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That Says It All quotes by Kristen Ashley
#1. Anyone can find themselves in a place they don't want to be, and even knowin' they don't wanna be there, they can't get out. It's findin' it in you to get out that says it all about you, Amy #Quote by Kristen Ashley
That Says It All quotes by John Walter Bratton
#2. You've reached your 60th birthday, Bill
To the year, the day, the hour
You've been a lifelong country boy
Along with Lily, your flower
And Robin ... that's the name of a bird
And Dawn ... that says it all #Quote by John Walter Bratton
That Says It All quotes by Steve Steckler
#3. Democrats' definition of 'rich' - always seems to be set just above whatever the salary happens to be for a member of Congress. Perhaps that says it all. #Quote by Steve Steckler
That Says It All quotes by Kristen Ashley
#4. Life isn't always beauty," he returned. "Most of the time it's shit. But you keep fightin' to turn it around, that says it all about you. And you're fightin'. As a fighter too, I fuckin' love that in you. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
That Says It All quotes by Joaquin Andujar
#5. There is one word in America that says it all, and that one word is, 'You never know.' #Quote by Joaquin Andujar
That Says It All quotes by Gio Gonzalez
#6. To be a small town kid from Hialeah, Fla., pitching in Miami and representing Team U.S.A., that says it all. It's a kid's dream. Don't pinch me. I don't want to wake up. #Quote by Gio Gonzalez
That Says It All quotes by Greg Gorman
#7. Jeff [Koons] called me because he'd seen a portrait of David Bowie, at the beginning of the 80s - I've known Jeff for a long time - and he said, Greg, I want to look like a high-profile celebrity, living on the edge. I think that says it all. #Quote by Greg Gorman
That Says It All quotes by David Hockney
#8. There's a Chinese proverb that says it all: Painting is an old man's art. #Quote by David Hockney
That Says It All quotes by August Wilson
#9. I once wrote a short story called 'The Best Blues Singer in the World,' and it went like this: 'The streets that Balboa walked were his own private ocean, and Balboa was drowning.' End of story. That says it all. Nothing else to say. I've been rewriting that same story over and over again. All my plays are rewriting that same story. #Quote by August Wilson
That Says It All quotes by Philip K. Dick
#10. There is a line somewhere in Wozzeck that translates out to, roughly, 'The world is awful.' Yes, I said to myself as I shot across the Bay Bridge not giving a fuck how fast I drove, that sums it up. That is high art: 'The world is awful.' That says it all. This is what we pay composers and painters and the great writers to do: tell us this; from figuring this out, they earn a living. What a masterful, incisive insight. What penetrating intelligence. A rat in a drain ditch could tell you the same thing, were it able to talk. If rats could talk, I'd do anything they said. #Quote by Philip K. Dick
That Says It All quotes by Drew Brees
#11. That says it all. When you say, 'Victory,' that says it all. #Quote by Drew Brees
That Says It All quotes by Kay Whitley
#12. It is my sincerest hope to leave this world in better shape than which I found it. Everyone says that. However the distinction I feel that is necessary to make is. I hope to leave this world better in spite of my departure, not because of it. #Quote by Kay Whitley
That Says It All quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#13. St. Clair tucks the tips of his fingers into his pockets and kicks the cobblestones with the toe of his boots. "Well?" he finally asks.
"Thank you." I'm stunned. "It was really sweet of you to bring me here."
"Ah,well." He straightens up and shrugs-that full-bodied French shrug he does so well-and reassumes his usual, assured state of being. "Have to start somewhere. Now make a wish."
"Huh?" I have such a way with words. I should write epic poetry or jingles for cat food commercials.
He smiles. "Place your feet on the star, and make a wish."
"Oh.Okay,sure." I slide my feet together so I'm standing in the center. "I wish-"
"Don't say it aloud!" St. Clair rushes forward, as if to stop my words with his body,and my stomach flips violently. "Don't you know anything about making wishes? You only get a limited number in life. Falling stars, eyelashes,dandelions-"
"Birthday candles."
He ignores the dig. "Exactly. So you ought to take advantage of them when they arise,and superstition says if you make a wish on that star, it'll come true." He pauses before continuing. "Which is better than the other one I've heard."
"That I'll die a painful death of poisoning, shooting,beating, and drowning?"
"Hypothermia,not drowning." St. Clair laughs. He has a wonderful, boyish laugh. "But no. I've heard anyone who stands here is destined to return to Paris someday. And as I understand it,one year for you is one year to many. Am I right?"
I cl #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
That Says It All quotes by Allie Everhart
#14. Jade, you know I'm not safe out there." He says it as if he's really in danger. "Did you see all those girls running around in towels and robes?"
I roll my eyes. "I swear. The insults are coming, my friend. So tell your ego to get ready. #Quote by Allie Everhart
That Says It All quotes by David Levithan
#15. We could call you an ambisexual. A duosexual. A - "
"Do I really have to find a word for it?" Kyle interrupts. "Can't it just be what it is?"
"Of course," I say, even though in the bigger world I'm not so sure. The world loves stupid labels. I wish we got to choose our own.
We pause for a moment. I wonder if that's all - if he just needed to say the truth and have it heard. But then Kyle looks at me with unsure eyes and says, "You see, I don't know who I'm supposed to be."
"Nobody does," I assure him. #Quote by David Levithan
That Says It All quotes by James Reese
#16. Much struck by the idea of a man--this man--bent on doing himself to death, were he able, I asked, "Do you mean, Doctor, that Mr. Penfold desires bleed himself to death? Or do we speak of carnivorous intent?" I'd adopted the doctor's habit of distancing the very present patient, only to be brought up short by Mr. Penfold himself:-
"May I respond to that, Dr. Stewart?" This, uttered in tones appropriate to any London parlour.
Dr. Stewart said nothing, and so Mr. Penfold spoke on:-
"What I wish, sir," said he to me, "is simply to die. Rather, I no longer wish to live. And, as no other means of suicide avails itself to me in this cushioned cell--neither utensil nor tool, not even a hardened corner on which to dash the brains from my head--the doctor speaks true: I would, yes, if able, tear and rend my flesh with fingers and teeth. Not with carnivorous intent, no, but rather to rid myself, my body, of its blood; for the blood, sir, is the life, and, as I have said, I have had done with life.
The blood is the life. Whence did those words come? Forthwith I was informed, by Penfold himself:-
"So it says in Deuteronomy 12:23, where the interdiction is, and I quote, 'Only be sure that thou eat not the blood: for the blood is the life.' But of course I do not wish to drink my own blood, Mr. Stoker. I would, however, see it spilled. I would watch with increasing relief, yes, if the red of life were to run from me. #Quote by James Reese
That Says It All quotes by Eliezer Yudkowsky
#17. This is one of theprimary mechanisms whereby, if a fool says the sun is shining, we do notcorrectly discard this as irrelevant nonevidence, but rather find ourselvesimpelled to say that it must be dark outside. #Quote by Eliezer Yudkowsky
That Says It All quotes by Larry The Cable Guy
#18. I've always thought if you don't like what somebody says, don't hang out with that person. Why do you have to complain about it? Here's the thing. I don't hang out with, and I'm not friends with anybody that would offend me or I think offends me or lives a different way than I do. #Quote by Larry The Cable Guy
That Says It All quotes by Romano Guardini
#19. In the Sermon on the Mount, the Lord says: "Therefore, if thou art offering thy gift at the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother has anything against thee, leave thy gift before the altar and go first to be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift" (Matt. 5:23-24). This means: When you go to Mass and you recall that you have been unjust to someone and that he bears you a grudge, you cannot simply walk into church as though nothing were wrong. For then you would be entering only the physical room of the building, not the congregation, which would not receive you, as you would destroy it by your mere presence. #Quote by Romano Guardini
That Says It All quotes by Angela Thomas
#20. When our God who is Mercy comes like a shout into your darkness, when the Father stoops down and tenderly picks up the pieces of your broken life, when Jesus steps in front of what you could have deserved, and when the the Lord of Heaven says, "I still want you," after you thought no one would, it is the most amazing truth of all. I have been overwhelmed by this lavish kingdom gift called Mercy. #Quote by Angela Thomas
That Says It All quotes by Pittacus Lore
#21. Pick someplace that you could actually get to without building a spaceship." Six asks
I think it over for a moment. "I don't know. Disney World?"
Six and Sarah both exchange a look and then start laughing.
"Disney World?" exclaims Six. "You're so cheesy, John."
"No, it's sweet," says Sarah, patting my hand. "It's the most magical place on Earth."
"You know, I've never actually been on a roller coaster. Henri wasn't down with the whole amusement-park thing. I used to see the commercials and I always wanted to go."
"That's so sad!" exclaims Sarah. "We're definitely going to get you to Disney World. Or at least on a roller coaster. They're amazing."
Six snaps her fingers. "What's that one ride? It's supposed to be like a rocket ship?"
"Space Mountain," answers Sarah.
"Yeah," replies Six, and then hesitates as if she's worried she's about to divulge too much. "I actually remember looking that up online when I was little. I insisted to Katarina that it had something to do with us."
The thought of a young Six investigating Disney World is priceless. The three of us share a laugh.
"Aliens," mutters Sarah jokingly. "You need to get out more. #Quote by Pittacus Lore
That Says It All quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#22. are many studies that say they can't find a statistically significant effect of some policy change," Hoxby says. "That doesn't mean that there wasn't an effect. It just means that they couldn't find it in the data. In this study, I #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
That Says It All quotes by Emma Chase
#23. Uncle Drew?"
"Is you gonna die alone?"
i smirk. "I don't plan on dying for a long time, honey"
"Momma says you're gonna die alone. She tol' Daddy that you gonna die and it be days till a Cleanin' lady find your rottin' corpse."
lovely. Thank you, Alexandra
"Wha's a corpse, uncle Drew?"
Wow. #Quote by Emma Chase
That Says It All quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#24. No, really Patrick. What do you want me to call you?"

King, I'm thinking. King, Evelyn. I want you to call me King. But I don't say this. "Evelyn. I don't want you to call me anything. I don't think we should see each other anymore."

"But your friends are my friends. My friends are your friends. I don't think it would work," she says, and then, staring at a spot above my mouth, "You have a tiny fleck on the top of your lip. Use your napkin."

Exasperated, I brush the fleck away. "Listen, I, know that your friends are my friends and vice versa. I've thought about that." After a pause I say, breathing in, "You can have them."

Finally she looks at me, confused, and murmurs, "You're really serious, aren't you?"

"Yes", I say, "I am."

"But... what about us? What about the past?" she asks blankly.

"The past isn't real. It's just a dream," I say. "Don't mention the past."

She narrows her eyes with suspicion. "Do you have something against me, Patrick?" And then the hardness in her face changes instantaneously to expectation, maybe hope.

"Evelyn," I sigh. "I'm sorry. You're just... not terribly important... to me. #Quote by Bret Easton Ellis
That Says It All quotes by Don DeLillo
#25. It is just so interesting," he says at last. "The colors and all."
The colors and all. #Quote by Don DeLillo
That Says It All quotes by John Barnes
#26. Mitt Romney's first interview with Zombie Reagan:
Mitt Romney came in with cheerful assurance, because he wasn't capable of anything else. "Let me first welcome you back to this side of the veil, Mr. President."
"Yeah, Mitt, it's good to see you looking so well. Your father says hello, and he wanted me to add specially that whatever unfortunate negative things you might remember him saying to you when you were a kid, he always tried to tell you the truth and he hopes you've used it to improve, and he understands that even with the help of those comments, it might just not have been in you to improve. He wants you to remember he still loves you no matter what you've become, or even if you haven't chosen to become any one thing in particular."
"That's very kind. I miss my dad even now."
"Oh, so do I. I remember George as always that kind of guy, he had your back, whenever you'd think to watch your back, you'd find him somewhere around there, ready for action with that knife already drawn. #Quote by John Barnes
That Says It All quotes by Harun Yahya
#27. In the Old Testament, the Egyptian ruler during the period of
Prophet Ibrahim (as) and Prophet Yusuf (as) are named "Pharaoh."
However, this title was actually employed after the eras in which these
two prophets lived.
While addressing the Egyptian ruler at the time of Prophet Yusuf
(as), the word "Al-Malik" in Arabic is used in the Qur'an: It refers to a
ruler, king or sultan:
The King said, 'Bring him to me straight away!'… (Qur'an, 12:50)
The ruler of Egypt in the time of Prophet Musa (as) is
referred to as "Pharaoh." This distinction in the Qur'an is not
made in the Old and New Testaments nor by Jewish historians.
In the Bible, the word "Pharaoh" is used, in every reference
to an Egyptian monarch. On the other hand, the
Qur'an is far more concise and accurate in the terminology
it employs.
The use of the word "Pharaoh" in Egyptian history
belongs only to the late period. This particular title
began to be employed in the 14th century B.C., during
the reign of Amenhotep IV. Prophet Yusuf (as)
lived at least 200 years before that time.
The Encyclopaedia Britannica says that the
word "Pharaoh" was a title of respect used from
the New Kingdom (beginning with the 18th
dynasty; B.C. 1539-1292) until the 22nd
dynasty (B.C. 945-730), after which this
term of address became the title of the
king. Further information on this
Allah's Miracles in the Q #Quote by Harun Yahya
That Says It All quotes by Noam Chomsky
#28. So in the twentieth century, there's a major current of American thought―in fact, it's probably the dominant current among people who think about these things [political scientists, journalists, public relations experts and so on]―which says that precisely because the state has lost the power to coerce, elites need to have more effective propaganda to control the public mind. That was Walter Lippmann's point of view, for example, to mention probably the dean of American journalists―he referred to the population as a "bewildered herd": we have to protect ourselves from "the rage and trampling of the bewildered herd." And the way you do it, Lippmann said, is by what he called the "manufacture of consent"―if you don't do it by force, you have to do it by the calculated "manufacture of consent. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
That Says It All quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#29. Do you remember what Darwin says about music? He claims that the power of producing and appreciating it existed among the human race long before the power of speech was arrived at. Perhaps that is why we are so subtly influenced by it. There are vague memories in our souls of those misty centuries when the world was in its childhood.'
That's a rather broad idea,' I remarked.
One's ideas must be as broad as Nature if they are to interpret Nature,' he answered. #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
That Says It All quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#30. Skip ahead," Georgie said. Petunia was wet and splotched with blood. The thing in her mouth was moving. Oh, God, she's eating it. "She's eating the puppies!" Heather shrieked. She was leaning behind Georgie holding a stack of towels and three bottled waters. "She's not eating it," pizza girl said, putting her hand on Heather's arm. She held up her phone so they both could see. "It's in its sac. They're born in sacs, and the mom chews them out. It's a good sign that she's chewing them free. It says that pugs are notoriously bad mothers. If she didn't do it, we'd have to." "We'd have to chew them out?" Georgie asked. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
That Says It All quotes by Anderson Cooper
#31. Everyone says buying your first apartment makes you feel like an adult. What no one mentions is that selling it turns you right back into a child. #Quote by Anderson Cooper
That Says It All quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#32. Everyone makes their own path, and I must make mine. The Bhagavad Gita - and ancient Indian Yogic text - says that it is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life perfectly. So now I have started living my own life. Imperfect and clumsy as it may look, it is resembling me now, thoroughly. It is mine. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
That Says It All quotes by Elie Wiesel
#33. The individual is not a cog in a monstrous machine; it is within his power to modify the very laws which imprison him and the very relationship maintained by the Judge with the accused and witnesses. If it is true, as the Baal Shem says, that it is possible for man to hide the light of dawn emanating from the forest simply by shielding his eyes with his hands, still it is no less true that he can rediscover it by merely moving his hands. #Quote by Elie Wiesel
That Says It All quotes by Alfie Kohn
#34. S. Neill put it, promising a reward for an activity is "tantamount to declaring that the activity is not worth doing for its own sake."26 Thus, a parent who says to a child, "If you finish your math homework, you may watch an hour of TV" is teaching the child to think of math as something that isn't much fun. #Quote by Alfie Kohn
That Says It All quotes by Nenia Campbell
#35. My sub doesn't pay for me," he says, pulling me to my feet. "That just doesn't happen."
"But we ordered so much," I say helplessly.
"It made you happy," he says simply. "Now I get to play with you. And that makes me happy."
"I don't think it's that simple an equation."
"Maybe not," he concedes. "But then, if if sex were the same thing as math, a lot more people would be lining up to take calculus. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
That Says It All quotes by Lilian B. Yeomans
#36. Just believe what God says that Jesus has done for you...
spirit, soul, and body --
think about it, talk about it,
sing about it, shout about it,
and the praise cure has begun. #Quote by Lilian B. Yeomans
That Says It All quotes by Ray Cluley
#37. That poem you like, how does it end?"
He knows how it ends. He's looked it up by now, that's why he asks.
But I answer him anyway.
"'We have lingered in the chambers of the sea, by sea-girls wreathed
with seaweed red and brown, till human voices wake us, and we drown.'"
Eliot shakes his head. "It does not need the last three words. The last
three words are wrong."
I laugh at his correcting a Nobel prize-winning poet, but I agree. I
know what drowning feels like. It doesn't need water. And human voices,
if they say the right things, can save you.
"Eliot, do you have a pen I can borrow?"
I can feel him smiling in the dark, and we watch the sea caress the
"That man in the poem, Mr. Prufrock, he was a coward, wasn't he?"
Eliot says.
My answer to his question is the same as his answer to mine. #Quote by Ray Cluley
That Says It All quotes by Timothy Keller
#38. You're nobody till somebody loves you," went the popular song, and we are an entire culture that has taken it literally. We maintain the fantasy that if we find our one true soul mate, everything wrong with us will be healed. But when our expectations and hopes reach that magnitude, as Becker says, "the love object is God." No lover, no human being, is qualified for that role. No one can live up to that. The inevitable result is bitter disillusionment. #Quote by Timothy Keller
That Says It All quotes by Tina Packer
#39. He [Hamlet] sees ghosts and listens to dreams. And when his ghost father tells him that he (Hamlet Senior) was killed by his brother and asks Hamlet Junior to avenge his death, in the right, honorable way, Hamlet says yes, yes, yes, he'll do it.
But somehow he never gets round to it. Not like the other two young men in the play. The Norwegian Prince Fortinbras(...) has made his life [!!] pursuing the honor that his father lost when Hamlet Senior beat him in single combat. (...). When the lord chamberlain,Polonius, is killed, his son, Laertes, returns to the court immediately, demanding restitution, (...).
So there is no shortage of examples of how young men are expected to and do act in this world where honor demands an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life. But Hamlet doesn't do it. Instead, he beats up on his girlfriend and he's cruel to his mother. #Quote by Tina Packer
That Says It All quotes by Plato
#40. Whenever someone, on seeing something, realizes that that which he now sees wants to be like some other reality but falls short and cannot be like that other since it is inferior, do we agree that one who thinks this must have prior knowledge of that to which he says it is like, but deficiently so? #Quote by Plato
That Says It All quotes by David Mitchell
#41. Two thoughts walked into my place. The first thought said that we hadn't slept together because sex would have closed an entrance behind us and opened an exit ahead of us. The second thought told me quite clearly what to do. Maybe Takeshi's wife was right - maybe it is unsafe to base an important decision on your feelings for a person. Takeshi says the same thing often enough. Every bonk, he says, quadruples in price by the morning after. But who are Takeshi or his wife to lecture anybody? If not love, then what? I looked at the time. Three o'clock. She was how many thousand kilometers and one time zone away. I could leave some money to cover the cost of the call. "Good timing," Tomoyo answered, like I was calling from the cigarette machine around the corner. "I'm unpacking." "Missing me?" "A tiny little bit, maybe." "Liar! You don't sound surprised to hear me." I could hear the smile in her voice. "I'm not. When are you coming? #Quote by David Mitchell
That Says It All quotes by Laura Kaye
#42. Jeremy's T-Shirts by book:
Hard As It Gets
"ROUTE 69"
"This guy loves BACON" with two hands with their thumbs pointing back at him
"Orgasm Donor" with a red cross
Big Johnson's Tattoo Parlor, "You're going to feel more than a Little Prick"
"I'm not Santa but you can still sit on my lap"

Hard As You Can
Log-holding beaver that says, "Are you looking at my wood?"
"I put the long in schlong"

Hard to Hold On To
"Blink if you're horny"

Hard to Come By
Hand pointing downward and the words, "May I suggest the sausage?"
Charlie (who starts borrowing Jeremy's t-shirts): A smiling fire extinguished that says, "I put out"
Charlie: Schnauzer wearing a saddle that says, "Weiner Rides, 25 cents"
"HEAD Foundation. Please give generously"
Charlie: Mr. T with the words "Mr. T Shirt"
There's a party in my pants. You're invited. #Quote by Laura Kaye
That Says It All quotes by Ariel Pink
#43. If somebody ever says something is a mature theme, it's bound to not be. I mean, you shouldn't fall for that. You can make it sound mature, but anything that's about being mature is pretty immature. #Quote by Ariel Pink
That Says It All quotes by Suzanne Young
#44. You don't matter, Dallas," he says seriously. "You don't matter the way she does and you know it. I love her. And that's all I'm going to say about it. #Quote by Suzanne Young
That Says It All quotes by Casey Stoner
#45. It will be difficult to return to racing this weekend after Marco's terrible accident in Sepang but I think it is the best thing we can do to honour him, says World Champ Casey Stoner. We know we all play a risky game and, even if compared to the past the safety of our sport is much better, unfortunately these kind of events still occur. We will go out there this weekend and try to put on a good show for all the fans and especially in memory of Marco. #Quote by Casey Stoner
That Says It All quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#46. So perhaps the reason I shuddered at the idea of writing something about 'Christian art' is that to paint a picture or to write a story or to compose a song is an incarnational activity. The artist is a servant who is willing to be a birth-giver. In a very real sense the artist (male or female) should be like Mary, who, when the angel told her that she was to bear the Messiah, was obedient to the command. Obedience is an unpopular word nowadays, but the artist must be obedient to the work, whether it be a symphony, a painting, or a story for a small child. I believe that each work of art, whether it is a work of great genius or something very small, comes to the artist and says 'Here I am. Enflesh me. Give birth to me.' And the artist either says 'My soul doth magnify the Lord' and willingly becomes the bearer of the work, or refuses; but the obedient response is not necessicarily a conscious one, and not everyone has the humble, courageous obedience of Mary. #Quote by Madeleine L'Engle
That Says It All quotes by Gregory Palamas
#47. The heavenly Father Whom we worship is the Father of the Truth, namely, of the only-begotten Son, and has the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, and those who worship Him in these Two do so because they believe in these Persons and act through Them. For the Apostle tells us that it is through the Spirit that we worship and pray (cf. Rom. 8:26), and God's only-begotten Son says, 'No man cometh unto the Father, but by Me' (John 14:6). #Quote by Gregory Palamas
That Says It All quotes by Athol Fugard
#48. I don't remember much about what he said because my head was trying to deal with that one word" the future! He kept using it ... " our future" "the country's future", "a wonderful future of peace and prosperity." What does he really mean, I keep asking myself. Why does my heart go hard and tight as a stone when he says it? I look around me in the location at the men and women who went out into that wonderful future before me. What do I see? Happy and contented shareholders in this in this exciting enterprise called the Republic of South Africa? No. I see a generation of tired, defeated men and women crawling back to their miserable little pondoks at the end of a day's work for the white baas or madam. And those are the lucky ones. They've at least got work. Most of them are just sitting around wasting away their lives while they wait helplessly for a miracle to feed their families, a miracle that never comes. #Quote by Athol Fugard
That Says It All quotes by Deepak Chopra
#49. The third klesha says that even with a healthy self-image we recoil from things that threaten our egos. These threats exist everywhere. I am afraid of being poor, of losing my spouse, of breaking the law. I am afraid to shame myself before anyone whose respect I want to keep. For some people, the thought of their children turning out badly is a deep threat to their own sense of self. "We don't do that in this family" is usually code for "Your behavior threatens who I am." But people don't recognize that they are speaking in code. Once I have identified with my self-image, the fear that it might break down is instinctive. The need to protect myself from what I fear is part of who I am. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
That Says It All quotes by E.W. Jackson
#50. The bigotry is so virulent that it may be time to make Christians a protected class. Right now 'Christo-phobia' and 'Biblo-phobia' are at such a fever pitch among leftists and homosexual activists, and they need to be stopped before they get carried away in their zeal and do bodily harm to someone. Once again we must remind them our Constitution says, 'freedom of religion' and not 'freedom from religion.' #Quote by E.W. Jackson
That Says It All quotes by Goswami Kriyananda
#51. You can accept it that it may be true what somebody else says, but until you have experienced it, it is not dynamic to your own awareness. #Quote by Goswami Kriyananda
That Says It All quotes by Paul Broun
#52. I don't believe that the Earth's but about 9,000 years old. I believe it was created in six days as we know them. That's what the Bible says. #Quote by Paul Broun
That Says It All quotes by John Pilger
#53. Whenever a journalist says to me, "Oh, you don't understand, I'm impartial, I'm objective," I know what he's saying. I can decode it immediately. It means he channels the official truth. Almost always. That protestation means he speaks for a consensual view of the establishment. This is internalized. #Quote by John Pilger
That Says It All quotes by Holly Black
#54. You have a skill. You can do something no one else can," Barron says. "Seriously. You know what's good about that? It's valuable. As in you can trade it for goods or services. Or money. Remember when I said it was wasted on you? I was so right. #Quote by Holly Black
That Says It All quotes by Denis Dutton
#55. I think the idea of the social construction of beauty - this idea that beauty is simply whatever culture or society says it is - is on the run. Of course, beauty does arise in a cultural context. No one ever denies that. But there's also a natural response people have to it. #Quote by Denis Dutton
That Says It All quotes by Mortimer J. Adler
#56. If you ask a living teacher a question, he will probably answer you. If you are puzzled by what he says, you can save yourself the trouble of thinking by asking him what he means. If, however, you ask a book a question, you must answer it yourself. In this respect a book is like nature or the world. When you question it, it answers you only to the extent that you do the work of thinking an analysis yourself. #Quote by Mortimer J. Adler

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