests something that was already latent in the order of words. #Quote by Northrop Frye

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